i photoshop sometimes

i’ve been seeing some negative banners of some VAs and i thought “nah fam, here’s some paladins & coran VA appreciation banners for your blog (even though it’s probably been done 100 times before)”

(also tagging VAs bc they deserve to know how much we love and appreciate what they do and interacting with us fans @bext-k @joshkeaton)


XMFC Modern AU pt 6

(PS: A special shout out to endingthemes​ for writing this amazing fic inspired by these silly things <333)


Badd: This your sister, buddy?
Young Edgeworth: …Problem?
Badd: She cost $46 worth of property damage.
Young Edgeworth: What did she do?
Badd: She beat the stuffing out of this “Tickel Me Elmo” doll.
Young Edgeworth: You got into a fight with a toy?!
Young Franziska: It was LAUGHING at me!

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this is what my art block looks like now. i just draw mccree

Wip - Picnic stuff and this *craptastic* Blanket

Still need to tweak the baskets closed geostate. I forgot that the hinges are on the closed basket. *head slap*

And…… Yes! I got the recolorable blanket to work BUT it’s not super user friendly yet. If ever. 

Venture forth down below if you want to see wip images and listen to me ramble.

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