i own this vinyl ;)


the night - a playlist by the man who has everything but parents


A few years back I got an anon asking me to take pictures of all my records. Unfortunately I’m only able to post 10 pictures at a time. Since then I’ve built up my collection and I promised that anon I would take pictures. So heres to the making of building up my collection I didn’t forget anon.

Side note: Some of these pictures were taken at a record store before I purchased the record. Also I wish I could post all the vinyls I owned. Theres more then this.


Take This to Your Grave 

Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl, Limited Edition, 750 Copies Pressed

From Under the Cork Tree

Blue Clear Vinyl

Infinity on High

Blue and White Clear Splatter Vinyl, Limited Edition, 2500 Copies Pressed

Folie a Deux 

Red and Gold Clear Vinyl

Save Rock and Roll

Red Clear Vinyl

I finally received Infinity on High meaning (at least until AB/AP is released on vinyl…) I have all of Fall Out Boy’s albums on vinyl!

I am a very happy camper.

my sonic forces & sonic mania thoughts below vvv

  • i’m glad they’ve decided to push back sonic mania and openly acknowledged they’re going for “quality over quantity” this time round
  • holy shit??? sonic forces’ logo looks rad as hell
  • crossing fingers crush 40 does provide the vocals for forces’ theme
  • forces’ theme is kickass btw
  • even though it was super hard to see, the gameplay looks really nice!!!!
  • sonic mania is still super gorgeous also btw (flying battery zone too!!!)
  • fucking mike & roger are still super inspirational and i love them
  • “welcome 2 da panel” 
  • the concept art!!! aaaah!!!
  • i can’t believe roger also had a super shitty razor flip phone that would smell bad like i did
  • i want that sonic mania vinyl record even though i dont fucking own a record player
  • the only real thing im not too hyped ‘bout is the wisps making a return (however if they give a good explanation as to why this time they’re back then I have no problem)
  • please give us mighty in mania
  • im really starting to support GamerGuyd7Aces’ theory that sonics stuck in a time loop paradox surrounding the flames of disaster. the flames of disaster still consumed everything but it was eggman who spread them rather than iblis. 
  • bring back blaze and silver 2k17
  • im super excited to see more of the gameplay and why exactly forces is called forces
  • lastly i really wish i could watch roger’s bad stand up now
I’ve finally figured out how i actually feel about all of this Ghost drama.

I have been told that this makes me a “bad fan”, but it wasn’t just about the music for me. It was… until the first time i saw them live and i fell head over heels for those spooky swedish assholes. I knew who they were, and it only fostered my love for swedish music even more. like thanks to ghost, i discovered dead soul, TID, mcc, subvision, etc. It became about the ghouls, their various antics, and their other projects as well.

I am not happy with papa at the moment, for a wide variety of reasons. I started to just have this feeling about him last fall. That is my own personal belief. Do i still listen to ghost? yes. i proudly own all of their vinyls and just popped one on yesterday. will i see ghost live again? i honestly dont know, at this point. i love martin, a lot, and im more focused on his projects as well as the other former ghoul’s projects. earth ghoul is still my bae, after all.

anyway thats it. im done getting heated on here because it just leads to me getting angry and “yelling” at nasty anons LOL