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♡ make me choose ♡  @bluiiieee asked: sebastian morgenstern or valentine morgenstern (as best villain)

“he has charisma enough to draw birds out of trees and convince them to live under the sea, is tall, devastatingly handsome, and has white-blond hair.” 

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Hello Monbebes, I know I’ve been inactive for so long, but I’m working hard this comeback on Twitter, to help monbebes who don’t know how to support Monsta X during this comeback, and I thought it was time to come back here. I plan to write a super long tutorial (more like a masterlist) soon and I’d really appreciate if you could follow it and share it EVERYWHERE. We can get Monsta X a second win this week, but we need to work hard. Do you remember how happy they were? Yes, we need to make that happen again. Just imagine their faces full of happiness. 


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i told some guy who was talking about consumer activism against EA on how does he plan to organize all the clients of a multimillion dollar corporation with way more titles than st*rw*rs battlefr*nt so that boycotting that particular game would make them care enough to change it or risk going bankrupt and he ignored me until two days later he said: "whatever man you probably cant name me a better system than capitalism anyway."


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hi, I'm finding it hard to let myself write! I have never finished a novel length story before and I am afraid of executing my ideas badly. Any advice?

Then don’t go for a novel length story– try something shorter. But if you’ve already done that and are just trying to move onto novel-length, then I suggest planning. You should have a plot outline, you should have basic character information and backstory, a record of details that may not be immediately relevant, etc. 

Part of what makes longer pieces hard is that there are more elements and detail to keep track of and work with, but aside from staying organized, the only real way to get better is to practice. You have to let yourself write bad things, realize what you’ve done wrong, then work to fix it. Getting critiques during the writing process can help speed this up, since it takes at least a few months of no contact with the story for most writers to really be able to step back from their work, but getting better is mostly about what you do to help yourself. Here’s Ways to Improve Writing Skills, which is a decent place to start.  

For your confidence issue… well, that isn’t really something the kind of tips I give can help with. Confidence has to come from the writer themselves, not be given externally, and if you’re worried about your skills then the only way to feel better is to improve them.

To actually get better, you can’t look around for pats on the back or sugarcoated “critiques”. It’s fine to seek those out once in a while for reassurance, but the truth is that too much blindsiding can give you a false idea of where you skill is at. You have to stay realistic, and part of that is knowing yourself well enough to tell when you need a tiny confidence booster vs are actually looking to improve. 

In all fairness, a good critique should kind of do both. Yes, the main point is to learn what you’re doing wrong, but any critique partner worth your time also mentions what you’re doing well so you can keep it up. 

Writing isn’t easy, especially for anyone who actually wants to be good, so there’s a point to actually get anything done you have to push through all the worries and just write. Get out a basic scene, hell, get out a basic story. Fix it later. You have to write poorly before you can write well.

Good luck with everything! 

Just a little more pt.6

Pairing: jungkook X reader

Genre: angstish, fluff and there’s smut near the end, there’s a warning there and here…. yeah…. have fun…

Sooooo, I’m so Indecisive so should I like make it 2 endings or not, and also tell me if you still enjoy reading this then let me know, anyways,


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Jungkook planned the date, to make it perfect, he didn’t want to mess anything up, he wanted you to feel more comfortable with him, and make you want to spend time with him, even if you don’t want any type of relationship with him, you just talking to him would be enough.

To you it was perfect, again because you were going somewhere public, your hair stylist and makeup artists were there, your manager had to inform you to be careful and that he’d be not going everywhere with you, just because he wanted you to have some type of free time and alone time, your manager dropped you off at the coffee shop, 10 mins early, what surprised you was to see jungkook earlier than you, you walked in, making every human being in that coffee shop turn and look your way, you smiled and walked towards jungkook, you could tell that people were photographing you with jungkook, but this was the usual, especially because it was with jungkook, you were both the hottest topic because they knew you’d both be out on a date, even before you guys decided to go on a date, you knew that a bunch of articles would be released and you knew that everyone would want to hold an interview with the both of you.

“Y/n? Do you trust me?” You raised an eyebrow

“Why wouldn’t I trust you? And why do I need to trust you?”

“I’ve got the whole day planned, is that okay with you?”

“Yeah sure, I like a little surprise”

What you didn’t expect was for him to lead you out of the cafe and take you somewhere “magical” he had said

He told you to keep your eyes closed, you did as he said, you reached somewhere and he pulled you out of the car, he placed his hands over your eyes and walked towards somewhere that smelt so nice

You opened your eyes and saw such a beautiful scene unfold in front of you, you were standing in the middle of everland, with the romantic illusion playing out in front of you, he had rented the whole place just for you, you’d go on all the rides with him, and you guys were never disrupted by anyone, not a single soul could enter today, but you and jungkook.

All the time you spent having fun, made you forget about the life that you lived in, night had fallen upon you and jungkook, right now you couldn’t be more happier, you looked at the jungkook that pulled at your intertwined fingers,

“I have more surprises waiting for you, let’s go, I’ll take you”

You nodded and headed for the entrance, you went inside his car, and he headed towards a more forested area, you loved nature and you felt nice that he remembered when you randomly told him you loved nature.

You arrived in front of a very fancy looking house,

“Jungkook? Where are we?”

“I rented this small cottage for Just you and me, there’s people in there waiting to serve us food”

“Small cottage? Jungkook this is a whole mansion, I haven’t gotten you anything”

“You don’t need to get me anything, all I want is your time and you being here makes me extremely happy”

You looked at him, thinking to yourself ‘no y/n you mustn’t get shaken up by him, he’s just saying these things to..to wait Why is he saying these things to me?’

The entrance of the house was amazing, it was such a beautiful house, the garden was nicely decorated with a swing and a hot tub with gnomes scattered around, there we’re rose bushes all around the fencing, as you stepped inside, the mansion looked prettier than your house, you felt so tempted to just move in here.

“Jungkook, this is so beautiful, thank you”

You turned to him, he just smiled and hugged you, soon a women walked towards the two of you,

“Mr Jeon? Your food is ready, please, would you come with me?”

Jungkook nodded at the women and he lead you inside, the kitchen was so cute, it was decorated with marble and most of the equipments were stainless steel, jungkook pulled out your seat and helped you sit, like the true gentlemen that he was.

The first course had come through,

“Jungkook, did you get this all ready just for me?”

“Who else would all of this be for but you, your the only one I want to make smile”

“Thank you again, really, no ones ever done anything this big just for me, except maybe hyunwoo”

At the mentions of your best friends name, jungkooks expression went from soft to some what hard.

“What did he do for you?” Slightly wanting to know what he did, that would make you mention him even in a situation that had nothing to do with him.

“Oh, nothing much, he just got me a bunch of roses for Valentine’s Day, he also scheduled a whole entire restaurant just for me, he’s so cute sometimes” you said and smiled unknowingly and unintentionally.

“Y/n? Do you have feelings for him?”

“Huh? Who?” You asked knowing fully well who he was talking about

“Hyunwoo, the guy that you keep calling friend, but you guys are always together, he’s always there, you guys seem more like a couple than friends”

“We’re Just friends, I’m just really close with him, that’s all, he’s the only friend I have”

You felt a little embarrassed by your own confession, you knew so many people yet most of them weren’t your friends, just people you had to meet.

“Y/n, I want to be there, instead of him, you know, people around me told me you we’re dating him, and I should give my hopes up, but know that I know your not, will you please consider going out with me?”

“Jungkook, I…I cant”

“Why not? You say your not dating anyone, but you can’t date anyone either”

You could hear the desperation and the plea in his voice

“No I mean I can’t date you, I’m sorry, I just can’t. Not you Jeon jungkook”

“Why, so your allowed to date anyone but me, what did I do that.. that upset you, what did I do that makes you not able to date me”

“Stop it jungkook, I said okay to one date, I told you I wont date you”

He slumped a little, he didn’t want you to keep denying him, or his feelings it was clear to him that you also liked him, but you just kept saying no.

He nodded his head,

“okay, if something that I did upset you, then I guess I have to remember what I did and apologise, then will you be able to love me the way I love you?”

You looked down at the table, and nodded your head to drop the subject.

The dinner was amazing, and because it was getting late, jungkook didn’t want to drive down back to seoul, so you decided to stay and spend the night and then return tomorrow when you were both fully awake, the one thing however was that this mansion, only had one bedroom, the rest of the bedroom was knocked down and turned into a part of the living room, and some were turned into entertainment areas, so when it was getting awfully late, and you had to sleep, you both walked into the bedroom, like 2 stuff trees, and stood there staring at the bed for a bit until you started to talk,

“I’ll go take a shower first, you can take one after me”

Jungkook nodded and sat on the chair and closed his eyes, with your heart pounding inside of you, you walked out, “Jungkook, you can…..” you stopped, you saw how he was asleep, on the chair, you wanted to wake him up and tell him to sleep on the bed, but the sight of him sleeping, so comfortably made you walk closer to him, your hair still wet, and dripping onto the shirt that jungkook gave you, you walked closer, you reached out to touch his calm and soft face, your thumbs rubbed against his cheeks, his hands reached up to stop your hands and he opened his eyes, the look of lust covered his eyes, for a split second,

“I’ll go wash now” he got up quietly and walked to the bathroom, he washed up and thought about what had happened just before, he walked out in just a towel wrapped around him, he forgot his shirt outside, on the chair.

(smut ish alert, stop reading if you don’t want smut, if you don’t want smut… then just read the next chapter when it’s out.)

You turned around, and saw a jungkook, with extremely toned torso with droplets of water resting in the crevices, you gulped the lump in your throat, and tried to keep your eyes on jungkook, to say you weren’t phased would be a lie, he walked towards his shirt, like nothing was wrong, but as soon as he felt you gaze on his back, he stopped, and turned back around to look at you staring

“Y/n? What are you looking at?”


He walked closer to you, you felt like killing your heart, to stop it from beating.

You leaned back against the bed, while jungkook came over you, crawling over, you reached your arms out to stop him,

“Jungkook… what are you doing?”

“Testing” he grabbed your wrists and placed them over your head, you stared at him, you didn’t protest, he lowered his body down towards you, he hovered over your lips and questioned,

“Maybe I?” You looked into his eyes, and you lifted your head up to meet his lips, he instantly pushed you back onto the mattress with the passion of the kiss, it was starting to become a lot more heated, he parted way too fast, and you already missed his lips, he got up off of you and walked over to his shirt and put it on, and walked back into the bathroom, he knew that your eyes were boring into the back of his head, he had made you want him, he returned back, and he found you sitting still on the mattress that he had left you on.

“Soooo, your not going to finish off what you started?”

“What do you mean y/n? What did I start?”

You knew this, he was teasing you, he sat down on the opposite side of the bed, as revenge you crawled over towards him, you climbed onto his laps, and started to kiss him, it was starting to get really heated, you grounded down on him, wanting more friction than what he was giving you now, he flipped your over, never parting his lips once, he was placed between your legs, he started to grind down into you, your moans were captured by the hungry kiss, you stopped him, you slightly pushed his chest,

“Please…” you pleaded him, the look of desperation in your eyes.

“Please what?” Jungkook managed to pant out

“Do you want me, as bad as I want you right now?” You asked, being cut off slightly by his rough and short kisses.

“What do you think” he said, without warning, he was inside you, without warning he started to pound inside of you, you moaned his name so loudly that you were sure the people next door could hear you, but you didn’t care, at this very moment, the world around you vanished, you and jungkook being the only people that existed, with that he soon came undone above you, both of you were so tired, he collapsed beside you and wrapped his arms around you and fell asleep.

Soooo….. ummmmmmm….. uhhhhhhh… I have no words…. this is my first smut thing and ummmmmmm……..yeah….. hope you enjoyed.

I love you all ^~^

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Book of Angels

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean, Sam, unnamed children, Mable (OC)

Word Count: 3,319

Warnings: flansgt, more fluff than angst, like a lot more fluff, unexpecting ending (nothing bad, just didn’t plan for it, is all), I think that’s it

Request by @stay-in–placeCould you make a casxreader fic where cas meets the reader in a bookstore the reader owns and he goes there a lot to see her

Summary: You’ve always been the quiet one, working on your book and running your own bookstore. Until one day you feel eyes on you and it’s the stranger you’ve seen for the past week but you don’t know him. But you have a book of Angels and he’s suddenly familiar…

Author’s Note: So, I got carried away with this one and the ending that you will read is not what I had in mind. It just happened. Sorry this took so long to be out. Ana, I hope you like your request! If you want to be an Angel or a Queen, pop me an ask!

Feedback the glue that holds my writing together

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All your life, you’ve been alone. It was a choice you made. You lived alone, you drove alone, you even went out alone. It wasn’t like you were anti-social or anything, you enjoyed time out with your friends but you preferred to be alone. It was peaceful, you didn’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else and you were in control of everything.

You were also your own boss, owning a very successful bookstore. You owned the only local one that people came in for when they needed books to read. You had a big bookstore with all kind of books and knew almost everyone that came in.

You lived in a small town and knew almost everyone in town. Besides owning the bookstore, you were a writer, always writing on your free time. You had a degree in Creative Writing and you’ve always wanted to write fiction. It’s what you thought was best for you.

So, in order for you to write accurately yet creatively, you started reading lore books, researching the mythical creatures in them. It helps you a lot and you got to learn about really awesome creatures. If only they were real.

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Here’s Cervus, my second Halloween scarecrow.  For this one, I wanted an even more cobbled-together look. His body is made entirely of dead tree branches held together with zip-ties (the rope I initially used wasn’t secure enough and kept falling off). The covering is a sheet of black scrap fabric from an old art project. While I would have loved to have used a real deer skull for the head, I couldn’t find one on such short notice. So instead I used a plastic replica.

Here’s a shot of Cervus’ body minus shroud and skull. Not the most stable base. He fell over pretty much every single day. But the final effect was pretty creepy.

Now that I’ve got the basics of scarecrow-making down, I plan on making a bunch more next year. Maybe a whole Night Parade of scarecrows marching across the yard. 

Gintama manga chap 660

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

If the price I have to pay for having the Shinsengumi return to the Yorozuya’s side is to see them slaughtered in front of them by Utsuro, then frankly, I rather they never make it to the scene. I screamed in horror at the sight of Yamazaki being cut down, and even when Kondou got a stab into Utsuro there at the end, I still screamed because I know by now that wound is nothing to that monster. It would only take one split second for Utsuro to turn around and behead Kondou. Even the thought of it is enough to make ill with anxiety. I am not even exaggerating, Sorachi-sama: I literally want to vomit at the thought of losing both Yamazaki and Kondou. If you were to take both of them from us at once, I honestly will have to take a break for a month or more to mourn.  And if you plan to take more than those two from us…I can’t even deal with the mere notion of that. In fact, I don’t even want to give voice to that dread lest the horrifying thought reaches you and implants itself into your psyche when you never intended to head down that Hell of a direction in the first place.  

At this point, any additional beloved personnel that comes near Utsuro I will immediately be deeply fearful for since he is virtually unbeatable on Earth. I know Umibouzu has his trump cards, but I am also not discounting what Utsuro is saying about Earth being an endless source of energy for him, and I wish they would pay more attention to that as well. They need to get that monster off the planet immediately! I actually said that out loud at the beginning of the chapter as Utsuro so generously reminded them of his lack of weakness. I wish everyone would just get away, put some distance between them and Utsuro, and then aim those Altana weapons at him. I don’t mean to abandon Sadaharu since he’s still in that cocoon, but they absolutely cannot engage in close-range combat with him. They are simply no match for Utsuro. As much as I love the Shinsengumi boys and I think sun rises and sets on them, I also am very aware that they are too human to be a serious match against Utsuro. They are hardly a match for Gintoki; they have zero chance with that monster, blind or not. They could chop off one of his arms in addition to blinding him and they will still be no match. I hate that Utsuro is that powerful, and I sometimes do worry that he’s in danger of being too powerful, to the point where there’s no way to reasonably and logically defeat him, so that’s why I am holding on to that tiny bit of hope that maybe getting him off of Earth is the way to go.

And as dire as Yamazaki’s injury looked, I am also holding on very hard to the hope that it either looks worse than it actually is—maybe it’s only a flesh wound and Utsuro didn’t hit any of his jugular veins—OR, and this is a longer shot probably, with Kondou injuring Utsuro, maybe some of his immortal blood will land perfectly into Yamazaki’s mouth, transforming him into an immortal as well. Naturally, I prefer the second scenario since there is something comically fitting and sublime about Yamazaki outliving everybody at the end. Of course he’d be miserable as an immortal, probably spend most of them time holed up in some one-room apartment eating anpan while staring at some unsuspecting female across the street. Although, for the first hundred years or so, maybe he could enjoy some happy times with Tama; hopefully as a robot, her mechanical gears will prolong her lifespan past that of a normal human female. That is, if Gengai is able to turn her back on…wow, it’s been more than six months since we last saw her and Kintoki.  

If it seems like I’m being mildly flippant about Yamazaki’s condition, I really am not. If I don’t find some light at the end of the tunnel I will probably drive myself crazy with worry until next week when we hopefully find out just how serious is his injury. I have to add his and Kondou’s name now to my weekly prayers for Sadaharu’s safety. Actually, I am going to throw in Hijikata and Okita’s names as well since they are too close to Utsuro for comfort, and it is obvious the sight of all their Shinsengumi brothers being obliterated like that will no doubt spur them into potentially reckless action. There is no way to say this without sounding crass and cold, but if I’m going to be completely honest, if any named Shinsengumi members have to be sacrificed during this fight with Utsuro, I much rather it be either Tetsunosuke or, to a lesser degree, Saitou. It pains me to say that because I do like Saitou a lot, and I don’t dislike Tetsu, and I hate to even put that idea out there into the cosmos since it might also make its way to you, but I must still say that because the core four, Kondou, Hijikata, Okita, and Yamazaki, means the world to me. So dear Sorachi-sama, Gintama gods, please, please have mercy: spare the lives of Kondou, Hijikata, Okita, Yamazaki, and Sadaharu, who are in immediate danger of meeting certain death at the hands of that Altana-sucking monster.

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


PS: I am truly grateful that Gintoki and Hijikata have once again reunited and are side-by-side; it was a drop of happiness in the ocean of debilitating apprehension. 

Since I have nothing better to do, and it’s been a while since I’ve had anything to post about bc my collecting has slowed so much, I’m gonna ramble aimlessly talk about Mario figures again. So behold, what is possibly the only articulate Peach figure ever made: 

Which is really weird isn’t it? 30+ years and she’s never had a doll or something? Not even in Japan? Not even a figuarts one planned? I’ve looked and looked, but couldn’t find another existing. That’s just disappointing. 

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stan, same question as bill- things you like about the other losers? (i don’t know if things is the right word?? but you probably know what i mean.)

I understand what you mean, Anonymous. Perhaps ‘the traits you like most’ was the kind of wording you were looking for, but ‘things’ works just as well. Is it bad that I’m unconventionally excited that I get to make an organized list? I wish Tumblr had more options for bullet points. 

Actually, you know, I believe this is going to be far longer than either you or I anticipated, so I may have to split these into six separate posts to keep it from spanning the entirety of the blog. (Also, I have to go to work, and I have never been late for anything in my life, nor do I plan to start, now.)


I’ll start with Bill, first, since I was last (but not least, clearly) on his list.

  • His incredible artistry. Honestly, if there were any traits from any of the others that I wished I could have for myself, this is probably the top one. Imagine how much better all of my lists and collections and scrapbooks would look if I had Bill’s ability to make everything beautiful. In his nature, I suppose, he just improves everything he comes into contact with (maybe I’m biased, or maybe it’s just true). I mean, I can draw, in a sort of average, you can tell that’s a bird, but it’s not good, type of way, but Bill has an amazing eye for detail, and whether it’s a sketch, or a collage, or a painting, everything he creates is astounding.
  • His bravery. I always used to compare Bill’s irrationality and inability to think things through before acting to stupidity, but in honesty, he is incomparably brave. This is another way in which we are opposites, because I have to think things through so carefully and consider every possible scenario before I decide how to proceed, while Bill is much more of a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’, kind of person. Usually, I would say my method is better, but on more than one occasion, I have been glad of Bill’s headstrong nature. He has saved my life so many times, I have lost count, and I’m positive the others would agree.
  • He is beautiful. I don’t think I need to elaborate, here.
  • He’s funny. Not in a clever, sarcastic way, like some people (me), and not in the constant, usually just annoying, impressions and jokes kind of way (Richie), but just naturally. Really, it’s probably because he is so clumsy and adorable and so just by nature he is amusing.
  • He is caring and compassionate. You never need to question Bill’s loyalty, nor his insistence on consistently putting his own needs and desires below everyone else’s. One might say he’s a pushover, because he always just agrees on what everyone else wants, but really, we know it is because he just cares so much. He is just the sweetest, most passionate, beautiful soul, and if you ever insult him, then firstly, you are wrong, and secondly, give me your address, because I will fucking murder you (and your entire family.) I’m sorry, I didn’t really mean that (I did.)
  • He is great at giving head 
  • He is very family-oriented. I think my parents actually like Bill more than they like me, especially my dad. It’s great, because I am very close to my parents, and my father in particular, and I honestly never thought he would approve of me dating someone who wasn’t A) Jewish, and B) Female, but he doesn’t have a problem with either of those things. Really, I haven’t told him that technically I’m dating five other people besides Bill (He just thinks I’m dating Bill, because it was just Bill, before.) I’m really not sure that my parents would understand the whole ‘polyamory’ thing, so I haven’t yet been brave enough to broach the subject.

Okay, I really have to go to work, now. This list, ideally, would have been longer, but if I’m late for work, and I interrupt my perfect record, I may have to kill myself.

- Stanley

Teaser for something yet to be named

Here’s like a tiny ass snippet of something coming in December (after my finals). It’s going to be a fun ass series. Tell me if you can guess the AU. Also the awesome, badass, cool as fuck @dusktillholland is helping me plan this out and making sure it doesn’t sound stupid. Give me your thoughts or whatever. There will be more writing this week because I’m off for Thanksgiving for 3 days so stay tuned on my page.

A glossy black Rolls Royce sat in front of an illustrious hotel. The man sat in the back of his car scrolling through his phone. He wore a fitted black suit, hugging against his muscular frame. His brown hair gelled perfectly back and his lips looked soft. His demeanor exuded power. Underneath his eyes appeared soft and puffy showing that he probably ran low on sleep. Looking down at his Rolex, he checked the time. 12:50, asshole’s late again.

The door to the car swung open and a man dressed in a tight black t-shirt and jeans got in the back. His casual attire contrasted against the lux creme leather seats. His hair tousled just the right way, giving him a rebellious carefree look.

The man who owned the car glanced up at him unamused. “You’re the only person who dares leave me waiting.”

The other man held a wicked grin. “That’s because I’m your best friend. Also, I always come bearing good news.”

“The good news being what Haz?” The boss said fixing a stray strand of hair. He still appeared annoyed, but he slightly softened up.

“We found him, Tom. He has a place out of the city,” Haz said enthusiastically.

“Let’s take a trip then.”

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Thoughts on the Akatsuki members' relationships with their partners?

*cracks knuckles*

Kisame and Itachi are definitely in love. I still love that their overall plan to catch Naruto was the dumbest thing BUT I just realized since Itachi was technically working secretly against the akatsuki he probably made that plan to fail but it’s still a plan Kisame agreed to and saw as unable to fail??? I feel like most of their plans are like this. Itachi feels bad having to do this but always makes certain him and Kisame can escape.

Sasori and Deidara are interesting especially since the retcon justu arc Deidara actually admits art never dies so in the end he saw things Sasori’s way??? There’s clear respect though more from Deidara’s side than Sasori’s much as I headcanon Sasori crushing on him. Overall canon wise Sasori probably tries not to get too attached but let’s be honest him griping at Deidara keeping him waiting is his way of stating “Hey I was worried you died but you came back so that’s good”. Can you imagine how happy he was when he didn’t have to put up with Orochimaru and went out of his way to make certain he wouldn’t get stuck with a Orochimaru 2.0???

Kakuzu and Hidan are the duo nobody really comes out alive from crossing UNLESS Kakuzu reins Hidan in. Hidan seems to listen when Kakuzu gets strict on “No.” but also enjoys making Kakuzu angry enough to just toss out all plans and cut loose? He has a knack for pissing off foes and allies alike but certain he’s smart at figuring out insecurities and bullying foes especially about them. Kakuzu wishes Hidan could act like a normal person all the time instead of laughing and screaming during battles. Part of why he’s okay with attacks hitting Hidan.

Pain/Nagato and Konan I feel on the fence about. Had Konan been given more character I would have wanted more on her own history and whatnot? Most of her time revolves around Nagato and I saw the fact her dying was still focusing on supporting men is like :/ 

No doubt they’re a strong combo but it did hold Konan’s development back. Like I need to know more aside about her aside from her being caretaker of guys. I wanna know what her parents were like. Heck have her alive because she and Naruto went basically through same thing AND have her reform her own village in the right way.

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How would shigaraki feel if his s/o was WAY more competent than he is but would rather follow him than make her own plans. She's stronger,smarter, better fighter, has all the connection(politicians, ceos of huge companies, mafia, yakuza, drug cartel, etc.) in and out of japan. Hcs


  • Ngl he is going to use the hell out of your connections

  • The villain league is all about HIM taking over his teacher’s will. He does not care what you can do better because the other members also have things they are better at than him, this is his group and he is going to lead it no matter what

  • If you’re a member of the villain league, you are working WITH him but still ultimately UNDER him. He knows that you, like all the other members, have your strong points and expects you to use them for the good of the league.

  • That being said, he will still talk things through with everyone and holds your opinion in high regard. You’re not someone to envy, but someone to learn from. And Shigaraki is a fast learner
Baines MMBC Episode 4 Replies

I set a precedent of doing replies for both episodes on the same day I guess. (Also not like I was binge watching Free! and feeling great, but y’know. Other reasons).

Anyways, let’s see if we can do this at all given Tumblr’s issues rn. (Also I may be procrastinating my Philosophy quiz, but I planned it out and it’s due next week so there’s also that).

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nothing new but hob is honestly so driven nd motivated it’s so inspirational for me how he quietly works hard in everything nd seeing how he achieved more than he planned nd hoped for makes me so overwhelmingly happy. listening him saying, for him reminding himself to love himself is finding his dreams nd something he really wants to achieve. nd hes doing exactly all of that nd more. everyday is just him finding more goals nd dreams to achieve while being humble of all his achievements. he had achieved so much nd he deserves every happiness that came along w it. hes doing this for self-loving nd it’s so lovely to know how important all of these are to him. his motivation to always improve himself even in the field he’s incredibly great nd famous for is so heartwarming. how he said he wants to invite his friends to the next hots so he could learn dance from them how he wants to learn new dance genres bcs he said theres so many of them out there he’s so!! humble nd inspiring i love him 😢

I feel like Kaname does want to be happy with Yuuki, but he gets in the way of himself. He feels like he has to suffer to atone for all of the things he did and the things he inadvertently caused (like the death of Juuri and Haruka’s son, for instance). For the most part, Kaname causes his own suffering. His entire plan to protect Yuuki was at the risk of his own happiness.  

No matter how you feel about him, his plan to eradicate problematic Purebloods was extreme. Instead of telling Yuuki what he was going to do or talking about it to someone, he decides–I’m going to paint myself as the villain, make those I cherish turn from me to protect them. That is a very backwards way of thinking and, if it hadn’t been for certain people in the story, Yuuki could have been in even more danger. 

The story acknowledges that there is an intense hatred of vampires by the Hunters’ Association. I imagine they hate the Purebloods even more. I feel like he was banking on her ties to Kaien and Zero to protect her, but what if the other hunters had turned on them? What if they had decided that his attachment to Yuuki clouded his judgement and took matters into their own hands after Yuuki confessed that she had no knowledge of what Kaname would do next? Since she wasn’t useful to them, what good would she be alive? 

Then there are the other Purebloods that would be out for her blood because of Kaname. She is his weakness. That is no secret. The Purebloods could have very easily kidnapped her as bait to lure him out…

Kaname is a good strategist and is good at manipulation, but even he can be surprised. He isn’t all knowing. He can’t plan for everything. 

In this way, his plan was very reckless….and I kind of want to write a fanfiction now about it going spectacularly wrong.  

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serenbach86  asked:

The relationship meme for Hawke and Sebastian?

  • Who was the one to propose:

Astrid. Sebastian was planning to wait until he was actually crowned Prince of Starkhaven, but she goes “Y’know what, I don’t need a prince. You’re who I fell in love with and we’ve waited long enough, I wanna marry you now.”

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Sebastian. He’s all worried about making sure it goes off right and proper according to Starkhaven customs so that it’ll be acceptable to his people and Astrid’s just a giddy “Idc, I get to MARRY YOooouuU” ball of joy

  • Who decorated the house:

Five generations(more or less) of Vaels and propriety. They live in the Starkhaven palace, so they don’t get too much sway over decoration if they want it to look “proper”. 

  • Who does the cooking:

When one of them needs to, usually Sebastian. Astrid’s an okay cook, but he’s much better and he actually enjoys it, so she lets him have fun. She cleans up after bc teamwork.

  • Who is more organized:

They’re both pretty organized, tbh. Astrid’s maybe a little more lax about it, but neither is a horrible slob or anything.

  • Who’s the cuddler:

Both of them. They love cuddling. Cuddling’s the best. :D

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.

Sebastian’s the big spoon, pretty much always.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 

Just being together. Reading, or talking about their day, or just sitting in silence, it doesn’t matter. They just enjoy each other’s company

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Neither. From the point when they met on, neither really drinks that much(even if Sebastian could drink any member of the Merry Band of Misfits under the table, except maybe Isabela, he doesn’t).

  • Who kills the spiders:

Well, the giant ones that look like they could swallow a man whole they both kill. The little, normal ones Sebastian usually kills.

  • Who falls asleep first:

Astrid. She has seven years of pent up exhaustion thanks to Kirkwall, so even while she’s Viscountess, she still somehow manages to fall asleep first.

  • A headcanon:

After Astrid and Sebastian finally both acknowledge their feelings for each other and start moving slowly but inexorably towards coupledom, Astrid develops a habit of running her fingers through the hair on the nape of Sebastian’s neck whenever they sit or stand next to each other.

  • Who has the most patience?

Astrid. Sebastian is working on it, he really is, but his better half(his words, not hers) will always be better at it than he is.

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Have two, because once again I couldn’t decide and both are super perfect.

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