i park like a d bag

What’s in my bag tag!

I clutter irl as much as I do on my builds.
Ah this was fun so thanks for tagging me @wanderlust-sims 🌹

Currently in my bag: oh yikes okay so my handmade sketchbook, reading book , and headphones cause ya never know when you’ll end up at a park or something. Altoids box filled with bobby pins, rings, and necklaces.
My glasses cause I can’t see. A rando lighter. My little baby daisy perfume cause I like to smell like flowers. Me burtsbees chap cause without it I’d be dry as heck. The wallet with no monies
Me medication(that I really need to refill) annndddd my Polaroid camera. annddd this light jacket for chilly nights

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The Kitten - Dean Ambrose x Reader

WWE Fanfiction Rated M Mature 18+ Warnings: kitten kink, smut, fingering and language Summary: Dean Ambrose has a full out kitten kink. He is in a hurry to get home to her to celebrate his WM 33 win. (If you don’t know​ what kitten kink is, there’s no actual cat involved) Requested by: @alexispoo

Authors Note: this is the first pet fic I’ve done so I hope you guys like it

Dean Ambrose grabbed his bags and threw them in the back of his car and he drove like a lunatic. He couldn’t wait to get home and see his pet kitten Y/n, he hates leaving her home alone. Poor thing is scared of the pet sitter, or it could be the other way around. He also wanted to celebrate his WM 33 victory with his kitten.

Dean got home and parked the car and left the bags in the trunk he’d get them out tomorrow. He put his key in the door, “Y/n I’m home, where’s my baby girl” Dean shouted closing the door. Y/n heard him calling her from the bedroom, she ran out and rubbed her side on his legs. She was wearing a black lace bra and matching thong. She had a purple color with a heart with her name on it.

Dean walked in the bedroom, “come on Y/n let’s go in the bedroom, it’s time for some pets” he said. She ran after him, he patted the bed and she jumped up and sat down on her legs and put her hands on the bed. Dean pet her head and scratched behind her ears and under her chin. “Talk to daddy baby girl” he said, “was the sitter nice to you while daddy was gone” he said. “Yes, but I think I freaked her out” she said, “I’m glad you’re home I missed you daddy” she said.

“Daddy missed his baby girl too” he said, “roll over on your back baby girl” Dean said. She rolled over on her back and he rubbed her tummy, “since you were such a good girl while daddy was gone, you’re gonna get rewarded with a pussy rub, so open your legs for daddy” Dean said. Y/n opened her legs and he pulled her thong to the side, he ran his fingers down her slit and back up. Dean held her pussy open with his fingers and he placed a finger on her clit and rubbed circles on it. She moaned softly as he rubbed her clit, he started moving the other direction. Dean rubbed her clit until she came on his hand.

Dean unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants and pulled his shirt off, he sat on the bed resting his head on the headboard. “Y/n take your panties off and ride daddy’s cock” Dean said. She took her panties off and straddled Dean and he helped guide her down on his cock. He gave her a minute to adjust to his size, she started moving back and forth on his cock. “That’s it baby girl, you look so fucking sexy riding daddy’s big cock” he said. “I love the feel of your big cock in my tiny pussy” she said. Dean put his hands on her hips and thrust up into her as she moved up and down on his cock.

“You close baby girl” Dean said, “yes daddy” she said. He put his thumb on her clit and rubbed rough circles on it and her orgasm shot through her. Her pussy clenched around his cock “yes daddy, yes fuck” she said. He thrust her through her orgasm before he hit his own release and spilled his cum inside her. Y/n collapsed on top of Dean breathing heavily unable to move. Dean pulled his cock out of her and rolled her until she was laying next to him, she curled up in a ball he rolled over and put his arm around her. They went to sleep.

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Get to know me

Get to know me…

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Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better I’m a rule breaker ;D

Nickname: Nikki, Six

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′2″

Last Thing You Googled: Reddit CSS themes

Favourite Music Artists: Bag Raiders and Future House

Song Stuck In My Head: Jordi Rivera & Sonny Bass - Fairytales and  OC ReMix #1641: Chrono Cross ‘Who Stole My Stars’

Last Movie You Watched: Jurassic Park

What are you wearing right now: Grey Jacket, Black and Blue Top, Beige Capri pants, Burgundy shoes

Why did you choose your URL: Because I’m pretty sure if I managed to get Son Goku people would think this was a DBZ blog. Plus Seiten Taisei is #1 earth son

Do you have any other blogs: @ringletts @sixelona @tinysage @shittysaiyukiscreenshots

What did your last relationship teach you: Not to be so trusting

Religious or Spiritual: I suppose more spiritual. 

Favorite Color: Turquoise, I like blue colors

Average hours of sleep: 4-5 hours a night

Lucky Number: 6

Favorite Characters
Son Goku - Saiyuki
Ivan - Tiger and Bunny
Lance - Voltron
Lavi - D Gray man
Nick Wilde - Zootopia
Tokito - Wild Adapter
Chrno - Chrno Crusade
And more…

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2, a thin blanket and a comforter

Dream Job: An animator

Imagine exchange student Kara:

Kara being that “cute but surprisingly poorly dressed for a french girl"

Alex’s family being the one to take kara in

Kara being from a small village in France 

She’s a prodigy and weirdly naive to a lot of things (probably from living almost all her life in such a small town) 

Kara freaking out at all the big buildings and going up and down on those “magical  stairs that move on their own" 

Cat being in the same class as Alex 

Cat just sees kara with her beret and being all cute and confused and just goes and declares she’s hersAlex: "Kara, she can’t do that, you are not an object” Kara: *eyes watering* “b b but I wanna be hers”

Kara: “Alex, do you know a cat grant?”

 Alex: “Yes, why?" 

Kara: "I think I’m hers now”*goofy smile* 

Alex: “what?!!!" 

Alex feeling defensive of kara

Alex: "Kara, she can’t do that, you are not an object" 

Kara: *eyes watering* "b b but I wanna be hers”

Alex going to confront Cat the next day. Kara freaking out because they can’t fight each other like that “you have to use your words" 

So Alex doesnt phisically fights with Cat but instead it involves a lot more of swear words and name calling. 

Kara: "that’s not what I meant, alex D:" 

Alex just caves and she doesn’t know how they ended up in a park together, with kara eating ice cream. They I mean Cat, Alex and Kara

 Alex and Cat begin to bond and Kara ends up feeling a little left out so she begins to look around… 

And then she sees a girl alone

 And goes to talk to her 

The girl had a dog 

The girl was named Lucy 

Kara’s so excited and almost can’t stop jumping around (the girl thinks she’s a lot like her dog *random name*)

 Lucy begins showing kara what’s in her bag (it’s dog treats) 

Kara is just as happy as the puppy and Lucy let’s her give some to the puppy 

Kara after that is just lost to the world, playing with the puppy 

Cat and Alex are both worried/jealous because kara cant just go talk to strangers like that especially cute ones “its not safe”

Lucy being amused 

Cat now brooding because kara isn’t giving her any attention

Alex is embarrassed Like "Yep, that girl rolling in the grass is my responsibility”

And then Cat flips around and is just like “We’ve been over this Danvers, she is /not/ yours she is /mine/”

 and cue the screaming match It ending abruptly when they both realize “where’s the girl/lucy?!! And more importantly, where’s kara?!”

 Lucy had no freaking idea of what was going on She was just in the park with her puppy, when suddenly a quirky french girl (a cute one though) just appeared and begin talking to her and petting her dog

 And she was just giving treats to the girl (to give to the dog) when suddenly two crazy girls appeared 

And begin asking her questions and basically interrogating her

But then one of them(a blonde haired one) declared that the French puppy was hers “not yours, danvers!”

And the wannabe baddass (lucys words of course) just started fighting with blondie 

Lucy dragging kara along (she thinks she’s saving her) to another place “safe from those two”

 And Kara just following because they are holding hands, so “new friend!!!" 

I can see kara just following her too 

Instead of being dragged along 

Lucy and Kara just talking in a cafe 

Lucy: "so where are you from?”

 Kara: “my home :D" 

Meanwhile Cat and Alex realizing Kara’s not there anymore and both panicking and blaming each other and trying to work together to find their missing puppy.

Seungcheol As a Boyfriend!

First post! Please enjoy~

•Okay so we all know how Coups is the father of seventeen right??
• Well guess what!! He’d still be very overprotective and father-like in some ways
•Like you’ll be eating and some like idk pasta sauce will get over your face and Coups just kinda,,,, *wipes your face with his thumb* And you’re like ?????? Wtf babe I’m not two years old???
•Also lots of feedback and opinions on your values/clothing/work
•Like he’ll probably suggest clothing he’d like to see you in while shopping and have deep conversations with you at any given time
•Like he’ll constantly be questioning your opinions and arguments not bc he’s trying to be rude!!!!! Just he’s like???? Woah why do you think this I’m so intrigued!!???!
•Also gives the best hugs
•he just seems so cuddly oml
•Lots and loTS of forehead kisses/back hugs
•Probably looks so good in the morning except has p bad morning breath????
•And he tries to kiss you goodmorning and you’re like???? babe nO
•A M U S E M E N T P A R K D A T E S
•literally always so hype!!! To go the amusement park yet???? Is a smol bby??? Two yrs old??? Doesn’t get on any rides??
•Like literally not even the kiddy rides I’m talkin like a 5 mpr merry go round!!??!
•Loves feeding you!!!?
•Like literally you’ll get there and two minutes later you already have like four hotdogs, two orders of funnel cake, two things of cotton candy, and three bags of kettlecorn and you’re like???!!? Since when¿? am I dating seokmin??

• Constantly has you over at the dorms like no joke ya basically live with your 2 yr old bf and his sons
•The boys probably tease him on the daily but like he doesn’t get it??? he will just be sitting there doin nothing and just
•"Dad???? Where’s mom??¿"
•Coups: *points to jeonghan*
•Also yeah ok prepare to be called mom by 12 lil munchkins
•Like Seungcheol probably gives the softest kisses and like holds your face gently with two hands and always ends up smiling into the kiss aND IM SO EMO RN

•Okay but honestly domestic shopping with coups is probably a wild ride!!??¿
•Like he’ll literally choose a dining ware set with like twelve different colours??? And then get like a couch with a bright neon version of a colour you don’t like
•But the thing is??? He’s so clumsy???
•Probably drops at least two plates per week tbh
•So you guys constaNTLY need to get more and onCE AGAIN!!!??? HE CHOOSES THE WEIRDEST COLOURS??? THAT DONT MATCH??!! AT ALL???¿
•Also probably have to take care of him when he gets hurt
•Lots of boo boo kissies
•And the first aid kit constantly needs to be restocked

•Also constantly getting to wear not only his clothes but the members two bc Seungcheol probably begs them bc of how cute you look!!
•He’s a huge sappy nerd ok
•probably constantly doodling your name on important paperwork and doesn’t notice until last minute and just wAIT,,
•Basically Seungcheol is a huge nerd ok trust me on this
•B U T
•also is very immature and probably laughs at dirty jokes
•gets flustered and proceeds to make dirty jokes whenever you’re around bc he’s a dumb poop
• But he’s your dumb poop so it’s ok!!!

Leave any feedback if you can guys! This was my first time doing this omg
Sorry if it’s bad, I’m always open to constructive criticism in the tags!

T-Rex Girl, Chapter 1

During the endless hours on a plane, I finally made it to Costa Rica, I was so excited to get to see my dad again. I walked through the airport, luggage in hand, I saw a fairly tall man in a black suit and tie looking around the crowd. Was he looking for someone? He then turned in my direction and saw he was holding a sign that said my name on it. I was confused at first, but them went up to him. “ hi, I’m Bridget Grady. ” I told the man, he looked at me up and down, and a look of realization hit his face. “ oh yes, hello I’m a driver assigned by your dad to take you to the boats.” He said in a monotone voice. I nodded and we headed to a black limo with black tinted windows. I looked at him confused, “ this is the car we are taking?” He turned to me and chuckled “ yes, your dad wanted to give you the ultimate experience.” I nodded and grinned, I was becoming more and more excited as I came closer and closer to and park, and my dad. Once I hopped in the limo. Once I got inside, I was surprised that right as I sat down, I got a text from my dad. ’ like my surprise? ;)’ my dad can be so lame sometimes… I texted him back, ’ It’s awesome!! Thank you so much dad! :D’ not two seconds later did I get a response from him. ’ your welcome sweetheart, I can’t wait to see you! Now, put down your phone and enjoy the ride! Love you’ I guess I need to listen to him. I put my phone in my bag and looked at the Costa Rica coast. Looking at the beautiful ocean, I felt my eyes begin to grow heavy. Suddenly, we stopped, I was confused at first as to why we stopped, until I realized we were at the boat dock. The driver came and open my door for me like I was some royal or something. I said a quick thank you to the driver and moved to the dock. I made it just in time for the next boat, I ran to the top deck to get the best view. I liked the feeling of the wind blowing in my long brown locks. I looked around and noticed a boy staring at me, he was quite attractive and looked around my age. We made eye contact and he looked away and turned his head to what looked like his younger brother. Another hour or so until we get there, but it was 10 times better then the plan ride.

Time skip

I looked in front of me to see the amazing island that I will be spending 3 months on. If you looked at the island from a distance and not known what was on it, no one would have guessed it was a theme park. I know I should be more excited to see the dinosaurs, but in all honesty, I was more excited to see my dad. Not seeing him for 9 months can really change a person. I couldn’t be more happy to see him. I was snapped out of my thoughts when that boy from earlier tapped my shoulder. “Hi, I’m Zach. ” He gave a smile that can make any girl melt. “Hi, I’m Bridget.” I gave him a smile. I looked up at the island, “ so, what you here for? Internship? Job? For fun?” Zach asked. I turned to face him and looked into his eyes, “My dad works at the park, I’m just going to stay there for the summer.” I said with a smile. He almost looked surprised,“you get to stay here all summer?” He said shocked. “Yeah, I’m really excited.” I exclaimed. “What about you? What are you here for?” I asked. “My aunt works there. She got us VIP passes and stuff like that. Personally I’m not that big on this stuff.” He explained, We were interrupted in the middle of our conversation by that little boy from earlier. “Zach! We’re going to be there any minute and your just standing there talking to a girl!” Zach have him a death glare, while I try to control my laughter. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now arrived at Jurassic World, please exit the boat in an orderly fashion and enjoy your stay at Jurassic World!” An announcer said over the speakers. I looked at Zach who had the little boy tugging at his arm and telling him it’s time to go. “I’ll see you around maybe. ” I told Zach and left to exit the boat. I was so excited to see my dad and the dinosaurs. As soon as my feet landed on the dock, I felt like I was in a whole new world. Next thing I know, I was devoured into a bear hug. I already knew who it was, my dad. We pulled apart, and I looked at his face. I felt like I haven’t seen that face in ages, even though I have. I missed him so much and was so happy to see him. “I missed you, dad” I said with tears in my eyes. My dad wiped them away and pulled me into another hug. “I missed you too, princess.” He replied. “And can I be the first to say, welcome to Jurassic World!”

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Can you please do jikook nr 9 "things you said when i was crying"? If you want to :)

“park jimin!” jimin starts awake. his teacher’s glaring at him. “why don’t you come up and do this next problem then.” 

jimin shrinks back. he has a d average in this class and everything on the board so far looks like squiggles. “ah…no thank you.” 

there’s a malicious smile on his teacher’s face. “no. i insist.” 

the entire class laughs and jimin can feel tears well up in his eyes. he stands up slowly. “o-ok…” 

“jimin can’t even solve his way out of a paper bag, don’t be so mean teach!” one of them yells and jimin bites his lip. 

“awww is jiminnie crying?” another one laughs and jimin can’t help the one tear that slides down his cheek. 

suddenly, he feels a hand on his shoulder and he realizes his seat mate, jungkook, is standing up. “all of you should shut the fuck up,” he snaps and jimin’s eyes widen. jungkook just transferred in, the only reason why jimin has a seat mate at all, and he can’t afford to get a bad rep already by associating himself with jimin. 

“ah no…it’s ok,” jimin mumbles and the hand on his shoulder pushes him back down into his seat with a thump. jimin blinks, stunned. 

jungkook crosses over to the board and starts writing. everyone’s staring in stunned silence as jungkook solves the problem with ease and slams the chalk back down. “happy?” jungkook asks their teacher who quickly checks with the book. it’s correct and jungkook rolls his eyes and sits back down.

“anyone else who wants to say shit about jimin can say it now and i’ll punch his face in,” he says to the class at large and some people grumble but no one says anything more and the lesson resumes. 

jimin wipes at his eyes. “th-thank you,” he mumbles and jungkook smiles at him. 

“any time.”

send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic

False Love Pt. 4


I quietly tip-toed out of the house and into my car. I was lucky enough to come home to a sleeping Patty yesterday, but I wasn’t ready for a bunch of interrogation from her so I did the only thing that seemed logical, I snuck out of the house before she could wake up.  

As soon as I turned the engine on a messy haired Patty opened the front door and walked out on the porch. With wide eyes I put the car in drive. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING? YOU HAVEN’T TOLD ME ABOUT YESTERDAY YET!!” Patty yelled walking towards the car with an angry scowl on her face.

“BYE BABE!” I yelled reversing out of the driveway and making my way down the street. I laughed as I heard her threats fade away the further I drove.

Making my way down the familiar streets of Los Angeles, I parked my car and made my way towards the door that led to the recording studio.

Making my way down the halls, I opened the door to find Derek playing around with the different beats.

“Hey D” I smiled putting my bag down on the couch and hugging him. I had known Derek for about four years and I could honestly say he was like the older brother I never had. He was the one that got me out of my shell, with Patty’s help of course, and introduced me to music.  He was, in a way, my mentor, an older brother, and my bestfriend all in one.

“Hey babe” Rolling my eyes with a smile on my face, I took a seat on the worn out couch. “So what’s this I hear about you on a date with someone that isn’t me?” he teased. I rolled my eyes at Patty’s doing and punched Derek on the shoulder.

“His name is Nate Maloley” I played with a loose string on my shirt.

“Oh, rapper boy” I laughed and shook my head, “So how was it?”

“It was fun” I smiled. “He took me to a park and we had a picnic and it was just… perfect” I sighed with a smile on my face.

“Woah, does the Y/N actually have a crush on someone?” My cheeks turned a light shade of pink as I punched him.

“Maybe” I smiled, tucking a stray hair behind my ear.

“I’m happy for you” Derek smiled, “But if he hurts you I wear I won’t hesitate on pounding his face into the pavement.” Rolling my eyes, I stood up and held my hand out.

“So are we working on this music or not?” He smiled and grabbed my hand.

Nate’s P.O.V.

“So how was the date?” This was the third time today that the guys had surrounded me and asked about my date with Y/N. Rolling my eyes, I took a seat on the couch.

“It was fine.” I mumbled.

“Based on the snapchats yesterday, the date looked better than just ‘fine’” Johnson said with a small smirk on his face.

“ALRIGHT!” I yelled. “I had fun! Is that what you wanted to hear?” I rubbed my face with the palm of my hands. “She was different than I expected, she’s chill and not afraid to be herself and it was just different than when I hang out with all those other girls.”

“Sound like someone has a crush.” Johnson smirked.

“This is why I didn’t want to tell you guys” I groaned into my hands. “She’s nothing but a bet and I’ll be done with her before you even know it.” John frowned at this and leaned back.

John suddenly smirked and shoved his phone in my face, “So this shouldn’t bother you right?” I took the phone from his hand and looked down at the snapchat of Y/N lip singing a song while a guy with dark brown hair stood behind her with his arms around her waist and his head on her shoulder. My jaw clenched and the snapchat moved onto another video of him playing with her hair while she playfully rolled her eyes and finally onto a picture of them both smiling before her story was over. I handed the phone back to John, well more like shoved, and rolled my eyes.

“Was that supposed to bother me?” I muttered with a scowl on my face.

“It clearly did.” John smirked looking down at my clenched hands. “Just admit that you have a small crush.”

“Well I don’t have a 'small crush’ on her” I stood up from the couch.

“WAIT! I have another really important question!” John yelled before I could head up to my room. I turned around expectedly. “Did you tell her to follow me on twitter?”

Rolling my eyes, I made my way upstairs.

“Wait Nate! You didn’t answer my question!” Ignoring him, I slammed the door to my room and laid down on my bed.

Opening up the instagram app on my phone, I typed in her name and clicked on her profile. My eyes landed on her most recent picture and guess who else was in it?…. Ding Ding… that’s right, it was the same guy from her snapchat. I kept scrolling through her profile and the same guy appeared in some of her pictures, whether it be both of them smiling up at the camera or him in the background of her selfies.

Debating whether of not I should, I clicked on his profile. From what I could see, he seemed to be a rapper with plenty of pictures of Y/N on his profile.

Rolling my eyes, I exited out of the instagram app and clicked on my messages debating.

Fuck it.  

I clicked her name and typed out a quick message.

The guys and I are having a small barbecue, wanna join? :)

I quickly pressed send and awaited her reply.