i only watch them when im forced to

Shiro’s still gone, and the team are taking it hard. No one became the Black Paladin, and they aren’t able to form Voltron. It’s been like that for weeks.

But then Keith gets hit. And Lance loses it.

The only reason he was hit in the first place was from jumping in front of Lance. The guilt drowns Lance. His anxiety was already off the rails (Shiro was gone. They couldn’t form Voltron. Plus it was just a really bad day for him), and Keith being hit was just the icing on top.

In the end, they end up putting Lance in a pod before he makes himself seriously ill.

When Keith gets out of his pod, one of the first things he hears is Lance screaming.

He’s having a nightmare in the pod, and they’re forced to watch in horror as he cries out. Eventually, his shouts die out, but only for him to start shaking uncontrollably as he has a seizure. The sight makes them all sick to the stomach.

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Why don't you have a YouTube channel? I think that you would make wonderful videos!

you know ive received this question a lot and i’m finally gonna answer it in full

i really debated and went back and forth on whether or not i should start a sims youtube channel and i’ve decided i’m NOT going to make a youtube channel. there are a few reasons and im gonna list them now

  1. I focus on their needs and only stay in their house once i have kids
  2. I get bored. really quickly.
  3. my bio is true - i either play constantly or not at all and i couldnt force myself to play when i dont want to. i dont want to end up hating the sims.
  4. i dont want to have a channel and never post!! 
  5. I think i would be boring to watch tbh i like my personality but im made for more normal youtube instead of sims 
  6. I want to be a teacher and idk how strict theyd be if they found my youtube channel bc i wanna teach kids and anything could be considered contr0versial 

im sorry if this makes some of you sad but ill definitely be in vlogs with my gals at vidcon but thatll be the span of my youtube career <3

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I have this weird feeling of pride whenever I see the pictures and videos of BTS concerts and you see the huge seas of army bombs. I know people give the BTS fandom shit which I get, most of us are annoying as hell, but at the same time I'm super proud of where they have come in there careers. So weird seeing them go from NMD to where they're at right now, I feel like a proud mom or something

seokjin went from being pushed aside constantly, sort of like the black sheep of the group and faking this confidence, to really believing in himself, truly internalizing that faith in himself. he’s grown so much as a singer and a dancer, he’s the parent of bangtan, and we all know how irreplaceable and vital he is to the group. some of the cool things that he’s done in the last couple of years is his covers (his voice is so angelic good god) and eat jin! 

yoongi started off as a cold, snarky rapper. he was put in an awkward position since he wasnt held in as high regard as namjoon as a rapper, though he still had his underground experience. now, we know he’s so incredibly caring, sensitive, thoughtful, and hardworking. he’s an incredible producer, and some of the fandom’s favorite songs have been produced by him. 

hoseok was also in an odd position, since his underground experience came from his dance background, and yet he was to be a rapper as well. we’ve watched him grow as a rapper, delivering some of the most interesting and dynamic verses! and he’s been able to showcase his incredible dancing skills (hope on the street), and takes the lead in performance situations. he always showed himself to be an angel and a beacon of positivity, but we know he can be so sensitive and probably is one of the most intense members of bangtan. 

namjoon has showed, in my opinion, the most apparent growth as a person and as an artist. he was made the leader of a group that he was originally supposed to be the maknae of. he was thrust into the limelight at 19, with only his rapping to show. he had so much angst about what people thought about him– whether he was an idol or a rapper. and after 4things, we see that he’s slowly started to not really give a shit about labels, and just do what he feels and what he enjoys, regardless of criticism. i think because of the pressure, because he’s such a self-reflective person, he still has a long way to go, and a great deal of sadness in his heart, but he’s pushing through.

jimin also changed so much. he was the last member to be added to bangtan, after only a year of training (the least of all the members). i can imagine he felt very behind, and for someone like jimin, being the weak link in a team is something he’d never let happen. he worked (and continues to work) so so hard, but he had a very crippling self-image, and no confidence in himself and his skills. but after the 2014 MAMAs, i think he really started to believe all the positivity people were showing him. and now he’s working towards having a healthier self image and confidence and faith in himself. and we dont even need to get started on his improvement in vocals TT___TT

taehyung is such a complex person, and his shifts in stage persona through the last few years is very interesting. he went from 4d alien, to sex boat, to sunshine baby. ive spoken in length about the way i analyze him as a person, but in terms of his growth, i think one of the things that improved the most is his vocals. after AHL and the words iris spoke to him about his voice, i think he was able to break away from the 40 year old chainsmoker role in the vocal unit and truly delve into the soulfulness of his voice. he’s released incredible covers that definitely showcase this. and he’s shown himself to be quite the social butterfly, and very good at variety shows. he showed his acting skills as the lead in the HYYH music videos, and now he’s going to be in a drama! and he’ll be able to propel bangtan’s name even more and show another side of him.

jeongguk, being the youngest, has undergone subtler changes. he has always been very withdrawn and shy. he took on the role of golden maknae with immense pressure. he was only 15 when they debuted. he’s highly sensitive to criticism and incredibly hard on himself. but we’ve watched him grow, both physically and mentally, as a performer, a dancer, a singer. he’s more willing to put himself out there, showing the goofy sides to him. he’s also showcased his abilities as a composer and producer. and we can’t forget his special stage with zion.t, his idol. he’s still very difficult on himself, and i think that’s because he’s very much still growing (he’s only 18) but he’s got so much potential, and has accomplished so much. 

thinking about their goals and their image during NMD era when they were forcing this aggressive hip hop concept, and to now, during HYYH p2 and how theyve gone the more artistic, experimental route, and settling into themselves and really fostering their individual talents, im so in awe and also proud of their growth. ive been there since debut so this ask really hit me hard because i felt like i was watching them grow right before my eyes, and that i am growing right alongside them. i love bangtan so much, and theyll always have a special place in my heart