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Hips Don’t Lie

I stood there, smiling wide, as I watched my husband break out the best dad moves he had in his repertoire.

As the song beat on and those sinful hips swayed from side to side, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder to a similar moment just nights ago.

There were a couple key differences.

There were no flashing lights.

It was only Jensen and I.

There were no clothes involved.

And let me tell you, seeing those hips swing freely like that, no burdensome clothes obscuring the view. That’ll do things to a girl.

Dreadfully wonderful things.

Those bare hips, moving sensually towards me. Those thick, bow legs torturing me with their movements. His soft, yet defined stomach, rolling with each step. His broad shoulders and biceps stretching and flexing as he cornered me. My breath quick, my body aching to be touched.

Then he grabbed my naked hips, pulling me into his warmth, slowly encouraging my body to move in time with his. Our bodies knew exactly how to move together.

Let’s just say, it didn’t take long for things to escalate. It didn’t take long before those hips were rolling on top of mine, showing me just how well they could move as long as I begged.

“Hey there beautiful,” Jensen’s voice sounded, breaking me out of my memory. “You look all worked up,” he noted, swaying his hips dangerously as he grabbed mine, guiding me along with him.

“Well, if you’d cut that shit out, I wouldn’t be ready to jump you in front of all those people,” I whispered, locking eyes with his.

“Oh you mean like this,” he said, grabbing my hips, rolling them against his, his hand pressed firmly at the small of my back, pushing me into his hardness.

“You’re lucky we’re back stage,” I moaned, my fingers brushing the fine hairs at the nape of his neck as my lips met his.

“How about we find somewhere a little more private the second this panel is over?” He suggested when my lips were swollen and red.

“You read my mind, Jense,” I breathed against his mouth, pushing him away from me. “Get going so we can get going,” I smirked, raising my eyebrows suggestively.

He pulled me to him once more, his lips crashing to mine hungrily.

“Yes ma'am,” he growled. “I think it’s time for the last question,” he said, heading back on stage.

The music started, and Jensen’s voice rang out with Rob’s. I pulled myself together, waiting patiently to drag my husband back to our room, those hips and what they were capable of the only thing on my mind.

Dreams; PCY

Member: Chanyeol - EXO

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 6.1k

a/n: second part to my double post, thank you for letting me achieve halfway to my goal - ♤

Summary: Having wet dreams about your best friend since diapers can’t be such a bad thing… right?

It was three things that lead to you having sex with your best friend.

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Vlogger Confessions

Youtuber AU where Simon is a daily vlogger and Baz has no idea what his roommate is always filming.

For @snowbaz-feda

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Part 4

We’ve been avoiding each other for the past week, and it’s weird. He’s been out of the house pretty much the whole day, seems like we are back to when he was ashamed of vlogging in front of me.

I’m currently in my bed, trying to read a book but I can’t focus, I can’t keep bloody Snow out of my mind. So because I’m weak and I miss him, I decide to catch up on him.

Apparently I’m only a couple of days behind on his vlogs, he didn’t vlog on the first few days after his live chat.

The one that I’m currently watching, he’s saying sorry, that he just decided to take a few days off.

What’s up with him? He’s out in the beach, but he doesn’t seem to be his usual self. Even when he goes to that coffee shop, that we usually go eat scones, he’s smiling but he’s not happy.

The third vlog which was two days ago, is a short one, and Snow mentions that he noticed people in the comments asking what is wrong with him, he tells them not to worry because he’s fine. Which clearly is a lie.

I decide to check the comments, I never read them because they seem rather pointless, but in this video people are discussing theories about what happened. I read my name in there and what the fuck? One of the top comments is saying, that we had a fight because of the chat, so that’s why Simon looks so broken.

Hold on, they think I’m the one that caused this? People are all agreeing that I must have said something to upset him. That I didn’t like hearing about Snowbaz. Which no, I totally support it, I want it to be real more than anyone.

Instead of replying anything stupid, I decide to check his video of yesterday called we need to have a chat. He went with Penny to some meeting, with a few fans that won a competition, but now in the vlog, it’s night and he’s in bed.

“I had so much fun meeting everyone this afternoon, but I think I need to make something clear, I noticed some comments about Baz and even this afternoon people asked me what happened between us, but he did nothing wrong, so please don’t make him the bad guy…”

He takes a deep breath and passes his hand through his hair, he’s looking so broken right now, “It’s not his fault how I feel about him and you guys notice things, but we were never more than friends so please leave him alone, he never asked for any of this” I pause the video.

Did Simon just said he had feelings for me? Is this a fucking joke?

I storm into his bedroom with my laptop.

“What the fuck Snow?“

He jumps at my sudden entrance and blinks stupidly at me “What.”

I go back a few seconds and press play.

“Stop…” he mumbles to his knees.

I’m so pissed at him right now, why didn’t he said something sooner “Do you mean it?”

He whispers “Just drop it Baz, please.”

I sit on the edge of the bed near him, “Look at me, do you mean it?”

He’s still looking down and I need to see his eyes, I need to make sure this is real, that I’m not fucking dreaming. With my hand I raise his chin up, and when he looks at me he just spits it out angrily “Of course, why would I-” I don’t let him finish, I just kiss him.

Simon has his hand on my hair and he’s pulling me closer. The kiss is getting sloppy and desperate and it’s perfect.

Fuck, I’ve been wanting to do this since the first day I saw him.


Later on, we are cuddling in his bed watching silly videos when I tell him, “I still can’t believe that I found out, that you liked me back in one of your vlogs.”

“I know, Penny is gonna love it. She kept saying that I should just talk to you, but I thought that there’s no way you liked me back.”

“Why did you said it in your video then? You know that I watch them.”

“Well…” He starts blushing.

“Oh, no way….Snow, you didn’t.”

“I tried to tell you in person, but it was easier like this.”

“You confessed your feelings in the vlog so that I would watch it, you’re ridiculous.”

He shrugs “Yeah well, It worked didn’t it.”

I put my hand on his neck to bring him closer. I kiss his moles one by one, making a path to his mouth, then I kiss him slowly on his lips and when we stop for air I whisper, “It did.”

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a-broke-in-heart  asked:

Hi! I have been binge reading all your imagines. Lol(ol) they are just so good! You're an amazing writer! Will you please do an imagine where the RFA characters (plus V and Saeran) finally propose to MC, please?

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! ^^ I hope you like it! Here it is…

RFA + Saeran and V proposing to MC


  • He was getting established as one of the most promising actors of the country and was in good terms with his family. So yes, it was time.
  • He wanted something grand as that RFA party when he introduced you to the world as his girlfriend
  • So he planned to propose you on stage during his musical, right after the first act, as he told the director and the whole staff. The director said it would be better if he could do it during intermission, so it wouldn’t delay the whole exchange of scenarios. Zen wasn’t pleased, but he could understand
  • He was only hoping that not too many people would get off their seats and stay to watch what he’s planned for you.
  • The night finally came, he was feeling more nervous than usual, nothing could go wrong! So when the first act ended, he quickly came back to the stage: “Excuse me, everybody. Before you get up, I just have to say something to a very special, lady who’s here today.”
  • “You see, I introduced her to all of you a couple of years ago, and after all this time, there wasn’t a single day she didn’t make me feel the happiest man of the world. Even when press criticized us for living together without being married, she didn’t mind and stood by my side, loving me and supporting me. So, I just want to make it clear I’m not doing this to make media shut up, I’m just making it official something I know it’s right for the first time I looked at her.  So, MC, would you mind coming up here?”
  • He looked at your usually reserved seat, but… you weren’t there? Where were you? He started panicking and looking to everybody, oh… that was so embarrassing.
  • You got back from the bathroom, you couldn’t hold until intermission, so you left a few minutes before the end of first act. When you got back, you saw Zen on stage… what was he doing there? “Oh… there she is!” and the whole crowd looked at you.
  • Oh my… can’t a girl pee right now? You looked around very puzzled, what was happening? “Miss, you should go up that stage…” said one person in the audience. What? Why?
  • “MC, come here, babe.” He was trying to stay calm, but you always knew when he was about to freak out, he was a good actor, but you knew him better. So you went up that freaking stage before things could get even weirder for you. “What’s happening?”
  • “MC, where were you? I was so worried…” he hugged you ”I… was… outside…” you wouldn’t tell all those people you were in the bathroom, for god’s sake! “Oh my God, for a second I thought you didn’t like the musical and went home. Can you imagine? Proposing to her on a musical she didn’t like it?” he asked the audience.
  • “Wait, you proposed to me?” “What?” “What what now?” “You… proposed to me… now?” “Oh… oh, you didn’t hear it, right? Oh, I’m so stupid! Crap, let me start it again… just…” “No! No… just… say it.”
  • “Are you sure? (you nodded positively, smiling) Okay… so… (he went down on one knee and showed the ring) MC, will you… marry me?” “YES! OF COURSE!” you hugged him as he got up and gave him a quick and sweet kiss. The audience stood up and applauded.
  • You had the chance to watch his speech on the news later, but what made you two laugh was the fact that the media was thinking this was an act prepared by both of you. Everybody was enchanted by the couple that managed to turn a marriage proposal into a little comedy sketch and entertain everybody during intermission.


  • He is a big geek, we all know that. But he didn’t know you were a bigger geek than him.
  • You have big collections of mangas and action figures from animes and video games and all that stuff. He loves it so much! You are, indeed, a truly match!
  • And Comic Con was finally coming to Seoul, so proposing to you there felt like the obvious move. You made him a very cool LOLOL cosplay and you had your own too.
  • He wasn’t happy about all those guys looking to your very revealing cosplay, but you kept holding his hand, showing everybody you were taken by this cool and sweet dude right there.
  • But then, somebody approached him: “Here! I found the guy! Let’s go, you’re late! “Late for what?” he tried to escape “For the cosplay contest!” “Wait, I’m not… I didn’t… sign up for it…” The staff member didn’t even hear it, he was just so busy and needed everything done, plus, it was crowded there and Yoosung barely whispered in panic. Oh no… the proposal…
  • You lost him in the crowd, so there were you looking for the cosplay contest. Why didn’t you sign up for it? Nevermind, you needed to save your very shy and stage frightened boyfriend that was about to face an even huge crowd now.
  • You found the cosplay contest and he was next in line to perform. He surprisingly spotted you, actually, it was no surprise, you were so special and unique to his eyes he would find you in bigger crowds than this.
  • And as he looked at you like that, he knew he should take the best out of this situation, so when it was his turn, he actually performed it! He knew by heart all those character moves and it was so good to watch it! People were living for it, and you were… mesmerized.
  • He got a full ovation from the crowd, and he could only look at you smiling widely and cheering him. So when the host came to talk to him, he knew this was the moment. “So, contestant number 5, we can all agree this was freaking amazing, dude!” “Yeah, thanks, I’m just… doing everything I can to impress my fiancée over there!” he pointed at you, you were so happy and he looked so cool and… what? What did he say? “I mean, she’s not my fiancée yet, but I hope she’ll be after I do this…” and he went down on one of his knees, the host and everybody were freaking out: “JESUS CHRIST, GIRL! COME ON TO THAT STAGE RIGHT NOW! THIS IS GEEK LOVE, EVERYBODY!”
  • You felt your heart overflowing in love for him, you could not believe you were seeing this new and bold side of him in such a special moment, so you went to that stage and the host handled the mic to Yoosung. “MC, will you marry me?” “Yes… I will…” your voice was breaking because you were crying. He put the ring in your finger and you kissed.
  • The crowd was going crazy! Most of people thought this was adorable, but you swear you could hear some of those fanatic LOLOL fans shrugging: “Pffff! This isn’t even cannon.”


  • Truth be told, she didn’t mind too much about getting married officially, you two loved each other, lived together, wasn’t that enough?
  • But you told her how much you considered same gender marriage a huge political statement, and she caught herself thinking about this a few times
  • So she knew she had to do this! Not only for you two, but for every girl who doesn’t think she’ll ever find true love and happiness just because she’s not straight
  • She wanted something big, she was always so discreet about everything, her love for you couldn’t be discreet!
  • She had a few ideas, but none of them seemed grand enough, so she asked for advice to the person who was all about grandness: Zen.
  • Zen told her to bring you to some of his musicals. After the show was over, she could propose in front of the whole audience. Grand, romantic, and for everybody to see… Yep, that would do!
  • But he told her not to buy the rings yet… she didn’t understand, but he said she should trust him. Would he buy the rings for you? “Hmmm… will I?” that’s all he said
  • So the day came, and she could barely pay attention to the musical, which you found… odd.
  • When it was over, Zen gathered everybody’s attention before they could go and said that a good friend of him had something really important to say to another good friend of him.
  • You two came up on stage, you were a little puzzled. “MC, I can’t even express in words how much you changed my life in such a little time. I was so lost in life, stressed and relying on money… but life is so much more than that, right? It’s also about finding happiness, and you are this God’s gift who managed to bring me happiness in both professional and personal fields, it’s also about being able to love whoever you desire, and you’re the one I love, MC. So… will you marry me?” sh
  • You did a very exaggerated offended face: “Oh no, Zen! Can you believe she stole my line?” she looked at you two and you both were smiling in a playful way, now she was the one who looked puzzled. “MC? Zen? What’s happening?”
  • “Well, apparently MC here loves a plot twist!” Zen said cheerfully. “What do you mean? MC, what’s going on? I don’t…” so you went down on one of your knees and took the rings out of your pocket “I mean, I’m not trying to copy you,but… will you marry me?” you never saw her smile so widely, it was absolutely hypnotizing! “Well, I asked first, you know…”
  • So you were both on your knees standing in a front of a whole audience who was waiting to see which one of you would say “yes” first.
  • And you did, because yes, she asked first, but you reminded her: “But I thought about it first! Zen here is my witness when we went to buy the rings.”  
  • “Oh, who cares about that? Just kiss it already!” Zen yelled and the audience applauded. So you two did it. Amazing, she wanted to show everybody her feelings for you, but now, in front of this crowd, but all she could see was you.


  • With him is quite the opposite. He was used to do grand things for you all the time. Renting a movie theatre for your movie night, for example?
  • But something important like this should be shared only between the most important people, so he asked you to invite your family to dinner in his penthouse, he would invite his father and this would be a lovely family confraternization., that’s what he told you.
  • You could tell he was nervous, he was clearing his throat a lot and loosening up his tie, but what was really suspicious is that Elisabeth the 3rd was nowhere to be found.
  • As much as you loved your parents and liked Mr Chairman, you were feeling a little uncomfortable, why was everything so formal? Even Jumin looked stiff, well, stiffer than usual. This didn’t look natural to you…
  • At some point in dinner, Jumin proposed a toast to “the amazing woman who came without a warning to change my life forever, and to how grateful I am for that.” You blushed, a little flustered since your parents were there.
  • “Now, to the main event of the night, I’ll need Elisabeth the 3rd’s help with something. Elisabeth?” he called in a sweet tone. Nothing…
  • “Elisabeth? the 3rd?” now it sounded a little concerned. “Oh my… just wait a little, MC!” he patted your arm and let you in the dining room. Awkward…
  • Why was he taking so long? You were tired of waiting, so you went to look for her too. “MC, let me take care of this, please.” “Let me help, I’m worried too” and it’s freaking awkward in the dining room, please…
  • “It’s not about worrying, MC, it’s just… oh no, Elisabeth!” and there she was, sleeping next to the window, her collar was destroyed. “Oh, poor thing, Jumin! She hates those collars, why you insist on…?” and then you saw something shining against the moonlight. “MC, I didn’t planned to be like this, let’s just go back…” “Jumin, is this…?”
  • “Yes, it is! But I would much rather do in front of our families and…” “Do it, Elisabeth is here, she’s family.” “Are you sure?” you smiled and whispered a yes.
  • “Ok, I… prepared a speech, but it was a different scenario on my mind, so I guess I should improv? MC, I… everyday with you feels like a new journey to me, I never was the adventurous type, but you give me such a need to explore! Explore the world with you, explore new feelings, new sensations,new ways to make you happy, anyway… I want to explore a married life with you, MC.Will you join me in this journey? Will you marry me?” he got on his knee and went to put the ring on your finger. “Oh… we should sanitize it first, who knows how long it is on the floor?” “Nah, I don’t mind it, just put it” seeing how you were so sure and happy, he obliged and smiled softly, you went down to kiss him sweetly.
  • You went back to the dining room and shared the big news. Jumin was more relaxed, Elisabeth was with you two… okay, now this feels natural.


  • Marrying at the space station? Pretty much impossible! Proposing at a space station simulator developed by NASA still in test phase? Not that impossible…
  • All he needed to do was create a force task of very skilled hackers and a powerful man with a lot of influence to protect you if you get caught. That is, Saeran, himself, Vanderwood and Jumin.
  • So he blindfolded you saying he had a surprise, you just knew you got into a plane and then on a car, and Saeyoung kept giving and receiving instructions during all the trip.
  • When he said you could take off the blindfold, he just gave you this special suit. Put it on fast. We don’t have much time left” he was so serious… what was happening?
  • You obliged, yet very confused. And looked at him as if he was suspicious as he took your hand and leaded you to this big construction.
  • You just felt your feet get out off the floor and when you noticed, you and him were floating. Like… there was no gravity… oh, you got it now…
  • “MC, I wish I could make this last longer, but we don’t have much time, I just need you to know that I love you! The universe is so big, yet we two managed to find each other right here on Earth and…” “I can’t believe you are saying something so tacky, you fool!” it was Saeran through the wireless earpiece Saeyong was using. “Yes, dude.You planned this whole operation and couldn’t even come up with a good speech?” Vanderwood agreed.
  • “Shut up! you got scared, thinking he was talking to you. “No,MC! I’m talking to the guys with this, see?” “Saeyoung, what’s happening?”you asked, very confused
  • “Oh… is that, hum… I… I just…” “Can you believe this? He won’t shut up at home, and now he can’t even form a whole sentence?” it was Saeran again. “Dude, wrap it up! We don’t know how long we can hold this for you!” “Will you two back off? I mean, not from the operation, but… can you two give us some privacy? “I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you!” Vanderwood cussed.
  • The three kept arguing, watching a guy apparently discussing with himself in a place with no gravity? Yep, definitely your definition of fun! But then you saw something shiny slipping away from Saeyoung’s suit and floating, it was round and silver, it was…
  • “Saeyoung… is this…?” he looked at you flustered when you caught the floating ring. “MC! It wasn’t supposed to be like that! I had a great definitely not tacky speech to you and…” you sloppily moved your arms like you were swimming to go to him: “Just ask anything you want, and I’ll say ‘yes’” and you went to kiss him… but Saeran interrupted again “Just watch it, he’s going to ask her ‘Does Jumin Han is gay?’” “Okay, that’s it! I’m shutting you two out!” Saeyoung threw away his earpiece and said almost tripping in his words: “MC, will you marry me?” “Yes! Yes, Saeyoung, I will!”
  • “Good, now let’s get out of here, before we get caught!” he grabbed the earpiece and put it on “We’re ready to get out, guys! And how did you know I was going to ask her if does Jumin Han is gay, Saeran?” “You’re talking to Jumin now…” Oh shit!


  • You two were hanging at a park, lying down on the grass, looking at the clouds and talking about everything.
  • “Look! That cloud looks like a ring!” you told him. “You know? Like those rings with a big diamond on it you only see in cartoons?” “I don’t watch cartoons.” and it wasn’t necessary asking why he haven’t  watched it as a kid, right?
  • “ Why? You think is a kid’s thing?” “Yep.” “Hmmm… that’s too bad, I was thinking about inviting you to a sleepover at my place on friday, and who knows? We could watch some cartoons on saturday morning, but… oh well…”
  • “It’s not a sleepover if I’m basically sleeping there every night, you dork!” “Yeah, that’s right… what was the last time you got back to your brother’s place?” neither of you remembered.
  • You giggled. “It’s like if we’re married” “Yep.”  Silence… and then you heard a whisper “So marry me…” you sat and stared at him, surprised. His eyes were closed, he opened one when he noticed you were staring.
  • “What?” “What?” he asked back. “What did you just say?” “I-I didn’t say anything!” “Yes, you did! You did that cute weird thing when you whisper something sweet to me thinking I’m not listening it!” “I don’t do that and I didn’t do it right now! Stop saying crazy stuff!”
  • You squinched your eyes to mess with him and leaned to him, reaching his ear. “Yes…” “Y-Yes what?” he looked nervous “Just… yes.” “A-Are you serious?” then you whispered again: “Yes.”
  • You kissed his forehead and got up, he was looking at you as trying to notice if you were joking, you weren’t. Poor boy is blushing hard, not only because you said yes to this awkward proposal, but also told him you listened to all the compliments he whispered along those months, oh man… now he’s wondering which cartoon he has to watch to see what kind of ring you would like it.


  • It was time for him to take his responsibility about your relationship and stop punishing himself.
  • So it would be two birds with one stone. He would finally do the eye surgery and propose you right after. He wanted your surprised and thrilled face to be the first thing he would see in a long time.
  • The only one to know about the surgery was Jumin. V asked him to keep his usual discretion and don’t tell you anything until the surgery was finished.
  • But what V forgot is that it was almost impossible to stop you to find something out. He could never hide something from you himself. He wasn’t able to see, but your sweet tone when you pouted and your lower voice when you gave him a deadly glare were enough to make him talk.
  • These were even more effective on people who could see, and not even Jumin was immune to your persuasive abilities, but he was brave enough to don’t tell you the whole thing. “V is in the hospital, MC.”
  • “T-The hospital? Why? What happened?” oh, maybe V should have told his secret to a more sensitive person… “It’s just a small procedure, don’t be so alarmed.” “P-Procedure? You mean surgery, right? Oh my God…” you were panicking, was there something wrong about his health you haven’t noticed? Of course there was, he would never tell you for you not to be scared. And you were such a selfish little brat you couldn’t even notice by yourself, right?
  • “Jumin, take me to the hospital right now! I wanna see him!” “MC, I told you not to be so concerned, he will be fin-” THE DEADLY GLARE! SOMEBODY SAVE HIM. “Yes, let’s go.” he wouldn’t be there having to watch this just because his friend needed to do something that grand and ambitious.
  • The doctor greeted you two “Oh, mr Han, right on time! The surgery went well, we were about to call you, as you requested.” “I knew it was a surgery! What happened? Can I see him?” the doctor also knew what was about to happen. “And you must be MC, right? Yes, he’s waiting for you…”
  • Your heart felt heavy inside your chest and the tears rolled down from your face. Apparently, he was fine, but why didn’t he tell you he was ill in the first place? You went to the room he was only to find balloons, flowers and a V on one of his knees, looking directly at you.
  • “I knew it, you’re the most breathtaking woman in the world. But why the tears, my love? This wasn’t a part of my fantasy for this moment” “How do you know I’m crying, I didn’t say anything… wait, can you see me?” “Is your shirt blue?” “V! You’re… you’re seeing? This is amazing, honey! This is…” you rushed to hug him. You were so used to his blindness now, if he felt comfortable like that, you wouldn’t insist on convincing him to do the surgery, and apparently you didn’t need to.
  • “But wait… what are you doing on your knees? Can you be like that?” “Yes, don’t worry about me, my love. I just needed to do this conforming tradition… MC, I pictured this moment in my imagination a million times, but I need to hear it from you for real now. Will you marry me?” “Oh my God, V! Yes! Yes! Of course!” you hugged him and made him get up to kiss him. “I’m sorry to scare you, love, I wanted to be a surprise…” “You bet I was scared! Don’t ever do that to me again!” you stared at him. “Oh God, the glare… is even more terrifying than I thought…”

Title: Acceptance

Imagine: John finding out that you’re bisexual.

Request: Saw that your requests are open? Could you do one where the reader is sam and deans lil sister (like 16) and is secretly bi, and john figures it out and she’s scared he won’t accept it but he does and super fluff???? Sorry that was so specific

Pairing: John x daughter!reader. Dean x sister!reader. Sam x sister!reader.

Warnings: None.

Note: Forgive me if John’s character is a little off. Everyone is still in school, in the fic!

Tagging: @caroldanversinatardis @tom-is-in-my-tardis @jessicarossouw @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish @evyiione @brooklynnewsie1899 @saveprettydays

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Hope you enjoy it!

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“So did you finish the project?” You asked Sam. He sat beside you on the bench. Both you two and Dean were currently waiting to be picked up.

“Yeah. I finished mine yesterday,” Sam went on to tell you on what he did, but you zoned out. You were watching Dean and the girl he was with. Dean would do what he does, then you all would be gone within the week.

That girl he was with, she had a younger sister in the same grade as you and you liked her. Liking both guys and girls made life a little difficult. Others normally tend to overlook people like you.

“(Y/N), are you there?” Sam waved a hand in front of you, pulling you out of your daze. You looked back towards him.

“Yeah,” You shook your head slightly. Sam pointed towards the road and you saw the familiar vehicle pull up. “Great.”

You and Sam headed for the car, with Dean not far behind. You slid into the back with Sam.

“Everything good? No fights today, right?” John spoke up. He stopped to look at each one of you. There had been a lot of fights lately, mostly between Dean and others, but occasionally, Sam or you would get into a fight.

“No, sir,” Dean shook his head, staring straight ahead at the road. John looked to Sam.

“No, sir,” Sam copied Dean, then they both looked towards you.

“What about you?” John spoke, but you were looking out the back window, staring at her. She was out talking to her sister and you couldn’t help but stare. John followed your eyes. He titled his head ever so slightly, but then resumed. “(Y/N)!”

“Oh. N-no, sir,” You forced your eyes away and back to your father. He rose one eyebrow slightly, but then turned back around and headed for the motel. Your eyes cascaded downward and you stared at your lap.

You felt Sam put his hand on yours and you looked towards him. He gave you a small nod.

“And that’s how it’s done,“ Sam threw the pencil down and leaned back into the chair.

“Oh. Why didn’t the teacher just explain that way, then?” You titled your head, looking at your older brother.

“They just do what they think is the easiest,” Sam told you. You sighed.

“Why is school so confusing?” You head hit the table and you grumbled.

“Well-” Sam began.

“Sam.” John spoke.

“Yes sir?” Sam looked around to his father, you doing the same. A worried expression filled your face. Both he and Dean had just got back from a hunt, and now he was wanting Sam.

“Go stand out there with Dean.” John commanded.

“Can I just fin-”

“Now, boy!”

Sam exited the room without another word. This only left you and John. You watched, through the window, as Sam headed towards the impala, where Dean was standing. You heard John clear his throat.

“So, (Y/N), when I picked all of you up a couple days ago,” he started, “I noticed that you were looking at someone.”

You didn’t say anything, but you felt your heart rate speed up. You didn’t dare look away, in fear of why he might do. Dean always told you to keep your head held high and don’t break eye contact.

“You like her, don’t you?” He questioned you. There was no backing out now. You didn’t know what you expected, for the great John Winchester not to find out?

“Y-yes…sir,” Your eyes went downward. You couldn’t look at him. You couldn’t lie to him.

“Hey, hey! Look at me,” His voice was strict, but soft. You slowly tilted your head up at him. “I’m not upset.”


“I’m not upset,” John sat down in the chair Sam was in, “As long as they treat you right, then we’re good.” John gave a small smile at you.

“T-thank you,” You smiled. You still couldn’t believe it.

“Just make sure I don’t have to send your brothers to go beat someone up.”


A little while ago I wrote a very quick post that did a couple of wild guesses about this topic. A few days, Extra Credits came out with a video that explains the problem much much much more extensively, from all aspects of production. If you’re even remotely curious about the technical aspects of these systems I would 100% tell you to watch this. (it’s only 20 minutes!)

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How about Steve picking up the most random hobbies because he was bored.

There’s a familiar face in this one!


He wore the baseball hat backwards and kept his sunglasses on and for all the college kids knew, he was just another kid hanging out, dicking around on his skateboard.  

He wore an oversize hoodie, just to be safe. 

It didn’t take him long to get his balance when it came to turns and coasting, but it wasn’t until Markus showed him how that he learned how to land a proper Ollie.  Do an Ollie? Ollie?  He was still figuring the wording out, exactly.  

But he could do one, and he was getting better on the little half-pipe, and sliding along the rails.  Coasting on the rails.  He didn’t remember what Trey had called it, exactly.   Didn’t matter, he was getting better at it.  

It was quietest on Saturday mornings; Friday nights always a big night out for college kids.  He was just warming up and psyching himself up to try one of the more complicated things he’d seen Piper do the other day (she was incredibly creative and wasn’t afraid to take a spill) when he saw a familiar face set a backpack and a board down.

“Didn’t think I’d find you here.”

Steve grinned.  “Lucky guess?”

“Nah.”  Amal smiled. “I’ve seen you fiddling with those shop dollies in Stark’s lab.” He motioned to Steve’s feet.  “And those seemed a little out of character.”

He’d bought a pair of Converse to see what the big deal was and to blend in a little better.  “They’re comfortable.”

Amal smirked.  “So? Show me what tricks you’ve got up your sleeve.  See if I can teach you anything new.”

Steve laughed.  “I only learned The Ollie a couple weeks ago, don’t expect too much.”

“The Ollie.  Oh my God. You geriatric.  Is that like The Charleston?”  

Steve scowled watching Amal try to control his giggles.  “Let’s see what you’ve got then, whippersnapper.”

Amal wiped an eye, still giggling and grabbed his board.  “You got it, Gramps.”

Dear Markiplier


I discovered your videos 4 years ago during your penumbra series. My cousin introduced me to your channel. I still watch you to this day and you still make me laugh. I love the fundraising you do because it does so much for those programs.

There came a dark time in 2013 when my current girlfriend commited suicide. I locked myself in my room for weeks with only you, pewdiepie, and @therealjacksepticeye for company. You guys slowly helped me regain my happiness through laughter and video games. You made me wanna try new things and be myself. These past couple years have gotten better with the help of you and new youtubers i have discovered during those years. I am still coping and mourning but you always remind me that there will be light when it is dark.

These days I am too busy to watch youtube videos, but whenever I have time, I spend hours doing so. Those weeks I spent isolated, I was so thankful to have you to look forward to when I woke up, I still do look forward to watching your videos. They always make me laugh. My friend used to give me shit for watching you guys but he never knew the reason why until just recently. He apologized since because he’ll never know how much you mean to me these past couple years.

Thank You

so I’ve finally started watching Hannibal approximately 50 years after everyone else (I have terrible anxiety and was worried the psychological and gore aspects would trigger some stuff, which it kind of has but w/e) and holy shit. what a show. WHAT A SHOW. 

to put things into perspective, I started this a couple of days ago and am now on episode 3 of season 2. I cannot stop watching it, despite Netflix’s best attempts at sabotage (really, fam? only one season? 2 years after it finished?) 

the humour is perfectly measured, the cinematography is sublime, the acting is [mcpoyle voice] top notch, the soundtrack is both fantastically eerie (the plink plonks! the low rumbling that seems to reverberate inside my head and could so easily be overbearing but isn’t) and joyously bombastic (beethoven! bach! stravinsky!), the meticulously crafted dishes that have inspired me to start cooking again (though admittedly with a slightly tweaked list of ingredients), the fascinating and peculiar relationship dynamics, the desaturated colour palette, the fact that there aren’t any unnecessarily lingering shots of naked women’s mutilated bodies (I’m looking at you, GoT), hugh dancy’s sad little face, the anachronistic bespoke suits, the dogs, the CHEEKBONES. just. all of it.

I cannot wait to discover how all of this unfolds and how the characters develop and I’m already dreading its inevitable, unjust end. 

so let’s just finish this with a gif of my favourite part from the previous episode

oh hannibal, you cheeky fucker! rocking up in your vinyl kill suit to appreciate a nice new avant-garde installation, like a shoreditch hipster version of patrick bateman! I love you.

Cuddling the Devil

gif is not mine

Title: Cuddling the Devil

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,000

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: I hope you’re all enjoying Christmas <3 I just wanted to let all of you know, that I love and appreciate every single one of you! Thank you for everything! Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays <3 This was requested by @averagegaykid!! I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

It was no shock to you that Dean and Sam would leave you to stay with Lucifer while they went on a hunt.  You and Lucifer had been dating for a few months now.  You didn’t mind staying back with Lucifer.  However he wasn’t always a joy to be around, being the devil and all.

“Come on [Y/N],” Lucifer whined.  “You’ve been reading that book for the past hour.”

You looked up from your book, glaring at Lucifer.  You were trying to help Sam and Dean, but Lucifer wanted you attention as usual.  “Lucifer stop,” you warned.  “I told you I would pay attention to you as soon as I was done.”

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Confess (An Adlock Fanfiction/Ficlet)

(Yay! Thanks so much for everyone who sent in their prompts to help me relieve my stress. Decided to go with @seaductress‘ prompt first, which is “Sherlock is forced to admit his love to Irene under dire circumstances” because the idea popped to my head immediately. It won’t be as vocal as the ‘I love you’ scene with Molly, but I still hope you like how I put it. Enjoy, loves!)

Originally posted by holmesdaily

How can someone feel so numb yet devastatingly in pain at the same time?

Sherlock was aware that what he was feeling made no sense. His fingers were shaking from when he destroyed the wooden coffin with his bare hands just moments ago, thinking about how much he had hurt Molly Hooper. The fear of losing everyone he cared for, slowly and intimately, simply felt rotten to the core. 

He saw John’s hand reaching for him, reminding him that there are more things to come – things he had to face and hopefully conquer. 

His mind reeled as he stepped into the next room, thinking about the stages his clever little sister has prepared to unravel the depths of his memories. First was his home, then his humanity by playing with the lives of strangers, then the idea of unrequited love. The words of Eurus on making him choose between Mycroft and John rang over and over, and yet what he saw in the next room sent his heart racing due to urgency.

With nothing more than a table with a sleek, black box on top of it, Sherlock felt his knees buckling in fear. It was all too familiar now, the contrast as to why he dismissed John’s quip upon seeing the wooden coffin. 

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Harvey and Catherine Robinson,(née Jones) on their wedding day, September 6, 1957, pictured with Elizabeth and Clarence Jones. Photo courtesy of Robinson family. 

When I look at this photo of my parents on their wedding day, there is only one word that comes to mind…


See, for me, this photo represents everything that is not readily shown in the media: Black couples who got married years ago and are still married today. For me, the truth of this photo is that my four siblings and I have watched our parents remain together through sickness and in health, and for richer and for poorer.  And five children, nine grandchildren, one great grandson and almost 60 years later, my siblings and I also know that only death will do them part.

I once heard someone say that black love is revolutionary, and in a world where it seems so many outside forces are tearing up black families, the fact that my parents have managed to stay together so long is revolutionary indeed. 

So yeah, this photo is proof that black love is beautiful, but more than that, for me, it’s proof that black love is the truth.

Story from Geveryl Robinson

the notepad on my phone during 32 hrs of vocal rest

A few months ago I did 32 hours of silence as recommended by my vocal coach. I just stumbled upon the ‘notes’ section on my phone from that weekend. This is really uninteresting. I don’t know why I’m sharing it. Oh well, if there’s even one girl that feels better about heavy periods after reading it then I’m glad I shared it. 

Do u know if we have Zertec medicine at home ?

Can we stop at CVS

My vocal coach recommended to take at night to experiment
To see if it helps

No kinda healthy food open this late ?

medicine Taste like poison

My throat doesn’t hurt. My vocal chords are just so torn up from all the post nasal drip

Very well received restaurant from food critiques. Saw it mentioned in vice. Hole in the wall

Will u ask if they have vegan options

This is so generic and scripted

My toilet keeps running
Very bad
It was fixed yes

He replaced the valve
And it just started doing that right now

My vocal coach recommended

When are u going

Sorry I can’t talk. Ur a sweetie for being understanding

I’ can’t talk at all

I don’t want to be around a bunch of people when I feel like I’m gonna wanna talk

Lemme go talk to Yaz real quick about studio

Can I make I breaky when u come back

Only Walgreens has this kind, I’ll have Yaz get it on the way home from studio

Don’t worry about it I’ll have Yaz get it 

There’s hemp milk I steamed

I put fresh ginger at bottom


Dinner date tonight ? I don’t want to I’m scared I’ll turn schizo

What time are ur plans with the guys . I don’t wanna do crossfit cuz I’m gonna be in situations where I have to talk

My period is so bad so no lower body

I feel fine tho!

This whole conversation is a summary of my life

I watched more of Trump speech and it was disturbing felt very nationalistic

But Abu said to give him a chance

Very good point about the pilot thing

Thank you bb. Normally I break out around my period

I’m so heavy I literally have to change my pad or tampon every 30 min

She won’t go unless u walk her that’s what I do when it’s raining 

I don’t like all the back and forth but it’s one of those situations where we’re gonna get convinced to do them

When are we doing vacation
why go back and forth

So still going back and forth

May as well do it after
Cuz we’d come home for like 2 days

I watched it  

We should it’s our president

Can we just board it up since we don’t use it anyway

Our remote only works when you get super close

Borax is a mildew remover and it didn’t work. Also I scrubbed with bleach and it didn’t work

Will u be around to feed the hoe

To dinner with Casey

Maybe we should find another spot

Do u wanna ask how long

I gotta text Yaz about something real quick

I’m not old hehe no I wanna stand for real

When we order can u ask for vegan for me- sometimes they use fish sauce or chicken stock as base . Just so no animal product

When we ask what’s vegan curry on the menu I’ll decide

What time do we have to leave

I thought it was entertaining
I was expecting a crazy twist

I thought the doc was gonna be the one seeing all the ppl

I wanna sleep with you but I gotta get all my stuff

Do you want meee

I do I’m just gonna be a mess. I have to get up every few hours

Only if u really want me. Just cuz my period it’s really uncomfortable for me

Wanna see a really good music video new hardcore band

It’s kinda scary how kids nowadays are so comfortable talking to a camera vlogging

Like I wouldn’t even know how

Did you happen to look at that video interview I posted on twitter a couple days ago

It’s really good . U should watch it when ur more awake it’s 15 min

An interview with this guy Simon sinek . He is an expert in the digital age and talks about social media addiction . Just go on my personal Twitter it’s the first link

Yaz and Nida left and scar only peed I gtg home soon:/

There’s a big women’s march downtown

Yes but they already left

I gotta take care of scar

She just needs to poop so she doesn’t do it inside

I’m sorry u would do the same for Nanuk

Not Dead Yet (Part 23)

*Wow did this not turn out how I was planning it. I’m just gonna go stare at a wall for a couple hours now.*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

After Peter had told us that pirates were floating out in our lagoon we dropped training and raced to the beach. I was on Ben’s shoulders trying to get a better view. Out in the distance was the outline of a ship, any other details were too far away to notice. Even with the telescope I nicked from Ben all I could distinguish was the skull and crossbones fluttering in the wind.

“So,” I handed Ben’s telescope back to him, “What is our plan of attack?”

“No attack.” Peter said, “If we killed them all then what fun is there? Wait till they come ashore then the games will begin.”

“Fine…” I muttered, “Come on Ben, let’s go back to camp.” I kicked my heels against his sides.

“I am not a horse, Y/N.” he pinched my thigh.

“You’re right, horses don’t talk. Now forward!” I kicked again and he dropped me from his shoulders. I hit the ground with a resounding thud. “Bad horsey…”

“Idiot.” Devin held out a hand for me. As we were walking back to camp a thought occurred to me.

“Devin, have you seen that ship before?” I asked.

“No. Why?”

“Because back there Peter said he had seen it before. I thought maybe since you’ve been here longer than I have that maybe you knew.”

“Nope. That’s the first time I’ve seen anything but Pan and Lost Boys show up on the island.”

“Makes you wonder doesn’t it? This is an isolated realm. The only ones that ever come and go are Peter and his shadow. So how does a ship full of pirates even know about this place? And if they were here before and got away why would they come back?”

“They’re adults and adults do stupid things.” Devin shrugged like this was obvious. “It does make a change to routine though. Fighting pirates will hopefully give us some real practice.”

“It would be nice beat up a salty seadog than you lot for once.” I smirked and Devin smacked the back of my head. “Kidding, mostly.”

“Wanna go a round? I will take you down.”

“Please don’t,” Ben piped up, “I don’t want to have to stitch you back up when she cuts you to ribbons.”

“Thank you Benny,” I gave his cheek a kiss, “I knew you were my favorite!”

“Please don’t call me Benny,” he wiped the spot where I kissed him, “Since when are you so affectionate?”

“The same time she started calling Pan, Pete–”

I tackled Devin to the ground. “Shut your trap!” I seethed through clenched teeth.

“Y/N…” he gasped in a strangled breath, “Can’t breathe…”

I pressed my forearm harder against his throat. “Then shut it.”

“What’s going on here?” Felix came back to see what the commotion was about.

“Nothing, just horsing around. Right, Devin?”

“Right.” he glared up at me. This conversation was far from done.

I stood up and shoved past Felix who was also giving me a skeptical look. I had explained to Ben and Devin and Nick what had really happened back in the Enchanted Forest. All the others could believe I was off having sex with Peter but not them. They were the only ones whose opinion I cared about. Out of the three of them I knew that Devin suspected more happened than I said. I would rather skinny dip in the mermaid lagoon than let him know what had happened…and was technically still happening.

I got back to camp and plunked myself down on a log and started sharpening my dagger. I wish those pirates were on the island now, I could use a distraction. “If you’re not more careful you’ll cut yourself.”

Peter sat down next to me. That’ll work. I sheathed my dagger again and pulled on Peter’s arm. “Come with me.”

“What have I done?” he asked as I dragged him away.

“Nothing yet.” The second I thought we were far enough away from the others I pulled him against me and kissed him. He responded with equal fervor after a moment. All the troublesome thoughts before about this exact situation started to dull away.

I pulled away to catch my breath. “Thanks.” I whispered quietly, “See ya.”

“Wait? What?” Peter grabbed me as I started to walk away and pulled me back next to him, “Is something going on?”

“No. Why?”

He cocked an eyebrow up at me. “I know you my little Lost Girl. I know when something’s bothering you.”

“Don’t worry yourself about it, it’s my problem.” I pushed his hands off me, “I just needed a distraction.”

“For the love of…” he pulled me back again, “Talk to me.”

“I don’t want to.”

He continued to stare at me until I relented and told him about my little spat with Devin. “Wow, you’re really that embarrassed of me?”

“No,” I leaned against a tree, “I just don’t want Devin to look at me like I’m some kind of harlot.”

“Oh yes, and dragging me off so that we can snog behind a tree just barely on the outskirts of camp is the way to do that.”

“I know I shouldn’t have told you about this.”

“Pet, please,” he rubbed his hand up and down along my side, “If I could tell you my problems then you should be able to tell me the same.”

“Thanks, Peter. I’m gonna head back to the beach, see if the ship is any closer.”

He nodded and let me go.

The ship had moved closer but kept to the lagoon for the first couple of days it was here. Peter gave us some insight as to who exactly we were dealing with. A man named Killian Jones who had at one time been a member of the royal navy alongside his brother. They had traveled here a long time ago where his brother had died from poisoning himself with dreamshade. Not the brightest were they? Why would someone want to return to the place that killed their only family?

After some time they came ashore. The Lost Boys and I watched from the trees as they stepped foot on the beach. We were given specific instructions to stay out of sight and not interfere unless things turned hostile.


“Hello Lieutenant, gone rogue I see.” The pirate and his crew turned at the sudden voice. Peter stood behind them, a sense of superiority flowing through his veins at their dumbfounded expressions.

“You,” the grizzled former lieutenant growled at him, “You’re the boy. The one that killed my brother.”

“Oh no, he did that himself. I gave you the cure, I told you if you left the island you would pay the price. I have no fault in your brother’s stupidity.” he circled the pirates slowly sizing them up. They might not be navy anymore but the stink of adult responsibility still clung to them.

“You could have mentioned that the water only worked in this realm.”

“You should have asked.” Peter smirked at his sneering face, “Why’d you come back, Killian?”

“For this,” his hook glinted in the light, “And that’s Captain Hook to you boy.”

“Alright, Captain, tell me who has done such a thing as to make you desperate enough to travel here again.” This did have him genuinely curious.

“A coward that turned into a crocodile and killed my love.”

“Well that’s all well and poetic but it doesn’t answer my question.”

“The Dark One, a demon by the name of Rumpelstiltskin.”

Peter’s smile dropped slightly at the mention of the Dark One. He shrugged it off and found his tongue again. “Oh? Haven’t seen that rat in a few years, how’s he been?”

“Dead, the next time I see him.”

“A common threat by the few that get away from him alive. I suppose you came for the dreamshade as a way to kill him?”

“It was a thought but not even my hook in his heart could vanquish him. I need something stronger than your poisons.”

“Perhaps I could be of help then. I’ve seen far more lands than you ever have and know more than you could comprehend. I’d be willing to make a deal.”

“I’m not in the habit of making deals with self proclaimed kings on deserted islands.” he brandished his sword, “I should cut you down here and now.”

“I wouldn’t do that.” Peter pushed the tip of the sword away from his face, “Because I’m not alone anymore.” He gave a whistle and the Lost Boys started pouring out from the jungle.

The captain and his crew drew their weapons as they took in the horde of Lost Boys. “My boys outnumber your crew two to one. You really want to try and take us on?”

“Fine, you stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours? Sound reasonable?”

“I can’t be so sure about that, my boys can get bored very easily and who am I to deny them a new game?”

“We are not a game?”

“You’re on my island, you are what I say you are.” Peter stepped back into his group, “Come on boys, I think they understand.”

Together the boys turned around and sauntered back into the jungle. Peter kept up a brave face until such a time as he was able to detach without being noticed. He had something he needed to do.


“Well that was anti-climatic,” I sighed that night around the campfire.

“They did seem pretty scared of us though.” Nick reminded me.

“Yeah, but I would have loved a good fight.” I tossed my dagger in the air and caught it again, “It’s been too long since I’ve had a good enemy.”

“Your bloodlust is never ending isn’t it?” Nick laughed.

“Are you kidding? She’d chop my hand off if I so much as touched her club and I’m her best friend.” Ben interceded.

“I believe that title belongs to me.” Devin wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“Awe and to think that you hated me when I first came here.” I ruffled his hair.

“Well you did hit me with a rock.”

“Did I? That doesn’t sound like me.”

“No, she didn’t hit you.” Nick said, “She tried to hit Pan and he threw it back and then it hit you. I remember because I was standing next to you laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.”

“Thanks pal,” Devin knocked him over the head.

“No problem chum,” Nick hit him back.

“You’re a great friend, buddy.” Devin punched him.

“I know I am, friend.” Nick socked him hard in the stomach and soon the two were rolling on the ground beating up each other.

“Remind me why we’re friends with them?” I asked Ben.

“Because they’re family.”

“Right…” I stretched the word. “You make sure they don’t lose any fingers, I’m going to bed.”

“Will do, night.”

“Night.” I ducked into my tent and started to strip off my dagger and cloak when a hand wrapped around my ankle and dragged me back out. “Hey–”

I was pulled up and a hand shoved over my mouth as my captor started to drag me into the jungle. I bit down on the hand and kicked back. They let go and I reached for my dagger. Dammit, I just took it off! The person on the ground kicked out a leg and swept my feet out from underneath me before pinning me in place. I tried to push them off when a pair of lips met mine.

“Are you done being a crazy thing?” Peter asked.

“You are an ass!” I fumed up at his shadowed face. “Do you know how to use that mouth for anything else besides kissing?”

“Well now that you mention it–”

“I meant talking pig.” I kneed him hard and he rolled off me, “Would a simple, ‘Y/N, follow me’, be too hard for you to do?”

“It is a lot less fun.”

“What do you want? I’m tired and don’t feel like having a snog.” I pushed myself up to standing.

“It’s not about that. I need your help with something.” he grabbed my arm and started pulling me forward.

“And this couldn’t wait till morning because…?” I stumbled along behind him.

“Because I can’t wait till then. I need this done now.”

I let out an unhappy groan. A familiar rush of wind surrounded us and the next thing I knew we were standing on the far side of the island where the cliff overlooked Skull Rock. “Peter?”

“Shut up. Let’s just get this over with before I change my mind.” another gust of wind and we were standing on the beach. The boat I had used before was bobbing in the waves. I sat down and he took either oar as he started to row us across to Skull Rock.

What was he doing? He tethered the boat again when we got to the cave and gestured for me to follow. He knew I had already been here. Felix had told him as much. Was this some kind of continuation from our discussion weeks ago in the Enchanted Forest?

We came to the top tier of the cavern where the giant golden hourglass sat. Peter moved past and took out the crate filled with all his past mementos. “Peter, what’s going on? What are we doing here?” I asked unable to take the silence.

“These,” he dropped the crate down at my feet, “I need them destroyed.”

“Why? Why now? Does this have to do with the pirates?” I sought his gaze but he turned away from me, “Peter, remember what you said earlier about you being able to tell me what your problems are? If this is one of them then you can tell me. It’s the reason you brought me here because I know you don’t need me to turn these old memories to ashes.”

He went to the back of the cave where the large opening looked out across the sea and sat down. I sat down next to him waiting for him to speak first.

“Do you remember back in the Enchanted Forest when I said nothing good ever followed that dagger of yours?” he spoke quietly.


“Did you ever wonder why there was an R carved in the bottom?”

“A bit yes. I just figured it was from a past Lost Boy.”

“It was. One of the first.” Peter’s expression was unreadable, “He was such a puny thing when he came here, couldn’t have been more than ten years old. Practically orphaned, drunk father, lived with a couple of spinner women, a very boring, sad, little life.”

“You brought him to Neverland.” I risked scooting closer.

Peter nodded. “I showed him how to fight, how to fly, took him to different realms all the time and taught him everything I could.”

“What was his name?”

“Rumpelstiltskin.” he spat the word.

“You mean the Dark One was a Lost Boy?”

“That he was. That dagger I gave you was the one I gave him. It’s been through a few owners since then of course.”

“What happened?”

He kept staring out into the distance without responding. “Peter,” I laid my hand overtop of his. He finally turned to face me and I could see the years in his eyes. How long he had lived, what all he had seen, all he had experienced. I pleaded with them to talk to me.

“He left.” his voice teetered between serenity and rage, “He wanted to be with his lazy drunk father instead of me! I gave him everything he could ever want and he chose to go back to the man that didn’t give a damn about him!”

“You loved him. Loved him like a brother.”

“He was the closest thing to a real family I had ever felt. Through all the families I had gone through and little brothers I had, had, he was the best.”

“You didn’t have to let him leave.” I squeezed his hand assuredly.

“He was my little brother, the thing I loved in this entire world more than myself. What kind of a person would I have been if I hadn’t let him go? If I had forced him to stay then he would have hated me, I couldn’t face that.”

I brought another hand up to sweep the hair out of his eyes. “I know you. You wouldn’t have let him go just like that.”

“You’re right. One night after he had gone I knew I wanted him back. I got it into my head that his place was on Neverland having adventures with me.” there was a small remnant of a smile ghosting his features before it crumbled into a deep scowl, “The only thing holding him back was that coward he called a father.”

My heart dropped down into my stomach, “Please tell me you didn’t.”

He gave a single nod. “I didn’t know he was there. I thought he was asleep but he must have woken up. He watched me slice his father’s neck open from the window.” Peter drew in a deep breath his grip on my hand becoming painful but I didn’t make a move to stop him, “After that, he never wanted anything to do with me again. He hated me, he made a point of telling me so over and over before I left.”

I rested my head on his shoulder. “It was like a curse. The only thing left of him being that dagger and this.” he was holding a straw doll in a little blue coat all of the sudden. “Ever since that day anyone who has ever wielded that dagger became important to me then met an end in some way or another.”

The sheath at my side was empty but it weighed like log at my hip. Without another word I stood up and dumped all the belongs in the crate on the ground. Peter watched me as I grabbed a torch along the wall and walked back to him. “I think it’s time we broke that curse.” I held out the torch to him, “And it starts here.”

He stood up and took the torch from me. He stared down at the pile of children’s clothes, family drawings, dried foxglove flowers and wooden toys before tipping the flames to them. The pile caught fire and soon were engulfed entirely in flames. Bits of paper and cloth curled and turned to ash. I took the spot next to him and watched the pile burn.

“Y/N,” Peter said without looking at me, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” His hand reached for mine holding it gentler than before.

We stayed in that cave the entire night in silence watching the pile of childhood memorabilia turn to ashes. Anything that didn’t burn we tossed into the sea. The only thing still remaining was the straw doll. I didn’t try to make him burn it too. He had a use for it whether or not I agreed with its purpose was yet to be seen.

In the morning light we gave one another a knowing look and laid down on the cave floor and fell asleep. It had been a long night and there was more to do today but we needed rest. When I woke up later I was resting just in the curve of Peter’s body and the world seemed clearer.

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To Gravity Falls, From Piedmont: Chapter 27

Summary: It’s a long way until next summer. Until then, Dipper and Mabel share their daily antics and life problems with their lifelong friends and attentive great-uncles through an endless string of e-mails. Distance makes the heart grow fonder after all, and there’s no place Dipper and Mabel love more than Gravity Falls. 

                                                      Chapter List

To: Wendy Corduroy (Lumberchick); Grenda Gosling (Hugsx0x0); Candy Chiu (SweetasSugar88); Pacifica Northwest (GravityFallsPrincess)

From: Mabel Pines (ShootingStarRainbowUnicorn)

Subject: School assignment


Remember a couple of days ago, when I asked you guys what you thought of me for a school report? Well, I’m asking again, only this time I want to know what your opinion is of Dipper! He’s asked all the guys but refuses to ask you girls, which is totally biased. Since he’s being a dork about it, I decided to ask on his behalf! So fire away!

Much love,


Stretching her arms over her head as she watched her e-mail disappear into cyberspace, Mabel stood up from the computer chair. She ventured out of her bedroom and went into the living room, where Dipper had taken over the coffee table. He was currently reading through a notebook, brow furrowed in a mixture of amusement and frustration.

“What’s up, bro?”

“I can’t use these!” Dipper exclaimed, holding out the notebook for his sister to read.

Written in his handwriting was a collection of quotes from their friends. Mabel bit down on her bottom lip to keep her laughter from escaping, as they were mostly various synonyms for the word ‘nerd’. “I guess they weren’t taking it seriously?” she managed to say.

“Robbie and Gideon? Apparently not,” he grumbled, grabbing his phone and typing a text to the aforementioned males. “Soos and McGucket were really nice, but these two are just messing with me. How am I supposed to compile enough material for this assignment if they won’t cooperate?”

“You know they love you.”

“I’m tempted to argue that point,” returned Dipper, though he smiled. “What did they say about you?”

“Robbie said I was a suffocating ray of glittery sunshine and Gideon said I was an angel who did not deserve to walk amongst regular people.”

Dipper stared at her for a moment. “Well, at least Robbie said more than two words to you,” he said at last. “And we obviously know I’m not Gideon’s favourite.”

“Any input from Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford?”

Dipper shook his head. “No. Which is kind of surprising. I thought Grunkle Stan would be the first with some sort of smart comeback for this.”

“Darn. I didn’t hear back either.” Mabel lowered onto the end of the couch and rested her chin in her hands. “You think they’ll respond in time? I really wanted to include them in my report.”

“I’m sure they will,” assured Dipper. “They always respond whenever we text, they just might be tied up right now. Fighting some three-eyed monster or whatever. So what did Soos and McGucket say about you?”

“Soos said I was the nicest person he’s ever met,” Mabel smiled happily. “And McGucket said I was so sweet I give him cavities. How about you?”

“Soos said I was the best pterodactyl bro he could ask for and I’m super smart. McGucket said I was clever, kind and should have more confidence in my abilities.”

“We have great friends,” said Mabel contently.

“Well, the jury is still out on Gideon and Robbie,” joked Dipper. As the words left his mouth his phone trilled, indicating a new text in his inbox. He checked the message, lips quirking in amusement. “They decided to make an effort this time. Gideon says I’m annoyingly persistent and determined, but it’s admirable. Robbie’s surprised by how tough I can be, and respects how I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. He still thinks I’m a dork, but a cool dork.”

“What do the girls say about you?” asked Mabel innocently.

Dipper shot her a look. “You know I haven’t asked them, and I’m not going to ask them.”

“Why not? I asked all of our friends! What’s the big deal?”

“I don’t know, I just feel awkward about it! I’ve never asked a girl what they thought of me before, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to hear the answer.”

“You’re taking this too seriously,” said Mabel, unable to keep the amusement out of her voice.

“Story of my life. But I’m still not going to do it.” Dipper reached over to jab at her leg. “Stop pressing.”

Mabel let out a dramatic sigh. “Fine. I’m going to start on my report, then. Good thing it only has to be two pages, or you probably wouldn’t have enough material since you only asked half of your friends.”

“Goodbye, Mabel.”

Smirking, the girl skipped back to her bedroom, jumping into her computer chair and going for a quick spin before checking her e-mail notifications.

Mabel Pines: Remember a couple of days ago, when I asked you guys what you thought of me for a school report? Well, I’m asking again, only this time I want to know what your opinion is of Dipper! He’s asked all the guys but refuses to ask you girls, which is totally biased. Since he’s being a dork about it, I decided to ask on his behalf! So fire away!

Wendy Corduroy: I was wondering why I didn’t get a message from him. I know he can’t be worried about what I’m going to say because he asked Robbie for his opinion.

Grenda Gosling: Yeah, we’ll be nice!

Wendy Corduroy: With a healthy degree of sarcasm.

Candy Chiu: Dipper can be very silly.

Mabel Pines: Tell me about it. He’s never really had any girl friends before, so I guess he’s not really comfortable with hearing what girls might think of him, even if they are his close friends. I thought I’d help him out!

Pacifica Northwest: What exactly is the point of this assignment?

Mabel Pines: Well, first we have to write a page on how we view ourselves and how we think others view us. Then we have to talk to our friends and family and get their opinions to see how they view us. We write up another page and then we have to write a conclusion, comparing the two viewpoints and seeing how similar or different they are.

Wendy Corduroy: Dang. Wish my schoolwork was that easy.

Grenda Gosling: I think Dipper’s a great guy! He’s nice and he doesn’t act like a jerk to be cool and he’s still cool anyway.

Candy Chiu: He isn’t afraid to apologize when he is wrong and he means it. I know if I ever need his help he will give it to me. He’ll hang out with us and do girly things with us, even if he gets embarrassed over it sometimes he does it anyway. He’s not afraid to embrace his feminine side.

Wendy Corduroy: He’s thirteen and yet he’s already way more mature than ninety percent of the guys—and girls, for that matter—at my school. He can hold a meaningful conversation and he can just joke about the most ridiculous things. He’s not afraid to stand up for his friends and family and you can always count on him. He’s also a huge dork, but I love him for it. He’s my bro.

Mabel Pines: Thanks, guys! Dipper will be really happy when I tell him this. Pacifica, I know you have something to add!

Pacifica Northwest: No, not really.

Wendy Corduroy: What’d we say about the Ice Princess routine?

Pacifica Northwest: Ugh. Fine. Dipper’s okay. He helped me out with the whole ghost invasion incident even though he didn’t have to and I probably didn’t deserve it. He’s kinda funny. Doesn’t have much fashion sense, but that can be fixed. He’s got the backbone to tell people off. He’s nice, not fake nice but sincerely nice. But he can be a jerk sometimes which is good because it’s exhausting being around people who don’t know how to be snarky or mean. He can be way too uptight and serious. But all around, yeah, he’s a decent, cute guy.

Wendy Corduroy:

Grenda Gosling:

Candy Chiu:

Mabel Pines: SQUEE

Pacifica Northwest: What?

Pacifica Northwest: NO COOL I MEANT TO SAY COOL

Wendy Corduroy: BUSTED

Candy Chiu: That is what we call a Freudian slip!

Grenda Gosling: I knew it! You like Dipper!


Pacifica Northwest: GO AWAY. It was autocorrected, you dorks! It was supposed to say 'cool’ not 'cute’!“

Wendy Corduroy: I wish I lived closer so I could see how much you’re blushing on a scale of one to ten.

Grenda Gosling: There’s no autocorrect in the e-mail server’s instant messaging!

Pacifica Northwest: Look you got your stupid opinions. Can I go now?

Mabel Pines: Aw, come on, you totally have a crush on Dipper! Admit it!

Dipper Pines: …you think I’m cute?

Wendy Corduroy: Oh snap.

Grenda Gosling: How’d you get in this chat?!

Dipper Pines: Candy tagged me into here a little bit ago. I should have spoken up sooner but…

Pacifica Northwest: I’m leaving.

Pacifica Northwest: And I meant cool, not cute!

Candy Chiu: I think I am going to go find a hiding place. I suspect she is going to come hurt me. I may or may not talk to you later.

Grenda Gosling: Wait until I tell Marius this one!

Wendy Corduroy: This went down a path I was not expecting and I am not displeased by. See you dudes later. Oi, and Dipper, next time you have an assignment like this one you know you can ask me anything, right?

Dipper Pines: I know. I was being, as everyone is correct in saying, a dork. Thank you. You’re my bro, too.

Mabel Pines: …are you mad?

Mabel Pines: Dipper?

When her brother did not reply further, Mabel hesitantly rose from the computer chair and started back for the living room. She peeked around the entryway and found Dipper sitting where she had left him. He was staring blankly into space, a smile on his features and a blush on his cheeks. He seemed to be taking in the fact that Pacifica Northwest thought he was cute, and was currently no longer working.

Mabel ventured further into the room and cautiously poked his shoulder. When she didn’t get a reaction, she grinned and said, "I’ll come check on you in an hour.”

She returned to her bedroom and grabbed her notebook, deciding she better start on her own report. She was just finishing up the intro when her phone trilled in her pocket. “Hello?” she answered.

Hey, pumpkin,” greeted Stan. “Sorry for not getting back to you right away. Hope you still got some space left in your assignment, because Ford and I have quite a bit to say. Is your brother around?”

“Um, yeah, but you might have to talk to him later, or I could relay everything you say.”

Is everything okay?” spoke up Ford.

“Oh yeah, totally. It’s actually amazing. Matchmaker Mabel is back in business!”

To: Pacifica Northwest (GravityFallsPrincess); Wendy Corduroy (Lumberchick); Grenda Gosling (Hugsx0x0); Candy Chiu (SweetasSugar88); Stanford Pines (Highsixer)

From: Stanley Pines (StantheMan)

Subject: Autocorrect my butt

You’re not kidding anyone, Princess. Ask him out already. Just be sure to treat him right or we’ll have to have a talk.

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Pacifica Northwest: Oh. My. Gosh.

Wendy Corduroy: Ha! You’re never living this one down, Pacifica.

Grenda Gosling: He ships it!

Candy Chiu: I think they would be cute together!

Stanford Pines: Leave her alone, Stanley.

Mabel Pines: Grunkle Stan I told you not to tell her I told you!

Pacifica Northwest: I hate you all. I’m disowning you. I never want to speak to you again.

Grenda Gosling: …are we still on for the sleepover this weekend?

Pacifica Northwest: Yes.


Illya Kuryakin Request

hey, first of all, I really like your writing, go you. And second, if you are taking requests, I’d like to request one Illya Kuryakin one, where you are the daughter of a lord and they (u.n.c.l.e) have to protect you from something and in the middle you and Illya ‘seal the deal’.

AN: thanks for liking me writing!! And the Russian words are swears

“What’s going on,” you asked your fathers security guards as they rushed you down the hall to your father’s office, but they said nothing. You were put into your father’s office and the large doors were shut behind you. “Father, what is going on?” When you looked to the other side of his office you saw him sitting against his desk with four people around him.

A woman and older man sat in the chairs near his desk while two men stood on each side of the desk. “You’re leaving the palace for a short time, my dear.”

“May I ask why?”

You father hesitated and looked down at his feet. “Your father, Lord Y/L/N, has received a threat against his highness and yourself, Lady Y/N,” the older man said.

“A threat? From who? Threatening what exactly, Mr.-?”

“-Waverly. From who is unclear but we do have a strong suspect. My Lady, this threat says that should your Father continue his works towards his trading project and should he deliver his final speech solidifying the matter in three months time he will be target and his empire will be torn brick by brick.”

“You are my only true prised possession, Y/N. If this person is serious about me getting to stop my trading project then they will know the only true way to do so is by getting to you. For your safety I’m sending you away with these agents. They are the best of the best and will keep you safe.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“We didn’t know until a couple days ago that it was a serious threat,” Waverly spoke up again. “Lady Y/N, this is Napoleon Solo and Gaby. These two and I will be watching over you father as he finishes his trade work. Agent Kuryakin will be accompanying you to a secure area, an extreme safehouse if you will. Lady Y/N, please go pack warm clothes and all your necessities. You and Kuryakin will be leaving in half an hour.”

“Half an hour. Why so soon?”

“We can waste no time my dear,” you father walked to you and hugged you. “I love you, you know that. I need you to go back your bags and I’ll see you in 3 months time when you return,” he kissed your forehead and sent you on your way.


“Do you talk? Or is this brute silence some sort of Russian thing?” You cracked a small smile and the smug large man that sat across from you in the car.

“I talk,” he tried hiding a smirk. “Russians are those of few words, Lady Y/N.”

“Please, just Y/N. I save my title name for political and social situations. So,” you looked at the country roads as the rushed passed by your window, “where are we going?”

“Secret place. No one will find you, don’t worry.”

Hours and hours later after lots of driving and a couple flights you felt the large car slow down and saw you were approaching a small cabin in the middle of the snow covered woods.

“We will be safe here,” Ilya said and parked the car. “Hours from civilization, a perimeter set up 30 miles around to let us know if someone’s near, and with all the snow it’s virtually undetectable by helicopter.” He helped you out of the car and carried your bags in the small cabin with his. “This is your bedroom, Y/N. The bath is right across from this room. You saw the small kitchen and living room as you walked in.”

“Where’s your room?”

He chuckled a bit, “Cabin is small. I will take couch.”

“You on that small couch? A rat couldn’t lay on that. Please, have the bed.”

“You are a Lady. I cannot make you sleep on the couch.”

“Fine then we can alternate who sleeps on the couch.” He went to argue but you stopped him. “You have to listen to me; I am a Lady after all,” and with that you walked out into the living room.

*1 month in*

“How is it that you’ve manage to beat me in all but one game,” Illya said angrily and threw his cards onto the table. “Where did you learn to play poker like this?”

“Oh, you know, in between riding lessons and piano and french,” you smiled as Illya laughed. Although you’d never admit it you’d gone extremely found of the man the past month you’d been together.

“You speak French. Why am I not surprised?”

“I speak many languages,” you pretended to be offended. “French, Dutch, Spanish, Manderin, and Latin. And, after our three months together I’ll be proud to tell my father about the Russian I’ve learned.”

Illya’s eyebrows shot up. “And what Russian have you learned?”

“Дерьмо, черт, Бл-”

“Ok, ok, I get it. Let’s not tell your father, or Waverly, that I taught you any Russian. Especially those words,” he cheerfully laughed. “I thought lady of your status could not say words like those.”

“I am not a lady here. I am a woman in a cabin with a man who is not a secret agent. I believe that’s how I’m suppose to answer, correct?”

“Correct. Tell your Father I taught you that,” he pointed a joking finger at you.

“Well, Kuryakin, I will be sure to tell him. But first, I think I’ll go to bed.” You got up and started towards the bedroom.

“Where are you going?”

“To bed. I told you.”

“No no no. It is your turn for couch!”

“Oh, no it is not. You slept in the bed an extra night last week because you said you hurt your leg tracking that deer. Therefore, I get an extra night in the bed. Goodnight, sir,” you did your finest and most sarcastic curtsy you could and shut the bedroom door.

*2 months in*

“Are you always such a skilled shot,” you made light of the bleeding wound coming from Illya’s arm.

“It’s been nearly two months since I fired my gun and years since I’ve used an arrow. Give me a break,” he cracked back. “At least I caught us dinner,” he threw the bloodied bow and arrow on the kitchen table. He disappeared into the bathroom, “I need you to do me a favor.”

“Need me to teach you how to use a bow?”

“Ha ha, very funny. I need you to stitch me up,” he threw the kit on the couch next to you.

“You need me to what? Illya I’ve never done anything medical a day in my life!”

“Don’t worry I will walk you threw it. You’ll do fine,” he reassured you when he saw the worry on your face.”

“Ok, I think that does it,” you bit your lip as you finished stitching.

“Great confidence. I feel very safe with that response.”

“I still have a needle and I will stab you,” you muttered and looked up, your eyes locking directly with Illya’s. You hadn’t realised how close you had been to his face as you stitched him up.

“Wouldn’t be the worse thing that’s been done to me,” he spoke hushed and looked between your eyes and your lips.

“And what’s the worse thing that’s happened to you,” you whispered.

“Looking at you everyday for the past two months and not being able to kiss you.” Then his lips were on yours and you were laying under him on the couch.

You woke up the next morning lying with only the bed’s blankets on you. You smiled as you took in Illya looking at you. “How long have you been awake?”

“An hour. You were to peaceful, I didn’t want to wake you,” he grinned.

“Ill, what are we going to do when we get out of here,” you asked with a pinch of sadness.

“Hey,” he lifted your head from his chest, “we have a month together left here, we’ll make it count. And, when you return home we’ll figure it all out. You are mine to protect; now and even after I’ve brought you home.”


Prompt: “Favourite TV Show”.
The thing is I haven’t consistently watched anything in TV for years, and I can’t say any of the live action series I’ve watched lately can earn a “Favourite” badge. So I went back to when watching TV was actually a thing, years ago. The only show I would bring myself to TRY and consistently watch every day was Pokémon, during it’s first couple of seasoons. So here is the original pokégang! I’m prouder about the sketch than I am of the definitive version. I clearly tackled too much in one drawing, after a very, VERY long day, and after days of not sleeping correctly. So I’m satisfied considering the context, and I really like the scene’s composition all and all. Also I’m growing more tired of my lack of a possibility to try out digital art, traditional tools are really getting to me.

So yeah! Bye bye, Day 9…I hope you’re my worst drawiing durin the whole challenge haha.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you have any tips on getting ideas fast and finding good characters names? I am starting collage in two years and I yearn to be a great writer. Some of my works are fascinating others not so much. Do you have any advice also on how you create a character?

Personally, I like to create play lists for my writing. Sometimes for each individual peice I’m writing. It’s usually a mixture of songs that get me pumped and excite, and songs that either remind me of the story itself or the characters themselves. Sometimes reading am old favorite book or poem or watching an old favorite movie could help spark creativity. Sometimes changing your surroundings can help you. A couple of years ago I was in a bad writing rutt, and I went to visit my grandmother in the mountains for a week. I wrote more on two days then I had in months. I managed to not only finish the last two chapters of my short novel in that week, but I also was able to go back through and do some storyline editing in each chapter as well as write two whole chapters of a new story. Also, don’t worry about your skill level. Keep practicing. Keep writing. Keep trying new things. If you just keeping going for it,I guarantee you’ll get there. And I promise you, even the most advanced and experienced writers still aren’t perfect. Everyone puts out bad or weird ideas every now in then. It doesn’t mean your a bad writer, it just means you’re human. I’m sorry I can’t help you with the naming characters thing yet,I have a couple websites I use to look for names,and usually I just make a list of things that stand out to me, and pick what sounds natural and right to me. Once I have a laptop, which should be in a few weeks now(I’ve been working a few extra shifts to help save money for it) I’ll be putting out character worksheets and other useful writing tips on a frequent basis. I Hope This helps, And if something isn’t clear or if you have more questions,please feel free to contact me!