i only want food



My biggest fantasy is gaining weight without even trying and being unable to stop, either because of a feeder or because of my own gluttony and lack of self control.

I want to force myself (or be forced by someone else) to overeat, stuff and gorge myself on far more food than I need, until eventually my body becomes so used to massive portions of fattening foods that I’m unable to stop eating, that a whole tub of ice cream becomes a small and unsatisfying snack that only serves to increase my appetite. I want food to become such an important and vital part of my life that I can’t go for more than an hour without binging and stuffing my face, even if I try. I want to go through the amount of food that would currently last me a whole month, daily

I want to look at myself in the mirror every day and see that I’ve visibly put on weight, and know that there is nothing I can possibly do to lose it or even to maintain it, and that I will only get fatter and fatter for the rest of my life until I reach the point of immobility, and that I’m helpless to stop it. Helplessly stuff myself with more and more food every day, speeding the process up and causing myself to need more and more food to feel full. I want to try to diet and be forced to confront the fact that dieting only makes me fatter because I lack the willpower to go for more than a couple days without eating everything in the house in one massive binge.

I’m not particularly athletic now, but I want to feel myself lose what little muscle mass and stamina I have, powerless to stop it from happening. I want to get so winded walking from my couch to the kitchen to get a snack that I have to just sit in the kitchen floor to stuff myself, too tired and weak to stand back up and walk my food to the couch. I want to binge uncontrollably and then pass out surrounded by wrappers and crumbs, without even being able to muster up the energy to drag myself to the bed. I want to get so fat and lazy and out of shape that I can’t walk up the stairs at all, my body would just be too heavy and flabby to lift my weight up them. I want to be so weak that lifting the television remote is a struggle.

I want to get so fat I can’t see my own feet, or even my thighs past my massive hanging belly. Too fat to masturbate, too fat to walk more than ten feet at a time, so fat that my arm flab prevents me from putting my hands together because i just cant reach all the way around my huge gut. So fat that I have to have clothes tailor made for me, because no company makes clothes THAT large. So fat that I have to eat twenty course meals in one sitting to even feel not hungry, and that I have to eat even more in order to feel full. 

I want to be imprisoned by my own gluttony and obesity, unable to do anything about it. 


wanna know how much i love the Vault-Tec guy?

i didn’t just “give him a job” in Sanctuary, i built him his own little pub.

Random thought: if Ghost Rider only goes after people who deserve it, what does that say about him attacking Mace?


They were having a Princess Race (running while carrying their woman)…

by: midori.chan12 @ Pixiv

so in fics why is tucker the only one who steals food?? I want wash to steal food so this can happen:
tucker: [licks the thing] ha! mine now!
wash: [looks tucker directly in the eye]
wash: tucker ive literally sucked your dick, you licking that is not going to stop me.
tucker: oh yeah…guess that doesn’t really work then huh?
and then while tucker is having a moment™ where nothing is real wash steals it out of his hand, and bites into it with the smug cat face

I don't want just any girl...

I want a girl who will let me hold her when she’s feeling sad & she’ll have a shoulder to cry on. I want a girl who will cook with me & we’ll just give up after we burnt what we made only to order Chinese food. I want a girl who will make a fort with me to play hide and seek in. I want a girl who will lie outside with me at night to watch the stars and talk about the world. I want a girl who can look into my eyes and tell stories without speaking words. I want a girl who can watch scary movies with me & hold my hand & let me hide my eyes on her shoulder the whole time because I’ll be too scared. I want a girl who can be there for all of my successes as well as my downfalls. I want a girl. But not just any girl.

I am literally getting motion sick while sitting still. I keep swinging up to unconsciousness and giving it a high five before struggling away. When I cough, my lungs make this terrible sticky rattle, and my head HURTS and I HATE THIS. I just want to go back to work and be not sick anymore


The Six Wives of Henry VIII + Aesthetic : Katherine of Aragon