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What kind of canine is manectric based of?

maned wolf? Mane is in the name, and the tall ears and spiked fur, particularly around the head/neck region is somewhat similar to manetric (especially for mega manetric)

These guys are the largest South American canids, but they are not wolves/dogs, nor are they foxes, but are in their own distinct group, with other unique South American taxa (such as Bush dogs - again, not true dogs) being their closes relatives rather than the canid lines mentioned above. 

Funnily enough, electrike’s small stature perhaps makes it resemble a bush dog lol 

Blue (Prince Adam x Reader)

Originally posted by the-awesome-elvispresley

Word Count: 930

Pairing: prince adam x reader

AN: beauty and the beast is one of my all time favourite movies and stories, so with the new movie (which was incredible by the way and i’ve watched it four times already) out I was inspired to do this :)

It had been months since you’d last seen your father before you were locked away in this enchanted castle by the cursed beast.Over that time you and the beast had gone from despising each other to becoming close friends and maybe even more.

It was a cool night as the wind whipped around you both on the balcony as you took in the magnificent view in front of you. Little did you know the man beside you wasn’t staring at the view, instead he was staring longingly at you. “It’s foolish, to think that you could ever care for a creature like me.  For who could ever learn to love a beast?”

“I don’t know…you’ve become quiet the gentlemen.” You smirked watching his stunned expression before taking his hand in your own as you began to lead him back inside. “Come, I want to show you something.” He followed as you lead him up the staircase and eventually to your favourite place in the castle, the library. "You’ve made me curious Y/N, what is it you wish to show me?”

“I found a new book and it’s extraordinary, I wanted to share it with you!” You rushed out excitedly as you climbed the ladder to reach the novel.

“Ah-be careful climbing that!” The beasts voice was laced with concern as he rushed over behind you protectively. You lightly laughed at his behaviour, his concern for you was adorable yet you reassured him nonetheless. “I’m fine, see.”

The beast let out a huff at your carelessness, he was so grumpy sometimes. Your eyes set sight on the book you were searching for as you reached up eagerly to take it, only to loose your balance and fall backwards off the ladder. Closing your eyes tightly you waited for the impact and the pain that would soon follow, but it never came. Instead a pair of strong muscular arms caught you, stopping you from hitting the ground. Opening your eyes they met with those incredible captivating blue ones that belonged to the beast. 

Quickly becoming lost in thought as you stared into his wonderous eyes you heard the beasts voice that was filled with worry. “Y/N?! Are you alright?”

A smile appeared on your lips at the sound as you continued your gaze into his eyes. Reaching up cautiously as if he might break at your touch, your hand gently caressed the side of his face as you spoke. “Your eyes, they’re the most beautiful pair i’ve ever seen.”

The beast seemed to be in shock at your actions as he became speechless, finding it difficult to keep his eyes off your face as you gently caressed his own filling his heart with warmth. A thought popped into your mind as you continued to stare at the mysterious man in front of you, the man whom you were falling for but still didn’t know his name. “You never told me your name. I don’t wish to call you a beast because you are far from one, you’re kind and gentle.”

His breath hitched in his throat at your words and your close proximity. Clearing his throat he finally broke eye contact and carefully placed you down on the ground. “Adam. My name is Adam.”

A wide smile took over your face at his confession before you bravely held his hand in your own as it gave you butterflies when you both touched. “Well Adam, I have something to confess myself.” His eyebrows furrowed as he tilted his head in confusion, gently rubbing circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. “What is it?”

Standing on your tippy toes so that your hands could reach behind his neck you moved your body so that it was against his own. “Adam, over these last few months you’ve shown me kindness, compassion and loyalty, something that I didn’t think i’d ever find from another. You’ve captivated my heart and I must inform you that I’ve fallen hard. Adam…I’m in love with you.”

The beast smiled the biggest you had ever seen him before as he placed his hands on the small of your back, resting his forehead against your own. “I love you too Y/N, more than you could ever know. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Your heart melted at his words as you leaned into his touch only now noticing the sparks of gold that swirled around his body. “What’s happening to you?!” You asked worried as you pulled away from his embrace to see better. His body lifted slightly into the air as his fur turned into skin and he became human again. A gasped left your lips as he came down to the ground, standing in front of you in his true form. He was breathtaking.

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“Is it really you?” You questioned astonished as you grabbed his face to look into his eyes. And sure enough they were the eyes that belonged to Adam. "It is you! The spell has been broken!” You exclaimed excitedly before jumping up so that your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms rested behind his neck.

Adam laughed happily as he twirled you around, he’d never believed he’d ever be this happy. “I’m human again Y/N!” You nodded your head as you giggled at his behaviour. Leaning in to close the distance between you, you pressed your lips against his own as you finally kissed the man you loved. From that moment on you knew that everything would be okay, as long as you had Adam by your side.

5 Tips To Tackle Isolation

Having a chronic illness that limits your abilities to function like most other people can be the most loneliest feeling in the world. I’ve recently been struggling very much with this, making and keeping friendships has been difficult, and in this last year and a bit I have had my eyes opened to the world of loneliness, and it’s really not a nice place to be. However on the sunny side, I have learned ways and means of dealing with these feelings along the way - so here they are! 💕💕💕💕


I know, I know, I sound like a typical crazy cat lady. But seriously, cats are wonderful creatures, and pretty low maintenance to look after too, which is ideal when you don’t have a lot of energy. My cats have seen every single ugly part of my illness and still want to be around me regardless, and that’s something special that you won’t find in many people! So go on - adopt your own fur baby today and never feel unloved again!


This is really a solution for two problems; loneliness AND boredom. I’ve found this to be really helpful in lifting the spirits, I have two pen pals; one in Australia so our letters often take a couple of weeks to get to each other, and the other is in England so we send our letters often weekly. And trust me, when you’ve been feeling so ill and too rotten to actually be bothered to see anybody, getting a lovely handwritten letter can be so uplifting. Somehow there doesn’t seem to be as much demand with letter writing than if you were to speak to somebody online, it’s all at your own pace.


I wouldn’t normally speak so positively about social media as I think at times it can be overwhelming (she says as she’s writing this on tumblr). But knowing that there are other people out there going through the same thing as you can be so comforting and can help to make you feel less alone. So get watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, following people on Instagram etc. We’re all here waiting to support each other and raise awareness!


This could be misconstrued as a negative thing but actually learning to protect your heart is one of the most important and positive things ever. The truth is that people often say things that they have no intention of following up, I suppose to be/appear a good person. But that can be such a damaging thing to do to somebody who is pining for company. I think the best thing to do is, if people for example say they’re going to visit you or take you out somewhere, to take it all with a pinch of salt. Appreciate the thought and gesture of good will, but if it’s been a few weeks/months and they still haven’t then don’t be too disheartened! And try your best not to hold a grudge, some things just aren’t meant to be, especially if they feel forced. (I also find its a good idea to not make friends with people who have busy lives if you yourself don’t.)


I feel like I go on about self care an awful lot, I’m starting to feel like an overindulgent hedonist! But if I’m honest, out of all the things on this list, self care has helped me the most. Take pleasure in the small things; go outside and feel the fresh air and sun on your skin, meditate for as long as you wish, doodle mandalas and pretty patterns all day long! And we all know you can’t buy happiness, but if you can afford to; eat the cake, buy the dress, and take the hour long bubble bath filled with Lush products! You are a warrior princess and you deserve to be treat with love, respect and kindness - so show yourself some compassion!

Thank you for reading and blessed be!


Imagine: Tormund...

Word Count: 1,783

((I hope you all like it! And that Tormund isn’t toooo ooc! I’m afraid I need to get back into practice writing him!))

“I like you!” the words fell, well they were more like blurted, from the ginger haired man’s lips before you knew what was happening.

Your eyes widened and you could do nothing but stare up at him. Was he serious? He seemed pretty serious. And nervous. Really nervous. That might have surprised you more than anything. The fact that the large man, who was so important to your childhood friend Jon Snow and a valuable ally, was very visibly nervous over something as little as telling you of his feelings, made you want to laugh and ask if you were dreaming.

You didn’t laugh though, without a doubt that would not have gone over well. Instead, you blushed and nodded. “Thank you, Tormund, that pleases me greatly.” You reached out and squeezed his hand before turning and heading toward the chambers Jon had given you and Sansa. You knew that you left him standing there, expecting for you to feel the same way, but you weren’t sure how you felt toward him. You hardly knew him, and besides, he was a wildling. You had grown up hearing horrible stories of him and his people. Clearly, the stories weren’t talking about all wildlings, but it was hard to just forget about them.

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I’m not gonna pretend I spend a lot of time giving Erica Moen attention but the other issue with her comic is that it prides itself on going deep and discussing the hows and whys behind fetishes when it fucking doesn’t.

For instance, let’s talk about Cuckolding.

The current idea of what a ‘cuck’ is is pretty different from what it was. It used to be that ‘cuckolding’ described a marriage/household where instead of being traditionally male-run with a supportive/submissive wife, the husband was relatively powerless and the wife attended to her affairs as she pleased, from socializing, to spending money on whatever she desired, to sleeping with whomever she wanted.

It used to be about women. Do you remember old cartoons with that stereotype of the large, rich wife who bosses her little husband around and makes him carry all her shopping boxes while she casually drapes herself with yet another fur she made him pay for (because all of the household’s funds are basically her own)?

That’s cuckolding.

Now it’s all about men and specifically it is a fetish largely driven by fear of male inadequacy based on penis size. Most all of it boils down to “my wife deserves a bigger dick/someone bigger and stronger should please her/I can’t do anything to stop my wife from sleeping with someone else because I’m too insufficient and weak”

Which leads to the fact that most cuckold fantasies lean largely on BBC stereotypes and the fetishization of Black men which also supports the ‘Black Brute’ stereotype by turning it into a fantasy. Because that’s what a lot of fetishes are: irrational fears and anxieties one becomes so fixated on/obsessed with that the mind copes by turning fear into arousal.

The broader recent resurgence of the ‘fetish’ has really become little more than an insult and has been completely divorced from having anything to do with a subversion of patriarchal households. It went from that to racist fetishization and phallocentricism with with the woman used as a prop to being a proxy for homophobes to explore their male-attracted fantasies (I cannot tell you how central ‘oh  no I’m being SO thoroughly humiliated by the stunt dick my girlfriend prefers that now I have to suck his dick…for her! and eat his cum…for her!’ is to all of this with clients) to just being boiled down to some purely patriarchal nothingness about how either cucks are super brave (girl…anyway..) or closet ‘betas’ because they don’t think daterape is cool.

But Erica ain’t say that shit, did she?

Does she talk about how many men specifically developed their ABDL leanings because of an inability to deal with responsibility? Or how many (LITERALLY MOST OF THEM) BDSM fetishes come from ‘a thing you accidentally saw your mom/dad/sibling do when you were a kid’? Or how many of them exist because so many people see pain as more accessible and deserved than affection? Or how many people use fetish interactions as a replacement for platonic emotional bonding because they can’t get it?

A New Companion, Chapter 1

TITLE: A New Companion


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you turned yourself into a dog by accident when you got a potion wrong. Loki finds you on the street in the winter and takes you in, as he feels bad for you out in the cold and he also feels a connection with you. Then one night he falls asleep with you, a dog, at the bottom of his bed and wakes up to find a woman there instead.


It was cold, very cold. The perfect weather for Loki as he strolled along the streets of New York, through the snow.

He couldn’t wait until he had everyone kneeling down before him. It was only a matter of time. He had to be patient. Just a few more months, and Midgard would belong to him.

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Pairing: Halfdan x Reader
Summary: In which Reader is infatuated with Halfdan and can’t control herself. 

Warnings: OMG NSFW, swearing, murder mention, rough sex
Length: Do ya’ll even know me @ all? LONG!!
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I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Almost the whole time we’d been on this boat, one of the many in our fleet, my eyes seemed to drift over on their own. Studying the two lovers as they bobbed against the waves. I watched as Ellisif, oh you poor woman, tucked under her new husbands arm, keeping her warm under his cloak and out of the billowing cold. I could see him kiss the top of her head as we crashed through the water.

Our King would not like what he saw, that was certain. I had run over a of different scenarios and outcomes of how this would play out. With either one of them dead, Gods, maybe he’d kill me too!

King Harald was the one who had left me in charge of our men, getting them ready and prepared to join The Great Heathen Army. I had let this happen on my watch and that alone led me to believe King Harald might actually kill me..

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Family Addition

Summary: Bucky’s therapist and girlfriend, encouraged Bucky to get a dog to keep him company when human interaction became too much for him to handle. You understand what he’s going through, which is why you have some help from your own four-legged friend.

Word Count: 2,115

Warnings: PTSD, nightmares, fluff, just tons of fluff

A/N:  I finally got some stuff redone! Enjoy my lovelies as I give you fluff!! Bucky’s dog (on the left), Readers dog (on the right)

“Bucky, come on you’ve been looking forward to this all week!” You stared at the man before you, Bucky’s face remained impassive as he stared back at you.

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"No, I'm not letting you go. It's too early to get out of bed."

“No,” Clarke mumbles.

She doesn’t usually wake when Bellamy slips away from her bed, not exactly being an early riser, but this morning she tightens her grasp around his waist, trapping his legs with her own and curling her face further into the spot between his shoulder blades. He can feel it scrunch in displeasure and it makes him huff a laugh.


“I’m not letting you go. ’S too early to get out of bed.”

“Clarke,” he tries again, attempting to sound put out. In reality, he feels warm all over– the buzzing warmth where their skin touches; the contented, heavy warmth of furs tucked in around him and a spot in her bed shaped to his body; warm from the inside out.


His hand finds hers.

“If I don’t leave now, all of Arkadia is going to know about us by lunchtime.”

“Don’t care.” Her arms tighten. “They already know anyway. They just don’t know we know.”

She has a point.

Bellamy sinks back down into her bed, pressing a kiss to her palm before resuming his place beside her. She makes a low noise of approval that rumbles through him, and he can’t quite tell whether the press of her lips on his spine is a kiss or just how they fit together.

It’s both, he reckons as he lets himself doze off again. And later, even as he can feel eyes on them everywhere they go, he can still feel her warmth wrapped around him.

The confession pt 2

You woke up in a red tent. You felt a strange tightness around your shoulder and chest. Whining you covered your ears as you heard bustle outside. You gasped as the tent opened revealing a tired looking Ralof. Before you can utter a word you were engulfed in a gentle protective hug. His voice shook. “Lass… I’m sorry…i should’ve taken better care to keep you safe.” he choked out. Looking into her eyes he swallowed. “I love ya too much to let you go.” you gasped softly but smiled. Hugging him with one arm you said “i love you too.”

You woke up with an eerie silence as you looked up into the stars. The light from the fire was only embers. And you felt a tight cloth around your stomach and furs covering your torso. You blinked as a hand tightened around your own and weakly looked over to see hadvar sleeping. His arms inching ever closer as he buried his head into your neck. “I’m sorry ” he whimpered and looked up at you. His eyes shining with emotion. “I love you too much. I’m so sorry.” he said and pulled you closer. You weakly touched his cheek “i love you too” you whispered

You woke up encompassed in soft velvety blankets and warmth. Blinking tiredly you winced and tried to sit up weakly but couldn’t. And instead looked around tiredly. To your surprise you found that Vilkas was asleep in the chair closest to you. Your eyes widened. You were sleeping in his bed! As you shifted he sleepily blinked his eyes and took your hand. “…..love… How are you feeling?” he asked and closed his eyes cursing himself. “Please…let me protect you..”

You woke up on the cold stones incredibly sore with a stiff arm. You whined softly and blinked as something shuffled and moved closer. Bringing you warmth as he wrapped his arms around you. Turning you saw Farkas snoring softly with a frown on his face. You leaned your forehead against his and he shifted. Waking up he said sleepily “you….are never going alone hunting again.” he croaked and pulled her closer causing you to flinch. Farkas loosened his hold but kept you close. “I love you lass.” he said quietly


You woke up feeling the soft furs against your skin up to your nose. Squinting you sneezed and turned. Seeing Marcutio looking at you with worried eyes as he kept the fire roaring and running healing hands over you every so often. Turning to you he asked in a scared voice. “Are you ok? I have food. Is the fire cold?  Can you breath well?” the surge of questions caused you to flinch and he quieted. “Never scare me like that again. You’re too important” he said and cupped your cheek. You smiled but frowned. “Marcurio..”
“….where are my clothes?”

You wheezed and coughed. Causing white pain to surge through you and a large hand to push you gently into bed. You weakly opened your eyes seeing brynjolf offering a foul smelling potion. You gulped it with a cringe and brynjolfs eyes saddened. “Vex helped me stitch you up. A close one. ” he said and cupped your cheek. His voice soft and cracking. You looked up at him tiredly. He smiled and whispered. “So beautiful….” and held your hand to his heart as you blushed but whispered “i love you too” before falling asleep.

You woke up in your quarters at the college and groaned. Your shoulder stung and you turned slowly seeing the broken piece of sword thrown in a heap of rags on the table. You heard feet padding around your room. And you looked over and saw J'zargo quickly mixing some ingredients into a bowl and his eyes widened when he saw you awake. “J'zargo is happy (y/n) is awake!” he said and quickly set his things down. “He thought that his magic may not have been strong enough.” he said solemnly and took your hand. You frowned as you saw his face scrunch up in anger. And he turned and gently pressed something cold into your hand. “A foolish bandit wore this. J'zargo found it for you” he said. Handing you the necklace you had lost. Your eyes widened and he smiled charmingly. “Perhaps j'zargo gets a kiss as a reward. Yes?”

The One Where Jack Collects Cats

Happy (Belated) Birthday @50-points-for-ravenclaw!!! This is pretty silly but well, I obviously can’t write anything else. 

“Hey honey.”

Jack can’t help but smile at the sound of Bitty’s voice and the sight of his smiling face, even though his heart aches to reach through the computer screen and touch him. This is enough though, for now, and he can just imagine the feel of flushed skin beneath his palms, soft hair and lithe muscles.

“Hey, how was your day?”

“Oh,” Bitty sighs, and Jack can see the heaviness to his eyes that means he needs sleep. It’s midterms, and if Jack wasn’t so selfish, he’d insist that Bitty get some rest or study instead of spending an hour talking to him. But god, he needs this. “It was long, you know, we had practice this morning - Ransom seems to have decided that good captains force us to practice at ungodly hours of the morning.” Jack smirks in the face of Bitty’s glare, pleased when his skin starts to light up a bit. “And then, oh lord, I can’t believe I forgot about this! Nursey was singing to Dex in the showers, I wasn’t really paying attention to be quite honest, and then Chowder starting yelling and came running out of there, the poor child’s face was so red, he couldn’t even string a sentence together, but when me and Holster ran back there everything seemed to be normal. Dex was bright red, but well now, that one is always blushing about something, and Nursey was just doing his usual thing. I don’t know what’s going on with those boys but I am really starting to get sick of this tension.”

“Dex has a crush on Nurse,” Jack says, freezing when he catches movement out of the corner of his eye. Uh oh. Act natural Zimmermann.

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Is it possible that you could write some Hank headcannon fluff?

you came to the right girl for this because i have so many

  • since hank is literally your own personal heater, he is the best cuddle partner in the winter
    • but as soon as summer comes along, you have to be like ten feet away from him because he is just too Hot™ to be around
      • the only place you can be around him is the lab without feeling like your standing on the sun
  • he can never get enough of you saying ‘i love you’ to him
  • the day following a mission, the both of you stay in bed together all day
  • finding blue fur in the sheets 
    • him sheepishly stripping the bed and going to load the washing machine bc you woke up with a mouthful of his fur
  • he carries you to bed if you fall asleep in his lab
    • holding onto his shirt when he puts you under the blankets and tug him under with you 
  • late night baths when you cant sleep
    • well once a week you to just turn the light down, light some candles and relax against each other in the hot water and bubbles
  • cuddles all the time
    • you’re reading a book when he comes in, feet barely coming off the ground and shoulders hanging low, and an exhausted look in his eyes
      • him resting his head on your lap and trying to get under the blanket you haphazardly threw across your legs
        • “Will you read to me?”
          You nod and begin to card your fingers through his brown hair while he just curls up beneath the blanket and tries to relax after a long day
    • sitting between his legs with your head resting on his chest as he strokes patterns on the back of your hand
  • him wrapping his arms around your waist 
  • falling asleep in his arms to the sound of him reading
  • hank trying to explain his work to you
    • not understanding what he’s saying but over the moon that he wants to tell you about this
      • not treating you like you’re stupid when he’s explaining it to you
  • sleepy morning kisses
  • trying to get him to sleep in for another hour or two
    • him insisting that he has to prepare a lecture or that he has work in the lab that needs to be finished
      • hank giving in when you wrap your arms around his torso
        • “I miss you Hank. We almost never have anytime together.”
          “I know.”
        • him pulling the blankets back over himself and just holding you close with noses just nearly touching
  • sneaking kisses inbetween classes
  • he gets a little over protective when you get sick
    • he’s just trying to get you better but you keep insisting your fine but really you can hardly stand on your own two feet without nearly falling
  • nicknames omg
    • he calls you sweetheart 
      • he’ll also call you sweetie and honey but that v rare
        • hecalls you that when he’s emotional
    • you call him baby most of the time 
      • you call him a lot of ridiculous things like hot stuff and blue boy
  • late night talks
    • “Hank?”
      “We need to go to Area 51. I know the government is keeping the aliens a secret.”
      “Go back to sleep, sweetheart.”
    • “Sweetie? I love you so much that I could cry.”
      “I love you too, Hank.”
Seventy-One Days

This is a little late but its a birthday fic for @reserve yay

It’s 2k of Kylux angst, Hux being a sad petty bitch and reunions. I was going to have smut but then I would have taken 3 years to finish it so maybe another time. I didn’t have a beta reader so I hope it isn’t terrible.


Ren was thirteen days late. He left with his Knights for reasons he didn’t choose to disclose with Hux—his own lover and, more importantly, someone of equal authority.Hux believed he had a right to be informed. For all he knew, they could have been going off to have an orgy (not that it bothered him, if that were the case, it was merely the principle). He still wasn’t quite sure what their training method was, or even what the extent of Ren’s relationship with the Knights actually was.

But the point was, he stormed into Hux’s office with a scowl and a poor excuse for a farewell and left, some thirteen days ago.

Not that Hux was counting.

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Little Red

A really shitty drabble for @shadyraisincookie cuz I’m a lazy bitch. Her and her friend who I don’t know had some headcanons and I just threw it together for wolf Carla. Trigger warnings: rape? I guess? But it’s not explicit. Mostly sfw. Enjoy~ Also imma tag @mylittlegravityfalls cuz I know she’s a slut for Carla ;) Love ya girl.

Yui Komori had planned to heal the wolf’s wounds and then finish delivering her family’s baked goods to the church. But she didn’t know what she was supposed to do, when the wolf began to change, slowly becoming a man. How his white fur melted into white hair instead, highlighted by a deep purple of royalty.

Yui wondered if perhaps one he were fully healed, the fangs and ears would disappear as well, because there were still parts to this man that were wholly wolf. Nails that could be described only as claws, small patches of fur along his body, the ears that stuck out, one of them grazed by a hunter’s bullet.

“How long do you intend to stare?”

She yelped, jumping back, practically knocking over the table that held the medicinal herbs. Had she been staring so long that she did not notice him stir?

“Y-You’re awake!”

The wolf gave a low growl, snapping at her, “That much should be obvious, even to someone of your kind.”

Yui faltered, swallowing thickly, “My name is Yui Komori. I nursed you.”

“A wolf’s healing ability is infamous. You did nothing but waste your own time.”

“You were bleeding! Your wounds—”

“Healed themselves.”

Yui sat, silenced, seeing the cut on his ear begin to close, as if by magic. Her legs shook, threatening to give out under her.

“Your ears…” she managed, “Are large…even for a wolf…”

The wolf raised his brow at her, before narrowing his eyes in a glare, “The better to hear prey.”

“Prey…” she was too frightened to move, “Like me?”

He motioned her to come closer, and her legs seemed to do so without her permission, not stopping until she was sitting just at the edge of the bed, facing the man with golden eyes.

“Staring at someone for so long, you’ve no sense of respect.”

“Forgive me,” she quickly blurted, “It’s just—” she stopped herself, biting her own lip to keep from talking.

He looked at her curiously again, before giving a smile that were perhaps more frightening than his previous glare. “Humans are always such interesting creatures.”  

Instinct told her to run. But she’d be caught regardless. And it wasn’t as if she could move, trapped beneath such a gaze…

“Mr. Wolf…y-your eyes—”

He inched closer, and instinctively she moved back, but it did nothing to hinder him.

“The better to see you with,” he was smirking now, and Yui found herself running out of bed to back up against, frozen by the sight of the wolf’s fangs.

“Your teeth—”

He slashed the front of her dress, caging her in with his claws, “The better to eat you with.”

She screamed, her body ravished until she was left in nothing but the wolf’s bloody gashes, and the scars of his bites between her legs.

“How lucky,” mused the wolf, with a lick of his lips, “I was so horribly famished,” he placed a chaste kiss against her cheek, and Yui realized that he no longer held his wolfish features.

She trembled, pulling her red robe around her naked body, and closing her eyes. She made no sound, silenced by her own horror, until the wolf took another taste of her skin, the fur of his ears scratching against her cheek.

Her body stiffened, but she was too weak to fight any longer. She held her breath, thinking that this might truly be the end.

But he was not biting, she realized, simply running his tongue over her wounds, Her eyes widened, heart beating against her chest, thinking it all incredibly bizarre, how she could feel her own skin pulling together, the gashes closing.

He did not stop until every inch of her body had been touched by his tongue, ending only with her lips, to cure the cuts that had been caused by her own teeth.

She trembled, looking into those golden eyes, her breath against his. “Mr. Wolf, your tongue…”

He kissed her once more, murmuring in a voice that rumbled like thunder, “The better to heal you with.”

Tips I Haven't Seen Mentioned - Maceration Edition

So hey fellow vultures. Y'all give out great advice, and when I started out in March, I was super grateful for it all! However, there’s a few bits of it that I’ve learned over the months that I should have noted. Well, we all learn as we go.

  • Look inside the animal’s mouth, take notes, or take a picture. Seriously! The amount of times I’ve ignored an animal’s mouth and tossed it in the bucket took a few mistakes to realize I should have taken pictures of the animal’s mouth. Count teeth on all sides and make note of any that are missing. See how they fit, ESPECIALLY in animals with weird dentition like opossums. Always take a picture of a opossum’s incisors.
  • If you pull an animal out of your maceration bucket, take any loose teeth or teeth already out the sockets away. You will cry if you realize you lost a tooth or five when draining the buckets and you KNEW the animal had all its teeth. This happened to me with two raccoons and a deer.
  • If you’re going to clean an entire animal, separate its limbs and body parts. Always separate the head. Especially the head. It can be hard to find small teeth (teeth in general) in the mix of bones, fur, and gunk. I leave the rest of the body to its own thing in my maceration buckets/ice chest, but if you want to articulate the skeleton, definitely separate the limbs and label.
  • Lidded plastic cat litter buckets are the b e s t. They’re lidded, for one, and super convenient to tote around. Mosquito larvae can’t develop inside–and algae. They’re also small and easer to find small bones/teeth in. I once used a slightly-broken ice chest to macerate ¾ of a deer and a hog head, and it was awful dragging it around. Too much wasted water to fill it up.
  • If you listen to music with earbuds while working like I do, wrap the cord over your neck and/or through your clothes. I almost dropped my earbuds in maceration soup.
  • And lastly, bring extra gloves. I used a single pair for months before it got to me to bring at least two. Too many times I needed to check something on my phone, body, or swat bugs away. Or adjust clothes. Or not contaminate something I was taking inside. So gloves, gloves, GLOVES!

And that’s all for now! If anyone has anything to add, feel free. Just realized there were some things that should have been common sense to me but took a while to sink in.

When It All Comes Down

Pairing: Newt x No Maj! Reader

Summary:  ​Imagine…You being a muggle and rushing in your burning apartment building to save your cat, and Newt helping you.

Warnings: Rushing into a dangerous, life threatening situation. Do NOT attempt.

The stench of smoke was heavy in the air; the billowing, grey mass consumed the streets, choking passerby and blinding pedestrians. You had the sleeve of your jacket covering both your nose and mouth, filtering out the toxic air as you rushed towards your apparent complex. You could feel the heat before you saw the flames as you rounded the corner. A shrill cry left your mouth as you saw the flames licking the side of the building, trailing their way slowly towards your floor.

“(C/N)!” you howled over the roar of the flame and the voices of the fire fighters trying to abolish the fierce blaze.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Corvo, still new to Dunwall when winter comes around and he may have forgot a coat because Karnaca's winters are pretty mild and he keeps telling Jessamine he's not cold while his teeth are chattering and he's shivering

For Dishonored Week of Winter 2016

Throughout the seven months he has assumed the role of Royal Protector, Corvo struggles in his transition.

He’s not well-versed of the procedures of Dunwall court, only receiving a verbal crash course before and during his boat ride to Gristol. Corvo’s ignorance painfully began to show come the third month of his stay at Dunwall Tower. Some gestures meant as a sign of respect to Jessamine he perceived as a threat, having crushed Lord Bunting’s nose in an effort to subdue. Bunting only gave a queer sort of sound and Lady Jessamine gawked with the rest of the crowd. He thought himself ruined, embarrassed for himself and the news the Duke will receive of his actions. Instead, behind closed doors, he found Jessamine laughing and terribly amused.  

Corvo tells himself it’s relief that he is not in trouble that has his heart jumping in his throat.

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Cats Are Rude

Ontae fluff

Rating G

Word Count 700~

A little continuation of this.  About two months later, after all the babies were found good homes.  :)

“It’s your fault.”  Taemin pointed an accusing finger at the gray cat sitting on the counter.  “I’ve spent all this time with your Dad sorting out this kitten business because you couldn’t keep it in your pants… or fur…or whatever.”  He scrunched up nose.  

Dorian stared back at him indifferently before leaning forward and rubbing his face on the digit, softly purring at the self imposed affection.  

Taemin sighed and gently scratched the underside of his chin, face softening at the almost smile forming on the large cheeks of the cat.  “And now I’ve gone and fallen in love with him.”  He muttered.  

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Okay so here’s a long and probably rambling meta on Julian Bashir because I have a lot of opinions and emotions about the genetic engineering plotline and I want to sort them out

if any of you haven’t watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine then you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about have a great day whoo

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