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saturate (v): to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance; to charge to the utmost, as with magnetism; to imbue thoroughly or completely

S04E02 The Lying Detective

What is biphobia?

While homophobia is the hatred against gay and lesbian people which presents itself in many different (often institutionalised) ways, biphobia is the hatred against bisexual people. Though there is some overlap with homophobia, biphobia has a lot of unique and bi-specific aspects. It can come from straight people, gay people and bi people themselves (we call that “internalised biphobia”).

  • not believing that bisexuality is “real” and therefore invalidating people who identify as bi
    • for example saying they are actually gay but too shy/scared/cowardly to “fully” come out of the closet
    • or saying that they are actually straight and just “doing it for attention”
    • the false believe that you can only truly be attracted to only one gender (”I can’t imagine being attracted to more than one gender, so how could anyone else?”)
    • thinking it’s “just a phase” (often said about and towards bi kids/teenagers to invalidate them) and that they will eventually “pick a side” (note that there’s nothing wrong about it if it is just a phase for some people. but that doesn’t mean it’s like that for all bisexual people)
  • stereotyping bi people as “greedy” or “confused”
    • “they just need to make their mind up”
    • “they have threesomes all the time”
    • “don’t date a bi person, they are all unfaithfull cheaters.”
    • “they can only be happy if they date a man and a woman at the same time.”
      (Disclaimer: Some bisexual people fullfill these steroetypes and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s okay to have threesomes or be polyamorous if all participating parties consented to it. But it doesn’t mean all bisexuals are the same!)
  • thinking of bisexuality as half gay/half straight instead of it’s own unique sexual identity
    • “how many percent gay are you?”
    • “are you like 50/50?”
    • “what gender do you prefer?”
  • repeatedly speaking over bi people when they want to define bisexuality and/or talk about biphobia
    • “bi means ‘two’ so you can only be attracted to men and women” - actually the bi community keeps saying that the term has evolved to mean “more than one gender” which means it is inclusive of non-binary people as well
    • “bisexuality excludes trans people” - nowhere does it say that bisexual people are only attracted to cisgender men and women, trans men are real men and trans women are real women, so of course they are included in bisexuality.
  • bisexual erasure
    • for example assuming someone in a same-gender relationship has to be gay and in a different-gender relationship has to be straight
    • in media when TV shows/movies/books refuse to use the word “bisexual” about a character who clearly showed interest in or was intimate with people of more than one gender
    • using “gay” as an umbrella term to mean LGBTQIA+ (”gay rights”, “gay marriage”, “gay pride”) which is not just bisexual erasure but actually erases every other letter in the acronym except the G
    • labelling openly bi celebrities as “allies” (e.g. Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore, Billy Joe Armstrong)
    • mislabelling bi celebrities as gay - ever wondered why Freddie Mercury is known to be “the most famous gay celebrity”? Well, he identified as bisexual.
  • and last but not least: saying that biphobia is just “misdirected homophobia” denies the fact that there are a lot of bi-specific issues
    • bi people are less likely to be out to their intimate partner, their families/friends, their doctors
    • they are more likely to suffer from mental health issues and experience intimate partner violence

What all of this is showing us is that bi people have specific needs and face unique problems that won’t vanish just by fighting homophobia. There is no trickle down effect for bi people because as said above: we are not half gay so many resources for gay people don’t apply to us. We need our own resources and representation because biphobia is not the same as homophobia.

I need a soul-searching trip to my homeland. Too see the uncles and aunts my mother spent part of her childhood with. I need to visit the villages in India again, where my grandparents were born and to see the fields my distant family owns and try to learn something about myself through from the land.


I see everyday that people keep complaining about the amount of ship kids that afterdeath has

Yeah, they are a lot

But non of them are cannon, and usually they are not more than one in their own timelines

The only thing that people do when saying “there are too many” is making people who has an idea for an afterdeath kid feel bad for wanting to create it

And stopping their creativity

So just, stop

I don’t see the problem on creating a lot of them

We have a lot of sanses in the fandom, and i don’t see you saying something

And what about poth? They are not much different

I was one of those artist who really wanted to create a child, but couldn’t because of the stupid idea of “too many”

Idfc if there are too many, that doesn’t mean they are all canon and the parents need to stop f*cking

So, if you have an idea, do it

Don’t be afraid like i was

I did it, so can you

Sorry i needed to get this out of my chest-

I’m gonna delete this later ;;

Daisy // 18 (19 in 2 months) // South Australia

Feminism is my second favorite F word

I am a massive nerd, riot girl music enthusiast, art student stereotype, I care too much and not at all simultaneously, knowledge lover, gentle badass, psychology, science, and space are my jam, I watch way too much Netflix and own way too many half read obscure novels, I’m aggressively passionate about social issues and I collect too many things.

Occupational Therapy Student.


i was tagged by @ratbyun to do the wip tag!!! i aint a good writer my guys like all of my stuff is a wip cus im not boutta finish it…. anyway..

Rules: Write the first (or any) sentence from your work in progress, then tag as many people as there are words.

‘Instead, Jongdae clasped his own hands together, a little too loudly for his liking, and put on his best smile. Stargazing,”

dgnjjkdfnfkjfnjnjknkfsj i gotta tag like 21 people gn knkjdgkj yall are gonna hate me cus i got an ask that requires me to tag people so i’m sorry if yall dont write dshnsdb also sorry for being annoying

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I know a paladin, battered, tired, fel touched and filled with hate on all things that is corruption. But his hatred is so vast, that he even snarls and barks at his own allies like demon hunters or death knights, or warlocks. Many say he's blinded by it and he's too stubborn and perhaps traumatized to change his ways. What would you say to him?

They sound a lot like a Warcraft Paladin so I’m going to throw the book at them, and remind them of the cornerstone of their faith. Remember the three virtues, paladin. Are you looking at others, even your enemies,  with respect? Are you being tenacious, not faltering through the pain and hatred you have suffered? Are forgetting the compassion that is door to light? Have you closed yourself off from the Light itself? 


Respect is the first virtue taught to those joining the path of the Light. When looking at an enemy, one must look past the hatred that separates. There are qualities to respect and prowess to be acknowledged. Conducting oneself with honor and treating one’s opponent as one wishes to be treated shows respect. Respecting one’s opponents on the field is acknowledging a connection, which brings one closer to the Light.


Tenacity is the second virtue. This is the virtue of persevering through troubling times and painful experiences. In the face of despair and hatred, one must continue to stand true to their beliefs and fight on.


Compassion is the last step on the path of the Light. In times of rivalries, it is easy to see differences at every turn. The challenge is in looking beyond appearances and understanding the similarities. Through this understanding, one can feel compassion for the losses others have suffered, even if the victim bears another banner. By feeling and understanding compassion in enemy and ally alike, one reaffirms his or her connection with the world

Then after he’s been reminded of the three virtues, leave him to think on that.

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Oh shoot Im sorry if I was somebody who sent too many asks. Sometimes I get excited and send too many ideas?? Not so much because I wanna drown you in requests or that I actually expect you to draw stuff for them all-its more so cuz I wanna chat about my stupid ideas I guess?? Im sorry!! Anyways, I hope youre having a nice day!! I should really get my own tumblr one day so I can actually chat with you. Id love to share my sakura art/writing with you and others eventually (im too embarassed ///)

oh nonononono anon i just meant private messages it’s totally fine sending in asks! It’s just when people instant message me and send me one word and i go to check their profile it just looks really fishy lol

asks = good lol

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@the person doubting their self-dx: I have been diagnosed as being on the spectrum by like 3 different doctors, and have yet to have all too many others disagree, and even I get that whole "but since I don't do that thing, am I really autistic?" but the main thing I remind myself is that being on the spectrum inherently makes noticing my own symptoms more difficult because social things are odd. Tl;dr: even non-self-dx'd people can have doubts and also you're close enough to benefit here. 🙂

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Hi! I love Yume Nikki so much so I wanted to make my own Yn fangame. I have the main character and their room design already. I have RPG Maker 2k3 too, I just don't know where to start. Can you give me some tips?

I’m a big fan of planning things, so I’d at least plan out:

  • What kind of gameplay the game will have (if it’s traditional or if you’re adding a bit more or a different formula)
  • How many effects you want  (you can have a little list of ones you want in your first release and ones you want in your entire game)
  • What worlds you want (you can make a list just like effects!)
  • A small flowchart of maps for your first release so you know what you want to put in and what you want to keep out, like this.
  • Plan out if you want any endings or anything as well.

From there, I’d start making the bedroom, implement the dream/awake switches, and start mapping.  This tutorial here is helpful to start with, and there’s some rad tutorials here and here on the Dream Diary Jam page.  If you check the discord tag of this blog, there’s some Yume Nikki discords you can hop in, hang out, and ask for advice in as well.

Good luck friend, hope this helps! c:

Me: I hate living in a big city there are too many goddamn people I’m gonna live in the country

Also me: jk I like being close to everything and not secluded


I really appreciate the lines they gave Jimin in Pied Piper, because no truer words have been spoken

He suckers you in with his sweet face and angelic voice and shy demeanor

And just when you start to get an inkling that something isn’t quite right, after one too many suspect hip thrusts, it’s too late. He’s sunk his sexy Chim fangs into you

He owns you 💁🏽

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Is eruri canon? Ppl are saying it is from an interview but like....

I’m sorry, but since this is an ereri focused blog, I don’t really wish to discuss other ships in here D:

No matter what I answer, people could be upset, especially since Eruri is a notp for many of my followers. I hope you can understand this :)

If you want to know my personal opinion though, then you can always pm me ^^.


I am privileged to once again have a chance to take a part in this project. This time, I got to draw the wonderful Queen Rahna! She’s such a lovable npc because she’s so kind to Sigurd and her own people, yet she faces so many struggles, but still has to stay strong. I wanted my drawing to express one of her biggest struggles, Lewyn’s disappearance. I can hardly imagine how tough it must have been for her, especially since she had also experienced the loss of her husband not too long before. The amount of growth and trust Lewyn and Rahna gain in their chapter makes it such an enjoyable (and sometimes emotional) chapter for me to play!

When drawing this, I forgot to consider keeping the image size proportional to the template and so the final picture couldn’t fit everything within the template, so I also added the larger version here. That does mean some details will be better shown in the large picture, so I guess at the very end, that’s a good thing!

ok so i literally screamed when i saw @smartphonehour ‘s Mermaid au on my dash because im such a SL U T for mermaid aus or just mermaids

Mer Jerm is what keeps me alive now look at this b o y