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My day and MT things

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts today- after work I was driving out of state which kinda makes updating not so much with the possible. Thats to all of you who gave suggestions for my MT Playlist. I tried to include at least something from everyone suggestions plus just a mess of stuff from musicals I own (which is about 50 soundtracks) 

Speaking of weird musicals- so there is a musical that is objectively terrible, or at the very least incredibly silly, but that I love anyways called “Starmites” 

It is a super cheesy Sci-fi Superhero musical. Yes you read that correctly. 

Anyways I was listening to it while I was putting together my playlist cause I hadn’t thought about it before and was pleasantly reminded That one of the numbers (where the supposed to be cool but is actually extremely dorky hero who has fallen in love at first sight with the heroine and is no professing his undying love for her) is a number called MiLady. (which is what he calls her for the whole show). I smiled quite a bit, not gonna lie. 

(My favorite song in the show is called “it’s hard to be a Diva”  I may have been imagining Chloe singing it.) 

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relationship status: stuck with my poor, lonely, broken heart 
favourite colour: skyblue, black
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick! (I’ve just bought 3…)
last song you listened to: Cloves - Don’t Forget About Me ♡♡♡
last movie you watched: ummm… idk? like really, I can’t recall anything atm
top 3 characters: Sashandra Lenayin, Anakin Skywalker, my oc :3 hahahah
top 3 ships: feysand, alarkling, warnette, rowaelin, anidala, chair, clace, malec… ups more than 3… 
books you are currently reading: nothing, like really :( I’m totally focused on my own #wip1 and studies :)
top 5 musicals: idk :(

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The Blue Spirit Theme
Jeremy Zuckerman
The Blue Spirit Theme

Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Blue Spirit Theme

im wondering why im so bad at adult tours at work…

then i realize i havent done an adult tour in 2.5 weeks and will not have another one for 2 months. okay, maybe just one between now and then.

i dont know how to change that because zoos really appeal more to children, not so much adults.

adult tour requests have declined in popularity within the recent years. theyre
not appealing anymore.

how can i encourage adults to learn about animals?

what would you enjoy to see/do at a zoo?

  • Lafayette: So, Alex, is Jefferson really THAT bad? There must be something you admire about him, no?
  • Hamilton: Well, I don- wait what are you doing here I thought you were in-
  • Lafayette: [ignores] Possibly, maybe, anything about him..?
  • Hamilton: [sighs] Fine. I.. guess he's kind of *whispers secret*
  • Laf:
  • Ham:
  • Ham: Please don't repeat that to any-
  • Laf: [rips out hair tie, and drops accent]

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything.