i physically can't right now

I am experiencing severe counter-transference from this episode so I can’t get super meta like I usually do. However, I just want to say something really important about Yuuri.

For the first time, he didn’t skate for the audience. He also didn’t skate for Viktor, the coach. For the first time, Yuuri truly skated for himself for the sake of Viktor as a human

After his cathartic purge in the garage, Yuuri reached deep into himself, his raw and hurting and unbelieving self, and said, “You are strong. You are amazing. You will win this.” Yuuri is admitting that Viktor is probably not the best coach for him, but you know what? Viktor is a human. He has limitations. He’s not the perfect idol that Yuuri looked up to since he was 12-years old. Viktor held him this entire time, helped him grow his self-efficacy and confidence and met Yuuri wherever he was mentally, but past all of this? It’s not up to Viktor anymore. He can’t do everything for Yuuri, no matter how badly they both want it. Now, all Viktor can do is stand at the finish line, waiting with open arms, and it is Yuuri’s turn to meet him where he is.