i own this vinyl ;)

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Insomniac Playlist

   Click the songs to hear them. I recommend headphones, a hot cup of tea and a book - put your phone away!

1. Sound Asleep // Blondie : This song just describes that state of mind where you’re craving sleep but it just won’t come to you. Packed with a whirling lullaby melody, a soothing, calming beat and Debbie Harry’s dreamy vocals - this song is perfect to wind down to.

2. Oblivion // Bastille : The basis of this song is about watching someone fall into oblivion and never managing to quite get there yourself. Starting with Dan’s clear, calming voice and a single piano, it escalates into a beautiful tangle of strings with mesmerizing electronic beats and heartwarming, layered high notes.

3. Pale Blue Eyes // The Velvet Underground : It may be decades old but for me, this song is my secret sleeping weapon. Consisting of a mellow bass, light riffs of acoustic-goodness and a pure voice singing some of the most beautiful words ever written - this song and it’s hypnotic nature will have you snoring in seconds.

4. Breathe // Of Verona : This song is purely about love, however the chorus can really help to soothe your breathing and chill you out. Starting out as just a silky voice and basic, haunting accompaniment, it gradually blossoms into a beautifully dramatic collision of cymbals, layered, echoing vocals and a lullaby-esque flooding of drums and piano.

5. Tempt You (Evocatio) // Nothing But Thieves : Pure slow-indie perfection about being tempted away from ‘the city’. It’s a mollifying, smooth vocal that will make your head spin paired with a gradual build-up of minimalistic guitar and electronic sounds - this is sure to send you into a deep on-the-edge-of-sleep feeling.

6. I Work Nights and You Work Days // To Kill A King : This song is written about someone who works nights and comes home to see their partner sleeping lightly. Consisting of a consoling, rich folk voice that lies softly alongside a piano laced with sections of heart-warming strings - this song will make your eyes feel heavy and your bones feel tired.

7. Hold You // Nina Nesbitt (ft. Kodaline) : A match made in lullaby heaven, this collaboration will have you drifting between dreamland and reality. A slightly raspy but somehow clear, Scottish female voice teamed up with a gentle and heart-wrenching, Irish male voice layered over the top of a folk-indie instrumental, this is a definite track for a sleep playlist.

8. The Parting Glass // Ed Sheeran : Now I’m not a massive Ed Sheeran fan, but this hidden track found at the end of Give Me Love from his first album (+) is so simple and yet so soothing that it had to be included. With the only accompaniment being Ed’s harmonized humming and the rest is his reassuring vocal, this minimalistic track is amazing as a lullaby.

9. Final Masquerade (Acoustic) // Linkin Park : The original version of this song was on The Hunting Party, an album that I only own on vinyl but the acoustic version was floating about on iTunes. A true acoustic featuring Chester’s mesmerizing vocal, contrasted with a lower male voice and packets of a woman’s voice during the beginning - this song is like a stepping stone to a chilled out mind.

10. Metal & Dust // London Grammar : Indie relaxation at it’s best, this song can be interpreted into many different messages. Filled with light and fluffy beats, some hidden strings possibly and dominated by Hannah’s velvet-coated vocals, this is fantastic.

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Every time you get asked if you're a furry you should either share an obscure fact about yourself or just a general obscure fact

I own 25 Pop Vinyl figures.

I am not afraid to buy more.

… This was the embarrassing fact I swore to reveal if I was late on the Petscop video, by the way.


A few years back I got an anon asking me to take pictures of all my records. Unfortunately I’m only able to post 10 pictures at a time. Since then I’ve built up my collection and I promised that anon I would take pictures. So heres to the making of building up my collection I didn’t forget anon.

Side note: Some of these pictures were taken at a record store before I purchased the record. Also I wish I could post all the vinyls I owned. Theres more then this.

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if you have any autistic rich headcanons i will give you my fucking l i f e

of COURSE i do anon aldhfaklsdjfh

-Doesn’t like being in public (or just with people he doesn’t know) and it causes him Intense Anxiety whenever he is
-Didn’t talk until three+was selectively mute for years after (his parents sent him to therapy but the therapist wasnt good so he kinda just made the problem worse)
-Doesn’t understand words very well (syllables/spelling) which is why he broke boyf riends apart the way he did
-Flappy hands!!!!! 
-L e g s h a k e 
-Can’t go anywhere without his phone without Intense Anxiety
-Being at home is really really hard for him especially because of his dad but also because his mom is an Autism Mom™ and thinks its ~super hard~ to take care of him
-Can’t handle the smell of smoke (ESPECIALLY after the fire)
-Loves being Held 
-Hates the summer because being hot/sweating is the Worst sensory thing possible
-Cold is really really good and New Jersey winters are SO GOOD for cold
-Sometimes they’re too cold but he looooves the snow
-SI in classic rock music
-Like for real he loves it and owns tons of vinyl and tapes and stuff
-Also I feel like he collects stuff?? Maybe bottle caps idk 

<333 lov this boi + thank you for the ask!!!!

me at a job interview

Interviewer: “your application is nearly blank, and you’ve never worked a day in your life”

Me: “………..”

Interviewer: “you are completely under qualified. what in the world made you believe you could work here?”

Me: “ I own all five of the Panic! At The Disco  2016 - 2017 vinyl reissues exclusively from Hot Topic.”

Interviewer: “you’re hired. when can you start?”


the night - a playlist by the man who has everything but parents

What kind of Prince fan R U?

Lol this may be my favorite question like ever. What kind of fan am I? I’m that Prince fan that will see the word Prince on a billboard or as part of another name and quietly smile on the inside and be like “lol that says Prince.” I’m that Prince fan that when they hear a Prince song on the radio I immediately believe that it was put on just for me. I’m that Prince fan that refers to Prince like I’ve known him my whole life. “You know Prince personally?” I minds well. That man is my best friend, my boy, my man, my dude and everything in between. I’m that Prince fan that feels the need to still keep my actual music on my phone when I can stream a bunch of it. I’m that Prince fan that will get mad when someone says his best album is Purple Rain. I’m that Prince fan that was upset when they put his stuff on streaming services and when he did on tidal. I wanted to be the only one listening. I’m that Prince fan that has a really hard time being friends with other Prince fans because in my mind I feel like it’s just me obsessing over this music and this man on a regular basis and no one will ever understand that. I’m that Prince fan that will buy His albums and movies when ever I see it because I can’t help myself. I’m that fan that’s been eyeing that autograph in the antique store for about three years now knowing I ain’t got the money to buy it but am still willing to ask them to take it off the shelf so I can see it. I’m that Prince fan that will hear people tell me over and over that they are tired of hearing me talk about Prince and I say: “Well then fuck it, we can’t be friends.” I’m that Prince fan that will ride or die with this man regardless the charge. I’m that Prince fan who saves my digital collection on a separate drive so I’ll never lose it. I’m that Prince fan that wants to go to Paisley Park not to see the exhibits but to just breath the same kind of air. I’m that Prince fan that makes an exhibit out of a restaurant because Prince was there before. I’m that a Prince fan that will tell you a story about Prince like I was fucking there. I’m that Prince fan who isn’t just satisfied with the cd, I got to own the movie, the vinyl, and the cassette. I’m that Prince fan that don’t even like to be referred to as a fan… Prince and I been through so much we practically family. I’m that Prince fan I was always scared of becoming, and you know what? Now that I’m here, it ain’t half bad. What kind of Prince Fan are you?

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Dear Evan Hansen ✌

the first song from this show i heard; waving through a window!!

do i own the cast album?; yes! and im waiting for the vinyl to go on sale so i can buy it!

favorite song; words fail

least favorite song; ummm, i mean i love them all but if i was listing them, probably to break in a glove would be at the end??

favorite character; the insanely cool jared kleinman!!

least favorite character; larry fuckin murphy

OTP; im generic, tree bros or sincerely three

BROTP; evan x alana my babes

NOTP; probably zoe x jared??

song i didn’t like at first but now do; IF IM BEING HONEST, again its to break in a glove

song i used to like but now dont; none?? i like them all

is the fandom annoying; nope!

do i read/write fanfic for this show?; i read it!

favorite non-sung line; when evan says heidi will hate him if she knew what he did. breaks my heart.

favorite lyric; all of words fail, ‘we start with stars in our eyes, we start believing that we belong, but every sun doesn’t rise, and no one tells you where you went wrong’, and ‘if you never get around to doing some remarkable thing, that doesnt mean that you’re not worth remembering.’

overall rating out of 10; 1000000/10