i physically cannot with this man


So big a name for so small a man.

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Is it just me or is there a disconnect between how Tony is portrayed in CW and how Marvel treats his portrayal in that movie? Like, when I watched it for the first time, I thought he was clearly in the wrong and acting in an unjustifiable manner. Same for other people who have watched it with me. But then I feel like a lot of Marvel people act as though it was "morally ambiguous situation" or as though "both sides were right" or whatever when that really, really was not the case AT ALL.

Oh I totally 100% agree with this. Like i get that they had to be kinda on the fence about it bc the concept of getting people to choose a side is what drove the marketing campaign, but from the way they were talking i was like hmm will i be swayed? Instead I walked into the room 100% Team Cap and somehow left the cinema even more Team Cap than before I saw the movie. I’d put this under a read more but it’s 3am and I’m on mobile so apologies, bc it’s gonna be long. I have a lot of things to say on this topic.

There was nothing morally ambiguous about it. There was no “both sides were right and wrong and it’s hard to choose”, like that mentality makes no sense to me. Or rather it does make sense, but I wish it didn’t.

Steve’s stance in this movie regarding the accords was about taking responsibility for your own actions. About having the power to choose only to use their enhanced abilities to help and do good. About owning the consequences of their actions if they choose to help. It was about not handing those consequences off to someone else. It was about not allowing people with agendas to potentially send them into a situation where they’re using there abilities to hurt rather than help. Which given what happened with SHIELD, you can’t exactly blame him for.

Tony’s stance regarding the accords was one that was much more driven by ego - something that drives a large amount of his decisions throughout the MCU at large as well as the rest of this film, as noted by Natasha. Tony felt guilty. He knew his choice to create Ultron against the suggestion of basically everyone is what led to the events in Sokovia. On top of that he gets cornered by a grieving mother who says she also blames him for the death of her son in Sokovia. Tony doesn’t want that guilt. He wants someone else to make the decisions for him. He wants someone else to say “yes you can be here” and “no you can’t go there” because that way, when things go well and they save the day with little to no casualties they get to be the heroes, they get the press. And we know Tony loves to be the showman, he loves the attention, bc as previously mentioned - he’s driven by ego. However when things do go wrong, he can appease his conscience by saying “I didn’t choose to be here, you gave me the order to be here, that choice was yours, that responsibility is on your shoulders.” - He wants the glory with none of the responsibility. He also wants the accords to cut down his workload so Pepper will come back to him. He literally says that. Tony stans are super quick to call Steve selfish for helping Bucky, but conveniently ignore the fact Tony says that Pepper left him bc he was spending too much time focused on the suits and being Iron Man, and he hoped the accords would give him a medium between the two so he could fix that.

And then there’s Steve and Bucky. I cannot physically wrap my head around the idea that people call Steve’s actions in this movie selfish. Especially given where Bucky ends up at the end of this movie. Steve’s actions were not dictated by the simple fact he wanted his friend back. They were dictated by the fact that no one else was trying to help him. No one else believed there was any world in which Bucky was innocent. No one else was trying to look out for him. And when has Steve ever done anything but look out for the little guy, the underdog? Even when he was the little guy, he was still looking out for anyone without someone in their corner. Had Steve made any choices different to the ones he had, Bucky would have died. Had he let someone else go to Bucharest to get him, Bucky would have been shot on sight, despite not being guilty. The government laughed at the idea of even giving Bucky a lawyer, they’d already decided his guilt, so had Steve handed Bucky over when Tony demanded, Bucky would have been given a trial by people that had decided his fate and already believed him a traitor to his country. He wasn’t being selfish, he was trying to save a life that no one else thought was worth saving.

Tony was so caught up in his stance being right, he didn’t even register that Steve had stopped even fighting about the Accords. When they met at the airport Tony was still there about the accords and about bringing them in, and he would not back down from that. Steve wasn’t there about that. And he told Tony this. He told him that Bucky hadn’t been the one behind the UN attack. He told him who actually was. He told him about the other soldiers in Siberia. He told him about Zemo travelling there and the danger posed if he activated 5 Winter Soldiers. He told him that he needed to get there before that happened. Steve was trying to do his job as an Avenger, to help people. Tony was too caught up in his own need to be right to realise that. Tony was willing to let all that shit happen rather than admit he was wrong.

And then at the end. When Zemo plays the video of The Winter Soldier killing his parents. Tony stans try and justify his reaction by saying it was instinctive. That he reacted to seeing the guy who killed his parents in front of him. But Tony stans just see what they want to see instead of what was actually there. Tony’s reaction was not to Bucky. His reaction was to Steve. He saw the video and he didn’t react. He asked Steve if he’d known, and when Steve says he hadn’t known it was him, he asks him again. And when Steve admits he had known, that’s when Tony reacts. That’s when Tony goes for Bucky. Which the writers have said was Tony recognising Bucky was the thing Steve loved most, and wanting to take it from him to hurt him for not telling him. He knows it wasn’t Bucky that killed his parents, he acknowledges it more than once, but he doesn’t care.

And Tony gets away with it. He gets excused for it. He breaks the rules of the accords he was so strongly in support of, and he gets off scot free. Meanwhile Sam and Clint and Scott and Wanda are locked in an underground prison cell. And it’s because Tony is the epitome of both White Male Privilege and Money Can’t Buy Everything But It Can Buy Anything. He’s rich, he’s powerful, he’s white, he’s male, and that means he does shitty things and gets away with it. He doesn’t have to worry about the consequences of his actions because his consequences are never so severe he can’t buy his way out.

You remember in Captain America: The First Avenger, Erskine says to Steve “A strong man, who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion”? Apply that to Tony and Steve in this movie because it explains the way they behave perfectly. Tony is the first man described. He grew up in wealth, he grew up in a powerful family with a powerful name, he always had privilege, and now in this film he wants to use that privilege to pass off the responsibility that comes with his power. Steve is the second guy. Who was the little guy, who had to fight for everything he got. Who lived majority of his life as the little guy, and even with his bigger body and new abilities, still has the mindset of the little guy. Still knows and remembers all too well what it was like not to have any sort of power at all, and how important it is to use that power to help the best way you can. And knows you have to be respectful of everything that comes with that power, including taking responsibility for it.

That was longer than i thought it would be so tl;dr - i agree, there was a HUGE disconnect between the marketing of it vs the reality of it in the film.

I cannot physically hate torbjorn any more

He used to be my most hated character but…he’s actually a really nice guy

He has a wife and children and he saw the difference between our bastion and the others and protected them even though he has his issue with omnics.

I just CANT physically hate this man any more?

He’s a good man.

Mind you he’s not one of my favourite characters but I now have a deep respect for his character as a whole

Day Eighty-One

-A pair of jocks came through my lane, eager to make their purchases of Yu-Gi-Oh decks. I can only hope that this was in preparation for a niche offshoot of chess boxing.

-A girl handed her grandmother a five-dollar bill to purchase something for her. After the purchase was made, the girl demanded her money back, as since the item was now bought, the grandmother has no need for it anymore. This has been the ultimate hustle and I am grateful to have been taking notes.

-After I asked a woman a question, she immediately became defensive. I am not sure if I went too far and overstepped the acceptable boundaries of cashier conversation. She stood there, suspicious wondering how I could ask such a question. I stood there, scanning, regretting asking how she was.

-A man called the store to ask permission to ride his hoverboard. He was denied, but I expect the kind of man who wishes to ride a hoverboard to do his shopping is not the kind of man to take no for an answer.

-A kid warned his mother not to eat her credit card. I did not see anything to cause this concern, but I trust he knows her better than I do.

-I was told by an elderly woman that she wished card readers would forcefully physically eject the cards onto the floor once they were done. I will now be paying a visit to the patent office.

-A college-aged man explained to me that the boxers he was purchasing were for emergencies. I understand him and appreciate his foresight.

-A woman’s shirt read “DICKS: Last Resort.” I cannot determine whether she is an overt abstinence-only Christian or an overt bisexual with a preference. Either way, I want this shirt.

-A sheriff came into the store with a serious look on his face. I was immediately filled with existential terror, anxiety, and nervous gas despite having never committed a crime in my life and also being white.

-Four college boys stumbled through my lane post-blaze. I know this as in the middle of his purchase, one stopped, blinked fervently, and loudly announced, “I just realized that there are four of us here!” They all laughed. One suggested investing in stocks. He handed me all of the cash in his wallet.

Why don't you wanna be a girl anymore?

Sometimes when I tell people I identify as trans they ask questions like “why don’t you wanna be a girl anymore” or say things like “oh I understand I hate periods too” and even sometimes they say “sometimes I don’t like my boobs either, they get in the way”. I never knew how to reply to these questions and comments, I understand that when people are trying to understand someone they try very hard to relate. Its a huge factor in learning, if you can make connections between something you already know and something new you are succefully learning. I just recently realized why I never knew how to respond, and while I knew people were just trying to relate and understand it always made me feel worse and frustrated, like someone saying the sky is green when you’ve told them hundreds of times that it is blue. The reason this is so frustrating is because I don’t want to not be a girl anymore, because I’ve never been a girl. I’m not going to go through this transition to become a boy, I’m going to go through the transition process because I am a boy who unfortunately grew breasts and has a vagina. And that’s why its so frustrating when people talk about my transition as if it is me changing who I am as a person, and its not like that at all. I have never been a girl, I’ve just had to be presented as one because of my body. I don’t want to be a boy, I am a boy and I want everyone, including myself, to see me that way. I don’t have the answers to why my mind, energy, and soul don’t match my body, it probably has something to do with genetics, all I know is I’m not simply inconvenienced by periods, boobs, and estrogen I am psychologically damaged by them. And if any cis gendered male randomly started having periods everyone would tell him to immediately seek medical attention. I understand that this this is a confusing topic for cis people because they simply cannot relate, there is nothing in them that is similar to my situation, this isn’t something you can learn, it’s just something to accept. I love being a boy, but I hate the body I have to do it in, so I will do whatever I need to do to be able to love myself in all aspects including physically. I am and have always been a boy.

speaking of IKEA the rumours are true… i damn well thought it was all an exaggeration, some kind of hyperbolic meme but i swear to god it’s all true

when i was younger (like 12/13) my mum decided she wanted to get some furniture so she’s like we’ll go to IKEA, and i admit i was kinda curious so i went along with her. she drives us out of the city and into this vast parking lot and there in the middle of it is this windowless rectangle, like i’m talking it was massive man, reminded me of some huge temple to some unfeeling god… like i just got those chills, you know? something wasn’t right. i knew that whatever was in there would change me, that i could not gaze upon whatever was in that faceless bunker without the heavy weight of the knowledge weighing down on me for the rest of my life.

we go in and there’s like, this entrance hall, and nothing but a pair of escalators. both of them go down. i’m… really not sure about this at this point but my mum really wanted that easy to assemble yin-yang table or whatever so we descend. as we pass under the floor i’m… fucking blown away. i cannot adequately describe to you the vastness of this cavern. i couldn’t see the walls. you know when you take a boat out into the ocean and you go out far enough you can’t see land? well it was like that, but with endless kitchen displays and kitschy bedroom layouts. i was stunned. my mind was physically breaking trying to understand the size of this place and equate it to the building i had seen outside. i was gawking around so much that i nearly fell off the end of the escalator. just… fuck. i have never been in a man made structure that big since. i don’t even think that structure was man made. 

so we’re walking around and there are just these endless weaving paths through all the displays. they don’t just stick things on shelves here, they like, showcase them by building hundreds of mini living rooms and kitchens and stuff. it’s actually pretty cool, like, i can see why people spend thousands in this place. i no longer know where the escalators are and i’m not entirely sure which way is up but there are some cool fuzzy throw rugs i’d probably buy if i wasn’t like, 13. i come back around this kitchen display that i can see clearly to the other side of and my mum has just vanished. like i’m talking there’s no sign of her at all, even though there’s nothing she could have hidden behind and i’m reasonably sure i’d be able to see her if she was in the general area. she’s just nowhere to be found. i hang about for a bit but she doesn’t come back, and i’m now aware that exploration teams have probably died trying to locate the walls of this store so i’m starting to worry.

i get the bright idea to text her, and there’s no fucking phone signal. of course there’s not. i’m in a fucking leviathan of a basement located under the concrete and steel sarcophagus of whatever reptilian overlord ordered the construction of this place. by now i think i’ve just accepted my fate because i’m wandering around and i’m genuinely nervous at this point but i’m still stopping to look at little accessories for an office i don’t have, or mentally planning out my future kid’s room or whatever. i’m like “oh god i’m gonna die, i’m never gonna see my mum again– oh SHIT, that is a cute stuffed rat”. i’m just wandering around aimlessly, looking in vain for any landmarks, and suddenly i stumble across… a restaurant?

no word of a lie, hidden between displays and stacks of cushions is a restaurant. at first i’m so glad to see actual living people that i don’t realise what an odd location for a restaurant this is. i’m really fucking hungry now, too. i briefly consider what the ramifications of eating food in this realm might be but then i decide fuck it, these strangers are my people now, i’ve clearly been assimilated into the lost tribe of wandering IKEA visitors that i understand every one of these stores to have. i get some swedish meatballs because tradition seems to dictate that and i sit down and i eat my food and i watch as, every few minutes or so, another bewildered and ravenous traveller joins us. i’m sitting near where most people come in and i feel like the unofficial st peter of this place, greeting lost souls and easing their passing into their new life. i’m kind of growing shockingly used to my new fate. i’ve all but accepted it when my mum appears. she’s holding like, a million cushions, and says it’s time to go. she doesn’t seem worried in the slightest that she lost me for what i estimate to be around three days. maybe time works differently in different parts of the store. i get up and follow her and i realise i have not actually seen anywhere to purchase items from, but mum somehow has a receipt. whatever. i’ve stopped trying to make sense of things.

halfway through our trek it seems the place is closing for the day, or at least switching to night mode, where i assume a vast array of new temporal oddities are let lose on the unsuspecting public. employees appear from seemingly nowhere, standing at assigned areas and pointing in the direction of the next employee, who points at the next one, and so on and so forth until we’re somehow ascending the escalator (a different one? it must be, but i can’t see the other ones even from a height). there are suddenly loads of people, like the escalator is full and more are crowded at the bottom. i don’t know where they all came from. where i walked in IKEA, i walked alone.

when we get out of the building it’s night time, and mum’s talking about going back when she can borrow the bigger car because there’s some shelving she likes. i feel the building’s eyeless gaze on me as we approach the car, and i don’t look back.

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I want to hear about your 'playboy Inuyasha' dislike ;D (rant away my friend!)

Nanna, why you encourage my nerd rage like this. 

Here’s the thing about playboy Inuyasha: it’s so out of character. Let’s break this down a little. (And look, before I get started: I know we’re talking about AU portrayals of Inuyasha. But even in AUs, I really need the characters to feel like themselves. That’s where I’m coming from.)  

1. Inuyasha doesn’t have the social skills to be a playboy. He barely has the social wherewithal to make friends, let alone get in someone’s pants. Kagome is the reason he even learns how to develop friendships, and he didn’t even seek out that relationship: he was forced to hang with Kagome. Can you imagine him having the social skills to pick up some random woman? Pfffft. I’m sorry, but socially suave Inuyasha just doesn’t read like Inuyasha to me.

2. Probably because it’s so hard for him to open up and develop relationships with people, Inuyasha is very serious about the relationships he does have. He’s a fiercely loyal friend and even more loyal romantic partner. Like. Kikyou, anyone? He was downright pigheaded about his responsibility to her (granted, the circumstances were traumatic, but you get my point). He was so serious about it that he was willing to sacrifice his life to appease her spirit. This is not a dude who takes relationships or commitments lightly. I cannot imagine him sleeping around or stringing women along like it’s nothing to him, even in an alternate universe. 

3. Let me preface this by saying that I’m TOTALLY one of those fangirls who finds Inuyasha deeply attractive, fictional 2D anime/manga character that he is. Gimme a shirtless Inuyasha fanart and I will love you forever. That being said, let’s get real for a second: most people would find his half-demon traits a deformity, not a turn-on. Fics that portray him as some kind of sex god or ladies’ man because he’s just so physically attractive? I have a hard time buying that. I know us fans love the dog ears, but realistically speaking, I doubt most women would treat them as anything other than a deformity at worst, or highly undesirable at best. There might be a rare few women who’d show interest in him despite those features, but probably not because of them. (Unless it was someone who had some real kinky fetish, which I doubt Inuyasha would welcome.) 

4. For all his bluster and gruff-puppy act, Inuyasha’s a pretty damn disciplined guy. He’s impulsive, sure, but when it comes down to it—when it matters—he is perfectly able to control himself. He’s a warrior, he’s a survivor, he’s surmounted odds that would’ve killed most people: all of that requires discipline and control. A lot of the playboy!Inuyasha fics I’ve read portray him as some kind of slave to his carnal desires, and that just doesn’t read Inuyasha to me either. He may have those desires, but he can damn well control himself and deal with them.  

Those are my major objections to playboy Inuyasha (though I’m sure there’s more that I’m just forgetting). 

This got… kinda long. But remember, YOU ASKED FOR THIS. ;) 

I think… I may actually like for real remake my blog this time…

I just am really tired of maintaining this one and I just…want a new blog. That’ll just be for my art… and like occasional reblogs of fanart/important news. No like structured queue… because it’s really exhausting honestly. Like it does seem really stupid to say maintaining some dumb blog is tiring but just with everything else going on my life… I just want things to be even a little simpler…

So idk if I will fully stop using this blog… but I think I’m just gonna start posting art on a separate blog. So follow @bumblecree if you’re interested in that!

There will be no queue tomorrow, just a head’s up

12x10 - Pterodactyl Screeching into the Void - Part 2

This is the second part of my episode review for 12x10 “Lily Sunder has some Regrets”. The first part mainly focusses on Destiel and its HUGE role in the episode. You can go check that out first if you like here.

This part of my review is to talk about some of the other very interesting themes in the episode now that I have screeched about Destiel to my heart’s content and will try to be a more rational person (disclaimer: its not gonna work)

To be honest it is practically impossible for me to talk about this episode without at least referencing Destiel as the very principle theme of the episode is about angels and their interactions with humans in different ways specifically where love is involved. But whether you see Dean and Cas’s love for one another as romantic or platonic the one thing that absolutely cannot be argued away after this episode is that the love between them well and truly does exist in canon. Therefore sorry Jensen but you seem to be confusing Supernatural with another show when you make rash and ill-conceived statements at conventions to appease hateful non-fans. Ahem. Anyway, Moving on…

Angels and Obsession

The starting scene of the episode introduces us to Benjamin. In a bar decorated with vintage video game memorabilia the angel is obsessively playing a game that just makes me think of Charlie. :( Though tbh the symbolism behind an angel controlling an monster to destroy a city is certainly not lost on me and takes my mind right back to the apocalypse where the angels were the ‘monsters’ who wanted to kick start the apocalypse that would literally bring cities to the ground. So yeah, that was an interesting choice of video game basically.

The fact that Benjamin has been here every night obsessively playing this game gives us another interesting insight into angels. One that is explored quite thoroughly in this episode: They have an obsessive nature when it comes to human things.

This opening sequence therefore shows us the most harmless version of this. Benjamin has got himself hooked on video games. (kinda reminds me of Cas taking up Riverboat Gambling. I wonder if Cas ever still sneaks off when the Winchesters are on hunts to feed his gambling addiction? I know it hasn’t been mentioned since but it is certainly within the realms of canon possibility that Cas has an addictive personality, and now after this episode that has been applied to more angels than just Cas.)

I’m now thinking of Endverse!Cas and my heart is breaking because of course Castiel has an addictive personality. Oh and lets not forget 11x04 – 11x06 and Cas’s newfound obsession with Netflix. Human things are shown to be dangerous to angels.  Ishim says this himself later in the episode:

“You know why we’re meant to stay away from humans? It’s not because we’re a danger to them, they’re are a danger to us.”

The thing is, as much of a dick as Ishim was, he’s not wrong. Humans are a danger to angels because angels are not built to really understand human things and emotions. Benjamin’s obsessive gaming is just the start. He may be best case scenario, but Ishim is worst case scenario. An angel who becomes completely enthralled by a human and claims to have ‘fallen in love’ with her – though in Isham’s case it is doubtful he even understands the concept of love. Lily becomes Isham’s obsession. To the point that he terrifies her into calling on another angel to protect her from him.

you were obsessed!” she cries.

“I was in love with you” he argues. But Ishim couldn’t have been in love with her, because as Dean (aka poster boy for humanity) shows us later on, love isn’t about causing your lover pain, it’s about being willing to risk yourself to save them from any further harm.

This is one of the very major points of the episode. Because Angels are not accustomed to deal with Human things, for an angel, love itself becomes the killer. Condemning both the angel and the object of the angel’s affection to a life of pain, tragedy and death. To bring this back to Dean and Cas, it can very easily be argued that much of what has happened to Castiel, and by association Dean, is because of Castiel’s ‘unrequited’ love for Dean. Thinking back over their long tragic history, if you remove that deep love that Castiel has felt for Dean since the beginning where would we be now? Would we have had the leviathans? Would the angels have the angel tablet? The angels probably wouldn’t have fallen, and much of Castiel’s guilt that came from that wouldn’t have happened. On the other hand if we had had canon destiel since the end of season 5, it can also be argued that much of what Dean and Cas and also Sam went through in seasons 6 and 7 wouldn’t have happened because they would have found another way to stop Raphael together. But this is all just speculation after all.

This episode does seem to imply that when the angels love is requited, things don’t go quite so terribly. Whatever kind of love it was that was shared between Lily and Akobel, it worked. He cared for her and gave his life protecting her. Not so much an obsession as a mutual respect and understanding. Then there is Benjamin and his vessel. Not an obsession but a shared trust and care for each other. A devotion that kept them both safe for many years.

So basically, we can conclude that when an angel has a supportive human by their side to help them through any potentially “obsessive” compulsions, it works out okay for both parties. If the angel is shunned and left to its own completely inhuman devices, it turns cold and monstrous. Gosh now this is making me think of that destiel comic where Cas becomes an actual ‘weeping angel’ from Doctor Who. Cold and monstrous indeed.

more under the cut…

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it amazes me that the mcu fandom literally calls tony stark a murderer despite his entire first movie’s plot being about realizing how dangerous his company had become and then doing something about it for the greater good of the people (all while risking the future of stark industries) and then dehumanizes him by calling him a monster for his realistic severe anxiety and ptsd (because yes, the attack at the beginning of iron man is enough to give anyone ptsd, INCLUDING trained soldiers. never mind being held captive for all that time).

but then we have bucky (whom i love), one of hydra’s brainwashed, trained assassins. this fandom does nothing but romanticize his brainwashing, over glorifying his skills as a blood stained assassin and sympathizing with the shifts in his brain that were physically caused by hydra.

bucky would have been bucky without hydra. tony stark, on the other hand, has a mental illness that he literally cannot do anything about.

the fandom views bucky as a man who severely needs help. they view tony stark as an absolute monster.

thus, we have a clear example of how the mcu fandom literally does not give a fuck about actual mental illnesses and only cares about them if they aren’t ugly in any way.

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May I request da2 companions (including romance) Reacting to Tranquil Hawke

(Going with a Hawke who was made tranquil rather than one who always was)

Varric: At first he refuses to believe it. Hawke was all fire and personality and life. This shell of his friend cannot be the Hawke he has come to care for, and the sight of them makes him physically ill. After a time he retreats to the Hanged Man and devotes a good deal of his fortune to rumors of a cure as well as whatever whoever is caring for Hawke might need. Meredith becomes public enemy number one in his mind, and the dwarf who took no side is suddenly very firmly entrenched against the Templars.

Merrill: She weeps, day and night, over her friend. Hawke is the last person who deserved such a fate, and she does everything she can to render the rite useless. Eventually though it proves immune to even blood magic, and the heartbroken mage can only go forward and do whatever she can to make her friend comfortable. Romanced: It is the closest she ever comes to being possessed, despair and rage demons lurking at the edges of her mind in that first moment that Hawke is returned to her. If there is nothing to be done she may very well return at last to her people, rather than facing a lifetime without the person that she loved.

Anders: Justice shrieks within him, but Anders can only sway in sudden shock. Another friend taken, another life ruined. He has been too passive in his ambition to stop the Templar cruelty and now Hawke has paid the price. He will do what he can to keep the other mage –former mage- comfortable and safe, and then steps up his plan to destroy the ones who did this. Romanced: Not again. He cannot face the loss of another lover again, and yet the sunburst mark does not go away. He is not alone in this fight as he was with Karl, and the other companions will likely not allow him to kill Hawke out of mercy. But Anders cannot endue the sight anymore, and will leave his love to their other friends to enact his revenge.

Fenris: Mages are dangerous, it’s true, but Hawke never deserved this. His friend has always been there when the former slave needed them, and Fenris can hardly abandon them now. He works closely with whomever steps up to take charge of the former mage and is far less trustful on Templars than he was. Romanced: It takes every ounce of self control he has not to rain death down on the Gallows. For the first time he is willing to listen to Anders, albiet grudgingly, for the healer may be an abomination but the ones who did this are truly evil. And he will not rest until his lover has the same revenge that they helped him find. Even if if means nothing to them now.

Isabela: She drinks. She drinks a lot, and then she spends hours listening to every bit of gossip that comes through the tavern. But Tranquility isn’t high on sailors lists of conversational topics and she doesn’t learn much. After much discussion with the whole group she will offer the ship as a safe haven, but is silently grateful if they turn it down. She leaves Kirkwall not long after. Romanced: Templars who come out to the dock rarely come back. The Pirate Queen is not known for her forgiveness, and there are cut throats in Kirkwall enough to present a threat even to Meredith’s crazed reign. She will eventually take her lover away from the city, even if they do not have an opinion on the change, and begin a search for the cure.

Aveline: She blames herself. Hawke has always been there for her, from the beginning of their friendship, and when they needed her most she could not help. She has nightmares about them, as she has for years about Wesley, and the schism that opens between the guards and the Templars is sudden

and deep. Romanced: If Cullen does come to try to relieve her of her duties later the Inquisition will have advisors in the future—she will kill on sight, the only vengeance she can get for what paramounts as murder of her love. She will probably put aside her differences after that and take Isabela’s offer of ship side sanctuary for herself and Hawke and seek out a cure.

Sebastian: It shakes his faith a little, for Hawke was never a danger. The prince will offer Starkhaven as a possible home for Hawke and any who wants to join them, and will pressure the Chantry for both justice and any word of a cure. Romanced: His faith is shattered, and he makes it well known. Starkhaven will once again march on Kirkwall after the Chantry falls, but his grief for those lost is much less pronounced. While he still does not approve of the method he is less likely to demand Anders’ death, and he will interrogate the mage about Karl’s brief cure in an attempt t understand how to move forward.

Carver: If he is a Templar he hates himself. All those years wasted in petty squabbles with his sibling, and now they are gone. There is no shadow to either be hidden or hide in, for his sibling is now little more than a ghost. More than that their friends- his friends- look at him with no little suspicion, and while he plays the role of a loyal Templar ever spare moment he has is spent looking for a cure. If he is a Warden he still blames himself, and uses very contact he has to try and learn the secrets of the rite.

Bethany: It’s her worst nightmare made manifest, and she can only grieve for her sibling. There is so little to do except care for them as she can, and she will get them out of Kirkwall at the first opportunity.

–Mod Fereldone

Welcome to Night Vale

Year One

(concerning the rips in reality and Huntokar)

1 - Pilot

  • A commercial airliner flying through local airspace disappeared today, only to reappear in the Night Vale Elementary gymnasium… before it could strike any players or structure, it vanished again. This time, apparently, for good. (obviously, current problem with the rips in reality)
  • Lights. Seen in the sky above the Arby’s…we’ve caught on to their game. We understand the “lights above Arby’s” game.Invaders from another world.Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here, and it’s about 100 feet above the Arby’s.
  • (also noteworthy - a bowling ball once fell into Mini Vale. Poor town probably got wrecked.)

2 - Glowcloud

  • Sorry, listeners. Not sure what happened in that earlier section of the broadcast – as in I actually don’t remember what happened. Tried to play back the tapes, but they’re all blank, and smell faintly of vanilla. (we know that some of cecil’s memories that he doesn’t remember are in fact from AUs but i’m not sure with this one, especially with the vanilla thing - i don’t think it was ever resolved? or was it the man in the tan jacket or somethin)

3 - Station Management

  • Our little town is lit, too, by lights just above that we cannot explain. 
  • Larry Leroy, out on the edge of town, reported that a Creeping Fear came into Night Vale today…  It did not affect Old Woman Josie, presumably because of her angelic protection … I myself was frozen, sure that any movement would lead to death; that any word would be my last.

4 - PTA Meeting

  • …a rift in space-time split open in the Main Street Recreation Center Auditorium, setting loose several confused and physically aggressive pteranodons. 
  • Several curious handball players in the court next to the auditorium actually popped their heads into the portal… aged several thousand years in what bystanders experienced as only a few seconds. Those handball players now straddle the unenviable border of millennially wizened and cripplingly insane. (i wonder if they know something about the recent reality rips?)
  • either prehistoric or alternate-universe Night Vale.
  • The creature’s lifeless body was found a dozen yards outside of the Dog Park entrance, stripped of all flesh, and with most of the organs inverted and strung around its exposed skull like an old fashioned soft meat crowns, as worn by the 18th century religious leaders who settled our fair burgh.
  • (iunno, might be huntokar? i mean what would tear a thing to shreds and make soft meat crowns out of its organs)

5 - The Shape in Grove Park

  • The moon’s weird though, right? It’s there, and there, and then suddenly it’s not. And it seems to be pretty far up. It is watching us? If not, what is it watching instead? Is there something more interesting than us? Hey, watch us moon! We may not always be the best show in the universe, but we try. (obviously, echoed by Mini Vale in The Missing Sky)

6 - The Drawbridge

  • [after a blackout] ….when the lights came back on, they felt that perhaps they were different people – their memories and identities were the same as always, but suddenly felt like costumes that didn’t fit exactly. As though it all were actually brand new to them. As though they had been switched out with someone who was exactly like them. As though all that was familiar would ever after be strange. 

7 - History Week

  • [prediction for year 2052:]  The City Council will reveal its true form and eat half of Night Vale’s population
  • Approval ratings for the mayor will hover in the low 40s…which will be surprising, as there will have been no mayor for over thirty years.
  • (ummm i dunno how long mayors are supposed to reign in Night Vale, but by 2022, there will be no more mayor? dana’s term started in 2015, so in 7 years there will no longer be a mayor. even if this has nothing to do with year 5 yet, i’m still worried)

8 - The Lights in Radon Canyon

  • [referring to Mini Vale] …every window of the city is now glowing both day and night. 
  • (the beginning of the Night Vale - Mini Vale war, i’m guessing. teddy williams started it or…?)
  • (also the lights in the canyon itself)


  • [message of the Pyramid:] “I will place within some of you questions. Within others, I will place answers. These questions and these answers will not always align. The questions I provide may have no answers, and the answers I provide may have no questions. I will study the effects of these questions, and these answers. Some of you will hurt others, and others will heal. Grow my seeds inside you, and let them flower.” 

11 - Wheat and Wheat By-Products

  • idk if Apache Tracker suddenly turning Native American is reality-rip-worthy but
  • …Angels have gathered in a circle in her living room, blocking her view of the television. They are shoulder-to-shoulder, facing each other, radiant with holy light.“The Bowling Alley,” they are chanting. “The Bowling Alley.“

12 - The Candidate

  • the unholy voice of Old Scratch himself (idk who Old Scratch is but might be noteworthy)
  • [referring to noisy sunsets]… only Old Town residents have reported hearing these inconceivable noises

13 - A Story About You

  • …a vision came to you. You saw above you a planet, of awesome size, lit by no sun. An invisible titan, all thick black forests and jagged mountains and deep turbulent oceans. 
  • (note: You did NOT LIVE IN NIGHT VALE when they got this vision. They then drove to Night Vale afterwards, and even then found the town by accident)
  • You move wooden crates from one truck to another while a man in a suit silently watches. It is a different man each time. Sometimes the crates tick. Mostly, they do not.
  • [about the crate]  It’s warm, warmer than the air around it. It smells sharp and earthy, like freshly ground cinnamon. And when you put your ear against the rough warm wood, you hear a soft humming – an indistinct melody.
  • (while driving, You feels the Dark Planet Lit By No Sun again)
  • Apache Tracker’s warnings: 
    1 - You are in danger. 2 - They’re coming. 3-  They will come from below. Pies will not help.
  • (the crate has grown even warmer)
  • [about crate]  It pulses with some kind of life.
  • …pulls out of it an intricate miniature house…inside the house you think you see for a moment, lights and movement.
  • [about DPLBNS]: A monster. Spinning. Soundless. Forgotten. It’s so close now. You see it just above you. Maybe even if you tried very hard, you could touch it.

14 - The Man in the Tan Jacket

  • (first mention of Huntokar)
  • (assumption of a Child King ruling Mini Vale, but this is probably wrong….or very right. toss up)
  • (also, Teddy records footage from Mini Vale)
  • …the Angel said that the Man in the Tan Jacket with the deerskin suitcase was from a place underneath the earth.

16 - The Phone Call

  • (SSP telling everyone to prep for war, presumably against Mini Vale)
  • (also we are presented The List)

18 - The Traveler

  • (time traveler who wears a Desert Bluffs marching band uniform [which has not been worn since The Incident - presumably Strexcorp takeover; see Triptych] who presumably saved Night Vale many times before?)
  • Perhaps he has leaped again through the stream of time, or passed to an alternate dimension created by the changes he has made to our world.
  • nothing remained of The Traveler except for a pile of indescribable buttons from his uniform

19A and B (Night Vale and Desert Bluffs)

  • (larry leroy possibly already knew about doubles pre-sandstorm, but you know this probably isn’t relevant to year five)
  • (a vortex opened, leading cecil to DB and kevin to NV; i have no idea if the vortex was sanstorm-created or reality-rip thing. most likely a reality-rip thing because kevin has travelled to NV via vortex several times, and there was no sandstorm - see The Debate and The Investigators)

21 - A Memory of Europe

  • (Teddy Williams has created a 24/7 barricade around the entrance to Mini Vale)
  • I don’t remember having a traveling partner before or after Svitz. Who was he? Who knows? It all seemed perfectly normal at the time. (obviously not his brother Cal from 108; alt reality bleed or…?)
  • Eventually I was knocked out on one of our falls and when I awoke, it was in a different country. I had aged by years, and no one I talked to knew where the country of Svitz was, or even had heard of it. (def alt reality or something)
  • [Simone Rigadeau]:  The world ended three or four decades ago.  I don’t know what this thing is that we’re living in, but it’s not the world. Scientists won’t investigate it because they’re not real.
  • (there’s a monster in Franchia)

24 - The Mayor

  • (Mini Vale residents presumably made the Desert Flower Boeling Alley’s jukebox continuously play Mister Brownstone. this ep has an ad for the Brownstone spire)

25 - One Year Later

  • (hhhgngngnpppffttt remember when cecil got carlos a trophy)
  • a commercial airliner appeared today inside the home of surprised Night Vale citizen Becky Canterbury
  • (i mean there’s so many things from this ep but basically, Mini Vale already was plotting a war against us and Teddy had set up a barricade against it; after this i guess Mini Vale just got full-scale destroyed, i think)
The Transmedicalist Debate

A simple list of arguments and their answers…

You don’t need dysphoria to be trans”

You do, without the condition you cannot safely transition. If you do not wish to transition, so be it, as transition is not the best option for everyone. This is not an excuse to claim the label of “trans” without having some form of dysphoria.

“Transmeds Gatekeep”

It is important to define the line between one with a medical condition, and one without a medical condition. You can be whoever you want, but if you need validation by assuming a label that is not yours, then the problem is not us gatekeeping but your lack of self validation. 

“I’m not dysphoric because I don’t hate myself”

Dysphoria is not self hatred, it is a feeling of unease towards your primary and/or secondary sex characteristics. This can manifest in discomfort, a lack of recognizing self, or depression and anxiety towards gendered events as your birth gender (example: getting an erection, getting one’s period, having sex, etc ) This is not a be all end all as I am not a doctor and symptoms may manifest in combination.  If you think you may be dysphoric, consult a doctor or therapist.

“Being trans is about identifying differently from your birth sex”

Dysphoria causes one to identify outside their birth sex and desire to physically be a sex one is not. It is almost entirely internal and physical, although “social dysphoria” does exist as an additional symptom. It cannot exist on it’s own with trans people. “Identity” in this argument is often described as a “feeling,” thus one should ask themselves “What does ‘I feel like a man/woman.” really mean. If the answer is exclusively anything but “Having X body parts, X sexual characteristics” then you should seriously consider the possibility that your “gender identity” is caused by external factors (IE sexism, feminist views, etc) or another mental condition (gender dysmorphia, social anxiety, life dysphoria, etc).

“Some people don’t want to transition!! Not everyone needs to transition!!”

In a world where transition is free, transition has no medical side effects, transition has no cosmetic side effects, transition is quick, transition has no societal bias associated with it, transition does not sterilize you, transition could be “non binary”, would you transition? If no to all of the above, you need to find yourself a new label and stop appropriating our condition. 

“Truscum/Transmeds want nonbinary people to die”

There is little no scientific evidence that nonbinary people exist thus far. Our belief is based on science, so it makes sense that some of us are skeptical of nonbinary people. That does not mean we all are, and plenty of us are fine with nonbinary people. Our beef as a community is with nondysphorics, not nonbinary people.

“Gender is an oppressive social construct that must be dismantled”

Sure, but gender to trans people is so much more than gender roles. Our condition doesn’t stem from society. It stems from ourselves and how we see our own bodies, not from how society sees it.

awholelotfrosty  asked:

So I don't know if this has been discussed, but a friend of mine who hasn't been able to watch Goblin but has rather seen discussions about it, asked me "what do you think about the age gap?" and if I thought it was intentional with the casting? I wanted to do a blogpost about it, but I got to no time to do a proper one so I'm leaving my thoughts with you to expound on in the beautiful way you always do: (part 1/3)

(direct quote from my reply) “supaliaxpress on tumblr has a post on that, and I agree with her completely. i dont mind it. one basically, the male is a soul somewhat frozen in time. it’s not established what his age really was when he died as a human being. his soul never aged, though time passed. and i think that concept and belief is proved throughout the drama.” (2/4. realized it could take much more space)

Lastly, to add here I think it’s one of the major themes of the story of Shin and Euntak, and even with Wang Yeo and Sun. The love that carries on with the soul, and that love binds more than bodies- love, true love, binds souls. Despite the age, the social standing from where each party comes from…love overlooks these differences and is founded by something more profound. And that souls, who lived life with care, never really “age”.

Ah, I think you said it perfectly :)

The topic of the “age gap” is something I’ve been questioned many times and I always refer people to this post about pedophillia whenever that topic comes up, lol. Anyways, there’s really not much to attack about the age gap since it was PERSONALLY addressed in the drama itself… yes… the writer acknowledged the “ridiculous age gap” between Kim Shin and Ji Eun-Tak… an age gap of 900+ years >.> Now… really, the age gap doesn’t matter in their relationship because, like you said, Shin is in a state of “frozen time.” He’s an immortal for goodness sakes. He’s gonna forever look like that in 20 days, 10 years, 1000 years, FOREVER. But what ticks me off is how people ALWAYS mention his actual REAL LIFE AGE… when his REAL LIFE AGE has fuckin no importance in the drama whatsoever… Just like Kim Go Eun playing both a 19 yo and 29 yo… BUT SHE’S 25. So… what is the real purpose of their age gap in the drama???

The age gap serves as an obstacle for Shin and Eun-Tak to overcome if they want to meet again in the next life; that’s why they FIRST met when she was 19 and MET AGAIN when she was 19 because this shows that Shin loves her no matter what age she is, who she is, and what she is. Shin doesn’t know at what age he will meet Eun-Tak (goodness… she could be a frickin grandma by the time they meet again >.> which I hope that never happens cause that’s sad), but this doesn’t change the fact that he loves her and she is his only and last bride. Like I’ve mentioned, Canada is a special place because it is a land known for acceptance… which is their love… she accepts him for who he is and vice versa. People forget that Eun-Tak also has to love and accept Shin for who he is… yes… he physically looks like a man in his mid thirties but she doesn’t see him like that… she only sees him as the man she loves – not numbers. Their love defies all aspects of numerical value that we hold highly in today’s society… aka. age and time. A love so deep and true that their love cannot be quantified. Therefore, NUMBERS DO NOT EXIST IN THEIR WORLD… THEIR LOVE STORY. 

Here’s a beautiful poem by Lang Leav that I think sums up Shin and Eun-Tak’s age difference… 

“What if I told you that one day you will meet a girl who is unlike anyone else you’ve known. She will know all the right things to say, what makes you laugh, what turns you on, what drives you wild and best of all, you will do for her exactly what she does for you.

“When will I meet her?”

“Well let’s put it this way, she doesn’t even exist yet.” 

~Lang Leav

In the end, age is just a number

We use numbers because we know how to make sense of them… 

However, we don’t know when we’ll find that person we want to spend the rest of our lives with…

We don’t know when we’ll fall in love…

We can’t tell ourselves to fall in love…

We can’t stop ourselves from falling in love… 

But when we do fall in love… 

When has love ever made sense anyways?

Harlots Ep 4 Spoilers

alright I’m still trying to process this episode and am going to watch again and surely find more things to examine and analyze but here’s what I’ve got atm. feel free to reblog and discuss with me @customerservicebotdolores @gulbaharsultan and anyone else who’d like to!

  • Charlotte feels like nothing in the world she cares about or desires is secure, and in spite of the particular sphere of authority her position gives her, it doesn’t allow her to influence the outcome of anything she truly cares about above all else - namely, her sister’s safety and her relationship with Daniel. her family and her tentative relationship with Daniel matter more to her than material wealth and comfort, but she cannot effectively safeguard either, and in trying to, she endangers all of them and her social and economic security on top of that. I think this is what leads to that frustrated and self-destructive encounter upon her return to Sir Howard’s townhouse at the end of the episode. Haxby tells her she cannot command him, but there is one thing she can do, as she demonstrated earlier when she tried to help Lucy work through her difficulties servicing clients - she can make a man who she accused of lacking the organ to respond to a woman of doing just that, and that’s exactly what happens. who knows what the fallout from that will be? she slept with the help and should sir howard, who already showed himself to be borderline physically abusive this episode, find out…the consequences couldn’t be anything but dire. (I always thought there was a weird tension between Charlotte and Haxby actually - the way he had to follow her around and see how she might end up had she not made her way into Sir Howard’s household with Mary as an example was something I thought might melt his ill will a bit and she’s undeniably charming and beautiful and willful so I thought he’d end up with a weird crush on her and maybe keep her secrets from Sir Howard…but instead we got angry sex which I was not expecting)
  • there’s an interesting parallel in this episode between Margaret’s relationship with Lucy and Lydia’s relationship with Charles. both mother-child relationships are warped in some ways bc these are women who brought their children into the trade with them out of necessity, but they’re fundamentally different in so many ways. Margaret knows Lucy is having trouble pleasing her clients and instead of haranguing her about it, she keeps encouraging her and checking up on her to see if she’s ok - Lucy hasn’t told her or anyone else about what Repton did to her yet but it’s easy to see that her mother would certainly be receptive to her struggles if she did. Lucy, however, becomes freshly determined to ignore her trauma when she overhears Will and Margaret discussing their finances - something that Margaret keeps from Lucy who she still thinks of as a child - which she is. Margaret sold Lucy’s virginity and threw up after she did it - no matter how much she rationalizes doing so to herself, the softer part of her has compunctions about doing so. Unlike Charlotte (12) and Margaret (10), Lucy entered the trade when she was technically “of age” (as she sings hauntingly at the end of the episode, “a virgin of 15″) but there is no doubt that her mother knows she is still a child. It’s a moral quandary she is hyperaware of. Then there is the relationship between Charles and Lydia. Charles has been pampered and hemmed in by his mother to the point that he knows little of life beyond the brothel and prior to his feelings for Emily, has thought nothing of it and didn’t question his mother’s authority. Unlike Margaret’s sensitive concern for Lucy’s apparent difficulties (even though she’s not explicitly aware of her trauma, she senses something is wrong), Lydia’s affection for him disappears in this episode the minute he does anything remotely independent and contrary to her liking, or fails her in any way - and she outright tells him she wishes she had kept a girl instead of him and that he was “unfit for purpose,” implying she’s had other children (meanwhile, Margaret has kept all of hers and wishes for boys instead bc the daughters of prostitutes and bawds almost always end up in the trade themselves out of necessity bc they’re not seen as respectable…but that doesn’t seem like it would bother Quigley, although she still has pangs of conscience about procuring virgin young women for “the Beast” as Cunliffe notes this episode). He trembles when he defies her and flinches when she shuts the door as she leaves after he defies Mr. Osborne. Charles, meanwhile, is trying to be his own man for the first time in his life in order to protect Emily how he can, and for the first time has become aware of how his mother treats him “like a boy” - his lack of self-awareness prior to his attempt to protect Emily from Mr. Osborne is painfully apparent in his gift of sweets to her, as if that would actually make things better. We will see how he may be able to help her in future and if he can understand her need to flee.
  • Speaking of Emily, once again the show does not force us to witness a man physically abusing a woman. Instead we see how Marie-Louise cares for her in the aftermath, and we see how Emily deals with her trauma. This show always focuses on the only narratively-relevant part of abuse - how the character subjected to it deals with it. Marie-Louise has similarly suffered, and she is also given a voice. I’m glad she escaped Quigley’s, and I hope Emily will soon follow! 
  • Harriet sees how these other women support themselves as best they can through sex work - financially, Kitty specifically is able to support her daughter, and moreover, Harriet seems to decide that she wants to empower herself through it - she is accused by Lennox’s white son of having always been a whore, but as she puts it, at least now she is paid for it. I just hope Repton remains entertained by her domination of him and that his fetishization of her will protect her from his dark side that no one but Lucy seems to be aware of. 
  • Amelia and Violet become closer and share a sweet kiss this episode and it becomes clear that Amelia’s morals are very different from her mother’s - far more open-minded and compassionate to the point that she doesn’t think it’s right for her to judge Violet being a thief in order to support herself. How will she handle the kiss she shared with Violet? And what of the complication between her mother and Lydia - the fact that she knows Florence (Amelia’s mother) was once a prostitute herself? We see some tenderness between Florence and Amelia this episode as well - how she kisses Amelia’s hand before she begins one of her fiery sermons outside of the Wells brothel. That was just after the opening shot, which opens on the contrast between Florence’s predominately black gown and her daughter’s predominately white one - a reflection of the moral system she prescribes to? 
  • We got to see a bit more of Prince, the molly boy who spies for Lydia, this episode as well - he made an excellent faux curate! He’s so clever; I hope we get to see more of him. 
  • Lord Fallon is apparently one of the men for whom Cunliffe has been procuring virgins…which makes me very worried for Lucy.
  • This show’s soundtrack is incredible - I hope they release it and all the excellent credits songs ASAP!
  • THERE WERE SO MANY GOOD NORTHWELLS MOMENTS THIS EPISODE KEEP EM COMING also AW little Jacob wore a little red suit for the party he is the most adorable
  • the transformation of the Wells brothel into the underworld with Margaret and Will as King and Queen added 10 years to my lifespan - way to own your notoriety and supposed moral depravity and turn it into your strength! the dark, libertine aesthetic of the masquerade and all its revels was inspired and allowed people like Amelia the liberty of anonymity to explore passions they normally wouldn’t.
  • I wonder if Lady Caroline is actually barren, or if it’s actually Sir Howard shooting blanks?
  • “Miss Pettifer” - another one of the Quigley girls - seems to have fallen into the trade via running off with a “rake” according to Emily. Presumably he ruined her and deserted her which is why she works for Quigley now but still “pretends” to be a lady. Everyone has a backstory on this show and I love it - every one of these women is deserving of a narrative
Karamel Analysis For Supergirl Episode 214

Oh, Mon-El. Sigh. He literally is a space puppy. And by puppy I mean the kind who tracks mud in your house and chews up your shoes and pees on your carpet but he’s just so cute and sweet that you can’t help but forgive him and give him all of the snuggles. Until he does it again. And again. And AGAIN. And last night’s episode had me on my last ounce of patience and hope that he was going to figure it out until, thank Rao, I THINK he finally did.

Now, I knew Mon-El had some character flaws and some problematic behavior when it came to listening to Kara and I was willing to overlook it to a point because I felt that the writers were growing and evolving him away from those things. In real life I would definitely not advocate getting together with someone who doesn’t listen to you and continuously apologizes and says that they are going to change but then continues the same pattern of behavior. I would say that someone should wait until that change is consistently demonstrated before getting involved romantically. But this is not real life, it’s a story. And in last night’s episode, I think some issues were brought out and addressed in a way that only could have happened through the lens of a romantic relationship. So I think that’s why the writers had them get involved prior to him learning these lessons - to give context and raise the stakes. And also because it’s TV and conflict free relationships don’t make interesting tv but hopefully they can tone it down a little after working through some of this because I need happy healthy cute well-earned Karamel on my screen every week and also more half-naked Chris Wood.

Up until last night’s episode, I mostly saw what Mon-El was doing as overriding Kara professionally in an effort to save or protect her and not being able to trust that she could handle herself in the field. And there were times where I felt that he had a point about her jumping into danger without a good exit plan and I could understand how, as a person who cared about her, he might have a hard time letting go and letting her do her thing. I was hoping that over time he would learn that she could handle herself and back off so that they could work together as partners and that she might learn to trust him and consider his viewpoint too because there are times that it would really be helpful and balance her out.

I saw a different perspective last night though, because we got to see his actions in the context of a romantic relationship. That opening scene was cute to me as a Karamel shipper and I loved those kisses and snuggles but I felt like it was all about his needs and what he wanted. HE wanted her to stay in bed with him and blow off work. He kind of downplayed her “Superheroing.” I think he wasn’t sure how to receive the flowers. All subtle but it was rubbing me the wrong way. He was trying to fit her into his idea of what a romantic relationship was but Kara isn’t a girl who is going to fit into anything traditional so we were already off on the wrong foot.

When he announced their relationship to the DEO I was completely annoyed. There was no pure ulterior motive for this like there is for going rogue in the field to protect her. It was a blatant disregard for her feelings and wishes. I figured the writers were just trying to make a light funny joke out of his impulsive personality so I tried to let it go initially but lo and behold those chickens came back to roost. The writers knew exactly what they were doing by bringing this issue into the forefront and addressing it because Kara brings it back up later.

With Jeremiah, again, the overprotective thing. I think he handled it well initially by pulling her aside and sharing his concerns, and by asking Winn for help discreetly, but losing his cool at the family dinner was ooc. He needs to learn to calm down and control his emotions because even though he was completely right, it was the wrong approach and let Jeremiah know that he was onto him as well as embarrassing Kara in front of her family and again ignoring her wishes.

I’m proud of Kara for calling him out on those things and asking him to leave. This needed to happen so that he could feel the consequences of not listening to her. But even though he knew he kept screwing up I don’t think he knew how to NOT screw up until he talked to Winn.

Winn was my MVP this episode. First, I thought it was the sweetest that he used his favor with Mon El to ask him to be good to Kara. But later, he also realized that Mon El didn’t know how and offered some really good advice in a way that Mon-El could understand and receive it. I think Winn knows them both so well that he could see what was going on very clearly. He knew that Mon-El cared about her but was going about things the wrong way. When Mon-El saw Winn getting along so well with Lyra… and doing it in kind of a non-traditional way where she was the sexual initiator and teaching him to play darts…. he was like, “what is your secret man? Why do I suck so hard at this?”

Mon-El, probably like many of us, had a “relationship” program on his hard drive that held his ideas and beliefs about men and women. And yes, his relationship program was from his home planet and it was old fashioned. His idea of being a boyfriend WAS to protect her and show her off so when he fell in love with a girl who can do that all on her own, but he kept trying to act like his idea of a boyfriend, his actions keep failing and pissing her off because that’s not what Kara- Supergirl- wants or needs from a relationship.

What does she need? That’s the question Winn told him to ask. And when he did… everything clicked. We finally saw the change we were looking for- he stopped apologizing and actually listened and gave her what she needed- which in that moment was emotional support. And you could see how much intimacy that brought between them and how overwhelmed he was by it. You could see how much empathy he had for what she was going through and how that informed his words and actions and it gave her comfort and strength to keep fighting. And you could see how bewildered he was that the answer was so simple and had been right in front of him the whole time. I absolutely loved this scene. Maybe more than last week’s make out scene - and believe me, I loved that a lot- but while last week they got together physically, this week they got together emotionally and it was beautiful.

This is what Kara needs from a man, from a relationship. Someone she can be normal with. Someone who she can be happy or sad or vulnerable with. Someone who’s there for her when she takes off the cape but still feels the weight of the worlds on her shoulders. It’s what he gave her with that first kiss. And I think Mon-El took a huge step towards becoming that guy tonight. And that guy sure as hell had better show up next week because I cannot handle anymore of this fight and make up storyline. I don’t expect perfection but I do expect consistent growth if these two are meant to be because I want to root for them and I want them to be strong enough to withstand whatever is coming up in this storyline about Mon-El’s family- together and come out on the other side as heroes, partners, and lovers.


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For @mischievous-fairy and @skymoonandstardust (via comments).  A continuation of this imagine, enjoy! (f/c means favorite color).

Y/N slowly crawled toward the bed in the cabin. After what had happened in New York, she thought it best to take a vacation. She understood now that her soulmate had caused all that damage. At the same time, however, she wished he had taken her with him. Unfortunately, more solace meant more time to think of him and all that had happened.

The woman slumped under her covers, desperate for some relief of this pining. She wasn’t sure how long she could act like it didn’t affect her. Then again, she still didn’t entirely understand how soulmates existed. It had been a general superstition, nothing concrete. Apparently, she had been dead wrong. How else could she explain that light coming out of her chest?

She curled inward, shutting her eyes. Thankfully, she was dreaming before she knew it.

Y/N walked through a large museum. Her eyes shifted from exhibit to exhibit as she strolled down the hall. She was paying little attention. She glanced up, looking at the gala guests. All were dressed in fine clothing and jewelry. Y/N glanced down at herself to see she was wearing the nicest dress she had ever seen. It was even her favorite color…the same color as the beam inside of her.

“You look beautiful,” a strangely familiar voice complimented.

Y/N looked up with a smile. She gasped as she saw the familiar green eyes. Instead of his armor, he was wearing a suit and overcoat. His hair was slicked back and his features seemed oddly lighter.

“Loki,” she mumbled, “But…the Avengers. They arrested you. This can’t be real.”
The man smiled, brushing some hair behind her ear. “Only physically.”

She knit her brows, clearly confused. Gently, the man guided her hand to wrap around his arm. The pair continued to walk through the museum. Y/N didn’t even bother looking, afraid if she did, Loki would be gone.

“It seems that once you find your soulmate, that connection cannot be severed by anything external,” he explained, “Which is the reason why I can visit you in your dreams. So, yes. This is real.”
“Why did you leave at all?” she asked, a lump rising in her throat.

Loki stopped, keeping his gaze low. He swallowed, hurt by the quivering tone of her voice.

“You saw what I did,” he muttered, “They weren’t going to allow me anything if I asked.”
“You could’ve taken me with you,” she whimpered, “Instead, you leave me with this giant hole in my chest, with no idea how to sort any of this out, nothing but knowing you exist.”

A few tears slid down her face. The trickster had felt her pain the moment he entered her dream. Loki gripped her hands, facing her. He raised his glassy eyes to meet her own. She couldn’t help but notice her favorite color mixing with the green of his eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he choked, “I never meant to hurt you so deeply.”

Loki pulled Y/N into his chest. He smoothed his hands up and down her back. He slowly rocked her back and forth. She sobbed as he held her.  After some time, he realized she was attempting to say something.

“What was that?” he cooed.
“I want to see you again,” she mumbled, “In person.”

Loki smiled down at her. His thumb gently wiped away the shine of her tears. He placed a small peck on her lips.

“I’ll find a way,” he agreed, “In the meantime, I’ll see you every night. Just like this.”

She nodded. She moved her arms around his neck before giving him a stronger kiss. While she did, Loki shifted a shiny piece of metal into her hand. She gripped it as she pulled away. Seeing her dream pulling away, she waved goodbye.

Y/N shot up in her bed. Her breath was heavy as she tried to make sense of everything. Was that real? It was still early morning; the sun had yet to rise. Feeling something in her hand, she opened her fist. She sighed with relief. In her hand was a silver chain necklace with a pendant. The pendant was made out of amber except for the exact center. In the center was a two colored raven in flight, seemingly made out of silver. Y/N smiled as she saw the colors of the raven were green and f/c.

She put on the necklace before cuddling back under her covers. It was a dream, but it was real.

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Elixir Vitae

AU XF fanfic set around the time of IWTB.

A/N: English is not my first language and I’m doing this without a beta reader, so please be kind and overlook language and grammar mistakes.

I simply had to post something today. Posting always makes me feel good, receiving friendly feedback even more. And since tomorrow is going to be a shit day, I need to enlighten today with starting a new story….

Chapter I

Her auburn hair is the first thing I see of her. It’s not done the usual way. It’s not neatly blow-dried in an effort to get rid of the frizz but has obviously been neglected. It falls oddly onto her shoulders in untamed curls, but it reflects the light of the afternoon sun as it always does when she sits on our porch with a cup of tea after a tough day, watching the sun go down.

I instantly know it’s her.

Her hair is quite a bit longer since the last time I saw her about three months ago before she had once again been taken from me. This time by a psychopath we’d been chasing together, not by alien colonists, nor by a bunch of governmental conspirators.

I’d been asked by the FBI to help out with my profiling skills to hunt down a serial killer and, of course, I had to drag her into the case with me. She’d been working as a doctor in the children’s ward at the local hospital close to where we’d settled down. She’d put the FBI behind her for good, hell, why hadn’t I let her? Well, I know the answer to that question: I simply didn’t know how to work on a case alone anymore, without discussing it with her and seeking her advice. And, as was expected, she had given me the final hint I needed to put the pieces of the puzzle together and identify the guy. I still don’t understand how I could’ve been so blind and not see that the killer had turned the tables and had started stalking me. It hadn’t even occurred to me that he might change the favorited target he’d been pursuing until then - brunette, rather plump women - to a petite, slender redhead. I, acclaimed profiler Spooky Mulder, had overlooked that taking away the person I simply couldn’t live without, might be the killer’s next move to react against me.

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People need to break free from this idea that strength is the ability to physically fight. Taking into consideration Aro’s background and circumstances, whilst she may not be able to fight, she is one of the strongest characters on the show.

The reason why Aro cannot physically fight, is because she was not raised to fight. 

All the Hwarang boys were raised to be better than each other, Ji Dwi has been raised to be King and Sun Woo was raised at the bottom of society where it was most likely every man for himself. 

Even with Soo Yeon and the princess. Its likely that Soo Ho made sure Soo Yeon could defend herself, and the Princess was most likely trained from a young age to fight.  

All of their situations forced them into learning how to fight, except Aro’s. 

I say she is one of the strongest characters however, because she found her strength elsewhere. She is a self taught doctor and story teller. Skills that not only have been assisting her in paying off debts and sustaining herself, but also ones that aid her in emergencies - such as when they were left in the forest without food. 

And maybe she can’t beat anyone up, but she can completely paralyse them :) 

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Jade.jade. in the new homecoming trailer someone gives Peter a churro. They're buying him food, jade. You predicted the future through headcanons.

Listen. There is so much stuff in the Homecoming trailers that I physically cannot believe they’re giving me. Spider-Man as a faltering, neighbourhood hero. Peter going up against villains he has no right going up against. School uniforms. The shitty back-up version of the Spidey suit. Aunt May. Peter’s entire characterisation. I’m just???