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Episode 82 | Deadly Echoes

Bonus Percy and Travis:

deviri  asked:

So my friend just adopt a 1 1/2 year old gsd/husky mix and she's sweet as can be; she wants to do nothing more than cuddle and be pet, with the only aggressive act she's done being pawing me in the face because I stopped petting her. However, she doesn't like puppies. She's been introduced to adult dogs and is shy but curious, but when it comes to puppies she gives them a sniff and then a low growl. Can you think of why she does this?

It sounds like for whatever reason she’s not comfortable around puppies, and she’s behaving quite politely about it too - a greeting sniff and then an indicator of discomfort.

As to why she isn’t comfortable around puppies I couldn’t begin to say, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. Dogs don’t have to like all other dogs to still be good dogs.

  • me: this is my wife who i-
  • gf: we're not married
  • me: - adore, she is my soulmate -
  • gf: you cant even sPELL MY LAST NAME
  • me, louder: - WHO I PROTECT DAILY-
  • me: - and i love her
  • gf: aw


you know how some people will lightly grab their dogs snooter to get them to stop barking

well that doesnt work for annie because she LOVES the game wehre i grab her face. i’m pretty sure its this behavior that wolves and some dogs do, but, it’s not a dominance display or anything (i am always skeptical when people call wolf behaviors hierarchical anyway.) 

even if it was a dominance thing, it means that annie sees me as her equal, which i already know, because she does it back to me. she will jump up and snap at my face (remember she has no teeth!!) but she’s not angry or anything (she also snaps when she’s angry). 

like she just puts her whole mouth over my nose…. i know she wants to play this game when she starts opening her mouth and wiggling her face at me PREPARING TO STRIKE….sometimes i’ll pinch her on her back or her butt and she’ll start rolling around in doggo bliss. also, if i try to do this when she’s being a bad girl and borking at me, it doesn’t work because she’s like pLAY!!!! PLAYING AND BORKING!!!

she just loses her shit over this

(out of frame: my hand about to grab her face, approaching in slow motion to build up suspense)

i’ve got some videos of this somewhere that i can try to find bc u need to experience the cutest doggo in the multiverse. whenever i post a vid of us playing i am usually doing this at least once and you’re probably like “what the heck ashley why would you do that to her”. she like it…..

anyway (annieway) i thought you should all know about this. 


bad angles, messy room, but i just wanted to show you all how ridiculous my cat is. the cat hair that is now literally all over my clothing not pictured.


I use my pet ferrets to stim when they’re fine with being held and pet! They each have a unique weight and fur texture, and I can tell them apart with my eyes closed.

(Pictured: Kodiak and myself, cuddling together. Kodiak is licking my face and I am petting her.)

I’m not going to reblog a negative post, but I frankly think it’s bullshit that there’s a post in the SD tag basically saying that real service dogs don’t use headcollars or they aren’t trained.

If headcollars work for you, then that’s fine and it doesn’t make your dog less of a service dog.

I personally only ever use a head collar. Thats because I’m visually impaired and it gives me much better feedback on where my dog is looking and how she is moving.

I can tell if there’s another dog around based on the feedback from the headcollar, I can tell if someone is petting her or getting in her face by the feedback from the headcollar. I can tell which direction she’s looking. I can feel if she’s glancing behind her (a trained behavior to let me know someone is walking closely behind me). If she gets momentarily distracted, which happens to the best of dogs, I am able to redirect that and focus her because I know about it through the headcollar.
All important things that I would otherwise not know because I can’t see her.

And that just my situation.

If you use it as training tool, that’s fine! Some big name organizations like CCI use head collars, you’re in good company.

Maybe you use it because of limited strength. That’s fine too! Some use headcollars because of that, some use prongs or other tools.

Maybe your dog is in training and it’s a tool you need. Maybe you used it during training and just stuck with it because it became familiar to you and the dog.

There are lots of reasons to use any given tool, and it doesn’t mean you have an untrained dog.

It’s your disability and it’s YOUR medical equipment. Use what works and don’t worry about people being judgemental in the background.


Request: Jax isn’t sold on the idea of living with your dog but after she protects you, Abel,and Thomas from an intruder it seals the deal for him

Warnings: Mentions of violence and a break in

Pairing: Jax X Reader

   Saturdays were your favorite day of the week. Not only because Jax was off from the garage or because Abel and Thomas slept in, but because you yourself got to get a few extra hours of rest before your mommy duties started.

   Well, normally that is. Today it did not seem like that was a possibility due to Jax screaming at Betty to stop barking as she watched the boys play outside. She always wanted to be out there with them to protect them incase anything happened but Jax still wasn’t so sure about the white lab mix that you had taken in after your mother had decided she couldn’t take care of him anymore. Not that you minded, you had had Betty since you were just a little girl so you were happy to get her back.

   You drug yourself out of bed and pulled on your robe, shuffling into the kitchen to find Jax staring at the dog in agitation.

“Hoping she’ll disappear if you will her away hard enough?” you chuckled, pouring some coffee for yourself.

“Yup, isn’t working.” he grumbled,  getting up and kissing you sweetly “Morning darlin’.”

“Good morning.” you trialed off, noticing he was already dress.

He noticed you trail off and followed your gaze to his clothes “Oh yeah baby, i’ve gotta go in today, club shit.” he said with an apologetic smile.

“It’s fine, i’ll just get the sprinkler out for the boys  and we can play here instead of taking them to the pool.” You said with a fake smile, starting to make breakfast.

Jax sighed, noticing your demeanor and came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist

“It’s only for a few hours, then I’ll come back and we can take them out and do something.” he promised, sliding your robe down and kissing your shoulder softly “I know i’ve been gone a lot but things are about to settle down.”

“Jax you always say that.” you sighed, trying not to show how affected you were by his kisses

“I know darlin’ but I mean it this time.” he promised, spinning you around and kissing you sweetly “Three hours.”

You looked up into his eyes and sighed, knowing you couldn’t stay mad at him.

“Three hours, any more and you’re in trouble.”

*****Time Skip*****

It had been a total of 5 hours since you had seen Jax and you were pissed and worried at the same time.

He always called if he was going to be late unless he was busy with dangerous business and the fact that you hadn’t heard from him wa the reason you had the boys sitting on the couch with you, trying to distract them with a movie as you nervously glanced at the clock, Betty at your feet and your glock sitting on the table next to you.

You were about to get your phone out and call Jax when the door busted in, two men in masks running towards you and the boys.

You had enough time to watch the boys run into Abel’s room and lock the door before you were up and trying to fight off the one that had charged at you, Betty biting and snapping at the man’s neck after she had tackled him to the ground.

After a few minutes of struggling to reach for your gun as you fought with the man you heard a chorus of motorcycles before the boys burst through the door, getting the men down and away from you and Betty.

“(Y/n), baby are you okay?” Jax asked, pulling you tight against his chest before looking around frantically “Where are Abel and Thomas.”

“Relax, they’re fine. They’re in Abel’s bedroom, they ran in there while Betty and I tried to hold off the men.”you panted, out of breath from your fight with the large man.

Jax stared at you in shock for a minute before crouching down to hug the boys who had run into the room.

He made sure they were okay before walking over to Betty, her large brown eyes peering up at him, waiting to see what he would do.

He squatted down in front of her before glancing back at you, holding your boys close.

He stuck his hand out and petted her gently, chuckling when she licked his face
“I guess you’re not such a bad mutt after all.”