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Story Time

so my friend is watching rwby for the first time and she’s talking to me while she’s watching. she gets to Neptune and loves him so much. so after she gets past the window scene where Neptune is on the ledge, I want to send her this image

but I didn’t originally know how to find it.

so I googled

“Neptune riding sun”

and realized exactly what I did wrong as soon as I hit enter

basically the only two reacitons to this :

Reveling in Richonne

#46: The Kiss (7x5)

The Kiss of Life!!!! This. kiss. was. every. thing. Before I start, I just need to do my happy dance for the millionth time over this perfection. 🙌🏾

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but every single time I see this scene, I react like it’s my first time ever seeing this scene and I literally have the reaction of this gif above 😂…Like every single time, without fail, because this moment is everything and then some.

Like perfection. Like tens across the board. Like mesmerizing and magical and definitely on my nonexistent “Top Ten Richonne moments” list. It’s like they sprinkled something over this scene that makes it where you have to watch it over and over. You can’t not smile and cheer and celebrate every time you see this. (PS: This lengthy post is going to be half analysis, half pure rejoicing lol. I can’t help it! 😁)

Y'all, this kiss was something special and whoever thought to choreograph it this way should receive a medal. It was this moment. It was this exchange that took my love for Richonne to a whole new level, cuz it was the first time Richonne left me completely and utterly shook. Don’t get me wrong, I adored all their other moments, but this one was entrancing like no other. 

Basically the low five put me on the ship and then this moment put me in the dumpster lol.

Like, seriously, round of applause to everyone involved. The light crew gets a medal. The stylist gets a medal. The composer gets a medal. The director and cinematographer and writers get a medal. And you already know Andy and Danai get all the medals. (But seriously imma need some Emmys or Golden Globe noms headed TWD’s way before the show ends)

This scene was beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of people excellently dissect this breathtaking moment, and people’s thoughts and insight and celebration of this moment is so good and brings me so much joy to read! So a lot of my analysis is really just me preaching to the choir, but you know I have to join in and give my play by play lol. 😋

So, Rick goes in for that little hug and peck on the cheek I mentioned earlier. It’s a “casual” husband/wife send off and it’s sweet that he just wants some form of physical connection with her before he goes cuz…this is Rick and Michonne! (an epiphany that hits me over and over again cuz it’s just so amazing and crazy to me that these people we’ve been watching for years are now able to express the love they’ve had inside for so long)  

Like think of how many times, pre-canon, R&M have gone out to do separate things and maybe wanted to give a hug goodbye and now they can. Think about the “I’m still with you” moment that preciously parallels this one!

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 You can’t help but be happy for them that they now get to do all the things they’ve been wanting to do.  So, again, if all they had done was hug it would have been super sweet.

But instead, honey, we got blessed and spoiled! Cuz as Rick goes in for the hug, Michonne so gracefully and intimately places her hand on his face.

Just to do something as intimate and personal as touch his face, lets you know that R&M feel very very close and connected to one another. I also notice that Michonne immediately puts her hand on his face the second she realizes Rick is going in for this peck on the cheek thing. By putting her hand on his face so quickly it lets me know that she knew from the second he stepped towards her that she wanted to give him a more proper sendoff than the one he was about to do.

Like this kiss wasn’t an after thought or some uncertain thing for her. She doesn’t just let the casual hug happen and then hesitantly think “Oh wait, maybe I should give him his entire life right now” 😂  No, she was confident and knew from the jump that she wanted to do that.

Now, when this first happened it could seem to some like she was about to reject the hug. In fact, Rick looks like he’s thinking that for a second too. It absolutely pains me when you see the quick look of uncertainty on Rick’s face as Michonne redirects him. Like he was already a little hesitant to go in for the peck on the cheek and for a split second it feels like he’s thinking “Dang, she doesn’t even want me to touch her.”.

Rick really thinks he’s about to take yet another L and get rejected. But I love that Michonne doesn’t give Rick much time to linger on the possible thought of rejection before she’s letting him know exactly where they stand and how she feels about him, without even having to say a single word.

Like this kiss was a loud and clear “I love you” from both of them. 😍

I love the way it’s choreographed for her to take his face and sort of lead the way here. It conveys oh so much. Like one; this is Michonne saying “Nah, we don’t do that platonic peck on the cheek stuff. Our love is too strong for that.” 😂 

And two; it’s a reminder of how R&M are equals. And three; it’s a reminder that they are so in sync with one another. Like Michonne can see that if they just do a casual sendoff it could cause more disconnect for them so, like the wise strong 👸🏾 she is, she steps in and she closes the distance between them literally and figuratively.

And four; this is Michonne teaching us yet another way to say, “I’m still with you”. Like so far Michonne’s taught us that you can say “I’m still with you” by:

  • Saying the actual words to him
  • Being the first one out to aid him in fighting a herd of walkers
  • Giving a warning pop to a chick that tries him
  • Pleading his case to a psycho while a gun’s aimed at your head.
  • Helping him make a bed
  • And then you can also give him the literal kiss of life. 🙌🏾

I love that now that they’re a couple, Michonne can more intimately let Rick know she’s still with him. And this kiss is so powerful because it feels like a game changer for them. Because it communicated to both of them what they might have not been verbally communicating to each other since Negan’s arrival and that’s that; there is literally no amount of differing opinions, or distance, or tension, or anything at all that’s going to break us up. We’re still with each other and we want to be with each other forever.

I love this moment too cuz, as breathtaking as it was, it felt so authentic and not sappy in the slightest. It just felt like grown healthy love. And yet it was still so magical cuz, y'all, I’m not a sappy person (or so I thought lol) but I could practically hear angels singing when this moment first aired.

Like I promise, when I first saw it, I felt like it was in slow motion or something. 😂 It was that mesmerizing. It just felt like it was straight out of an apocalyptic Disney movie lol. It was True Love’s Kiss! 😍

I love that Michonne’s leading the way at first on the kiss and then it does not take long for Rick to be right there with her. I love that he, of course, pulls her in closer and they literally get lost in each other, as any concern that they are on the rocks quickly disappears. Like you literally see them both radiate equal amounts of intense love and energy.

They are so engulfed by each other that it’s like no one else is there.  And it’s funny cuz I remember thinking about how R&M are doing all this with Carl definitely right there in the next room with the door open lol. But I love that for this one moment it was just them two in this world. 😊  And you can tell they never want this moment to end.

And y'all can I just say one more time…that’s Rick and Michonne! That’s “Your face is losing the war” Michonne and “You gonna stay awhile?” Rick. These two have been knowing each other for the longest and now they’re doing this.🙌🏾  

I remember even my sister, who’s a more casual viewer, took note of this scene and was like “Well okay then.” 😂  Everyone took note of this moment. 👏🏽

Like if someone watches this scene and still doesn’t buy the deep love between Rick and Michonne it might be time for them to consider if they’re a…

Lol. But Haters are just going to stay mad because this couple isn’t only going to survive but thrive. 👌🏽😊 Their bond is unbreakable and this kiss made that crystal clear. The passion, chemistry, sincerity, unity, desire, respect, longing, support, and just pure love conveyed in that kiss, from both of them, is A1. 👌🏽

I love that Michonne knew that her man needed to be reminded that he’s still the man in this world and so she reminded him of just that. Michonne always be knowing just what to do lol. 👏🏽 Like she wanted to remind Rick just who he is in her eyes. He is still the Rick Grimes to Michonne.

R&M are completely on the same page in this moment and it just reminds you that they are truly made for one another. And I adore how much R&M can say without words. Like, apart from “I’m still with you”, that kiss was Michonne telling Rick “I respect you, I believe in you, I support you, I want you, I love you” and Rick seriously needed that.

You can tell that Rick is overcome by this woman and has just gotten even more proof that he was very right in saying “this is different”. It’s 100% clear that Rick got his entire life from that kiss lol. 😊

And I love that it doesn’t just end with the kisses! Afterwards, R&M both lean in, so beyond close to each other, and they stay in this moment just a little longer. It really is like they melt into each other. And they just visually look like they fit together like puzzle pieces. I love that as they just stay here for a moment it really feels like they are leaning on their rock and their other half. Like as hesitant as the scene started it ends with such strength and unity and power between them. 😍 

It’s so evident that they don’t want to pull away from each other as the kiss ends and their foreheads touch. Like they almost seem dizzy from the immense amount of love that has just poured out of them. Their love is so powerful it overwhelms them just as much as us lol.

And then Rick says the only appropriate response…

“Thank you”. 😋 I adore this very sweet and very accurate response. Like I know some people say Rick was technically saying thank you in regards to Michonne saying good luck, but let’s be real y'all, he was thanking her for the greatest kiss of his life. (Plus, when she said “good luck” he said “yeah” so he technically already responded to that. 😁)

To me, the “thank” you has even deeper meaning. This was Rick saying thank you to Michonne for being his ride or die, for never giving up on him, for being there for him and loving him and choosing him every time, no matter what. He was thanking her for being her. (and, again, for giving him his entire life in one kiss 😋)

With this world being more dangerous than ever, it’s a big deal to leave home and you really don’t know if your goodbye is truly your last goodbye so, as R&M head off separate ways, Michonne wanted to make sure they have a proper and fitting farewell, which of course is an epic one for an epic couple.

So, in a way, this kiss was her also saying “Just in case this is the last goodbye you should know exactly how I feel about you”. But the kiss was also very strategic, cuz I know Homegirl was trying to give Rick some serious incentive to get back asap. I’m honestly a little surprised Rick didn’t go tell Aaron their trip’s cancelled lol. Cuz after this kiss, Rick really looked like he was thinking, ‘Negan who?” 😂.

I know with complete certainty that Rick had this moment with Michonne on replay the whole time he was out with Aaron. As Rick walks away, Michonne watches both sad to see him go and also knowing full well she just put that man in a trance. 😂 She knows what she’s done lol. Like Rick’s now beyond whipped. Is there a term stronger than whipped? Cuz that’s what he is now lol.

To date, this is my favorite kiss between them. Hence why I can gush about it forever. It was just so much more than a kiss. It was everything. It was their unbreakable love fully on display. And they’ve come so far since season three, and have had many moments in past seasons that could have led to a kiss, so it just feels so rewarding and wonderful that they’re finally at this point in the relationship. I can imagine for long-time shippers this moment sent you straight up to heaven lol. 🙌🏾 😋

Literally every time I see a gif of this moment I can’t help but get that same overwhelming joy I had the first time watching it. It’s just so good and so magical yet so realistic and organic. Richonne is always so well done cuz it’s always conveyed like grown, healthy, natural, genuine true love.

And this kiss gives you no doubt that R&M’s relationship will not just last, but it will stand the test of time. They are ride or die, they are partners for life, they are one

This scene was towards the beginning of 7x5, but low key the rest of the episode was kind of a blur cuz, as far as I’m concerned, this one scene stole the whole show. 😋

So, in short (lol), every time I see this moment I can’t help but say, “I’m…

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Cuz this scene was, is, and will always be a masterpiece. 🙌🏾👌🏽👏🏽👏

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Iris' hardened attitude reminds me a lot of E2 Iris. That Iris was tough as nails with everyone, but she was a sweet pea with Barry. Same thing with our Iris. The only difference was due to Iris losing someone she loves and E2 Iris being tough in general.

Funny you should bring this up I just got done watching "Welcome to Earth II” and “Escape from Earth II” well, the Barry and Iris scenes, lol. I’ve always wondered what brought those two together, how did they meet? At work? Were they high school sweet hearts as I once read in “Just thinking about MacBeth” a fanfic written by iriswestthings - I recommend!! I am so interested in the origins of their love story!

Watching their dynamic made me realize that Barry loves Iris for her strength and Iris loves him for his scientific knowledge, something she’s always praised him for and something he’s always lauded her for. Of course their love goes way deeper than that but on the surface these are one of many qualities that attracts them to one another, imo. 

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And as we know she loves her man and he’s crazy about her!

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From when they were little Barry seem to try and impress Iris with what he knew, look at his face as he discusses combustion with her, and of course I think she really appreciated him sharing fun science facts with her as she always encouraged him. Iris always cheered him on for his nerdiness and I think he that’s what made him continue to love her as they grew up. 

Iris’ strength whether it be physical or emotional was always something Barry would depend on - she comforted him when he first arrived to live with her and Joe and we’ve noted the countless amount of times she had to physically take matters into her own hands. The great thing about them though is that they can trade off these qualities and be supporting of each other accordingly.

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Originally posted by westallengifs

Also, I think we’ve come to know that Iris has always been tough, it stems from how Joe raised her so as we’ve seen on Earth II I’m sure Earth I Joe made sure his baby girl knew how to protect herself - just look how good she is with a gun. 

On the emotional side I do agree that Iris (Earth I) has toughen up but I think that comes with the losses she’s had in life. That would definitely put someone’s guard up big time. But I think with each other, Barry and Iris feel free to lower their guard whenever they are with each other. Thinking back to the premier when Iris was cussing just about everyone out, we saw her own dad being hesitant to go along with Cisco’s plan of getting Barry out of the Speedforce because, “Iris said…” she made sure not to let anyone see her breakdown.

In contrast, look how quickly her walls came tumbling down when Barry was by her side. She was able to easily communicate her feelings to him, she could have kept it all in to be strong but I think she knew she is safe whenever she’s with him so it’s easy for her to tell him how she feels. Even when his mind wasn’t all there.

I think a love like theirs is very rare to come by and when you have two people like them who are crazy for each other it just makes so much sense. Grant and Candice also play very well off of each other so that helps a lot. 

The are the cutest!

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hello, do you mind me asking what happened with sleepy hollow? I only watched the first season lol

not at all! okay so first off, congratulations on escaping the train wreck early. second, there was a shitload of bs happening behind the scenes, 99% of which we are still in the dark about. the rest is under a cut bc damn.

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I’m very happy with the Jonsa scenes we got.
The first scene in the great hall is a good illustration of how different they are when it comes to ruling:

One is pragmatic and tends to see the whole picture ( Sansa), the other rule with the heart and is forgiving. He believes in unity and loyalty. ( Jon).
That doesn’t mean that those different views cannot co-exist.
They compliment each other and could work together if put to good use.

So I didn’t see anything wrong with that scene.

Their scene on the balcony and on the battlement was very interesting to me for two reasons:

Their dynamic is different. It is nothing like what we saw last season.
And no, the tension is not gone nor diminished than what it was in season 6.

The tension is still there but the awkwardness is gone.

They act very naturally around each other now. It seems like there have been a lot of conversations between them since they took Winterfell back.

Sansa complimented Jon, teased him and tried to make him understand why she acted the way she did during the audience in the great hall.

There is still a little bit of awkwardness from Jon’s part but that is his natural state when he is around a lady, lol.

Sophie and Kit still play of each other very well. The scenes looked beautiful and the dialogues felt real.

I think people who are afraid to watch because of those bloody leaks should give this episode a try.

It was nothing like what the leaks made it sound.

The only way to enjoy the season and the ship is to stop linking everything back those leaks. Let’s just watch the show and enjoy whatever we will get from Jonsa.

Jon Snow does not ship JonSa (part 2)

Warning: This is just a silly interpretation by a silly fangirl. If you want serious and in-depth analysis, don’t waste your time reading this.

Okay, it’s fangirling time!

I watched Kit’s interviews and though most of his answers are horseshit (he is in promo mode after all), I believe some parts are true. And I think some of his answers are his motivations in playing his scenes.

  • Kit said Sansa is cleverer than him (Jon).
  • Sansa is an irritant.
  • She knows her power. She can pipe up whenever she wants.
  • Jon can’t execute her (so harsh Kit!), or banish her, or get rid of her in some ways because she’s his SISTER.
  • She twists him in a way no one else can.
  • She challenges him.

Using my shipper decoder, I think Kit means: Jon realizes he is feeling some inappropriate affection for Sansa and he doesn’t like it. “She challenges him.” “She’s an irritant.” “She twists him in a way no one else can.” “He can’t execute her, or banish her, or get rid of her in some ways because she’s his SISTER.”

So I watched their scenes again (shipper goggles on), and now I think I see things clearly. LOL!

Remember GRRM’s original outline where Jon and Arya fell in love but are tormented by their feelings because they still believe they are half-siblings? I think we’re watching it folks. But it’s only Jon (for now) who’s acting tormented.

I remember two instances last season, when Sansa felt like she’s not getting through to Jon. The first was when Jon and Sansa were arguing about going to castle Cerwyn. Sansa stopped following Jon when he keeps shutting down her suggestion to get more men. Jon walked towards some fighting men while Sansa went another direction (to write a letter to Littlefinger after seeing the ravens of Lyanna Mormont).

The second one was the night before the battle of the bastards, when Sansa warned Jon not to fall into Ramsay’s trap. Jon answered Sansa sarcastically and she left Jon alone after telling him she won’t go to Ramsay alive.

On both instances, Sansa felt like she’s talking to a wall, so she just gave up and distanced herself from Jon.

The same thing happened in the first episode of season 7. First, Sansa objects to Jon’s policy, Jon shuts her down. The next scene Sansa warned him about Joffrey, Ned and Robb, then Jon sarcastically answered.

Jon wanted Sansa to feel like he dismisses her ideas, so she’ll leave him alone. The problem is, Sansa is not taking the bait.

When Jon reprimanded Sansa about speaking up against him in front of their bannermen, she took it in stride.

Sansa then warned Jon about Joffrey who doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice, but Jon took her warning as an insult. On that scene, Jon stopped walking while letting Sansa walk ahead. Then when Sansa noticed (no, you’re not tricking her into walking away Jon!), she walks back to where Jon is.

She then gave him the best compliment ever, telling him he’s as far from Joffrey as anyone she’s ever met. And that he’s good at ruling.

(Okay, I think my shipper goggles just gave me x-ray vision, because it looks to me like Jon’s heart grew three sizes! Lol! I think Jon is experiencing tightness in his chest and shortness of breath.)

Heart enlargement is bad so Jon decides to think of something unromantic, to restore his heart’s original size. And the first thing he thought of was… horseshit!

Jon was able to walk away again after horseshit, but Sansa is not letting him leave. She grabbed Jon’s arm and he lookes partly surprised and partly exasperated (because he still can’t escape).

(Btw, this shipper goggles has new features. It allows me to read minds, and I can hear Jon internally screaming when Sansa touched him. “How dare you touch me!!! Don’t you know that I cannot deny you anything you ask for when you’re holding me???”)

She’s not letting him go, so he decided to pick a fight by insulting her.

I really want to bludgeon Jon here, but I had a mini-epiphany:

Jon/Sansa is not as similar to Ygritte/Jon as I originally thought.

When Ygritte was mean and condescending to Jon, it was because she wanted to get his attention. When Jon acted that way to Sansa, it’s because he wanted her to go away.

I realized when Jon sarcastically asked “And what would make me smarter? Listening to you?”, he was not questioning Sansa’s intelligence. Jon knows “Sansa is cleverer than him.” My silly fangirl interpretation is that he wanted to make her feel that no matter how smart she is, he’s not gonna listen to her. (So she’ll go away…)

I think if Maester Wolkan did not interrupt them to give Cersei’s message, Jon’s wall would have crumbled. Sansa was holding him, asking if listening to her would be so terrible, giving him her version of puppy eyes. Who could resist that? Not Jon.

So Jon’s last hurrah! The scene where Sansa warned Jon not to underestimate the enemy from the South. I agree that the Others are much bigger threat to the North, but Jon can’t just ignore Cersei. Cersei might not be able to send an army to the North, specially in Winter, but she could still send an assassin to kill Sansa or Jon (or Bran and Arya when they return home).

I don’t understand why Jon said Sansa sounds like she admires Cersei (except maybe to point out to the viewers the Cersei/Sansa parallel). The only reason I can think of (ship-wise) is that he wanted to get back at Sansa when she compared him to Joffrey. Only, Sansa did not take what Jon said as an insult and she didn’t walked out on him.

I think Sansa speaking her mind show how much she trusts Jon. When she’s with Jon, “she can pipe up whenever she wants” because she knows no matter what she say or do, even if Jon disapproves, she will always be safe with him.

Now, speculation time!

We know Jon will be leaving for the South soon, probably next episode.

I was wondering how come Jon is willing to leave Sansa with Littlefinger just to get the dragon glass? Didn’t he promise that he will protect her? Couldn’t he just send one of his trusted advisor/friend (Davos) South to negotiate for him? I mean Sansa sent Brienne to ask the Blackfish for help. Sure Brienne failed, but I think Davos could negotiate better than Jon.

Of course the real reason why Jon needs to go South are:
1. Plot. He needs to meet Damny.
2. (Shipping plot.) He needs to get away from Sansa.

I think Jon will learn next episode that he does not need to protect Sansa from Littlefinger. However, Jon might feel he needs to protect Sansa from himself. Jon does not ship JonSa so he’ll think it’s better if he goes South. (I wish Bran would come home and tell Jon of his parentage so Jon won’t feel like he need to go South himself, but alas, plot.)

If Jon is going South soon, then I expect some more lovely shippy JonSa scenes before he goes away. Because seriously, if you’re about to leave the love of your life (lol! Shipping goggles) and you won’t be seeing her for a long time, I would think you’d be more sweet and you’d give more heart eyes before you say goodbye. (Of course my speculations have a bad habit of biting my ass so…)

The rest of the season will be crappy for my JonSa heart because who doesn’t fall in love with Damnerys? (I mean, not counting all the Khals she burned and the Masters she killed of course.) Everyone kneels to this goddess of destruction.

I can only take comfort in knowing that if Jon does not ship JonSa, he would be so much more repulsed when he realized the truth about J0n3rys.

Oh well… For now, I’m gonna enjoy using my shipping goggles before it shatters.


Only Make Believe

For @jonxsansafanfiction​ Valentines Challenge
Day 1: First Kiss
Summary: When Sansa leaves Joffrey with nothing but a suitcase and her little girl, her brother Robb and his flatmates come to the rescue. A “Three Men and a Little Lady” AU (because I am thoroughly ridiculous).

A peck. That’s all Sansa intends when she surges forward, arms thrown about Jon’s neck. But as she presses her lips to his, she lingers.

Sansa has known her share of kisses, on and off the stage, but as she feels Jon respond to the gentle pull of her mouth, his stubble rough under her palms, his chest warm and firm and close, she begins to wonder if she has ever been properly kissed before.

Jon has always been a such a steadying presence for her (for all of them), but there is nothing steady about the way she feels in his arms.

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SQ Meta: August Is Emma’s Gay Guide

It sounds wild ok but hear me out 

My interest was piqued when August was brought back into the plot after so much time without him. It’s easy to forget that he is the only person who was with Emma in Storybrooke from the very beginning–the one who took her through the wardrobe. So I spent some time understanding his role in Emma’s story and also elaborated on the inexorable connection between fate and belief throughout the show. There are a few different points here so I hope my argument flows somewhat logically haha

August Is Emma’s Gay Guide: The Two Wardrobes 

First, to just prove my point about August as a gay guide, I’ll go over the meaning of the wardrobes… because wtf are they about unless it’s a coming out metaphor right

1. August’s father built the wardrobe (closet) that baby Emma is put into by her parents. She traveled from her home to a strange new realm called Internalized Homophobia Earth. Through the seasons, we get to see her character development.

2. Then in 6x11, Emma asks Wish!August to build her a new wardrobe so she can travel from a strange land (the epitome of homophobia–where she is her parents’ perfect princess) to her self-made home (Storybrooke–where she is learning to accept herself).

August Is Emma’s Conscience 

Not only is August Emma’s gay guide, he also represents her conscience–the force that guides her to make right decisions for herself. Whenever Emma wandered from her fate, whether as a child or an adult, it was always August who put her back on track. Though he left Emma as a baby, he said that he still “kept tabs on [her]” (6x11), and there are two instances in her life where we see this occur:

1. In 6x11, young Emma had run away from her group home and was living on the streets. August is the one who inspires her to find her path again. He gave her his interpretation of the Ugly Duckling story, saying “if we believe in something strongly enough, we all have the power to change our fate.” This establishes an important connection between belief and fate

2. The next time August appears in Emma’s timeline, he is convincing Neal to abandon Emma in order to set her back on her destined path to be the savior. I’ll bring this up again later.

With these 2 examples, we can put together a picture of what exactly the meaning of “fate” is on this show. While August is encouraging Emma to change her fate of being an “ugly duckling,” he is also directing her towards the specific destiny of becoming the savior. So the writers’ message is that people can have multiple fates. The one we end up with depends on the choices we make, but some fates may be better for us than others. Much like real life, we are all dealt a hand of cards, but what matters in the end is how we play them.

So, with the end of the six-season arc approaching, this famous exchange from 1x20 is super important and I see two meanings in it. 

Emma: “How does this story end?”

August: “With you believing.”

Meaning #1: Emma’s pursuit to beat her fate of dying will be accomplished by simply believing in herself. The Ugly Duckling → Swan journey will finally be complete! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Meaning #2: Correct me if I’m wrong (seriously, please do), but I don’t recall a time where Emma explicitly expressed belief in KiIIian. However…there was a big moment in the finale of Season 5 where Emma says these exact words to none other than Regina Mills:

I mentioned earlier how destiny and belief are intimately connected, right? So it’s not hard to see the significance: Regina is a part of her destiny–her right destiny–and now she just needs to choose to pursue it.

August and Hook Are Antagonists

The scene in the Wish!AU where we meet Old H00k holds much more meaning than I originally gave it credit for. So lets dive into this.

Background: Emma and August have just found the magic tree that they need to make the wardrobe, and Emma’s telling him about her destiny to die. As she holds Gideon’s sword in her hand, she says, “this sword… this is what will finish me.”

Immediately after this statement, we see a sword being held to August’s throat.

Remember, August is representing 1) Emma’s sexual journey and 2) her conscience which guides her on the right path. Thus, H00k himself is being shown here as the “sword that will finish” Emma, if she does not choose to change her fate of marrying him.

I love that this is portrayed comically. Wish H00k proclaims that he is “rescuing” Princess Emma; but as we know, what he’s really doing is preventing her from building the wardrobe (closet) that she needs to escape. In present day Storybrooke, the real H00k wants Emma to believe that he is her happy ending…he prevents her from coming out as queer; prevents her from pursuing her destiny with Regina; and also prevents her from pursuing her savior destiny–which was shown by him holding onto the shears (remember the dead look in Emma’s eyes when she hugged him after he apologized for it? Yeah, this is why).

Moving on… just as August directed Emma away from Neal early on in her life, August is now being used to guide Emma away from H00k – her two big male love interests. An important example of their antagonism was when August gave H00k those storybook pages showing that he killed Emma’s grandfather. It caused a lot of… what would you call it? Distrust, unbelief?? between Emma and H00k.

To wrap up, it is absolutely not a coincidence that this Wish!AU scene occurred in the same episode where Emma says to Regina, “We make our own fate.” Emma is approaching the realization that she has control over her fate. As discussed earlier, fate is tied in with belief. It goes without saying that the right destiny for Emma to pursue is a future with someone she can believe in, and who has unwavering belief in her. 

The Ugly Duckling Metaphor 

Ahh ok this is really the cherry on top of my post. For background to the dialogue here, Emma just realized that it was August who told her the Ugly Duckling story as a child. 

August: “When you picked Swan [as your name], It made me happy. I figured it meant that you got it. That you were on your way to becoming the person you wanted to be.”

Emma: “I don’t know if I totally got it… I don’t know if I still do…. But, I think I’m on my way to believing I can make my own destiny.”

When I watched this scene, I genuinely did not understand what Emma was talking about lol. Why would she not be confident that she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a swan? She is a strong hero, a loving mother, she has family and friends by her side, she is in a soul-sucking happy relationship…what is missing from her that she is not yet the person she wants to be?

The only explanation I can think of is that this conversation, as well as the whole Ugly Duckling story (which is Emma’s journey), is a freaking giant metaphor for coming out!!!! duh right

Whew that’s all I got yo. thanks for hanging out ❤



This idea didn’t fit neatly in the post, but I thought it was worth sharing!

As we know now, Emma’s last name was born out of that conversation with August when Emma was a kid. It’s very significant that the writers held off on telling that story until just before the engagement. If the wedding were to go through, tradition holds that Emma would change her name from Swan to J0nes…. right when she’s about the complete her journey from a duckling to a swan? 

idk about you all but I think that feels like bullshit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A to B: Gimple’s Pattern & Rick/Michonne

I wrote this originally in response to a great analysis written by @rottenwasp here, but wanted to put this in the tag in case others wanted to read it. (I also edited and expanded it a little)

With regard to more confidence in 6B being “the time”, we know Gimple sticks to patterns – Rick and Michonne’s dynamic is no different.

The “A” half of the season usually presents the question (typically through Michonne’s eyes), while “B” presents the answer. (Note: I know season three was led by Mazzara, but I think the pattern still applies, albeit more loosely than seasons 4-5). As such, the “A” half of seasons is typically “lite” on Rick/Michonne interaction, while the “B” half is heavier by comparison – sometimes way heavier. Think about it like this: 4A had only a couple of scenes with Rick and Michonne interacting, but they were a family unit in 4B – almost all of their scenes were together. 5A barely had any Michonne at all (let alone Rick/Michonne), and then we get Rick/Michonne flirting in 5x12, whipped Rick memes, “I’m still with you,” etc. 

Here’s a breakdown of how I see the “A” questions, motifs, and themes being presented, and then resolved or developed further in “B” – starting with season three:

(3A) Michonne struggles to find a community; she rejects Woodbury.
(3B) Michonne begins living at the prison; thus finding a community.

(3A) Carl lost his mother
(3B) Michonne reunites Carl with a piece of what remains of Lori (photograph)

(3A) Rick doesn’t trust Michonne, threatens to leave her after she ditches the Glenn and Maggie rescue mission for her vendetta against the Governor
(3B) Rick accepts Michonne, going so far as to decide she is “worth all those lives” and rejecting the Governor’s offer

Season three was primarily about Michonne going from stranger to member of the group. From being alone to being with others. Carl was the beginning of this momentum and transformation, which is why it’s no surprise Carl was significant to Michonne’s character arc in the next season…

(4A) Michonne spends the majority of her time away from the prison (tracking Governor, medicine supply run). Daryl and Michonne even share a transaction about this: “Where else would I be?” “Running off.” “You know I’m not running off.”
(4B) Though tempted to start wandering, Michonne rejects her new pet walkers, the solitary life, and tracks down Rick and Carl after telling “Mike” that she knows the answer.

(4A) Michonne is reluctant to hold Judith; when she does, she breaks down crying.
(4B) We discover Michonne’s son died; she bonds with Carl, embracing her motherly-side again; “I’m done taking breaks.”

(4A) Rick wrestles with his dark-side, taking on farming as his own version of Aikido
(4B) Rick embraces his dark-side to protect Carl and Michonne; Michonne accepts this side of Rick.

(4A) Rick and Carl run up to greet Michonne with smiles on their face. “We’re glad to see you.”
(4B) Michonne knocks on the door of the home. Both Rick and Michonne are delighted. “It’s for you.”

Season four had to deal with Michonne and Carl’s relationship. It solidified a bond that had been growing since “Clear”. It’s about her as a nurturer, a caretaker, a friend. We’re shown Michonne accepting the side of Rick he had been fighting. In addition, we saw Michonne already beginning to look for “home.” She asks Rick in “Claimed” if the house they were staying at was “home,” and then agrees with Rick to pursue the maps to Terminus with hopes it’s a safe community. Season five continues this…

(5A) We see the beginnings of Michonne’s idea re: living, not surviving. She’s the first to pry Gabriel for information about his camp (“You said you had a church?”); she’s relieved when Rick says they’re going to D.C. with Abraham; she makes note of the fact that being out alone with just her sword “wasn’t a life. Not like today. Stumbling around in three feet of slime for some peas and carrots, that’s living”
(5B) Michonne makes the push for D.C. even though Shirewilt was a bust; she’s the one who convinces the group to take a chance with Alexandria.

(5A) We’re shown Michonne saying she doesn’t miss her sword.
(5B) Michonne reclaims her sword.

(5A) Michonne tells Gabriel she doesn’t expect anything from him; she just wants to help
(5B) This idea is furthered with how Michonne presents herself to the ASZ.

(5A) Michonne: “We need supplies.” Rick: “That’s right.” &  Michonne: “We will.” Rick: “We will.”
(5B) Well… just whipped Rick all over the place

Season five was about Michonne becoming a leader, about choosing to live as oppose to just survive, which is something we see continue into 6A. It’s about her ascending in the order of the group. She has become someone who cares about the well-being of all these people. They’re her family. We’re shown that Michonne is more willing to accept the ASZers and “help”, but she isn’t asleep anymore either. She’s well-prepared to fight and be on her guard.

(6A) Michonne cements herself as a leader; she charges over a group of ASZers after the quarry heist falls apart into a town; promises to get David home, though she fails; she tells Rick to stop making excuses and accept the ASZers; she takes Deanna’s plans, and she tells Deanna she wants to make the ASZ work.
(6B) I believe we will see Michonne become a co-leader to the ASZ, if not the outright leader. Probably the one dealing with the internal human affairs side of things. Managing the community. Making it a safe and enjoyable place to live.

(6A) David asks Michonne if she can relate to his story; he talks about how he fell in love with his best friend
(6B) HMMM.

(6A) We see Michonne watching Rick and Morgan holding a cup of coffee in a very domestic scene
(6B) Hmm.

(6A) Deanna asks Michonne what she wants; Michonne says she doesn’t know
(6B) … one can only assume she will find out.

(6A) “One day this pain will be useful to you.”
(6B) I suspect her pain will become useful because she will help Rick in the aftermath of what happens to Carl by relating her own trauma to him.

(6A) “We’re in here now, catching our breath. Anything else is just excuses.”
(6B) Hmm. lol

(6A) Rick has been fiddling with his wedding ring, but hasn’t taken it off.
(6B) Rick is taking off his wedding ring, symbolizing he’s ready to move on from Lori.

To mean it looks like season six is about what it means to “live” (now that Michonne has decided to do that). Deanna said she was happy she tried to make Alexandria a community with her family. We’ve already seen Michonne become a member of the group, to having a best friend, to adopting her motherly-side, to becoming a leader. What’s left? Putting it all together. Living. For her, that will be some amalgam of all we’ve seen. Falling for her best friend (Rick) as hinted at in David’s story. Reclaiming being a mother (to Judith and Carl). Ascending to leader in the ASZ (picking up her sword, taking Deanna’s plans, being the reason the group is at the ASZ in the first place).

Season six is going to bring all the threads of 3, 4, and 5 together. Rick has become the last piece of the puzzle. 6A set a lot of building blocks for “romance” in Michonne’s future (David, Deanna saying having a family made her happy, Rick dealing with his Lori hang-ups).

Edit: In short –

Season 3: Michonne + Community
Season 4: Michonne + Carl (motherhood) 
Season 5: Michonne + Living + Leadership
Season 6: Michonne + Putting it all together + Rick (lol)

Of course that’s an oversimplification, but that’s the basic gist. Michonne is acquiring these facets of her new ZA life, and season 6 is about merging them all together, and throwing Rick in as a bonus lol (okay he’s more than that, but you know what I mean – he represents romantic love, having a family, having that intimacy again)

My impressions of Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel: presage flower (spoilers follow!):

First of all, I have read the VN, so this is from the POV of someone who’s familiar with the story. These thoughts are geared toward people who have read the VN in general, and how I felt the movie compared to the VN. aka: huge Fate nerd gets super nitpicky

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dracarys--stormborn  asked:

I know I'm kinda late but how do you feel about the TVD finale and what they did to Stefan? Especially when they said that Damon's better than him? Also, Stef had more chemistry with Elena while she was unconscious than any Delena scene lol.

So, as you all know by now I didn’t actually watch the finale, but I read about what happened on Tumblr and I saw a couple of gif sets, so I do have a couple of thoughts about the finale.

- About what they did to Stefan: I’m not going to lie, I would’ve preferred it if Stefan and Elena would’ve been allowed to ride off into the sunset together because they’re the only couple that made sense as endgame all along, literally the only couple. But since it was made abundantly clear that wasn’t going to happen, I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out. Because not only did Stefan do what he always does, which is stepping up and keeping those he loves safe, he also found peace, and not just peace, oh no, he was reunited with his very best friend and I kind of found that heartwarming. It wasn’t the happy ending I hoped for when I started watching, but under the given circumstances, I really think it was the best ending possible for us Stefan stans.

- About what he said about Damon: I’m not even mad, the show has been using other characters to prop up Damon through dialogue for years now. Stefan always excused Damon’s behavior, he always made it seem like something Damon was not, he always gave Damon credit even though he never deserves it, he has been pushing Elena back to Stefan since season five, so what Stefan said in the finale didn’t get to me because, well, it was big fat bullshit but it was nothing new.

- About the DE scenes: first of all, let me just say how happy I am they didn’t even get a conversation. Like, they hugged, they kissed, they held hands, and that’s it. I was prepared for something much, much, much worse. And then there’s the painful, hilarious lack of chemistry between them. Because not only did Ian choose to kiss Nina’s chin instead of her lips (no amount of slowmotion and over the top lighting and fancy camera angles can hide that, dear TVD crew), he also couldn’t even be bothered to not look constipated when he held her hand. Like, those scenes were so bad it still makes me laugh and it’s been weeks. xD 

- About Katherine’s “comeback”: I only have one thing to say: what were the writers thinking??????

- About endgames: when it comes to endgames, I have to say I found SE to come out looking best. Not only because of the fact that DE didn’t even spend the afterlife together (we’re supposed to believe they’re ‘epic soulmates’ but it was like Elena just lived her life as best as she could because she owed Stefan that and then she bailed as soon as she died xD) but also because of that final SE scene, the physicality, the chemistry. Yes, sure, the dialogue was about Caroline and Damon, but just look at that scene. Mute the scene and look at it, and it’s our beautiful SE endgame. Nina and Paul brought their A game one last time and it is something to be grateful for. Over the course of eight seasons, SE got the best lines, the best scenes, the best chemistry, SE actually had it all and the series finale reconfirmed that. They’re endgame, guys. Maybe not ‘technically’, but they looked and felt like the real endgame couple. Plus, that scene of Elena writing in her diary near his grave… Like, the diaries were something that connected them and when they got together, they didn’t need them anymore because they had each other to talk to instead, and as soon as they were apart, they started writing in those diaries again. Stefan was always the one Elena could truly be herself with, and now that he died, she dug up her diary and wrote in it while looking at the crypt where he was buried and there’s something morbidly poetic about it. It’s SE, it has always been SE. (I also have to add I loved that Elena left her necklace on his grave or whatever, because if Kevin did one thing right in that final episode, it was making sure everyone knew that necklace was always meant to be an SE symbol, he righted JP’s wrong with that and it’s awesome because now DE is actually literally left with nothing. Think about it.)

- And last but not least, about me being petty: and this is me being really petty, but can I just say how hilarious it is that Stefan chose to die rather than spending a single day married to Caroline? xD

anonymous asked:

The GIF/image of Rick kissing and caressing Michonne's tummy and waist always does me in. Like, I have physical reaction to it, totally does my head in every time I see that hot, little scene.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who still gets goosebumps every time I watch that scene. My favorite part is how big Rick’s hands look, like they span her entire torso. The way she falls on top of him as his lips touch her, probably because she can’t take it either, lol. It really is hot as hell. 

anonymous asked:

so i have been listening to Teen Top since 2015 but i have yet to stan them. any ideas on where to start learning about them? any advice is nice because im really bad at getting to know new groups, thank you in advance!

Hello!! I’m so sorry I saw this late but I’ve been getting together a list of things. It’s a bit much and not very organized I apologize. I get too excited when I get to share teen top things with people lol I always want to show them everything! Teen Tops weekly idol appearances are a must watch, even people who don’t stan teen top say their appearances on the show are the best and funniest. I’ve also added some of my favorite live stages of theirs and favorite songs. I’m not sure how familiar you are with their music ^^; I didn’t want to overwhelm you, even just this is quite a bit, but if you’d like more I’d be more than happy to recommend stuff!

Niels birthday party (MUST WATCH)

Teen top on air the new beginning
1 http://www.vlive.tv/video/3409
2 http://www.vlive.tv/video/3591
3 http://www.vlive.tv/video/3817
4 http://www.vlive.tv/video/3965
5 http://www.vlive.tv/video/4117
6 http://www.vlive.tv/video/4270
7 http://www.vlive.tv/video/4408
8 http://www.vlive.tv/video/4555
9 http://www.vlive.tv/video/4969
10 http://www.vlive.tv/video/5211

Teen top go

Teen top secret island

teen top never stop in Guam (MUST WATCH) ( teen tops iconic bedroom scene)
(Links in description. This seems to be the only place I can find all the full episodes)

Weekly idol (MUST WATCH)

Entertainers/entertain us

She was pretty parody

Secret garden parody (Old but gold)

KBS world

Some of my favorite performances and songs.

Fantastic baby cover/parody

Teen top 100% trot performance

Teen top little psy(MUST WATCH) (Cutest thing ever. L.Joe adores him lol)

Teen top 100% sorry sorry

Angel No.1 (get ur tissues ready)

NMPOY Acoustic/r&b ver

Teen Top (Changjo, Niel, L.Joe) except for me

Teen top Hello

Let’s dance teen top

Teen Top Niel solo memory

Teen top so sweet

Mad at u

Stephanie feat LJoe higher

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you but I was scrolling through your blog and saw Yana Toboso wrote a post about Kurobas op 2, do you happen to have the link? Thank you so much in advance!

Here you are:


The longest and nerdiest post Yana has ever written on her blog!! (≧▽≦) It’s one of my favourite posts because she’s sooooo nerdy, ‘fangirl-ish’ and also kinda maniac! She wrote this super-long post only to explain why she believes that Kise was looking at Kuroko in this scene (lol)

Here’s a small excerpt from the blog:

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lmao a snowbarry shipper just referred to westallen as “instalove” as if westallen aren’t the epitome of “i fell in love slowly with you over YEARS of BEING BEST FRIENDS”

yes barry was in love with iris from the pilot but by then they’d been best friends for MOST OF THEIR LIVES

whereas people shipped snowbarry INSTANTLY before the show even aired, when the trailers came out and she was the only white girl in vicinity

they insisted from the TRAILERS that westallen “just didn’t look right” (lmao i wonder why) and that they didn’t have any chemistry DESPITE NOT EVEN WATCHING ANY SCENES YET

but sure yeah it’s not a race thing when you deliberately twist and misuse tropes that you then apply shittily to your own ship

so i saw dom tweet about being in 12 monkeys and looked it up on youtube and found her in one of the thumbnails so i clicked and me and @comfycomets started watching it: 

*skips to where i see dominique*

oh hey there

thats….. gay

also, she looks. like. cammie. scott.

who r u


ohno oh fuck jk not gay



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the boatsex wouldn't have been so bad if not for Bran's "he loved her" as Jon knocks on Dorito's door, "and she loved him" as Dorito answered. they really are trying to sell this as the big epic love story and i feel nothing watching their scenes. only annoyance.

Dorito?? LOL. That’s a good one!! 

Yes, I have to agree with you. Why are other characters in the story trying to sell this as a love story to us when well when many can’t seem to see this as one. I was like this throughout the B0at b@ang

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

LOL!! Thanks for the ask!!


Maybe I’m just imagining it, but while watching this on TNT, It looks like Oliver checks out Felicity as he walks up to her, before she turns around. lol I believe he likes what he sees. It wasn’t one-sided. Felicity wasn’t the only one admiring the pretty in front of her. 

So when this scene happens, maybe he was thinking it was some sort of hook-up (It wouldn’t be surprising due to Oliver Queen’s history with women) or she was going to ask him out on a date and he was okay with it. lol  

But Felicity ends up being different. Different from all the rest. She has other reasons and we get this moment. 


Alrighty! I think I am done with my random Olicity thoughts. 


Imagine #17 || Request #14

Hope you like this one! and OMG I love you guys! Thanks for all the votes on wattpad on my Brett Talbot imagines! We actually beat my other imagines the Isaac lahey one LOL anyway, enjoy this one!
Requests are closed at the moment


“Where is she?” Brett’s booming voice came in the room, startling the people inside to look in his direction. When his eyes landed on the person seated on a chair chained up, he immediately lunged at him with the desire to kill.

The supernaturals in the room immediately stepped in to prevent it happening, pulling and pushing him away from Theo who was only watching the scene in front of him with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Where is she!” Brett barked, his fangs now showing along with his claws already out and his eyes glowing a gold color.

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anonymous asked:

You know,what I think is really pathetic?That antis claim,that Sasuke hates Sakura and use the Scene where he knocked the apples out of her Hands and the 2 killing attempts in land of iron and the genjutsu,but never speak about the scenes where he "wants to kill a precious person in Kakashis life" or "wants to kill Kakashi so bad,that he could tase it" or stabbed Karin with his chidori and wants Sakura to finish her off or tried to kill Naruto nearly the whole manga. But these are all apologized

They don’t believe those claims for a minute, if antis can remember the scene where he hits the apples lol then they can remember all the times Sasuke saved and risked his life for Sakura, all the times he has appreciated her, all the times he let her and only her touch him, all the hugs they had, all the words he said to her (Not even you….., who did that to you, i never want to watch those precious to me die again, thank you etc.) the time he cheered her up and smiled because of doing so, the times he blushed because of her, the time he was impressed by how far she has come, the time he was jealous, the time he caught her and laid her down so gently, the times he’d think of her along with Naruto and Kakashi as his family, all the times they stared into each others eyes (eyes sex), all the times he acknowledged her first, the time when he caught her and held her after she exhausted herself saving him, the heartfelt apology he gave only to her, his most affectionate gesture he gave only to her.

Yea and there is even a lot more than that lol so they don’t fool anyone, if they can remember the most silly and irrelevant things then they can remember all the others, they just choose not to, it’s called selective reading. Transparent as always, and the murder attempts are just forever funny, Sasuke tried to kill everyone in darkness, enough said.