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Just a quick question: what should I avoid when making my story universe? I plan on making a very detailed world for my story, but I don't wanna make the world all dull and not interesting. Love your blog btw <3

Hi! (And thank you! Glad this blog is helpful.)

I’ll link you to a couple of posts – one is my short list of world-building questions that may help you build your world’s culture, and the other is a more extensive exploration of why some worlds fail, and how to avoid failing. Those should help you a bit, but I’ll also give you a couple of general guidelines.

1. Remember your characters still carry the story, so although world-building is important, don’t do too much! You don’t want your story to be a history textbook/travel guide to your world instead of a story.

2. If your world has magic, please create rules! In a few exceptions – the Harry Potter series – a no-rules magic system works, but for most of us it’s best to establish important rules of magic early. That way the audience knows what to expect, and more importantly, the writer knows what he can or can’t do. I don’t know about you, but if I’m not given limitations on magic/powers I tend to go overboard, and then nothing is realistic.

3.Don’t base it too much on cultures or countries here on earth, for the same reason you don’t consciously base characters off real people – doing so is very difficult to do accurately, so the result is as stiff as cardboard because you’re trying too hard. Kick your imagination into gear and create something no one’s ever seen before.

Hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

The many faces of Lawless in volume 7

A.k.a. Lawless in despair became the perfect thing for me to stress-draw xD I’m getting more inactive lately and this will probably continue because of school orz.

Sorry to make some of you worry, though ^^;; I’d be lying if I’m feeling good but worry not, I have no plans on dying any time soon (not when Servamp Quest is becoming a real thing and I still haven’t got any of Chiaki’s 5*) lololol xD

I’d still probably post trashy drawings, but yeah. Wish me luck on not falling into temptation and spend 12 hours doing nothing but procrastinating again xD

P.S. I drew these using a coloring pen, so there are still some obvious mistakes, but hey! Finding mistakes is another way of learning, right? :D


Erwin had dragged Levi to his suit fitting. They were in Oxford Circus anyway “It won’t take long” Erwin assured. Levi hated, hated! Saville Row. It was too posh and stuffy filled with the rich bastards who had so much money they could buy whatever they want. Levi curses at himself because, well, he and Erwin are those people now. He remembers when he was little his mum saved up money for months in order to buy him new school shoes. Most of his clothes were from charity shops, so getting brand new shoes was amazing. But now, he sits with his Louis vuitton and tom ford shopping bags not even thinking about the money. 

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This was not the plan

Author’s Note: I have not written anything in the past year and it was time to write something new. Any feedback is appreciated, let me know if I should make this a series.

Summary:  Everything was perfect at least she thought so until Dean presented the reader with divorce papers. That was just the beginning of a complicated life for the reader.

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More thoughts on the flashbacks

My fic went sideways on me, not in a bad way, but differently than I was expecting, and I was trying to figure out why.  I was planning on witty banter, swordplay and sparring, and maybe some sexy making-out; what I ended up with was introspective and kind of quiet and all about love. 

And then it hit me, what was so different about those flashback scenes for me, and about Flint and Silver in them.  Flint was so gentle in them.  That rage and pain and violence that has been his hallmark for most of four seasons is nowhere to be seen, ever, at all.  He is measured, clever, smiling, a teacher.  His incredible fighting skills are shown in formal, measured paces. Silver lies to his face and he quietly insists on acknowledging it, but when Silver panics, he rushes to assure him, I’m not angry with you.  And he isn’t. He’s confused and curious and worried, but not angry. James Flint.  NOT ANGRY. And that’s enough to make us pause and think and really look at the scenes in an entirely different way, more carefully, because it’s unexpected and strangely precious, like we’re given a new glimpse into a character we feel like we already know so well.

And Silver.  He is not the Long John Silver we’ve seen all this season, tense and vicious and controlled.  He freaks out in about fifteen directions simultaneously as soon as he realizes the avenue the ‘past’ conversation is headed down, and you can almost watch him run through his deflections in order:  first, smile and flirt and offer an insincere alternative, then derail, then get indignant, then (for the first time) beg.  His voice when he said “why isn’t it true?” was so small and young it broke my heart.  He was honest, too, when he so quickly and hurriedly muttered “I don’t want you to know mine,” and it was raw like we’ve never seen from him.  Even his face is open, the expressions running across it for the world to see. He is uncertain and unsure, needing wisdom and validation and reassurance from Flint, and then he gets those things, and it’s both gorgeous and heartbreaking all at once.

So here we have two men, framed in these montages of training for war, but as gentle and honest and open as they’ve ever been with each other.  The dichotomy is striking and arresting and draws the eye and mind back again and again to marvel at it. 

The all-black outfits didn’t hurt either.

If Toby Stephens and Luke Arnold don’t get all the awards for this season, for the incredible nuance and depth and sheer soul they bring these characters, I swear to god, I’m gonna riot.

Sleepless nights (ii)

Continuation of this! I have a couple more nights of sleeping difficulty planned for poor Nursey, and eventually the whole thing is going up on ao3. This one got long. And if someone could help me figure out how to make the “keep reading” work for mobile…that would be GREAT - the internet is failing me.


Nursey’s bus leaves for Maine at 9:45am from Port Authority, and Nursey finds himself sprinting through the uptown building at 9:40 after initially going to the wrong gate. His duffle bag bounces against his side as he clambers down the escalator, finally arriving at his gate two minutes before the bus is supposed to depart. Panting, he hands his ticket to a very bored-looking driver, and hauls himself onto the bus. He finds a seat near the back, wanting to avoid the inevitable fall on the way to the shitty on-bus bathroom later on. Stowing his bag overhead, Nursey finally drops into his seat and lets out a long breath.

Me: made it :)

Dexyyy: Proud of you.

Dexyyy: What’s your ETA again?

Me: supposed to be around 7:30 I think? Bus takes fucking forever. Stops and shit

Dexyyy: Got it.

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You Make me Stutter

olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut || 1888 || more fics

summary: after Oliver stumbles upon some videos on Felicity’s computer, he discovers they have a shared fantasy and it’s time for them to play it out. (for @queensoverwatch)
a/n: tbh i’ve wanted to do this forever, but i’m just now getting around to it lmao. also this is a preemptive apology for the things i have planned (: 

warning: this fic features pegging so if that’s not your thing just skip it

“Are you sure you still want to do this?” Felicity asked as she straddled his lap.

He placed his hands on her hips and nodded, “I do. I really do.”

“Good,” she pressed her hands into his shoulders, pushing him backwards onto the bed.

She was really surprised when Oliver first brought this up. It was something that she didn’t really think he would want to do. There was a part of her that knew that thought was stupid, considering his past lovers, but she didn’t want to think about that.

“I found videos on your laptop,” he said.

“What were you doing on my laptop?”

“Mine was upstairs and you left yours open.”

“How did you even find my stash?”

“I clicked on the Internet Explorer button and it opened a folder instead.”

She swore her eye had started twitching. Felicity hid her porn by turning her folder into the Internet Explorer icon because no one actually uses that damn browser anymore. Except for Oliver apparently. She didn’t think she had to go to extensive lengths for her private videos, but apparently she should have. No, it wasn’t that bad. She was being a bit dramatic about it. If Oliver hadn’t stumbled upon the videos then they wouldn’t even be living out one of their shared fantasies.

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My first thought when this whole thing started was they are trying to drive Robert crazy and I hope that's still the case cause as much as I love him, all the other storyline routes are crappy to me. It makes sense, he spent the whole year doing stuff to protect Aaron and Liv, planned a romantic wedding to now think he's failed after being so content and promising Aaron so much is a hard thing to take even if they were broken up.

Yes yes yes anon!!

I’m convinced this sl is about breaking down the boys as individuals and as a couple (and then building them back up).

I know that a preg sl is a good way of doing that, but flat out, it’s ~boring. You know what’s more compelling? R (and Ross probably lol) messing with Roberts head. Making Robert paranoid af and just making life hell for him while he tries to reconnect with Aaron and keep his infidelity a secret.

I’m still holding on to the hope that R/R didn’t have sex. Cause that would be so great to see. Just R holding on to that secret so she can gaslight the hell out of Robert.

We wanted to see Robert break down right? Well his breakdown has only started. Ed isn’t done with him yet and I think this would be a great way to fuck with him. They have already done a great deal of damage to Aaron and I know they sure as hell aren’t done with him either. They have mentioned his mental health being addressed and so it kinda gives me hope this is all leading somewhere.

They have talked about putting robron through the wringer. Testing them. This is ed testing robron.

I’m sorry, but regardless of which way the sl goes (pls ed not the preg way pls spare me the bs) they are doing what they said they would, and I truly believe this is all to build robron back up. And no matter how much I hate what they do, I’m gonna take the good stuff they give us and run with it while ignoring the stupid stuff I don’t like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ life is too short to pay attention to canon :)


Hey bros, quick question:

I’m planning on opening a short term commission sooner or later and I’ve been thinking about the prices? So I’m curious how much you guys would be willing to pay for my stuff?? idk

one type would be - character(cut from the waist) + simple cloud background, and another would be - full character(not gonna draw their facial expressions though btw) + a full detailed cloud background.

obviously im gonna make the latter more expensive, but im still figuring out the prices, and any opinions would be nice? :)


I still have posts planned and want to encourage more activity in booklr, but we recently found out my childhood dog is dying of congestive heart failure and may not even make it another month. This on top of car trouble and the ever constant issues of being poor. So I might not be around a lot as we deal with these lovely things.

Please consider using my Book Depository Affiliate link if you’re making a purchase. You can find the link on my blogs homepage.

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Hey! I'm having trouble thinking of idea for sequels. I know the first story inside out, but I'm struggling with the sequels. I'm also struggling with the villains plan. E.g how Voldemort had horcruxes. I'm struggling to think of their weakness and their overarching plan to overthrow the protagonists.


As for sequels, I’d look for loose ends. If there isn’t any in the first book, make one or two (that will be answered in the sequel and readers will hopefully know aren’t just plot holes). Look for anywhere that you put an explanation that could deserve a story of its own. This will be more like a spin-off than a sequel though. If you want a sequel that follows a story line from the first book, there has to be a continuous loose end, or a distinct opening at the end of the first book. It has to seem like the story hasn’t ended. Take The Hunger Games or Divergent. You knew at the last page of the book that there was more to come. There hadn’t been a complete resolution yet.

If you don’t like that approach, you could take a non-MC character and expand on them in a sequel inspired by openings left in the original book. This way, the loose end is more character oriented than plot orientated. Make sure the character you choose is interesting and one readers will want to know more about. Again, this may seem more like a spin-off than a sequel. If you want a true sequel, I’d recommend that the plot of the second book be intimately related with that of the first.

As for the villain’s over arching plan, it really depends on the characters you’ve created. Shoot me another ask with the details, and I could better asist.

The initial thing that comes to mind is that in the first book, the villain’s plan is only step one, only the first component of a master plan. In my cliche, very bad example, let’s say the villain is trying to take over a city. Awesome, that’s book one. Book two: why was taking over that city important? Perhaps inside of it is a very special device to blow up the world. The second book digs deeper into the significance of the villain’s conflict in the first book, of how it’s connected to a broader plan.

Another way is to have the villain’s plan fail in the first book, only to come back new and improved in the second. This poses difficulties because you want to ensure that the 2nd book doesn’t seem like a more action packed or better version of the first. It is its own unique story like in its own right.

The villain’s weakness could really be anything they care about. Family. Power. Money. Plants. In this sense, it’s a sweet spot that the protag can exploit. In another sense, the weakness could be the villain’s flaw(s). Clumsy. Unobservant. Controlling. Overly ambitious. The protag could use these flaws to try to make the antag mess up, like pushing their buttons to make them explode. The weakness could be in the plan itself, a miscalculation or scenario that wasn’t accounted for. The weakness could be underestimating the protag (where weakness is really the enemy’s strength).

I feel like this didn’t help in terms of the villain’s plan thing. Everyone, feel free to pitch in. Anon, feel free to send another ask.

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Not really a "Gemsona Help" question, and sorry if this isn't appropriate...But when would say enough Gems? So far I have 4 Gem characters, and I'm thinking of making more.


Hey buddy!

I don’t think there’s such thing as “enough” Gems. You can have as many OCs as you want! Sometimes it’s nice to keep it in a low number so you can dedicate time to all of them, but truth is there isn’t really a rule on how many OCs someone can have.

For example, I have over 20 Gem OCs! Last time I counted it was at 21, not considering background characters, that gave at the very least 6 more to the list. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Now, if you want another example, I have a friend who has over 200 gems! That’s never stopped her from having fun and making more designs, and it certainly won’t stop her in the near future.

So have fun! Go nuts! Make as many characters as you want and you whatever you please with them! The idea of OCs is for you to have fun so, as long as you are, I don’t see the prole with having 5, 10, 50 or even above 500 characters!

Hope this helps! ♥

- Mod Tourmaline

Partners- Part 5- College Logan AU

A/N: This chapter is a little bit of set up for future plot and also for the *ahem* events of the next chapter

“I have to tell Evan.”

Sam was sitting across from you at the kitchen table. She looked around for a moment, deep in consideration. “Well, you don’t have to.”

“Yes I do. It’s not fair to either of them if I don’t.” You took a long drink out of your water bottle, fighting off the hangover that had infested your body. Last night had been more than you had planned on. It had been full of laughs and skin on skin and alcohol and Logan’s stupid, perfect smile.

“Not even close to true. You’re only hooking up with Evan when it’s convenient for him, and you haven’t even slept with Logan. You don’t owe anyone anything.” Sam’s reasoning did make sense to you, so why did you feel like you had 26 rocks in the bottom of your stomach? You let out a long sigh and let your head drop back behind you.

“Maybe I’ll wait until I can walk into a lit room without wanting to kill myself,” you said with your eyes pinched shut.

“At least until then,” Sam laughed. You finally gathered the energy to get up and walk to your room. The curtains were already drawn, giving you the peace and quiet you so desperately needed right now. Your bed was so soft as you flopped down, letting the messy bun on the top if your head smack the pillow. Something was making a faint buzzing noise on your nightstand. You groaned as you rolled over to see who could possibly disturbing you at a time like this.

L: Does your head hurt as much as mine does?

You smiled and rolled on your back, lifting your phone above your face.

Y: I can’t open my eyes ever again
L: That’s a shame. I really liked your eyes
Y: Oh stopppp
L: I’m serious!

You looked away from your phone for a moment, letting a warmth come over your face. It was starting to get really irritating that he could make you turn into a puddle with just a text. There was another buzz from between your fingers.

L: I can’t stop thinking about kissing you
Y: Shouldn’t you be paying attention to your family?
L: Eh they’ll live. But maybe I should tell them why I’m so distant
Y: Omg please don’t
L: What? You don’t want them to know about how all I can think about are your lips?
L: Or how fucking hot you look in my clothes?

L: Or how badly I want to see you naked under me?
Y: Logan!!
L: Sorry babe. It’s the truth.
Y: You wanna help me with our lab tomorrow?
L: Don’t really want to do the lab…but if it means seeing you, then yes
Y: Finally I can get you to do some work
L: Haha very funny. Smartass. Send me your address tomorrow
Y: Ok see you tomorrow Lo
L: Aww do u have a nickname for me?
Y: Shut up

You put your phone down and jumped up to your desk, quick to finish the lab that you had already nearly finished. There was going to be nothing left for when he came over tomorrow.

First thing when you woke up, you sent Logan the address for the little apartment you shared with Sam. She mentioned to you that she’d be out most of the day at work. You cleaned up as much as you could, finding yourself wanting to impress him. You still weren’t sure what it was about him that made you so nervous, what it was that you liked so much. No! You didn’t like him. You barely knew him. Just as you were trying to talk yourself down from your nervousness, there was a light knock on your door. You rushed over and flung the door open to reveal the tall boy you had been thinking about for the last day.

“Good morning, Y/N,” Logan grinned. He was leaning on the doorframe, his arms crossed over his black shirt. His fitted jeans hugged his toned legs perfectly and you were turned back into that puddle you’d been transforming into so often.

“I think it’s technically the afternoon,” you joked. He narrowed his eyes at you, but you just stood on your toes and gave him a chaste kiss. “And hi,” you smiled, grabbing his hand and pulling him into your apartment. “Sorry, not quite a full house, but we like it,” you said as you watched him look around your kitchen and living room.

“No apologies. I really like it,” he said letting your hand drop as he walked to a canvas hanging on the far wall. “Is this yours?” he asked, pointing at you as his eyes stayed fixed on the painting.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, I did it last winter.” You looked down at your feet, a sudden shyness coming over you. Suddenly you felt a finger curl under your chin, lifting your head. Logan was back in front of you, his dark eyes peering into yours.

“It’s incredible. I love it.” He gave you a crooked smile before running his fingers through your hair. “Why didn’t you tell me you were so good?” A laugh came out of your lips, making your eyes squeeze shut.

“What did you want me to say? ‘Oh and by the way, I’m really good at art’?” you teased as you ran your hands over his biceps.

“Fuck yeah! You should lead off with that anytime you meet someone new from now on,” he said, pulling you in even closer.

“Well…um, I guess we should probably finish that lab,” you whispered, his face just inches from yours. You saw his face fall a little, still unaware of why you had really asked him over. You took his hand and led him down the narrow hallway to your room. His eyes lit up again once you were inside and he was able to take in more of the art that was on your bedroom walls. “Do you think it’s conceited of me to hang my own art in my room?”

“Absolutely not,” he laughed. “I mean, I have my trophies out in my room. That’s the same to me.” He walked over and sat on the foot of your bed, kicking off his shoes. He had noticed, however, that you weren’t making any moves to pull out this lab work. Everything he knew about you told him that you would be eager to finish up any outstanding work and that nothing could distract you until it was complete. But there you were, still standing against your closed bedroom door.

“You finished the lab, didn’t you?” You nodded your head, biting lightly on your bottom lip. “So then what am I doing here?” Logan raised an eyebrow at you, leaning back on his elbows. You didn’t say anything further as you walked over to him. Logan sat up straight, hyperaware of every move you made. Carefully, you lifted your knees to straddle his lap. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, his hands made their way to your waist, his strong fingers gripping your exposed soft flesh. You sat there a moment, your fingers knotted in his soft, dark hair. Every second brought your lips closer together, his breath hot as you anticipated the feeling of his mouth on yours.

“What was it you said yesterday? You couldn’t stop thinking about kissing me?” you breathed out, dipping your head down to press soft kisses along his neck.

“Something like that. I’m pretty sure I said something about wanting to fuck you too.” You could hear the shit eating grin in his voice as he threw that idea out in the open. You gave his neck a hard nip at his proposition, making him sharply inhale.

“Behave, Logan,” you warned.

“I’m not the best at that.” In a single move, he flipped you onto your back, his body hovering over yours. “And something tells me you’re not so good at behaving yourself.”

I got over my fear and bought vegan cheese today!! I got mozzarella by go veggie and I had also gotten the vegan chicken tenders from gardein that I wanted to try so I decided to make a small snack of chick'n parm so I could try them both (wasn’t even my plan when I bought them but it worked out SO well). Honestly was so surprised by the cheese! It was delicious!! It didn’t taste any difference from the real chicken parm (that is if you make it with frozen chicken). But I’m glad I finally got over my fear!! Next onto making pizza😋😋😋

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i don't think msi's gonna break up that easy? I saw a lot of bands running around since 80s or even late 70s and you saw them too so dont make yourself sad

No they’re definitely breaking up soon omg, they’re probably gonna do one more tour after this hiatus and then be done yknow, I mean Jimmy’s been doing this since the early 90s and he even said he doesn’t wanna be doing stuff with Mindless when he’s 50. And LynZ in an interview said that there weren’t a whole lot of plans with MSI in the future and she’s really happy with what she’s doing now so :/

I’ve been hinting about it, but let me say it outright: I had a brush with burnout. I managed to avoid a full collapse, but it was close. I was stressed beyond comprehension, sleeping just a few hours a night, barely moving when I was home, and lying awake at night, crying and having panic attacks about going back to work.

I’m not looking for sympathy. It’ll just make me cry. And I’ve been crying a lot lately, because digging into emotions you have managed to keep covered up for years is an intense experience.

I’m lucky enough to be blessed with an understanding boss, who wants to help me get back to my usual self. I’m on partial sick leave, at least three more weeks, probably more, and we have an occupational rehabilitation plan. There are workplace issues, and we’re dealing with those, too.

This means I’m not available for projects, or anything, really. I need to take care of myself first, if I want to get through this with my brain mostly intact. I have been prescribed nature walks, recreational activities (literally, as in things that help you create yourself anew), a slow return to work, and family cuddles. (Also a sleeping pill, that knocked me out the day after as well, so that’s something we need to work on.)

Hilariously enough, I managed to overdo the walks. So I have a long way to go, if I want to have a reasonable response to stress and a sustainable activity level.

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i'm a closeted trans nb and im dating this boy and i just feel so happy with him except there will be times he's unintentionally mishendering me and its making me uncomfortable and im planning to come out but i dont want him to leave,, in case he won't be interested in me anymore

There is always the risk that he will leave and my advice would be this. Why would you want to be with someone who would walk away from you because of something you cannot change about yourself. If he will walk away from you for this, he wouldn’t have stayed anyway.

For every boy that leaves there are a thousand and five more waiting.


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Just wanna say you are possibly the best person ever. You like Young Justice, Voltron, Batfam, and now Percy Jackson?! It's my favorite series ever and the fact that you are reading it is just making my day!! After the first series do you plan on reading Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo? Or any other of Rick Riordan's books because Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and The Kane Chronicles are also really good!

Omg I know, I can’t believe I haven’t read it before it’s so good! And after I finish this series I think I’ll read Heroes of Olympus next, and maybe a few more of Riordan’s books if I feel like it. I’ve heard good things about Magnus Chase, so I might try that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯