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based on this frickin hilarious video go watch it now (also on a03)

Derek gets a call from an unknown number at 10:27am. It happens sometimes, telemarketers, and quite often for the nannying agency that’s one digit off his mobile. Today is a new one.

“Hello, this is Derek.”

“Oh, hi. Okay. Hi, I’m Stiles,” comes a surprised voice from the other end.

“Hi Stiles.”

“So, Derek, this is going to sound strange, but I’m just about to go in for a job interview in three minutes, and I had to fill out this list of references and I was short a number so I wrote down a random one, then thought I should call it to see if it was real. And it is, it’s yours.”

“So you just wrote down a random number as a reference?” Derek asks, confused and also a little amused.

“Yes, that’s right. And look, I’m going in soon, and getting this job would be really great, and so would you mind if I keep your number on the list? They probably won’t call but I–”

“Go for it,” Derek interrupts. What’s the harm in it? He can cross off that he’s done his one nice thing for the day, and this Stiles is right, he probably won’t even get a call.

“Seriously? Ah, okay that’s amazing. Thank you.”

“What’s the job?” Derek asks, grabbing a pen and paper to write it down. He’s warming up to the idea of doing this fake reference thing. It’ll be a laugh if nothing else.

“So it’s an IT position with Saris and Fehr Legal. System maintenance, software security, a bunch of stuff really, but don’t worry about it too much, I just had you down as a personal reference?”

Stiles asks it like a question, showing some nerves, and Derek realises he’s essentially admitting he doesn’t know enough people who’d give him a positive reference.

“Oh well that’s easy enough then, I’ll just say that I’ve known you for years, talk about how you’re organized, trustworthy, etcetera,” Derek’s been a reference for some of his friends before, he knows the drill.

“Ah, yeah, sounds great. Wow. You sure about this?”

“It’s fine, Stiles. It’ll make my day more interesting at any rate.”

“Wow,” Stiles repeats, clearly surprised by Derek’s immediate cooperation. “So it’s Stiles Stilinski, not sure I gave you my last name.”

“No, you didn’t,” he says, writing down Stiles’ surname phonetically. “Mine’s Hale. Derek Hale.”

“Hale,” Stiles repeats, while Derek can hear the sound of a pen moving across paper through the phone. “Alright, I’ve got to go now but thanks so much, Derek. It means a lot.”

“You’re welcome,” Derek says, smiling at how relieved Stiles sounds. “Good luck for the interview.”

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Dear Journal,

Today we got a call from Lily and James. Sirius and I were playing with Teddy in the backyard when mum ran outside telling me James was calling. They were all safe. Apparently the death eaters were caught but the aurors suggested that we stayed away for another day, to be sure all danger was gone. I couldn’t wait to go home. I sat next to Sirius who was laying in the grass with his eyes closed, enjoying the sun on his skin. Teddy was playing with his blocks in between us.

“Padda?” Teddy said, looking up at Sirius.

“Yes baby bear?” Sirius said, leaning on his elbow to look at Teddy.

“Kissie” Teddy said, leaning in for a quick kiss.

Sirius chuckled as Teddy gave him a kiss. He wrapped his arms around Teddy and tickled him. Their laughs was the best thing I ever heared. That might sound cheesy but it’s the truth. Sirius’ deep voice mixed with Teddy’s baby noises made me smile.

“Kissie Dadda!” Teddy said, showing me it was my turn to get a kiss.

He jumped in my arms and gave me a kiss. I smiled and placed his messy curls back to their place.

“Dadda?” He asked.

“Yes my love?”

“Home..?” He said with a little sad frown on his face.

“We’ll go home soon my love.. Don’t worry. Do you want to draw with me?” I said, trying to bring back his smile.

“Okay.” He smiled.

Teddy was definetly going to become an artist. He liked to create. He always had something to draw or something to build. Speaking of building.. After a few minutes outside, we got caught by the rain and ran inside. Sirius and Teddy were making a blanket fort in the living room while I read by the window. Sirius always had the twist with kids. I could hear them talk and plan some things.

“Dadda!” I heared Teddy say from under the blankets.

“Yes baby?”

“Come!” Teddy giggled.

I set my book down on the table and kneeled down to crawl in the blanket fort.

“Password?” I heared Sirius say.

“Humm.. I solemly swear that I am up to no good?” I asked, smirking.

“How did you know so fast?!” Sirius laughed.

“Babe, we are two marauders who had a kid, he’s basically a baby marauder.” I smiled.

“Teddy can you say it? I solemly swear that I am up to no good..” Sirius said, teddy on his lap.

“I smomemly sweawe ta I am up to nwo wood.” Teddy smiled.

“Good job my Teddy bear!” Sirius said, hugging him.

We spent the afternoon in our blanket fort. Pillows were covering the floor so we could lay down and look at the christmas lights that Sirius instaled. He told us some stories about an adventurous wizard. Teddy kept yawning so we got comfortable and Sirius sang us to sleep.

May 14th 1998

Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Chapter 13. Simon.

The worst thing about it all is that I miss Baz.

I keep thinking if only. If only the last few days hadn’t happened, and I didn’t know, and Baz was actually just my roommate who liked me. If only he wasn’t my arch-nemesis.

And it’s also true what I said to him; it doesn’t have to be like this. I don’t think he was faking it when he was being sweet and sarcastic Baz. The chemistry between us, that was real, too.

But it’s just so fucking useless to be thinking like this.

I keep expecting him to do something. Now that he knows where I sleep, I keep expecting him to take the opportunity to finally end me. It’s only the knowledge that he cares about his degree and would probably be questioned if his ex-boyfriend and roommate suddenly disappeared that allows me to get any sleep at night. We don’t speak to each other or look at each other if we can help it, and we both continue our superhero duties as if nothing has happened. The only difference is that now when one of us is hurt, we either avoid the room until we’ve healed, or we suffer in silence.

I prefer when he leaves the room. It’s hard, sometimes, to fight the instinct to walk over and try to comfort him, try to make it all better. I tell myself that it’s just my natural response as a superhero, and that any feelings I have left will disappear with time. The problem is that I’m still thinking of them as two separate people, Baz my roommate and Basilton my nemesis. I have to get used to the fact that the Baz who liked me doesn’t exist.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm new to the McLennon fandom and I've been checking your blog for a while now, and I noticed how you always say that John was ready to go back to Paul in the 80s, so I want to ask you: what gives you this idea? Could you explain it to us, please? I hope I'm not asking repetitive questions or smth like that. Your blog's pretty cool, btw :)

First of all, to talk about John’s desire to go back to Paul and England, we have to talk about 1975 and the Lost Weekend first. Cause that was the first time he mentioned his desire to go back working with Paul.

Piotrowski: “Did John ever talk about the four of them getting together? Do you think it would have happened?”
Pang: “Yes. We did.”
Piotrowski: “Wow”
Pang: “Absolutely. (Quoting John) Maybe we’ll do one.”
Piotrowski: “One song?”
Pang: (Quoting John) “If one comes around and it works, maybe we’ll do another.”
Piotrowski: “Yeah.”
Pang: “But, yeah, we talked about it. And the first one that they talked about was early on, because it was early in ‘74 when it was discussed. (Quoting John) ‘Maybe we could do it for Fall of ‘74.’ And Harry Nilsson even said, ‘Oh, I want to sing,’ you know? But, obviously, certain things were not meant to be, as I would say.”
Piotrowski: “It just never happened.”
Pang: “It was just logistics. It was just a bunch of things going on at the time.”

In this interview, May Pang and Bob Bonis express their opinions about John and his desire to get back to Paul

This is a beautiful interview he gave in that period:

This is another beautiful interview in which he discusses the possibility to work again with Paul and go back to  England:

This is a quote by Roger Friedman, American writer who talked with May Pang:

[May] Pang told me the following story: Lennon was making plans to see Paul and Linda McCartney right before Ono pulled her string and brought him home to the Dakota in Manhattan. “Paul and Linda were going to New Orleans to record the Venus and Mars album,” May recalled. “And John found out they would be there. He made plans to surprise them down there. He was in a great mood and he really missed Paul.” Just as Lennon was making this plan, he was also trying to quit smoking. Enter Ono. “She told him she had a method for quitting and he should come over and she’d show him. I had a feeling this was a bad idea. She hadn’t seen him in a while, and I felt something was wrong. John told me not to worry, but I did.” Indeed, Pang was correct, since Lennon did not return to her. Pang can only surmise that Lennon shared his plans with Ono, who feared a reunion with the McCartneys would spur Lennon to leave her forever. Paul McCartney was, and is, Yoko Ono’s prime rival and arch enemy. Case in point: When Linda McCartney died in 1998, Paul didn’t invite Yoko to the memorial service in New York. He did invite May Pang, and she attended. “Linda was wonderful,” she said. At first when Pang told people about Lennon’s plans — after he’d left her — no one believed it. “But then something happened,” she said. “Derek Taylor, the Beatles’ publicist, showed me a postcard he’d gotten from John in England. It said, ‘Going to New Orleans to see Paul.’ And that was it. That was the proof.”- Roger Friedman, FoxNews.com, “Lennon planned to visit McCartney in 1974,” September 25, 2011

John also met Paul Simon in that period, and he asked him what he had to do wtih Paul:

“John Lennon once turned to Art Garfunkel for advice about a possible Beatles reunion in the mid-1970s. Garfunkel had set aside his ongoing feud with Paul Simon for a series of reunion concerts and Lennon wanted to pump him for information about the get together after revealing he was receiving offers to team up with Paul McCartney. The Bridge Over Troubled Waters singer recalls his chat with Lennon - in the bedroom of the Dakota building home he shared with Yoko Ono.

“Incredibly disarmingly, he said to me, ‘Artie, you worked with your Paul recently … I’m getting calls … that my Paul wants to work with me and I’m thinking about it … How did it go when you worked with Paul?’ “He was measuring his situation - the great John Lennon with Paul McCartney - with Paul and Artie and testing me out as if to make sure that my ego is fully established as a colleague of his,” he said.

A thrilled Garfunkel felt that his answer could be the catalyst for a Beatles reunion and he responded, “John, remember that there was a musical blend that was a great kick; if you can return to the fun of that sound and musical happenings with your old buddy and ignore the strands and complications of history, what I found with my Paul is the harmony and the sound happenings are a full agenda. They’ll keep you busy and you’ll have fun.”

Garfunkel left the meeting feeling confident that Lennon and McCartney would reunite. Appearing in new movie Beatles Stories, he says, “The subject seemed very straightforward and uncomplicated.” But the songwriting super-duo never did work together again - and Lennon was shot dead outside the Dakota building five years late”

From 1973, the year he had the first fight with Yoko to 1976, The Lost Weekend period, he started expressing his desire to go back to Paul in his songs too, like ‘I know, I know’, a song he wrote for Paul.

But when Yoko came back, suddenly everything wasn’t the same anymore. He came back to his househusband status in late 1976, taking care of Sean, making bread, and soon forgetting what he planned to do.

In 1979 then, and mostly in 1980, when he was splitting up with Yoko, his desire to come back to Paul grew up more, he wrote lots of songs for him. He made 4 demo recordings that he planned to complete with him: Free as a bird,  Real love, Now and then and Grow old with me. But he also wrote ‘Just like starting over’, in which he expresses his huge desire to go back to Paul and England.

Joe Flannery, the Beatles booking manager, and close friend to the Beatles, during an interview shared the last conversation he had with John, a couple of days before his death:

“We enjoyed a lengthy conversation. We talked a lot of rubbish of course. He was very well and happy but he missed Liverpool, he missed the others and he missed London but he told me at one stage that he regretted ‘getting too political’. He said that he had made a bit of a ‘t** of himself’. ‘We should start talking about me coming home before that b****** Nixon gets me’ he said. I was rather taken aback and asked him to explain. John launched into a diatribe against the former president. He was convinced that even out of office Nixon carried power and wanted him dead. He felt some kind of curse was hanging over him. He even suggested that I should fly out to New York when the time came to return with him on the liner. I was flattered but mentioned that I wondered whether the QE2 could actually get down the Mersey. ‘Look into it,’ John shouted, ‘I want to come home in a blaze of glory.’ As one might imagine I was buzzing after this wonderful conversation with my old friend. Of course it was not to be and I was soon to lose another friend pointlessly.”

And this is from the the book “The Beatles - The Dream Is Over - Off The Record 2″ - By Keith Badman:

Just days before his brutal death, John was making plans to return to England for a triumphant Beatles reunion.  His greatest dream was to recreate the musical magic of the early years with Paul, George and Ringo.  That dream depended on the success of ‘Starting Over’.  John was always an Englishman at heart.  He wanted to return to his roots but he wanted to do it in style.  John discussed the possibility of returning to England if ‘Starting Over’ made it to No.1″

Also, Paul always says that in the last period of John’s life they got very close, talking hours on the phone. Also George recalled that in the last period of 1980 John got closer to him and for him that was a good sign, that he probably wanted to get his friendship back. So, as you can see, John really wanted to start over, to go back to Paul, work with him again, and come back to England.

He didn’t just sing it in a song, he really meant it.

Tyler's Cute - Tyler Joseph Imagine

Imagine- After hearing so much about Tyler from your older brother, Josh, you finally get to meet him.
(Requested by; the-joshdun-stare)

Triggers- None

Note- Part of me is really proud of this and another part of me thinks this could had been better, but i hope you enjoy it anyway?? :,))
Also i hope you liked how i added the concert bit lol that’s one part i’m proud of😂
(i’m so sorry)


You turned your music off when you heard a knock on your bedroom door. Standing up from your desk, you walk over and open it to see your older brother, Josh.
“Hey y/n, Tyler’s gonna come over in a bit, kay?”
“So I’ll finally get to meet him, huh?” You had heard so much about Tyler from Josh, and he seemed like a cool guy.
Josh smiled. “Yep! I think you two would be good friends.”
“Sweet, I can’t wait to meet him!”

You were just coming down the stairs as the doorbell rang and Josh ran over to open it. There stood a dark haired boy with deep chocolate eyes.
“Hey, man!” Josh went up to hug him.
“Hey, Josh. What’s up?” Tyler smiled, hugging him back.
He walked inside and soon spotted you.
“You must be y/n, right?” He smiled brightly, and you could see a row of crooked teeth. It was cute.
“That’s me,” You smiled back, shaking his hand. You also noticed Tyler had several tattoos on his arms.
“It’s nice to meet you,” God, you couldn’t help but realize just how cute he was. You’ve seen many pictures of him, but in person he was beautiful.
‘No,’ You thought, 'This is Josh’s friend. There’s no way you’re going to be thinking about this.’
“It’s nice to finally meet you too! Josh always talks about you,” Tyler’s smile grew bigger, and a slight pink spread across your cheeks.
'Stop it, you idiot!’ You knew this was wrong, but no matter what you told yourself, You couldn’t deny that Tyler was very cute. He seemed sweet, too.
“So,” Josh interrupted your thoughts, “How about we play Mario Kart? You can also join if you want, y/n.”
“Uh- yea, sure,” You knew Josh had probably saw your blushing, or he wouldn’t have said something so quickly. You cursed quietly to yourself.
You weren’t very good at Mario Kart, but it was still fun. Every now and then, you couldn’t help but to glance over at Tyler. You almost thought he was looking at you too, but you probably imagined it.
When Tyler won for the third time in a row, he dropped his controller on the ground and threw his hands in the air.
“Honestly, how are you this good?” You asked as he still had a huge, silly grin on his face.
“Practice makes perfect, my friend,” He winked at you, which may or may not have caused your heart to flutter, just a little bit.
“He acts like he’s great, but you should watch him on Rainbow Road. He sucks at that,” Josh laughed, and Tyler playfully pushed his shoulder.
For the rest of the day, Josh and Tyler had gone out, leaving you home alone. For most of the time, you just read, though you couldn’t get Tyler’s lovely smile out of your head.

A few days later, Josh invited you to go eat at Taco Bell with him and Tyler. You gladly excepted. You were excited to see Tyler again, even though you barely knew him. It was pretty worrisome, honestly.
You dressed casually but nice, and got there early so you could see them walk in.
When you spotted your brother with Tyler by his side and walking your way, you waved, smiling.
“Hey guys.”
“Hey, what’s up?” Tyler asked, his eyes bright.
“Nothing much, just waiting for you guys.”
While the three of you talked, Tyler and Josh said a lot of things that made no sense to you, and they quickly explained it was an inside joke. You couldn’t understand how they could have so many, but you enjoyed it anyway.
When you spoke, no matter what it was about, Tyler always had his eyes intently on you. You tried your hardest not to blush (especially with Josh right there), but it was pretty hard, honestly.
“Hey, I’ll be right back. Gotta use the bathroom,” Josh got up and walked away towards the back of the building, where the bathrooms were located.
Now it was just you and Tyler. Neither of you had anything to say.
After some awkward silence, Tyler finally spoke up, “So, y/n, are you planning on doing anything fun soon?”
“Well, I’m going to the P!ATD concert this weekend, I’m pretty excited for that.”
“Really? I’m going to that one also!” Tyler immediately had a big grin on his face, and everything about him sparked.
“Maybe we could go together?” He added excitedly, and then shyly backed off, hesitantly continuing, “I mean, if your okay with that…,”
You couldn’t help but to grin widely.
“That would be fun!” Tyler smiled at your response, showing his crooked teeth, and his chocolate eyes sparkled.
The both of you smiled while looking at one another for several moments, until you blushed and looked away.
It looked like he was just about to say something when Josh came back, taking his seat back next to Tyler.
“What’d I miss?”


When they were finished eating and y/n went her separate way, Josh quickly pulled Tyler over.
He looked at Tyler expectantly.
“What, dude?”
“You like my sister, don’t you?”
“What?” Tyler hesitated before continuing, “I-I mean, she’s cute, I guess,” He fumbled.
“Unbelievable!” Josh rolled his eyes and had a smirk on his face. “You know, by the looks of it, she likes you too.”
Tyler’s eyes grew wide, “You really think so?”
“Trust me, I know my sister,” Josh tried his best to stop himself from chuckling, “I could tell she liked you from the moment she saw you.”
Josh could tell Tyler was trying to stop himself from smiling like an idiot. It didn’t work too well.


The rest of the week seemed to take an eternity to go by, and you couldn’t focus on anything. All you could think about was going to the concert with Tyler. You were more excited then you cared to admit.
But when the day finally came, you were elated. You quickly put on a P!ATD shirt, some makeup, and you were ready.
When Tyler said he was outside waiting for you, you quickly made your way downstairs and found Josh.
“Where ya going?” He asked.
“Remember? I told you i was going to the concert.”
“The one Tyler’s going to? Is that why I see his car outside?” He raised an eyebrow and smirked.
You rolled your eyes but smiled, “It’s not like it’s a date or anything, Josh.”
“Mm hmmmm,” He didn’t look convinced.
“Oh, shut up,” You playfully pushed him and your cheeks went red, but you were out the door before Josh could have noticed.
You waved at Tyler and hopped into his car, and they were off to the concert.


“Hey,” Tyler said as y/n hopped into the car.
“Hey!” She had a big smile on her face that he couldn’t help but to smile back at.
“Are you excited?”
“Uh, duh! This’ll be my first time going to a P!ATD concert,” Tyler thought that the way y/n’s face lit up and her eyes sparkled as she talked was adorable.
On the way there, they both clicked, talking about anything that came to mind. Tyler may have also been caught staring at y/n, which had made her blush. She was cute when she blushed.

When they finally got there, y/n looked like she was going to explode from excitement. It made Tyler have a big goofy grin on his face that he couldn’t shake off. Y/n’s excitement made him excited.
They both went through security without a problem and were on their way inside.
“I cant believe how close we are!” Y/n exclaimed. They were in the pit and almost at the very front.
“Good thing, we came early, huh?”
She started giggling and Tyler had fallen in love with her even more.
The concert was amazing so far, with him and y/n yelling out lyrics together and getting sweaty inside the crowd. They stood close together, their shoulders brushing, not wanting to be separated. Tyler couldn’t help but to stare into y/n’s vibrant eyes as she danced with the music, and smile to himself.
When someone had bumped into Y/n and made her almost fall backwards, she grabbed onto his hand so they didn’t loose each other. When she got back next to Tyler she quickly let go.
“S-sorry,” She said quickly, with a flustered face. Tyler had to compress a giggle.
He grabbed her hand back and smiled, “I don’t mind.”
Tyler could see red spread across her cheeks and his smile grew wider.


You were pretty flustered at the moment. Tyler was smiling at you and was holding your hand. You smiled back, and could feel your cheeks warming up.
“You’re cute when you blush,” He said, looking into your eyes.
You had to look to the floor to avoid looking like an idiot with the huge grin on your face. It almost felt like your heart was going to pound out of your chest, right then and there. You almost forgot about the concert and all the people around you, caught in the moment.
You felt Tyler’s free hand gently pull up your chin and you looked into his eyes again.
He hesitated a moment before shyly, but adorably, asking, “Can i kiss you?”
You eyes went wide and Tyler let go of your chin, looking away.
“I mean, y-you don’t have to…”
Before you changed your mind, you leaned up and pressed your lips against his. It was short, but amazing.
You pulled away and saw Tyler’s sparkling eyes and big smile looking back at you. He cupped your cheek and brought you in for another kiss, this one longer and sweeter than the last. Your lips moved perfectly with each other.
You placed your hands behind his neck to deepen it, when someone bumped into you, pushing you closer to Tyler, your bodies now touching.
The two of you pulled away when you heard someone’s yell from behind.
“I’m tying to watch the show, if you came here to make out you may as well leave!”
You quickly felt very embarrassed, but Tyler squeezed your hand to reassure you that you were fine, and the two of you continued paying attention to the show, though it was hard to do. All you could think about was Tyler and the kiss, and his hand still holding yours.

When the concert was over and Tyler pulled up into the driveway, he carefully grabbed your wrist before you got out.
“Hey, I had fun tonight.”
“Yea, so did I,” You said genuinely.
“So, uhm, would you like to do something like this again some time?”
You raised an eyebrow, “Like a date?”
He smiled brightly, “Yea, like a date.”
“I’d love too,” You smiled back.
“Sweet! I’ll, uh, text you or something.”
“Cool by me,” You tried to stay calm but you could barely contain your happiness.
After that, you skipped inside with a huge grin on your face, probably looking like a mess.
You didn’t care.

Favorite Things-chapter 4

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max and Avonlea finally speak after the kiss incident. Max takes drastic measures with unintended consequences.

Warnings- Angst/Anxiety, Self Esteem Issues, Possessive Max, unseen violence, fluff.

Author Notes- I think I am going to do shorter chapters so I can post sooner rather than later. Eventually, I’m going to have to switch back over to Sunny Days and work on that again.

Word Count-1.5k-ish

Tag List- Let me know if you want on or off.

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Originally posted by mypapawinchester

After his episode in the passageway, Max was only too happy to let Avonlea avoid him for a day or two. He wasn’t sure he could face her yet anyways. He still watched her and listened to her during the day. He avoided her bathroom and was successful at staying away while she slept.

He had learned so much about her in that time. She woke up early and wrote for an hour or two while drinking coffee every morning. She went out for errands after that. When she returned with groceries or dry cleaning, she would make herself a light lunch. Usually a salad with chicken or shrimp. Then she would clean while talking with her mom. That was his favorite part of the day. The conversations were hard to follow. They changed topic frequently without notice, and he always felt like most of what they said was an inside joke. It was worth the confusion just to hear her laughing. Light twinkling giggles or loud belly cramping bursts that would dissolve in tears. Every sound of joy was infectious. He’d sit in the darkness smiling until his cheeks burned. The thoughts of those laughs gave him reasons to smile the rest of the day.

Today, however, was the day he would see her again and explain his reaction. He would ask her out, and she would say yes. They would spend a wonderful evening together, and he would have a second chance.

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Back At It Again💪🏽🏥💉💉

Due to the weather conditions the other day.I got piled up with all these patients and ended up with a big ass headache. Soon as i walk in the building all you hear is “Nurse Gates” all fucking day. These nurses in here love to fuck with me lol. I’m trying to leave and go do what i planned to do after work. They got my ass waiting here to be relieved of duty. I hope ya’ll day went as well as mines.

top fifteen friends to lovers au

1. And Then A Bit by infinitelymint (158k)

“We’d like to give the fans what they want.” Magee states, placing his hand on the table in front of him and leaning forward. “We want to give them Larry Stylinson.”

Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

(aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)

2. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife (86k)

Louis is ready to find the love of his life, but first he has to stop falling for the punk rocker next door.

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Nice hoodie you got there Pt. 5 - Dylan O’Brien

A/N: You asked for it quite often as it felt, so I tried to get it done in time. After the past part wasn’t much fun for none of them (neither Dylan nor the reader) I thought I might change it a bit. This part cuts off a quite interesting and probably mean point, but I guess it would be too much to include it into this part. So I guess most of you know what’s about to happen in the next one. I tried to back off of my mostly stereotypical writings and I hope managed it.

word count: 1983

part one || two || three || four

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"Imagine Dean or Castiel finding out that you are in an abusive relationship and saving you" One Shot

Author: Keep-calm-its-just-me

Summary: None

Warnings: Injury, violence, abusive relationship, mild swearing

Word Count: 1434

A/N: Sorry to hear about your situation! I have never been in a situation similar so I’m sorry if I got how you’re feeling completely wrong but I hope this helps a bit! :)  

(N/O/Y/C) ) Name Of Your Choice just because I didn’t want to put (Y/BF/N) for people who are not in this situation.


You had managed to drive back to the bunker after you had gotten into the argument with (N/O/Y/C) and now you were sat on the floor  in your room assessing the damage. You winced as you poked at your black ribs, sure that one or two were broken. Your lip was split and your left eye had almost swollen shut. You let out a small sob because you had no idea how you were going to hide it from the guys this time.

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Silence, at last. Heavenly silence. Dean Winchester was staring into the ink black night, sitting on a small bench just outside the bunker that he and Sam had called their home for the past year. It had been rather warm inside, and so he involuntarily shivered as he tried to get accustomed to the cool air that was now surrounding him. He was brooding, contemplating. The way he always did, so much that Sammy often teased him about it. But overthinking was just one of Dean’s many trademarks.

Faint sounds of music were escaping through one of the partly opened windows of the well-hidden building, which wasn’t odd, considering that a party was going on in there. After all, a wedding usually came with a party. Dean frowned as he looked down at the black suit that he was wearing. A wedding… If anyone had told him five years ago that he was going to get married, he would’ve laughed them in the face. If they’d also informed him that the person he’d get married to was in fact an angel, he probably would’ve shot them as well.

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frank-zhang-sonofmars  asked:

Drabble Percbeth stuck indoors during a blizzard

“I’m actually afraid of what’s going to happen when we exhaust our supply of Harry Potter novels,” Annabeth says, throwing a piece of popcorn at Percy and watching as he gracefully catches it, chewing satisfactorily.

“I think the nearer concern is running out of light to read them with,” he muses, throwing another one at her. “Anyways, as I was saying-” He clears his throat, trying to read more, but Annabeth cuts him off.

“Should we be going outside?”

Percy looks up, crinkling his nose at the window, which displays one of the most intense flurries of snow either of them have ever seen.

“Why, exactly?”

He looks intensely cosy, snuggled into a hoodie from the CUNY he had attended and wearing red plaid sweatpants that slide over two white socks, doubled up on his feet. She gets why he doesn’t want to move at any point.

“To experience nature,” Annabeth replies, not believing it even as she says it. “Ugh, never mind. This is a shitstorm. Give me another chapter.”

Percy begins to read again, launching quickly into an accent that’s only a little terrible, compared to how terrible she had expected it to be. From her spot on the couch, she can watch his finger move over the words on the page, concentrating hard on it. He’s sprawled out across the floor, lying on top of a blanket while Annabeth has one curled around herself.

He knows the words nearly by heart– most people in their generation do– but Annabeth hadn’t been exposed to anything like this until she was an adult. She hadn’t grown up in the same sense that other kids had. Perhaps that’s why they had spent a large part of their Honeymoon sitting in their hotel room, eating candies (Percy stole anything blue from her, even when she wanted it) and watching the Harry Potter movies for Annabeth’s first and Percy’s billionth time. He’s always been antsy, but he can sit still sit through it.

There’s something magical about magic that isn’t their own. Even now, when Annabeth is wearing her favorite green fuzzy socks and a hoodie that she’d stolen from Piper, she feels like the words Percy is reading are transporting her to another universe.

She’s really grateful for it, because the universe they’re in currently involves thickly falling snow and Annabeth doesn’t want to think of all the work that is on the desk at her office. Or the fact that, later tonight, they’re not going to have light or heat. It’s much easier to feel like she’s walking the cold stone hallways at Hogwarts.

“We need tea,” she decides, interrupting Percy. “What kind do you want?”

He shuts the book.

“Vanilla caramel,” he says, smacking his lips slightly. Annabeth throws of her blanket and lets it land on top of Percy, covering his head and most of his body. He moves around exaggeratedly underneath it, spluttering pointedly when he emerges from under the dark plaid, looking thoroughly annoyed.

“Be right back,” Annabeth tells him, trying not to grin at his face, but Percy shakes his head and scrambles up with her, following her to the kitchen.

The kitchen of their tiny apartment overlooks… another apartment. It’s very glamorous. They can see their neighbors sitting around their kitchen table with two redheaded children, all focusing very hard on a game of rummikub. Percy waves when little Marisa looks up and notices him, her face lighting up when she sees him. Marisa is smiling because she’s out of school, but Annabeth is smiling because of the way his wedding ring is glinting in the sunlight.

“It’s a miracle we can see them with all this snow,” notes Annabeth, putting the kettle on the stove and taking a seat at their kitchen table. She picks up the mail, sorts through it, then wrinkles her nose when she sees a few bills that she is absolutely not in the mood to pay.

“I think it’s thinning, actually,” Percy says, squinting at the outdoors.

“It’s not thinning,” replies Annabeth without looking. “Did you hear the news? We’re not going to be able to leave this building until tomorrow.”

“Will the generator at least come back soon?”

Annabeth shrugs.

“I may be highly intelligent, but I don’t have the answers to everything.”

“I know,” Percy grumbles. “If you did, you’d tell me where my Pink Floyd t-shirt is.”

Well, she actually does know where that is, but she’s not planning on telling him.

“We’ll be fine,” says Annabeth as the kettle begins whistling and Percy steps over it it to turn the burner off. “We’ve got plenty to do. Our laptops still have battery, right, so we can always marathon something if we can’t get to sleep.”

“Huh,” says Percy, “that is a conundrum, isn’t it?”

“What is?” she asks, looking up from the mail, because anything that would make Percy Jackon use the word ‘conundrum’ has to be good.

“Well, we’re not going to have power. And, in this scenario, we aren’t going to be able to sleep, you say? And we have all this time to do absolutely nothing? What will be fill it with?”

“Didn’t I just say we could mara-?”

“What if our laptops run out of charge?”

She starts to say how unlikely that is, but then she sees how hard he’s trying not smile, and she sets down the mail, not caring when it scatters across the table.

“Oh no,” says Annabeth, “we aren’t going to be that cliche.”

“What?” he frowns.

“Do you know how many babies are conceived during snowstorms? Do you seriously want to have sex while everybody in New York is also having sex?”

“Yes,” he says without hesitation.

Annabeth sighs.

“Fine. You’ve worn me down.”

“Thank god,” says Percy, sitting at the table next to her and leaning across it to give her a kiss on the lips before handing Annabeth her mug. “So we’ll just finish reading the entire Harry Potter series and then go have sex?”

“Sure,” replies Annabeth. “That seems plausible.”

She has to smother her laugh into her mug when Percy nods enthusiastically and beams.

How about a kiss? (Pietro Maximoff x reader| Part 1 of 2)

@mrs-reus-blaszczykowska requested:  Hi :) can you write a one shot about Pietro x reader? :) Today’s are her birthday and Avengers prepare a party. She has a crush on Pietro and he has a crush on her (secretly) She is a virgine and has her first time with Pietro :) sorry for my English

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x reader
Warnings: Slight swearing
Author nothes: 

  • Y/n is your name.
  • I had a lot of fun writing this one and I guess I got carried away since it was so long that I had to divide it in two parts. Hopefully, I’ll post the second one tomorrow, because I currently need to revise a few things.
  • And, as always, forgive me for any mistake.

Reader’s pov

You woke up listening to the singing birds outside your window, it was your birthday and you couldn’t have been happier.
You went straight to the kitchen, expecting to find there your teammates, but Wanda was the only one sitting near the huge table where you used to have breakfast all together. 

 "Hey darling, happy birthday!“

The Maximoff girl hugged you so tight that she barely broke your bones and you giggled, begging her to let you go because you really didn’t want to die so young.

“But where is everybody?”
You asked while walking around the room, looking for the others, but there was no sing of the avengers.

"Fury assigned them a mission at the last minute, I stayed here since it wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t want you to spend your birthday all alone. They’ll be back tomorrow, anyway" 

You looked down at your feet murmuring a simple "oh”,  you were a bit disappointed, obviously job was always job, but you wanted to share that special day with your friends, expecially with Pietro. You’d had a huge crush on him since the twins joined the team, but no one knew about that, excepting Wanda, and the funniest part of all this story was that you and speedy were best friends, and that’s not the best situation for someone who is in love.

“I know you wanted to spend some time with him today, he asked me to tell you that he’s sorry”

“Hey, stop looking inside my mind!”

Wanda smirked, resting her hands on her hips and looked at you raising an eyebrow.

“I can tell it by simply looking at you, my dear, your eyes are screaming”

Your cheeks turned red even though she was basically your best friend, you just felt so stupid for thinking of Piet that way, because you knew there was no way he could possibily have returned your feelings, and it was so frustrating.

“For God’s sake, y/n! Stop thinking about my stupid brother and get ready, we’re going shopping!”

You laughed at her excited face and went back to your room, hoping to find something cute to wear.

8 Hours later…

“Wanda, I’m begging you, let’s stop for a moment, my legs are hurting like hell”

You had become sort of a pack mule since you were holding so many bags, you could barely see your feet, but Wanda was all perky and excited that she kept on walking.

“C’mon, y/n, after all you need to train if you want to keep up with my brother”

You huffed, faking a laugh and picked up the peace, trying to reach her, then you noticed she was on the phone.

“Who were you talking to?”

You asked as she suddenly put down the phone and Wanda just shrugged her shoulders.
“Tony called to say that the job is done, they’ll be here tomorrow”

In the meanwhile at the Avengers tower…

“No, no, shit! How is it even possible that you boys aren’t able to do anything without ending up wrestling?”

Natasha was heading for a serious breakdown as Thor and Tony were scuffling on the couch like two kids.

“You need to relax, Nat. Everything is ready, we just have to wait for the guests to come. Wanda is keeping her busy, don’t worry”
Clint gave her a pat on the back before taking something to drink and she rolled her eyes, annoyed by their childish behaviour.

“Is she coming? Is she sad? Is sh-”
Natasha pressed her hands on Pietro’s mouth trying to stop him from asking so many questions, the speedster was a bit nervous, just a bit.

“Shut the fuck up, Maximoff! Your little sweetie pie is okay, you’ll see her in a few hours, don’t panic”

“She isn’t my little sweetie pie”
Pietro muttered, scowling and crossing his arms, and Tony wasted no time  in teasing him.
“Sure, and I’m not a genious, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist anymore”
Wanda’s pov

I sent a message to Tony, warning him that we would’ve arrived soon, then I took y/n’s hand and literally dragged her to the car, explaining that I was planning to go to a club and that we had to come back home to fix ourselves up.
I also asked Nat to keep everyone quiet until I’d taken her in my room, far away from the wing of the building usually used for parties.
As soon ad we got there, I pushed her in the first elevator I found, selecting the beedroom floor and I finally breathed a sigh of relief at the thought that the job was nearly done.

Reader’s pov

Wanda practically obliged you to wear the red dress you had bought and, a minute later, you found yourself in the elevator, again.

“I have to get something from the lounge bar, do you mind?”

“Um, no, it’s okay”
You were wondering what she was looking for, but before you could ask, the elevator door opened revealing a lot of people ready to celebrate.

“Happy birthday!”
They screamed all together and you covered your mouth in shock, while Wanda and Natasha were high-fiving each other. Your team was there, with a thousand of other people, but, hey, Tony Stark’s parties were famous for being huge.

“Oh my God, thank you all very much, you’re amazing!”
You hugged all of your teammates, one by one, saving Pietro for last.

“Happy birthday, printessa”
Speedy lifted you into the hair, both of you were laughing and when you put your feet back to the ground he took a little box from his trouser pocket and gave it to you. In it there was a beautiful necklace with a little moon pendant.

“I’ve got the sun, I know it’s a silly thing, but I-”
He was rambling, as always when he became nervous, and you stopped him by holding your arms around his waist, in order to bring him closer.

“It’s not a stupid thing, it’s perfect and I really don’t know how to thank you enough, Piet”

You felt his hands caressing your back and your heart raced causing you to shiver.

“How about a kiss?”
He asked his usual question and you giggled, he used to say that to tease you, but you whished it had been more than a simple joke for him.

“Who knows, maybe later, speedy”
You winked, with an audacity you never knew you had, and walked away in order to reach Natasha and Wanda.


Request: “Hello love! I was wondering if I could request a jimin scenario where you’re in an american girl group and you guys travel to Seoul to do a collab with bts and jimin ends up having a huge crush on you but he’s too shy to talk to you because you’re a little bit older than him? It can be fluffy/smutty doesn’t matter. Thank you!!”

A/N: Sorry this took me so long. I hope you like it!

Word Count: 1.3k

“I always get so impatient with flights,” you said to your groupmate as you waited for the plane to arrive in Seoul. 

You were slightly nervous as it was because you would be doing a collaboration with bts, a famous South Korean boy group. 

It wasn’t that you had never done a collaboration before, it was just that you had never traveled all the way to Seoul do it and you were on edge to say the least.  

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First times #11: Gifts

Haven’t done one of these for ages, but I was having strong Britchell feels, so here you go. This one was prompted by vickysnest: First time giving each other gifts. Hope you like :-)

He’s been standing in front of the building for twenty sodding minutes, its grey façade looking every bit as indifferent as the universe looking down onto the cares of an ant.

Home, he corrects himself. It’s home, not building, because this building is his home now. He’s been living inside this ugly grey box for almost a year, with no plans of moving back out any time soon. Almost a year, that’s 360 days if you will, or even just 290, or maybe also 11 months and three weeks (and six days, four hours, twenty minutes, not because he is that kind of obsessed with numbers, but because time means little to him and so he has enough of it to waste it on counting). In any case, almost a year is enough to build a foundation and a life on it. The cycle of a year can bring so many days. Work days, average days, good days, bad days, holidays, off days, birthdays, anniversaries….


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anonymous asked:

Carm's had this huge elaborate proposal planned for months, and was planning on doing it right after they finished their last finals of college, but the night she picked to propose to Laura she can’t find her anywhere until…"oh my God what is all of this? What are you doing? Wait arE YOU PROPOSING TO ME??"

This was one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done. 

First was finding the right roses–the absolute right roses, of course. Every single flower shop you go to either has the wrong colors in stock (yellow. It’s odd, yes, but Laura is kind of odd, and her favorite color is yellow, dammit) or not enough, or they just look kind of droopy. That almost put you behind schedule. 

Next is procuring the ring–your grandmothers’. You ransack Mother’s house for the damn thing only to find out that Mattie had sold it. 

“What happened to ‘Mother’s things are LITERALLY PRICELESS?’” 

“I never said I couldn’t sell them, dear!” 

That involved a night of breaking and entering. You reason that, if Laura forgave you for everything else, breaking the law for love was nothing. Right? 

The rest is decorating. The old dorm building has finally been repaired, and you’d even found the old yellow pillow in the wreckage. 

It’s where you both fell in love that first semester of college, and it seems appropriate to bring her back there for this. 

But, there’s also stargazing, which is also extremely special to both of you for…ahem…reasons…so you also get this amazing little globe thing that makes the solar system project on your ceiling. 

Then, was the champagne. Once again, you’re sure Laura would forgive you for that if she knew. 

Last, you have a little radio to play ‘Head Over Feet’ softly in the background. Not to brag, but you have romanced the shit out of this room. 

You want to wait until she’s done with finals. You have it all planned–congrats on graduating, Laura, I decorated the room for us to celebrate BOOM LET’S GET ENGAGED. 

Yes, some of Laura was starting to run off on you. 

You walk out to the building where Laura was taking her last finals exam, not able to stop the little hum bubbling out of your throat. If Danny saw you, you’d never hear the end of it. 

You stand outside the building. And wait. And wait. All the students are walking out. You get to the point where you just start calling out ‘Laura!’ randomly in hopes that she’ll hear you. No luck. 

So, where the Hell was she? 

Maybe she slipped out the back. Nope. You round the building but she’s nowhere there, either. 


How do you lose a human being? 

“Laura, where the Hell are you, Cupcake! God, you are being difficult, right now!” 

This couldn’t go worse if you had planned the worst proposal ever.

Next is going back to the building. But you had promised her you would see her as soon as she was finished. Now she’s going to be pissed. So much for romancing it up before you get down on one knee. 

“Perry! You see Laura?” 

“…No, Carmilla, I thought she was with you?”

No. UGH.” 

You trudge back up to your room. She’s probably looking for you. God, this is already going badly. Maybe you should–NO, no, you are not waiting. This is happening, even if you have to get down on one knee while she’s screaming.

She’s not in the room, at least. That would be embarrassing. You planned on telling her to close your eyes. You go use the bathroom. 

You’re halfway through shampooing when you hear the shriek. 

“What the frilly hell?” 

“Laura!” You grab a towel, wrapping it around yourself, and see Laura staring white-faced in the doorway. 

“Heeey, Laura, so, about the room–” 

“You are proposing, aren’t you?” 

“What? Proposing? Who said anything about–” 


“Laura, I’m not–” 

And then you realize. Wait. WHY THE HELL AM I CORRECTING HER? 
“I wanted to surprise you, but you weren’t at the Science building–” 

“Science? Carm, my last exam was English and I AM STILL SLIGHTLY FREAKING OUT. PUT CLOTHES ON SO I CAN SEE MY RING.” 

You run back into the bathroom; you’re so freaking excited you can only manage a bra and panties before you have to rush back out with the ring box. 

“Laura, I had this whole speech prepared about everything we’ve been through–” 

“You love me, blah blah, you want to spend the rest of your life with me, blah blah romance very sweet things I want to be engaged.” 

You laugh, slipping the ring on her finger. She’s crying now from happiness, pulling you close and kissing you sloppily, still smiling too much to do it right. 

“I cannot believe it, this is so beautiful, baby, and I am going to be a wife.” 

I know. Now, I will go put the rest of my clothes on so we can have this champagne–” 

“Are you kidding?” She pulls you back, “The only thing that can make this night better is drinking champagne with my fiance in our underwear. If anything, you’ll be taking off less clothes, later.” She waggles her eyebrows. It is the dorkiest thing you’ve ever seen. 

God, how did you get so lucky?


Nope, you’re not seeing a ghost. I’m really alive after all. You’ll have to bear with me as I post this on all three of my blogs in order to save time.

I must apologize for not being around for, like, months. No, you know what? I don’t apologize. We should never say I’m sorry for those times when we need to take care of ourselves and focus on life. Sometimes we have to take breaks from some things like Tumblr and blogging in general so that we can pay more attention to areas that need us in life. So I won’t apologize. I will, however, say loudly and proudly that I HAVE MISSED ALL OF YOU SO MUCH! How have you been? Are you all well?

Life has been a roller coaster. The biggest news is I got a brand new computer (most generously purchased and built part by part by my brother who recognized my need for something more dependable). I’m not very tech savvy so I’m still trying to transfer files and replace software. The biggest wall I’ve hit is no longer having Dragon NaturallySpeaking. My software is totally missing - probably lost when my house flooded. I use that to write my books and fanfiction because typing with a pen in my mouth can be slow and tiresome. I’m a quadriplegic if you’re saying what the hell right now. I do everything with my mouth. Dictation software is kind of important but I can make due with typing the old way until I get money to buy new software. Also my iPhone can be voice activated. I’ll just do a lot of writing on my phone for right now.

Most of this month I had house guests. There wasn’t much work or writing or art going on because I crammed nine sleeping bodies into my 900 sq. ft. apartment. We had a huge party for the Fourth of July and finally had the best fireworks of any house in my neighborhood. People we didn’t even know started coming over and asked if they could join us. Next year we are thinking of going to Gettysburg for the Fourth (we are students of the Civil War and paranormal researchers too).

My books have been going well. That was a big reason why I took a break from blogging. I’m trying to finish the second novel in my Civil War trilogy. On top of that, I’m in the planning stages of a paranormal nonfiction book about the Civil War ghosts I’ve encountered in my life, and another nonfiction book about being a disabled Pagan in the Deep South. The novels I publish on my own but I’m probably going to approach Llewellyn about publishing my paranormal books. Some of my friends have published with them. We’ll see. I’m still investigating whether traditional publishers are even relevant anymore. It would be nice to have someone else handle the nitty gritty of putting a book out there though. I detest cover designing and formatting manuscripts. Oh and I picked up two more freelance editing jobs. Yay for some new income!

Art has been going well too. I’m getting back in my groove and my artist friends think I’ve surpassed my highest skill level that I had when I was younger. I’m working on building up stock for the Etsy shop that I dream of opening soon. I plan on selling fandom art, Pagan art, greeting cards, bookmarks, and original paintings of anything that strikes my fancy. Hopefully I can figure out where to do prints too. That way I can sell art for cheaper if people don’t want to pay for the original work. Artists do that a lot. I’m also hoping that I can draw attention to other artists with disabilities because there are a lot of us out there.

I haven’t been terribly well of late. I had a photosensitive rash that is only just now going away. Photosensitivity is when a person is literally allergic to the sun. I’m those children from the Nicole Kidman movie The Others. The majority of my life is lived either indoors or at night. Anyway, my point is the illness brought on by photosensitivity made me MISS MEETING MISHA COLLINS AT THE GISHBUS here in Atlanta last week. All my Misha Collins friends were there and they said it was better that I didn’t go because there was no place for me to hide from the sun. I would have met Misha, sure, but I would have turned purple, gotten blisters, a fever, and ended up in the hospital. I don’t think Misha would want me to go to the hospital or get sick on his account. My friend Dmitri came over the next day and told me everything about it. He didn’t want me to feel left out. The value of a true friend is worth its weight in gold. Alas, I never got to meet Misha Collins but I’ll get to see him at the Supernatural convention in Atlanta this October. I’m going to cosplay Rowena (not totally accurately though because I’m in a wheelchair). My mom is going to cosplay Mary Winchester in the 1970s. My brother will cosplay Dean Winchester. And my Pop Vinyls of Sam, Dean, and Castiel are going to ride on my wheelchair’s armrests the whole time.

Oh! I’m going to do art for SPN people too. I’m thinking of doing one big piece with the main characters and my own original character in a wheelchair. I’d really like Jensen, Jared, Misha, Ruthie, etc., to see my art and plant the seeds about rooting for more disabled actors and characters in the media. They don’t make those decisions but they know the people who do. I’m passionate about diversity in the media and entertainment. We’ll see how it goes. I might still decide to do individual art.

As for my Pagan path, I’ve been working on spells and rituals for people who ask me to help. Mostly protection and fertility stuff but I did have to help someone with a stalker while she worked with police too. I avoid doing love spells. They’re just not an interest of mine but I’m not opposed to creating a spell for someone to welcome love into their life. I just don’t like doing love spells meant to manipulate another person. My family Grimoire is growing but writing everything down that I was taught orally is making me miss my grandmother. She died a year ago this week. She taught me to be a witch without ever using witchy words like everybody seems to do now. To her, giving these ways a specific term separated them from everyday life. It was truly woven into everyday activity that it made no sense to give it a name. She learned that from her elders and so on. I suspect that attitude came from our Celtic ancestors. Today what I do looks like witchcraft to observers so I tend to use those words like Pagan and Witch for the sake of those who don’t quite grasp it but those were not words I grew up with and neither did the other women in my family.

I’m going off on a tangent. Reel it in, Jessica.

In conclusion:

- I should be around more often now.
- I haven’t been well and I didn’t get to meet Misha.
- I’m writing soooo many books.
- Yep, still a witch.
- Technology makes me want to scream.
- Art is life.
- I love you, sweet peaches.
- Sorry this post was too long.

It’s 4pm and almost everyone in the building has been gone for at least an hour. Break is over and today was a plan day (thank goodness). I feel like I still have a million things to do despite being very productive. I can’t believe my students come back tomorrow! Cross your fingers they’re not too insane and that this week goes smoothly.

Fitblr and budget win - Passed on going out to eat for lunch and ate the food I came prepared with. I will also probably leave soon and go to the gym. My whole body is sore from the past two days, but I still want to do something easy (elliptical and arms?). Happy Tuesday!

Kris - Fresh Meat

Requested by: No one

Characters: You and Kris

Description: It’s your first year in high school. You meet this junior named Wu Fan, but everyone calls him Kris. He looks intimidating, but he’s a warmhearted soul mate.


A/N - Sorry ;~; this took forever to come out. I’ve been sick, I’ve had tons of homework, etc, etc. But anyways here ya go! I hope you enjoy.

I’m sorry, but Kris will always be my baby. To me, he will always be a part of EXO. Or, always a part of my k-pop/whatever life. If you don’t consider him a part of anything anymore, then that’s a personal problem. 

-Admin Bao 

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Some randoms form the last few guitar outings…from various Long and McQuade stores in the Toronto area:

  1. There’s lots of great things about Derek Trucks.  I am particularly fond of his first name.  His SG is pretty cool too.  ;)  Note the photographs on the wall because…
  2. they are shots of Derek Trucks (the guy with the cool first name and even cooler SG) with Warren Haynes.  And this 335 is a Warren Haynes signature model.  See what they did there?  Clever!
  3. Wait…I honestly want to know why Squier is getting all the best finishes lately?  Check out this sparkly gold-metallic job with gold hardware.  It’s really lovely!
  4. Used John Lennon model Epiphone Casino.  Oddly the “new” price on this was $1,025 or $1,050 if I remember correctly, so at $920 it’s not much of a bargain!
  5. Every time I see you falling, I get on my knees and pr… no wait…start again:  every time I see an nice lefty American Standard Stratocaster I want to do another “reverse Hendrix”.  Some would remind me I already did that with a 2007 (or ‘08?) American Standard in Blizzard Pearl, with mixed results!
  6. Holy - this transports my back to 1984 came Van Halen came out with that album…uh…what was it called again??  Had a song called “Jump” and another one about a teenage bot who fancies his teacher and we are led to believe there was some kind of fornicating (presumably illegal) with said teacher, and another about a Central American country which had a dictator that the US supported and then militarily ousted (PS did you know that country is only “independent” because the United States back a coup to in that conuntry which at the timebelonged to Colombia in order to get control of the area that they would soon be building a canal through.  I am not making this up…go to Youotube and look for a PBS documentary about that canal and you will see it’s true.  But anyway: I can’t remember the name of the canal, the country or the Van Halen song…

Which reminds me of a very fun, and long palindrome:  "A man a plan a canal Panama".

New Order:

Van Halen (unrelated to the above text but a song I still love…)