i plan to include everyone

So after looking at prices and stuff, I decided to print more of Nate + two new types of charms. I’ve gotten requests especially for Sully and Nadine but I’m still a bit undecided who I should choose.
Sully would be chill next to the others, Elena would look cool right next to Nate and Nadine has THOSE ARMS that I really want to draw <_<’ Not sure who to go with…

anonymous asked:

Characters getting hurt is the perfect way to develop a relationship tbh I wanna see tae get hurt cuz I feel like that's the only way jk would come to terms with his feelings and i rmb before u said the Kim brothers used to be close but not anymore I hope smthin drastic happens so we can see protective older bro joonie

,,,,, who says jk is the one who will have to come to terms with his feelings 

the original story is mostly written from jungkook’s point of view (its very jungkook centric) but i plan on writing a few drabbles for everyone else, including the kim brothers bonding. it was part of the reason i wanted to make an ask blog bc i’d made all these cool characters but not all of them get to shine :’) 

etherealjewel  asked:

Okay so I know I asked for other refs before but then due to recent events I was wondering if you had refs for any other characters ( I figured scene Error left and Cherry's allergic to cats I'd include someone else, US Sans and Geno are still gonna be part of the picture tho (( Or least I plan to include them if I can fit everyone who is still available for questions ))

(Us!Papyrus and Ut!Sans are still available too quq)


Unhappy (2015)

This is my first photo series earlier today. It probably won’t be my last, as i continue to experiment with different mediums of artistic expression with the hopes that i will eventually feel fulfilled. This one’s about dying alone.
These are self portraits, made up of both reenactments of real life events and physical portrayals of real life feelings. The timeline of the photos and the relationship dynamics of their subjects are for the viewer to decide.
I find it incredibly appropriate that not everyone who i’d once planned to include in the project ended up appearing in it, as is the nature of my continued struggle to not destroy everything that makes me happy.
I could not have done this without the help of my lovely, lovely friends/models. Thank you all so much.