i plan on making more of these

Prove It (Stiles Stilinski/Stuart Imagine)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, Stuart x Reader (depending on what floats your boat)

Warnings: none, but beware of boys with twins

A/N: I’m exhausted and I’ve been sitting on this idea for weeks. It’s my first full length imagine I’ve posted on here and it’s a bit nerve wracking, but what do I have to lose?

Word Count: 1424

Summary: Stiles accidentally makes plans with both Scott and Y/N and enlists in his twin brother’s help to cover his ass.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Emma, I'm currently in year 11 and I'm just really behind in my classwork any advice on how to catch up with work? thank you.

Hi! How I’d go about catching up would be:

  • prepare yourself in the morning - have breakfast, brush your teeth, wash your face/shower, drink some water, stretch, get dressed! Getting yourself ready and not staying in your pj’s will really help! I always will do a little morning routine before I study/revise/read/etc.
  • organise - make sure everything you need to sorted, all your notes are in order and any incomplete worksheets are flagged.
  • figure out what priority everything needs to be done in - depending on how you like to organise you can either plan it out in subject order or use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix which decides the urgency and importance of each task. If you need an example, here is one! It can just give you a bit more structure on what needs to be done first.
  • plan it out - make a schedule for everything and be realistic. Make time to spend on each subject, task, assignment. It is better to give yourself extra time on a task than end up ‘behind’ and then stressing out more. You might find my study schedule printable useful. Check this page to download it.
  • avoid procrastinating - yes, that is extremely difficult but is the best way to make up the time you’ve missed. Take breaks and time to relax but if the more you can avoid stalling, the faster you’ll be caught up. It may take time to fully catch up but it will be worth the work! Some more tips are here.
  • make your environment promote studying - make sure it’s bright, tidy and functional. Have everything you need close by. Maybe put up a few motivational things like pictures or quotes. This also means avoiding using your bed for studying. Use your desk, the kitchen bench top or a dining table.
  • take breaks and refuel - break up your study time with casual breaks and time for lunch! These small breaks can help you refocus and be more productive.

Hope this helps xx

Before School Checklist

I wrote something similar to this a few months ago, but I think it would be more helpful to be in checklist form instead of a sequence of things to do like I had before.

The Night Before:

  • Do your nightly routine - wash your face, brush your teeth, shower, lotion, moisturize, comb your hair, take your medicine, remove your makeup
  • Check your planner for any assignments you may have missed
  • Plan for tomorrow
  • Make your lunch
  • Set your alarm!
  • Briefly review what you learned/studied today
  • Pack your backpack for tomorrow. Check to make sure you have your wallet, ID, keys, material for each class, due assignments, notebooks, folders, etc. that you need, a pen/pencil, highighters
  • Tidy up your space a bit
  • Drink a glass of water before bed
  • Do something to relax

The Morning Before:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast – seriously, brain food
  • Get ready – wash your face, brush your teeth, do your makeup, get dressed, take your medicine
  • Double check your backpack and planner, in case you forgot anything
  • Complete any of the tasks you forgot or just didn’t do last night, like making your lunch

Previous #Studying Saturdays post: Studying in Summer.

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Okay single dad sid is so cute!!! But like I can't stop thinking about Avery finding out geno and sid are getting married! Is it a surprise to him? Did Geno tell him the plans, and he's waiting around the corner bouncing on his heels telling Sid to say yes?

Sidney tells him, during a bedtime story, and says, “Geno and I are getting married. We’re just going to make this family a little more official. Is that okay with you?”

Avery says: “Will he be my other dad, then?”

Sidney’s breath catches. “Well, you don’t have to call him that if you don’t–”

“I do want to,” Avery says. “I like Geno a lot.”

“That’s good, buddy,” Sidney says, fondly. “I like him a lot, too.”


Okay but…

How far apart are Kaneki and Touka’s respective quarters?

Mah boi papaKen had to do that Kanedash™ to rush to his waifu and arrived breathless and sweating like he had just run a marathon.  🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

I think it would make sense if King Ken had his room close to the main quarter, since he’s always working and planning stuff. So he has to be available at all time.

Maybe Touka’s room is located in a more secured area of their HQ. More privacy or something (Kaneki’s haven of peace confirmed?!).

Something I had to do. It was an idea that turned into a plan that took over my life. A scene from one of my stories, “The Five Times Elizabeth Almost Got Eaten, Then Did.” It was fun to make, and I really did enjoy making Meliodas look grumpy.

“Meliodas?” She pokes the strand of darkness that is slowly spreading up her hand and arm, as Meliodas closes his eyes and makes a noise in the back of his throat. “Why won’t you show this side to the others?”

“It won’t work.” She is still getting used to his voice being so gravely and low, but now she is more confused than anything.

“It won’t? I don’t understand?” she frowns slightly.

“I won’t be as nice to them,” he says flatly, his voice matching his blankly held face now. “Even Ban wouldn’t be safe around me.”

“But you aren’t dangerous to me?” She’s even more confused, as he hums, the sound more rich than normal as his head suddenly falls to the left, resting at an awkwardly sharp angle. And he says, very simply, “You are different,” as if it were obvious.

In honor of reaching 100 followers yesterday on this new blog, I’m going to be opening up my sim requests as a bit of a followers gift :)

Here’s the dealio

  1. We need to be mutuals (you follow me, I follow you), if that is the case please send me…
  2. Which game platform (ts3 or ts4)
  3. Gender
  4. Age
  5. Berry, Banilla or Vanilla
  6. Occult/Supernatural
  7. Color(s) or Palette
  8. CC &/or Sliders
  9. EPs and SPs you own
  10. Private or Public DL
  11. Anything Else

I have another trip planned later this week to go see my girlfriend… so it might not be for another week or more until you get your sim, keep that in mind. I also need to make a BC contestant today because I’ve been procrastinating on that XD

I will be taking 3 requests :)

1. @mikminicule

2. @tinysimmies

3. @sinfulwunders

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Do you speak any Spanish?

A little. I can understand it and I know a lot of words and phrases but I have trouble speaking in complete sentences? If that makes sense??

Lately I’ve been attempting to talk more with my family in Spanish.
I’m also planning on re watching Voltron for the millionth time but this time in Spanish! 😊 see if that helps lol

anonymous asked:

So artists of all levels can participate to the zine ? Is participation free ? Sorry i'm a bit clueless but even if it's just a small message i kind of want to participate haha

this is the goal! i will need digital art, however, so if you are doing something traditional it’s important that you’re able to scan it. i’ve seen some zines accept more craftsy submissions (like pictures of sculptures, hand-sewn/knitted plushies, etc) so i’d like to be able to include those as well.

participation is free. i’m planning to finance the printing and shipping on my own and make a PDF available for free. if anyone else would like a printed version, i’ll need to look into services for that and what the expenses would be.

Enver Pasha Lays Out First Plans for Recapture of Baghdad

June 24 1917, Aleppo–Shocked at the loss of Baghdad, the Germans had sent Falkenhayn to Turkey in May to discuss the prospects for its recapture–and to exile him even further from any military decision-making in Germany.  He met with Enver in Constantinople, and Enver soon came around to the idea of giving Falkenhayn command of a new army group tasked with retaking Baghdad.  While Falkenhayn probably had something to do with this, more important was the material help Germany agreed to provide in the task–a full division (later a corps) and nearly $25 million in gold.

On June 24 in Aleppo, Enver met with his chief army commanders: Djemal Pasha, his usual political ally, commanding forces in Syria and Palestine; Izzet Pasha and Mustafa Kemal, from the Caucasus; and Halil Pasha, from Mesopotamia.  He proposed to place Halil and Kemal’s armies under Falkenhayn’s command in the new Yildirim (“Lightning”) Army Group, which would prepare for an offensive towards Baghdad.

Most of the commanders there were not receptive to Enver’s idea; Halil knew the area and the opponent best and did not think recapturing Baghdad was feasible.  Kemal bristled at being placed under the command of Falkenhayn, worrying that Turkey was becoming a “German colony,” and pointed out that Turkish reserves were exhausted and could not sustain an offensive. Djemal, worried about a renewed British offensive in Palestine, wanted to keep Yildirim as a reserve, ready to face any new Allied attacks in Palestine, Mesopotamia, or the Caucasus. Nevertheless, Enver refused to back down; Djemal appealed to Grand Vizier Talaat, but was overruled.

Today in 1916: Somme Bombardment Begins
Today in 1915: First Battle of the Isonzo

Sources include: Eugene Rogan, The Fall of the Ottomans; Roger Ford, Eden to Armageddon.

Good morning everyone! :)

Started my day with a partial mask for #teamgreatskin. Look. At. My. Nose 😂😂😂

Goals for today:

🌼 Get 10.000 steps in so I can use that as an excuse to chill tomorrow

🌼 Drink this bad boy

🌼 Make a meal plan for next week

And seriously, can payday be here already? I’m ready for some serious spending.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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And many more but I’m horrible at remembering urls 😭😭😭

YNWA: Yes or No? Well, Always; ❤️

(^ the question before this answer is: “do i love you?”)

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Wow! It’s probably been a few weeks since I officially finished this blog, but I’m really happy to announce that over 100 people are following —- that’s certainly a lot more than I’d expected!

The choice to archive a lot of my blogs and make a multimuse was certainly a hard one at the time, but I’m pleased to have gone through with it in the end; I’m even planning on collapsing a lot of my FNAF muses into this blog for ease and to allow myself the space to have all of them in one place.

@inkdecay / @tearsdivine: Miya, you’ve been a huge influence in my FNAF RP life, and it’d be hard to even think of picking up anything outside of that! You’ve definitely given me a drive and a focus that I likely wouldn’t have had in any other fandom —- not to mention how much shit we’ve been putting up with, both inside and outside of the fandoms we’ve shared.

@hellfirefoolish / @devilsswing / you have too many damn blogs Ico but I love you anyway: I’m extremely happy that Miya had introduced us to each other, as things have been pretty wild ever since then! In between mafia games, Annabel somehow befriending Foxy, and other such shenanigans —- it’s been a good time!

@demolitioninevitable / @gentle-giiant: Definitely a great Michael Afton / Springtrap to follow, I’m glad to at least have a chance to chat it up and plot with you. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Michael develops on his own and with others!

There’s definitely a lot of people I may not have talked to, or may not talk to often, but that’s okay —- I’ve got a nice place for you in my heart too!

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If I forgot anyone or missed a blog, don’t worry —- I appreciate each and every one of my followers too!

girl-next-door-writes  asked:

Me again, back for some more Steve. Could I get a HC for how Steve would ask you out?

Originally posted by oursisthefvry

  • Steve’s a gentleman, in full meaning of that word.
  • He has to be sure that you really like him before he even makes a move on you. He hates the idea of you feeling forced to go out with him.
  • When he deems the time is right, he carefully plans the whole thing. 
  • You’re coming back for the work-out and as you step into your room, you notice a bouquet of your favorite flowers on your desk. There’s a note in it, saying “I’d be honored to eat a dinner with you, Y/N. I’ll pick you up at 7. Steven.” 
  • You let yourself swoon for a moment before realizing that it’s almost 4 and you have to get ready. 
  • At the same time, Steve fidgets nervously in his room, wondering whether or not flowers and a note was a good idea. 
  • “Maybe I should’ve ask her personally, Buck.” 
  • “Shut up, Stevie. Girls love romantic things. Now, start getting ready.” 
  • It’s a minute to 7, when there’s a knock on your door. Excited you open them, revealing Steve, dressed in a light blue button up and dark jeans. 
  • “Did you like the flowers, Y/N?” 
  • “I loved them, Steve.” 
  • He smiles so widely, you’re pretty sure his face is gonna tear apart. 
  • The dress you picked, red one that’s not too tight, but hugs your figure nicely, makes Steve forget how words work for a moment. 
  • “You look so beautiful. So very lovely.” 
  • Your blush matches the color of the dress but Steve adores it. You look adorable when you’re flustered. 
  • He takes you to an Italian restaurant. At first, you both are super nervous but once you start talking, things so smoothly. 
  • Steve hesitantly reaches for your hand when you’re heading back to the Tower and you’re fast to lace your fingers with his. 
  • “Can I… Can I kiss you, doll?” 
  • “You better do, Rogers.”  

I’m a mix of hormones and frustration today and I’m just like 😢

Ruined Jake’s plans for today and I’m upset with myself

Crying at the drop of a hat and I’m blaming my hormones even though I know I should take more responsibility they don’t half make you feel unreasonable

I’m bored of my lore so I’m getting rid of most of my dragons (except progens)

Make me an offer on any of them (except GenOne, who is set at 500g on the AH) and I’ll probably accept it.

just follow the guidelines please: if they have a bio, must offer more than 10kt. If they have art, must offer more than 50kt. If they have both must be more than 60kt. (the bios are pretty basic, but any dragon with a bio was one I really liked so i’d like to ensure they’re probably not going to be exalt fodder; if you have plans to keep them let me know and I’ll probably go a lot lower, but if you just wanna exalt that is the baseline).

Other than that you can do what you like.

The five in the box are my favourites, and I’m not sure if I’m going to sell them at all, but you can still make offers. Echlidemet has 3 headshots and 2 fullbody pieces, and is the only dragon with multiple pieces of art, so I would like more for them. They have no offspring. tw for their art, has some body horror elements (multiple eyes, nothing too explicit).

I’m Mayimayo #304545, no links because tumblr is an evil entity ruled by spite.

Just send me an offer. Pleabe.

dude……do you ever just realize that like you can post literally whatever you want on tumblr. i never post anything on here anymore but like i totally can. so anyway its 11 pm and ive just been watching youtube poops for an hour even though i was planning on either going to bed early tonight or drawing for a while and i have done neither of those things and i dont even have the energy to draw anything at all now but i still kinda want to stay up for no reason in particular i just want to yknow. but im really tired and i dont even have anything to do tonight or anything i even can do because i am too tired to do anything so theres no real point i am just making myself more tired for no reason i guess i just want to keep watching youtube poops thats all. so thats just where im at right now

anonymous asked:

Hey I saw you talking about crochet and I'm only on the beginner side but I plan on crocheting a watermelon bralette like the one they're selling on forever21 but longer and bigger to cover and support my boobs a bit more and I hope girls will like me if I have watermelon boobs

amazing but make sure u pick a good yarn

Stuff I should be doing:

  • writing more of WCPL
  • answering asks on my main blog
  • cleaning my room probably

Things I am doing instead:

  • making a floor plan for WCPL in the Sims
  • designing the Ox Cafe in the Sims
  • making WCPL signs and promotional materials in Word
  • making Ox Cafe menus and signs in Word

I’m finally getting just a teeny bit more free time what with all the planning, half packing and working double shifts lately! I’ll finish some more palette requests tonight after work and tomorrow on my day off. 

Are y’all looking forward to tonight’s DBS ep? I will make it home just in time for it to start hopefully!

Again, I do apologise for the sense of inactivity a little bit or the sporadic back to back postings all of a sudden. No less, hope y’all have a wonderful day!