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Blending real life pics? If it's not too much trouble, could you briefly explain what you mean? I've never heard of that technique. :o

I named it “blending” because I don’t know what to call it XD its basically just cutting and pasting real life pics to your sims pics~ Below is basically how I blend stuff into my sims, just so they look better! Hopefully… orz 

This is the picture that I want to edit~ (focusing the eyes and nose only)

As you can see, the eyes are rather rigid and meh looking, so it’s time to blend, blend, blend!! Choose any faces on google that have similar angle but I’ll be using Black Desert default face since my style is more towards anime-ish as shown below;

Now cut and paste all the features (I’ll be using nose and eyes only) and place it onto your sim’s pic using the lasso tool.

Then, adjust the size and lower the opacity so it blends with the in game features. Try experimenting with the resizing tool (ctrl+ dragging also helps) and the opacity level which I usually use around 60-73.

Then using low opacity eraser brush with soft edge, rub off the sharp edges of the eyes and nose so that it is smooth and blends with the photo.

Then adjust the brightness, colour and saturation (under image>adjustments) so that the colour of cut images matches really well with the photo.

There you have it~ Looks a bit better and more realistic than the original photo, at least… XD 



My Two Cents About Yandere Simulator

I don’t honestly remember when I first got into Yandere Simulator. But, what I do remember that I had fell in love with the game after seeing people do Let Play’s of it. I used to love going on YandereDev’s youtube channel and seeing updates about the game. I was hyped up about getting the game.

And then, I discovered @stop-yanderedev.

At first, I was like “oh great, some pointless hate blog”. I had seen blogs like that before and expected this blog to be run by a bunch of butt-hurt babies who have zero reasons to hate the game.

But, after going through the blog, reading all the posts and receipts, I woke the fuck up. I didn’t know how shitty the dev was and what he had done before. I also didn’t realize how shitty some of the fans were and what lengths they would go for to make “some silly sjws triggered X3″. The really cool mods over at @stop-yanderedev made me realize a lot of things about the game. And, I am so fucking glad that I found them.

I like Yandere Simulator, I really do. I think it’s an interesting concept with a lot of potential. But, the way YandereDev is going about this, I am very disappointed. I can’t believe that the fans of Yandere Simulator can come up with much more interesting concepts than the dev himself.

So, to get to the point of my little rant, let’s start talking about the things that I think can make Yandere Simulator better.

1. The Protagonist

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Firstly, I do not like Yandere-chan/Ayano Aishi. She is bland and uninteresting to me. I do not know much about anime, but what I do know is that yanderes are supposed to pretend to be this cutesy, harmless person to hide the fact that they’re fucking insane. I’ll admit, I like the idea of having a yandere who is emotionless until they meet their obsession. But, I would love to see that emotionless yandere pretend to be sweet and innocent to hide the fact that they’re apathetic and cruel to those who get in the way of their obsession. Ayano would be a much better character if she pretends to feel something to trick people into thinking that she’s harmless and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I’ll admit, I love her name. Ayano Aishi rolls off the time rather nicely. Plus, Yan-chan is a really cute nickname. Her design doesn’t look too bad, either. But her backstory and personality is just so…meh.

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Same goes for Yandere-kun. From what I’ve heard, he’s sadistic and looks like another anime character. Aren’t Yandere-kun and Ayano-chan the same person? Why is Ayano apathetic and emotionless, while Yan-kun is sadistic and possessive? Why can’t he look like a male-version of Ayano? I would honestly love to see Yan-kun with a ponytail. It would be so cute! But no, we get this asshole right here.

Honestly, the protagonist is the most important character in the game. They’re the ones that will be remembered the most. If YandereDev wants his game to be the best it can be, he needs to work on Yandere-chan/kun and make them not boring.

2. Senpai

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Senpai/Taro Yamada is Ayano’s obsession, not to mention the main crush of all most of the rivals. If that’s the case, then why the fuck is he so BORING? I don’t care if he’s sitting in the “main protagonist seat”, how is that boy able to get so many girls fawning over him? He looks like a generic anime boy you see time and time again. He has no character whatsoever, as far as I can tell.

Now, I love Senpai. He’s probably one of my favorite characters (alongside Oka, Kokona, Midori, Shin, and Budo). Why do I like him, even though he’s boring? I like him, as in my version of him. I have so many headcanons, so many ideas about him that it made me love him.

My version of Senpai is that he’s kind and caring. He’s an awkward dork with a love for nature and animals. He likes reading and drawing. He loves his friends and family to death. He’ll stand up for others and risk his own safety for the sake of those he cares about. Senpai is not Senpai, but Taro Yamada. In my version of him, I give reasons as to why people would fall for him in the first place. I don’t just say “Oh, people like him because he ended sitting in some specific chair”, I give a real, valid reason for it.

Senpai has so much potential. I really hope he doesn’t stay the boring character that he is now.

3. The Rivals

There are rivals here that I like and make sense. Osana I can see as a rival since she had known Taro for a very long time and I honestly love the friends-to-lovers trope to death. Amai and Oka are adorable and Asu is amazing.

Then, there are rivals that I don’t like and that don’t make sense. Why the fuck would Hanako care if her brother got a girlfriend? I get that she loves him a lot and that she wants his attention, but what the fuck? If I was her, I would embarrass the hell out of Taro and tease him about all the attention he’s getting. I wouldn’t care if he got a girlfriend, unless that girlfriend is a fucking asshole or a crazy bitch. Also, why would two, grown-ass women be interested in student like Taro? I find that unsettling that two, grown-ass women would want to fuck a teenager. And, isn’t it illegal for teachers to date students?

Plus, their names. Oh my god, their names are fucking stupid. They’re not real names you would hear in real life or in an actual anime. They’re names that fucking middle school weebs in anime club would make up.

You want meaningful names, YandereDev? Then, DO YOUR MOTHERFUCKING RESEARCH. Don’t just type some adjective into Google Translate and see what that word is in Japanese. Go find some sites that provide you with actual Japanese names and their meanings, like Behind The Name or something.

Look, here’s an example!

[ Picture taken from the Yandere Simulator Wiki ]

Look at Oka Ruto. She’s the leader of the Occult Club and a fanatic for the supernatural, right? So, she’s a pretty spooky person. What name would fit her nicely?

How about Amaya Kuroba, instead? Amaya (雨夜) means “night rain” and Kuroba (黒羽) means “black wing”. Perfect for a spooky girl like Oka! You know how I got that name? I did my FUCKING RESEARCH, that’s how!

Or, or! What about Osoro Shidesu?

[ Picture taken from the official website ]

She is the leader of the delinquents and is known to be the strongest person at Akademi High. What name could possibly suit this badass girl?

Shinobu Tsuyoshi could fit! Shinobu (忍) means “endurance” and Tsuyoshi (剛) means “strong” or “tough”. Wow, another fitting name that’s actual Japanese! The wonders of doing your research.

In short, rethink the rivals. Their names need changing and some need to be replaced. And by some, I mean Mida, Muja, and Hanako need to go.

4. Info-chan

[ Picture taken from the official site ]

Info-chan is a character I’m very interested in. I find her character intriguing. A girl who seemingly knows everything about everyone at school? Sign me the fuck up.

But, when it comes to her “currency”, she loses me. Panty shots are dumb and gross. I don’t care about it being an “anime trope”, it’s fucking stupid. Of all the things, why did it had to be panty shots?

The only thing I have to say is that her currency needs to change. Be more creative with it, because panty shots just don’t cut it. AT ALL.

5. Character Designs

Most of the characters are really pale. Like, what the fuck is up with that? Not every Japanese person is pale like a goddamn white person. Asian people can have dark or brown skin. How do I know? BECAUSE I’M A FUCKING ASIAN WHO HAS BROWN SKIN AND I’M SICK OF SEEING PEOPLE THINK ALL ASIAN ARE PALE AS SHIT. Newsflash, we aren’t. Want examples? Look at Asians from the Philippines, or from India. Hell, look at Asians who are also black. Dark/brown skinned Asians exist, folks. But also, everyone looks the same. The girls have the same body type, save for their boobs, and face. So do the boys. Would kill YandereDev to at least have some diversity with the students’ body types and faces? Probably.

Not only that, why are female high school students wearing female middle school uniforms? And why are the skirts so short? Akademi High is a prestigious private school, right? So, their uniforms should look nice and mature. Like this:

Or, it could like this:

These uniforms are far more appealing and mature than the sailor fuku. These would suit the female students of Akademi High far more than the sailor fuku.

Also, on the subject of Akademi High being a prestigious, shouldn’t it be stricter about their dress codes? As shown in the pictures above, the students’ hair is not bright, rainbow colors but natural colors. Through research (yes, again), I gathered that Japanese students are not allowed to dye their hair bright, wild colors due to their strict dress codes. So, wouldn’t make sense for Akademi High to forbid their students from dying their hair wild colors?

To put it in short, make the uniforms look like they belong in a private, Japanese high school and making characters diverse isn’t hard.

And, that’s pretty much it! Like I said, Yandere Simulator has so much potential to be a really fun game. But, if it keeps going in the direction it’s already going at, then you can bet your ass that I’m not gonna buy it.

Again, thank you @stop-yanderedev for helping me realize how shitty the game and dev actually is. You guys are really awesome and I really hope you see this post.

So yeah, thanks for reading! I’m probably going to get shit on for stating my opinion, but whatever.

I also might post my version of how I think Yandere Simulator should be like, so watch out for that!



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First picture was taken when I was out biking with my dad yesterday and the second one is taken today. Me without any makeup, never mind these huge bags under my eyes in the second pic).

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Omg! I thought your icon was a picture but i looked at it closer and it's a drawing??? It's so pretty and perfect!!

AWWW thank you so much here you are a better zoomy zoom ;^;/:

oh boi, it’s a meh, it’s mah face

Descriptions of the types vs how the ones I’ve met actually are


Description -  INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better.

~ Real life~

“ I’ve been at this school for four years now and people still always ask me if I’m new, and when I ask why they say I look “ lost and scared and naive””

* singing Renai Circulation* ~~~KAMI-SAMA ARIGATOU-O~~~ UNMEI NO ITAZURA DE- * falls down entire staircase*

“ Wait a sec, just let me put on my Nicolas Cag- coat. Coat.”

* draws Pepes on sticky notes and sticks them on the bottom of all the computer mice at school*

“ What if you woke up and there were thousands of hot guys dressed as pusheen the cat in your room and they were all dancing to Fergalicious in perfect unison”

Cashier- “ This stuffed toy is adorable, isn’t it? Is this for a baby?”

INFP - *sweats*

Once legitimately burst into tears because a bunny was just too cute.


* forgets name* * walks into glass* * gets best grades in school*

“Even though I need glasses I never wear them. It makes the world look soft and fuzzy, and less intimidating :)”

Very salty that no one knows about Detentionaire ( WATCH IT)

Hides any negative feelings and troubles behind really annoying giggling, Shane Dawson impressions and Harambe memes.


Description -” People with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy.”

~Real life~

 Every five minutes - “ UGH. PEOPLE ARE JUST SO STUPID. **** this I’m going to the beach”

* Saltily rants about politics*

“You very briefly mentioned the moon landing conspiracy. I’m going to stop what I’m doing immediately and research it for 7 hours to prove you wrong.”

“ I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING” * Doesn’t actually*

* Aggressively makes dad jokes*

* Saltily rants about politics*

* Watches comedians on YouTube for seven hours*

“ It’s isn’t wrong to take your anger out on others! It’s what you should do!”

* Saltily rants about politics*


Description - INTPs pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect.

~ Real life~


“ Non-Aromantic trash”

HAWT BOYYZZZZ AMIRITE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

* uses calculator to subtract $20 from $300 playing monopoly*

“ Get your love and empathy away from me you creep”

“ omg I’m so cool”

*Quotes My Immortal* 

* Angrily sobs over anime*



Description -  The ENFP personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike Explorers, they are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others.

~ Real life~

 * Blasts indie music at 2 am *

“ Look at this funny video!” * Video isn’t funny at all to anyone else, and is often highly disturbing*

“ ASDGADGSGFSJDHKSjKJGGHGHGHG LOOK AT DIS PIC OF MAH BOYFREND HES SO HOT AND KAWAII SUM1 SHOOT MEH * Thrusts blurry and unflattering picture of boyfriend glaring at desk at me*


“ Let us discuss our feelings and insecurities and futures!”

“ What would you call my aesthetic?”

“ I can’t go to that school it doesn’t fit my aesthetic”

* is a boy* * Is more fashionable and wears more accessories than most girly girls* 

“ IT’S FILTHY FRANK MOTHER******!!!!!!!”


Description -  People who share the ESFJ personality type are, for lack of a better word, popular – which makes sense, given that it is also a very common personality type, making up twelve percent of the population.  Later in life, ESFJs continue to enjoy supporting their friends and loved ones, organizing social gatherings and doing their best to make sure everyone is happy.

~Real life~


“ Shut up! It isn’t gossiping! It’s true!”

* Tells checkout chick her entire life story.*Said checkout chick looks obviously uncomfortable.* Keeps talking*

Very warm and caring, but I just can’t get over how judgmental you are 

‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚…

“ I need you to give me your honest opinion on this dress!”

 “ I don’t really like it, but if you like it why should my opinion matter ? :)” 

* Saltily returns it*


Description -ENFJs are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma.

~ Real life~

 * In drama class* “ Ok, so I’m Alejandro and you’re Carlos. I’ll do the spanish accent and start screaming at the police. Then you start singing “ They see me rollin’”, and then you throw the baby at them.”

Seventeen times a day:“ Come with me to bathroom!” “ Does my hair look okay?”

“ TeLl mE aBoUt yOur FeEliNGs  ┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴ “

Do NOT play musical chairs with this person if you value your life.


Description - “ ISFP personality types are true artists, but not necessarily in the typical sense where they’re out painting happy little trees. Often enough though, they are perfectly capable of this.”

~ Real life~

* Is literally an artist* ( And an AMAZING ONE)

Really loves listening to terrible rap music.

* Aggressively loves Studio Ghibli*

Note - I don’t know that many real life people’s types, so I’m sorry not all the types are there!

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So glad you have a week off! I am wondering how will little sanjina look like in different hair style and different outfit. I like her so much.

Answering that, let’s just say her siblings made her wear some outfits with their colors…

Reiju: Ohh~, look at you~! Someone’s a popular girl~

Niji: Umm, Reiju. Don’t you think the skirt’s a bit too short?

Yonji: Love the color, but it’s too pinky.

Ichiji: Oh, my choice is much better than that!

Ichiji: My colors are more sophisticated as a lady.

Reiju: Aww, such a lovely little lady~

Yonji: Meh…too prissy.

Niji: God, you two have some bad taste…

Niji: My choice is more fashionable than all of you! I mean, look! Blue matches her eyes more!

Ichiji: I hate to admit, but Niji has more fashion sense…

Reiju: (taking a picture) Oh~look how beautiful she is~

Niji: I told you so!!!

Yonji: Okay, but I want her to wear something more tomboyish…

Yonji: HA! How ya like it now?

Ichiji: Yonji, this is just mini-Germa 66 outfit!

Niji: At least, he did a very good job on hair…

Reiju: Sanjina~! You go, our superhero~!

That’s it, people! Vote for who’s fashion choice suits little Sanjina! Is it either Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, or Yonji? Put ur vote on the comment~!

Calming Witch by wiccan-artist


Finally finished this! I’m honestly proud of how I managed to do the lighting from below. Still meh but it’s better than nothing.

This is The Calming Witch. Her witchcraft revolves around psychology and she’s a part-time volunteer receptionist at her local therapy office while studying psychology and therapy at her local college. She wants to help people with their mental problems through her craft. In this photo, she’s casting a calming spell on the viewer, hoping that after looking at this picture, it helps you relax from an anxiety attack.

I tried to achieve the look of calmness in the form of color schemes and the look of The Calming Witch. Making her face gentle and nurturing as much as possible.

Plz don’t kill meh

I’m sorry I took so long.

There’s a story along with the pictures that I wanted you to read with it. It’s a short story with my OCs portrayed as if they actually exist. It gives a better description of what they’re doing in the pictures. Not all the characters have pictures. THATS OKAY

Anyways story (then pictures afterwards because it won’t work if I put both in one post ;-;)

I stared at the fire in wonder. Inspiration, almost.

I looked to my left and saw Amy silently reading at the foot of the fire as well. Jacob stood beside her, smiling. Adam stood close behind, although his gaze was elsewhere. Unable to catch where he was looking, I looked to my right to see Samantha, curiously studying some wildflowers. Gabriella ran up from behind her, giggling with excitement. When she jumped up and surprised her, we all heard a large screech coming from the kid explorer. We then heard a large fit of giggles coming from behind a nearby tree. Mia was laughing hysterically from behind it, making it rather obvious that she had been the one who planned to scare her twin sister. Samantha then got up and started to chase the two girls, yelling and laughing simultaneously. Catherine, who was standing near a river, was balancing herself on one of the rocks and humming quietly to herself. They calmly and almost instinctively turned around to the sound of voices coming straight towards her. When Mia, who was not exactly facing forward and taunting her sister from the front, did the same, she found herself crashing into Catherine, sending all four of them joyfully tumbling into the river. Amy came and offered her hand to help the girls up.

The four girls, now soaking wet, came and stood by the fire to dry off while telling their stories of the Waterfall until the sun went down. Nicole seemed fascinated, as the colors dimmed from blue to orange to black.

I then looked up and saw the most breathtaking sight. Stars spotted the endless sky. There were so many, it was difficult to see them all. We all stood there, silently staring at the twinkling wonders.

Amy curiously looked through the depths of the stars, and her eyes shifted to the moon, where her eyes widened in wonder.

Jacob held Amy and rested his chin on her head as he looked at the stars, which shined exceptionally bright.

Nicole’s eyes shined back. She didn’t see this every day, that was for sure.

Catherine motionlessly watched the stars, humming a soft melody.

Adam stared into the sky with interest, swaying slowly to the faint tune.

Gabriella’s smile grew as her eyes frolicked across the sky, watching for shooting stars. When she finally saw one, she hugged me and closed her eyes tightly, making a wish.

Samantha’s gaze wandered the stars, searching for constellations.

Mia traced her finger through the dirt. Getting a nudge from her sister caused her to look up and see, with surprising wonder, the abyss of dark and light.

And they stood there in silence.


Requested by mark–brendanaquits and castlefanfics

48. Meeting Again at a High School Reunion AU – Castle and Beckett

To Richard Castle, Kate Beckett will always be the one that got away. They were high school sweethearts, completely in love, full of plans to take on the world together even with her at Stanford and him still in New York after graduation. But then her mother died.

And try as he might to be the ever perfect boyfriend, she pushed him away, getting consumed in the mystery of her mother’s murder. He wishes he would have tried harder to stay, to help her, but he was young and had too many dreams. So they ended things, neither one able to comprise with the needs of the other.

He’s nervous walking into their ten year reunion, not sure if she’ll be there or not. He has so many questions, so many apologies, so very many things he needs to say. He just needs her to be there.


The voice is tentative, but familiar. It’s hers.

“Kate,” he breathes, turning around to find her, gorgeous as ever.

“How are you?”

“I uh, I’ve been better. I just got divorced last month.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

He shrugs. “Meh. She wasn’t you.”

Kate blushes, adverting her gaze to the floor.

“But uh,” Rick continues. “I got a beautiful little girl out of the deal, so it isn’t all bad.”

She looks back up at him, smiling. “You’re a dad now?”

“Yeah, want to see a picture?”

He pulls one out of his wallet and hands it to her.

“She has your mother’s hair,” she smiles.

“Maybe. Or maybe it’s my ex-wife’s. She was a redhead too.”

Kate hands it back to him. “She’s beautiful, Rick.”

“Thank you. So how have you been?”

She shrugs. “I’m…existing.”


“You ever just feel like you’re not going anywhere? Like you know exactly where you want to be, but you have no clue how to get there. So you just exist, take up space, waiting for that thing, that moment that’s going to catalyze it all.”

He reaches out for her hand and she lets him take it, lets their fingers intertwine.

“You’re not a waste of space, Kate.”

She gives a him a half-smile, squeezing his hand.

“I have to ask, did you come here for the reunion or…?”

“Or did I come here to find you?” she finishes.

He laughs almost nervously, realizing how idiotic it was to ask something like that.

“I came here,” she starts, “because I remember always feeling like I was in a better place when I was with you. I was hoping I would find you and you would be the catalyst I was looking for.”

“Well you found me,” he says, squeezing her hand. “And I’ll do anything I can to help.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @knittinggiantbeanies!

Er, early at least. If you’re wondering why I’m a few days early, it’s because I’ll be at the beach on the 20th and yeah :/ But still! When the time comes, I hope you have the best day ever! You deserve it!! :D


Ever have one of those days where you just feel MEH so you’re like, “f€%#* it, I’m going to make myself beautiful!”? Yeah, I don’t have many but tonight was the night, apparently.

To offset how awkward my attempts at looking glam in awful nighttime kitchen lighting, I added a terrible picture of myself mid-run.

(I wish the camera could pick up the pattern on my maxi dress better, it’s super cute but I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it out, yet. Hmph!)

You may move on, now. Sorry for the assault on your eyes but HEY WE ALL DESERVE TO LOOK HOT SOME DAYS.