i otped them so hard

If Cat was here.

Cat: Why is someone sending all these flowers? They’re getting in the way. 

Kara: Sorry miss grant, they’re from Lena.

Cat: Is there something I should know about?

Kara: What do you mean? Lena? She’s just a friend.

Cat: Kiera, wake up and smell the roses. She is in love with you.



Kara: *I love her too*

When my ship is cannon
  • <p> <b>Me :</b> i'm so happy to see these two individuals making the best out of life and finding their true love for each other , it really makes my heart so warm and cozy , and it motivate me to find true love myself<p/><b>Also me :</b> mY ShIP IS CANNON BITCHES , WHO WANTS TO FIGHT ?!?<p/></p>