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*warning; sexual harassment related themes*

+ Dan’s been acting strange all day, but still insists he’s fine and everything’s normal.

+ He keeps staring off into space and Phil has to wave his hand in front of his face several times to get his attention. Finally Phil just slams him against the wall, pinning him there by his wrists.

+ “Dan, what’s going on with you?” He asks, figuring that must have gotten his boyfriend’s attention. Dan sighs, blushing.

+ “You know how I’ve been getting a bit… chubbier?” He asks. Phil nods. He’s more than aware; Dan’s stomach and thighs have been getting more cuddly and he loves it.

+ “Yes…?” He asks, narrowing his eyes. “Do you not like it? Because I’ve told you, your body is-”

+ “No, no, it’s not that,” Dan interrupts him, searching Phil’s eyes and chewing on his lip. “I’ve been getting these… comments.”

+ “Are people being rude? I swear I’ll-”

+ “No, Phil. Most of them aren’t mean… they’re…” Dan trails off, his gaze falling too his feet. “Just let me show you.”

+ Phil lets Dan lead him to his room, sitting on the bed as Dan leans over the desk, opening his laptop.

+ “They’re a bit…” he pauses, his face tinting pink. “Dirty,” he mumbles.

+ “Excuse me?” Phil stands up, moving to the desk to look at his screen, and Dan steps aside.

+ The first thing he sees is a comment saying, “fuck i wanna eat him out. i want my head between those chubby thighs, damn” and a bunch of people agreeing.

+ Phil’s seething. He crosses his arms, facing his boyfriend, who’s blushing and avoiding his gaze.

+ “Read them.”

+ Dan stares at him. “What?”

+ “I said, read them.” Phil raised an eyebrow. “Read them to me.”

+ Dan slowly approached the computer, watching Phil nervously as his eyes scanned the words.

+ “I-I want to…” he stuttered, licking his lips and glancing at Phil. Phil nodded for him to continue. “I want to go down on him s-so bad… and k-kiss him all over… he looks so much better with a little bit of fat…”

+ Phil silently dropped to his knees in front of Dan. “Keep going,” he muttered, tugging at his zipper.

+ “He’s so fucking sexy now, I’m so jealous of his boyfriend. I’d love to f-fuck him until he screamed…” Dan read, biting his lip, and Phil scowled, tugging down his zipper roughly.

+ “I w-would leave marks all over those pale thighs, m-make him look so pretty, all covered with my…” Dan flinched. “…my cum…”

+ “Block whoever said that one,” Phil growled, tugging Dan’s jeans down his hips and mouthing him through his boxers.

+ Dan gasped sharply, squirming automatically, but Phil grabbed his thigh tightly and held him still.

+ “Keep reading, princess.”

+ “I…” Dan started, his breath hitching. “Phil, I can’t-”

+ “Keep reading,” Phil repeated, digging his nails into Dan’s soft skin, his voice a sort of low sickly sweet growl that had Dan shivering.

+ “Yes s-sir,” Dan mumbled, moaning softly as Phil pulled his boxers down, licking a long stripe up his thigh. “I d-don’t even know who he is, but I… if I met him in a bar I would take him home, no doubt.”

+ Dan paused to whimper as Phil nipped at the sensitive place on his inner thigh, and god he was so close to the place Dan wanted him to be.

+ “I’d fucking tie that slut down and-”

+ Phil had heard enough; he pushed Dan back on his bed, moving his legs so they were wrapped around his head. He bit at Dan’s sensitive skin gently, humming when Dan moaned from above him, reaching down to tangle his fingers in Phil’s hair.

+ Dan arched his back, whining as Phil took all of him to the back of his throat, bobbing his head expertly. He knew Dan this way, only him. Only he knew all the ways to get him screaming so loud the neighbors could hear.

+ “Mine,” Phil whispered, digging his nails into a particularly chubby part of Dan’s thigh, brushing his fingertips up his stomach. “My pretty chubby baby, all mine.”

+ Dan nodded, whimpering and trying to keep himself from thrusting into Phil’s mouth. “Yes, daddy. Please- all yours.”

+ And right then, they both knew it. No one else even stood a chance.

how would you feel ; riarkle

summary: the four times farkle doesn’t say he loves riley, and the one time he does.
author’s note: my computer is being so irritating so i had to post this w my phone so sorry if the formatting is gross!!!!! the formatting on ao3 is fine and the link to my ao3 profile is in my bio.


It’s freshman year and Riley is trying out for cheer, again. Even though she made it last year, she still wasn’t satisfied with her “pity acceptance” and vowed to make it this year (I have to prove myself this time Farkle. We’re in high school now, it’s the big leagues), but for real this time.

The whole gang was going to come and support her again but everyone besides Farkle was preoccupied. Lucas and Zay had football practice, Maya had independent art study with Mr Turner, and Smackle was tutoring Yogi in biology. Farkle also had plans, the robotics club was about to make a huge breakthrough with their most recent endeavor, but when he saw the way her face fell when everyone bailed, he couldn’t do that to her. He knew that if she knew he had somewhere else to be, she would make him go, so he made sure she felt like his number one priority. At least, that’s what he told Smackle when she accused him of having feelings for her (again).

“She’s our friend, Smackle. My best friend actually, and I promised her I would be there for her. Always.”

“I thought I was your best friend, dearest? Match made in heaven?”

“You’re my girlfriend. There’s a difference.”

Smackle pretended his comment didn’t sting, and didn’t question it further.


He was gathering his stuff from his locker when she anxiously floated over to him the day of the try outs. She looked adorable in her high ponytail, pom poms in hand. Not that he noticed.

“Farkle, I’m so beyond nervous!” Her words zoomed off her lips as they walked to the gym. “I’ve been working with Zoe all summer, you know that, but what if it’s not enough? These girls have made this their lifestyle and I only started this summer. I want this so bad, my head could burst.”

“Riley,” he paused, stopping them and grabbing her hand, platonically, “You’re going to be great. You have never failed at anything you put your mind to. Don’t freak out, Riles. I’m going to be in those bleachers cheering you on the whole time.”
She looked up at him with her big, doe eyes, “Always?”

His heart broke at the sight of her vulnerability so he squeezed her hand, “Always.”

Her try out went great, he knew it would. She danced and laughed and even though she tripped at least seven times, she had more cheer than anyone there. He reminded her of that when they sat outside of the school waiting for their ride as she cried into his shoulder. As she cried, he held her tighter than ever before. Platonically.

The results got posted the next day and Farkle picked Riley up in his dad’s car even earlier than Cory could have taken her so they could wait outside and eat bagels. She wanted to be the first one to see the list, and for Farkle to be the second. When the school finally opened, Riley ran to the bulletin board outside of the gym before Farkle could even make it two feet inside. When he got to the bulletin board, she was standing in front of it, motionless.

“Riles,” he began cautiously.

“I, I made the team,” she whispered as if she didn’t even believe the words coming out of her own mouth.

It took him exactly .2 seconds for him to run to her and sweep her into his arms. She giggled wildly as he lifted her off the ground and twirled her around, embracing her as they celebrated this triumph.

Setting her down but not letting go of her, they looked at each other from a dangerously close perspective. His breath was heavier than he ever wanted it to be when he was around her, and her face was flushed pink with something she could only describe as pure exhilaration. Of course, at the time, she blamed it on the good news.

“Riley,” he paused, I love you,“I’m so proud of you.”

Her eyelashes fluttered as she looked at him in a daze, I love you too “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

That night, he thought about the words he thought in that moment of pure bliss and reminded himself that it was platonic. They had said it a thousand times.

So why could he not say it then?


Freshman year quickly turned into sophomore year and sophomore year brought more challenges than any of them could imagine.
After the London Debacle the six had faced at the end of the last school year, Riley and Lucas had decided to stay broken up and a long three months later, Lucas and Maya had decided to put themselves, and everyone else, out of their misery and try dating again. They were now almost four months in things had settled. They were happy. Everyone was happy. Until the night that Smackle became very unhappy.

“Really, Smackle, I can leave. I don’t want to get in the way. I shouldn’t have come anyway.”

Smackle and Farkle were having a fairly innocent make out session in Farkle’s room when Riley barged in with bags full of snacks and all of the back to the future movies in hand. Ever since Maya and Lucas had started dating, Farkle had been there for her to lean on and she naively didn’t notice the effect it had on Farkle and Smackle’s relationship. That is, she didn’t realize it until she saw poor Smackle freaking out on Farkle.

“No, Riley, you’re fine,” Farkle said for the umpteenth time that night. Riley could very clearly see that things were not fine, that she was most certainly was not fine and that she should leave, so why did she believe him? Why did she take her word for it and sit there, knowing it was only making things worse?

Smackle scoffed, “Classic.”

Farkle’s finger were going to town on his temples, trying to soothe his mind in anyway possible, “Isadora, if you have something to say then say it.” He never called her by her full name.

“Fine,” she began, stronger than a bull, “If you want to really hear it then here it goes. Riley is using you, Farkle, and you’re letting it happen because you’re too nice. Ever since Lucas and Maya started dating she has needed someone to be there for her 24/7 and you became that person. But guess what, babe? I need you to be that person because you’re my boyfriend,” she paused and turned to Riley, “You hear that? My boyfriend. I get that things have been hard for you Riley but things get hard for everyone and you’re not the center of the universe. You don’t have dibs being treated right and you definitely don’t have dibs on being treated perfectly by my boyfriend.”

“You don’t get to talk to her like that, Smackle!” Farkle’s hands were balled and his neck was bright red. Riley had only ever seen him like that the time that Maya’s dad showed up drunk to one of her art shows over the summer. He was always the first one to start swinging for his girls but she wasn’t going to let that happen tonight. Smackle was right, she was being selfish.

“Farkle! Enough!” Riley yelled as she stood up and walked in between them, facing Farkle. “She’s right. I mean, for God’s sake it’s a Friday night and I barged in here with no warning just assuming you’d be available. That’s selfish, Farkle. Don’t defend me. Your relationship with Smackle is more important than my bruised ego. I’m going to go now,” she turned to Smackle, “I really am sorry, Smackle. I hope you can forgive me and realize that I never meant to hurt anyone,” she paused for a moment to gather herself, “Right, I’m gonna go now. So sorry. Ok, bye,” and with that, she slipped out the door and slid down against it, letting her head fall into her palms.

What the hell is wrong with you, Matthews? Get it together.


She woke up the next morning with a knock on her bay window.

Groggily and even more clumsily than normal, she made her way from her bed to open it up and let whichever one of her friends had decided to disturb her slumber this time. However, when she saw it was Farkle, she instantly sobered up.

“It’s seven am, what are you doing here?” She asked with a yawn.

He scooted in and sat next to her, head in his hands, “Smackle dumped me exactly six hours and forty seven minutes ago. After you left we kept talking and then talking turned to arguing some more and then arguing turned to tears and tears turned to slammed doors. I can’t believe I messed things up with her so bad.”

Riley’s heart broke at the sight of him. Now that she was really paying attention, she noticed that he was wearing the same outfit as yesterday and his hair was sticking up in every direction besides the one it was supposed to be.

She sighed and put her arm around him, resting her head against his crouched frame, “I’m so sorry, Farkley. This is all my fault. Do you want me to talk to her?”

He laughed dryly, “Actually, I feel like you’re the last person she wants to talk to. Well, second to last, actually. I think you’ve finally beaten me at something,” he joked as she playfully shoved him.

The two sat in silence for a little bit, just enjoying the heat of each other’s bodies.

“Are you wearing bunny pajamas?” He asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

“Excuse me for not expecting company at seven am.”

Silence fell upon them again.

Until Farkle was, once again, the one to break it.

“It wasn’t your fault, ya know. I’m the one that kept putting everything before my relationship. Don’t feel bad about it,” his voice was a whisper and she could tell he was incredibly serious and even more so remorseful at how he handled things with Smackle.

She sighed and started fiddling with the loose strings on the friendship bracelet she made him for his birthday last year as a joke. She ignores the fact that he never took it off, “You can say it wasn’t my fault all you want but the way she looked at me just goes to show that it was. She had every right to look at me like that.”

“Riley, you’re talking as if you’re a homewrecker.”

“I might as well be. You two were the best couple I had ever seen and here I come in like a bulldozer, messing everything up.”

He laughed the littlest laugh at that, it was just so absurd for Riley to think that she was anything less than perfect, “If we truly were the best couple, then some weirdo girl in bunny pajamas wouldn’t stand a chance against us.”

This made Riley laugh and bury her head into his shoulder, which felt like a victory.

I love you, “You’re the most important person in my life,” so much, “I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.”

I love you more, All she did was smile at him and continue fiddling with his friendship bracelet.


New Years Eve was a time of revelations for the group of six. Sophomore year had finally reached the halfway mark and the friends were celebrating with another New Year’s Eve party. However, to avoid the bad luck of the eighth grade party, they had changed locations to Maya’s apartment. Katy and Maya moved in with Shawn into a much nicer place about three blocks away from Riley and it seemed like the perfect location so Zay, Smackle, Farkle, Riley, Maya, and Lucas, along with the rest of the class of 2020, set up shop and got the party going.

Midnight was in exactly three minutes when Farkle found Riley on the roof of the apartment building. It was rare how bright the stars were shining that night.

She was leaning against the railing, head dreamily placed in the palm of her hand.

“Whatcha thinking about?” He asked as he mimicked her stance.

“Just how glad I am that this year is about to be over, and all of the possibilities that next year has to offer. 2018: the year of hope.”

He smiled warmly at her optimism, it had always been one of the many things he had loved about her. But up until recently, he thought it was all strictly platonic. But, when him and Smackle broke up a month and a half go, he began to realize that he had been lying to himself all along. It was never strictly platonic. It was hardly platonic period. Farkle hadn’t just loved Riley since the first grade, he had been in love with her since the first grade and he hadn’t been able to shake the realization since. Especially not with them being alone on this rooftop and her cheeks being as red as the day he first almost told her he loved her. It was all of the almosts that made him realize that it was more than friendly. Because friends don’t need almosts.

After a little bit of silence and a whole minute of the countdown gone, Riley asked, “What are your resolutions this year, Farkle? Now remember, nothing is too big.”

He looked at her and then he looked back up at the night sky. My resolution is to get the girl. “I don’t know. What’s yours?”

Nervousness suddenly washed over her as she looked down at her glove clad hands and then back up at him, “Promise not to laugh?”

“When have I ever laughed at you?”

“Almost everyday!” She joked, causing him to laugh out loud.

“Ok, ok I promise not to laugh. But hurry up, there’s only twenty seconds until midnight.”

Between the time it took for him to finish talking and for her to build the courage to speak, the time had dropped to ten seconds. They could faintly hear the countdown from their party downstairs.

She looked at her hands and whispered quietly, “I want to fall in love.”

Five seconds.

“What?” He couldn’t hear her above the countdown.

Two seconds.

“I want to fall in love!” she screamed giddily to the streets of New York City as the party downstairs and all across the east coast screamed “Happy New Year!”

With the new knowledge of her resolution, he didn’t waste another second.

I love you. He kissed her.

I know. She kissed him back. I love you more.

Riley and Farkle weren’t dating. Unless you call him giving her rides everyday, waiting for her at her locker, and sneaking kisses under the bleachers in between classes dating. Because if that what dating was, then they were definitely doing it, and had been for the entire second half of sophomore year, the whole summer, and the first few months of junior year. But they would go to the grave saying that nothing had changed. They even said so when Farkle showed up to school with a hickey peeking through the collar of his shirt after a long weekend. The same long weekend that Riley had told Maya she was busy the entire time of.

“Hey Farkle, what’s that on your neck?” Zay asked at lunch that fateful Tuesday back at school, trying to feign innocence.

Maya sat down next to Lucas and decided to join in on the phone, “Yeah, Minkus, what is it? Did you ‘fall’ again?”

However, Farkle didn’t back down easily, and he had been playing Maya and Zay’s games for a few years now, he was no Novice. “Actually, it is. In fact, it looks just like the bruises that were all over your neck freshman year right after you and Lucas had made it official. You must have ‘fallen’ a lot too. What a cowinky dink,” he finished as he took a bite into his apple, giving a smug look to Maya who just glared in response.

“Hey guys, what are we talking about?” Riley asked as she sat down, right next to Farkle of course. “Sorry I’m late, I had to stop by my physics class and ask a question. That class is so insanely difficult it’s driving me cra-” she halted as she saw the death stare Maya was giving Farkle, “What’s happening here?”

Without looking up from his casserole, Lucas nonchalantly explained, “Farkle and Maya are slut shaming each other.”

“Are you serious? That’s the third time this week!” Riley sighed annoyingly, hitting Farkle on the arm.

“Hey! It’s not my fault that your girlfriend keeps coming at my bruises. It’s not my fault that I uh, fall down a lot.”

Maya snickered from across the table, making Farkle snap his head back to her direction.

“What’s so funny, Hart?”

She laughed harder and then tried to calm herself down, “Woo, man,” she wiped tears from her eyes, “I just think it’s hilarious how easy it is for you to call Riley my girlfriend when I’m not even the one sleeping with her.”

Suddenly, the whole table turned to a ghost town aside from Maya’s uncontrollable cackling. Riley sunk her arms and Farkle’s ears, neck, and chest turned bright pink.

“Oh my,” Smackle squeaked from next to her boyfriend of three months, Zay.

Lucas wrapped his arm around Maya and looked at the group awkwardly, “Alright honey I think that’s our cue to leave. Bye everyone,” he said as he ushered a still laughing Maya away from the table, grabbing both of their trays in the process.

“Yeah uh, Iz I think we should head out too. You promised me you find that one book in the library, remember?” Zay said, very clearly trying to make a break for it in anyway he could.

“No, I have no memory of this.”

Zay opened his eyes wider, signaling urgency. Finally, Smackle caught on, “Oh yes. That book,” she fake remembered. “Let’s go,” and, with that, they ran off after Maya and Lucas.

It was quiet for a little bit, with Farkle trying to piece together what had just happened and Riley trying to find the courage to come out of the hiding place under her arms.

“Well. At least Maya and I won’t slut shame each other anymore?” He reasoned weakly, as he stared at his unfinished peanut butter and jelly.

Riley groaned.

“Hey, I mean, this isn’t that bad,” he continued, swiveling to face her this time, “I mean, it’s not like we were keeping it a secret or anything. Were we?”

Finally, Riley uncovered her face and looked at him tiredly, “I don’t know Farkle. I mean, we’ve been together but not together for like nine months now and we’ve never even talked about what we are or what we’re doing or where we’re going. What are the rules here?”

Farkle’s mouth was dry. He never brought up the talk because he didn’t want to scare her away. Neither of them had ever been good at relationships and now that he had her in his grasp, he didn’t want to lose it.

“I didn’t realize that there were supposed to be rules,” he trailed off.

Riley scoffed and gathered her things, trying not to let the tears fall in front of him, “Yeah well you also didn’t realize that all I want is to be your girlfriend. And they call you a genius.”

And then, it was just Farkle at the lunch table, and it was his turn to hide and groan.


Over the past nine months, Farkle’s bay window visits had grown substantially in frequency, but this time he was nervous. It probably had something to do with the fact that he hated himself for ruining the best thing that had ever happened to him, but he ignored that and tapped on the locked window. She must have known that he would try to stop by.

“Go away, Farkle,” he heard Riley snap, muffled slightly by the glass.

“Please, Riley, can we just talk about this? Unlock the window, please.”

He rested his head against the window in frustration and sighed, You really did it this time, Minkus.

And then suddenly, his head was no longer on the window, but inside of Riley’s room, landing with a thump.

“Sorry,” Riley apologized, completely deadpanned and full of zero remorse.

He climbed in and rubbed his forehead, “It’s fine. I deserved that.”

She had moved back to her bed and was facing the wall in front of her instead of him, clutching a pillow, “Yeah. You did.”

Farkle then noticed that the pillow had mascara stains on it and his heart sank so deeply.

“Riley, I know I handled this whole situation, you and me, the complete wrong way. I just, I don’t know what’s wrong with me sometimes. I just got so caught up in how great things were I forgot or didn’t realize how amazing things could be if we just talked about it. I was selfish. I didn’t want things to get ruined so I strung us both along for almost a year and I’m sorry. I understand if you never want to talk to me again but,” he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, I love you, “But, please just know that I would never want to hurt you.”

Her eyes broke away from the wall and turned to him. She saw how tired he looked and it had only been three and a half hours since they had last spoke. She knew she shouldn’t let him off that easily, but she also knew she wanted nothing more than to have him hold her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

“Farkle,” she began as she moved off of her bed and next to him, clutching his hand into hers. The bracelet she had given him had lost almost all of its integrity and color, but it was still seared into his skin. “You’re not selfish. I didn’t speak up either. But being scared isn’t an excuse, for either of us. So, right here, right now, we need honesty. One hundred percent, complete, and total honesty.”

He smiled at her, “I can do that.”

Placing her free hand over their conjoined ones, she whispered, “How do you feel about me? Am I just a nine month long booty call to you?”

He scoffed, “Of course not. Are you serious right now?

She looked incredibly serious.

“Oh my God you are serious. Alright, well. No. You’re not a booty call. You never have been and you never will be. You’re my best friend, and you’re also everything I’ve ever wanted or needed out of a partner, a teammate. Riley, you’re everything to me.”

“But you told Smackle that being a girlfriend and being a best friend are different,” she asked warily.

“With her, they were. Smackle and I never had what we have. We have,” he turned to face her and grabbed both of her hands, “We have history. We have a near life long bond. For us, being best friends and being more isn’t that far of a stretch. Name one thing that is noticeably different from before.”

Riley giggled and traced the bruise on his lower neck, “Well, this is certainly a new development.”

He laughed and grabbed the hand she was using to trace the bruise and brought it to his mouth, kissing it sweetly. “Besides that, nothing has changed. We are still us. Late night movie marathons, bagel runs, and mix cds, everything that we had is still what we have. And what we have is perfect.”

“But what is it that we have? Are we dating, are we friends with benefits? What is happening?”

He looked into her eyes deeper than he ever had before and drop his voice to a more serious tone, “What do you want?”

“I wasn’t lying when I made my resolution this year. I wanted to fall in love.”

The past tense stings, “Oh, well what do you want now.”
“I don’t want anything more. I already have you,” she pauses and smiles at him, “My resolution has been fulfilled.”

His heart stops and then starts going again at a mile a minute.

“Wait so does that mean that,” he was trying to stay calm but he couldn’t help the goofy smile breaking across his face.

“Yes. I love you, Farkle Minkus,” the goofy smile mirrored on her face as they giggled ridiculously.

“I love you too. So, so much,” he held his hands and kissed her knuckles again, “Since the first grade.”

She smiled back at him, “I can’t believe it took us ten years to get here, and the whole time we were right under each other’s noses.”

“I know, and now we’re dating,” he said with his smile wide and smug.

Her eyes widened with excitement and she squeezed his hands a little tighter, “We are?”

He laughed excitedly, “If you would do me the honors then yes, I would be honored to be your boyfriend. Beyond honored actually,” he paused, “I can’t think of a word that means more than honored right at this very moment, I’m a little flustered,” Riley laughed at that, “But yeah, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Riley cheered as she wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling him in for an embrace.

They stayed like that for a little while until Farkle started giggling.

“Why are you laughing?” Riley asked as she pulled back to look at him.

“I just think it’s funny that we did everything so out of order. We kissed, had,” his voice dropped to a whisper as a joke, “sex, and said I love you all before we started officially dating. Why are we like this?”

She laughed too, resting her head against his shoulder, “Oh well, I guess. Who cares. We’re together now,” she looked back up at him smiled.

He leaned down and rested his forehead on hers, “I’m never going to get tired of saying ‘I love you’ to you.”

Smiling and leaning in to kiss him, she hummed against his lips, “I’m never going to get tired of hearing it. I mean, it took you long enough.”

“That’s really rude, I’m fragile.”

“Whatever. Shut up and kiss me.”

“I mean, if you insist.”

Finn Bálor - Show You

Word count: 3,258




Originally posted by sensualkisses

Finn and I had been dating for a little over a year now. We met in a pub where I was getting pissed out of my mind, trying to forget seeing my boyfriend in bed with another girl making me look like a complete fool. He was so sweet that night trying to making me feel better. He decided to show off a bit tossing pieces of peanuts into the air and catching them in his mouth. He failed miserably with most of them landing on the bridge of his nose and one on his eye. I remember giggling and finding his big smile extremely attractive. It was one of my favorite features of him.

He brought me to his flat that night. The next morning when I woke up I was dazed out of my mind and couldn’t remember how I got into this strangers house. He brought me home that day. I notice later on that I had his number saved in my phone. Finn. His name was Finn.

Before I knew it we were making plans to meet up again. And again.. and again….. and again. I can’t help but smile at the memory of me accidentally butt dialing him. He later said it was because I had a fat arse.

The problem early on in our relationship was that I lived about forty minutes away from where he did, so when our relationship got more serious we decided to move in together. Due to this we began bickering frequently. Over petty things you might think.

Last week we got into an argument when I went to make coffee and saw him drink straight from the milk cart. I made a fuss saying that other people being me drank that milk too, to which he reciprocated with ‘we swap fluids all de time, whats yer point?’ It only added oxygen to a already blazing fire.

Other disagreements arose in our times in the flat, some worse than others. Like the time when he found it was a big deal that I spent the entire day out with my sister who was currently enrolled in UNI instead of staying home with him. Honestly he’s home all of the time while she’s always cramped up inside of a textbook. We spent two days without speaking over that.

Don’t get me wrong, our relationship is perfectly fine. It’s strong and he treats me better than I can be asked to be. We just have our moments like any other couple. Tonight was definitely one of them, I just couldn’t figure out what I’d done this time.

He left early this morning and we were on good terms. Now it was eleven eighteen and he’d stopped messaging me. I was beginning to get worried. Only wanting to know if he was okay. I lay on the sofa in the sitting room staring into the fireplace, phone in hand hoping to feel it vibrate. My eyes began feeling heavy after a while and I drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

*** FINNS POV ***

I stumbled through the front door of my flat and escaped from the tight barrier of my boots. They made a loud thud sound upon contact with the wooden floor. I bent over towards the shoes and put my finger to my lips.

“Shhhh.” A hiccup escaped my intoxicated lips.

Ridding myself of the warm leather jacket I had on I made my way into the sitting room to find my girlfriend lying on the sofa sound asleep. Another hiccup. I tried holding my breath. Walking over to her I leaned beside her noticing her phone screen bright as day, hurting my eyes. They adjusted to the screen reading the small text:

Finn: I’ll be home soon, beautiful. ;) -9:24pm

Me: Do you want me to cook dinner? -9:43pm

Me: Finn?? -10:17pm

Me: Can you just tell me if you’re okay? -11:03pm

I felt like such an arse. My phone had died long ago but I should have still called. I went out with a few of my pals for a drink and it turned into a full on night out with the guys. Her eyelashes were spread apart and looked hard. Had she been crying? I let out a sigh and lifted her limp body from the sofa. Her phone fell to the carpet.

I carried her to our shared bedroom not bothering to turn on the light. Laying her on the bed I pulled the duvet over her chest and kissed her forehead. I honestly didn’t deserve her. Reaching over I grabbed a pillow from my side deciding it best to sleep on the sofa tonight.


I blinked a few times feeling the bed round me not remembering how I’d gotten here. The clock on the bedside table showed that it was still early in the night. My mouth had become unbearably dry and I sat up to go get some water.

My half asleep body walked through the flat and into the kitchen unaware of my surroundings. I poured myself a cup of water and drank a little before hearing someone snoring behind me. Turning round Finn stirred a bit in his sleep. Setting down the water my feet brought me over to the boy laying on the sofa. His arms were crossed over his chest. A photo of me he carries round in his wallet in his hand.

It’s funny almost. We were like a damn teenage couple. Doing little cheesy things that kids do in relationships. On the back of this particular picture I had written 'Yours’ meaning that I was his. I had one of him that had 'Mine’ on it.

A smile spread across my lips. I put a knee on either side of his waist and kissed the corner of his mouth. My hands wandering under his black t shirt feeling his defined torso. He hummed under my touch and I knew he had woken up.

“What are ye doing?” He chucked, eyes still closed.

I didn’t reply, instead continuing my exploration of his body. His beard tickled at my cheek as I moved to his neck licking a bold line up it before beginning to suck. I felt him squirm under me. His semi hard on pressing against me. I bit down on his skin lightly receiving a hiss from him.

“Baby.” He lifted to sit up on the sofa.

I tried for his shirt before he stopped me. His smile that I loved so much faded.

“I should have called.” He shook his head looking down in between us.

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” I pushed his hair back.

“But ya were so worried.. I made ya cry, baby I’m so sorry.” I hushed him, indulging him in a cuddly hug.

Finns head rested on top of my own, arms wrapped tightly round my smaller body. We sat like that for a few more moments before I’d become uncomfortable and squirmed in his hold. Once released I continued with my previous exploration of my beautiful boyfriends body.

I kissed his lips before trailing a wet line down to his clothed chest. I pulled at the hem of the tee. To my annoyance Finn stopped me once again, placing my arms at my side.

“No, baby. Tonight I’m gunna show ye how much I care about ya.” He paused to kiss my neck.

I let out a moan as he began to suck at the sensitive skin. In an instant my shirt was on the floor and so was his. I ran my finger along his defined abs, stopping to poke at the beauty marks on his right ab. Finn chuckled a little.

My eyes found his dark lust filled ones. I placed my hand over his heart and left it there for a brief moment. It raced under my touch. We never said it yet. It was something we didn’t find that needed to be said, but I knew exactly how he felt about me. And I feel the same way.

Finns hand found mine and he placed a delicate kiss to my lips. The kiss grew sloppier and I could feel him straining against his pants.

“Bedroom.” I managed to breath.

He wasted no time in lifting me off the sofa and carrying me into the dark room, my legs wrapped round his body. He set me down on the bed and turned on the light to see better. I was getting impatient, needing him to touch me.

He ridded me of my shorts, leaving me in just a bra and knickers. Kissing up the base of my thigh I felt him hum.

“So soft.”

I felt a finger move against my clothed heat. I let out a hiss and grabbed his neck as he began sucking at the skin of my thigh, sure to leave a trail of pink and purple marks.

“Moan my name, darlin’.” He bit down.

“F-Finn… Please.”

I needed him.

“Please what, princess?” He was killing me.

“Touch me.” It was barely audible but I know he heard.

Finn came up to look at me, a smirk on his face. His hand moved back and forth on my pussy. He leaned over to my ear.

“Touch you where, darlin’?” He whispered seductively.

“I don’t fucking care, Finn just touch me, please.”

That was enough for him to move his head back between my legs, ripping off my knickers. He licked a straight line up my folds.

“Holy fuck, princess. This wet and I’ve hardly touched you.” He moaned.

I pulled his head down with my hand. He knew I was getting impatient. His lips attached to my soaking core. His tongue flicked up and down my clit. My back arched up off the mattress. He moaned against my dripping pussy causing a burst of pleasure to rip through me. My lips parted but I couldn’t find the words to speak.

I fisted at the bed sheets arching my back with the pleasure bursting through my core. I felt Finns finger rub up and down my folds before inserting one and pumping in and out at a steady pace. I wouldn’t last long if he kept this up.

“F-Finn…” I whimpered.

He came up for air, his finger still pumping in and out of me.

“Tha’s right. Say ma’ name, baby girl.”

Another finger fell inside me without warning. He began curling them in a come hither motion, watching me wriggle beneath him. Finn dipped his head back down. My eyes rolled back and I arched my back off the mattress only for Finn to use his free arm to hold me down.

“Oh, f-f..”

My hands couldn’t seem to find a steady place to hold onto. The pleasure was too intense. He increased the pace and soon I was sent over the edge. He hummed against me in satisfaction, using his long fingers to ride out my orgasm.

My breathing was unsteady as Finn came to hover above me holding two digits over my lips.

“Suck.” He whispered hotly.

I did as I was told, taking his fingers in my mouth sucking my juices off. Finn enjoyed watching me do so as he hummed. I licked my lips. He lifted me off the bed and came behind my torso unhooking my bra. He slid it from my arms and tossed it to the floor. I watched as he admired the view in front of him.

He took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked at the nub. I moaned in appreciation. He caressed my breast in his large hands, squeezing it gently.

“I need you.”

“Patience, baby.”

Finn left a trail of kisses up my neck, taking my earlobe between his teeth. I rolled my hips up desperate for contact. Finn held me down. I pulled at his hair trying to get his attention. He wasn’t budging. He kept kissing down my neck and torso leaving love bites.

“Cha’ need, baby?”

“You inside me.” I spoke barely above a whisper.

He heard me. The bed squeaked as he climbed from on top of me and over to the bedside table and pulled put a condom.

“Ye gunna help me?”

I blushed and climbed over to where he stood, unbuckling his jeans and pushing them down his shaved legs. His semi hard on was straining in his briefs. I licked my lips upon seeing the precome stain already forming. I bit my lip gazing up to see Finn staring contently down at me.

My index fingers hooked into the top of his briefs edging them down. His length slipped out hitting his stomach. I gasped. His size always shocked me. I took it in my hand and stroked it a few times before taking it in my mouth whole. Finn hissed at my brave actions. I pumped what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“Just like tha’, baby girl.” Finn hissed.

He pushed himself further hitting the back of my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut. My hands twisted round his length and I felt him begin to twitch inside my mouth. Before I could finish he pulled out and came onto my bare chest, his warm load dripping down my breast. Finn groaned throwing his head back in pleasure.

Finn scooped some of the white liquid onto his finger and held it up to my mouth. I complied sucking off the saltiness. Finns chest was rising and falling heavily as he reached to the floor for a shirt to clean the sticky wetness off my breast.

“C'mere.” Finn helped me off of the floor, “Was tha’ okay?” I nodded.

His lips made contact with mine. He didn’t ask for permission as his tongue mingled with mine. My fingers tangled with the strands at the back of his head, tugging them. He moaned at the sensation. Pulling apart he ripped open the condom with his teeth sliding it on and throwing the piece of tin in the bin.

Finn guided us back to the bed. He laid us on the pillows and positioned himself at my entrance. He stroked himself up and down my folds a few times.

“Ya ready, babe?” I shook my head.

Slowly he pushed himself in. I gasped trying to adjust to his size. Finn brought his forehead down to mine, looking me in the eyes. His hips rolled forward at a slow steady pace. My low moans filled the otherwise quiet bedroom.

“F-fuck baby yer so t-tight.” Finn moaned.

The bed squeaked with each thrust. Finn placed a hand on the headboard for balance and the other held onto my hip. I wrapped my legs round his waist desperate for more contact. He pulled out and then back in hitting my spot.

“F-Finn! Right there!” I gushed.

My eyes fluttered closed and I lifted my hips to meet his. Finn kissed the side of my eye and I opened them again. His lips made contact with my neck, sucking at the already bruised skin. I could feel the knot in my stomach forming and my walls started to clench round Finn. I started to squirm round in his tight embrace trying to hold on a little longer.

“I know, baby. Come for me.”

Only when I felt Finns movements becoming sloppier I let go, screaming out Finns name along with a few profanities. He rode out my orgasm before hitting his own, burying his face into my neck swearing and groaning.


I woke up lying atop of Finn, his arms wrapped round my middle half. We were still completely naked. It was nearly morning and I knew he would sleep in but I needed a shower, I felt so icky. I pushed the duvet away and wriggled out of Finns strong grasp. He seemed displeased with my disappearance but quickly went back to his light snoring.

I patted my way along to the loo and quietly shut the door behind me, careful not to wake Finn. I turned the shower on and immediately stepped in and let the water trickle down my sweaty body.

I hadn’t heard the door open I was so engulfed by the steamy water. I jumped when a pair of hands wrapped ever so slowly round my waist.

“Good mornin’, darlin’.” Finns raspy voice spoke.

I spun round to face him met by a groggy smile. God he was amazingly beautiful. My fingers traced down the beauty marks next to his right abs. I loved these simple marks on his body.

Finn lifted my chin placing a delicate kiss upon my lips, his tongue brushing against my bottom lip asking for entrance. I parted my lips, our tongues fighting for dominance. Finn broke the kiss, brushing my hair behind my back and admiring the love bites from our previous actions that night. He peppered light kisses over them, gently sucking. I tangled my fingers in his lengthy hair as he began to move lower until he bowed before me.

His finger brushed up my folds separating them. He attached his lips, flicking his tongue in figure eight motions against my clit. I felt like my legs were going to fall from under me.

“Fuck, Finn. I need you’re fingers.” I moaned.

I didn’t know if he could hear my please over the sound of the rushing water until moments later two digits pounded into me. Finn hummed against my throbbing core. I hissed as he brought the nub between his teeth before releasing it and stopping all motions completely. He licked his lips savouring the taste and came back up to his full height which wasn’t much taller than me.


I did as I was told. My legs wrapped round Finns waist. Finn caught hold of my arse and pinned me up against the cool tile wall. He wasted no time in slamming into me.

“Shit, yes Finn. Just like that.” I cried out.

My nails dug into his back leaving a trail of red marks. I looked down to see where Finn and I were connected, him pounding into me fiercely. He never touched me like this before. It was always slow love making.

Finns thrusts became sloppier and I knew he was close. I smiled touching our foreheads together. I hadn’t even noticed my orgasm approaching I was so focused on his. My head fell forward and I screamed out in pleasure. He pulled out just before the warm white liquid spewed from his sensitive pink tip and ran down the drain. Our breathing was still shaky as we stood holding each other.

“I love you.” I barely heard Finns words over the shower head.

I stood in shock. We’d never said it before. I closed my eyes and lay my head on his chest. He said it. My lips make contact with his atoms apple, sucking the bulge in his neck.

“I love you.”

A New Business Partner

“Y/N, Michael, can I see you in my office, please.” Tommy said in between puffs of smoke, returning to his office. You got up from your desk after a moment of hesitation.

“Do you know what’s this all about?” You ask when you find yourself next to Michael, your shoulders brushing against each other lightly.

“No.” He responds flatly, holding the door open for you as you enter Tommy’s office cautiously, taking a seat under his watchful eye. Michael joins you, sitting in the chair next to you slowly, putting his hands in his jacket pocket. No one says anything for a few moments, you and Michael stealing glances at each other like two kids who got called into the principles office. Tommy didn’t scare or intimidate you easily; having grown up in Birmingham you’ve known about the Shelby’s and what they do for a long time now, but it wasn’t until you met Michael and started dating him that you officially met the ‘scary’ Shelby’s. They all liked you instantly, for reasons unbeknownst to you. You didn’t think you possessed any special skills or talents that were worth being impressed by, but they didn’t think so.

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anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario where tendo has an s/o who's friends don't really understand why she likes him and he over hears them asking her why his s/o is even dating him in the first place and she starts to list the multitude of reasons she has for liking Tendo and at the end she's like "and that's why I love him" but this is the first time she's ever admitted it out loud? Idk how it would end but I guess you could end it however you want, my only request is that u make it really fluffy? Thanks ILY!

He knew her friends didn’t like him.

He could see it in their eyes when they first met. Frowns were casted upon their faces and out of the corner of his eye he saw them mouth, ‘why him?’ At the time he just ignored it, he knew the way girls were. His older sister had always complained that guys in her class were good-for-nothing, backstabbing, sonuvabitches who, to quote her directly, “were an abomination to female kind.” Girls were supposed to despise guys at first sight, weren’t they? He was honest they would call him a ‘fuckboy’ or ‘douche bag’ or whatever else behind his back once he walked away. He was sure it was just their natural instinct to protect their friend. He was sure they would get used to him eventually. Although, he soon learned to never trust his instincts.

He should’ve known after four months of them dating, their petty little hate parade on him wasn’t just a feeble attempt to protect their friend. It was elementary school all over again when he heard, ‘monster’ slip past gloss caked lips for the first time. Half of him wanted to die, right then, right there, because the people that meant most to the person that meant most to him, loathed him. He knew he shouldn’t let them bother him, because his girlfriend would always assure them they were just being ‘girls’. Although, after the fifteenth time one of them had passed by him and coughed, ‘freakshow’ under her breath, he knew they weren’t just being girls. They were being bullies, and it seemed like such a childish thing to say. They were tormenting him to break up with her, and god knows what they say to her, but in that moment, Tendou knew somebody was out to get him.

His obsession with finding out the truth came crawling up on him one month later. The mocking never ceased to end, and with all his power did he try to suppress the pettiness they produced. She had started growing a bit more distant, he noticed. Late night conversations were cut short by nine o’clock, greetings in the hallway were becoming shorter and shorter, soon they were just small waves in his general direction before she was pulled away by a menacing hand. He didn’t want their relationship to end, not like this at least. He wished she would just stand up for herself, or something, but she never did. Unless someone did something, anything, their relationship was going to be an endless cycle of ‘dump him’ and ‘stay with me’ until all came down in shambles.

It was the Friday night before mocks week, and Tendou knew he had a million and one things he should be doing. Although, like an idiot, he found himself wandering around campus at eight o’clock at night, doing nothing in particular except letting the steady raindrops fall onto his now matted hair. The entirety of this scenario was miserable, hell, he probably looked like an Andy Biersack stan to anyone who dare caught him wandering around like this. The rain started pouring down harder, claps of thunder and lightning illuminating the sky. His shoes began to get sloshy and drops of rain began to fall into his eyes, and he began to thank whatever god he prayed to for the library just twenty feet away from him. With a slightly awkward jog he darted into the facility, the old woman behind the front desk giving him a curt nod upon his arrival, muttering something about closing in an hour, but he didn’t really care. He didn’t find himself in the library much, not since volleyball practices became more and more extensive. Although, he remembered there was a nice pod up on the second floor, a reading corner, as it was called, with bean bag chairs and fairy lights and he was sure he would destroy the place with his soaking wet being, but nothing was stopping his from going up there anyways. The old lady could kiss his ass if she told him otherwise. Although, all his plans had backfired the moment he stepped foot on the top floor, catching a glimpse of an all too familiar, acrylic nailed hand, and the chime of a giggle he loved so much. His heart was in his throat, then, as he darted behind a bookshelf barrier. Curiously, carefully, he peeked out, only to find his girlfriend, and the entirety of her friend group, huddled around in a circle. He wasn’t sure if it was sweat dripping down his forehead, or rain, but he knew he was nervous, and really had no clue why. He could abolish each and every one of them if he wanted to, in every way, shape and form they were weaker than him, but even then, he was nervous, and he had no idea how to escape his refuge from behind the bookshelf.

Twenty minutes past and he sufficed to sitting down, carefully pulling a book out from the wall up behind him and skimming through its pages. He was in no way interested, just passing the time as the girls conversation droned on, the occasional mentioning of a boys name or a giggle catching his interest, though. Although, it wasn’t until he heard his name being choked out with such malice did he put the book down, all attention gravitating towards the conversation happening behind him.
“I still don’t get why you’re with Tendou.” Came the remark, quick and fast and out of nowhere. “If you could have anyone on that team besides Tendou, who would you go for?”
There was an elongated pause, the only noise to be heard was the rapid beating of his heart.
“I’d still go for Tendou.” His girlfriend sighed. “I’d find a way to get him.”
“You wouldn’t go for Ushijima-kun?”
“What about that Semi guy? I hear his casual attire is atrocious, though.”
Comments kept spilling out everywhere, but Tendou couldn’t quite catch them all. He had to suppress a giddy giggle upon the words she had said. He knew it was pathetic of him to get so excited over such a thing, but after a month of doubt, to hear that he was still wanted was just music to his ears.
“I really don’t get what you see in him, still.” Came a sigh, and the clatter of something being set down.
“What isn’t there to get?”
“I mean, doesn’t he just seem… standoffish? You’ve seen him play, we’ve all seen him play, he’s a freak. He doesn’t get along with anyone except Ushijima-Kun, who I’m sure is just tolerating him for his reputation…”
The insults just kept pouring on, and on, and on, until Tendou could feel himself on the verge of tears. The last thing he needed on this godforsaken night was his insecurities to be dug up and laid out in front of him after three years of digging a hole and laying them down six feet under. The last thing he needed was for his girlfriend, the one person he trusted above all else, to just sit there and take it, embarrass him while they just kept talking.
“Are you done yet?” Came a sudden peep, through the ruckus of calamity. All went quiet and a throat was cleared, and Tendou physically braced himself for what was to come.
“What you said isn’t false, Satori is the weirdest guy in the school, or whatever.” She began, and Tendou could feel his heart drop from its former place in his throat. “Although, have you ever stopped to consider maybe that’s why I like him? Maybe I’m sick and tired of the status quo, tired of a photocopied generation with limited options to choose from. He’s different, and I love that, and if that makes him a freak, so be it.”
There was another elongated pause, Tendou, his girlfriend, all the girls in the circle, and even the old lady sitting at the front desk downstairs, were dead silent.
“I’m done with you guys bashing on my boyfriend like this. Every single time I see him you have to say something. Why do you always have to be so negative? Can your sad little pea brains even articulate that he makes me happy? That ‘freak show’ has been a better friend to me than all of you since the day I met him, and if you’re just going to sit around and disrespect him all the goddamn time, I’m not going to sit here and respect you.”
There were whines, protests, feeble attempts at apologising, but Tendou didn’t hear them. There were tears dripping from his eyes and he didn’t even attempt at wiping them away. There was shuffling, the dramatic zipping of a bag, and aggravated footsteps. She barked something t him again, and he wasn’t sure if the pounding he heard was his heart beat or her footsteps getting closer. Suddenly, she stormed through the set of bookshelves he cowered behind, and she didn’t even notice him. She didn’t notice him until he swung out an arm and grabbed her ankle, causing her to jerk backwards and gasp.
“Satori?” She whispered, her voice nearly broken. He stood up from him place on the floor and smiled, her worried expression something he didn’t like to see. Her face was red and fuming, eyebrows scrunched up in a concerned manner.
“You’ve been crying.” She muttered, her fingers quick to wipe his cheeks. Tendou just kept smiling, his eyes desperate to meet hers. “How long have you been here for?”
Without saying anything, he kissed her, his hands desperate in her hair and his mouth, voracious. She let a giggle slip in between them, and boldly shuffled out of the protection of the bookshelves. A chorus of gasps erupted, and Tendou couldn’t help but feel like he was in some cheesy, American high school rom-com. Confidently, he flicked the group of girls off, beginning to kiss his her in a way that was far too lewd to even be considered kissing. He didn’t care, though, because she seemed just as into it, tongue and teeth and all, tugging at his damp hair and lower lip. Suddenly, she broke the kiss, grabbed his hand, and darted towards the exit of the library, laughing the entire way.
“I love you, Satori.” She announced, once they were dancing in the open rain. “More than I can articulate out loud.”

He knew her friends didn’t like him, but all that mattered was that she did.

His Anchor. [Nursey Week Day 4]

[A friend requested a hurt/comfort fic and here it is. I based this on a personal experience so this was very special for me to write. I hope you like it.]

It was all very familiar now, the tightness he felt on his chest, the way it was hard to breathe, the tears raining down his cheeks and the fear. There is no way to explain it of course, he doesn’t know what he feels or what he’s scared of either so he remains lost. He’s lost in the dark of his closed eyes to try and focus, try to breathe and try to make it better but he can’t control it.

 There’s a voice and its soft and it trying to get to him, to bring him back. “Derek, I’m here. Breathe baby, breathe.” Will is there giving him space, he could feel him close as he kept talking to him softly and Derek tried to focus on the words he was saying. “Open those eyes for me alright? We’ll make it better together.”

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AHS Hotel: User & Abuser

Tristan Duffy, James March x Reader

Word Count: 2128


Today is your boyfriend, Tristan’s runway modeling gig. It is held by the infamous Will Drake at the Hotel Cortez in downtown Los Angeles. You didn’t go with Tristan to most of his gigs, but you had the day off of work and not to mention, an overnight stay here is free thanks to Will Drake. 

Another reason was because you didn’t trust Tristan. He gained a terrible habit of doing drugs at his gigs and you wanted to be there to make sure he doesn’t. But who knows, Tristan always finds a way. You even tried to convince him to go to rehab in the past but every time you brought it up, he would get defensive.

You know you deserve better and your friends are always telling you to leave him, but you just can’t let go. The both of you have gone through so much together. Good and bad.

There was even a dark time when Tristan has hit you when the both of you got in a heated argument while being heavily intoxicated. He was too drunk to fully realize it, so you just cried yourself to sleep. Being sober the following morning, Tristan apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

“Tristan, you’re on in 10!” The backstage crew member shouted to Tristan as he was walking past him. He was all over the place trying to stay organized, telling models when they were up next. The plan is for Tristan to make an appearance 4 times throughout the show in 4 different outfits.

“Yup!” Tristan replied while sitting in front of the vanity mirror. There was a hairstylist doing last minute touches on his hair. You were standing next to Tristan, putting your hand on his shoulder. “Babe, can you not? I don’t want you in my personal space right now.” Tristan says, moving his shoulder away from you. He’s been such a diva all day and you just went along with it.

“Okay. Whatever.” You let out a sigh, then went to sit on a chair about 5 feet away from him, pulling out your smartphone to keep yourself occupied.

6 minutes later you go to use the bathroom.

Once you come back, you see Tristan quickly snort a line of white powder on his vanity. Your eyes raging with anger, you push Tristan on the back. “What the hell, Tristan?!” 

Tristan rolls his eyes. 

“Tristan Duffy, let’s go! You’re up after Lawrence and Stacy.” The backstage crew member grabs him by the arm to his place. Tristan doesn’t even say a word to you.

“What the fuck?!” Being so angry and disappointed with your boyfriend, you chose not to rush to sit front row to watch him do his thing on the catwalk. Instead, you go to the bar upstairs. 

Because of the fashion event going on in the lobby, the bar is pretty much empty. You see the bartender who’s tall and slim with a bald head, wearing green eye shadow and thick eye liner. Sitting at the bar, you see a pale man with dark brown hair and a modern day Gomez Addams mustache. He is also dressed to the nines in a dark blue suit.

You sit one chair away from him. The bartender walks over to you and asks, “I’m Liz. What’ll you be having, hun?”

“Just make me the strongest drink you can make.” You respond.

“You got it.” Liz starts on making your drink.

“This one’s on me, dear.” The man tells Liz and then looks at you. He moves to sit on the stool next you and puts his hand out for you to shake. “I’m James. James Patrick March.”

“Y/N.” You put your hand to shake his back, but instead, he grabs your hand to kiss your knuckles. Wow. You can’t remember the last time Tristan ever did that to you. “The way you’re dressed, you look like you should be joining the fashion show downstairs.”

James looks up, opening his mouth, letting teeth show. His eyes wide as he responds with, “Ah, yes.” He pauses, then looks back at you. “That sort of festivity is not to my liking. May I ask why are you not attending such occasion?” He had a really strong tone of voice and sounds straight out of an old movie, similar to Clark Gable. Whereas your boyfriend talks more like Rob Kardashian. This man is definitely classy.

“Well, my boyfriend is in the show. But, he really pissed me off beforehand and I can’t even look at him in the face right now. So. Here I am.” You let out a fake laugh. Liz hands you your drink and you take a sip. “The next one’s on me, James.”

“Oh no. Have anything you like, dear. This is my hotel.” With drink in one hand, he puts both of his arms out, being proud to show off his hotel.

“Wow this is your hotel? Tell me all about it.” You are very opened to hearing anything this nice man has to say about his hotel. For once, a man (especially a good looking man) cares to have a decent conversation with you while being very passionate about it. You didn’t want to compare a stranger to your boyfriend, but whenever you sit down with Tristan at the dinner table, he’s always on his damn phone looking through social media instead of talking to you. You really hated how technology has so much control over people nowadays.

“Splendid!” James says in excitement. “Come. Let’s sit.” James nods his head, then puts the hand that’s holding his drink to point at the table nearby.

The table you chose to sit at has a perfect view of the fashion show. Coincidentally, you see Tristan walk on the white runway. A part of you wishes you could be there to support him, but you’re just so pissed about him resorting to drugs. You thought he wouldn’t do it when you’re around, but Tristan’s a hard person to control.

Two hours pass and during that time, you listened to James fascinate about his hotel and he listened to you rant about your boyfriend. The conversation you were having with him made you forget all about the fashion show. James was being a great listener. He didn’t have much to say about Tristan. Most of the time, he nodded his head and listened while smoking a cigarette. You were so caught up in the conversation that you even told James about the violent drunken fight you had with Tristan before. “A man must never lay a hand on his beloved. Especially if she is beautiful like you, dear.” James looks you directly in the eye, then takes a sip of his drink.

You looked down and smiled. James is such a charming man.

You chugged whatever’s left in your glass and check the time on your phone. “Oh shit. I didn’t even realize we’ve been talking this long.” You look over the lobby, seeing everything getting cleaned up. Rushingly, you put your phone in your bag and stand up. “I should really get going, Tristan’s probably wondering where I’m at.” 

“As they say, time flies when one is having fun.” James grins. 

As he’s still sitting down, you quickly give him a hug. He can smell the aroma of your perfume. “It was nice meeting you, James. Thanks again for the drinks. I had a great time.” You start heading downstairs to the elevator.

James puts out his cigarette and starts slowly walking towards the bar. with his hands behind his back. He’s eyeing you while you’re still in sight. 

Liz notices him right away. “James. She has a boyfriend, remember?”

“Ah yes. From what I have learned, this significant other of hers does not have good intentions. I just know.”

Finally, you reached the floor your suite is in. You unlock the door with your room key and rush in, setting your purse on the floor being worried that Tristan’s been concerned where you’ve been.

You start looking for Tristan. The first thing you see is half of an empty bottle of vodka on the table. Then, you walk in the bedroom and find him snorting another line of whatever drug that is on the nightstand. “Are you serious right now?!” You push Tristan and quickly wipe off whatever’s left on the nightstand with your hand. 

Tristan stands up. “What the hell, babe?!” Instead of being embarrassed about you finding out, he’s pissed that you wasted it.

You stand on your tip toes and push Tristan again. “What the hell is wrong with you?! God dammit, you weren’t even worried about where I’ve been for the past couple of hours?!” 

“Stop fucking pushing me, dude!” Tristan yells, putting his face closer to yours as hes grabbing both of your arms.

“Look at you. You’re pathetic. You should’ve gone to rehab like I said. But no, you’re such a fucking loser!” You let go of his grip and push him again, which fills him with even more anger. You can see his face turn red and his jaw clench. He picks you up and throws on the nearest desk, causing the mirror to break. “Tristan!” You screamed. There’s no way that the people in the halls wouldn’t hear that. While he’s staring at you, he’s huffing and puffing from the strength he used to throw you. Mixing drugs, alcohol and anger is never the best idea.

Your mind is filled with confusion. The man you thought that loves you has really outdone himself this time. He made a promise that he wouldn’t lay a hand on you again. You’re so frightened now and just wished you left him the first time it happened. 

You thought to yourself, who knows what else he’s capable of doing? Not thinking thoroughly in the heat of the moment, you grab one of the broken mirror pieces, run up to Tristan and cut his face with it. “I hate you!” 

“Oh, you do huh?!” Tristan grabs you by the wrist, but right before he has the chance to abuse you again, James appears to stop him, making Tristan let go of your wrist. You ran to the nearest wall and cried. You could’ve sworn that the door was locked behind you. But you didn’t care to question it at this point. You’re just thankful that James is here to save you.

“Who are you?” Tristan still breathing heavily asks.

“It does not matter, dear boy. This is my hotel. And I will not allow you to harm, Miss Y/N.” James does not break eye contact.

You look up to see what’s going on as you’re wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. 

An older woman with red hair, wearing a maid uniform bends down to you, handing you a tissue. As you’re sniffling, you say, “Thank you, uhhhhh.”

“Hazel Evers. But you can call me Miss Evers.” The woman smiles at you as she is getting your hair out of your face.

“Fuck off, man!” Tristan attempts to attack James. James being much stronger than him, pushes Tristan on the bed. You can see the veins popping out of James’ neck from using his strength.

James grabs a gun out of his pocket and shoots Tristan in the head.

Your eyes widen in shock and you get up to rush to Tristan’s body but James stops to hold you. “Oh my god, what did you do?!” You didn’t think a man like James was capable of killing someone. 

“I saved you, dear. I saved you before it was too late.” Something about James’ voice is very calming to you. Still holding you, he grabs a handkerchief from his jacket and wipes away your tears.

Taking you with him, he goes to sit on the couch and lays your head to rest on his lap as you cry. Your head was filling with mixed emotions. Of course, you’re sad that the man you thought you loved is laying there dead. But what if James didn’t show up to save you? Who knows what else Tristan is capable of doing to you. He could’ve easily killed you as well. So much just happened in a short amount of time that all you want to do is lay down and cry.

“Miss Evers!” James turns his head to Miss Evers.

“Yes, Mr. March?!” She answers. Miss Evers seems very loyal to James.

“Would you get Sally to help you rid of this body?”

“Right away, sir! What a glorious stain!” She leaves the room excitedly.

James looks back down on you and caresses your head. “There there, dearest. Never will I hurt you like he did.”

Fanning the Flames
  • Words: 2k
  • Genre: Angst; Fluff
  • Ship: Yoongi x Reader

Can you please do 2 and 69 for yoongi please? Can you make super angsty but fluffy at the end? I’m sorry if I’m asking for to much 

So I wasn’t sure how to make it super angsty but I tried. Enjoy~

It was a minor misunderstanding, something you assumed Yoongi wouldn’t pay any mind. After all, celebrities are always being talked about, but why was now any different?

Originally posted by jjks

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Accidentally Married Prefs // Clones x Reader

Background: You and your clone beau were ‘’married’’ for an undercover mission. Now the mission’s over and there’s a bit of a shock. #surprise motha-fucker


“What do you mean divorce isn’t legal?” The captain in civilian disguise growled at the protocol droid behind the plastic window of the rundown courthouse on some backwater planet.

“We’re not even citizens of this planet, we just got married and put in a request for a certificate.” You chimed in, the lies rolling off your tongue. The droids eyes flickered over to you. What was meant by “flickering” was that the lights behind the droids ‘eyes’ were starting to go out and flickering on and off. Another example of how this planet was wasting dust rock.

“Irrelevant. Your ceremony was on our land and was officiated through our officials.” The droid answered. The engineer in you wanted to strip it for spare parts, but judging by the look of the rust bucket, there wouldn’t be much.

Rex looked over his shoulder and then back to the droid, “And if I was to slide you a pouch of very shiny credits?”

“Then I would call the authorities.” The droid quipped. Your eyes widened and you pulled Rex away by the bicep.

“Thank you for all your help.” You smiled over exaggeratedly as you drug Rex away. Once out of the shoddy court house, you looked up to the 501st captain. “Well, nothing left to do but call for extraction and sort this out on Coruscant.”

A few hours later in a cantina on the outskirts of town, you watched Rex dejectedly clean his blaster. (The cantina wasn’t exactly a high dollar establishment so it wasn’t like this behavior was out of place.) You frowned, watching him half heartedly scrubbed at the ash around the muzzle of the DC 17 pistol. Laying a hand on top of his, you gave him a joking look.

“C’mon, Captain, try not to look so disappointed. Being married to me won’t be THAT bad. I can cook, clean, I’m moved out of my parents apartment, I’m fairly good looking if I do say so myself. I’m a catch.” You listed out with a joking tone. He offered a laugh (that was more like a loud breath through his nose than an actual laugh) as he lifted his eyes up to yours.

“Oh, believe me, I know, and it’s not that we’re married-believe me, that’s not why I’m distraught.”

“Well, get traught.” You quipped back before continuing, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, why are you distraught?”

Upon hearing your question, his cheeks lit up red along with the top of his ears, once again he averted his eyes to his blaster. “Well, I’ve been getting things together for a long while, and I finally got it all done, all I needed was a quiet day somewhere away from everything, and then this mission happened and ruined my chances at what I was planning.”

You were a little disheartened, what was your boyfriend of a year and a half planning that you had gotten in the way of? Regardless you tried not to let it show. “What were you planning?”

He smiled fondly, “Well, I called in a few favors. Paid a visit to Vanqor, and then made a pit stop to Saleucami to see Cut, managed to scrape up a script…” he paused and reached into a pouch on his belt and pulled out a small velvet… ring box(?), “I had this, had the paperwork (somehow the general helped me with that one), had all my words chosen, all I needed was you and a good chance to ask you…. but now all that’s gone to waste.”

Half way through his explanation, a realization dawned on you. Nervous excited energy bubbled in your belly, your palms started to sweat, and it was becoming increasingly harder to breath. “Ask away. I’m not stopping you. No time like the present. Right?” You rushed out, eager to see what he had in store.

With a smile, he opened the little velvet box; it revealed a ring. It was simple but still absolutely amazing. A shiny crystal(probably from Vancor) secured into a copper ring, held in place by little copper wires. “It’s not much, and definitely not what you deserve, but it’s the best I could come up with. And I had this elaborate speech. But I don’t need all that now, because we’re already married. I didn’t even have to ask.”

As he explained, he slipped the ring on your left index finger, holding your hand once it was in place. All you could was stare at it, the beautiful stone on your finger. Finally you snapped out of it and launched yourself across the table and into his arms, pecking kisses all over his face. Finally, breaking away from him you clarified, “I would have said yes, no matter when, where, or what ring you did or didn’t have.”



Four months. It had been four months since you and Kix had arrived back from the undercover mission. Four months since the general put in a divorce request for you two. Four months in which Kix was becoming increasingly impatient. Like Rex he was waiting for the opportune moment to ask you to marry him (for realsies this time). But it was hard to ask someone to marry you when you’re already married-especially when you’re already legally married to the person you’re asking!

Finally and the four and a half month mark, the request was processed and answered. When Kix got a hold of the envelope, he felt a burden lift off his shoulders and he got a giddy feeling in his stomach. He immediately commed you to tell you he got it.

When you arrived, you both oohed and ahhed over the rather plain envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. (y/l/n). (Using your last name seemed less conspicuous than Fett.) Finally after five minutes of staring at the envelope, you spoke.

“Well open it. I want to be a free woman with my half of the infirmary.” You joked, nudging his shoulder. He laughed and went to open it, gingerly ripping it open and taking out the stacks of paper.
He unfolded the papers and began to read.

A few moments later, his jaw dropped and his hands tightened around the paper. “What? What is it?”

He didn’t answer, but the paper was starting to tear under the pressure of his hands. With no response, you pried the paper out of his hands.

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. (y/l/n), I regret to inform you that your divorce request has been denied. Well wishes, the board of marital status.” You mumbled aloud.

“For fucks sake! I can’t wait any longer!” Kix groaned and you snapped your head to him.

“I didn’t realize I was that bad of a wife.” You growled, crumpling the papers into the wastebasket

“No, No, No. that’s not what I meant! It’s just that, well, I guess this is as good of time as ever.” He sighed. He got out of his chair and dropped to a knee and fished out a box from a pouch on his armor’s belt. He opened the box to reveal the ring. A simple band with a small diamond embedded in the silver metal. “I know it’s small and simple, but it can fit under medical gloves and it’s not big enough to be stolen-also all I could afford, but if you’ll take it, maybe you’ll take me as more than just your legal husband.”

“Kix, you’re always enough. Of course!” You cooed letting him slip the little thing on your finger before launching yourself around him.

“Good. Because even if you wanted to, you can’t get away. The Marital status board wouldn’t let you!” He laughed, you just shut him up with a kiss.


“I thought you put in a fake certificate.” You said breathlessly and nervously, looking up at the civvie disguised arc trooper. Searching his eyes, you already knew the answer. He gave you a nervous laugh as he scratched the back of his neck.

“I thought you told me to file a real one.” He confessed. Your jaw drooped.

“Why would I tell you to do that!!” You whisper yelled. “I told you to make sure you DIDN’T do that!”

“Heh.” He fake chuckled, offering a broad smile that was exceedingly difficult to stay mad at.

“Stop that. I’m trying to be mad at you.” You huffed, turning away from him, he could still see you crack a smile. He thought for a moment before cracking

“Meet me at 79’s tomorrow at 8.” With that he left suddenly with you confused.

The next night, you showed up at the clone bar in {insert nice/ going-out outfit here} still confused. It took awhile to find Fives- seeing as he blended in rather well whereas you stuck out like a sore thumb. None of the troopers bothered you though, they all knew you were Fives’ girl.

Finally finding him in a quiet, more private corner, he smiled at the sight of you. “You look gorgeous, babe.”

He didn’t look to shabby himself. Though short, you could tell he combed through his hair and polished up his armor-maybe it was the lighting but he might of touched up the paint on his armor. “You don’t look to bad yourself, soldier.”

After a while, the two of you had been through a round of drinks he took your hand. “At first, I wasn’t all that sure why the marriage certificate was that big of a deal, but then I realized somethings.

“One, you might not even want to marry me.

“Two, every girl deserves to have this special moment.” With that, he slid out of the booth and propped up on one knee. He fished out an inboxed ring and held it out. It was a gold band with five tiny crystals embedded it it.

“As much as I love being married, will you divorce me so I can do it right this time?” He asked as you laughed through happy tears.

“The only time I’ll be happy to breakup with you.”


“So we’re actually married?” The hand-printed arc trooper asked for clarification, staring at the piece of paper in your hand.

“Seems that way.” You shrugged, also gaping at the certificate.

“Well, damn, I don’t even have a ring.” He laughed. “Give me a sec. I can fix this.”

Three seconds later, he reappeared back with a straw wrapper and had detached the hand cover of his armor.

“This is rushed, but since I’m being deployed again tomorrow this is the best I got.” He started as he tied the straw wrapper around you finger. “There’s a ring, but since paper is very short lived, I’m leaving you a piece of my armor. Some of my older brothers in the 212th told me how leaving a piece of armor with your like leaving your life with them. But don’t think of it like that, think of it as a promise that I’ll come back for it assuming you’ll have me.”

With that, he put the plastoid piece in your hand and gently pressed a kiss against your forehead.

“Echo, ring or no ring, I’m yours. And you better come back regardless. I’ll come find you myself if I have too.” You answered, letting him cut you off with a passionate kiss. He only broke away at the sound of his comm chirping.

“I know, sweetheart. I have to go, we’re leaving for the citadel first thing in the morning. I love you.” Though disheartening, he always came back and that was the reality of dating within ranks.

“Be careful. We’ll talk honeymoons when you get back.” With a last kiss and a smirk, Echo left for the citadel. You never did get that honeymoon.

Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’m trying to come back, I promise. I’m in spring break now so that should help!

Up next: (Kix, Fives, and Rex) x Reader with a pregnancy scare.

anonymous asked:

15 & 59 with stiles :) and can you make them not end up together in the end thank you!

Stiles Stilinski - “No one can hurt me like you can.”


You tensed all your muscles when you heard a well known voice yelling your name across the campus.

“(Y/N)! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” He wrapped his arms around your waist and attempted to kiss your lips. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you…” He didn’t seem to realize that you turned your head away and that his kiss ended on your cheek. “I’m sorry that I didn’t come over sooner and that I stopped calling you, but I promise that I will better my life and that I will be the wonderful and perfect boyfriend you deserve again.”

You licked your lips and nervously you shifted your weight from one leg to the other.

“What? Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well? Did I miss something important?” Stiles cocked his head, but you didn’t dare to look him in the eye.

You didn’t dare to look at him at all.

When he had stopped calling you, months ago, you had thought that you would never see him again, that he had broken up with you and had simply forgotten to tell you about it, that he had grown tired and bored of having to schedule your skype conversations so neither of you would miss any classes.

“No, I’m fine, I’m better than fine, actually…” You placed your hands on his shoulders and freed yourself from his embrace. “I’m just really surprised that you’re here.”

“I wanted to surprise you. I know there is no way I can make up for not talking to you for about 8 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours, but I wanted to at least give it a try.” Stiles shrugged his shoulders, but the smile on his face faded when he noticed that you weren’t sharing his enthusiasm. “O no, I’ve seen that look on people’s faces before and that’s not a good look…” He shook his head and bit his lip and you stared at the grass beneath your feet.

“You haven’t called or texted or spoken to me for 8 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours.” You took a deep breath. “You didn’t answer my calls, you didn’t answer my e-mails.” You paused for a moment. “I thought you were ignoring me. I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore. I actually even thought that you stopped loving me.”

“Hey (Y/N)!” A handsome young boy wrapped his arms around your chest and kissed your hair. “How busy are you right now? I’ve just bought the last two strawberry milkshakes and I was hoping to be able to share them with you.”

“Give me a sec, okay?” You looked up at him and your lips curled up into a slight smile. “Why don’t you go to our spot already? I’ll be there in a few minutes, I promise.” You nodded at him and the guy nodded back at you.

“See you in a few minutes then.” He kissed your temple once more before he walked away and you watched him until he was out of sight.

“What was that? Who was that?” Stiles had his eyes wide open and his jaw almost touched the ground. “Are you cheating on me? You know no one can hurt me like you can!” He raised his voice and you could see the despair in his eyes.

“Stiles, that was my boyfriend.” You took a deep breath and stared at the boy you had once loved so much. “I’m sorry, but I really thought….I just thought you were afraid to break up with me. How could I know that you would show up again?” You shook your head. “You broke my heart, Stiles. You broke my heart and he glued the pieces back together. So, no, you can’t make up for it anymore.” You paused for a moment. “I’m sorry.”

Stiles kept quiet for a few long seconds. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve moved on and I have to be okay with that.” He lowered his shoulders and his eyes started to water. “Please, go get that milkshake with him. I’ll be fine. I guess. I hope.”

You stared at Stiles once more before you turned around and followed your boyfriend. You didn’t dare to look over your shoulder while you did so. You already knew what you would see and you didn’t want to see it.

anonymous asked:

2min. minho's rich parents hasn't been in contact with 2min ever since they got married and after 5 years, minho's parents sends them an invitation for christmas dinner.

for @jetaeminnie  ♡

Titled: How to end a fight? Carry on!
Length: Almost 7.8k words (long!)
Pairing: 2min and tidbits of jongyu
Warnings: cringe, cliches, fluff (not fluffy fluff but as @cute-little-oppas puts it, asdfghjkl fluff)

“What happened?” Jonghyun asked when Minho finished with the pictures and was heading to the screen to edit them.

“Nothing,” Minho answered, sighing a little as he set his camera down.

“Your brows have been knotted all day, dude.”

Minho sighed, reaching into his bag and taking a letter out, throwing it at Jonghyun. Jonghyun caught it and opened it immediately. After he was done reading, he sighed, “Well, you can ask someone to go with you. You haven’t gone home once since you left six years ago. No one knows who your husband is.” Jonghyun paused, “Wait, I can go with you-”

“And you think Jinki’s gonna be alright with that? Let his boyfriend pretend to be someone else’s husband from Christmas till New Year?”

Jonghyun smirked, “I can convince Jinki to go with you instead. Or maybe Kibum-”

“No one’s gonna work.” Minho sighed deeply, “My mom knows who my husband is- was. You are forgetting- she was one of the witnesses, unwillingly but yeah…and she probably has a picture from the wedding and I’m 100% sure she showed it around.”

“Tell her the truth, you got no choice.”

“I was avoiding her calls ever since Taemin left and when she finally sent the invitation, I answered her call and she went on and on about how grandpa is ill and helped her convince everyone to accept my running away, becoming a photographer, marrying early, blah blah blah, so that he could see everyone happy and together this Christmas, because he’s afraid he won’t last until next…and the whole family now is gonna throw a reception of sorts for us during that week I don’t wanna ruin anything for grandpa or mom. And how can I show up at my reception…well, alone?”

Jonghyun thought a while, “Well, you can ask Taemin though. I mean…you guys aren’t really divorced-”


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Just Friends

Originally posted by taedamn

Genre: Fluff/Angst/Suggested Smut ;)

Word Count: 1,434

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

“He was too close to you Y/n!”

”You aren’t even my boyfriend Tae why do you care if he was too close!”

Masterlist ♥︎


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Private Lives Chapter Ten

Title: Private Lives Chapter Ten

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: ~2700

Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: None really for this one, lots of parenting moments. 

Catch Up HERE

A/N:  This has taken awhile. Honestly, my life is insane right now. I have so many things happening. I haven’t stopped writing, but it has been hard trying to find time to actually post my writings. Thanks to those who are sticking with me right now, I truly appreciate it. 

Character: Jensen Ackles


@deans-princess-crybaby  @space-cats-in-purgatory  @bloodysideofhell  @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  @mrswhozeewhatsis  @mamaimpala  @timewoundsallheals1210  @the-mrs-deanwinchester  @aprofoundbondwithdean  @queenofhellisafangirl  @jensen-jerk-ackles  @anastasiarosez  @ackleholic96  @mama-impala  @mamapeterson  @redlittlefox  @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki  @beautiful-disaster143  @deanwinchester-af  @adaisinwonderland  @theweirdymcweirderson  @mysaintsasinner  @oh-jesus-sammy  @jencharlan  @blacktithe7  @iamflanneltrash  @blushingsamgirl  @deandoesthingstome  @mrsjohnsmith  @samtomydeanwinchester  @sis-tafics  @ackleslaugh  @fangirling-instead-of-working  @eyes-of-a-disney-princess  @for-the-love-of-dean  @lipstickandwhiskey  @skybinx-blog  @loveitsallineed  @shipping-people-writing-things  @spectaculacular-sammy  @superbluhoo2  @winchesterswoonathon  @iwantthedean  @crzcorgi  @ilostmyshoe-79  @torn-and-frayed  @supernatural-jackles  @impalapossible  @jotink78  @hillface89  @kittenofdoomage  @nichelle-my-belle  @percywinchester27  @whit85-blog  @rizlow1  @bringmesomepie56  @atc74  @gemini75eeyore  @kristaparadowski  @mayasmedberg  @prncss-nefelibata  @smoothdogsgirl  @missieb76  @vougebandit  @raeganrr  @your-not-invisible-to-me  @vaisabu  @bakabozza  @britt-spn  @fernandasvaldi  @silver-and-green  @yaya-snowflakes  @imnotalosechester  @motleymoose  @ruprecht0420  @iamnotsaneatall  @gecko9596  @anokhi07  @tiffanycaruso  @spnolivia  @the-jette  @boredoutofmymindstuff  @lovin-ackles  @dancingalone21  @laurenw1025  @supernatural-fan-123  @moonstonemystyk  @perpetualabsurdity  @frenchybell  @allthatsupernaturallife  @irishdoll80  @hand-over-the-frigging-pie  @walkercauff  @nerdwholikesword  @supernatural508  @ledzeppelinrules  @rattyretro-blog-blog  @fandomsneverdie14  @anxuanpham  @mysteriouslyme81  @felly-pepper  @sleep-silent-angel  @caityrice  @ezauraemmaline  @steampunkd16  @fullmetalkassie  @buckysmetallicstump  @wwecrazed2010  @winchesterhunters67  @symphony25  @oceanblue-and-forestgreen  @dorky-and-i-know-it  @trustnobodyshootfirst  @ria132love  @grace-for-sale

“Thatcher Ackles!” You yelled. “If you don’t get down here, you’re gonna be late for school!”

“I’m here, I’m awake!” Thatcher jogged into the kitchen and grabbed a PopTart that was waiting for him.

“You are lucky today is my day off, Kiddo,” you said, glancing at him.

“I know, I know. Thank you, Y/N.”

Once you were in the car, Thatcher sat in the passenger seat quietly. He looked like he was thinking something over. You looked over while stopped at a red light and noticed a small frown on his face.

“What’s up, Thatch?” You asked curiously.

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It Just Happens (5/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language, alcohol consumption

A/N: What happens when you’re Steve Rogers’ assistant, one bad night for the both of you, and you end up at the bar drinking it away. What could go wrong with that?

@chrisevansthedoritobastard   @holahellohialoha  @almightyunnie
@iwillbeinmynest  @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @castielohcastiel @bellejeunefillesansmerci @dadysbuggy-blog-blog

Originally posted by jamesbhrnesvevo

A knock on your front door tells you Steve has arrived, Nat stands in your bedroom door way.

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Dreadful Friday

“Baby? Can I ask you a favor?” Taron calls out from the living room.

He’s doing his usual routine after he comes home from work every Friday evening.

For some people, Friday is like a gift from God mainly because they get to relax after a long and stressful day from work. They get to savor the peacefulness and quietness
in their homes. They get to read a good book in a quiet corner of their living room, sipping a hot tea or coffee
Or watching movies snuggled up in a blanket and in a comfortable sofa.

And moi? I get to savor my boyfriend’s screams and cheers from our living room.  

If you’re wondering what’s this annoying lame routine I’m talking about: it’s watching sports on the television.

It’s not that I’m a total hater of sports. I actually did gymnastics when I was 7! But you know, I have to do my stuff in a most comfortable way. I have also needs and he doesn’t understand it.

He thinks he wouldn’t get a good night sleep if he didn’t watch sports on a Friday night. Did he think I would get a good night sleep if I didn’t get to relax on a Friday night? Well fuck.

I pause the movie playing on my laptop and walk out of the room. “What?” I snap.

“Can you make me a chicken sandwich?” smiling at me.

Is he fucking serious?

I roll my eyes as I turn to go back to our room.

“Please! I can’t miss this game!” He begs.

“Oh, and missing my show is okay? Make yourself a sandwich! I’m not making you one!” then I added “You’re like five feet away from the kitchen don’t be such a lazy ass!” Clearly annoyed by his attitude, I stomp my way back to our room.

“Don’t be mad. Come over here first. Please!” He clasps his hands together, pouting his lips. 

“Stop bothering me, for god’s sake! I’m trying to watch my show!”

“Please come over here.”

I roll my eyes again and make my way to the living room and stop at the back of the sofa.

Resting my hands at the edge, i glare down at him as he inclines his head to look up at me with pleading eyes.

“Please?” He pouts.

Ugh! The bastard knows I couldn’t say no to him.

I try to keep my face blank as he stares up at me.

“Please?” he pleads again, still pouting.

I groan and make a beeline to the kitchen.


I whip my head at his direction. “What do you want now?” I snap.

I can’t keep myself from shouting not when he’s winning and being adorable as fuck.

“Can you give me a kiss first?” Biting his lower lip to keep himself from grinning.

“You’re too much!” I say, shouting at him.

He laughs and goes back to shouting and yelling profanities in front of the goddamn television.

After a little while, I bring his chicken sandwich to the living room and place it on the table in front of him.

He stops me by holding my wrist as I attempt to walk back to our room.

On the verge of crying, I ask him. “What do you want now Taron? Can’t I watch my movie without you disturbing me?”

“Keep me company, please.”

“I told you i’m watching a movie, goddamn it!”

“Please? Just bring your laptop and plug in your earphones. I’m a better company than the zombies in The Walking Dead.”

I can’t believe this boy.

“Do you even hear and see yourself whenever you watch your show? You’re thrashing and wailing and shouting. Tell me,
how could I watch my show with you beside me?”

“Please? I’ll behave.” He smiles up at me and motions above his head as if to say ‘I’m a good boy’.

I roll my eyes and shake my wrist from his grasp. “Fine!”

I make my way to our room and snatch my laptop and earphones off the bed and make a beeline to the living room.

I sit at the end part of the sofa, facing him. I place my laptop on my lap and begin to flip it open.

He catches my feet and rests it on his lap, gently squeezing my toes.

He continues to massage my feet. Oh yes, that feels so good. But I begin to sense he’s up to something.

“What are you doing?” Pausing the show, I raise my eyebrow at him.

He looks at me innocently “Uhm, trying to watch my show?”

Yeah, right Taron.

I gave him a side way glance and play the my show once again.

He stops to rest and goes back to massaging my feet. I’ve never felt so relax and surprisingly he’s quiet than expected.

Well not entirely.

Halfway through the show, his touches become sensual and agonizingly slow.

Fine. Two can play the game.

I pause the film and shut my laptop close. I remove the earphones in my ears and place it on the table with my laptop.

Wrapping my arms around his waist and leaning my head to his side, I snuggle closer at my annoyingly hot boyfriend as he looks at me questioningly.

“What’s wrong?” He asks me. “Got tired watching your show?” He smirks.

I’ve never felt this kind of need of sewing his mouth shut so he can never speak shit again.

“Yeah, apparently my show got suprisingly boring and I had to shut it off. You’re right, baby. You’re a better company than
the zombies.” Sarcasm evidently showing I say them.

“That’s good.” Kissing my forehead.

I roll my eyes as I stare blankly at the television.

I count from 1 to 100 until I start my mini sabotage. He ruined my moment then I’m going to ruin his moment too. Payback time my beautiful Taron babe.

Somehow, I have managed to keep intact with the numbers in my mind even if he’s shouting and yelling.

It’s showtime Taron David Egerton.

I take a long inhale at his neck and peck it.

“You smell good.” and I added, “And comfy.”

He wraps his arm around me tighter. He still has no idea what my motives are.

I kiss his cheeks twice.

I place my hands to his jaw and force him to look at me. He refuses to look but somehow captures my lips.

“Babe, I’m watching. We can do this later.” He says between kisses. Still refusing to turn to my direction.

The angle of our heads makes it more harder to kiss him.

I got tired and I finally straddle his lap, attacking his neck with kisses.

“Babe, I’m watching my show.” He say softly, airily.

“Shut up.”

I move to kneel down between his legs and I tug off his sweats.


“I told you to shut the fuck up. Don’t make a sound.”

I palm him through his boxers that is slowly forming a small tent. His breathing becomes heavy.

I kiss his clothed cock before I tug them off also.

Once I have removed his boxers, I take a look at his beautiful cock. Its head is glistening with pre cum. I lick it then suck on it voraciously and obscenely until I took him fully into my mouth.

He makes a sound as he moves his hand to my hair.

“Fuck yes Y/N-”

I quickly remove my mouth to his, my mouth glistening with saliva.

I glare at him. “Didn’t I tell you not to make a fucking sound? Is it so hard for you to understand that? You never fucking listen, Taron. You never do. You just always think of yourself. You have no idea how fucking mad I am at you right at this moment.” I say fuming with anger. “Now go back to watching your show like a good boy you are, yeah?”

His eyes hooded as he nods at me.

I spat at his cock and pumps him hard, making my spit as my lube.

His breath hitches when I take him again to my mouth. I look up at him and he keeps his eyes on the television, his face scrunched up and as he keeps himself from making any sound. He doesn’t even try to touch me and keeps his hands still to his sides.

I bob my head as i pump his length furiously. I can sense he is close because his legs starts to stiffen and his breathing becomes heavier then he says too quietly,

“Baby, i’m close.”

I keep going and going until his hot load came running down my throat. He flexes his hips deeper to my mouth, making me gag.

The room is filled with his loud moans and profanities.

I took him out of my mouth and look up at him. His eyes close as he leans his head back against the sofa. Trying to regain his breathing.

I didn’t even realize I let him win again.

Call me a twit but it’s always been like this. I’m always the one giving a way to everything in our relationship. It’s not like he didn’t do anything but I think It has always been me.

I keep my position between his legs, slumping on the ground as I silently weep.

He chuckles then say, “That was- oh shit no, no, baby no.”

He pulls back his sweats and boxers and grabs me, cradling me to his lap.

I sob to my hands as he hugs me tighter. “I’m so sorry baby. Please don’t be mad at me.”

The only answer he got from me is my sobs. He removes my hands from my face and cups my jaw.

I keep sobbing and sobbing as i refuse to meet his gaze.

“I’m so sorry I ruined your night. Please let me make it up to you. I’ll take you this weekend. Whatever you say just please baby don’t be mad at me.” His voice full of sadness and worry.

He hugs me again and finally I hug him back, sobbing to his neck. He hugs me even more tighter.

He says between my sobs “I’m such a dick.”

I stop and look at his beautiful face. His eyes full of sadness.

I sniff and rub my nose with my sweater in a most unladylike way.

“Promise you’ll treat me to the movies tomorrow and buy me cheetos and ice cream?” My voice wobbly.

He smiles and nods softly and tells me with his quiet voice only for me to hear, “Whatever you like baby. Just please don’t be mad at me. I can’t stand you being mad at me.”

Then I smile for the first time.

He kisses me long, hard, and passionate.

I break away to look at him.

“You taste like chicken sandwich.”

He grins his boyish grin. “You taste like me.”

I bit my lip to stifle my grin.

“Cuddles? You like?” He asks me, smiling adorably. This boy never fails to make me smile.

I pinch both of his cheeks as I peck his lips.

“You’re too adorable for my liking.”

He giggles. “Well, i’m glad to hear that.” he moves to sit on the edge of the sofa as he hunches his back. I look at him questioningly “What are you doing?”

“Hop on baby. I’m giving you the best ride of your life.”

I laugh harder but I oblige to his adorable proposition.

He stands up and carries me to our bedroom “Damn girl, you’re heavy!”

“I know. Thanks.” I giggle.

He sets me down on our bed and then I feel Taron lie down on his side behind me, spooning me like we always do. He proceeds to wrap his arms around me as I lie in front feeling fully content.

“Are you still mad at me?” He asks me softly.

“Not at this moment.”

He hugs me further to his body. “Really?“


“100% sure?”

“Yes” I say giggling.


There’s a long pause between us. Just the sound of our breathing.

"I love you Y/N. I’m so sorry. Please don’t ever get mad at me.”

“As long as you’re a good boy I won’t get mad at you.”

He laughs softly, flipping me to face him.

He caresses my face with his hand, smiling at me. “Seriously, Y/N. I love you.”

“I love you too Taron.” I smile up at him and he kisses my forehead.

With that we both drift off to sleep with the sound of our own breathing and the sound of our heartbeats.

Picture this, folks. New York. January. Cold like a loveless marriage, the sort that turns around and shivs you just for something to do. Snow gone brown and mushy. Grey sky, and the clouds look like tobacco smoke against it. Probably taste like it too, and piss out bourbon when they rain - the city’s got that kind of feel to it. And me, traipsing through the alley like a damn schmuck on a case that’s locked up tighter than a whorehouse to beggar. I’ve been on this thing for thirty six hours and it’s gone straight to hell with a manic grin and a trail of bodies to mark the way.

Am I being screwed over? Like a choir boy on an altar, but a case is a case. You don’t hire a guy like me if you’ve got an easy one and this is so far from an easy one I may as well get a new passport and emigrate. I’ve had two guys try to drop me and I’m getting fucking sick of being shot at, and the church that was supposed to be my next lead is a pile of smoking rubble with a corpse or two thrown in as a fun freebie to brighten my day. Nothing cheers you up like learning that your kidnapping case went murderous on you. Better than Christmas come eleven months early and leaving a pipe bomb in your stocking, and Santa being a dick who drank the last of the booze and stuck an IOU note to the empty flask.

How did I get myself here? Well. It started with this dame. Scamander, that was the name, friend of Queenie’s sister, something like that - Queenie comes over to my desk all smiles like she couldn’t stick a stiletto through your heart and twist it. Says she has a case for me, says I’ll like this one. Says I should open the window and let some sunlight in the room before I choke on the gloom, but all that would do is swap the smoke from inside for the smog from outside and it’s high quality smoke in my office. I ain’t trading that for the cheap shit they breathe in the street.

“Don’t be shy honey,” she says to the dame. “Graves don’t bite. He talks big, but he’s a real softy on the inside.”

You’re a star, Queenie. A real diamond in the shitpile of life. God only knows why I keep you around.

She ushers the dame in, and I prepare myself for the usual schtick. Been doing this job for long enough now that I know the trope: red dress, killer heels, flashier jewels than a doll their age could afford but the kind of makeup that says exactly where they got the money from. Drop a bit of leg on the desk, bat their eyes and take the sort of drag on their cigarette that a guy would usually pay to see, dump a case on me that no sane detective would ever take.

Joke’s on them; they can lean forwards all they want, but this detective is as bent as politician’s morals. Nice assets darling, but they do exactly squat for me. I take the cases. I solve the cases, because that’s what I do. And then I charge them through the fucking nose for the privilege and drop their pretty jewels off at the pawn shop on my way home. It pays the bills.

So I’m sat there, bracing myself for more of the same, and Queenie steps back as the dame comes through.

I swear my heart took one look and decided to do the fucking charleston against my ribs. One of the routines which is all kicks and flailing like an epileptic flamingo and some idiot shredding a ukulele in the background.

“Take a seat, sweetie,” Queenie says, and I can see on her face that she knows exactly what her new case is doing to me. If I wasn’t so close to cardiac arrest I’d say something about that, but I focus on remembering to breathe instead. “You want anything? Coffee, tea, can I get you a slice of something nice?”

“Whiskey,” I croak out, and Queenie ignores me.

“Oh,” the dame says, and fuck if his voice isn’t liquid honey and ice cream in summer. Fuck. “No, I’m good. I wouldn’t want to be a bother.” He ducks his head and looks up through a curly ginger fringe. Pain starts shooting down my left arm as my heart gives out.

“Don’t be silly,” Queenie scolds. “I’ll get you a tea, you just wait right there.” 

He smiles, all bashful and shy, and I start praying because I’ve lived through a lot in the comedic shitshow that’s my life but this? This is what’s going to kill me.

“So Mr Scamander,” I say in a strangled attempt at a drawl. “I hear you have a case for me?”

He nods, quick and jittery like, and reaches into his pocket for a photo. When he unfolds it it shows some miserable fuck with a haircut not even a mother could love and I swear, this better not be his boyfriend. My life is trouble enough without the inevitable fallout when I steal the guy’s dame from under his nose. Because I will. I’ll feel bad about it, sure, but morals are a luxury I’m miles too broke to afford and opportunities like this don’t come often enough to pass them by.

“This is Credence. He’s my…” He pauses. It’s a long pause, one that drags on too long as he searches for the words, and I can tell you this because I wasn’t breathing during it and my chest was on fucking fire by the time he picked up again. “He’s family. And he’s missing, and I wanted - I was hoping - you think you can find him, Mr Graves?”

And see, you don’t come to a dive like this with a basic missing person’s case like that. My brain’s as pickled as my liver from all the spirits I’ve soaked it in, but I ain’t blind enough not to spot that there’s something more going on here. I shoulda chucked the dame out the window and told him to keep the change for trying to pull a fast one on me, or at the very least grilled him like a flambe steak until he spilled the beans.

He leans forward and bites his lip, big eyes all wide and bad news writ over him like a twenty foot billboard and fuck me sideways with a jazz band.

My will’s in my left shoe and Queenie, the traitor, is inheriting the business and every dime of the debt that comes with it. 

Meet My Mom

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Meet My Mom

Sunghwa yawned rolling over onto his side seeing you make your way around the bedroom. He grinned seeing you wearing his shirt. Last night he just got back to Seoul after a month long world tour. He made sure you were his first stop, for all intents and purposes it had been a month. He licked his lips watching you scurry about the room, drying your hair from your shower. “C’mere…” he whispered lowly.

“Me?” You raised a brow before sauntering toward him. You knew exactly what you were doing, and you had no intention of stopping. Your hand innocently slid up your thigh, taking the shirt up with it as you made it to the bed.

He grinned wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling into bed. “You’re such a tease” He rolled over you and pinned your arms above your head.

“What are you going to do about?” you grinned.

His lips brushed against yours before trailing along the side of your cheek. “Mmm… I’ll just take you…” His teeth grazed against your neck before he attacked your side ticking you.

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Here is my first imagine, hope you like it! Trying to get into the swing of things! Imagine: the club ‘deal with’ your abusive partner - Anya
Warning: mentions of domestic violence, plus like violence, language??

You stepped out of the car, closing the door behind you. You had been avoiding the club for days after what had happened between you and your boyfriend but they were getting more and more worried and finally you were persuaded to come by. Foundation was your only option to cover up the bruising on your face and you were really hoping it was enough.
“Hey baby”
You looked up to see Gemma,
“Oh hey, how you doing?” You replied moving forward to hug her.
“I’m doing fine, I should be asking you this haven’t seen you for days, where ya been?”
“I’m sorry, there’s been shit going on.”
“You okay? What’s up?” She asked, looking concerned.
You nodded your head trying to make it look real but it ended up you shaking your head, looking at the ground. You didn’t know what to say, it was best too say something but you didn’t want to get into any more trouble with your Boyfriend.
“I….I …I’m just really scared Gemma, and I don’t know what too do because I don’t want to get him mad again but I need to get away.”
You suddenly found the ground very interesting as you spoke unsure if this was the right thing to do.
“Okay baby, how about we go inside and talk about this. We can deal with any problem, yeah?” She replied, leading you inside the clubhouse. Gemma had always been caring towards you, she saw you as a daughter and was very protective over you.

You said hello to Jax, Juice and Clay who were inside quickly following Gemma towards the bar to avoid the same questions from them. You knew that once you told Gemma the club were going to find out and you also knew that the three members in here would probably be able to hear your conversation with Gemma but you had gotten to a point where you needed to tell someone and you just didn’t care.

“Talk to me honey,” she said whilst wiping the tears you didn’t even realise were coming out of your eyes. You were about too start, having planned what you were going to say but her face suddenly changed from a sympathetic one to an angry one,
“Who the hell did this to your face?” She asked loudly, catching the attention of the others in here. You started to panic, she had wiped the cheap foundation off and discovered the large bruise on your right cheek.

“What’s going on?” Jax asked, walking over, along with Juice and Clay.
“how did you get this bruise?” Gemma asked, trying to stay calm about the fact that someone had hurt you. You looked down, sighing. This was it.
“My boyfriend, a few days ago he came home late and I had stayed up for him. He was drunk, and he started yelling at me about how I’m cheating on him and I’m a no-good slut.”
You took a pause, trying to slow down and breath.
“Then, he-he grabbed me and hit me around the face, screaming at me that i was a bitch who needed to be taught a lesson.” You pulled up your sleeve to show the raw marks around your wrist.
“He pushed me back into a wall, kicked my side and just like that he walked off to get another beer. Cause that’s what he needed, more alcohol.”
You scoffed, wiping the tears and shivering at the memories of the monster that came home that night.
“I, ugh, haven’t been home since, slept at a friends” You stuttered out, unsure of what else to say.
“We’re gonna find this shithead and make him pay, there is no way he is coming near you ever again, you hear me?” Jax said, his jaw clenching.
“Call everyone to a meeting now.” Clay added, walking into the chapel with a very angry looking Juice and Jax following.
“It’s okay, baby. They’ll make this right, I’m just glad he stopped and you’re safe now.” Gemma says, pulling you in for another hug.


The club pulled up outside your house, angry that a member of their family had been treated this way.
They burst through the door, seeing your so called boyfriend passed out on the sofa.
Jax walked over pulling him up and pushing him towards the rest of the boys.
“Who the hell are you?” Your ex slurred, barely awake.
“Ahh, well you see, we are Y/N’s family and just came round to give you a wee message.” Chibs replied from behind him.
“And what might that message be?” The drunk asked, fear creeping up on him.
The boys chuckled,
“Well…” Clay started, before punching him square in the face, knocking him to the ground.
Opie, Jax and Tig moved forward kicking him. All that could be heard was the groans from your ex.
After allowing everyone from the group to get their payback for what he did, Clay stood above him with the rest of the club behind.
“Now you listen here, you are gonna leave this town tonight and you are never to return. You will never come near Y/N again and if I hear anything whatsoever, or I even see you back in this town, you will not make it out alive you hear me?” Clay threatened, very much speaking for the club, as he looked down at the bloody face of your ex. Once the message was across, the club turned walking out of the house. Although Jax turned around last minute, making sure too get in one last extra punch before following after the boys.