i overuse hashtags

I know that today is not a “special” date, but I think that every day as a couple should be celebrated, specially one as perfect as today was, so here it goes: I love you so daamn much 😍💙 1 year, 3 months and a half later and all I can say has changed is that I love you a bit more everyday. Can’t wait ‘til you fall asleep in my arms after I kiss your forehead every night, my love 🙈♥ @everdarkless

You : Trini could still be bi so I’m going to ship her with Zack
Me, an intellectual : That scene in her home where she tossed a banana onto her dinner table in front of her family symbolised her not liking dick

Heritage: Chinese 

Born and Raised: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 

Claim to Fame: Jadyn Wong plays the ironically named Happy, a mechanical genius with a hardened exterior, owed in part to her youth spent in foster car, on CBS’s drama series Scorpion. “She is basically trying to find a place to belong,” says Wong. “Her survival tendency lends itself to her no-nonsense problem-solving approach on Team Scorpion.” Catch the (not so) Happy and the rest of the Scorpion team when the show returns for a second series on September 21. 

My go-to karaoke song: It does not matter because when I sing it all ends up sounding the same. 

The last time I cried: A week ago when I was lifting weights and getting beat up by punching bags. 

What always makes me laugh: Watching Bridesmaids. 

My go-to comfort food: Coffee. 

The last thing I ate: Coffee. 

Current song on repeat: “Fix You” by Coldplay.  

A guilty pleasure I don’t feel guilty about: Drinking coffee. 

Current favourite place: My bed. 

Favourite Drink: H2O. 

Current Obsessions: Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson. 

Pet Peeve: The sun. 

Habit I need to Break: Coffee drinking. 

Hidden talent: Closet singer. 

Talent I’d like to have: Singing. 

Word or phrase I most overuse: (Silence). 

Favourite hashtag: #hescutewhenhesnotmoving (probably in reference to her sister’s pug that she posted on instagram)

Greastest fear: Cats. 

Motto: Hakuna Matata. 

What’s cool about being Asian: I don’t know, I’m Canadian. 

My job in another life: Litigator.

Thank you to melancholylouis and sheisagenius

my mom wanted to check out my tumblr for the first time to act like a respectable parent and she came upon a collage of michael clifford and said “oh my gosh he’s so cute he has such a baby face” “why is he being called sunshine” “rachel im confused who is this” “mom thats michael clifford from that band i like” “oh one second of summer?” “five seconds of summer mom” “well anyways he’s cute” “he’s about six feet tall mom” “wHAT” and she almost dropped my phone
i think im going to get more suprise phone checks