i picked too many

alright.. which one?

I don’t know what to work on. Here are the choices:

  1. Into the Shadows (Soulless!Sam x OFC) 
  2. (Bad) Influence (Moriarty x OFC)
  3. By Halves (Loki x OFC)
  4. Moonshine (Sam x Reader)
  5. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time (Demon!Dean x Reader)
  6. Crimson (Sam x OFC)
  7. Water Challenge (Sam/Dean x Reader)
  8. Apocalypse (no pairing, series rewrite)
  9. Languages (Sam x OFC)
  10. The Library (Everyone x Reader, smutty series)
  11. Wayward As Fuck (Lucifer x OFC)

Just reply with the number. 

I’ll leave this open for a bit and then what you guys pick is what I’m going to be writing. Demon Horde tags below the cut. Thanks!

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Even though I’ve been to High Cliff hundreds of times I love that I can still find a new segment of trail.

I hate that they still sell these stupid plastic things that hold a six pack together. When I was a kid I saw a poor duck with one wrapped around his head. Since that day I’ve picked up everyone I come across and rip it into small pieces. Sadly, I pick up way too many. Seriously, people who litter grrrrrr 😡

anonymous asked:

1. Who's ur fav monster? 2. do you have a fav plushie? 3. do you like snakes?

1 I have WAY TOO MANY LMAO but to pick one i really like off the top of my head, SCP-1471 is good 

2 this substitute doll my rad pal @rupoordragon got me it’s so good and i’ll cherish it forever 

3 snakes are the Fucking good. my favorite are milk snakes they’re so tiny and cute

God SEVEN-ZERO-SEVEN is Team Litten, of course.

someone said in the tags here, that Seven is def Team Litten and yes, yes, person i cannot find, of course he is!!!

mm/pkmn!au, with another RFA for Team Litten. already decided Yoosung will be Team Rowlet and Zen - Team Poplio.




Anon said:  That was some glorious Ushihina 😍😍😍 what are your favourite Hinata ships tho?

I have too many so let’s go with my top 5! It’s mostly karasuno shipping, looks like

I’m really disappointed in the Fandoms I’m apart of right now.

1. Mcr Fandom has gone down hill so much. A “fan” attacked the guys because they have solo careers now and are happier than being in a band. Okay so they think they are better off like that. Either support them or fuck off.

2. There’s too many fans blaming youtubers for picking favorites. I literally just saw people complaining about how jack and mark pick favorites and don’t ever talk to certain people.
If you’re going to say that, take up some facts first please. Mark and Jack probably get thousands of messages all day. Did anyone see that video of Mark opening his dms on Twitter up?? That was ridiculous. They don’t pick favorites. THEY DO NOT PICK GOD DAMN FAVORITES. Understand that they cannot reply to every single human that tries to talk to them. Can everyone hear okay??? Okay.

3. #IStandWithEthan is all fun and games until people take it too far. That girl that did the game is getting attacked by Ethan and Mark fans as well as people are spamming Phil with the hash tag.

This is ridiculous. These Fandom are better than this what the hell happened???? Why are you guys being so fucking hateful all of the sudden. Can we go back to being nice? Sharing each other’s creations or favorite moments or something. All of these Fandom are better than this. No one should be uncomfortable with the Fandom.

Okay okay I’m done ranting sorry (but not really)

supercat valentines day fic rec

Just a small list of super cute fics for your reading pleasure because I miss Cat Grant and it’s valentines day (feel free to add your favourites too).

Flowers by SupercityCarnival

Kara likes flowers, and Cat likes Kara.

Practice Makes Perfect by fictorium

Changes the conversation between Kara and Cat at the end of 1x12 slightly. If Kara’s going to be bad at dating, well clearly Cat is going to be the one to fix that. Professionally (except not at all).Obviously Kara dating Adam is mentioned, but trust me not in any way that’s going somewhere.

Bring Me To Life by OfEndlessWonder

Soulmate AU. Everyone on the Earth is born with their soulmate’s first words on their wrists. Everyone on Earth except for Cat Grant, that is.

Secrets and Truths by sultrysweet

Kara unknowingly drinks truth serum and has an extremely honest conversation with Cat after hours. (Day 6: Truth Serum)

thank you’s and jellybeans by red_streaks

“Kara, what would you do if I kissed you?”

She turns to face Cat so fast that the jellybeans in her hand fall to the couch. Neither woman notice. “What?! I-I would…” Faint? Die? Can Kryptonians faint? “Um, say thank you?”

Subtle Hints by sultrysweet

Kara keeps finding notes on her desk and her “admirer” is definitely not what she expected. (Day 7: Secret Admirer)

If You Only Knew by OfEndlessWonder

Fake Dating. Cat needs a last-minute date to her ex-husband’s wedding… who better to save her than her assistant?


IMDB’s top ten highest voted episodes of Teen Titans [insp]


aerial ethereal challenge: day six ~ favorite relationship

His lips tic, and this time they really curve upward. “You have some demonic-looking eyes, myshka.” He stares right into them, and I barely graze over the foreign word myshka. “They’re nearly black.”
    They are. Add that to RBF and I can’t really denounce my demon-like qualities. My eyes flit to the red glow necklace that he wears. “If i’m a demon, then you must be the devil.” It may be the corniest thing i’ve ever said. 
    “Maybe I am,” he replies, very deeply. “And yet, here you are.” His gaze remains on me and only me. “And myshka…” His voice turns to liquid sex. “You can’t possess me, even if you tried.

Matt: Fantastic question my friend! The answer pretty simple!

Matt: Clearly, I would obviously choose my

Matt: No… I. Uhm.

Matt: … Uhh


Tom: Dude chill, he’ll snap out of sweater town in a while.


Tom: Relax. A lot changed after the memory eraser gun. Give him space and he’ll be a-okay.

Okay, so there’s the letter that Scanlan gave Pike, which we saw a glimpse of last night.

(“Scanlan, your letter to me was wonderful, and I want to do what you asked, but I can’t raise Kaylie alone…”)

But in re-watching the scene where Kaylie meets Pike (maybe 30 seconds of the whole of episode 56?), Kaylie tells Pike that “[Scanlan] made a promise”. And Pike replies with: “I’ll make sure that he keeps it.”

Pike made a promise to Kaylie, too, that she would keep Scanlan alive, so that he would be able to keep his own promise to Kaylie. And even though his letter said one thing Pike can’t do what he asks, she knows already, so she vows that she will never have to.

Shah’do and Rayfa from Ace Attorney 6, Spirit of Justice! (All design references are straight from the concept art, ha ha. No way I could draw that dog otherwise.)

Just a heads up, (it’s been two months but still,) I have the good old “I have spoiler-y things I want to draw”! So if that happens, I’m planning on tagging them as the following: ‘#aa6 spoilers’, ‘#ace attorney spoilers’ and ‘#ace attorney: spirit of justice spoilers’. If there’s some other obvious tag I’m missing, let me know!