i peep a nipple

One night this dude and me hit off just chatting, we legit talked all fucking day & decided to link up. Homie pull up to the crib, I got on my leggings, tank top, coat & scarf on because it’s bend time & im not changing my clothes to spend time in no nigga car. So he drives me around the hood while he’s making his rounds, we still talking & shit just going good. Son had his heat on blast so I unzipped my jacket, he peeped my nipples was poking & this is when shit went left.

he said I had nice sized boobs, I said thank you. He wanted to see them so I told him Google em. Hit me with the “but you already here, might as well see em in person”. I give him a lil peak nothing major, now he asking to see my butt. I sit up and turn around. I’m told move to the back seat, I said okay & did as told.

Next thing I know he pulls my leggings down and his face is all in my ass. In my head I’m like “this feels weird”, then he starts eating my pussy while I’m bent over his back seats. While he’s eating it, I get a surprise visitor better known as thumb in the butt.

Now my pussy just going crazy, I’m so wet the floor of his car looked like someone spilled something. He still going back & forth eating my pussy & my ass, I’m in heaven like yo this feel mad good right until the dick slid in.
I let him do his thing, he bussin my ass all crazy while drowning in pussy.

I came & squirted all over him, knew right then & there I had to lock that type of dick down.