i plan on wearing it tomorrow too tbh

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Can you do a reaction of seventeens vocal unit to you (ur dating) being a sleep on their couch in their sweater cause you were waiting for them to get home?

How adorable!! 

“Jagi?” He’d tap you lightly. You wake up to Joshua’s gorgeous smile. which is honestly the best thing to wake up to. “Did I keep you waiting?” He sits next to you and holds your hand. He loves it when you wear his clothes and would give millions of compliments on how pretty you look.

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This poor guy probably came home from a long day at the studio, so seeing you already asleep on the couch would make him extremely happy. He lays down, his head in your lap and begins to fall asleep. 

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Honestly might feel a kind of bad for making you wait, but he doesn’t want to wake you either. He plans to shower you in kisses tomorrow, and maybe even make you breakfast.

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Dk would the most fluffy, getting all blushy. “Jagi wake up, were you waiting for me? You look so adorable!!” He kisses you all over your face, and leads you to the bedroom, where you two cuddle and eventually fall asleep together. aw

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He’d be super fluffy too, “Awwwwww look she is wearing my shirt. She almosts looks as good as I do in it.” He gently taps you and brings you to bed, kissing your head lovingly.

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the least sassy gif of him tbh.

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