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“Though time only moves one way, we can still relive “those days” in our minds.”

                                           Chapter 133: Memories in the Rain 2 - “The Nocturne”

Happy Birthday to my friend, Anjali (@a-ogiri)

Short Update on Stuff

+ I am behind on mailing and doing art for other people. If I owe you something yell at me about it my memory is a trash can.

+if you sent an ask about whether you could use my art for your avatar/video/tumblr bg/etc I am 100% cool with it so go for it.

+I want to do more sketch diaries but I have said that in the past and not done it but it’s always in the back of my mind.

+there’s a chance Magic Forest will be 100% free and if you want to monetarily support it there will be merchandise you could get.

+I want to stream more but see #3 in this list.

+ (added this one after posting) I have no problem with people sending me requests just keep in mind there’s a long long list but if there’s something you want to see send it to me

+have a toothless

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It bugs me when my coworkers get annoyed when I won't come in on my days off. I work 50 hour weeks don't I deserve two days off??? And I'll come in if I can but if I can't I DO NOT owe you an explanation. It's my day off fuckwad.

I cant wait for harry’s future projects (im beyond excited) whenever he chooses to do them

My parents are trying to convince me to move to Texas to do housekeeping for my dad at his new parish assignment. They can’t pay me enough to cover my bills, and god knows what jobs I could get there. Not fucking happening, assholes. You’ll have to actually kick me out, and I’ll still have to come pretty close to dying before I go to Texas.

hasta la vista, baby

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Update on your favorite songs/your favorite songs of 2016??

off the top of my head, these are the my top 20 bands/artists I listened to over and over again in 2016. if it’s bold, that means I’ve always listened to them. If it’s italic, it means I just started listening to them in 2016. If it’s both, it means I god damn love them as of last year.

  • My Chemical Romance
  • Glorious Sons
  • Shinedown
  • Seether
  • Blink 182
  • Sum 41
  • Frank Turner
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Bastille
  • Disturbed
  • Volbeat
  • The Lumineers
  • K.Flay
  • Billie Elish
  • Halsey
  • Mother Mother
  • July Talk
  • Awolnation

and off the top of my head, these are the top 25 songs that will probably forever make me think of 2016, if it’s bold than it means that either I have been listening to since the beginning of time and/or will forever continue to do so. If it has an asterik, it means it was a request and I owe you my life for requesting it.

  1. Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance
  2. Somewhere in Neverland - All Time Low *
  3. I’ll Follow You - Shinedown
  4. Ocean Eyes - Billie Elish *
  5. Addict With a Pen - Twenty One Pilots *
  6. Violence - Blink 182
  7. Voodoo - Godsmack
  8. We’re All To Blame - Sum 41
  9. The Sound of Silence - Disturbed
  10. Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers *
  11. The Way I Tend To Be - Frank Turner
  12. Taxi Cab - Twenty One Pilots *
  13. Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots *
  14. Scarecrow - My Chemical Romance
  15. Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
  16. Blood In The Cut - K.Flay
  17. Unsteady - X Ambassadors
  18. Could Have Been Me - The Struts
  19. If Ever I Stray - Frank Turner
  20. Gasoline - Halsey *
  21. I’d Rather Drown - Set It Off *
  22. Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  23. Twin Skeletons - Fall Out Boy *
  24. Blue - Troye Sivan *
  25. Breezeblocks - Alt J

but when it came down to it and I had to pick my song for 2016, it would be Addict With a Pen by Twenty One Pilots. 

FICLET: A Study in I Love Yous (2/2)

Part I here (and now also on Ao3)

She doesn’t admit that she loves him. Not aloud anyway.

She ignores the warnings on Omega, when her heart sings at the sight of him–when, for the briefest of moments, it seems as if everything is right in the galaxy. She almost hugs him, almost falls to pieces in the arms of her old friend. But Cerberus is watching, and she cannot let them see.

She denies it on the Normandy, when she stalks outside the med bay for hours. Miranda is incessant, but Shepard doesn’t want to give her answers, doesn’t want to explain how she did what was necessary to get him off that station in time to save his life. You lied to me about him, she accuses, with more anger than she intends, so I don’t owe you anything.

She keeps denying it through Sidonis and the Collector Base and all the stolen moments in between. She knows the line between friend and more has long since blurred, but she can’t quite figure out when she lost track of it. She can’t determine the precise moment when her harmless attempts to make him blush became intentional flirting became–whatever it is she feels the night he comes to her cabin.

She tries not to question it when she grabs his omnitool as he sleeps. She has run through every possible strategy for their attack on the Collector Base, every way she can keep him at her side. Every plan fails except the one where he leads the second fire team, but the thought–the nightmare–of them separating drives her to distraction. Their comms could be cut, he might not reach the rendezvous point, they might have to leave when he’s nowhere to be found. She cannot stop running through every horrific possibility, and so in those final twilight hours, she links his omnitool to hers. She gives him full access to her most jealously guarded possession, so that she can track his biometrics and geolocation. Mission be damned, she will not leave him behind.

She doesn’t know where that falls on the line between “just friends” and more, but it is decidedly Not Casual. She supposes she shouldn’t be surprised, though. As she nervously teased him the night before, she is nothing if not intense. She has never once managed to do anything casually. Never really wanted to try.

She hopes he understood her hints.

Menae changes everything. She hasn’t heard from him in six months. She nearly gives up hope of ever seeing him when she sees the state of Palaven. But there he is, standing tall on that besieged moon, and the sight of him, alive and in command, fills her with unexpected pride and admiration. She wants to embrace him, to tell him all of the fears she’s kept inside for the past half year. But just like Omega, there are too many eyes. So instead, she shakes his hand. It’s proper and it’s formal, and rattles her in a way that makes her start to question whether this Not Casual thing she feels is actually Love. She wonders, and she fears, whether he feels the same.

The answer, of course, is obvious–when she finally pays attention. He never actually says he loves her. Not aloud at least. But he tells her every day.

He tells her when she arrives at the war room only to discover that the petulant diplomats have resolved their unnecessary disputes. He tells her when she enters her cabin well past zero dark thirty, exhausted and frayed, only to see that her mountains of paperwork have been completed in triplicate. He tells her when she finds herself in bed, boots removed, though she’s certain she fell asleep at her desk over a pile of work. And he tells her when, despite the galaxy crumbling around them, he still finds a way to make her laugh.

He tells her in all the perfect ways only he can, and sometimes she hates it. She hates that she should find something that makes her so happy while so many others suffer. She hates that they found each other in the midst of all this chaos. She hates that she sometimes wonders if they could be happy together without all the carnage.

But then he takes her to the Citadel on the most perfect date, and she’s tired of denying herself the things she feels.

Reapers be damned, she’ll steal whatever slivers of happiness they can find. “I love you, Garrus Vakarian,” she admits, to herself and to him. She knows it’s a long time coming, and the truth floods her with relief.

But he doesn’t return the sentiment. He mentions something about Joker’s vids, and she knows he’s flustered. He stutters, like he did when she first mentioned blowing off steam, and she realizes he thinks she’s still just trying to make him blush.

She doesn’t say it again.

The words are not enough, and she’s not sure what is. She obsesses over the question, keeps a mental list of a thousand ways to tell him, but she lacks the subvocals to convince him of the depth of her feeling. He deserves perfect, and she can never give that to him. So she says nothing. She doesn’t want to screw it up again.

But of all the perfect things they have–friendship, trust, respect–time is not one of them. It never has been.

And before she knows it, he is injured and he cannot go on. His mandibles flare in desperation when he realizes she intends to leave him behind, and some quiet part of her whispers that this might be her last chance.

“I love you, Garrus Vakarian,” she says, and she knows it’s not enough. “And I always will.”

She catches the droop of his jaw, the frighteningly short moment in which he realizes she’s never been joking, and she melts at his response. She takes his armored hand in hers and, for a second, she is tempted to bask in this final captured moment. This sliver of time they stole from the chaos around them.

All too quickly, the screech of Reaper fire and the chattering of husks shatters that stolen moment. It’s not enough.

She can’t remember drawing her weapon, but the sounds of the Reaper forces fueled something selfish inside her, and it powers her forward.

They deserves more than stolen moments in a firefight.   

He deserves more than two hastily spoken I Love Yous, only one of which he believes.

There may not be a perfect way to say it, but he deserves to hear her try. A thousand times and maybe more.

She leaves a trail of carnage, a scattering of husks and Marauders in her wake, and as she reloads her heat sink, still drunk on fury and selfishness, she promises herself that this is the last moment she will allow the Reapers to take. The rest will be hers, to cherish and enjoy. She will make the time to tell him that she loves him in each of the thousand ways she imagined.

And may the galaxy have mercy on the poor soul who tries to stop her.

Hey, good for nothing!!!  I never asked for you to come help me!  I didn’t need to be saved!!!  Okay?!  You’ve got it?!  I could take care of myself, yeah!  The only thing missing is that I have to apologize to a good for nothing without a quirk like you!  I owe you?!  Maybe, but don’t think I will apologize!!  Fucking nerd!!
—  Bakugou Katsuki

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Hogwarts!Gold- How has the rest of the staff reacted to your engagement? Were the students surprised or were they all taking bets on how long it would take?

“Dammit, now I owe Emma five galleons!”

“You bet five galleons on when your dad and Madam French would get engaged?”

“I’m his son! I ought to have won that bet! I thought he’d at least let me finish school before proposing! I mean, it took them long enough to get together!”

“Bae, it was obvious that something was going to happen soon.”

“Yeah, I thought they’d already have got engaged by now.”

“I’m a bit surprised Madam French asked him though.”

“I’m not. You have met my dad, right?”

The voices going past the staff room faded away, and Professors Hopper, Lucas, and Flitwick all exchanged a threeway high five as the rest of the staff began to groan and empty their pockets. 

They surrendered their money with good grace, though. For all they had been betting on the outcome, no-one could deny that if there were two colleagues who deserved to be happy together, it was Professor Gold and Madam French. 

Sorry everyone...

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So I owe those a reply;

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I need somebody to take the raptors in the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park and replace it with Tracer + Genji (as the raptors) and Mercy + Zenyatta (as the kids) because honestly that scene is a perfect representation of what it’s like trying to play support while being flanked


You get to see the scary side of the brothers. (More of the 20s au) this idea was inspired by the lovely @reaching-for-love. Buckle up because the next comic for this au is gonna be sad.
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Ok so like I think Roadhog and Junkrat are both probably really good at chess?? theyre always missing pieces though so they need to write down some of them on paper slips (They make silly bets every game too)