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As much as I despair at how CC ruined our XF with S10 (well to be honest anything after what I class as THE finale-Existence) I am so glad he gave us our beautiful fandom, our M&S. I feel so glad to be part of this amazing fandom of amazing fic writers and just amazing people in general. Our XF truly is an amazing creation and I feel so proud to call myself a Phile (since I first watched Roland back in the day!) just felt the need to share that! Love you and your blog! We Philes rock!!!!

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To All Philes,

every single one of you, THANK YOU. Thank you for sticking with this fandom, this show, this belief that the truth is out there and that these characters, Mulder x Scully, deserve another run. And depite any or all of our differences, we are Philes first! We come together when it matters because this lil’ Sci-Fi series–this brilliant story of a Skeptic & Believer–has influenced a legion of amazing human beings worldwide. So much talent and determination; I am often humbled by this fandom…I proudly congratulate ALL who tweeted, posted, created, researched, discussed and cried tears of joy at the very prospect of The X-FILES’ return! You are the heroes of this phenomenal journey.