i physically cannot with this man


So big a name for so small a man.

it amazes me that the mcu fandom literally calls tony stark a murderer despite his entire first movie’s plot being about realizing how dangerous his company had become and then doing something about it for the greater good of the people (all while risking the future of stark industries) and then dehumanizes him by calling him a monster for his realistic severe anxiety and ptsd (because yes, the attack at the beginning of iron man is enough to give anyone ptsd, INCLUDING trained soldiers. never mind being held captive for all that time).

but then we have bucky (whom i love), one of hydra’s brainwashed, trained assassins. this fandom does nothing but romanticize his brainwashing, over glorifying his skills as a blood stained assassin and sympathizing with the shifts in his brain that were physically caused by hydra.

bucky would have been bucky without hydra. tony stark, on the other hand, has a mental illness that he literally cannot do anything about.

the fandom views bucky as a man who severely needs help. they view tony stark as an absolute monster.

thus, we have a clear example of how the mcu fandom literally does not give a fuck about actual mental illnesses and only cares about them if they aren’t ugly in any way.

I physically cannot be on Facebook right now. To actually see my mother’s friend say “Give me a child rapist as president any day” in favor of Trump over Clinton makes me feel physically sick.

This is what our country has become. This is who Trump’s supporters are. These are the ideas that they’re defending. These are the people who are willing to turn a blind eye to girls being raped in favor of protecting the white man. These are the people who are willing to look away from the African Americans being shot and killed in the streets every single day by the police and then have the audacity to say “all live matter”. These are the people who don’t care about the struggles of minorities, the poor, veterans, and the LGBTQ+ community as long as their white, middle class, privileged ass is safe in their own home.

These people don’t care about the safety of others. They don’t care about the struggles that other human beings are facing every single day in this country. They only care about themselves.

I am alone in a sea of trump supporters. My piece of shit father is a Trump fan. Two of my closest ‘friends’ are trump fans. Most of my school is filled with trump fans. He won my states vote.

How the hell don’t they get it? Until you have been physically or sexually abused, until you have felt this fear and uncertainty and pain, until you have been to the utter hell that this hefty bag of Cheeto dust wants to send all women and immigrants and LGBTQ+ members, do not for one fucking second think you have the authority to tell me Trump is a good man. Do not tell me to accept this. I didn’t choose Hillary because i was 100% on board with her and her policies, or because she was even a good person. I chose her because I cannot live in a country where people continue to choose abusers over victims, men’s power over women’s lives, xenophobia and racism over a family’s hope, war over peace.

I cannot fucking breathe.

People need to break free from this idea that strength is the ability to physically fight. Taking into consideration Aro’s background and circumstances, whilst she may not be able to fight, she is one of the strongest characters on the show.

The reason why Aro cannot physically fight, is because she was not raised to fight. 

All the Hwarang boys were raised to be better than each other, Ji Dwi has been raised to be King and Sun Woo was raised at the bottom of society where it was most likely every man for himself. 

Even with Soo Yeon and the princess. Its likely that Soo Ho made sure Soo Yeon could defend herself, and the Princess was most likely trained from a young age to fight.  

All of their situations forced them into learning how to fight, except Aro’s. 

I say she is one of the strongest characters however, because she found her strength elsewhere. She is a self taught doctor and story teller. Skills that not only have been assisting her in paying off debts and sustaining herself, but also ones that aid her in emergencies - such as when they were left in the forest without food. 

And maybe she can’t beat anyone up, but she can completely paralyse them :) 

When Scare Pewdiepie season 2 is coming and I’m here sitting in my chair like

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Like fam the poster looks like some Youtube: Civil War ™ bonanza and all of the Anti craze  ties in like a tie on a dapper man and just yaas and shit damn I cannot I can physically cannot you know what im just going to type in lowercase with no punctuation like dayum

you feel me?

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you feel me

depression sucks because people probably think I’m a selfish piece of garbage because I never wanna hang out or help people with shit like nah man I just wanna die and I physically cannot move out of my bed

Oakland Tribune, California, May 30, 1905

Randolph Milbourne, who was arrested here a few days ago for appearing on the streets dressed in female attire, has not received an answer to the letter he wrote Attorney-General Wade Ellis, asking his opinion as to whether he cannot continue to wear women’s clothes on the streets without violating the law.

Milbourne asserts that the law does not touch his case, as he desires to wear female attire because it better suits his form, and he feels more comfortable when thus dressed than when he is dressed as a man. He says he never did like to wear men’s clothing, and for years he has been wearing the garb of a woman about his home, where he lived alone.

…“I am physically a man, yet spiritually and intellectually I am neither a man nor a woman, while I feel that in form and spirit I incline more to effeminacy and am gradually taking on more of the nature of womanhood”

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i'm so srry abt ur amount of sims man.. i'm always complaining abt my yoi sims since yuuri is ALWAYS pregnant and i mean ALWAYS i've considered way too many times on taking out risky woohoo but it makes the game more fun. counting yurio they have five kids now (one was adopted tho) and yuuri is pregnant yet AGAIN. i'm also really scared otabek or yurio will get pregnant someday because they're always woohooing without me telling them to. but im praying for u. also what are the new babies names?

Man, risky woohoo gives me life, but I am at the point I physically cannot handle more sims.
I imagine t’s only gonna get worse from there. Next thing you know you’re gonna have 9 children and counting and loose all sanity (I am so sorry)

But the new babies are named Aquafresh, UFO, Alien, Mysterious Mist, and Unlucky.
I’m not entirely joking either.
Their names are Aquafresh, Ovni (The Spanish translation of UFO), Martin (Which sounds very similar to Martian, the aliens from Mars), Misty, and Mallory (Which is a French name meaning unlucky.

I’m sorry I still cannot physically mentally or emotionally comprehend the fact that Richard Spencer said that hentai revolutionized European culture more than the Republican party I cannot fathom it I’m still in shock like Richie was the nut really good enough to disenfranchise the entire Republican party what is going through this man’s head I am ENTHRALLED I need to know what he was thinking or if he was just “”“Trolling”“” or WHAT

You forget, I can read your mind like an open book; what little one there is to read, anyway. Adding only females is your pathetic way of attempting to look manly, wanted and desired. Truth is, men scare you, frighten you, confuse you. You find men to be smarter than you, physically stronger, and more likely to stand up for themselves. You cannot manipulate or threaten a man so easily, so they tend to have no interest for you. I know you. You are being watched very carefully by a lot of good people. The eggshells have cracked, your days are numbered. Nobody here is willing to help you. I have see to that.

ok! so here is a VERY belated tips for seeing hamilton post that was requested like…. 4 days ago lmao

  • ur going to want to cheer every single time lin opens his mouth but u should probably not do that. the pauses for applause last abt 5-10 seconds but then the actors start singing again so thats when u should stop clapping
  • that being said, there are times when youre gonna find that you cannot physically clap even though the song was breathtaking and amazing ie stay alive (reprise) and it’s quiet uptown like oh my god … oh my god… it’s okay just let ur emotions go
  • u think u know about phillipa soo’s scream at the end of stay alive (reprise) but you fucking dont man… holy SHIT… just be prepared oh my god it’s so piercing and visceral i felt like i was dead
  • if youre going to get merch, do so AT INTERMISSION, not after the show! everyone else is gonna be going to the bathroom or outside to smoke and ur gonna have to fight ur way down to the merch stand but it’s worth it
  • merch prices as i remember them: expensive. A. Ham snapback was 30 bucks. hamiltome sold out fast (i got the last one!) (for fifty dollars). t-shirts range in price from 25 to 40 dollars. cheapest thing is a set of buttons for 15 dollars (worth it imho)
  • stage dooring! not everyone is going to come out! it’s going to take a while! just be patient! if you had done a 2.5 hours nonstop hiphopera u would want to take a breather too.
  • listen to the cops and employees at the stage door and leave when they tell you to, even if who you wanted to see didn’t come out yet
  • just have fun and hydrate before you go and donate to broadway cares on the way out!!!!! it’s kind!!!!

***SG spoilers if you haven’t watched***

What gets me the most about Alex breaking down in front of Kara was her telling her  “I can’t lose you,” not “don’t want to lose you”. No, it’s she can’t, she physically and/or emotionally cannot lose Kara.

Chyler was so good in this scene. She was so real, it did not feel like a performance. Her sobbing into Kara/Melissa’s shoulder was so heartbreaking.

I love that instead of having a rift in their relationship like most (if not all) of us thought would happen Kara immediately forgave her, or at the very least understood her. Before the hug I didn’t know how she was going to react, you could see Kara thinking over everything Alex just said, and the moment she hugs her…oh man. That hug was Kara telling her “I understand, I forgive you, I love you, and you are not going to lose me.” Melissa was great here as well. 

It really fucks me up that The Apparition and Gone were released in the same year, because I physically cannot accept that Sebastian Stan was the same age in both of those movies.

Like, in Gone he looks like a 40 year old single parent struggling after his recent divorce

And in The Apparition he looks like a college student who just got out of his emo phase

@ science side of tumblr, explain????


~Today is the 52nd Anniversary of the assassination of 35th President, John F. Kennedy, known by many as simply, Jack. 

November 22, 1963 is a date engraved into the mind of the American people.  It was a day in which, not only a President died, but a fire within America also died.  But that fire was soon re-ignited by Jack’s beautiful wife, Jacqueline Kennedy; not only by remaining strong throughout the dark days in November, setting an example to America and giving them the strength to carry on, but also by physically lighting a flame, the Eternal Flame, at the head of her husband and our President’s grave as an everlasting reminder of the great man who once lived-keeping his presence with us always.

Now I could go on about how great a man Kennedy was but we cannot forget that he was also human.  He made mistakes, he had flaws; the difference between him and others is that he accepted his mistakes and strove to try and change them.  Many which he had changed and was in the process of changing with Jackie being more than aware. 

Now let us remember John F. Kennedy not for his uncovered flaws but for what he gave to this country, the great things he achieved and planned to achieve, and for always choosing and aiming to choose Peace over anything else.

Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot!

Rest in Peace, John F. Kennedy.
May 29, 1917 ~ November 22, 1963

Look man, I want to believe Ren didn’t kill Han as much as the next person, but I’ve watched that scene 8 times with the whole “Han activated the lightsaber” mindset and I physically CANNOT see it. Ren activated that lightsaber, and then he made sure he really ran Han through. When Han puts his hand on Ren’s face, he accepts it for a moment, but you can see from the overhead shot that Han falls off the bridge and Ren’s hand sort of looks like he helped push it. 

This moment wasn’t Han trying to save his son by killing himself. This was Han failing to save his son - at least immediately. This was an example of how deeply brainwashed Kylo Ren really is, how dedicated he is to Snoke, even when he shouldn’t be. He really truly thought that he’d become strong, that he’d be someone Snoke would be proud of if he killed his father. And so he did. The only problem is that it didn’t work. We can see the look of realization on his face. He didn’t get stronger. He got weaker, because of his inherent light. 

This wasn’t Snoke’s way of helping Ren gain power. This wasn’t even a question of Ren’s dedication because he brainwashed the hell out of this kid. He was as dedicated as they come. No, this was Snoke’s way to test if Ren even had it in him to be dark. And he failed.


I was never a “fan” of Tommy Sotomayor. Do any of you know Tommy Sotomayor? I’m sure some of you do. I was a regular viewer of his videos. Despite what he is known for,I personally never had a problem with this dude. I don’t know this man. I’m not fucking this man. What he says cannot move my soul. I thought, “Okay,this is just a man on YouTube sharing his thoughts and beliefs like many YouTubers. Even though his views are extremely controversial, he is not is hurting anybody…at least physically.” I know a section black women are not a fan of him. I understand that completely.

But Tommy Sotomayor himself is not the reason why I stopped watching his videos. It’s because of his viewers. The people commenting below.

I’m a big fan of hope. No matter how bad things get,I always have a glimmer of hope stuck in the back of my heart and head. I can’t help it. It’s who I am. But what I saw in those comments in each video back to back was not hopeful. It was despair. It was disgusting. Never in my life I would have ever thought some blacks actually think about other blacks the way they do,according to the comments. The anger and hatred towards each other is so passionate, so hard, so STILL, like it couldn’t be shaken.

Hair-Hatted Hooligans.Black bitch.Low Life.Hoodlum. “Black women ain’t shit”.“Black men ain’t shit”. Stop. I mean, I just– why?

Maybe I’m not an “angry black woman.” Or an “black bitch” or even a “hair-hatted hooligan.” But look, you know that saying “If it’s not about you, don’t get offended”? I understand that, but FUCK THAT. No, it’s not about me. BUT! All of this labeling and name calling does end up affecting me. It does. How? Because people will take one glance at me and literally assume the worst of me because of these stereotypes. I get AFFECTED from this shit. Other black women get affected from this shit. I can’t speak for black men because I am not one. The only black male figure I have in my life is my father. He’s my rock. And he is a police officer for Baltimore City, which brings challenges by itself.

I’m guessing you’re wondering why the fuck didn’t I just stop looking at the comments? I don’t know. I don’t have a rational explanation for that. It’s like I couldn’t stop myself. I don’t know.

I’m not gonna say it was just black men going at black women’s necks because it wasn’t. There was black women in there tearing them apart also. Black women and men wishing that the other gender would die off or talking to each other like they weren’t human and it just basically started fucking with my psyche to the point where I decided to cut my ties. I had to get the fuck out of there.

Since I am a black women, the only piece of advice I can give to the generations of black women after me is that they will have to develop thick skin. Thick skin. Because otherwise, they will just not make it.

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Can I rant for a second? I really hate top!jared or bottom!jensen. I physically, no matter how hard I try, cannot read it and I get away from that fic in a matter of seconds. And have you noticed when writers write bottom!jensen, they ALWAYS turn him into a woman basically? Jensen is a MAN, his actual personality is manly which is why I love it so much. When they write top!jared they literally change his personality drastically and make him REALLY aggressive and so very wrong. Ugh.

No, yeah I know exactly what you’re talking about. It seems you get me on a spiritual level, anon! I mean in what universe would this be a top? Like, he literally bends over for Jensen. and Jensen doesn’t move away, just lets Jared’s ass get closer to his dick, like rude

and with how hungrily Jensen is always looking at Jared’s ass? holy shit, like, you can read the yeah, I’ve fucked that in his eyes.

Their personalities scream top and bottom. You see sunshine Jared and think, “he’s a bottom,” and you see gruffy, scruffy Jensen and think, “man, that is a top!” and as you said in bottom!Jensen fanfics they make Jensen the girl, like, hello???? in what universe do they see Jensen rolling over and taking it? I’m honestly offended that they’d make any of them the “girl” because they’re guys, it’s gay sex, the bottom doesn’t have to be a ~*girl*~ just because he’s taking it. it’s rude and disrespectful and stereotyping and they shouldn’t be writing gay sex anyway because they clearly know nothing.

then the ones where Jared is an aggressive top? even in an AU, I can’t picture Jared being aggressive, like, at all. I mean look at him????? for two seconds just look at his face???? trying to find aggression in him is like

because it doesn’t exist. But like. I am trying so hard not to keep posting about my top and bottom rants because people hate me enough probably (my opinion literally does not matter in this fandom I don’t know why I even try) but just jdfkksdghfj you look at Jensen and just know that he’s the one who’s got Jared on his knees, pushing back against him to get him inside, you know? and Jared is nothing but enthusiastic about it, always willing, always ready. and there would be nothing girly about their sex. it’s all manly grunts and sweaty skin, matted hair and rough thrusts. I hate people that think that the person who “takes it” is the girl because GIRLS CAN TOP DUDES, TOO. girls can be dominant.

so like ugh

you are just so very correct about them changing their personalities though, anon. I run far away from ooc fics, and bottom!Jensen and top!Jared are so ooc it hurts. I mean, I don’t much like the thought of Jared’s dick going into Jensen at all, but in the rare occasion that it does (I still block it out because nope), I imagine it being like top!Jensen/bottom!Jared. because Jensen will still be in control and Jared will still be doing as Jensen says. like topping from the bottom/bottoming from the top. I won’t read fics like that either, but it feels more accurate if they switch, to keep the dominant one dominant, you know?

Equal but Not the Same

While I agree that men and women should have equal voice and opportunity and what not, I also believe that men and women are fundamentally different in many ways.Biologically, physically, mentally, emotionally, every aspect you can think of. It’s our differences however that make us a whole.

However much we want to ignore it, the fact is that God made Man AND Woman for a reason. There are many things that Man cannot do that Woman can, and there are certainly things that Man can do that Woman cannot (or at least can do better).

You know what, fuck it. #yesallmen*

There’s this big thing that #notallmen is true, but that there are enough men that make all men seem like a potential threat.

I’m saying fuck that.

Yes All Men.

Why? As much as there are plenty of guys who say they would never harm me, I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER in my whole existence, met a man or boy who has not done one or more (and often many more) of these things.

Made me feel physically in danger because of my gender

Made a rape joke at the expense of my gender

Made a sexist joke at the expense of my gender

Grabbed/groped/hugged/touched me without my consent

Told me I cannot do things because of my gender

Told me I am good at something ‘for a girl’

Told me 'all girls are bad at ____’

Commented on the femininity of my dress

Commented on my makeup/lack of makeup

Commented on my body hair

Just generally making statements about my body autonomy

Slut shamed my gender exclusively

Followed me

Sent me dick pics

Harassed me because of my gender over the phone

Harassed me because of my gender online

Harassed me because of my gender in public

Called me 'darling’, 'love’, 'sweetheart’, 'babe’, or 'princess’ while I am serving them at work (or any other time really, but it’s specifically male customers)

Questioning my virginity

Questioning my integrity as a gay woman

Making inappropriate remarks about my sexuality (i.e. A man I was serving called my boss over and asked why he’d hire a rugmuncher)

Making crude, inappropriate comments/jokes about sex, and specifically what he’d like to do to me/other women

Physically removed objects from my hands because they’re 'too heavy for a girl’

Persisted in hitting on me even after I’ve said no

Made me feel scared for a female friend’s wellbeing

Made me feel like I have to protect my female friends

Made me feel like I will be followed/harassed/assaulted if I walk away by myself

Threatened me with violence or sexual assault

Made gendering comments on things that are ridiculous (i.e. A man at work yesterday told me that because the party were mostly boys, I should serve pepperoni pizza. Hawaiian was 'too girly’)

Devalued my efforts/achievements because of my gender

Said that I am unworthy/inferior/useless/weak because of my gender

Questioned the integrity of my liking things due to my gender (i.e. Comic books/video games)

There are many more but unfortunately I have no time to write them all.

My point is that I personally have never met a man who hasn’t done some of these things, leading me to feel devalued, threatened, or defensive over my gender.

If you have any more feel free to add them.