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top 5 jinmin moments <333

YAAAAAAAAS you know me so well, Ginny!

1. When they were twinning. This is the most important jinmin moment for me because I saw them in those sweaters and sunglasses IN REAL LIFE, WITH MY OWN TWO EYES, at the Chicago concert soundcheck. That changed everything. I became the jinmin trash I am today because of that

2.  Jin and Jimin’s Push-up time because we got ADORABLE KOALA JIMIN

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3. Their iconic dirty dancing from the Wings preview show

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4. Jimin resting his head on Jin’s shoulder

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5. “I think I have feelings for you”

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Bonus: Neck stroking

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She was his play thing, the same phrase he hated being called when it came to his relationship with Nemesis. “Well, at least he doesn’t discriminate against the incapable. What, with your blind eye and my metal leg.”

“Was that suppose to be funny?”

“I tend to make light about my flaws. This is one of those moments.”

Nemesis stopped making light about her flaws a long time ago and just swallowed her own pride. She still had moments where she’d put on a pair of sunglasses, just so people didn’t stare at her but she was getting better at not hiding. One thing she didn’t find funny, was Xhex’s joke. While she might’ve been right that Vega wasn’t “choosy” in a sense that he didn’t go for the typical model types with flawless everything, it didn’t change the fact that this situation almost screamed of a 3-way love triangle.

Only Nemesis wasn’t trying to finish the shape anymore. “Look, he might very well lie to me as he did to you, but I know where I stand with him. What we have, is nothing serious. I can’t say the same for you.”

Nemesis snorted. “I think the real thing you need to ask yourself is how long what ever you have with him is going to last. Whether you realize it or not, you’re technically a rebound. 3 years doesn’t just disappear over night in a shabby motel room. I’m not the one you should worry about.”

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The Terminal, Ch. IV

I’ll need heart and
you’ll need courage.

By the time they woke, the city was alive and drying its socks after the showers throughout the night. Cars and street signs dripped dry in the rising sun while sidewalks wrung themselves and rivers formed in gutters carrying tiny armadas of yesterdays forgotten news and ticket stubs and gum wrappers and coffees.

Beside the bed sat a plate of half-eaten crusts from Clarke’s foray into cooking which included peanut butter sandwiches and orange slices, all eaten in bed, with sheets pulled up modestly, as if they hadn’t spent an entire day naked and moaning together, suddenly aware of themselves and how wonderfully delicate and intimate the positions were. Shyly they ate and coyly they blushed until Clarke made orange peel smiles and Lexa squirt her eye painfully. Their kindergarten picnic turned into more familiarizing, the scent of oranges lingering on their necks and skin when the light was clicked off, bellies full and bones tired, all while the rain fell and the night drowned itself until rescued by the low-tide of day.

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ah, can I request a nicopana au where pana is the number one fan of super popular idol nico and they meet eachother by chance?

why yes u can

Working as a cashier in a convenience store is nothing glamorous or exciting. Sometimes Hanayo wishes she could quit, but unfortunately, it was the only job she could get as a young college student with no prior work experience.

The store’s hours extend late into the night when customers number in the single digits and there’s nothing to do. Hanayo is reading a textbook at the counter when someone clears their throat.

She looks up and just about shrieks.

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