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tips for being little subtlety

- Wear cute dresses/skirts/shirts/etc. wear something cute, with cute designs, or in a cute color! 

 - Find cute pins! Walmart sells some REALLY cute pins to clip on your clothes/backpack/purse or whatever you want! 

- Water bottles with a ‘sippy cup’ type lid. Those can make you feel super super little. 

 - Do cute hairstyles! Pigtails, braids, French braids, literally any hairstyle that makes you feel little! 

- key chains! I LOVE key chains. I have a white puffball, pastel pink rock, and I just recently took off a whale I had on there. 

-Cute phone case! I have my phone with my at all times, so having a cute case always makes me feel little. I also just ordered a pink laptop case for my MacBook!

- Carry around a small stuffie! You can keep it in your bag, locker, car, or literally anywhere. 

- Pack a cute lunch! Lunchables, sandwich cut in half/cute shapes, or bring a juice pouch!

- Accessorize! Find cute jewelry you like! Necklaces, rings, bracelets, chokers, and more! Hair bows, hair clips, or whatever you like! 

-Buy some Play-Packs! They’re on-the-go packets that contain a coloring book, a few crayons, and some stickers. They’re great for car rides!!! Walmart has them; Hello Kitty, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob, and more!

Phone Cleansing- Why and How

Why would you need/want to cleanse your phone? 

Well if you think about it, our phones are one of the few objects on our person at all times. It is our connection to a larger world, we have an infinite amount of knowledge in our pockets at all times. We also have Neko Atsume. But that’s not the point. 

The point is, when an object like that is with us 24/7, it can pick up a lot of residual energy, both positive and negative. But when it becomes so clogged with energy, it becomes this source of blockage, and we carry this extra weight with us everywhere we go. 

So if you feel weighed down, consider cleansing you phone. 

Ways to cleanse: 

  • Delete old contacts. Focus on reconnecting with those who mean the most
  • Delete old pictures. Upload some of your favorites to Google Drive and have them printed off. Sure, there’s always Facebook, but having a few physical photos around can really lift the mood of your space. 
  • Get rid of old apps. Not only are they clogging your memory, but they can also be a huge time suck. I am hella guilty of this, especially with game/puzzle apps. 
  • Take the time to organize your apps into folders. It will help you find what you need faster. 
  • Change up your wallpaper, ringtones, and text alerts. We can become so used to a particular sound that it goes unnoticed. 
  • If you need a deeper cleansing, replace a cracked phone screen or broken case. I like to get some cheap cases in a solid color and then play with different designs. 
  • Lastly, set a crystal of your choice on top of your phone while it charges, to infuse the positive energy into it. 

And that’s it! Hope this gives you some ideas on how to clean up your phone. Add some of your favorites too!

Many blessings- Kate

Beauty & the Barnes Part 1


@mariathedorkydragon Request: Can i request a Bucky Barnes x Reader. Kinda like Beauty and The Beast. It doesnt have to be a full on muiti-chapter but like something where Bucky doesnt like Reader. But shes so nice to him and he slowly starts to fall in love with her. Thank you!

A/N: Omg this is the best request ever! What a great idea! Thank you and I hope you enjoy it! This will be multi-chapter because why not?

Warning: swearing but not Deadpool standard

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“Hey Dad, invent anything new today?” you looked down at the various parts of metal scattered across the floor.

Your Dad was the famous Tony Stark- famous in Manhattan for being crazy but you believed he was a genius who was going to change the world.

“Still working on JARVIS, he still has some bugs I need to iron out. You going out to the market?” he looked up at you from his work station.

She`s so much like her mother he thought as he noticed your proud glances at his invention.

“Yep, I`m heading down to get some new books. I finished Tolstoy yesterday” you smiled.

“Very well, go read you weirdo…most kids are out partying like I did at your age” he teased.

“That`s how I was created” you jested back.

He grinned, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now go!” he shooed you out of his workshop and you grabbed your purse to head out into the New York spring air.

The market was only a short stroll away as you passed by the bakery that served you your morning coffee most days.

A woman and her little girl were laughing where they sat at a table on the dining patio as the mother read a children`s book.

Your heart ached as you thought of your mother. She died when you were five in a car accident and your Dad was devastated. He has never gotten over Pepper and even dedicated his inventions to her memory.

You strolled down the busy streets and wished you lived in a small Provincial town like those in France, they seemed so quaint compared to the constant buzz that surrounded you.

The market finally appeared and you made your way to the tiny book shop in the back, ignoring the whispers about you.

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My pocket Pearl shirt design! I’m so happy with how this turned out, I haven’t done a painterly style like this in a while. I love the idea of tiny doll sized pearls that can fit in your pocket…

If you’re interested in buying this on a shirt or phone case, follow this link, http://kazooie.tumblr.com/post/157169284963/pocket-pearl-shirts-phone-cases-and-more

I’m in a bad financial situation right now like many artists and every purchase helps.

Reblogs are appreciated! Please don’t copy, edit, trace, repost, etc. Thank you <3

I got a new phone and decided to create my own case for it! I decided to use sormik as the theme because what better way to remember your otp than through something you’ll hold on your hands every day?

Also I really really wanted to use mikleos colour scheme. it’s so fucking pretty omg

Oh! And while I was making this, I realised that the design on meebos back cape thing looks suspiciously like feathers. coincidence? I THINK NOT

Not for sale anymore

I needed to get a new case for my phone cause my old one’s broken so naturally i made a really disgusting one for myself so i could get it for cheaper off redbubble.

idk if anyone else wants this clearly shippy design lmao, but I put it up on redbubble regardless as stickers, notebooks, totebags, and of course phone cases. http://www.redbubble.com/people/andyarts/works/23497817-bird-and-hamster?asc=t

there’s a 20% off sale on spiral notebooks right now! If u ever wanted a komui bird and a bak hamster on a notebook this is your chance.


I finally got around to taking ‘what’s in my school bag’ photos *slow clap*

So, without further ado, this is what is in my (very large, very heavy) school bag on a typical class followed by studying at the library day:

  1.  Binder: the binder I carry depends on the day, but this past week it’s been my MUN binder with all the study guides, ROPs and guidelines for the upcoming conference. On other days, I carry binders of class slides or notes.
  2. Notebook: this is a (very cheap) 5 subject notebook I use to make notes in class for 5 of the 8 modules I’m taking this semester. I decided to use a multi subject notebook since 5 of my classes are concentrated in just 2 days. This way, I only need to carry one notebook and don’t risk losing half my loose leaf notes by the end of the semester. For the rest of my modules, I use either a single subject notebook or binder.
  3. Folder: I always keep a folder in my bag for any handouts, loose leaf notes etc. I might need to carry
  4. Laptop: almost every time I go to the library, I have to have my laptop. I use it to make notes, research, listen to music, access pdf versions of my textbooks etc. I keep my laptop in a snap-on case from eBay and a sleeve by CaseLogic.
  5. Βullet journal: pretty self explanatory. I carry my journal everywhere. 
  6. Wallet: also self explanatory. Always need to have some cash on me! My wallet is from Stradivarius.
  7. Pencil pouch: this is my necessities pencil pouch. I keep basic blue and black pens, a couple of coloured pens, a couple of pencils and a set of skinny highlighters. I carry this pencil pouch everyday, and only if I’m going to the library I might carry extra pens/highlighters (see No9)
  8. Make-up pouch: this is my makeup/necessities pouch. I keep things like lip balm, hand sanitiser, bobby pins, hair ties, lipstick, wipes etc. It looks small but there is a lot in this (seriously, I could make a separate post on all the things in this). This pouch is glittery silver and it’s from Shiseido. 
  9. Stabilo .88 mini set: this is a set of stabilo fineliners I got at the supermarket. They’re very small, compact and neatly organized so if I know I’ll be making notes I will carry these alongside my pencil pouch.
  10. Sunglasses: self explanatory. My sunglasses are by Rayban and they are the wayfarer design. 
  11. ID/cards holder: this is a little notebook style card holder where I keep my ID, student ID, debit card, bus pass, metro card, membership cards etc. This this is a lifesaver - in case I loose my waller or it is stolen it saves me the trouble of re-issuing all of my cards.
  12. Headphones +iPod: self explanatory. My iPod is not pictured cause I was using it to take pictures. 
  13. Phone: also self explanatory. My phone is a Nokia Lumia 930.
  14. Not pictured: travel mug: I cannot live without coffee so my mug goes with me everywhere.

That’s it! This is what I carry with me to uni 99% of the time. I realise this looks like a lot - and it is. But I spend long hours at school and the library, as I can never get work done at home. Luckily, I live close to university, so I only commute for 15-30′ one way - less than an hour total. However, my bags are getting increasingly heavy so I am considering a backpack. So far, I am thinking of getting the Jansport Right Pack. Let me know what you think if you’ve used it - or any similar backpacks :) 


i designed a phone case for a friend’s non-profit! it was fun. the left is the final version, but i thought i’d include one with their names just for kicks. i’ll let you guys know when the actual phone cases become available.

and how could we not forget a human metta

he is beauty

he is grace

he has vitilligo and stretch marks because i said so


UPDATED - Otabek’s FS Costume added! (Whose costume should I make next? Please give me ideas, guys!)

Available on REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY6!

Some tips on Redbubble:
-Buy 2 throw pillows and get 15% off
-Buy 2 mugs and get 15% off
-Buy 2 tote bags and get 15% off
-Buy 2 studio pouches and get 15% off
-Buy 2 spiral notebooks and get 15% off
-Buy 2 scarves and get 25% off
-Buy 6 stickers and get 50% off


Happy shopping! \(≧▽≦)/


EDIT: just in case you guys didn’t see my last reply: because both websites I’m using (redbubble and society6) only have iPhone and Samsung cases, I can’t make another variety that isn’t available on the site (I’m sorry, It sucks for me too because I use redmi note 3 D:) 

If anyone know a website that works similarly like redbubble, but offers bigger varieties of phone cases and such, please tell me! I’ll gladly put my design there for you guys!

Thank you very much!

I’m a designer, not a phone sex hotline

Client: Why does the invoice amount look weird?

Me: (thinking this news will please them) Oh, I charge every 15 minutes, so that in case I work for say, an hour and a half, you don’t have to pay for two full hours.

Client: I see. In the future, we’d like you to charge us by the minute so that we don’t pay for extra minutes.

Me: (taken aback) I see where you’re coming from, [client’s name], but unfortunately I’m a designer and not a phone sex operator.

Luckily, the clients took it in stride, with the client’s partner making fun of him for a few meetings after that.

phone cases in yuri on ice

All the phones and phone cases we’ve seen so far from the characters:

Yuuri: blue with poodles, maybe as a memento of Vicchan

Victor: the design of one of his old costumes

Yuri: yellow with a tiger

 Yuuko: pink with a red ribbon

Triplets: Victor and the Russian flag

Phichit: green with a hamster

Celestino: red

Morooka: grey

Nishigori: no shot of his phone’s back (if I haven’t missed it)

Minako: red, no shot of the phone’s back (if I haven’t missed it)

anonymous asked:

have you ever thought about selling any of your designs as phone case wallets on redbubble? I really want a wallet with one of your designs on it but apparently the only wallets redbubble sells is also a phone case =/ (which, I also need a new phone case, so a two-in-one would be pretty great! but they don't really hold coins so I'll prolly just get one of your designs as a phone case anyway and buy a wallet somewhere else, but I thought I'd ask just in case!!)


Yes, I actually do have a Redbubble store that provides a variety of cell phone cases featuring my work. Thank you for your interest! :)

Also, as a friendly reminder to all: Redbubble is the only place online to get phone cases featuring my artwork where each order helps support the artist! If my work is found being sold on other websites that is not my Redbubble or Etsy store, it is stolen and should be reported.


💙I have this new hobby and I want to start selling them, I make cute phone cases💚 like these, and I was wondering if anyone would like to buy any? I got a lot of things so if you would like a custom phone case you can pick from what 💜I already have or I can gather the proper materials, these are example of my designs, I also provide the phone case itself. Please share this with your friends! Message me if you would like one, and we’ll discuss price range. Price depends on what you want on the case.