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“I grew up in an abusive household where I never got any approval.  I always felt unattractive and gross.  But everything changed the first time I walked into a gay club.  Everyone turned to look at me.  I was the newest thing.   I felt like I could have anyone I wanted.  It was the first time in my life that I felt a sense of power, and I became addicted to it.  I started using sex as a way to satisfy my juvenile need for approval.  And that need didn’t go away when I found …a long-term partner.  I tried to tell him about it one time.  We were walking in this park, and I told him about my strong desire to be with other people. I thought maybe if we could talk about my feelings, they would go away.  But he took it personally.  He teared up.  He looked like he’d been stabbed in the heart.  So I took it all back.  I never mentioned it again.  Until he caught me cheating on him.”

DIR EN GREY Kyo [2017.08.04 - MIND-V Vol 4- Interview]

“Which is why, I am simply, a voice and nothing more. “ - Kyo

Vocalist Kyo’s identity is something that has received high appreciation not only in Japan, but the world over. But, according to the man himself, just to what esteem does he hold himself?

Regardless, to solely believe in oneself self alone is the peek of self confidence.

But to the Kyo san who continues throwing his voice out into the world through DIR EN GREY and sukekiyo, just what is his reason to continue?

His visually shocking front page spread together with his thoughts and imagination, Kyo san shares all.

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To agree with anti-vegan arguments I would have to believe we have a right to use animals for food, clothing and entertainment etc. even when alternatives are available to us. I would have to believe animals are exploited and slaughtered ‘humanely’ in slaughterhouses. I would have to ignore nutritional science. I would have to believe it’s just a personal choice to kill or not to kill animals and believe there is an equivalence. I would have to ignore a lot of science on climate change. I would have to be more satisfied with thought terminating cliches like 'found the vegan!’ than actually bothering to look at the issues and learn things. I would have to be intellectually satisfied using arguments about canine teeth, lions killing animals, being stranded on deserted islands, plants having feelings etc in order to justify only certain forms of animal exploitation and slaughter. Nope.
—  Benny Malone 

Me before the Big Little Lies Finale: Bitch I need a season 2! I don’t care if this is based on only one book, I have to keep watching these women acting with each other to live.

Me after the Big Little Lies Finale: Doing a continuation would not only be cheap for the story but cheap to these characters. Five women, through all the pain, fighting and struggle, had found a bond that is going to last forever. A season 2 would ruin both the satisfying, (near) perfect finality to the show and the bond between these women. Anyone suggesting a continuation are moronic af and I personally don’t know them.

Superspeed- Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request// @jimfromsales Hey there! Could you do a story where Peter meets a girl who can duplicate powers, so she gets his power and then ends up being faster than him, and then he finds out that she also has ADHD? (So she talks really fast already, can’t stay focused on one thing for a long time, overly excitable, etc.)

A/N: Based on the requestor’s description of the Reader’s ability, I pulled inspiration from Rogue, another X-Men character, mutation and decided the reader’s power would work by taking on another’s mutation when they make skin to skin contact with that person. Also I’m so sorry if this didn’t quite meet expectations I worked on it for a long time and still aren’t completely satisfied. I hope you all enjoy it nevertheless. 

Originally posted by future-mrs-rogers-peterm

You were taking it all in, the large stone mansion behind you, the wide courtyard you currently stood in, and the rolling hills of green grass spread before you. The place was incredible, and the fact that you had finally found others like you, only added to its greatness. All these mutants, all in one place, all allowed to be themselves, you could barely wrap your head around the idea.

There were a few kids wandering around outside laughing and walking together. Most of others were in class, Charles, had allowed you to go off and explore the mansion on your own, after a brief tour with him. You were grateful for how kind and accepting he’d been towards you. 

You took a seat on the stone ledge of the wall overlooking the yard. You swung your feet a bit, lost in your own thoughts. You were incredibly eager to start classes and meet the students, to learn about others abilities and make new friends. It was all so new and exciting. 

Suddenly a voice behind you brought you back to reality.

“Hey there!” You turned around quickly coming face to face with a silver haired boy. He had a wide grin painted on his face and lopsided goggles positioned on his head. You quickly gathered his favorite color was silver, apparent by his flashy shoes and metallic looking leather jacket. “Peter Maximoff, you must be the new girl.” He held out his hand for you to shake. 

“(Y/N),” you replied, eyeing his hand warily.

“Not one for handshakes?” he raised an eyebrow.

“No it’s just-” 

“That’s cool, I’m not much of a handshake guy either, just thought maybe you were so I thought I’d give it a try, but it’s all good.”

“Ya,” you laughed a little at his ramble of thoughts. He spoke quickly as if afraid he wasn’t going to get all of his words out. It reminded you of yourself. Normally you were the one speaking a mile a minuet. 

“So (Y/N),” he hopped up on the wall to sit beside you, swinging his feet as well, “how are you liking the school so far.” 

“it’s amazing,” you smiled at him, “everyone here is so friendly, and it’s so cool to be in one place with this many mutants…” you cut yourself off afraid you were talking to much or too quickly, you did that a lot. Peter however seemed to enjoy it completely, he sat watching you intently. “I mean I haven’t seen everything yet,” you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, “I’m still looking around, this place is pretty big.”

“Hey I can help with that,” he hopped up eagerly standing up.

“Oh, ok,” you smiled, standing as well, his excitement was contagious. 

“Alright where to first?” He paused for a moment, thinking, “the library,” he decided, answering his own question. 

“Sounds good, you laughed.”

“Okay, you may want to close your eyes,” He snapped his goggles on.

“What aren’t we just walking?” You looked at him questioningly, confused by his statement. 

“No way,” he huffed as if this was obviously, “okay get ready.” He stepped towards you placing a hand on the back of your neck to steady you.

“Wait-” you tried to protest the minuet he touched you, but it was too late and a second later, before you even knew what happened you were in a new place. “What-how?” You looked around you at the books lining the shelves, you’d gone from the courtyard to the library in the blink of an eye. 

“Pretty cool huh?” He raised an eyebrow at you and smirked, clearly proud of himself.

“That was amazing,” oddly you felt like your mind was working faster than ever.


“Oh shit-” it felt like your whole body was in overdrive, mind racing, hands shaking a bit, you could barely focus, how did Peter live like this?

“Hey are you alright, you don’t look so good ya know,” Peter was watching you carefully.

“Y-ya it’s, just t-that well, my mutation, when I make physical contact with another mutant, I get their powers for a certain amount of time, and I think I may have inherited your superspeed,” the words tumbled out of your mouth quickly. You rubbed your temples, feeling a headache coming on. 

“What?!” Peter exclaimed excitedly, “that’s so fucking-wow thats cool,” a wide grin was plastered on his face.

“Not exactly the word I’d use,” you closed your eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, finally feeling a bit more in control.

“Oh my god because you know having this mutation, there hasn’t been anyone who can keep up, but shit now you can, this is gonna be a good time, what should we do first, race around the mansion-Oh I know we can go to the store, you wouldn’t believe the stuff you can get away with if your going fast enough…” He laughed, lost in thought. You were nodding your head quickly to his string of words.

“I-I feel like I can barely focus,” you hadn’t even noticed you were tapping your foot against the ground, “I mean sometimes I struggle to concentrate on a certain things or fidget, but this is like a whole other level.” 

“Hey, hey,” Peter placed both his hands on your shoulders, “just breath, try to think about one thing, like the temperature of the room, or the weather, or me talking to you.” You closed your eyes testing Peter’s advice.

“okay,” you said slowly, opening your eyes again to meet his.

“Better,” he smiled.

“Better,” you returned a grin.

“So…” He looked at questioningly.

“So let’s test this out,” you grinned excitedly.

“Alright, last one to the courtyard buys lunch,” he held out his hand for you to shake.

“Deal,” you grinned and took off running. 

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Hi. Big fan of your little stories. Would it be possible if you could write one about Jumin x mc and their son (I don't mind what age)? Thank you x

Sure fam!!! Sounds like a lovely idea!!! 

Anyhow, thank you and have a splendid day! Enjoy!!!


Truth be told, the pregnancy hadn’t exactly been planned.

But when it surprised the two of you, you were left beyond excited.

Jumin doted on you more than he already did, constantly fretting and checking up on you, taking more and more days off of work as you progressed.

“I just…I just can’t stand being so far away from you…you both.” He answered sheepishly, laughing as you peppered his face in kisses, assuring him it was more than alright.

You’d spent hours going through potential names, snickering as you’d veto the other’s idea. 

Yet eventually, you found something.

“Alright…” Jumin murmured. “How about…Hyeon.”

You thought for a moment, tipping up your head against his shoulder as you leaned against him. 

“What makes you like that one?”

“Well…it works regardless of whether the baby is a girl or boy, and it means ‘person of virtue’, I think it would be a wonderful beginning for them.” 

And oddly enough, you grinned.

“I love it.” 

And soon enough, Hyeon was born.

He looked more like his father, hints of you speckled in his face.

But where it really shined, was in his personality. 

Even in his first few months in the world he was warm and bright, laughing and tugging on the ends of your hair of his father’s polyester suit in his utter curiosity and delight.

And Jumin adored this.

“He’s just like you!” He’d exclaim, approaching you with his eyes lit up like a firework. 

“How so?” You sat up, amazed at his gentle sort of happiness.

“He’s absolutely perfect.” 

You felt your heart soar, red dotting your cheeks in a moment’s notice. 

“I-I um…I thought he got it from you!” 

He simpered, moving to sit down beside you, Hyeon giggling and reaching out as he noticed you, his lips stretching from ear to ear as you took his tiny hands in your own, pressing a butterfly kiss to his nose. 

“Darling, you know as much as I cherish your idea of that, there’s simply no way that’s possible,” He replied, scoffing. “I’m actually much happier to know he doesn’t have my personality.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Someone even as splendid as you has to admit that I’m not exactly the most well-liked person.” 

“I don’t think so!” You felt as he wrapped his free arm around you, pulling you close, Hyeon clambering to rest between the two of you, only satisfied as he found himself between his two parents. “I think you’re great!” 

“Many would disagree with you,” He cooed, delicately. “I myself in fact.” 

“Then I guess many are wrong.” You puffed out your cheeks indignantly. “You’ve grown so much since we first met, that’s something that truly takes a good person. That’s something a lot refuse to, but you’ve not only matured but you’ve still got that charm from when we first met.” 

“I’d be beyond happy to see if he became like you.” 

He melted at your statement, something like awe drenching his gaze.

You somehow still amazed him every day. 

“Well, you know at the very least he surely does have at least one thing from you.” 

“And what’s that?” 

You peered closer, ribboning the curly flecks of your son’s sooty hair, trying to hide how butterflies still managed to flutter in your stomach.

And his words only brought it to life.

“Your utterly beautiful heart.” 

Taste me

Picture is not mine!!

It was a typical New Yorker night. From a certain apartment of a luxury skyscraper which belonged to a very famous pop star called Harry Styles, you could perceive some lip smacking and wildly kissing sounds. If you had a look into living room, which was decorated with expensive furniture, you could have seen the young man, being enveloped in the arms of his beautiful and sexy girlfriend.

Their lips moved in sync, the two lovers were kissing each other like the hadn’t seen the other one for years even though they hadn’t been in each other’s presence for a couple of hours. Once (Y/N) entered the apartment that the both were sharing, being tired and exhausted from work, Harry instantly threw himself at her.

He had missed her terribly and working at the studio a few hours ago had been very agonizing. His thoughts were just filled with her, Harry noticed that he was pretty distracted instead of working on his songs. All he could think of was her beautiful and flawless face, her soothing and angelic voice, her smile and the shining in her eyes when she looked at him. The more his mind was occupied with her the more his heart started to pump harder against his chest.

He loved this woman so much. No one in the world could stop him from loving her. He shared so much pure love for her that he sometimes was overwhelmed by his own feelings. (Y/N), his baby girl, the love of his life, the only one he could imagine a future with, was the only one who would make him weak on his legs.

“Harry…”His love giggled, trying to escape from his sweet assault. But Harry just pressed his lips even more onto hers, enjoying the taste of her own lips, his body hovering over hers and her face being cupped by his hands. His thumps stroked over her cheeks so softly. With every kiss he gave her, (Y/N) felt thousand of little tingles conquering every part of her body.

In their relationship, you could tell that Harry was the one who showed more affection. He never failed to surprise her with little gifts like roses, sweets or even jewellery, which (Y/N) of course appreciated. He gave his best to make her happy. They had been together for so long and he would do everything make it last until they shared their last breath.

He often thought about the future. In a few years, when he finally settled down with her as a married couple and took a break from the public, he could see little Styles babies running in their house. Their laughter of joy already filled his ears even though they were not created yet. He saw them in front of his eyes, one baby girl, looking like her beautiful mom and a baby boy who would be the exact copy of himself. A smile crept its way on his lips as he continued kissing his woman like he never had.

“What’s going on with you today?” (Y/N) asked while laughing, pushing him away from her slightly.

Harry nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck. The sweet scent of her perfume hit his nostrils, overwhelming his senses. This woman would be the death of him someday. But he couldn’t complain, he would have died for her, no matter what.

“Nothing.” He mumbled, peppering her soft skin with feather light pecks. “Missed yeh all day long, darling. So much. That’s all.”

(Y/N) laughed. She adored how clingy and affectionate he was. “You already told me that yesterday.”

“Can’t help it. Miss yeh every day.” He let his hand run up and down her legs. Her red tight dress adorned her beautiful shape so perfectly. Harry loved every curve, every mark and scar on her body. She was always used to complain about her flaws but for Harry they were special. They made her the person she was. And if he was so in love with her how could he not be in love with all of her?

His lips found hers again. Kissing her was so satisfying. He swore he could never get bored of this. If it was for him, he would lie like this forever.

“That’s enough kissing for today, Harry.” (Y/N) smiled. “I need to get changed.”

“Oh, I can do that for yeh.” He gave her another peck on the lips, his fingers finding the zipper of her dress so easily.

“You don’t have to, love.” She told him even though she knew how much Harry liked to undress her. Not always in a sexual way.

“But I want to.” He said, unzipping her dress and sliding it down her elegant body. His eyes glided down her naked form, his warm hands tracing over her curves. (Y/N) returned the smile Harry had offered her, not feeling shy at all.

“You’re beautiful, sweetheart. Have I ever told you tha’?” Harry bent down to kiss her belly.

“A million times.” She sighed, enjoying the jolts that flew through her.

“Will never stop doing tha’.” Harry answered, kissing his way up from her tummy to her lips, where they lingered for a while. He kissed her over and over again. Tasting her, feeling her. Every kiss they shared was a new experience for him and for her.

“Will never stop lovin’ yeh, petal.”

Worldwide Journaling Club

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I just hope it doesn’t sound crazy.

I love journaling: writing down my thoughts, hopes and feelings, drawing sketches, sticking photos… In few words, expressing myself through art. So I really want to share my love for journals creating a worldwide club.

How would this work?

You keep a journal and fill it with all the art you want (document your life, stick photos of sunsets, draw strangers you meet in the underground, write positive quotes…).

When you feel satisfied, leave the journal somewhere so another person can find it and keep the journal as you did. Then, this person will leave the journal elsewhere.

So the journals can be found and don’t get lost, the idea is to track them online. They will have a number or a code so every time someone leaves the journal, other people can know where it is and look for it. Also, this way we could know who are the other artist that colaborated in the journal (although they could remain anonymous if they want).

Who could participate?

Everyone! As I said, it’s suppose to be a global community so no matter where you live, you can join the club! You just need to find a journal or start one yourself.

Basically, that is my idea. I really want to know your opinions! Let me know if this is too crazy or on the contrary, you’d like to participate. Also, if you like the project, share it! I can’t do this alone, so I’m looking for other journal lovers.

Calling all the journalers out there!

Trust Issues (one shot I think)

 Ok so this is my first proper fic for vikings and im not sure yet on fic etiquette so i apologise if i do any of this wrong ( just let me know!!)  
Ivar and  OC
Warnings: NSFW / unprotected sex / derogatory towards disability at one point / smut later on 
wordcount: 1696 ( sorry its long !) 
 I think this is a one shot but depends if people want more or not xxx

@ivartheheathen @ivars-heathen-army @heathensisterwives

There had been a great celebration when the Ragnarsons had returned from their travels, tales had spread of all their triumphs but it was great to finally have them back home in Kattegat. You had not always lived here but when the sons had recruited for their army you had come along with your people and while they were away in England, you had stayed and made quite a name for yourself. You were no fool, with a sharp mind and no stranger to a weapon, you had become a great asset.
On the sons return you had been introduced by Margrethe the sons all of which seemed pleased to meet you, all except Ivar. The more Ivar heard about you the more disgusted he seemed at the sight of you, he refused to speak to you and would just sit and judging watch you whenever with his brother.

That was until one night during the sacrifice and celebrations of the god Freyr.  Although the sons had been triumphant they had lost many men and those lost needed to be replaced, it was nights like these that were designed to bring the men and women together in the sight of Freyr to bring about a new generation of warriors.

At the celebrations feast you manged to sit across from Ubbe and Hvitserk, with Ivar sitting at the head of the table. As the feast went on you could not help but notice Ivars constant watch over you as he bore his knife into the table top. You tap your spoon in front of the other two Ragnarsons to grab their attention.

“Your brother” you say as you throw your eyes over to ivar “the way he looks at me, I don’t like it.”
Ubbe shakes his head “ I don’t know what you mean” as Hvitserk scoffs trying to supress a laugh from escaping his lips as Ubbe jabs him in the rubs.
“What is so funny? Huh? Tell me” you ask dropping your head to catch eye contact with Hvitserk, but it is Ubbe who answers.
“He doesn’t trust you”
“What? Why not!?!” you ask glaring at Ivar
Ubbe continues, “he said you cannot trust a beautiful woman, not if she is smart and ambitious”

Hvitserk leans over the table slightly towards you “ I said, beautiful smart women make men like us beautiful strong children, I mean we are celebrating Freyr, me and you could make a fine few warriors don’t you think?” he asks with the devilish smile of his, trying his luck as usual.
You raise an eyebrow and pull a horrified face in gest, “ I could think of far better things to do …”

it was then Ivar spoke, “ better than having the child of a Ragnarson?” his mocking laugh followed. You turned to meet his confrontational glare, your smiling face did not even threaten to soften it. You pause for a moment taking in the colour of his piercing blue eyes in contrast to his dark hair, the angle of his jaw and he tensed it as he looked at you, and the way his collar bones protruded from the neckline of his shirt as he lent onto the table. “No Ivar” you replied softly while allowing your eyes to meet Ivars before looking him up and down slowly, you fingers playing with the handle on your cup of mead allowing your own teeth to graze your bottom lip as you look at youngest brother, “ I can just think of a better thing to FUCK than your brother.” You pull your cup of mead up to your lips as Ivar sits back in his chair, his eyes dancing across the table, the floor, anywhere but your eyes, his lips twitching as if looking for something to say. For such a fearsome Viking, the reaction to a woman was what you would expect of a child, you had heard from Margrethe, but you did not want to elicit this reaction in him. To ease his discomfort you changed the subject “Besides!” a smile returning to your face “ I think Hvitserk is spoken for” you gesture towards to women walking towards the brother, “ I think three of us may be a crowd.”


As the celebrations had gone on the smell of mead in the air had begun to mix with the unmistakable smell of sweat and sex. It was hard to see in some places where one person began and another had ended. So many bodies intertwined with one another drunk on their mead and victories. It was here where you found yourself among some of Ivars own satisfied warriors and their companions. One of the young women leaned over to speak to you.

“You have been looking over at Ivar all night, I have seen you…”

“What?” her partner questions with a bellowing laugh, “that cripple shouldn’t even be here, no women would want to fuck him”

“they couldn’t from what I hear” the women adds laughing and covering her mouth as if to hide her words.

“What you need is to find yourself a real man, sweet, not that!” the man points over to Ivar who is still sat in the large chair at the head of the table alone overlooking everyone.

“ A real man?” you laugh “Like a leader of a great army?” your hand mocklingly slips between your legs, the heal of your hand pressing into yourself, “ A man so ruthless even Vikings like you fear him?” the man is no longer laughing as you stand “hm.. maybe you are right.” you throw the comment over your shoulder as you walk away from them towards Ivar.

You could not tell if it was the mead or you who had thought this was a good idea, but as you reached his chair you sank to your knees positioning yourself to the side, beckoning him to lean his head down to you so you could speak to him, you place your hand down over his as you speak, your stomach tightening at the warmth of his skin compared to cold leather straps and buckles.

“I know you do not trust me Ivar, and you are right not to” you can feel his muscles tense under your hand but you continue “ but your army Ivar, some doubt you are a real man. doubt breeds weakness” you pause to move yourself in front of him, your hands unravelling the leather ties of his pants, “you will be no good to me or my plans if you are weak” you stand slowly, leaning in and raising the hem of your dress to reveal one of your legs as you straddle Ivars lap, his body is tense under yours but you can feel him soften as you run a hand along the side of his neck, your thumb grazing his jaw.
“Y/N, I…” you interrupt his words, grinding your hips into his, “ I don’t care Ivar, let people see what they think they see” you whisper into his ear before letting out a soft moan” you continue to play the illusion of sex for onlookers, the friction of your bud against him still giving you sensation of pleasure, the pit of your stomach crackling like the embers of a fire waiting to ignite as Ivar begins to play along and places his thumb to twirl between your folds.

The moans were no longer an act, as Ivar cupped your jaw his thumb placed on your lips, teasing between them the way he was between your legs. You seized the opportunity to suck his thumb into your warm, wet mouth, your cheeks hollowing as you swirl your tongue. In that moment Ivars hand forces between the two of you as he lets out a deep growl, “you really shouldn’t have done that” he teased as his hand cupped you neck and pulled your forehead to his, the hand between your legs pulling at his pants. The way he was looking at you now, hungrily like you were his prey, it felt dangerous, it felt fun. You had been lost in that feeling of fear and excitement when you felt something pulsate against your entrance, Ivar drew his lips you your ear, “no more pretending” he purred as his tip slid between your folds, your head shot back in shock “but..” you gasped pausing not sure what to feel, but while ghosting your fingers down Ivars chest you still burned to be touched. “It’s not true” you smile as Ivars teases the tip at your entrance again, this time causing you to stretch as the head enters you.

“Take it” he instructed as you sink down onto him, a rasped moan leaving his body as you grind into him harder your nails digging into his skin as you stretch around him trying to engulf every last inch of the man beneath you.  His hips force upwards causing pleasure to splinter through you over and over again each buck of his hips brings you closer to your climax. His rough hands grab at your chest and throat as he pulls apart the collar of your dress to reveal your bare breast. The cold air brushing your skin causes you nipple to harden before Ivars tongue and lips make their contact. His teeth graze the flesh causing a shock to travel down your spine and your walls tense around his cock. “Ivar” you beg “please, I can’t” his teeth gently grazing your flesh again his thrusts becomig harder, “say it again” he growls, you moan his name again but a sharp thrust that would have been painful had you not been so close stops you in your tracts “No! say it again” he snarls.  His hand was no longer on your hips but between you, his thumb twirling over your clit.

“Ivar, please” you beg as his breath quickens “again” his voice wrasps against your skin before his lips kiss at your neck, he wanted you to beg for him and with every please you let out his thrust became harder and more erratic. His pulsing cock pushing against your clenching walls as your body began to come undone, you force yourself down onto him, taking him in completely your nails ripping at his skin as your body screams out of pleasure a wave of heat coming over you as his hips buckle and you feel his body release into you.

You collapse into his chest and neck, as you come back into reality and see so many watching eyes including Ivars warriors from before, their jokes of Ivar no longer relevant. As you glance around the room your head is ripped back by its jaw so that your eyes lock with Ivars, the smell of mead on his breath filling your nostrils. His grip tight as his eyes bore into yours, “You do not have to beg a WEAK man!” 

hope it was ok for my first Ivar fic !!! Love to the Heathen Army and Sisterwives!!

So, I thought Bob was totally right about this at first. I was curious, so I did a little researching and found that we were both wrong.
Situational homosexuality was something that happened on pirate ships, men being surrounded by men and not being able to satisfy sexual needs as often as they would like. Homosexuality wasn’t accepted in many pirate communities, but there was a common practice among some pirates, especially in the Caribbean.
Matelotage was the term given to a civil union between two men on pirate ships. The men often married for financial purposes as people in a matelotage shared personal items, loot, and were entitled to each other’s inheritance. But many of these relationships were also romantic as the matelots often had sex.
This happened all the way back in the 1600’s and the union ceremonies were identical to modern marriages. The two men would exchange gold rings and pledge their eternal commitment to each other. Many historians believe that there may have been entire towns where homosexual relationships and marriages between men were completely accepted.
In 1645, the French governer of Tortuga was so concerned about the homosexual relationships among the pirates that he had thousands of prostitutes shipped to the islands. The best thing about this is that the gay couples actually just ended up having threesomes and orgies with the women.
I felt like Tumblr needed to know this.

Till I Found You (Soul Mate AU)

I hope this satisfies!    

      According to just about everyone, there is a soul mate out there for each and every individual person. In a world of around seven and a half billion people, there is a single person meant to be yours. Crazy, right? And how would you know who your destiny is? Niall has asked that question to multiple people who have apparently found their mates, and they’ve all said the same thing. When you meet your person, no matter at what age, their aura will flash before you. That’s how you know.

           Niall’s called bullshit on the whole thing. The government is lying to everyone, he often says to anyone who will listen. The insurance companies are idiotic, discriminating against those who haven’t found their other half or, dare they say it, in a relationship with someone else. Which happens, often. How are they supposed to know if you’re with your soul mate, anyway? Can’t they lie?

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I like how Aizen low-key hates Hitsugaya for being smart and impossible for him to recruit. For a long time he had been able to outwit everyone who had crossed his way and either enroll them into his group of followers or get rid of them by framing them into some major crime, or just experimenting on them. There might be also some jealousy involved because everyone is calling Hitsugaya a genius, he seems to get a lot of praise and attention for it and people are even calling him a successor for Yamamoto and comparing Hyorinmaru to Zanka no Tachi. The only time that other child prodigy was mentioned in the series happened in TBTP and the first thing  Aizen did back then was reaching out the kid and recruiting him as his subordinate. It must have been pissing him off that despite being one of the most intelligent people in Soul Society, he couldn’t show anyone how smart he really is because it would have ruined his Master Plan™, instead he had to pretend to be this obedient boy who climbed to a position of a captain by working hard and respecting the authorities. I bet that whenever there was a rumour about someone exceptionally talented it was immediately catching Aizen’s attention and he tried to place them under himself and control their every move, just to make sure that he always stayed at the very top. Shining like the brightest star in the galaxy… until Hitsugaya came along lol. Then there was this another apparently Smart Person™ who was also very nosy and evidently had no intention of working for him but started to sniff around and actually pay attention to the situation in Seireitei more than the others did instead. Aside from that, despite being smarter than others, Hitsugaya still wasn’t as smart as Aizen which pissed Your Future Soul King™ even more because according to him Hitsugaya clearly didn’t deserve all the fuss that people were making about him when there was someone a lot more intelligent and powerful in Gotei. He even admitted that the only person who he thought deserved the recognition they got was Urahara. I have found the scene in FKT arc where Aizen stabbed Hinamori again and beat Hitsugaya’s ass right after that, kinda satisfying because I knew doing this made him feel better. I’m a spiteful person so I could feel how some of that old tension was lifted from his shoulders. I guess I would make a good anime villain lmao.

BTS reaction to you finding out your S/O cheated on you.

A/N: I know that there are quite a few Kpop reactions to y/n finding out their S/o was cheating whilst still in a relationship, but I haven’t seen any in which Y/N finds out that their S/O had cheated after the relationship has already ended. So, I decided to write one, because the way I see it, it doesn’t matter if you’re still in a relationship or if the relationship ended months ago, finding out that someone you cared about and trusted betrayed you still sucks. I’m not sure anything I just wrote makes sense.

-Requests are open-

Jin- As soon as you told him, Jin would turn up at your door with a big Tupperware of food. He would sit you down at your table, put the food between you both, and listen as you explained how you’d found out your ex had been cheating on you whilst you were together. “It’s not that I still care about them,” You’d explain, “I just feel betrayed… it’s like I was worthless to them all along.” Frowning, Jin would shake his head, mouth full of food. But you can bet your ass that as soon as he’d finished chewing, you’d get a lecture about how valuable a person you are. Once he’s satisfied you have eaten and that you are no longer doubting yourself, the mood would change.

“You know, Y/N, if you want me to, I could put a dog turn in their air con?” he would say, laughing at himself.
You would look at him moodily, but not before showing him a faint smile. “That’s better! None of this sadness, you’ll make everyone miserable if you carry on pouting.” Jin would use a seemingly endless supply of jokes to keep you smiling.

Yoongi- Yoongi would rock up at your apartment to find you spread across the sofa, hidden under your duvet and a (impressive) mountain of snacks. Internally, he would be beyond pissed at your ex, cursing them repeatedly in his mind, but instead of slagging them off, he would stand and listen to everything you had to say (Although, you may occasionally catch him uttering insults after you speak your ex-S/O’s name). He would watch as you cried, feeling a little powerless in regard to offering a solution, but hoping that letting all your emotions out might help you feel a little better. He would try to sooth you, but avoid empty and cliché phrases, all the while plotting horrible ways in which your ex could “disappear.”

“Move your ass over” he would gently push your legs off the sofa and sit himself firmly next to you before concluding your conversation. “People are idiots” he’d finally say and you’d smile slightly.

J-Hope- You would be sat together on the sofa, lazily scrolling through your phones and sharing videos that came up on your social media. In an instant your expression would drop, and noticing this, Hoseok’s smile would falter as he asked you if you were alright.

“What happened Y/N? Wait, no, don’t cry”

You would show him the message you had just received and he would be straight by your side, rubbing your back soothingly and willing your tears away with a gentle smile. He would want to make sure you didn’t feel at all responsible for your ex-S/o’s actions, saying that the problem led with you ex, not with you, and that if they were weak enough to betray you in such away then they clearly weren’t the kind of person who deserved someone as valuable as you.

Rap monster- “That dirty little-”

Honestly, the thought of giving your ex-S/O a pair of black eyes and a bloody nose to match would flash across Namjoon’s mind, but he would tell himself to rise above it. After all, you were handling the situation with such collectiveness that it’d only make things worse for you if he was to do something reckless. Still he would be keen to help you move beyond this, and you would probably end up writing a list of gorgeous celebrities who you could move onto, and noting down positive traits these celebrities had that your ex lacked (he might even sneak his name onto this list.) Essentially, he would want to prove to you that you don’t need your ex, or anyone for that matter, and that even though you’re hurting now, he doesn’t doubt for a second that your strong enough to carry on.

Jimin- You and Jimin would be sat waiting for a taxi to take you home from your day out, when you received a text from one of your friends explaining that your ex-S/O had cheated on you. He would clench his fists at his sides, hating the look of hurt that flashed across your features before you hastily covered it up with a fake smile. He would be unbelievably annoyed with your ex, wanting to go straight round to your ex’s house, but instead he would try to hide his feelings, prioritising your emotional state. Sliding across the bench where the two of you were sat, Jimin would wrap his arms around you as if he could shield his best friend from all the hurt their ex-S/O had caused.

“Jimin, I’m okay, it’s really not a big deal” You would say, both of you fully aware you were not at all okay.

“I know,” Jimin would pretend for your sake not to notice the tears in your eyes, “But it’s cold. Let me keep you warm for a while.”

Taehyung- Tae would see that you were being brave. You were still laughing whenever he did something funny, and you hadn’t even mentioned your ex-S/O’s name, but there was a clear sadness in your eyes and he could tell that you were still thinking about what had happened. The breakup between you and your ex had been a messy one, but finding out he had been cheating on you all along still felt like a huge kick in the teeth, Tae didn’t want you to ever feel the way you’d felt when it’d ended. He would make it his mission to make you happy. Ice cream, shopping, watching movies and then more ice cream would be the top check boxes on his battle plan list. He would take you to do everything you loved. And if you wanted to stay at home, that’d be fine, he’d just bring the ice cream to you.

Jungkook- You would text Jungkook, simply directing him to your social media page on which your charming ex-S/O had been arrogantly bragging about how they had been seeing someone else whilst the pair of you were still dating. You felt sick, scrolling through the torrent of comments left right there in the open where all your friends and family could view them. Jungkook would phone you in an instant, “Want me to go beat them up?” he would ask jokingly (“but like seriously Y/N, do you want me to beat them up?”) You would both bitch about your ex, “They are such a scum bag” and “You don’t need them” would be just a few of the words that he would say through the phone, and when your tears finally came, Jungkook would get his ass on over to you so that he could take proper care of you… or at least he’d try. The rest of the night would consist of snacking followed by round two of bitching.

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how about a oneshot where heiji and kazuha swap roles?

you have no idea what you unleashed here anon, but I’m glad you did. (also, it’s on AO3)

“So? Where is he?”

Mouri Ran was not the type to easily be intimidated- it took much more than the admittedly rather intense glower of an unknown stranger to leave her with any feeling of danger. What was the issue, however, was the fact that she completely hadn’t expected to be confronted with such a thing today. She’d been hoping for a pleasant outing with a new friend- not a confrontation with a young man speaking with a rather thick Kansai dialect.

“Where is who?” Ran blinked, instinctively moving her arms so that she brought Conan a bit closer to herself. He squirmed at it, but he’d thank her later if this got out of hand. “You’re going to have to be a little more specific than that.”

“What do ya mean, who? Yer with him, aren’t ya?” Leaning back, the young man cast a skeptical look down towards her, one brow shooting up. “Kudo, I mean, that Kudo guy! Who else would I be talkin’ about?”

“Kudo?” For a moment, Ran found herself briefly dumbfounded, as much as she knew exactly who he meant. It was everything else that was thoroughly confounding her- namely who this person was, what his problem with Shinichi was, and why he thought he’d be here with them to begin with. “If you’re asking about Shinichi, he’s not here.”

“So that’s the bastard’s first name?” Folding his arms in front of his chest, the young man didn’t appear satisfied by her answer. “There’s no way that guy’s not here! Not with the way Kazuha was goin’ on about meetin’ him here today, ta show him around Osaka, he’s not. And if he’s the type ta ditch her…”

Who’s the type ta ditch me?”

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Shiro’s reaction

“Oh, most beautiful of all living things, marry me! Be this planet’s queen!”

Before you stood a small crowd of tiny aliens. They were no bigger than five year olds and kind of looked like five year olds, but they had three legs, and were brightly colored.

The one offering the marriage proposal was a bright blue and richly dressed in something similar to silk, obviously the leader. The race of neon five year olds were cute, but not ones you’d want to marry.

“If you marry me, oh most ethereal one, you’ll want for nothing! I swear it!” You looked behind you for advice from the rest of Team Voltron.

•Shiro• spoke up. “Your majesty! I mean no offense to you or your choice in queens, but I don’t think you’d want this one as your queen.” You shot him a look of thanks.

“Why ever not, fierce lion tamer?” asked the King, not looking particularly convinced.

“Because, uh…” Shiro looked like he was at a loss for words.

“Because I’m already married,” you rushed out, hoping to cover for him. “Yes. I can’t marry you because I’m already married.” The King looked taken aback.

“Who could be good enough for you, most gorgeous light of the universe? The only ones who could treat you better than I would be these Paladins before you.”

“Ah, yes!” Shiro shouted. “They are married to me. That is why they can’t marry you. Yes…” He trailed off, looking satisfied with himself. You could feel yourself blush at the thought of marrying him. You could practically hear the wedding bells.

“Alas!” wailed the King. “You have found the only one person who could treat you better than I.” He sniffed, and you feared he would cry. “Well, if I cannot marry you, how can I assist the great lion takers?”


“So we’re married, huh?” Shiro jumped at the sound of your voice from behind him, and spun around.

“Well,” he started slowly, face slightly red, “I just didn’t want to leave you hanging in that situation you know. I mean, I know we’re not married.” His tone of voice shifted a bit, and he sounded a little down. You took his hands into yours, his prosthetic cool against your skin.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, head tilted to the side.

“Will we ever get married? If you want to, that is.” His eyes seemed to sparkle with something hopeful, something you hadn’t seen in awhile.

“Yes,” you said with finality. “Maybe after all of this is over with. Killing Zarkon can be our engagement gift.” You smiled, and lifted your left hand to his cheek. “Deal?” He laid his hand on top of the yours.


Cleaning Service Part Two

You can read part one here.

Jai scoured your professional and personal Instagram and Facebook pages. He smiled as he looked over your pictures with family and friends. He was coming more intrigued by you as he found out all he could about you. You started your cleaning business out of high school and put yourself through college. Your business was a success for the past six years.  So beauty and brains. Jai saw that you liked white roses like the late singer Selena and wondered if he should send you some. He shook his head no, as that would be too stalkerish. Cyber stalking was bad enough.
“Hey Dan! Come here.” Jai called to his friend who was lounging on his couch. “What do you think of her?” Jai asked moving his laptop so Dan can see your profile pictures.
Dan shrugged his shoulders. “She’s alright. She’s no Ruby Rose though.”
“There is only one Ruby Rose Dan. I think she’s cute. There is something about her.” Jai said lightening up a cigarette as he stared at your photo more.  Maybe he will send you roses with a thank you card for the ride to his car.
“I think you can do better.” Dan said walking back to the couch. Jai shook his head and looked back at your photos thinking of what to put on the card he would send with the flowers.

“Oh my God! Y/N! Who are they from?!” Alyssa sniffed the white roses that were sitting in a gorgeous vase in the middle of your coffee table.
“They are from a client.” You answered frowning to yourself.
“What’s up with the sour face? You should be happy your clients appreciate you.” Alyssa stated sniffing the roses again and being nosy in looking for the card to see which client it was.
“I don’t need attention from this particular client.” You told her. Jai Courtney was not a man you wanted to deal with. He was devastatingly handsome, sexy and a serial womanizer. You knew for a fact, as you always had to clean up after his little conquests. You could open up your own lingerie shop from all the lingerie that was left at his house. A man like him was dangerous for a woman like you. He would just use you and then throw you away when he was done. You could not let him use his charms. However, it seemed his charms were working with little effort as you rented all his movies from Amazon.  You were already disgusted with yourself for fantasizing about him and the flowers he sent only perpetrated the fantasy even more.
“Who is the client?” Alyssa asked finally walking away from the table disappointed she did not locate a card.
“Jai Courtney.”
“Oh My God!! Girl he is fine as fuck!! What the hell did you do to him to get flowers. None of my clients ever sent me flowers. They do leave hefty tips though. I rather have the money….but those flowers though…” Alyssa looked back at the flowers. They were beautiful and a man did not send a woman flowers like that without a reason.
“I gave him a ride to his car so I guess he was just being nice and saying thank you.” You told Alyssa hoping the information you just divulge would satisfy her.
“What is he like in person? How does he smell, look?”
You should have known your friend would continue to ask questions.
“To be honest he is really sexy.”
“I knew it!” Alyssa shrieked. “He must like you to send you flowers.”
You shook your head no.
“He was just being nice Alyssa.”
“Being nice is sending carnations. These are roses….white roses which you love. So he must have found out some information about you.”
“I doubt he would go through all that for the cleaning lady. Can we talk about something else?” You were starting to get uncomfortable with the conversation. You did not need to get your hopes up that someone like Jai would actually take the time to find out anything about you.

“Fuck!” You muttered to yourself as you pulled up next to Jai’s car in the driveway. You had a feeling he would be home during your next visit. You let yourself in and found him at the kitchen table looking at his laptop, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee.
“Good Morning.” You said smiling wider than you wanted too. Jai met your smile with his own.
“Hey!” He shut his laptop and got up to help you carry in your cleaning supplies. He looked stunning in a white tank top and gray lounge pants.
“Thank you very much for the roses. They were beautiful. You know you didn’t have to do that.” You stepped back from his towering figure. You inhaled his cologne and felt your body react. Stop it! You chastised yourself.
“I know I didn’t have too but I wanted too.”
“How did you know I liked white roses?”
Jai’s smile widen. “Would you freak out if I said your Facebook  and Instagram profile?”
You shook your head no. It didn’t freak you out. You were flattered.
“Have you had breakfast?”
Your stomach rumbled at his question. You only had time for coffee that morning.
“No but I need to get started.”
“My place doesn’t need cleaning today.”
You looked around and he was right. The place was spotless.
“I was about to make breakfast. Do you mind using the time you would take to clean and have breakfast with me?” Jai looked at you hopeful. What was this man up too?
“Ok.” You were curious as to what he had up his sleeve.
“You’re not vegan or vegetarian are you?” Jai asked heading to the kitchen. “I saw meat in some of your food posts.”
“I eat meat and dairy.” You answered sitting on a barstool at his kitchen island watching him as he gathered items from his fridge. As you watched him, everything felt surreal. Jai Courtney was just a few feet away from you making you breakfast. The same man you watched in a movie last night. You were not the one to be star struck as you had become use to meeting celebrities in your line of work but there was just something about Jai that sent a steady hum throughout your body. You and Jai made small talk as he efficiently made breakfast. You found yourself getting lost in the sound of his accent and trying with all your might to focus on what he was actually saying.
“Y/N. Come try these eggs to make sure they are too your liking.”
You hopped off the stool and met Jai at the stove. He took a scoop of scrambled eggs out the pan, slowly blew on it to cool it down while not leaving eye contact with you. You found the action erotic.
“Open your mouth.” He instructed his voice becoming husky. You slowly open your mouth as he put the spoonful of eggs in your mouth. The eggs were delicious. As you chewed, swallowed and licked your lips you noticed Jai’s eyes dilate and changed a shade of blue.
“It’s delicious Jai.” You told him. You noticed Jai’s eyes leave your lips to linger on your chest. He wondered how delicious you would taste. You felt heat rise to your cheeks and you stepped away from him and the stove. Jai cut off the burner and removed the pan. You turned around to head back to your stool when you felt him grab your hand and turn you around to face him. Before you realized what was happening Jai’s lips came crashing down on yours. You instinctively open your mouth to him. You heard him let out a small moan as his tongue found yours. Your arms snaked around his neck to pull him in closer and deeper in your mouth. You don’t know what had took over you but you were hungry for him and all of him. As your tongue thrusted deeper in his mouth Jai lifted you up by the butt and placed you on the island. He broke this kiss and traced his lips alongside your jaw to your neck. This time it was your turn to moan as his tongue lapped and nibbled at your neck. He felt so good and you wondered what his tongue would feel like on your throbbing sex. As if reading your mind Jai started to unbutton your jeans and you froze. Your eyes flew open and you pushed him away.
“Don’t! I can’t!” You shouted gathering your wits. How could you have let it get so far? You told yourself you would not fall for a man like him. Were you a glutton for punishment ?
“What’s wrong Y/N?” Jai stepped back confused at the turn of events. You hopped off the island.
“This is not a good idea.” You told him as you headed for the door with Jai right behind you.
“Don’t!” You turned around and pressed your hand against his massive chest to stop him. “Please don’t.” You were practically begging. You quickly grabbed your keys and headed out the door.
Jai looked at his closed door in disbelief. What had just happen? You were literally melting in his arms. He could tell you wanted him just as much as he wanted you. He could not believe you just rushed out.
You left out in such a hurry you forgot your cleaning supplies. What would it take for him to break down your barrier. Jai never met a straight woman he could not have. He was just going to have to pull everything out of his arsenal to get you. He would not rest until he had you in his arms.

Part Three soon.

#2 You get in a car crash and lose your memory part 2

Read part one here

AN: Wow! Part one has been up less than 24 hours and it already has 100 notes. I can’t honestly thank you all enough. My only problem is I hope part two lives up to expectations. I’ll try my best not to disappoint but I can’t guarantee another 100 note worth preference. But I’ll try here you go :)

“Y/n,” he stuttered “It’s me, please say you remember me.” You looked at him closely and tried with all your might to remember but nothing, not even a spark of a clue of who this boy could be. “Come one, you have got to remember.” He said sounding desperate. You looked away not being able to look at him in the face knowing that you were the cause of his heart broken expression.  You herd him sigh and the sound of him sitting back down. A few minutes of silence was interrupted when you could hear someone humming, looking back you noticed it was the boy. Although he was humming you could tell you had a very nice voice closing your eyes you let the humming be the only thing you were aware of. You felt his name come into your head, “Calum?” you said more as a question then a statement, “Y/n! You remember me!” he said standing back up, “Not really, sorry, just your name, but I think you humming made your name pop into my head”  “Then I shall continue humming and singing until you fully remember me, how does that sound?” “That’s fine with me”


Ashton : You agreed to allow your so called boyfriend into the room with you. At first it was awkward. Awkward for you as this boy who was apparently your boyfriend was really attractive, even with his own cuts and scratches, you had been informed he had been in the same crash, this must be a trick, how did someone like you get someone like him? Awkward for him as his girlfriend doesn’t remember him. “So you don’t remember me?” he asked awkwardly. “No, and to be honest I think this is trick, why would you want to be my boyfriend?” “It’s not a trick! And I ask my self the same question everyday… but opposite… why would you want to be my girlfriend? You are perfect and it seems I am going to convince you” “What makes you think you can convince me?” “I’ve done it before, now y/n will you allow me to take up the following missions, one to get your memory back and two, be an amazing boyfriend who convinces his girlfriend they are perfect?” “Yes. I’d love to see how you are going to convince me, I’m not sure you can” “I love a challenge,”


Michael: Soon after the encounter you were put into therapy where you were given simple tasks to do to get your memory back. The thing was you had no memories but you could remember most things. For example you couldn’t tell anyone who your school best friend was but you could tell people what the capital of France was. You had information with out context. Slowly your memories were coming back, but in order, first you got your childhood memories then your school memories. Although Michael wanted to by your side constantly during the process everyone could see it was breaking his heart. His family and friends convinced him to go on tour with the others, due to the speed you were recovering it would take a while for you to remember him. However, they were wrong. It was about 10 days into the tour when your memories of him came back. You needed to be with him right away. You traveled with out telling anyone but his management who swore their secrecy; they said he needed cheering up. You went to his hotel room where he answered the door when you knocked, “Hello you, it’s been a while since I’ve seen my brother” you said making fun of yourself, at first he thought you were serious but when he saw you burst into laughter he realized. “You aren’t funny Y/n” “I am! You should have seen your face!” he didn’t respond, he just wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly.


Luke: As soon as he could, Luke was by your side. “How long have we been together?” you asked him, “About 8 months” he replied, “I wish I could remember those 8 months, maybe more! They can’t pin point when my memories stop” “I have an idea” he said walking off then returning with a laptop, “You tweet constantly everyday; you say it’s like your mini diary. The fans love it as it keeps them up to date when ever you are with me” “That’s good! Maybe I secretly knew I would lose my memory!” You both sat there going through your twitter looking at each tweet and each photo but 8 months worth of tweets when you tweet everyday is a large amount of tweets. “Luke we don’t have to do this you know, I’m sure you have better things to do with your life” “We do have to do this and I don’t, my main priority is getting your memory back I don’t care how long it takes. Then again sooner rather then later would be nice.” After a few hours you found a tweet you remembered, you managed to find out you had lost a year and a half of memories. You knew with work you could get that year and a half back. If not, you always had you mini twitter diary to look back over. You can tell yourself and Luke had a great time together from the pictures, you couldn’t wait to make new memories with him.


AN: Personally I’m not 100% satisfied with this but it’s not for me to decide. Again I tried to get them as different as possible which was quite hard.
Sorry it took me so long to write this! I started this morning and stuff happened. So it’s taken me hours to finally finish.

I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any requests just let me know! Hopefully I’ll have it written faster then I wrote this! 

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Hi! I found this blog not too long ago and saw that you accepted submissions, and wanted to ask if you'd be open to some prompts I made? They're all dialogue (I hope that's alright), and I don't intend on using ANY of them soon. I'd be satisfied just knowing even one person could create something from all my nothings. If you'd let me, I know I'll be making many more as time passes and would be happy sending them all to you for whatever you want to do with them. (No credit required—honestly!!!😃)

hi!  We accept lots of prompts! Please check out our Rules first tho! If your prompts don’t comply we will delete them without posting.  ~Lucy

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if Jeffrey found a boyfriend that would never leave him + be as submissive as Jeff wanted do you think he would have never killed anyone ???

Potentially… but someone that submissive (a zombie like person) would be pretty much impossible to find

Let’s say he did though… I think he would eventually lust after someone he would see and basically want another guy. So I dont think he would ever be satisfied with one guy…

Also don’t forget he had a fetishist for internal organs so it could just be a matter of time before he maybe imagines this submissive dude would leave (even if he wouldn’t) just so he could kill them and see their organs