i own both already


The moment Isak signed up…. as Even’s boyfriend.

I just thought of something and gave myself feels. Imagine a YUGBAM subunit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😩😩😩😩👌🏻💯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Attention all trainers!

Have you been watching all of those Sun and Moon updates and thinking:

Damnit…there’s no way I’ll be able to afford those games when they come out!

Well, today’s your lucky day! You can now enter the Fictional Seviper’s Sun and Moon Giveaway. Open for entries until November 1, the giveaway will give you a chance to win one of the new games or one of several monetary prizes. Here’s the breakdown:

  • First place: A new copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon (winner’s choice)
  • Second place: A $15 Amazon gift card toward your own game purchase (an equivalent prize will be given to non-US participants)
  • Third place: A $5 Amazon gift card toward your own game purchase

[Note: While I’ve already pre-ordered both games (in case there happens to be a random shortage before launch), the first place winner will receive further instructions in order to get the game on Day 1.]

The prizes sound great, right? Well, here’s how to enter:

  1. Like this post (1 entry)
  2. Reblog this post (1 entry per 24 hours, limit 10 reblogs)
  3. Create fan art for the new games and tag it #SeviperGiveaways (4 entries, limit 5 works)
  4. Tag me in a post showing off any of my designs you’ve bought (2 entries, limit 5 tags)

Remember you have until November 1 to get all of your entries in. After that, three winners will be chosen at random to receive the prizes. While the official winners will be announced publicly by November 4, they’ll only have 24 hours to respond to claim their prize. Additionally, if any of the winners aren’t willing to provide information important to their prize’s delivery (e.g., an email address), I’ll be moving onto the next randomly-selected person.

Curious about restrictions?

  • This giveaway is for followers, and you must be following me at least 48 hours before the giveaway ends.
  • Giveaway blogs aren’t eligible to receive any of the prizes.
  • Any winners caught engaging in art theft will forfeit their winnings.
  • Each person can only win one prize
  • People living outside the US must be flexible with the prize offerings

With that, get started with your entries! If you’ve any questions along the way, feel free to message me.

Hierarchy of diamonds (theory)

Having seen all the of the diamond’s portrayals, i started to wonder about their potential hierarchy.
Could it be that they are not in fact equal? Interesting pattern starts showing in their depictions:
First, White Diamond is surrounded by a dozen or so planets, and her gem is on her forehead, the highest place “available”.
Both Yellow and Blue Diamonds have gems in the same place - a little bit lower than the White Diamond, on their chests. And both are surrounded by a similar number of planets, but smaller than White Diamond’s.

And then, there’s Pink Diamond with only ONE planet (lol) and her gem’s placement much lower than the others. Also it kinda looks like she’s coming out of some mineral aggregation, like she was just made, perhaps this can indicate that she’s the youngest diamond (but maybe this is just stylistic choice).

Different but equal - that is the most popular take on diamond’s hierarchy.
But why show one diamond with a dozen of colonies and another one with just Earth?

I suppose that diamonds may later be shown as ‘duets’ opposed to each other and perhaps their gem’s placement is a clever design choice to outline this dynamic. Up and down - White and Pink, left and right (but in order to stay symmetrical they both have gems in the middle of their body) - Yellow and Blue.
Perhaps WD’s strength, superiority (also shown by the number of her colonies) will be shown in opposition to PD’s weakness (being shattered by her own soldier) and Yellow’s Diamond military/”objective” (as Peridot stated) philosphy will be opposed to Blue Diamond’s religious/spiritual style.


Thoughts on the HK 45C

Ok so here is a quick write up on how I feel about the 45C. I originally came to the 45C because I needed a carry gun limited to ten rounds but I didn’t want a subcompact pistol. I’m already an HK (and Glock) fan and own both the VP9 and a USP 9, so I figured I’d check out the 45C. The first thing I noticed when I grabbed it was “man this thing is thin”, I didn’t expect it to feel thin coming from my Glock 19 but the 45C feels so nice in my medium sized hand. The sides are slick which I’ve seen others complain about but they work for me as I don’t want something rough rubbing me during IWB carry. The front and backstrap have a tacky surface to them, though it doesn’t seem noticeable. The finish on it is superb, what do you expect from HK?

I took it to the range to fire 500 ball and 50 Federal HST’s to feel comfortable carrying this. I started at 5m, and eventually pushed out to 25m. While I feel very confident with my G19 I was a bit off with the HK at first, but the 45C did not care about what ammo I fired in it, it chugged along in a very controllable way. I’m not sure if HK’s plastic buffer on the RSA does anything but I’ve felt hot 9mm loads that kicked harder than the 45C. My second range session consisted of 100 rounds of WWB, and about 200 rounds of Aguila and another brand I can’t recall. This time I was driving rounds exactly where I wanted them on the 5m line with double taps being a couple inches away. On the 25 my shots were a tight cluster no bigger than a small persons fist. The gun of course ran smoothly, despite not cleaning it after the first range session (some of you know how I feel about cleaning).

Conclusion is this: if you’re looking for a carry gun the size of a Glock 19 but in 45, this is the gun for you. It’s accurate, reliable, and damn good looking. @cyrodiil-burns you better buy one to compliment it’s fullsize brother.