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Do you remember that one time Bender deliberately ignores the “Keep Out Bender!” signs on Fry’s bedroom door to butt in on him practicing the Holophonor, lightly tease him for it, ask him when he’s going to stop trying to “improve himself” (in the context of doing so to get others to like him, ie. changing himself), supports him in his musical endeavors, and then hums happily while hugging Fry? Because I do, and it was great. Now you can enjoy it, too.

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Im excited about arrow except for the ray palmer stuff because it's just so tv of them lol I mean I know it is tv but still it's just so fake you don't fall in love with someone and just get with someone else to see "if you actually love them"

Hmm…that’s not quite the way I view it. Felicity isn’t dating Ray to see if she really loves Oliver. Felicity KNOWS she really loves Oliver. Felicity WANTS Oliver. The problem is Oliver. Oliver refuses to be in a relationship with Felicity. Oliver refuses to risk Felicity’s safety for the sake of his own happiness. He thinks that’s selfish and he’s trying to be selfless with Felicity. His reasons are noble but bottom line…Oliver Queen isn’t an option for Felicity Smoak. No matter how much she loves him.

So, the question is…what does Felicity do? The love of her life is telling her yes, he loves her just as much, but them being together will never happen. Does she just sit & mope? Let her life pass her by? No, Felicity is going to try to move on. Oliver is going to tell her to move on and try to find happiness with someone else.

Felicity isn’t trying to decide if she loves Oliver. Felicity is trying to decide if she can let Oliver go. That’s a very very different question. Oliver is trying to decide if he can let Felicity go. If he lets her go, what does that do to his humanity? Does Oliver lose himself in the process?

My bet is, that neither of them will be able to. Which will lead Oliver to rethink some decisions towards the end of S3. Which will make Felicity rethink her relationship with Ray Palmer. 

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Y'know, the one way to get me to give something a look in the past was always to have a wlw in it. I'd be all over that. Right now? You couldn't pay me enough to watch anything with wlw characters. I don't want to see myself represented on tv anymore

This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read and it’s even sadder because…I get it??? If even the queer showrunners are getting it wrong and fucking their own representation up then who the fuck am I as a queer viewer supposed to trust? We deserve better than the shit we’re getting. That’s for sure.