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The moment Isak signed up…. as Even’s boyfriend.

Auston Matthews - Part 25

Though I’m not entirely sure he wants to, Auston spends the rest of the afternoon helping me put together my bedroom, closet and bathroom. I let him take a break after he makes a small noise in the back of his throat when I ask him to move the shelf he just finished organizing to the other side of my closet. He’s currently napping on my bed with both my dogs sprawled out beside him, the traitors. I eye them a moment, Auston has his sweatshirt back on and the hood pulled up over his eyes though I can see his lips parting slightly every time he breathes.

My stomach growls and I still need to get groceries before the day is over. I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly seven already. I quietly wake the two dogs and usher them out of my room before going back to my bed, climbing on it gently so I don’t wake him that way.

“Auston,” I murmur, putting my hand on his stomach and pressing slightly. “Wake up,” I whisper but I know I’m being too quiet and gentle.

“Hey,” I say a little louder this time and he twitches though he doesn’t wake. I sigh and curse how cute he looks sleeping and I don’t have it in my heart to shake him awake. I sit back on my heels and eye him a moment, straying down to his pants and a wicked idea comes to mind. I lay beside him on my side and place my hand on his thigh, not bothering to being so gentle this time, his eyes remain closed. Slowly running my hand along his thigh I kiss his lips softly, he stirs slightly beneath me, no, beneath my hand.

“Auston,” I whisper again, my lips brushing his jaw. I push down a bit harder with my hand and make quick work of his button and zipper just as he had me. This time when he moves below me his hood tips back and reveals his brown eyes fluttering open lazily. “Hi,” I grin down at me him and he eyes me a moment before rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

“What do you want now,” he mutters though he smirks up at me.

“I want a lot of things,” I reply, my fingers resting just inside his jeans.

“Name one thing in particular right now,” Auston says, putting his hands back behind his head.

“Ben and Jerry’s,” I say, giving him a serious look.

“I don’t think that’s the top of your list right now…”

“You didn’t say top, you just said ‘one thing’” I remind him and flex my fingers, his body responds automatically and I smirk.

Auston doesn’t say anything more though his eyes narrow and he breathes in deeply. I stop my movements and my breathing comes to a halt. That look… In a split second I’m suddenly beneath him and his mouth is on mine. Though I don’t think Auston realized how close to the end of the bed I was because the moment he shifts his weight over me, we tumble to the floor. We stare at each other in shock for a moment, a tangle of limbs and burst out laughing.

“Suppose there are worse ways to wake up,” Auston says, and I remember one of the first nights I spent in Toronto and saying those exact words to him.

I laugh again and climb off of him, helping him back to his feet.

“You can stay here if you want but I need to get myself some groceries,” I move to my closet and drag out a clean set of clothes. I hesitate a moment, eyeing Auston who is still watching me. “Turn around or go out in the hallway,” I shoo him with my hands.

“Really?” Auston asks raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, really!” I snap, my cheeks flushing.

“Y/N, I’ve seen you in a bathing suit, I don’t see how this is much different,” he says seriously and I consider it for a moment.

“That’s different,” I start. “Bathing suits aren’t an intimate item of clothing.” I walk towards him, placing my hand on his chest and forcing him backwards out of my room and into the hallways. “Be down in a minute,” I blow him a kiss and close the door on his annoying smirk.

I meet him downstairs in the living room where Auston is being terrorized by my two dogs bouncing around him.

“Coming with?” I ask him, grabbing my coat and purse from the foyer.

“Of course,” he says and I grin.

Grocery shopping with Auston is much like taking a small child, I remind him on more than once occasion that I’m shopping for me, though he pouts enough when I tell him to put a thing of muffins back that I set it back in my cart, much to his excitement. By the time we get to the checkout line I think that over the half the items in my cart are what Auston convinced me to get. Although he does make up for it by loading everything into the trunk of my car, again by carrying everything inside for me as I get set on organizing.

I’m surprised at how easy and comfortable it is being with Auston all day. I pause at the sink, rinsing the plates we used for dinner before placing them in the dishwasher. Auston notices and eyes me warily.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

“I just realized, I haven’t been sad or lonely for a second since my parents left me yesterday,” I say softly, turning and looking at him. “I was so sure that I wouldn’t even be able to function…” I smile up at Auston. “Maybe this was supposed to be my home all along.”

“Only one way to find out,” Auston says, nodding towards my backyard. “Ask your star.”

I blink at him, surprised he even remembered the conversation we had a week ago over the phone. I had been babbling about a meteor shower that was supposed to happen and somehow had gotten on the topic of the story my dad told me about Polaris. He gives me soft smile and takes the plate from my hand.

“Go on,” he pushes me gently towards the backdoor.

I listen and grab his sweatshirt that was still resting on the couch where I left it last night. Pulling it over my head and stuffing my feet into my boots, I step out into the bitter cold of a Toronto winter. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness, though when I can finally make out the stars in the distant sky my breath leaves my body. Being slightly away from the lights of the city had been high of my list of requirements for a home, standing here in the backyard I remembered why.

There’s thousands of twinkling lights above me, my trained eyes immediately fly across the sky, finding different sequences and constellations. When they finally fall upon Polaris I tilt my head slightly in consideration.

Auston looks up at me from the couch when I clamber back inside, kicking my boots to the side. He’s lying across my couch, head propped up on an armrest, watching the Habs and Bruins game.

“So?” He asks, watching me as I make my way over to the couch, perching on the edge by his hips.

“I learned one thing for sure,” I nod at him and he raises his eyebrows.

“What’s that?”

“To wear gloves when I go outside,” I say and before he can pull away or flinch, I put my hand against the sliver of his exposed stomach.

Auston lets out a hiss and tries to jerk away from me but his back is already against the couch. So he reaches down and pulls my hand free of his stomach while I erupt into a fit of giggles. Rolling his eyes at me he brings my hand to his mouth, kissing my knuckles.

“You aren’t going to tell me, are you?” Auston muses and I wink.


I go to stand back up but he holds my hand tight.

“Where are you going?” Auston asks, tugging me back down onto the couch.

“Um, I was going to go sit over there,” I nod my head at the chair beside the couch.

“No stay here, Mitch and the other’s will be here soon,” Auston says. Earlier Mitch had been snapping both me and Auston and yelling at me because Auston wasn’t playing COD with him. So to calm him down I told him he could come over, he then invited all the others who play COD online together.

“And when they get here, I can’t do this,” he pulls me down so I’m lying next to him and kisses me, his hand on my neck. I respond and hook my leg over his, though this isn’t one of our steamy make out sessions, I just don’t want to fall off the couch.

Almost immediately lights flash across the wall behind us and my dogs start barking that someone is here.

Auston lets out an annoyed sigh against my lips as I laugh.

“To be continued,” I wink at him and get to my feet, setting off to wrangle my hounds.

Thirty minutes later there’s boys everywhere and I have suddenly become the mother to seven grown men. They all brought their own food, and some for Auston and I wish we both already ate but we don’t tell them that, so there is a mess of food on my coffee table and one of my dogs already stole someone’s biscuit.

Morgan and Mitch are arguing over by the T.V, trying to get their game system that they decided my house needed set up. I had asked them why I would need it and they all had looked at me like I was an idiot.

“So we can play here…” Morgan had said slowly like I needed time to process his words.

“Did I say you could play here?” I had retorted and a silence had fallen over the room, they looked at each other like they hadn’t considered it. Auston then looked up at me from his place on the couch.

“Can we play here?” He asked and a wave of heads turned to look at me, my face flushed.

“Yes, you can play here,” I muttered and I had busied myself with forcing a paper towel into Mitch’s hand, he already have spilled something down the front of his shirt and he was sitting on my favorite rug. Like I said, literally a mother to seven man boys.

“And so Auston can play here when he’s shack-,“ Will starts and I throw a dagger look at him.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence,” I say to him and he smirks.

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” he says shoving a forkful of food into his mouth, all the while grinning at me.

I glance at the clock and see it’s nearly 10:30 already.

“Isn’t it past your bedtimes?’ I ask the room and Morgan pipes up.

“Hold up, I’m older than you. You adopted Mitch and Will when you started dating Auston so you can only boss them around.”

My face reddens at the word “dating” is that what we are doing? Auston and I hadn’t talked about it and it’s not like he asked me to be his girlfriend. Though we did say we were exclusive. My mind whirls a thousand miles an hour and Morgan frowns at me.

“Uh I was just kidding…” he says slowly and I realize I must look offended or something.

“Oh no, I was too, I just… uh…” I look anywhere but at Auston.

“Are you not dating? Did I make something awkward?” Morgan asks, his eyes flashing between Auston and I and I want to fall into the floor and disappear.

“I uh…” I stutter. “I’m going to take a…” I point to the stairs and back towards them, trying to keep my face calm and clear before turning and bolting up them. Feeling Auston’s eyes on me the entire way.

Mitch POV

Everyone stares at Y/N’s retreating back as she scrambles up the stairs.

“Nice one, Morgan,” I snap at him. “First time you meet her and you pissed her off already. New record,” I lean back against the couch as I finally get the system working on Y/N’s T.V.

“I didn’t mean to!” Morgan retorts and looks at Auston.

“Are you not dating? I honestly thought you were,” he tries to defend himself, his eyes flashing to the stairs again.

“Well, I mean… I think so,” Auston stammers, looking at me like it’s a question.

“What do you mean you think so?” I ask him, and the controller is ripped from my hands by Zach, who has little interest in the current conversation.

“I guess we never said it but I thought we were…”

“Dumbass,” Morgan says and I nod in agreement.

“Doesn’t look like she thinks that, Matts,” I say, taking the controller back from Zach while he isn’t looking.

Auston looks a little lost at what he’s supposed to do, his face clearly showing his confusion. I hear the water turn on upstairs, which I assume means Y/N is taking a shower.

“Good luck, buddy,” is all I say to him. Auston rubs his face with his hand which is what he usually does when he’s stressed.

Though he stands and makes his way to the stairs, but not before hitting Morgan over the head with the back of his hand as he passes by.


I take my time in the shower, letting all the hot water rinse away the stress and tears that I’ve shed the last few days while moving. By the time I turn off the water my bathroom is steamed up and my skin is a slight pink. I wrap myself in a towel and step out into my bedroom, I’m halfway to my closet before I realize there is someone sitting on my bed.

Squealing, I clutch the towel even tighter around myself. Auston looks up from where he had been staring at the floor and meets my eyes. To my surprise his gaze never falls down to my towel.

“What are you doing?” I finally manage to get out, my heart calming down against my ribs.

“I wanted to talk to you about what Morgan said,” he says simply, looking back down at his hands and I’m guessing it’s so he doesn’t let his gaze slip to my towel.

“While I’m naked?” I ask, one of my hands darting down to my leg to make sure the towel is actually covering all of me.

“That was an unexpected bonus,” Auston admits, his eyes flashing to me for just a moment and my cheeks warm.

I glance at my closet but I don’t want to wait Auston wait any longer to say what he wants, he looks like his head might explode. Hesitantly, I make my way to the bed and after being positive that I can sit modestly, I lower myself down next to him.

“So talk,” I say.

Auston shifts next to me, looking comfortable.

“I was under the impression that we were…” he starts and I think I hear embarrassment in his voice. “I thought that we were, you know… together…” he rubs the back of his head.

“I was under the impression that you can only say you’re with someone is if you actually ask them,” I say right back.

Auston shifts again next to me and looks at me at a loss of words. I wait, not saying anything.

“Right now?” He asks incredulously.

“Ask me,” I whisper.

“Wanna be my girlfriend?’ he asks awkwardly and I erupt into a fit of giggles.

“Mitch is going to hate me now,” I say through my giggles and he rolls his eyes at me.

“I’m taking that as a yes,” he says and then his eyes flash down to my legs and I realize my movement from laughing made my towel slide up, exposing the tops of my thighs. I quickly reach down and pull my towel back down.

“Look at that, I call you my girlfriend and you’re already naked,” he smirks at me and I swat his arm.

“I may be naked but your best friends are downstairs. So, you go back down there and I’ll be down in a few minutes,” I tap his nose with my finger and stand up.

“But…” Auston starts and I cut him off with a quick kiss.

“Later,” I whisper against his lips.

Auston pouts for a moment before standing and shuffling to the doorway, giving me one last longing look before closing the door behind him. I wait until I hear the top stair creak before jumping around my room like a giddy high school girl.

i havent talked much abt pokemon sm in general on here i think ?? but anyways i beat moon like.. some point in december

and my team was doremi (primarina), kagerou (lycanroc), Pipourri (otherwise known as peepo, the mimikyu) rui (salazzle) amai (tsareena) and ponzu (shiny alolan raichu!!) they are very good and strong and i love them

and now for sun, so far ive got alpine (dartrix) flan (ribombee) momiji (lycanroc) and helado (alolan vulpix). im gonna get mareanie ofc, but idk what i’ll have for my 6th member… maybe litten?? tbh i wanted oricorio for either of these teams but was disappointed when only its signature move was of the type of its form… 

a bit off topic but i think oricorio wouldve been better if it had a prevo that was normal/flying that evolved into the different oricorio on each island.. that ways they could have a better move pool, but o well i guess???

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That means you were 16 when you got your custom made pc o.O? My parents would even allow me to buy a cheap dress online. Wow, you were lucky. Computers are so pricey in my country, and there's always something I'd like to change. I wish I could get a new windows pc that I'm fully satisfied with but that would be silly since I already own an iMac and a macbook pro, both suck at gaming :/ .

no ? i was 18? i got it for my 18th birthday with some money my parents had started putting away for me since i was born and some inheritance money. but yeah, i was/am really lucky and im sorry u only have an iMac and macbook pro :/


Scrubs (sort of…) meets Destiel, now featuring Shipper!Sam. He really is cool with it, he just needs a nap. ;)

(This was more inspired by the exchange between Carla and Turk and not a direct pulling from the episode like I’ve done on other ones.)

version with Dean | more


Godzilla - Tiger and Bunny Crossover 

*spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie yet* 

So Horohoros and I really love Godzilla as well as Tiger and Bunny, so when she asked this question, i thought maybe for once i’d actualy take my time with this submission to make a satisfying crossover comic for both fandoms.    … also i know Godzilla doesn’t need the help, but im sure he would really appreciate having a tiny buddy to help him kill monsters and smash buildings (by accident)

(also i’m gonna take a small hiatus from this Kaiju Ask Blog for a while so if you already asked something, you’re safe, but i need a break from the new stuff for a while)

Thrift Stores Finds and Retail Scores: Cosplaying Made Cheap and Easy

Part 9:

A Few Last Words on Putting It All Together 

 Sometimes, you will have to break down and buy fabric because you can’t find what you are looking for at the thrift store, but you can still do it reasonably. As I’ve stated before, sheets and curtains are a way of getting large quantities of fabric inexpensively and at a slightly higher quality than the cheapest fabrics you can buy. A friend of mine recently made a beautiful Netherland’s jacket from Hetalia with curtains that the she bought at Wal-Mart.

Most retail fabric and craft stores (Joanna, Hancock, Hobby Lobby, etc.) send out coupons every week. Make sure you are on their mailing list. The Wal-Mart’s that still carry fabric often have a markdown section that is worth checking out.

 When other people know you are into sewing, they send stuff your way. Friends and relatives who were cleaning out their attics and closets would save buttons, lace and fabrics for me. When friends get rid of clothes, they ask me if I can use anything. Look around your house with a critical eye for things that can be adapted.

All the costumes in this Disney group where made using the money saving tips listed. Table cloths and sheets where used to make Arthur, Bell and part of Alice. A recycled bridesmaids dress was cut down for Tink. Old cloths from our own closet or the thrift store where utilized to make Peter Pan and Cruella. Donated materials where also use. This left us with enough money to buy the parts form the fabric store that we still needed (with coupons of course). 

All 7 of these costumes where made for less then $100 total. 

 Many conventions I’ve attended have fabric swaps or cosplay yard sale events. This is an excellent time to pick up fabrics or props without breaking the bank. If you are thinking of cosplaying on a regular basis, frequent the thrift store as often as you can. Go by every week or two just to look around. You never know what treasures you might find.

Sophie’s costume from Howl’s Moving Castle was part of a huge collaborative effort for a Studio Ghibli group and an excellent example of combining thrift store finds with store bought items. It was also super cheap. The dress was cut from 2 sheets I got for $10 at Wal-Mart. The lace is from a grab-bag of lace I got at Goodwill for $3. The hat (with wider brim cut off) was from a thrift store for $.80. The ribbon is leftover from a Christmas present, and the red cherries are plastic grapes painted with fingernail polish—both of which I already owned. A college drama department was getting rid of some nice wigs for $15 (the wig was half the expense but I’ll reuse it with other cosplays). For less than $30, I was able to put together a fairly nice costume.

A Sophie’s cosplay for under $30

  Between the thrift store and your local fabric and hardware retailers you should have all the supplies at you fingertips to create a wonderful beginning cosplay. Keep an open mind, add a little imagination you should be able to transform the mundane into the amazing. Good luck in you costumes! 

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Hierarchy of diamonds (theory)

Having seen all the of the diamond’s portrayals, i started to wonder about their potential hierarchy.
Could it be that they are not in fact equal? Interesting pattern starts showing in their depictions:
First, White Diamond is surrounded by a dozen or so planets, and her gem is on her forehead, the highest place “available”.
Both Yellow and Blue Diamonds have gems in the same place - a little bit lower than the White Diamond, on their chests. And both are surrounded by a similar number of planets, but smaller than White Diamond’s.

And then, there’s Pink Diamond with only ONE planet (lol) and her gem’s placement much lower than the others. Also it kinda looks like she’s coming out of some mineral aggregation, like she was just made, perhaps this can indicate that she’s the youngest diamond (but maybe this is just stylistic choice).

Different but equal - that is the most popular take on diamond’s hierarchy.
But why show one diamond with a dozen of colonies and another one with just Earth?

I suppose that diamonds may later be shown as ‘duets’ opposed to each other and perhaps their gem’s placement is a clever design choice to outline this dynamic. Up and down - White and Pink, left and right (but in order to stay symmetrical they both have gems in the middle of their body) - Yellow and Blue.
Perhaps WD’s strength, superiority (also shown by the number of her colonies) will be shown in opposition to PD’s weakness (being shattered by her own soldier) and Yellow’s Diamond military/”objective” (as Peridot stated) philosphy will be opposed to Blue Diamond’s religious/spiritual style.

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I'm a little confused as to where the idea that the official-NHL guy is a misogynist came from? He doesn't even talk about women in the post? I'm not trying to start drama just wondering if you could explain.

Keep in mind that an idea doesn’t have to be explicit to be problematic and offensive. Prejudice is usually expressed subtly, and this case is no different.

When he takes ownership of the hockey fandom, when he claims that he IS the fandom, he is discrediting all the members of this community, all the other creators he “drove out” because he is supposedly superior. 

Much of tumblr’s hockey fandom consists of marginalized minorities who aren’t taken seriously as fans on mainstream sites: women, people of color, people who aren’t cis-gendered, people who aren’t straight. Tumblr is where people who are ridiculed on more traditional sites can go and be excited about hockey together, without those caustic preconceptions that somehow disqualify us as fans. And yet this user continues to disqualify us, claiming that the only reason this community exists is because of him, claiming that he is the reason we are interested in hockey, as if we’re incapable of having this passion traditionally held by straight white men for ourselves.

He may not have explicitly made it about him vs. a community of women, but how is it not? How is his article not about his perceived personal triumph over a community of women and minorities, about him claiming he ruled us and became the face of this community. He may like to say “Oh I didn’t know most of these people/blogs were women” but how could he not? it’s obvious in our bios and he got enough amorous anons that he had to know most of his followers were women and gay men. Yes, he wasn’t explicit, but the underlying prejudice was implicit.

This guy coming in and claiming superiority over this community, claiming ownership for the space we, not him, have created, and aggressively cornering a creative market… that’s its own form of oppression.


Memories of You

They were presents and they’re sitting there, abandoned, yelling at me for having giving them at all.
It’s my fault.
They meant so much to me. Tales ready to be told, knights and round tables, old archaic language that spoke to me and told me, at any young age, that we can all aspire to be better, ascend to higher creation, to be who we really are… and even in that failure, that there are stories to be told of our adventures. I slept with those books when I was young, and old enough to trade the books for the presence of women in my bed, and back to the books as if they never stopped speaking to me.
It wasn’t all me, either. We’d talked about these, I thought they would… I thought they could… well, I thought they would be appreciated.
But there are two books on a shelf that sit in front of me, both the ones I bought and already owned, the deepest recommendations and highest praise I could give. And there they are.
Unread, uncreased, and lonely in a room with nothing else.

The sheets in my arms are still warm, washed clean of their scent or use. They are fresh and impassive, yellow and cheerful.
“A new springtime will come!” they seem to say. Their smiles follow me as I sit on the floor, they watch and judge me that I can’t see the things they see. They are susceptible to detergent, hours of wash and fluff and cleansing that make them ready to see the world again.
But I am not.
I’m not ready to see an empty bed, with the yellow sheets that smell like detergent that I could never use, and that smile that has been washed away of its secrets and I still keep mine.
There is dust, flakes of our memories that settled into the room to regard the sheets suspiciously. We are in accord. Who are these fresh items with erased memories?

I think of the times my sweaty back had felt those sheets, when I had left myself and our comfort between them. Each time my sleepy sighs and whispered conversation had traveled and been absorbed by these sunny linens, that they were a part of our love with every night and day we shared a bed.
For every morning I showed up late to work, because I needed to plant as many kisses onto your cheek and taste the salt of your skin one more time…
Or how I came home late to be ready with a chilled glass, a bottle of wine, a smile and the warmth of a home that loves you no matter the day you had or the pain in your feet…

The subtle sacrifices that we give so much, to assure that someone important is in our life.

Now if I’m late to work, it’s because I’m sitting by a bed.
In a room that isn’t mine, was never mine.
And how easy it is for sunny yellow sheets to be cleansed of their memory, their scent and their thoughts.
I cannot put them on the bed, not yet.
This room is still hers, not clean, not ready. And I am not ready to have her not in it.

I will close the door behind me and leave the sheets in ignorant disrepair, creasing themselves in a heap, smelling of nothing but perfumes as their memories were washed away.

If I could wash my mind the same way, I wouldn’t.
I want it to smell like the memories of you.




*  *  *  *  *

Thank you to my great friend who confided in me so beautifully. I couldn’t help but write this.