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3 Billion Dollars - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped. 

Genre: Fluffy with a hint of angst in this one

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A/N: This is the first story I’m posting on Tumblr! I hope you like it! I will always take requests if you wanna send me any. Anyways please enjoy! 

PS: This is just part 1 and it maybe kinda slow.

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“What are we going to do?” Your mother whisper quietly to her husband. Her disappointment in your father was clear, as her face framed her emotions, all of them ranging from anger and frustration to anxiety and worry.

“I don’t know, but I’m so sorry.” Your dad said, remorse filling his voice. “I’m sorry. I’ve should’ve found a better way. I could’ve-”

“Are they coming?” Your mother cut him off, igniting a new problem in their minds.

“I don’t know. They didn’t say they would.” Your father said. As if on cue, the doorbell chimed through the house. Little three-year-old you smiled and ran towards the door.

“Mommy, Mommy someone’s here!” You giggled joyfully. As you stood in front of the door waiting for someone to open it. Your mother picked you up and carried you away from the front door.

“Sweetheart, (Y/N), go play in your room please.” You looked at your mother with wide eyes and nodded your head. She carefully set you down and you headed towards your room. Your mother watched as you climbed the steps and went to your room. The sound of the doorbell broke her trance. She looked at the door with panic and fear as she turned the knob. She plastered a smile on her face as the door swung open.

Her smile dropped as her visitor sprouted a malicious one. Before her stood Mr. Kwon, a high class mafia boss, one of the richest men in the world, and the man your father owes more than 3 billion dollars too.

“Hello. You must be (Y/M/N). I’m sure your know who I am.” He said. His voice was smooth and sharp, like a knife. He was older than what his appearance said, although a few grey hairs had threatened show. He had cunning cat-like eyes and thin lips. He was surrounded by men, all covered in dark clothing, except a little boy whom wore red and clinged to Mr. Kwon’s legs. He had big round cheeks and short jet black hair with dark brown eyes. He couldn’t be older than five. Your father walked up to your mother and gave Mr. Kwon a loose awkward smile.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” He said his voice wavering. “Please come in.”

Mr. Kwon gave him a curt nod, a devilish smile plastered on his face. Mr. Kwon held the little boy’s free hand, the boy’s other hand was occupied by a bright red gift bag. Mr. Kwon lead the little boy inside, then followed by all the men around him.

“Thank you for inviting us. Who knows what would happen if you didn’t.” Mr. Kwon said. He took off his shoes then turned towards the little boy to help. His shoes already off and neatly set together on the mat holding other shoes. You mom and dad led the way towards your kitchen. Mr. Kwon sat down and pulled the boy closer to him.”This is my son Ji Yong. He seemed lonely, and I’ve heard that you have a daughter.”

At his words your mom and dad shot up, terrified about Mr. Kwon’s plans. Young Ji Yong clutched the gift bag to his chest. Mr. Kwon smiled at their fear, his eyes scanning over your parents. “Why don’t you call her over?”

His request sent chills up your mother’s spine. She frowned and opened her mouth to say something, but your father stopped her. She glared at him, until he nudged her, hinting at how the men around them were reaching for their guns. Ji Yong started at your mother watching her first instinct to defy his father.

“(Y/N), come down here please.” Your father called stiffly. Ji Yong watched your parents carefully, his gaze then switching to the men that came with them. The men listened to his father out of respect, while your parents listened out of fear. Ji Yong sometimes envied the control that his father had. Ji Yong looked up at his father, who looked down and smiled fondly at him. Little footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs at an uneven, yet steady pace. You walked towards the kitchen, a smile on your face. As you stepped into the kitchen, your smile fell. You looked at mom and a small smile formed on your face as you ran to her. You eyed the men in the room, your innocent eyes staring out of curiosity, as you hid behind your mother’s legs.

“Hi there. You must be (Y/N).” Mr. Kwon said. Your parents grabbed your shoulders and pulled you closer to them. You made eye contact with Mr. Kwon, who looked at you expectantly. You nodded your head then looked at the floor. Mr. Kwon chuckled at your cuteness and guided Ji Yong so he stands in front of him. Ji Yong was staring at you, watching you in curiosity. You didn’t seem afraid, just shy.

“This is my son Ji Yong. He came to play with you (Y/N).” Mr. Kwon said. Your head shot up, eyes wide. You’ve never had someone to play with before. Ji Yong smiled at you and you stepped away from your mother. Her grip on your shoulders tightened as she pulled you back to her. The men in black were quick to react as their hands went to their belts, grabbing their weapons.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, calm down. We’re trying to make friends. Isn’t that right (Y/L/N)?” Mr. Kwon’s taunting smile threatened your mother and father. You watched the men as their hands backed away slowly from their guns. Your father pried your mother’s hands off your shoulders. Ji Yong stepped towards you as you walked away from your mother and towards him.

“Hi there.” Ji Yong said softly. His voice was quiet, but reached your ears softly. You gave him a shy wave and looked at him with wide curious eyes. He smile softly and stepped closer to you.

“(Y/N), can you take Ji Yong to play up in your room? I need to talk to your parents.” Mr. Kwon’s voice asked. His voice very calm and relaxed, while your parents quivred in fear. You nodded your head and walked towards Ji Yong, grabbing his hand in your tiny one.

“Come on.” You said quietly, still feeling slightly shy. You were happy to play with somebody, but that doesn’t mean you knew them. Your parent’s had always said to never trust a stranger, and you still didn’t know anything about Ji Yong, except for his name. You lead him away from the kitchen and towards the stairs leading to the upper level of the house. Ji Yong’s hand was able to wrap around yours easily, almost engulfing your tiny one. The red gift bag made crinkling noises as he walked up stairs with you guiding him up and out.


Your parents watched Mr. Kwon, his venomous smile ready to unleash his hidden plan that would soon haunt them. Everyone could hear the footsteps as they reached the top of the steps, as well as the rustling the gift bag made as Ji Yong climbed the steps. It wasn’t until the squeaking of your door, followed by the sound of it shutting, did Mr. Kwon finally say something.

“You’re in quite the pickle aren’t you (Y/L/N)?” Mr. Kwon said, getting up from his seat and stalking his way towards the refrigerator. He opened it carelessly and grabbed a drink. “Three billion dollars. That’s a lot of money. Not to mention the men, and the time I lost without that money. You sir, owe me a lot in order to compensate what I lost.”

“It’s okay though, I’ve decided there are a few things we could do to fix your little problem.” Mr. Kwon had them and he knew it. The way your father’s eyes lit up, but at the same time your mother’s skeptical eyes glared, preparing for what he had planned for her family.

“Your daughter is wonderful, by the way. She seems very shy, yet I think she’ll be very independent.” Your mother narrowed her eyes at him. Mr. Kwon just smirked, happy that he was able to get some reaction out of her. He loved seeing how people tried to defy him, like they would have a chance to prove him wrong, especially when he had the power to be right.

“Stay away from my daughter. She has nothing to do with this.” Your mother said. The men around them reached for their guns, but made no effort to aim them.

“Sweetheart you are in no position to be making orders. Your husband here, has wasted a lot of my money, my time, and my men. You must know how valuable money is. Things always seem to be more expensive when you have kids, don’t they.” Mr. Kwon paused, taking a sip of his drink. His pause went on a little longer, not only for dramatic effect,  but he wanted to watch as fear sunk into your mother’s eyes. “I just want to make sure I have what I need to solidify my child’s future.”

“What do you mean?” Your father asked cautiously. Mr. Kwon malicious smile appeared once again. He stayed quiet until he heard what he had been waiting for. The house seemed to echo your screams soon followed by a quieter, more joyful fit of giggles. Your parents faces fell containing their horror and shock.


You smiled and clung to Ji Yong as he giggled and smiled. You had been playing together for quite sometime, enjoy each other’s company, well at least you were. After you had gotten to your room he had given you his gift. The shiny red bag with the red and white tissue paper preventing you from seeing to the gift. Ji Yong watched as you unwrapped the gift slowly but surely making your way to the object his father picked out for you. Ji Yong knew what was going on down stairs. He already knew the ultimatum his father would be giving your parents in a minute. He knew what his father had planned for his future, and Ji Yong trusted his father enough to let him take control. So he sat back and watched your eyes light up with joy as you pulled out a fuzzy deep blue blanket that held another item. Along with the blanket was a stuffed dog, a blue ribbon acting as a small collar. You pulled the blanket around you and held onto the dog, creating a small tent just for yourself.

“Do you like it?” Ji Yong asked. You smile and nodded happily.

“Thank you.” You said sweetly. Ji Yong gave you his wide smile and scooted closer to you. “Wanna help me make a fort?”

After a few minutes of setting up, Ji Yong pushing chairs and pillows, and you sitting with blankets directing him where things should go, the fort was done and filled with all your stuffed animals. Ji Yong crawled his way into the fort, making you giggle as he commando crawled. You scooted over to make room for him, only to run into Miss Cupcake, your stuffed unicorn, causing you to sit on her hind legs due to the lack of space. He smiled at you and grabbed a storybook, showing off his skill of reading to you. Although the few words he skipped caused rifts in the story, you enjoyed the effort he made and soon you two started playing games.

Half way through the game of hide and seek in your room (which didn’t last two round thanks to Miss Cupcake being a tattle tale). Ji Yong had found you in your closet and scared you by tickling your sides causing you to scream. You fell over on top of him in a fit of giggles and kept rolling until his torture ended. By then he was smiling and you were a fit of giggles. Ji Yong would just smile at you and you couldn’t stop laughing.


“You are not going to take my daughter away from me and give her away like some prize.” Your mother growled at Mr. Kwon. He raised his eyebrow in amusement as the men around them pulled out their guns and aimed them at your mother. Your father pulled her closer to him and held her tightly against his chest. Calming down, her growling of ungodly words had settled to a glare as Mr. Kwon casually sipped his drink. Your giggles still echoing in the house.

“You see, I planned to let her live with you. Let you raise her, teach her what she’ll need to know, until Ji Yong can take my spot. Then she’ll become apart of the mafia world, alongside my son. Or we can continue this, let you struggle and fight to save your only daughter. Which will end up with both of you dead on the floor, and (Y/N) an orphan. I guess we’ll just have to take her in early then. So your choice (Y/L/N), now or later.” Mr. Kwon stood patiently waiting for their answer. Your mother calmed down, but her glare was steady. The men lowered their weapons as your mother nodded her head and Mr. Kwon smiled at his victory.

“Good choice.” Mr. Kwon was cut off by hurried foot steps and the sound of giggling. You ran into the kitchen, the fuzzy blue blanket still wrapped around you. You hid behind your mother’s legs, your giggling dying down. Ji Yong ran to catch up with you and caught you in the kitchen. Your giggles grew back to life again and you ran away from your mother and towards Mr. Kwon. You hid behind his legs, until he picked you up.

“Do you like your gift (Y/N)?” He asked sweetly. You nodded your head shyly and buried yourself in the blanket more.

“She’s still shy around you dad.” Ji Yong said. Mr. Kwon looked down at Ji Yong and smiled. He set you down carefully then smiled at your parents. They watched in horror as you giggle playfully with Ji Yong, him tickling you as you fell onto the floor again.

“This has been wonderful, but we must get going Ji Yong, you have to get to bed soon.” Mr. Kwon said, a knowing smile on his face. A whine sounded from both you and Ji Yong as you two stopped playing. Ji Yong helped you up and then sent a smile your way. You couldn’t help but giggle as you covered his head with the blanket once more. He smiled at you then pulled away and looked up at his father. Mr. Kwon guided Ji Yong towards his shoes and got ready to leave, with you trailing behind them silently. You gave Ji Yong one last smile, which was quickly returned by a wide one of his own.

“Goodbye little (Y/N), hopefully we’ll see you soon.” Mr. Kwon said sweetly at you. You smiled back at him and gave him a small wave.

“I hope you understand our deal (Y/L/N). We don’t want anything to get ruined.” Mr. Kwon said, his malicious smile returning once more. Your father gave him a curt nod, satisfying Mr. Kwon.

“Bye Bye Yongie.” You said to Ji Yong smiling. Mr. Kwon smiled down at his shoes, while your parents stood motionless. Ji Yong turned and smiled at you and waved. His shoes on and ready to go.

“Bye (Y/N). I’ll see you later.” Ji Yong replied. Mr. Kwon held Ji Yong’s hand and walked out the door, leaving you to wonder when they’ll come back.

i live for kaidan distracting security during the citadel dlc

kaidan: i lost a lot of money. who can i talk to about getting it back?
security: i’m sorry, you can’t get it back. no please, sir. please don’t cry–

kaidan: uh, i accidentally used biotics on the roulette wheel. (laughs) sorry.

kaidan: mike hazer? hazer the laser? i almost didn’t recognize you! … you owe me money.

kaidan: kaidan alenko, special tactics and reconnaissance. you look like you would be an excellent candidate.

kaidan: i’m with the varren anti-cruelty association and i cannot believe what i’m seeing up there.

like… you little shit. take me to bed or lose me forever.

How can Sherlock survive the true Final Problem if Moriarty and Mary have stolen the story?

Moriarty loves stories, fairytales. He planned everything like one. If we need to understand everything that happened since TRF, we just need to understand Appointment in Samarra. This is the key behind everything.

Sherlock is the merchant trying to outrun/outwit Death. If we consider Moriarty to represent Death (and Mary ultimately taking his title and his place in the narrative), Sherlock must find the one path to survive the Fall.

It begins with Sherlock/the merchant meeting Moriarty/Death and understanding, no, knowing that this person will take his life. So, he runs, he runs from his life in an attempt to escape his fate.

So, in the Reichenbach Falls, Sherlock fakes his death, thinking he’s done it. There was just a little problem with that plan:

The tale of Sir Boast-a-Lot, TRF never was the Final Problem, the same way the first meeting between the merchant and Death wasn’t supposed to end with the merchant’s death. Yes, Sherlock managed to escape Moriary’s plan but that was pointless. His appointment wasn’t in St Barthelemy Hospital.

Nor here.

Or even that, whatever that was.

We need to focus on this.

Because, ultimately Sherlock has been warned times and times again. Moriarty said it many times “I owe you a fall.” Not this little magic trick, no, don’t be silly. I’ll burn you, I’ll burn, the heart out of you. Survive this little game and you’ll have the privilege of seeing my real work.

Now, that’s more like it. You’ve got to admit, that’s sexier.

We both know you don’t care about your reputation, about the press slandering you. We both know that’s not your pressure point. But look how you care about John Watson. Well, your little pet, I’m going to take it from you. Let’s see how far you’re willing to go for him. That wife. Such a poor soul, so tragic. I’m sure she didn’t actually want to kill you, you were clearly a threat to her, if only you’ve told her you wanted to help her. Oh you did? Oopsie.

Well, the woman you call Mary? She’s going to take you everything, she will even break your little toy and there is nothing you can do about it. Enjoy the show.

Because John has always been and will always be his heart. He is the reason he decides to restart his, he is the reason he hasn’t killed himself like Jim. Separate them and death will be a kinder fate.

Somewhere, John or Sherlock is in terrible danger, dying and unable to escape his end. The electrocardiogram is still beating in TAB, like a phantom pain the wound still hurts Sherlock, John may or may have not escaped the bullet (no, a fuming gun don’t throw sleeping darts, it just can’t) “Eurus” shot.

Who cares how Sherlock survive the Reichenbah Falls? This wasn’t the point, this never was the Final Problem. Season 3 and Season 4 are the real thing.

Like a throwback to Jim in TRF, ‘Mary’ has become the author, the one calling the shots and stripped John of any narrative power. That is absolutely devastating, how can they survive if the two vilains have taken over the story so completely?

“Sherlock Holmes will now wear the silly hat because Mary liked it. It just felt right.She changed and illuminated the path of the show.”

Now that she is the one calling the shots, both men’s hearts are effectively reduced to ashes. Their identities have been stripped and they have become actors in their own lives.

Who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend, the stories, the adventures.

This is Appointment in Samarra, you can’t avoid Death, not when the vilains are the one reading the story since TRF. This is predeterminism, all roads were leading to this ending. No matter how much Sherlock’s struggled, the author aka Jim/Mary has always planned this ending. Resistance has always been futile.

And yet… there is one fic that managed to save the merchant. Appointment in Sumatra may be a mere fanfic, Sherlock has succeeded in changing the ending. Mary, the new author, may have stripped John of everything that was him, he remains the first narrator.

The game isn’t over. This is a struggle between the two authors that have decided to destroy the story and the fans who need to find the one path that will save the merchant. Jim/Mary vs Sherlock and John, or if we are very daring between Mofftiss and the fans.

Samarra can be avoided but dear God, that’s going to a hell of a ride to save Sherlock Holmes. We just need to completely rewrite the ending, to let John take back his narrative power and let him lead Sherlock to Sumatra and avoid Samarra.

Only that.

Married To The Boss [Four] | Rap Monster

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A party is being thrown which means it’s time to get dressed and play the part. Y/N soon reaches her limit of tolerance.

Angst ahead

“How do you end up marrying your boss?” Jimin asks for the thousandth time.

Park Jimin is one of my best friends from dance school. He and I were always dance partners for all our class performances. Since graduating we’ve remain friends and roommates along with Jeon Jungkook. He and Jimin were friends before I came into the picture but the three of us got really close after a while. Jungkook usually goes back and forth between Busan and Seoul to follow his dream of being a singer. He auditioned for RM Entertainment but he didn’t get a call back.

“Yeah, marrying a stranger would make more sense but your boss is just like really bad luck.” Jungkook looked at both his hands like one being the married to a stranger and the other being your boss. He drops his hand with the boss option into his lap as the heavier option.

“Trust me if I wasn’t drunk I would’ve objected to the marriage myself.” The three of us sit on the roof of our apartment building. It’s usually what we do on the weekends sit outside and have random conversations all night.

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BIGBANG | Mafia!au/Soulmate!au They Realize Their Soulmate Is A Civilian

Anonymous said:

Hi! Is it possible to combine AU requests? If so, could you pretty please do a Bigbang Mafia AU where they finally find their soulmate, only to realize he/she is a civilian, like no affiliations with any gangs/mobs/governments/etc. They just have a mundane desk job or they teach little kids, something completely normal. pretty please!! Thank you!

G Dragon/Jiyong: 
The first time he realized his soulmate might be a civilian he was sitting at a red light, boredom coming over him. Looking out the window he notice a daycare where all the kids where out on the play ground. 

‘Oh to be a child again,’ he thought almost envying the children’s unknowing innocence of what lay in the real world.

What he wasn’t expecting as he looked out the window was to feel like he got hit in the gut by a 2x4. Who he suspected was a teacher walked into view and it was almost like everything focused on her.


He was snapped out of his trance by the car behind him honking, prompting him to drive. He knew he would have to come back though. Which he did the next day resulting in the same thing happening. “Well this is going to be interesting…”

He had been to this bar before; it was a bar that he sometimes retreated to when he wanted to get away from the gossip of his fellow mobsters. It was the mellow atmosphere of this bar that he enjoyed where he could be alone with his own thoughts instead of having to listen to the complaints of others.

“Can I get you another drink?” a female voice asked.

He looked up from his drink and looked at the woman across the bar counter from him, his heart beginning to pound hard. If this was what it felt like to find your soulmate it wasn’t what he had expected. Especially since she seemed to be just a regular civilian.

“Sir?” she questioned, her voice wavering slightly.

“Um…yes…another drink sounds nice.”

He had been doing recon; Jiyong had sent him out to follow around some business man that owed him money…a lot of money. Following the man around on his mundane errands was actually quite boring, but getting a sense of his everyday life was needed. So when he stopped in for lunch at a restaurant Youngbae was quite happy about that.


Much needed at that point; and he could have some so not to blow his cover. 

“Can I get anything started for you?” someone asked.

He looked up from his menu to where the voice was coming from and saw a smiling waitress, notepad in hand. Looking at her it almost felt like everything else in the room began to disappear. He had heard that this is what happened when he meant the one…his soulmate. He managed to snap out of it momentarily and jumped to his feet when he realized the business man was gone, scaring the waitress.

“Cheese burger, no pickles with french fries and a coke…I’ll be right back.”

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The master of disguise would definitely be caught off guard by his soulmate being a civilian. He entered the waiting room of dentist office, the receptionist greeting him with a smile that he could only compare to that of sunshine. His heart pounded looking at the woman who quickly tried to juggle between answering his questions and answering the phone.

“Yes that doctor is in today, do you have an appointment or are you new here?”

“I have an appointment…you know, you’re quite a pretty young lady, if you’re available I think you and my son would get along nicely.”

He hated the subway; he was so used to riding around in town cars at this point that even the thought of being crammed in a subway car like a sardine irritated him. But when it came to work sometimes riding the subway was unavoidable…which meant having to quickly buy a day pass from the ticket booth.

Walking up to the booth he was greeted by a young women in a freshly pressed shirt, her smile making his heart race and the rest of the world go silent. If this was his soulmate, a civilian of all people it would be something that he would have to think on, but in that moment nothing else mattered but her.

“Day pass or weekly?…Sir?” she questioned her voice finally snapping him out of his trance.

“Weekly….a weekly pass….”

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Host Segment 1 (S02E08)

Servo: …turns off the hose, climbs down from the ladder, turns to the clown and says, “What? and quit show business?” *laughs*
Joel: Tom, I’d really love to laugh at that, but I’m the one who told it to you, essentially. I programmed it into your memory, remember?
Servo: Oh, yeah.
Joel: Oh, here’s one you’ll like. You’ll wanna get this. You’ll like this. Okay, there’s these four monks, an albino squirrel, and a shoe factory, okay?
Servo: *laughs*
Crow: Hey, there’s a ship coming into range!
Joel: Okay, you can tell your joke when I’m done, alright?
Crow: But, no… it’s, uh, no joke. There’s– *sigh* 
Joel: –or your anecdote, or whatever you got… but, anyway, there’s these four monks, and they work on a construction crew… this is neat… they work on a construction crew at the monastery, okay?
Servo: Uh-huh. 

Crow (trying to speak over Joel): Joel. Joel. Joel.
Joel: And they just get done working on some of the stations of the cross, and they see this albino squirrel who carries it really well…
Crow (trying to speak over Joel): Joeljoeljoeljoel. Joeljoeljoeljoeljoeljoeljoeljoel. Joel. Joel. Joel. (Crow is repeatedly nudging or bumping into Joel)
Joel: Oh, would you cut that out!?
Crow: Well, hey… jeez, what a grouch! It’s the only way I could get your attention!
Servo: Hey, there’s a ship coming into range!
Crow: *dies inside and sighs, shaking his head*
Joel: Willikers, he’s right! Cambot, gimme rocket number nine, pronto!

(doorbell sounds)
Editor’s Note: Yes, the spaceship is just a house, floating in space. Deal with it.

Mike: Hello, boys.
Joel & the Bots (in unison): Hugh Beaumont!?
Mike: Oh, come on, call me ‘dad.’
Joel: Gee, sir– I mean, dad, what’re you doing here?
Mike: Well, you see, boys, uh… I’m one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and, uh… I come bearing a message of unholy death.
Joel & the Bots (in unison): Oh… huh!?
Mike: That’s right, I’m really gonna give you the business… destroy you, your world and all that you know. But first, a stern talking-to. You know, you boys shouldn’t be so hard on that movie. A lot of people worked quite hard to bring that movie to you.
Crow: Gee, I guess we shouldn’t be so quick to judge others, then, huh?
Mike: That’s right, Crow.
Crow (whispering): He bought it, what a jerk!
Mike: Well, I’m glad we learned a little lesson, then. Well, it’s time to die. *lights pipe*

Joel: Gee, sir—I mean, dad, why must you kill all life and matter?
Servo: Yeah, can’t you give us another chance?
Crow: Please, dad, don’t kill us and take our souls to the afterworld and stuff!
Mike: Boys, I… *sighs* I think I owe you an apology. I guess your mother and I got so wrapped up in this 'apocalypse’ thing, I didn’t have time to think how you felt.
Servo: Well then, you’re not going to destroy us?
Mike: Oh, I don’t see how I could. Well, I’ve gotta get going, I’ve got to catch up to Fred McMurray and the boys, they’re about to destroy Earth. Drink your milk.
Joel: What a sweet guy!
Crow: Yeah…

Taking Out Anger (Part 2)

Title: Taking Out Anger

 Prompt: @acuteninja: Hi love your Gabriel fanfiction. Can you write one when we tends to get on Dean’s nerves and crosses the line and nothing Cas or Sam could do to make him get a grip before he says something regretful to reader and Gabriel comes I’m to rescue.

 Pairing: Gabriel x Friend!Reader, Dean x Friend!Reader. Sam x Friend!Reader.

 Summary: Gabriel loves tricks, but when you step in to help Dean after Gabriel’s last one, you are put in the line of fire when Dean’s temper explodes.  And boy, does it explode!

 Warnings: Angst. Language. Self-Doubt.  Fluff.

Part 1

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Part 2

Gabriel did everything in his power to cheer you up.  He got your favorite foods, your favorite movies, even took you to some live shows and concerts, and they worked for a little while, but eventually that doubt and self-hatred crept in.  

It would always follow the same path…it would start with it hearing Dean’s voice in your ear, echoing those anger filled words.  It would break your heart.  It would settle, then you would think of how you reacted and you felt ashamed.  You were supposed to be this big, strong hunter…and you just collapsed into tears…how could you do that?!  The self-hatred would hit then, and it was a never ending circle.  

Gabriel had brought you to a nice house out in the country.  You were fairly certain you weren’t in the U.S. anymore, but you didn’t care enough to ask.  It was a nice, quiet place.  Neighbors kept to themselves.

You reached in your pocket and pulled out your phone.  

13 text messages. 17 missed calls.  5 voicemails.

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Okay okay but please god continue that post about Cody and the Clones having that realisation about Obi Wan. Especially if it eventually includes the clones just kind of. pilling on or around Obi Wan, just to be near him because they love him and want him to feel safe and happy and god but he doesn't owe them anything in return for touch despite what he may think. They are more than happy just to hold him and they need him to know that.

“Sir! Obi-Wan!” Obi-Wan looked up from where he was writing his monthly report on the clones progress for the council to review, blinking at Boil and Waxer standing in his doorway.

“Yes Boil?”

“Me and some of the other vods were going to watch a holovid, we wanted to invite you.”

“I’m not sure Boil, I have a lot of work to d-”

“Its a documentary about the wild life and ecosystem of Mala.” Waxer quickly rushed in. “We got snacks and drinks even.”

Obi-Wan blinked and hesitated. That did sound interesting, it was one in a series of Mala he knew, working its way around its entire history slowly but carefully. “W-Well it might be good to be there in cause of inaccuracy for your benefits…” He glanced at his half finished report, he could finish it tomorrow.

“…Alright.” He stood, saving the file and setting it aside while Waxer and Boil highfived.

He followed the two to one of the bigger rooms used for education, blinking when he found the chairs of the teaching room removed and replaced with what must have been all the pillows they could find on site.

Obi-Wan was trying to spot a place to sit comfortable when Cody latched onto his arm, pulling him down between himself and Wolffle. “Sit with us sir.” The clone smiled at him and Obi-Wan chuckled before adjusting until he sat comfortably between them.

And then he was promptly manhandled until he was laying on his back between the two, his legs in Cody’s lap and head in Wolffle’s lap. Before he could complain, Fives put his head on Obi-Wan’s stomach with his fingers rubbing absently at Obi-Wan’s side. “Can we get this started!?” He whined.

“Yeah, yeah, hold your boots, I’m working on getting it up.” Dogma growled back. “Sinker! Help me!”

“Hah, knew you needed help! Comet you owe me ten credits.”


Obi-Wan blinked then almost moaned in pleasured surprise when Wolffle’s hand started rubbing through his hair. That usually only happened when he was in bed with someone but here they were, gentle hands brushing and rubbing him.

He arched a bit into the touch, half closing his his eyes as he listened to Dogma and Sinker bicker while working the holo. Cody was working on his boot clasps and were stealing said boots but Obi-Wan couldn’t bring himself to care with Fives and Wolffle’s gentle hands basically petting him affectionately.

And then Cody started massaging his feet and suddenly he did care because that felt marvelous.

He almost didn’t notice when the holovid started because he was more preoccupied with how slow and gentle those touches felt.

All above his clothes, all of them slow and gentle and-and…and none of them sexual in nature.

Not even the intent of sexual in the clones Force aura.

Obi-Wan’s entire body relaxed, eyes half lidded as he tilted it to watch the holo yet keeping that hand in his hair. Wolffle’s blunt fingers continued stroking his temple and down to the back of his head before teasing the nap and around the ear with Fives hand rubbing his side and Cody’s fingers teasing his ankles.

It marvelous.

And then Waxer grabbed his hand and laced together their fingers. Okay, now it was even better, the thumb rubbing the back of his hand.

Twin Gemini Chapter 1 Translation

Hey guys! I got a request to translate the Twin Gemini manga, so here I am! I’ll upload other chapters as I finish them. Hope you guys enjoy! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Twin Gemini is a side-story that takes place in Sapporo, Hokkaido (north of Japan) at the same time as the first season. It follows 2 pairs of twins— one Japanese, and one Martian. That’s all I’ve gathered from it so far haha. Pages and translation under the read more!!

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happy-trenchcoated-impala  asked:

Can you do an age play story Daddy Steve and kid Tony, where kid Tony is having a bad day ( his stuffed animal is lost, he's got a bad case of the hiccups) and Daddy Steve makes it all better.




Bucky’s alarmed voice finally reached a note that Steve couldn’t ignore. Steve sighed, stuck his head under the shower to wash out the rest of the shampoo, and then pulled the curtain back. He was getting ready to yell back when he heard the faint sound of crying.

Shit. Tony. He quickly turned the faucet off and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist as he jumped out of the tub and rushed out the door. Ten minutes. He’d asked Bucky to watch Tony for ten minutes while Steve went and took a shower to wash off paint. Tony had discovered the miracle of fingerpainting a long time ago, but this was the first time he’d figured out how much more fun it was to paint Steve instead of paper.

He rounded the corner and stopped short. Bucky looked up at him with a guilty expression. At his feet, Tony was sitting on the floor stark naked and sobbing quietly. A fine dusting of baby powder was all over the floor, not to mention Bucky and Tony, and there were several balled up diapers lying several feet away.

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Flat Minds - Pioneer Day

While writing Flat Dreams, there were a lot of scenes and snippes I had in mind that never made it into the fic. A few did as interludes, but most were scrapped. I figured it might be fun to post some as I write them anyway, so here you go. Click here to read all those written so far.
I’ll use Flat World as a title for bits set before Bill got his powers and took over his dimension; Flat Minds for anything set after that.

(Also, I am open to prompts and stuff because why the hell not. So, if you’ve got any, just drop me an ask!)

“Bill? Bill, really. This doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

“All ideas are good ideas!”

“Your last good idea landed me on an operating table.”

“Hey, they got the chicken bone out, didn’t they?”

“And part of my spleen.”

“Spleens are overrated, Sixer. Besides, the second time went better.”

“You made a cut next to my surgical scars to make a smiley face.”

“You’re absolutely no fun.”

“Do you even know how to drive?”

“I know lots of things. The secrets of the universe, for one.”

“But not how to drive.”

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in which the new Arthur is Harry’s dad

tagging: @agentdagonet, @dianyx, @hartwinorlose, @krissielee, @mockingjaybeevicious

The funeral takes place underneath dark clouds and a drizzle of rain that turns into mist that clings desperately onto overcoats and faces. It’s located on the grounds in a private grove, and Eggsy watches Harry’s coffin being lowered into the ground with an impassive face, nails digging into his palms. Beside him, Roxy takes his hand and briefly squeezes. 

“You okay?” she asks, and Eggsy forces himself to nod and reply, “I’m all right, Rox.” 

He’s gotten so many variations of this same question from multiple people multiple times and tells himself the more he repeats it, the less it hurts. Merlin, standing next to a man in a greatcoat and a hat, something Eggsy once called a fedora, making Roxy sigh and shake her head. He can’t remember the name now, but something about the man draws the eye, though Eggsy can’t say exactly why that is. 

“Who is that?” Eggsy asks, out of the corner of his mouth, and Roxy’s eyes flicker towards the stranger and back.

“That’s the new Arthur,” she says. Roxy then tells him that the new Arthur was actually considered for the old Arthur’s position years and years ago, but was turned down. “Everyone gets to put in names for Arthur, but it’s more of…of a board or committee of some sorts who gets to officially choose. And they thought Chester had more experience and…aligned more with their views.” 

So, in translation: they were all posh twats. Eggsy can see that. But… “Why did he get elected this time around?” 

Roxy quietly winces. “They had the implants.”

“Oh.” Eggsy doesn’t know yet whether to feel completely justified in his choice. On one hand, anyone who was willing to let billions of people die a gruesome death deserved to have their head exploded. On the other, it caused chaos, something Kingsman was in a flurry to fix, and Eggsy wonders if some of those people were coerced or blackmailed into getting those chips implanted. 

Right now, the field agents who died in V-Day are in their respective graves, and Eggsy watches as some people step up to the front to say a few words about a specific one. When Harry’s name is called, Merlin, Percival, and a few others give short speeches, and Roxy quietly looks at Eggsy after Tristan steps off the podium. 

Eggsy shakes his head. He can’t. He hasn’t prepared anything, and he doesn’t know what to say. 

Merlin then murmurs in Arthur’s ear, and Arthur steps forward. “V-Day was a day of great loss, not only to Kingsman, but to friends, family, and loved ones,” he begins, and his voice quivers, just a little bit. Eggsy’s too far to really see his face, but he notices the hands on his cane are trembling. The rest of his speech is almost drowned out by the pattering of the rain, but Eggsy raises his umbrella over his and Roxy’s heads and tries to listen to words that make him wish he’d stepped up and said something, anything to commemorate Harry. 

“Lest we forget,” Arthur finally ends and bows his head, hands shaking more than ever. 

Everyone intones lest we forget, and Eggsy looks away when the first shovelful of dirt hits Harry’s coffin. 

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anonymous asked:

How and at what age do the companions pass away? Who is there with them?

(This is rather interesting. I won’t write out scenes since you didn’t ask, but feel free to request a scene or multiple scenes for this. Thank you so much 💕)

Cait: There is no doubt, that an unlucky enemy comes along and takes Cait’s life at a very young age, the age she is at now. Although, she did not go down without a fight. Never will she. She had defended the home her and Sole shared when they had been out on a mission on that tragic day. Cait passed away in the gunfire by herself.

“N-no… I have to wait for… Sole t-to come home…”

Piper: As Piper has stated before, many threats have been thrown her way, even assassination attempts. Piper will do anything for a story, but can one report go too far? A simple day in Diamond City was a peaceful one. At about 25 years old, Piper had been loading ink into the printer, when an unexpected blade dug deep into her back, leaving her gasping, and everybody screaming. Nat gripped her hand as she took her last breaths

“Nat, never stop chasing the truth… Don’t let this stop you. I-I love you…”

Codsworth: Codsworth, after ten years being reunited with Sole, they continued to live in Sanctuary and travel together. One day, it was decided that they would take a stroll around the outer edges of the settlement. The bridge that had been there for over 200 years had certainly gotten worse, then all together, it collapsed. Codsworth’s immediately began to shut down when he hit the water. Sole screamed pleas as they dragged his metal body from the radiated water. Short circuiting quickly, Codsworth died before them.

“Mum/Sir… I’m dying…” (His voice died slowly at the end)

Deacon: Shockingly enough, Deacon lives a long and joyus life with the railroad. Living until a grand total of 78 years old. At this age, he finally gave up his days of fighting, and passed away peacefully in his sleep.

“I just wanted to say, thank all of you. The Railroad is the best place to be. Goodnight.”

MacCready: As always, MacCready gets himself into a bit of trouble that he can’t quite seem to get out of. Let’s just say he owes some people a lot of money. At age 23, in The Third Rai, he is confronted, which turns into a bar fight… Which results in his very unlucky death.

“Look, I’ll get the money to you, I swear. I just need a bit more time.”

Curie: Our science madmoizelle, it’s quite unlucky, really. Her intelligence gets her into much trouble when she takes a run into the wasteland, only to gather herbs for an experimental medicine she had thought of that morning. As she kneels slowly to pick the glowing red plant, she does not quite realize that it is the complete opposite of what she is searching for. Curie then realizes as she picks it from the ground, she is feeling the numbness creep up her arm. She had picked a highly poisonous plant.

“Oh no! Aidez-moi! Sole?!”

Paladin Danse: As you might have suspected, Danse loses his life battling for the brotherhood. Fighting alongside Elder Maxson, he was shot in the chest when his power armor had broken. The lucky shot killed him on the battlefield. Maxon cried as he pressed down on Danse’s wound desperately.

“A-ad Victoriam… Elder Maxson.”
“Don’t you die on me, soldier! That’s an order!”

Preston Garvey: At 30 years old, Preston leads an attack on a raider pack outside of Sanctuary. Proudly, he runs up shooting and goes down the same way. In no way did he die in vain, he died for the Commonwealth, as he always wanted to, with Dogmeat at his side.

“Shit! I’ve been hit, go on, Dogmeat, fight for me…”

Dogmeat: On the first morning of spring, Sole wakes up to find that her loyal companion has vanished. Gone from Sanctuary in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever. Sole searches for days, weeks, months even. Until one day, they just gave up. Months later, the joyful pup returns to their home, he is limping. Sole kneels down to welcome their friend home, but ends up having to carry him into the house, seeing that he was torn up by some vicious animal. Even though he was dying and badly injured, he still managed to find his way back home.

Nick Valentine: Nick usually traveled with Sole often, it was just their thing. (They are romanced, if you will) As they both roam the vacant streets of the Commonwealth, a nasty group of gunners come across the two, and they are not happy. Since Nick is naturally protective of what is his, he pushes Sole behind him. When the gunners are done and gone, Nick lies dying in Soles arms.

*cough* ”N-not like… this…”

Hancock: As suspected, Hancock passes away of a chem overdose. He and Fahrenheit sat in his office quietly, laughing, popping mentats, jet, psycho, etc. It suddenly hit him like a train. All the chems at once left him sputtering and vomitting on the floor. Hancock passed away before any doctor could save him.

“Holy shit, this isn’t right. Not right at all.”

Strong: To be honest, he never dies, my boy Strong lives forever.


X6-88: X6 is accused of committing crimes against the Institute, the accusations lasted a month before everyone decided that it was true, even though it had been false. His courser chip was removed, Father stood next to him as the light left his eyes. He did not want to see his favorite courser go.

“It has been an honor serving the Institute, but my claim stands. I am not guilty.”

Sweet Cheeks Part 2-Jack Gilinsky


External image

            The day went on quickly, you spent the rest of the day in the main office. Jack was seated next to you, his hand on your inner thigh as if protecting you from the glares of Sophie and her friends. Sophie was next in line to talk to the principle and head of deans, Danny was in there talking right now but you knew that Danny would get in the most trouble for what he and Sophie had been putting you through, sadly you knew that Jack would most likely get suspended but not for as long as Danny.

            You hadn’t realized you were playing with your fingers, nervously, until Jack laced his fingers with yours and leaning over. “You need to relax babe,” He whispered in your ear.

            You glanced up at him, “How can I relax? You’re still going to get suspended,”

            Jack’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, “Yeah, and?”

            “Don’t you care just a little?” You asked him as his fingers left yours to give your thigh a squeeze.

            “Babe, this is will be the third time I’ve been suspended but this time I actually had a reason.” Jack explained in a whisper, you knew from the rumor mill that Jack had gotten into 3 fights the past four years you guys had been here. You also knew that Jack got kicked off of the basketball team last year for getting into a fight with a fellow team mate, it seemed like there was a fight every year except for freshman year. Part of you wondered if he had a horrible temper, if he had barely any control over his temper. But sitting next to him now, his fingers laced through yours, resting on your thigh, you realized Jack didn’t scare you one bit and if he had a anger problem he would be getting into more fights and wouldn’t even be in this school.

            You sighed at his words and looked forward, your eyes reaching the clock on the wall, what was it about you that had Jack defending your honor? What was so special about you? You had no idea, you and Jack weren’t exactly friends and you definitely weren’t the kind for a random hook up, which he knew. Did he only get into a fight with Danny because Jack wasn’t going to just stand by and watch a guy hit a girl? Would Jack have done it for any girl?

            You didn’t realize you had dropped Jack’s hand until his confused gaze was on yours as the principle said your name and told you to get into the office. You didn’t bother looking at Jack, or glaring at Sophie. Nor did you bother locking eyes with Danny as he sauntered out of the office, looking frustrated, annoyed but mostly angry. For a split second, after the principle shut the door, you prayed that Danny didn’t provoke Jack into a fight, but then the door clicked shut and you sat yourself down in the chair before the principle.

            For 10 minutes the principle made you tell him every instance of bullying that Sophie, Danny and their friends had put you through. You hated reliving memories like that, they were in the past, they were done. When the principle went to go tell you he was sorry for what had happened and how much trouble they were going to get into, you opened your mouth to defend Jack. “Sir, I’m worried about Jack.”

            His eyebrows stitched together in question, “And why is that, Ms. Y/L/N?”

            “Because Jack may get into a lot of fights, but if Jack didn’t step in to stop Danny, a lot more damage would’ve been done. Jack is a great person, and I owe him for defending me. Jack didn’t start the fight, Danny attacked me first, and it would be horrible if you suspended him like you did with Danny.” You explained, your finger playing with the hem of your skirt.

            “I’ll see what I can do, Ms. Y/L/N. I’ve contacted your parents and they understand what has happened, they also know you will not be getting into any trouble because of Daniel and Sophia, but I would rather you take the rest of the day off, along with tomorrow, since tomorrow is Friday. I’m very sorry for what has happened, we’ve reviewed the video of the fight and Daniel is not going to get away with any of it.”

            “Thank you sir,” You said lowly, part of you happy you will have a three day weekend.

            You walked out of the office and brushed shoulders with Jack, he gave you an unreadable glance, but his brown eyes still made your heart pick up. You headed home, luckily the house was silent, your parents wouldn’t be home for a couple hours and on the way home you already got a call from your mother.

            The rest of the night consisted of you laying in bed and not answering your phone, you didn’t know what happened with Jack but part of you worried what his punishment was but you couldn’t be bothered to find out from your friend because you didn’t have his number. It was late, maybe around midnight, when you heard a small taping sound on your window. The first couple times you ignored it because you thought you were imagining it, both parents were asleep and you were watching an old Disney movie but when it happened a fourth time you got up out of your bed, the chilly arm nipping at your barely covered skin. You walked to your window and saw Jack standing there, hand full of pebbles, you rolled your eyes when he smiled and waved.

            You grabbed a sweatshirt and put it on, not caring your bottom was only covered by your boyshort underwear. You tip toed down the stairs and headed to the back door, where Jack was. You slipped outside and shivered, “What’re you doing here?” You asked quietly.

            “You didn’t wait for me after I talked to the principle, and you haven’t been answering mine or your friends texts.” He explained, taking a couple steps towards you. “Is that what you wear to bed?” He asked, his eyes darkened at the sight of your long legs peeking out of the sweatshirt.

            “Yes,” You answered. “Is there a problem?”

            Jack didn’t bother answering, but he did walk towards you. He pressed you up against the wall and caged you in with his arms, his elbows resting on the door behind you, his forehead against yours, thighs against thighs, hips leaving no space between yours. Your hands touched his hips and closed your eyes when his breath licked your lips, your heart fluttered when his nose brushed yours, his lips butterfly kissing your lips. He groaned your name, the vibration leaving his chest and causing your belly to squeeze. You sighed and melted under him, goose bumps forming when his fingertips danced down your neck over your collar bone and down your left breast, his thumb brushing against your nipple, making it taunt. “Let me inside,” He groaned.

            “…I…” You stuttered as his hand found its way up your shirt, coasting up your stomach before cupping your heavy breast and tweaking your hard nipple.

            “Baby,” Jack groaned, taking a nip at your lip before drifting to your chin and over your jaw before reaching your long neck.

            “My parents are sleeping,” You whispered.

            “No sex, but I’ve gotta feel you, Baby.” Jack whispered into your ear, making sparks fly down south and making it hard to think straight. 

Second Chances - Part One

Future AU: It’s the twenty year reunion. Will Lucas Friar let the memory of his wife and the mother of his fourteen year old daughter prevent him from reconnecting with his first love, Riley Matthews.

Chapter List

Chapter Twelve - Oh Father, Where Art Thou

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Fic: [Song of Magic] Klaine Advent Day 21: “Underneath”

Summary: Blaine doesn’t know a lot about NYADA, except that his roommate insists it’s a school for magic.

A/N: Part of a continuous story in 24 chapters I’ll be writing this month. AND it has a title! Only took me three weeks to find one! Yay! Thank you all for reading. <3

Previous chapters: anniversary | Broadway | competition | day | escape | fan | guide | hope | indecent | jumble | kink | legend | moon | number | ocean | passion | question| regret | shift | time

While Kurt is gone, Blaine does his best to comb through his hair with his fingers, trying to get it a bit more under control, wishes desperately it were a little less greasy. He can’t do anything about how pale he looks or the fact that he’s currently too weak to get out of bed – but even if he could manage to get up, all he’s wearing is a pair of Kurt’s yoga pants and a washed out Hummel Tires and Lube shirt. He’s even wearing a pair of Kurt’s briefs since he didn’t really take the time to pack anything before he rushed off to Ohio on the back of a magical creature.

He tries not to think about the fact that he’s in his boyfriend’s bed and wearing his boyfriend’s clothes, and that this is now the first impression his boyfriend’s father will have of him. It’s … not exactly the kind of situation he imagined for a first meeting.

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