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Is it possible that you could write some Hank headcannon fluff?

you came to the right girl for this because i have so many

  • since hank is literally your own personal heater, he is the best cuddle partner in the winter
    • but as soon as summer comes along, you have to be like ten feet away from him because he is just too Hot™ to be around
      • the only place you can be around him is the lab without feeling like your standing on the sun
  • he can never get enough of you saying ‘i love you’ to him
  • the day following a mission, the both of you stay in bed together all day
  • finding blue fur in the sheets 
    • him sheepishly stripping the bed and going to load the washing machine bc you woke up with a mouthful of his fur
  • he carries you to bed if you fall asleep in his lab
    • holding onto his shirt when he puts you under the blankets and tug him under with you 
  • late night baths when you cant sleep
    • well once a week you to just turn the light down, light some candles and relax against each other in the hot water and bubbles
  • cuddles all the time
    • you’re reading a book when he comes in, feet barely coming off the ground and shoulders hanging low, and an exhausted look in his eyes
      • him resting his head on your lap and trying to get under the blanket you haphazardly threw across your legs
        • “Will you read to me?”
          You nod and begin to card your fingers through his brown hair while he just curls up beneath the blanket and tries to relax after a long day
    • sitting between his legs with your head resting on his chest as he strokes patterns on the back of your hand
  • him wrapping his arms around your waist 
  • falling asleep in his arms to the sound of him reading
  • hank trying to explain his work to you
    • not understanding what he’s saying but over the moon that he wants to tell you about this
      • not treating you like you’re stupid when he’s explaining it to you
  • sleepy morning kisses
  • trying to get him to sleep in for another hour or two
    • him insisting that he has to prepare a lecture or that he has work in the lab that needs to be finished
      • hank giving in when you wrap your arms around his torso
        • “I miss you Hank. We almost never have anytime together.”
          “I know.”
        • him pulling the blankets back over himself and just holding you close with noses just nearly touching
  • sneaking kisses inbetween classes
  • he gets a little over protective when you get sick
    • he’s just trying to get you better but you keep insisting your fine but really you can hardly stand on your own two feet without nearly falling
  • nicknames omg
    • he calls you sweetheart 
      • he’ll also call you sweetie and honey but that v rare
        • hecalls you that when he’s emotional
    • you call him baby most of the time 
      • you call him a lot of ridiculous things like hot stuff and blue boy
  • late night talks
    • “Hank?”
      “We need to go to Area 51. I know the government is keeping the aliens a secret.”
      “Go back to sleep, sweetheart.”
    • “Sweetie? I love you so much that I could cry.”
      “I love you too, Hank.”
The confession pt 2

You woke up in a red tent. You felt a strange tightness around your shoulder and chest. Whining you covered your ears as you heard bustle outside. You gasped as the tent opened revealing a tired looking Ralof. Before you can utter a word you were engulfed in a gentle protective hug. His voice shook. “Lass… I’m sorry…i should’ve taken better care to keep you safe.” he choked out. Looking into her eyes he swallowed. “I love ya too much to let you go.” you gasped softly but smiled. Hugging him with one arm you said “i love you too.”

You woke up with an eerie silence as you looked up into the stars. The light from the fire was only embers. And you felt a tight cloth around your stomach and furs covering your torso. You blinked as a hand tightened around your own and weakly looked over to see hadvar sleeping. His arms inching ever closer as he buried his head into your neck. “I’m sorry ” he whimpered and looked up at you. His eyes shining with emotion. “I love you too much. I’m so sorry.” he said and pulled you closer. You weakly touched his cheek “i love you too” you whispered

You woke up encompassed in soft velvety blankets and warmth. Blinking tiredly you winced and tried to sit up weakly but couldn’t. And instead looked around tiredly. To your surprise you found that Vilkas was asleep in the chair closest to you. Your eyes widened. You were sleeping in his bed! As you shifted he sleepily blinked his eyes and took your hand. “…..love… How are you feeling?” he asked and closed his eyes cursing himself. “Please…let me protect you..”

You woke up on the cold stones incredibly sore with a stiff arm. You whined softly and blinked as something shuffled and moved closer. Bringing you warmth as he wrapped his arms around you. Turning you saw Farkas snoring softly with a frown on his face. You leaned your forehead against his and he shifted. Waking up he said sleepily “you….are never going alone hunting again.” he croaked and pulled her closer causing you to flinch. Farkas loosened his hold but kept you close. “I love you lass.” he said quietly


You woke up feeling the soft furs against your skin up to your nose. Squinting you sneezed and turned. Seeing Marcutio looking at you with worried eyes as he kept the fire roaring and running healing hands over you every so often. Turning to you he asked in a scared voice. “Are you ok? I have food. Is the fire cold?  Can you breath well?” the surge of questions caused you to flinch and he quieted. “Never scare me like that again. You’re too important” he said and cupped your cheek. You smiled but frowned. “Marcurio..”
“….where are my clothes?”

You wheezed and coughed. Causing white pain to surge through you and a large hand to push you gently into bed. You weakly opened your eyes seeing brynjolf offering a foul smelling potion. You gulped it with a cringe and brynjolfs eyes saddened. “Vex helped me stitch you up. A close one. ” he said and cupped your cheek. His voice soft and cracking. You looked up at him tiredly. He smiled and whispered. “So beautiful….” and held your hand to his heart as you blushed but whispered “i love you too” before falling asleep.

You woke up in your quarters at the college and groaned. Your shoulder stung and you turned slowly seeing the broken piece of sword thrown in a heap of rags on the table. You heard feet padding around your room. And you looked over and saw J'zargo quickly mixing some ingredients into a bowl and his eyes widened when he saw you awake. “J'zargo is happy (y/n) is awake!” he said and quickly set his things down. “He thought that his magic may not have been strong enough.” he said solemnly and took your hand. You frowned as you saw his face scrunch up in anger. And he turned and gently pressed something cold into your hand. “A foolish bandit wore this. J'zargo found it for you” he said. Handing you the necklace you had lost. Your eyes widened and he smiled charmingly. “Perhaps j'zargo gets a kiss as a reward. Yes?”

5 Tips To Tackle Isolation

Having a chronic illness that limits your abilities to function like most other people can be the most loneliest feeling in the world. I’ve recently been struggling very much with this, making and keeping friendships has been difficult, and in this last year and a bit I have had my eyes opened to the world of loneliness, and it’s really not a nice place to be. However on the sunny side, I have learned ways and means of dealing with these feelings along the way - so here they are! 💕💕💕💕


I know, I know, I sound like a typical crazy cat lady. But seriously, cats are wonderful creatures, and pretty low maintenance to look after too, which is ideal when you don’t have a lot of energy. My cats have seen every single ugly part of my illness and still want to be around me regardless, and that’s something special that you won’t find in many people! So go on - adopt your own fur baby today and never feel unloved again!


This is really a solution for two problems; loneliness AND boredom. I’ve found this to be really helpful in lifting the spirits, I have two pen pals; one in Australia so our letters often take a couple of weeks to get to each other, and the other is in England so we send our letters often weekly. And trust me, when you’ve been feeling so ill and too rotten to actually be bothered to see anybody, getting a lovely handwritten letter can be so uplifting. Somehow there doesn’t seem to be as much demand with letter writing than if you were to speak to somebody online, it’s all at your own pace.


I wouldn’t normally speak so positively about social media as I think at times it can be overwhelming (she says as she’s writing this on tumblr). But knowing that there are other people out there going through the same thing as you can be so comforting and can help to make you feel less alone. So get watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, following people on Instagram etc. We’re all here waiting to support each other and raise awareness!


This could be misconstrued as a negative thing but actually learning to protect your heart is one of the most important and positive things ever. The truth is that people often say things that they have no intention of following up, I suppose to be/appear a good person. But that can be such a damaging thing to do to somebody who is pining for company. I think the best thing to do is, if people for example say they’re going to visit you or take you out somewhere, to take it all with a pinch of salt. Appreciate the thought and gesture of good will, but if it’s been a few weeks/months and they still haven’t then don’t be too disheartened! And try your best not to hold a grudge, some things just aren’t meant to be, especially if they feel forced. (I also find its a good idea to not make friends with people who have busy lives if you yourself don’t.)


I feel like I go on about self care an awful lot, I’m starting to feel like an overindulgent hedonist! But if I’m honest, out of all the things on this list, self care has helped me the most. Take pleasure in the small things; go outside and feel the fresh air and sun on your skin, meditate for as long as you wish, doodle mandalas and pretty patterns all day long! And we all know you can’t buy happiness, but if you can afford to; eat the cake, buy the dress, and take the hour long bubble bath filled with Lush products! You are a warrior princess and you deserve to be treat with love, respect and kindness - so show yourself some compassion!

Thank you for reading and blessed be!