i physically cannot read this


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

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Can I rant for a second? I really hate top!jared or bottom!jensen. I physically, no matter how hard I try, cannot read it and I get away from that fic in a matter of seconds. And have you noticed when writers write bottom!jensen, they ALWAYS turn him into a woman basically? Jensen is a MAN, his actual personality is manly which is why I love it so much. When they write top!jared they literally change his personality drastically and make him REALLY aggressive and so very wrong. Ugh.

No, yeah I know exactly what you’re talking about. It seems you get me on a spiritual level, anon! I mean in what universe would this be a top? Like, he literally bends over for Jensen. and Jensen doesn’t move away, just lets Jared’s ass get closer to his dick, like rude

and with how hungrily Jensen is always looking at Jared’s ass? holy shit, like, you can read the yeah, I’ve fucked that in his eyes.

Their personalities scream top and bottom. You see sunshine Jared and think, “he’s a bottom,” and you see gruffy, scruffy Jensen and think, “man, that is a top!” and as you said in bottom!Jensen fanfics they make Jensen the girl, like, hello???? in what universe do they see Jensen rolling over and taking it? I’m honestly offended that they’d make any of them the “girl” because they’re guys, it’s gay sex, the bottom doesn’t have to be a ~*girl*~ just because he’s taking it. it’s rude and disrespectful and stereotyping and they shouldn’t be writing gay sex anyway because they clearly know nothing.

then the ones where Jared is an aggressive top? even in an AU, I can’t picture Jared being aggressive, like, at all. I mean look at him????? for two seconds just look at his face???? trying to find aggression in him is like

because it doesn’t exist. But like. I am trying so hard not to keep posting about my top and bottom rants because people hate me enough probably (my opinion literally does not matter in this fandom I don’t know why I even try) but just jdfkksdghfj you look at Jensen and just know that he’s the one who’s got Jared on his knees, pushing back against him to get him inside, you know? and Jared is nothing but enthusiastic about it, always willing, always ready. and there would be nothing girly about their sex. it’s all manly grunts and sweaty skin, matted hair and rough thrusts. I hate people that think that the person who “takes it” is the girl because GIRLS CAN TOP DUDES, TOO. girls can be dominant.

so like ugh

you are just so very correct about them changing their personalities though, anon. I run far away from ooc fics, and bottom!Jensen and top!Jared are so ooc it hurts. I mean, I don’t much like the thought of Jared’s dick going into Jensen at all, but in the rare occasion that it does (I still block it out because nope), I imagine it being like top!Jensen/bottom!Jared. because Jensen will still be in control and Jared will still be doing as Jensen says. like topping from the bottom/bottoming from the top. I won’t read fics like that either, but it feels more accurate if they switch, to keep the dominant one dominant, you know?

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what did onision do this time?

notice how he calls people who are transgender sexist

notice how he has no knowledge of what being transgender even is yet he feels the need to speak about it. even though its none of his business

heres a snippet from his newest update

once again, somebody who has no clue what is the difference between transgender, transsexual, and a transvestite. and maybe he should do some research before he opens his fucking mouth

sorry, im keeping my own comments to myself as best i can

what does give me hope is that 90% of the people in the comments are done with his shit. most people call him out on it. what absolutely sickens me though are the people who look up to this man. people who are influenced by him. 

people like this

people that call people who are transgender “mentally ill”

im not saying anything else on the subject because my mind cannot physically comprehend the ignorance of what i am reading

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K, so I'm gonna ask something that's not even about what you blog, but I just...I'm finding 0 results on google that don't send me to porn blogs so I'm a smidge desperate and I completely trust you. It's a personal sort of, well not problem per se, just...I'm not a teenager going through puberty but I literally cannot read sex scenes without physically getting *very* turned on. I can't even read a kiss with a lot of tension without getting..."ready". I'm a grown woman! Is this...abnormal?

This is the exact opposite of abnormal. I am heartbroken that you’ve ever been made to think that such a thing could ever BE abnormal.

Reading about sex turns you on? Of course it does! Why wouldn’t it? It’s usually supposed to! There’s long been a belief that men get aroused through visual stimuli while women get aroused through written stimuli, and while of course nothing’s universal, there’s a lot of truth in that. Many women find it arousing to read intimate scenes where they can control how they see it in their minds - the lighting, the setting, what the people look like, how they touch each other. And that’s got a direct line right to our turn-on button for many of us.

I am frequently turned on by sex scenes, especially ones that hit my sweet spots, yanno? I’m not alone in this and neither are you! It sounds like you might be particularly responsive to this - that isn’t a bad thing! 

Enjoy your funtimes, nonny. That’s why we write them.