i only uploaded this because no one else seems to have and i found it hilarious

The List of Days That Changed Everything (Part 1)

Word count: 860

[A/N] This was going to be a oneshot, but I felt like it was more of a story in two parts so that’s what it has become. I will upload the second part tomorrow!

In his whole life, there were only a few days on which something happened that changed everything. He’d count the birth of his brother, finishing his A levels, dropping out of university, and moving in with Phil as some of those days. Most of them were happy memories. The happiest being the day he and Phil went to pick up their new dog.

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2016 has come to a close  , and honestly, it was a blast of a year for me. Since joining the Undertale fandom, I’ve been showered with buckets of love and met a lot of great friends and it’s been overall a good year!

A tldr summary of this would be, I fucking love all of the friends I’ve met here so far, and I hope we get to share more memories in this coming year, thank you for your understanding and love <3 I hope all my followers continue to love what I do, and you don’t know how much  it means to me to know that you support my work as not only an Undertale artist, but as an artist alone ;v;

That being said, long ranty paragraphs of how cool my friends begins here!

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