i panicked lol

I love how protective Viktor’s voice sounded here. <3

I am complete and utter trash.
I’ll go hide away in a corner now and contemplate my life choices.


TRAPPED in a Sitcom (feat. Joey Ahern)

hey so i was at the YouTube space, i panicked, and it got weird

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a blog: ugh this person (not a follower), whos from my country and was talking to me last week, is an ass

me, a follower, not from that country, never spoken a word to them: i know its me dont vague

i panicked...

i got home today… and my father told me someone broke into the house…..SOMEONE BROKE THE DOOR. I immediately searched for my laptop and pentab… they were safe. and the strangest thing is…..

someone rummaged through our things, but nothing was stolen.

i mean, yea, burglars go into your house and search for whatever’s valuable right? we’ve got a lot of gadgets and hidden savings… things were scattered on the floor, BUT NOTHING WAS STOLEN. what did that person came in here for? so we went into the conclusion that the culprit was still in the house. we looked at every corner of the house, the cabinets, the attic, hell, even the fridge. but we didn’t find anyone.

so maybe that person will come again.

i will probably sleep with a knife under my pillow tonight

is this even a knife?

anonymous asked:

Hello valentine! ❤️how was your Monday? Please let me know if there is anything specific you'd like to see in your gift. I know the prompt didn't give much wiggle room! If you were a tear in my eye I would not cry for fear of losing you -your rcvalentine

Awwww, hiya! I had a GREAT Monday cause I went to go see R1 one again, lol. Quality way to spend my day off from work.

And ahh, I am sorry about the prompt! I had no idea what to put there so I panicked, lol. Don’t feel like you ‘need’ to use that line of dialogue or anything, it can be inspiration or something along those lines. However you work it, I’m sure I’ll love it so please don’t feel confined :D SORRYYYYY lol

Basically, I am a sucker for anything hurt/comforty + angsty, but with a happy ending. I love a concerned Cassian and a stoic Jyn, but always breaking under that last bit of pressure of losing the other. I know for a “Valentine’s” prompt that’s a little weird, buuuuut … guh, these two and their angst. I always need more. 


                               the three stages of Edward Cullen fangirling. [insp]