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Hey guys, Jo’s back!! after a month (ish) semi-hiatus, here’s a little overture to hopefully an entire symphony of posts. This is my bullet journal spread from last week, but as you can see, it’s only for thursday and friday. That week, I had to plan out my day by the hour because I had a lot of things to do, mainly study for my AS levels. The timeslots are mostly blank because I took the photos before I planned for the two days (I think it was Tuesday).

Some materials I used are the Tombow brush pen in the color 772, a coral-pink (?) Zebra mildliner, a 0.5 sarasa pen, uni-pin 0.1 drawing pen, and a 0.7 Muji gel pen.

Oh, and also featured is a simple collage thing I made inspired by Paramore’s (aka my favorite band in the entire universe) new single Hard Times (which I definitely recommend you listen to even if you’ve never listened to them before), along with fake polaroids of the trio.

And yeah, hope I can update more often and post more content. Coming tomorrow is a May monthly planner and calendar printable, so look out for it!


While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)

I´m almost 2 days late, but finally i´m done!! This is my piece for @vldexchange  that i did for @bleventeen <3 I´m sorry i made you wait so long, but i got carried away with the road trip theme lol I hope you like it ~ I had lots of fun doing it :3

From Fan to Fam

a/n: this didn’t end how i wanted it to but it’s still pretty cute. (this isn’t the fluff I’ve been talking about. this is queued)

You opened the room to the dressing room Shawn was in, and when you did, you saw Shawn lock his phone very quickly, and Zubin whipped his head to look up at you. “Um, did I interrupt something?” You asked, looking between the guitarist and your boyfriend.

“Nope, what’s up, baby?” Shawn asked, standing up.

“Just wanted to know if you wanted something from the food court. Saw some really good-looking soft pretzels out there.” You jabbed your thumb towards the exit.

Shawn nodded. “Two, please. With mustard.” He chuckled at the way your face scrunched up when he said that, knowing your distaste in the yellow condiment. “Here,” Shawn said, taking out his wallet. “I’ll pay.” He handed you a twenty-dollar bill, knowing the prices at those vendors were vastly overpriced.

“I got it, babe.” You shook your head, not wanting to accept his money.

Shawn looked at you, slowly walking towards you. “I want to pay for it. Let me.” He said, stuffing the bill into the back pocket of your shorts. He squeezed your ass as he did so, and your face turned cherry red as you left.

Shawn peeked out after you left, making sure you weren’t coming back for a few minutes. “So, do you think that one’s good?”

Zubin nodded, looking back at the website Shawn pulled up on his phone. “It’s quite the rock.”

“Yeah, but I mean, she’s worth it, y’know?” The singer looked at the man in front of him. “I’d buy everything she’s ever wanted- if she’d let me. Hates it when I spoil her.” Shawn shrugged.

Zubin stood up, and clapped the singer on the shoulder. “It’s a girl thing, trust me. I get it, too.” He went over to craft services, and picked up one of the water bottles that was sitting on the table.

After the concert, you helped everyone pack up the mics and other equipment, mostly so you didn’t feel like a burden while Shawn was busy showering.

“You doing anything exciting for your anniversary?” You asked Zubin, knowing his wedding anniversary was coming up.

He looked at you. “Well, considering it’s in a few days, and we have a show the day after, I’m having a big bouquet delivered to the house.” Zubin said. “Your anniversary is coming up, too, right? Few weeks?” He asked, looking at you.

“Yeah, three years. Wild.” You walked with Zubin back to the dressing rooms, and sat on the couch across from him. “Shawn said he had something planned, but last time that happened we ended up playing hockey and I ended up in the ER with three broken fingers.”

Zubin laughed, looking up when the door opened and Shawn walked in, wearing his black jeans and a loose shirt. “What’re you guys talking about?”

“Anniversaries.” You said, not seeing the look Shawn have the guitarist. “And just how last time you said you had something planned, I got three broken fingers.”

Shawn pouted, he hated when you brought that up. “Stop, you know that makes me feel like the shittiest boyfriend!”

You kissed his forearm, since he was leaning on the couch behind you. “You’re not a shitty boyfriend.” You said, craning your neck so you were looking up at him.

Everyone started to pack up and head out to the busses after that, so you stood up, and yawned. Shawn took your hand, and the two of you followed the band outside. Fans started screaming when they saw the two of you walking together, most of them loved the relationship you two had. Shawn waved at the fans above him, and blew kisses their way.

A couple of weeks later, Shawn had a few days off from playing shows, and one of those was your anniversary, so you were extremely happy. You woke up in the hotel bed, and smiled when you remembered what day it was. “Goodmorning, my love.” Shawn smiled, locking his phone when he saw you were up.

“Mm, morning.” You smiled, stretching. “Happy anniversary.” You moved up so you could kiss him.

“Happy anniversary.” He smiled, meeting your lips. “Have a nice rest?” Shawn asked, and you glanced at the clock. It was nearly 10 in the morning.

“The best.” You yawned, looking at your phone. There were dozens of Instagram notifications, and some texts from your family and friends.

The two of you spent the morning in the hotel room, dining on microwave waffles and hotel-grade coffee, but you were happy as long as you were with Shawn.

That evening, you and Shawn got back to the hotel just in time to miss some dinner reservations Shawn forgot he made. “Shit! I forgot!” He smacked his forehead with his palm, shoulders dropping. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Honey, what’s wrong? It’s just dinner.”

Shawn fished something out of his pocket. “It- it wasn’t just going to be a dinner.” He said, flashing you the silver ring decorated with diamonds. “I was gonna do this after dessert, but since we missed out on dinner, and I can’t wait any longer,” He got down on one knee, rolling his eyes when one of his knees popped. “Will you do the incredible honor of becom-”

“Yes!” You nodded, not letting Shawn even finish his sentence. “Yes! Of course!” You nodded, kissing him.

Shawn’s eyes lit up while he slid the ring onto your finger, and you looked at him. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too. I can’t wait to call you Mrs. Mendes.” Shawn whispered, picking you up and dumping you onto the bed. “Happy anniversary, doll.” He said, locking his lips to yours once more.

The following day, you and Shawn hopped back onto the tour bus, and Geoff’s eyes instantly looked at your hand. “Finally popped the question, eh?”

Shawn rolled his eyes. “Shut up.” He chided, going to talk to the band.

You laughed, sitting next to Geoff. “How long have you known he was going to propose?” You asked, twisting the ring.

“He bought the ring four months after your two-year anniversary.” Geoff informed you,  and your jaw dropped.

“Eight months?” You were going to say more, but your phone lit up from a notification. You opened instagram, to see a photo of you and Shawn from the previous day. Thanks to whoever took this photo, but I just wanted to let you guys know that she’s officially mine! Can’t wait for you guys to see her reaction! #FromFanToFam.

“You filmed it!?” You asked, yelling loud enough so Shawn could hear you from the back of the bus. The only answer you got was a chorus of laughter.

a/n: hi all i ever want to write is shawn being a sweetheart and doing nice little things like proposing and being a sweetest boyfriend

(ps there’s angst coming soon)

The guy on the left is krist perawat, a bl thai actor and the guy on the left is singto- also a thai bl actor. (they are main characters of sotus the series if you are wondering) those two sit in front of exo the whole time and i assume they are the one who asked for a selfie to kai and d.o. However, krist only post this pic in his ig (you can check it out: kristtps) and singto didnt post anything in his ig. I can’t think of any other person took photo with kd besides them…


I have escaped the land of spiders and death and have almost recovered from crippling lack of sleep. Almost. 

More importantly, I’m planning to do an extra long day of Liveblogging to celebrate the start of Tsubasa Month on May 1st, which is only a few days away. 

Of course, because Timezones exist purely to spite me, it won’t technically be May for everyone. BUT, YOU KNOW. WHEN HAS LOGIC EVER STOPPED ME BEFORE?

Here is a rough guide to when I plan to start:

Don’t panic if that’s a strange time for you. I should be doing it for quite a while, and you won’t miss anything if you’re out living your life.  

I’ll also answer the messages still waiting for me before then, but not right now. Now I’m just going back to bed. 



So in the past 24 hours, Bighit has released the rest of the members teaser photos and I’m SHOOK. Anyways, theory time :)) This is a long one, so, sorry 

So we’ll start with the latest one, Jin (WORLDWIDE HANDSOME!!)

Jin, is the only person wearing A. A suit, and B. with the Smeraldos.  He is wearing a pastel blue suit, and the smeraldos are blue. Blue represents trust, and peace. The hangul writing (translation from Soompi) says “If I could turn back time, I want to be the greatest man in the world.” NOW LET’S LOOK AT AWAKE’S LYRICS SHALL WE… 

Lyrics from colorcodedlyrics
He’s always wanted to be amazing and reach the sky, most armys can agree, that Jin is a VERY underrated member. I’m thinking, he wants people (army) to trust that he can do just as well as the other members. And that maybe this is him learning to love who he is, instead of trying so hard, when HE’S ALREADY SO FREAKING AMAZING (anyways) And what if the flowers are for Jungkook, to trust him that things will get better (Jungkook is in a wheel chair in his teaser photo) and goes for the other members. ALSO, after re-watching Awake teaser video, EVERYTHING IS BLUE, EVERYTHING THE FREAKING ENTIRE ROOM FLOOR AND WALL IS BLUE


J-Hope’s teaser photo (YESS SUNSHINE)

Jhope, airplaneeeeee, his teaser photo says “If you shine, then I’m alright” It’s sweet, but so heartbreaking too. It’s basically saying that it doesn’t matter how I feel, as long as I can see you happy than that’s all that matters. HE’S LIKE GIVING HIMSELF UP FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S HAPPINESS AND I’M CRYING. Also why is there so many airplanes with him? Airplane in teaser photo, paper airplane in spring day,

 airplane (or butterfly) hand motion(?) 

What do you do on airplanes? You go away to somewhere else. “If you shine, then I’m alright.”  He might not necessarily being going anywhere, but what if it’s because, like Jin, he can’t reach the skies. That’s he only does hand motions or paper airplanes. 

Taehyung’s teaser photo (YEAH V)

Taehyung, reflection in a puddle, photo says “Would you not have left? If I had made a different choice” Who left? Flashback to I need U m/v (original ver and edited ver) Tae stabs someone, and technically kills them. What if he’s talking about the girl. If he hadn’t killed the guy, would she have left? If he hadn’t been filled with rage, would the person have stayed? Or, what if that person didn’t leave, but was taken away? What if she took the blame for when Taehyung killed the guy, that’s why in stigma’s lyrics it says “(You) who was punished in my stead" 

(THERE GOES THOSE BLUE COLORS AGAIN) (Lyrics from colorcodedlyrics)

Namjoon’s teaser photo (MY BABYMON)

Namjoon, looking out a window, reflections, (presumably since you can see your reflection through a window) Reflection? Namjoon’s solo song, reflection. His photo says "I look only at your back, Because it’s not the time now” The hell does that mean? What if it’s someone he can’t face because he isn’t ready, or something he can’t face. What if that person he can’t face is Taehyung? Remember how Tae called someone but there was no answer, and theories say he called Namjoon but he didn’t answer, as to why he is shaking the payphone box trying to get to it in Reflection teaser video.

 Tae and Namjoon were a heavy pairing during HYYH era

Jimin’s teaser photo (MOCHIIIII)

Jimin, umbrella, soft looking, his teaser photo says “I lied. Because there’s no way you’d love someone like me” Right off the bat, LIEEE. *clears throat* So, lie, Jimin, stop lying will ya? He’s caught in a lie once again, or could it be the same lie? That’s why in Lie he says “Get away from me”

 Also what is “someone like me?” Is it his looks, his personality, the things he’s done?

Suga’s teaser photo (MIN YOONGI GENIUS)

Suga, he’s in those like giant pipe thingy (idk what it’s called lol), the text says “Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy.” This kinda ties in with what Jimin’s says. We all know Yoongi has gone through a lot of stuff regarding the concept of loving ones self. Let’s look at The Last

Remember that fight with Jungkook and Yoongi during Run. 

What if Yoongi blames himself about Jungkook’s accident. We can assume the accident happened AFTER that incident. That’s why he says “Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy.”

Jungkook’s teaser photo (YEAHH GOLDEN MAKNAE)

So FLASHBACK to the I NEED U M/V, we all remember how Jungkook was about to get ran over by a car, or he did. 

I’m thinking, he got ran over, but survived and ended up in a wheel chair, basically meaning he’s paralyzed or ATM injured and can’t walk. Also, not HYYH era but if you watch the Begin teaser, he wakes up on technically a hospital bed.

 So my personal thinking, since the whole premises of this concept is Love Yourself, what if his hyungs are beating themselves up on the fact that they could’ve saved him. What if Jungkook is the girl (from the story theory about the Smeraldo) that took flowers, the grotesque looking man, is the rest of BTS. That the fact that they couldn’t accept themselves, and love themselves, they couldn’t save Jungkook, because when you can’t even love yourself, how can help anyone else? ALSO, who the heck was driving the car that technically ran over Jungkook.  What if it was one of the boys? I can’t find anything good enough, or reasonable enough to back this up, but I mean, it’s not a far shot thought.  Okay, so back to the photo. The hangul translates to “The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place” What if it isn’t a place, but people? It’s like the whole premises of home, it’s not necessarily a place, but it could be people. *cough* people being bts and/or army *cough* Also, watching back on Young Forever M/V Jungkook was chasing after them while they were in the truck driving away. 

Off topic, but not gonna lie, doing research and re-watching most of the HYYH era m/v really got to me. I never realized how emotional it actually was. It was deep stuff, my heart didn’t handle it well, lol. Anyways, I think the concept will not only pertain to Loving Yourself, but also, being able to love other people, and accepting other people for who they are. Also, if you zoom in closely to the photo, it might just be the graphics, but the flower doesn’t look colored. It’s pure white. And in research, white flowers typically mean purity, and innocence, like youth or kids, or love. 

The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place. Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy. I lied. Because there’s no way you’d love someone like me. I look only at your back. Because it’s not the time now. Would you not have left? If I had made a different choice. If you shine, then I’m alright. If I could turn back time, I want to be the greatest man in the world.
The journey to loving themselves.


~”Love Myself, Love Yourself” (-Kim Namjoon)


omg so me and my friend won meet and greet passes to see Bastille (my all-time favorite band) and honestly, top 5 moments of my life. I think I was secretly worried they were gonna be kind of stand-offish and in a rush but they were so genuinely kind??? we went into this weird small room to meet them originally and they gave us both hugs right away (also when dan gave me a hug he said ‘hi i’m dan’ and i wanted to be like uh yeah I know lol) (also dan complimented my friend’s purple hair which is a very dan thing to do.)

it was funny because i made a joke about the little closet we were in and said something about them being like powered down in the closet until they got put on stage, and will laughed but nobody else heard because i think woody had said something, but then Will did the nicest thing u can do for another human which is that he looked at me and said “that was really funny actually but I don’t think anyone else heard it” and then turned to the other guys and said “she said something funny, say it again” and I said it and then they all laughed omg and i died

also we told them we had seen them when they came to nebraska the first time in 2013 and they were so nice about it they were like “no way!!” and remembered details about the show. then we went into the hallway for a picture and kyle like RAN over to these chairs and was like “you guys need to sit in these chairs. this is hilarious”. so we took a picture standing up and also what dan referred to as a “theme photo”. but nobody else got to take one in the chairs so we win lol.

oh man they were literally the nicest people ever and I can’t get over the fact that we actually met them. omg. i’m kind of in shock. also, we got lucky because we were there with like 6 other people but we were the only ones that got to talk to them a little before we took the picture :D basically I’m elated and the concert afterwards was amazing as well and so. thank you tunespeak gods for giving me this win lolol


“Trust me, babe.” 

Imagine Joe, your boyfriend of three years, convincing you to do an “extreme what’s in your box” challenge for his channel but there’s a surprising twist ;)

Words: 1K 

A/n: forgive any spelling and grammar errors, hope you enjoy! Comment if you liked this and would want a part two! Also how cute are those gifs!!!!!!!

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I took a screenshot from the Australian promo, lightened up the photo a bit and it says fucking Charles.

Remember when Lucas said he didn’t know CeCe was Charles because they only talked over email, well that should be a big hint that he would have never known if CeCe was Charles or not. The only person who can confirm CeCe’s story of transitioning is Jessica and she is dead. I’m thinking Charles didn’t transition and is still Charles and he was Big A from seasons 3-6, he stole the game from Mona and is currently A.D. I think he became A.D. this go around because he never got to end the game on his terms. The CeCe reveal was set up so that someone else would take the fall because the liars were getting too close to figuring out who he really is and he didn’t want to end the game like that.

I also think Mona is starting to believe that whoever this A.D. is now, is the one who stole the game from her to begin with. That’s why she’s been acting shady.

Pictures are misleading // Conor Maynard imagine

Summary: You and Conor are dating but Jack hates you because of a photo.

A/n: I’M BACK! Sorry I’ve been m.i.a. I was on holiday and I had to take a little break from writing. But I’m back and ready to write again!
I’m on my way home now actually so I wrote this on my phone. Sorry if there are any mistakes and I will add my masterlist and request when I’m back home! Xoxo

Warning: this story can be triggering!



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“Hey babe, are you almost ready?”, my boyfriend asked. “Yeah I think so. Wait do you have the chargers Conor?” He nodded. Conor and I were going on holiday with a few of his friends. Unfortunatley that included Jack, his brother. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind him coming, if it wasn’t for the fact that he simply hates me.

I don’t know why, but he hasn’t said one good word about me since Conor and I started dating 5 months ago. I never told Conor about it, though. I wouldn’t want him to have to choose between his brother or me.

But I wasn’t going to let this ruin my holiday. We were going to Croatia and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I had never been to Croatia but I always wanted to go there.

The boys and I met at the airport. Conor and I were there as last. “Sorry we’re a bit late. Y/n couldn’t find her bikini”, Conor apologized. Everyone said it was okay and greeted us. Except Jack. He mumbled :” Shouldn’t have bothered. It won’t look good anyway”. I acted like I didn’t hear it, but it stil bothered me a bit.

*time skip to the arrival*

“Aaaaaah I’m so excited!”, I shrieked as Conor put his arm around my waist. “God calm down Y/N we’re not even outside yet”, Jack said. “What got you so excited Y/N?”, Joe asked. “She wanted to come here for a very long time. And because I’m here of course”, my boyfriend replied. Everyone laughed, except for Jack of course. He just looked rather annoyed. “C’mon let’s head to the hotel”, Oli said.

We all got in one of the two cabs. Luckily, Jack was in a different one. Once in our hotel, we had to choose roommates. We had 2 rooms of each 4 people. So that meant Conor, Jack, Mikey and I in the same room and Joe, Caspar, Josh and Oli in the other room.

The only problem with the rooms? There was only one bathroom. I just knew that living with Jack for 2 weeks was bound to go wrong.

“So who will share beds?” Mikey joked since there were only 2 beds. “I choose Mikey!” Conor laughed. “Hey!”, I smacked his shoulder. “What? You take up the whole bed Y/N. I would like to have some space to sleep”, my boyfriend joked. “You don’t mind sleeping with another man, do you?”, he added. “Wouldn’t be the first time”.

Did he really just say that? “What do you mean Jack?”, Conor asked. “Yeah Jack, what do you mean?”, I added. “I’m just saying that it wouldn’t be the first time she slept with another man than you” he answered with a nod to his brother. And my heart sunk.

Conor’s eyes widened, his lips parted. “Y/N?”, he stuttered. I opened my mouth but the words didn’t come out. I knew exactly what he was talking about. But I couldn’t tell Conor. I’d rather have him hate me than know the truth.

“Y/N?”, he repeated. “Please tell me this isn’t true?” Even then I seemed to be frozen in time. That was until he spoke the words I never wanted to hear. “Get out. I don’t care what you do or where you go but I don’t want to see you ever again”, Conor said. I could see that this was killing him. His voice was breaking, his hands were shaking and the tears stood in his eyes. But I couldn’t help him. So I did what he asked. I left.

I ran to the other room, to talk to someone. I knocked on the door and Joe opened. “Y/N? Is there something wrong?” “I-I-I… Uhm I think Conor broke up with me”, I stuttered. Joe immediately rushed to my side. “What? How is that possible? Did something happen? You can tell me, the other guys aren’t here.”

So I told him everything. From Jack hating me to Conor telling me to get out. “But did you?”, he asked. “Sleep with another guy? Yes”, I whispered. Joe was quiet so I started to explain what happened.

“I did sleep with another guy whilst being with Conor. But I didn’t want to. You remember that one night when we went to tropics?” He nodded yes. “Well uhm… I’ve never said this to someone”. “It’s okay love. Just take a deep breath and tell me what happened. Whenever you’re ready”, Joe encouraged me. So I did. I breathed in and went on.

“So that night there had been a guy who was kind of stalking me, I think. He kept looking at me and tried to talk to me. I told him off a few times but he wouldn’t listen. One moment, when all of you went to the toilet or to the bar, he came up to me again and started talking. I think he must’ve done somthing to my drink because I only remember getting dizzy and not feeling well and then… just nothing anymore.

Then I remember waking up naked in that guys bed. I managed to leave before he woke up. But appearently the guy took photos of that night and somehow Jack saw them. I don’t know if I had sex with that guy or not, so I couldn’t tell Conor it wasn’t true without having to explain myself”.

I took another deep breath. I only just noticed the tears streaming down my face. I looked up at Joe and saw him crying aswell. “Oh Y/N, why didn’t you tell someone? We could have helped you”, he said whilst hugging me. “You need to tell Conor”, Joe said after a while.

I immediately shook my head no. “I can’t tell him. He would break. I can’t hurt him like that”. “Y/N, he deserves to know the truth and you deserve to be treated right. You shouldn’t have to suffer like this. So either you tell him or I do”, he stated.

“Joe please. Don’t make me do this”, I cried. But the look on his face showed me that he wasn’t going to change his mind. “Okay, if I tell him, how am I supposed to talk to him? He doesn’t want to see me?”, I asked. “I”ll talk to him. Everything will be alright Y/N. Don’t forget that”, Joe hugged you once more before leaving.

I just sat there on the bed, thinking about how I was going to tell Conor. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, I was woken up by a push on my shoulder. It was Conor. I felt my heart break by the small action. There was no love, no kindness whatsoever in the action.

“Oh uhm hi”, I stammered. “Joe said you had to tell me something?”, he answered coldly. “Uhm… yeah. I-I uhm Jack was right. I did sleep with another guy. Or at least I think so”. Conor looked confused. “What do you mean ‘you think so’?” So I told him the same story I told Joe.

I never once looked up at him, not wanting to see his expression. Towards the end of my story, the tears were flowing again. It was silent when I had finished. Suddenly I felt Conor tilt my head so I was looking in his eyes. There was the look I was dreading. I could see that he was fighting against the tears.

“Y/N I’m so sorry. I should have I listened to you. I should have known you would never do something like that. I should have never believed Jack. I should have seen something was wrong. I’m so so so damn sorry that I didn’t trust you. I love you with whole my heart. I really really do. But I just need to know one more thing. Why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped you. It’s my job as your boyfriend to be there for you. Always”.

I was sobbing by then. “I’m sorry for not telling you. I just thought you would be upset with me for not telling you or for not telling him off. I thought you’d be mad that I didn’t go to the police or that you would think I was weak”.

“Oh love, I would never think that. I love you so fucking much Y/N. I don’t ever want to see you hurt”. Conor took my face in his hands and kissed me. Just at the moment, Jack decided to walk in.

“What?! Are fucking kidding me? You forgave her already?! Are you stupid, Conor?”, he yelled. “I suggest you shut up and listen to me”, Conor said whilst walking to his brother. “You almost ruined ruin the most important thing in my life! If you would have just asked her what happened none of this should have had to happen!”, he yelled.

“What do you mean?”, Jack asked confused. I looked pleadingly at Conor. I couldn’t tell the whole story again. Conor must have realised it because he left with Jack after kissing me on the head and telling me that he’ll be back.

A few moments later they both came back, Jack first. He came to you. “I’m so sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions like that. I’m sorry for everything”. I nodded and gave him a hug. “I understand it. It’s easy to misinterpretant a picture and I get that you just want what’s best for your brother”. “I guess he already has what’s best for him”, he said with a smile.

“So now that that’s all cleared up, let’s go swimming!”, I yelled.

ClexaCon 2017

My personal experience of ClexaCon started on the very first day it was announced on 13th May 2016. That same day Sofia sent me a DM that was basically ‘Soooo see you in Vegas in a year?’ 

We had no idea what it would be, but the mere thought that there would be an event to celebrate Lexa and what she represents along with other fans was exciting as fuck, especially after all the sadness. I’m pretty sure we then talked to Elke about how she has to go as well and this was the entire point of her turning 21 – so she could be of age in Vegas.

We were then so so so fortunate to be asked pretty early on to come on as panelists, which cemented the fact that yes, we would indeed be going to ClexaCon.

There were months of nothing, months of drama, and months of squealing excitement. And with every new announcement, every new detail no matter how small, we talked about it. ClexaCon was the constant thread running through our conversations. Excited to meet each other, to meet other fans, to hear the important discussions that will be going on – so even though there were some hesitations and bumps in the road, it never took away from knowing that this would be an important event we had to attend.

Finally after 10 months of hype, we found ourselves meeting up at the airport ready to go to Bally’s. I met Rachel first, who is tiny but mighty and incredibly easy to talk with. Sofia then sent a message that her plane had landed and before I knew it I heard a ‘Rin?’ and she popped up behind me. I remember thinking that she was shorter than I thought she would be. There was a longer wait for Elke and Liv, so we sat around and snacked for a bit until they said they were collecting their baggage. We went to meet them and it was the funniest thing because we kidded that we should just look for someone tall and then we saw this really tall girl about 80m away so Sofia and I just waited as she walked towards us wondering if she would notice. Elke did a double take and that was it, we were united.

I can’t believe how quickly the weirdness of actually being face to face with you guys seemed to fade away, replaced with a feeling of familiarity as if we had known each other for years.

The Badge Party will be something I’ll never forget, especially the moment we walked in. That was my first moment of ‘oh shit what have we gotten ourselves into, what is happening right now?!’ but it was okay because I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling like a fish out of water. The party ended up being such an amazing introduction to the kind of vibe ClexaCon would be – an environment where everyone could truly be themselves without fear of judgement or discrimination.

Personally the biggest challenge I faced during the con was the hours before the Lexa’s Legacy panel. I felt sick with nerves, and I could only eat a few pieces of fruit that I stole from your breakfasts. The nerves only increased as we walked towards the hall and saw the number of people lining up. And when I was allowed in to see how big the room was, it was…intimidating to say the least.

I took this photo of the audience when the panel was just starting and when I looked closer I saw these two goofy proud parents towards the back.


I don’t think I could have gotten through the nerves and anxiety of such a huge event as a whole without you guys. So whenever I think of ClexaCon, I’ll think of you two before I think of Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker. For me the event would have been nothing without the both of you there, you are my weird Canadian/Dutch family and I will always be grateful that we got to share (sometimes overshare) the experience together.

I am so lucky that so many friends I’ve met over the years through fandom were able to fly out to Vegas to attend as well, some of whom I’ve known for 8 years. It honestly felt like a big coming home party. And to all the new amazing people I met, thank you for being so kind, caring, and supportive. You truly made this a bizarre, yet very very special week. Also thank you to everyone who I shared a panel with, Alexia, April, Linnea, Tara, Jess, Adrienne, and Meg. Special shoutouts to my room buddies Rachel (GET OUT!) and the chair thieving Liv. Without you both, who would hold our bags????

Finally, as someone who spent most of their younger years being incredibly shy, up until the point where I never spoke until I was spoken to – ClexaCon felt like the way the world should feel. Inviting and freeing. I spent the whole event feeling like I could talk to anyone about anything and I would genuinely be accepted for who I am. So thank you ClexaCon for creating that space for me, and for everyone else who went. I could never repay the favour, but you’ve inspired me to damn well try.

ClexaCon 2018. See you there.

@damnlexa @shes-special

Top picture credit: Evan

Happy McLennon Anniversary!

July 6th, 1957 - July 6th, 2017

Today marks the anniversary of what 60 years ago was just a simple meeting between two Liverpudlian school boys. Two souls connected over a mutual love for Rock ‘n’ Roll music within the old stone walls of St. Peter’s Parish Church in the quaint suburb of Woolton, Liverpool. This day, these two unknowing boys began the journey of a lifetime together; a journey that would see them rise from local fame to worldwide stardom, face them with bitter break-ups and broken hearts, and would ultimately leave one holding on to memories of the past while the other’s dreams were shattered by the pull of trigger. Life was really going to put their friendship through the grind, more than they ever could have imagined in those hazy teenage Liverpool days, but that did not stop them from dreaming together and building a world where they would become the voice of current and future generations. Such an alignment of hearts is so very rare that one could say merely unspoken magic took hold of the two boys that summer day and formed a partnership that would outlast both life and death itself. The world was blessed the day that Lennon met McCartney and God only knows where we’d be without them. Happy friendship anniversary, boys. xxx

(Since there’s no photos of their actual meeting, I thought I’d try drawing one! I hope you guys enjoy my little cartoon art scan of John and Paul! ❤️❤️)

Silent Treatment

Prompt: “ Can you do a TJP fic? Where the reader is 23, a month or two younger than Noam, everyone ships them two, but (Y/N) likes TJP, but goes along with the joke and always takes selfies and jokes around with the shippers on twitter, TJ later on gets full of it and gives her the silent treatment, and then he eventually tells her his feelings about her and it’s just fluff? I don’t know if that makes sense but thank youu!”

Requested By Anon

Word Count: 757

Tags: @laziestgirlintheworld @linoki

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Piece By Piece- (Rob Benedict x Reader) PART 1

Summary: Reader is a teenage actress on Supernatural, and at 15 years old her abusive parents kick her out of the house because they disapprove of her career. After an emotional breakdown at the latest convention, Rob takes her in.

Pairing: Father Figure Rob x Reader

Word Count: 1,022

WARNING: Parental Abuse, Neglect, Emotional Breakdown, Fear, Loneliness.

LISTEN TO THIS SONG FIRST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwTMz6Nfhjg

I was six years old when my father first slapped me. I was six years old when my mother told me she wanted nothing to do with me. I was six years old when my father told me I was worthless.

I was 10 years old when I discovered Supernatural, and for the first time in my life I found something that made me happy.

By the time I was 14 years old, I was cast on the show. I lived in Los Angeles, and would do anything to get out of the house for a while. Don’t need much more than a signature to fly out of the country by yourself when it’s for a job.

Hayden Strong, 14-year-old teenager turned hunter after her parents died from hellhounds gone rouge. The best thing that would ever happen to me.

I was 14 years old when my character blew up on the show, and within months I was invited to my first convention. I was 14 years old when I met Rob Benedict.

I was 15 years old when he changed my life forever. 

“Get out of here! I never want to see your face in this house ever again! Leave!” yelled dad, letting you have nothing more than a duffle bag as he shoved you out of the house.

I closed my eyes, trying to get the memory from this morning out of my head. It was early Friday morning, and I had taken a cab to the Burbank Convention.

I had officially been kicked out, and I was barely keeping it together.

With my headphones in, I walked into the green room with my head down. I didn’t feel like talking to anybody, and to be quite honest I didn’t think I would be able to handle it. I headed straight for the food table, having been too busy to even think of eating breakfast this morning.

Rob, Rich, Kim, and Brianna were the only ones in the green room at the moment, and I could feel their eyes on me in confusion. Why hadn’t I said anything to them yet?

Placing slices of apple onto my plate, they nearly fell out of my hand as someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder. Turning around quickly, I came face to face with the one and only Rob Benedict.

Over the past year, Rob Benedict has basically become my best friend. He was there to help me around my first convention, he sat with me through every homework assignment I had to do backstage. He bought me every meal I didn’t have money for, every time the cast went out to a surprise dinner.

He even started to pay for a two-bedroom hotel room when he discovered I had been spending each night of a convention weekend sleeping on the couch in the green room.

I pulled my headphones out, looking up at him.

“He-Hey Rob. What’s up?” I asked. Trying to appear as normal as possible was not something I was apparently good at.

“You gonna tell me what’s wrong?” asked Rob, keeping his voice down for my benefit. I wasn’t as open to the rest of the cast as I was to him.

“Nothing, you know. I’m- I’m fine. It’s just been a rough morning you know?” All of a sudden, a door slammed, which caused me to jump with the noise. Rob noticed immediately.

“Hey guys!” Rich’s handler had walked in, but Rob kept his eyes on me as I tried to keep my eyes from spilling. Luckily all the attention from everyone else went to the handler.

“Y/N, it’s me. You know you can talk to me about anything.”

I trusted Rob, but God he already had to deal with so much being my friend. I already felt like so much of a burden for him. He already did so much for me I didn’t want to put more on his shoulders.

I took a deep breath.

“I’m fine, Rob. I swear. It was just a rough morning, nothing more.”

“Hey, Y/N! You’re scheduled for autographs in about five minutes, we gotta head down there.” My own handler had entered the room.

“I’ll see you later, Rob.” I said, beginning to walk away. Rob grabbed my arm, making me wince from the hand-shaped bruise I was hiding under my sweater. Rob let go quickly, reaching into his pocket and holding out a room key to me.

“Here, in case you want to put your suitcase in our room later.”

I took my room key from him.

“Thanks, but I only have this anyway.” I held up my duffle bag. I bid goodbye, turning around and leaving with my handler for the day. Thank God, the convention has started, I could definitely use the distraction.


“You alright, Rob?” asked Rich. Rob, Rich, Jared, and Jensen sat at the lunch table backstage in the green room. It was Sunday of the convention. Y/N was doing photo opps.

“Yeah um… I dunno. Has, has Y/N been acting a bit strange this weekend to you guys?” asked Rob.

“What do you mean?” asked Jensen.

“I don’t know guys. She’s barely said a word to any of us all weekend. I just feel like something’s off.”

“What are you talking about? She barely says a word to us any weekend. You know she keeps to herself.” said Jared.

“Yeah, but she always talks to me. I just feel like something’s wrong.” said Rob.

“Care to elaborate?” asked Rich.

“On Friday, when she got here, she jumped when a door slammed.”

“Maybe it just scared her?”

“I grabbed her arm, not tight or anything, I just wanted to give her the room key. But she flinched, she flinched like it seriously hurt, like I was grabbing a bruise or something.” said Rob.

“Are you suggesting someone’s been hurting her?” asked Rich. It was a big accusation to make, especially for a teenager living with her parents.

The sound of a door opening turned the four men’s heads, Y/N had walked in to get some lunch as well.

“I’m suggesting someone’s scaring her.”

ROB TAGS: @nerdyforyourbooks @madame-marilyn @tas898 @internationalmusicteacher 

FOREVER TAGS: @laffytaffyhumor @hudine @fandom–0verdose @madame-marilyn @casgrl @nerdyforyourbooks @waywardswain @goldenolaf25 @88dragon06 @dont-hate-relate-pls @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll @i-dont-understand-that-url @b-northington 

17.1 is officially in the books. I unfortunately did not finish. Out of the 225 reps for the WOD, I capped off at 212 at the 20min mark. Which means I was 13 short of finishing. And let me tell you, IT. WAS. TERRIBLE!!!!! Lol. I did the Rx weight which is the 50lb dumbbell snatch. That part was easy to me. It was the Burpee box jump overs that got me.

Most of you guys don’t know this, but I have really bad chronic asthma. (Seriously I’ve gone to a specialist my entire life). During the WOD, I had to use my inhaler twice to avoid completely passing out. One for after the 3rd set of burpee box jumps overs and another for after the 4th set. By the end I basically felt like I was breathing in glass shards and literally could not breathe. My lungs were so inflamed lol. For the last 50 reps of dumbbell snatches, a good 20 of them were done with my eyes closed because it was the only way I could focus. Anyways I’m still proud of myself for what I’ve done today. I hope everyone else did well too. If anyone else would like to discuss how they did. I would love to hear from you guys.

Btw, that’s my box owner judging me and his wife took that photo. Thank god she didn’t take one of me literally dying afterwards lol.

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Nissan Crossing in Ginza, Tokyo

Deep in the heart of Tokyo’s luxurious Ginza fashion district, on the corner of a big crossing, is a place called Nissan Crossing.

The best way to describe this place is kind of a brand showcase gallery where Nissan show off some of their latest concepts, technology and production cars. It’s a pretty cramped place on a busy day, so of all the photos I took, these were probably the only ones worth showing you guys. The Nismo GTR was obviously a highlight but it was also interesting to see some of Nissan’s concepts, namely this silver electric bladerunner thing. I don’t remember what it’s called, Nissan IDS or IBS or something…

The building itself is quite impressive and there is also a cafe upstairs if you want to enjoy a coffee while soaking up all those futuristic Nissan vibes.

Everyone needs a hobby

A/N: @courtneychicken​ came up with this idea late one night and a recent anon request brought me back to it. Most of these dogs I know personally so feel free to message me question about cute doggos. (Not my photos originally just edited them in snapchat.)

Warnings: Terribly cute and weird

Tags: @thecupcakeconsumer

“What is this?” Nat stood above your comfy spot on the couch curled up against Clint. Both of you squint to look at the image she has open on your phone. 

Your eyes widen instantly when you recognize the url. She had not only found one of your photos, she had unearthed the entire page. You burst out into frantic laughter as Nat’s face plummeted into further confusion and annoyance. Clint began laughing with you too and it took Nat smacking him upside the head to get the two of you to stop. “I want an explanation. This is really weird.”

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A Wonderful Weekend in Detroit

Life in Toronto was always so busy; things to do, places to see, items to get crossed off list after list after list.  

The opposite is what I think I like most about life in Detroit. 

Life in Detroit is quiet and peaceful. Each evening after work and weekend ahead allows for plans made up on the spot.  I’m living these days by the seat of my pants, and it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s something I didn’t know I loved so much until I moved State side. 

Friday evening I did approximately nothing. I had a one-on-one with my boss over beers and only got home around nine, so I made dinner and watched TV and was snoozing away by 11pm. Yessssssssss! 

Saturday morning a bunch of colleague friends met at my apartment and we made the 20 minute walk over  to Eastern Market.  

The market was busy and colourful and in full bloom. 

I bought myself this beautiful white orchid which I’m admiring as I type this. 

After the market Lucy and I headed north of Detroit to Birmingham! It was incredibly cute and quaint and made me want to move to a small little town. Lucy and I strolled about popping in and out of stores and boutiques. We found a spot called Toast and toasted ourselves on their patio over a delicious salad (we also ordered a broccoli appetizer, which arrived with a cheese fondue! so much for eating healthy). 

A lot of Michigan reminds me of Ontario (which obvs makes sense).  I love this wall below and now want to buy that Great Lakes water colour print below!

I ended up buying the below cute mug, a Mother’s Day card, and a Yay! You’re pregnant card. 

Then yesterday evening Lucy and I hosted a bunch of friends over to our apartment for a few drinks and evening out.   

My apartment building is very social. It’s almost like living in residence. It’s got a fantastic area for people to hangout, play pool, watch TV, read books, etc. The photo below doesn’t do it justice, but it’s the only one I can find right now.  

I dolled myself up with a lot of makeup (the first time I’ve worn eyeshadow in Detroit!) and met everyone downstairs.  Lucy and I have also started to make new friends with people who live in our building, so they joined us too.  We went to Motor City Brewery, and then Old Miami Club where Rodriguez was playing (incase you’ve ever seen Searching for Sugar Man on Netflix!). 

I hardly took any photos Saturday night, but then this morning Lucy and I met up with three guys / friends from our building for brunch at Seldon Standard. If you ever find yourself lucky enough to be in Detroit, go to Seldon Standard! It’s absolutely FANTASTIC food! 

After brunch our plan was to head to down to the water for a lake-front run, but we got distracted by our building’s sparkling pool, and spent the day oustide with friends. 

Some how we spent over six hours enjoying the sun, listening to music, dipping toes into the pool (me), swimming (Lucy), and sipping on Bloody Marys. 

Around 6pm we were exhausted from the day of nothing, so we headed to pizza (Pie Sci) with another friend from work and walked around admiring all the blossoms. 

And with that, a weekend I went into with with no plans at all, turned into a busy fun filled colourful weekend for the books blog!  And now I must sleep, as I’m hoping to run in the morning and start my week off on a high note! 

Don’t Lie to Me

a/n: this was a request from the blurb list, with Johnson. It’s a little different, in my opinion, but I hope you guys enjoy it. Requests are always welcome (: and sorry if it took so long to the lovely anon who requested it.


As cool as you’d think it’d be being Jack Gilinsky’s little sister, it’s not. Yeah he’s a cool brother and all, and yeah we get along great. It’s just, he tends to be very…overprotective.

He’s only older than me by a year, and he always claims ‘he’s just looking out for me’ and that ‘he just wants what’s best for me’ but I think it’s all bullshit.

He rarely lets me go out with him and the guys. Despite being close with all the boys since we usually just chill at someone’s house, if they’re going out I have to stay home. He thinks every decision I make is wrong and honestly he’s just way more strict that our actual father.

He also scares off any guy that comes near me. Telling them immediately that if he sees them even breathe the same air as me, him and his friends will beat the shit out of him. And then telling me they’re just gonna hurt me and use me for sex and all kinds of shit. All the boys think he’s being way too overprotective, and I couldn’t agree more.

Like Nate. The other day we were all hanging out at the beach and I had just taken my shorts and top off so I could lay out and tan. Nate made the comment ‘damn ma, you’re hot as fuck’ and Jack freaked out on him, even though they’re best friends.

It’s so annoying that he gets like that. I haven’t had a boyfriend since middle school, where all we would do is talk in class and eat lunch together. Now here I am. 18 years old, never had my first kiss, serious relationship or sex even.

The only guy jack ever really let me talk to was Johnson. And I literally told Johnson everything. We would hang out all the time. Since Jack was usually off with Madison whenever him and Johnson weren’t in the studio or on tour.

So over the years, I’ve developed a soft spot for Johnson. Spending so much time with him, constantly joking around, flirting, and staying up late at night, texting, on the phone, facetiming, or out on my roof, looking up at the sky talking, I just kinda got the feels for him.

There was some party tonight down at the beach, and like everyone was supposed to be there. We were gonna camp out and shit and have a big bonfire and of course drink. Jack had stayed over at Madison’s and I stayed at the boys house. I lived there anyway, at least out in their poolhouse, for ‘privacy’ but last night I stayed inside with Johnson. We stayed up till like 4 in the morning watching movies, talking, joking, flirting, and cuddling. Then I fell asleep on the couch with Johnson.

I was currently in my ‘house’ getting ready. I had on my cheeky bikini bottoms that made my butt look extra good and was currently struggling to tie my top tight enough.

“hey (y/n) I wa-oh shit sorry.” Johnson spoke as he walked into my room seeing the current situation I was in.

“no it’s fine. Actually could you help me?” I asked, turning over my shoulder and looking at Johnson with my puppy dog eyes.

“uh, yeah, um sure.”

He slowly walked over to me, grabbing the strings from me. I could feel the heat radiate off his body behind me as he stood so close. His breath on my neck as he pulled the strings, tying them. His hands lingered on my waist when he was done.

“is that good?” his hot breath hitting my neck and he whispered in my ear, as if someone would hear us.

“mhmmm. Thank you.” I turned around to face him, his hands still lightly on my waist and I looked up at him. I rested my hands on his bare chest and looked up at him. He looked in my eyes and then down to my lips, slowly licking his.

I had no idea what to do. I’ve never been this close with a guy before. Sure the boys and stuff whenever we took pics and Jacks fans always wanted pictures, and their brothers always wanted a picture with me to, being semi-famous simply for being Jack Gilinsky’s little sister and they all thought I was ‘a babe’ according to their tweets and photos. But other than that, I’ve never been close to a guy like this, in this position.

“Jack” I said softly, my eyes looking up at his brightly.

“Hmmm?” he hummed.

“is this where you kiss me?” I asked shyly. Only to see the biggest cutest smile come onto Johnsons face.

“I was thinking about it.” He smiled.

“You know I’ve never kis-“ I started but was cut off by Jacks lips softly being pressed against mine. I relaxed and closed my eyes, wrapping my hands around the back of his neck.

Jack pulled me in closer to him and all I could think about was how right this felt. I felt his tongue on my bottom lip and I wasn’t sure what to do, but Jack squeezed my butt, causing my eyes to shoot open and I let out a little gasp, I figured out he just wanted to put his tongue into my mouth.

Next thing I know my hands are in his hair, and his are roaming my body as we’re making out. Things were definitely getting hot, but I was totally okay with it. This is Johnson we’re talking about. The only guy I’ve ever actually had feelings for. All the guys Jack scared off were just first date, that would hopefully lead to more, but never did.

Jack and I pulled apart, just looking at each other. He still had his hand on my waist.

“(y/n), I like you…a lot, if it isn’t already obvious.” Johnson nervously chuckled.

“Jack, I like you too.” I smiled.

He smiled and pulled me closer to him, and our lips met again. It was sweet and gentle and I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss.

Things got heated again and Jack picked me up, wrapping my legs around him he walked over to my bed, laying down over top of me. We started grinding into each other. Both needing more friction. He started kissing my neck and I arched my back, feeling so good.

“Jack” I breathed out.

I felt him smirk and then he started kissing down my body. He stopped right above my bottoms and looked up at me.

“can I try something? You can tell me to stop if you’re uncomfortable I ju-“

“yes Jack. I trust you.” I smiled, looking down at him.

And with that he was pulling my bottoms off. I was so self conscious. Like I’ve never been like this with anyone.

“Jack what are you doi-mmmm” I cut myself off with a moan. His lips were on my clit and his fingers were inside of me. It felt so good.

“j-Jack” I moaned. My legs were shaking, and my back was arched up off the bed. He hummed against me and that was enough to do it for me. I released all over Jacks fingers.

He removed his mouth and fingers from my core and hovered above me with a smile. “was that okay?” he asked.

“y-yeah” I breathed out, causing Jack to let out a little chuckle.

“we should probably get going.” Jack said, getting up and handing me my bottoms.

“thank you” I smiled shyly, standing up and putting my bottoms on.

We walked out to Jacks car and got in after putting all our stuff in the trunk. I sat in silence. How was I supposed to act? How was I supposed to talk to him? Does this change things for us? Then he reached over and let his hand rest on my inner thigh.

“hy (y/n)” he spoke, keeping his eyes on the road.

“yeah?” I asked nervously.

“I was thinking we could go out to dinner tomorrow. I’d really like to take you on a date.” He smiled, looking over at me briefly.

“I’d like that.” I smiled.

“okay good.”

We got to the beach and everyone was there and I went to get out but before I could Jack grabbed my face and kissed me again. Then we headed down to the beach where everyone was.

Deciding to just act like we always do, Jack gave me a piggy back ride. We laughed, and once we got to the fire where everyone else was, I got off his back and we smiled at each other, walking over to Sammy, Skate and Emily.

“what’s up guys.” Sammy asked as we joined the group.

“nothing much.” Johnson responded, and with that the guys broke off into conversation.

Emily and I went to go get drinks for us and the guys and I told her about Jack and I and she was so excited. She always thought we would get together, so she was pretty happy about that. Then as we were standing there talking two hands snaked around my waist and I was pulled back into someones chest.

“hey beautiful.” Jacks familiar voice whispered in my ear. And I couldn’t help but smile. And looking at Emily, she had a huge smile on her face.

“hey Jack.” I said, placing my hands over his.

“hey Em.”

“Hey Jack.” Emily smirked, knowingly.

“do you know where G is?”

“yeah, him and Madison went down the beach for a walk.”

“oh, okay, well I’m gonna steal (y/n) for a bit then.”

“okay, just don’t be gone too long, we won’t be able to cover for you guys too long.” Emily winked and then walked back to the boys.

Jack took my hand and dragged me down to the shore, staring out at the ocean and walking ankle deep in the water hand in hand.

“so I was thinking about tomorrow, and the guys said dinner is to cliché so I was wondering if you’d like to grab something to eat and then go to the amusement park.”

“yeah, that’s fine with me.” I smiled brightly. “as long as that’s what you want.”

“hey, I’d do anything if it meant being with you.” He smiled.

“you’re so cheeky.” I laughed, playfully bumping into him.

He grabbed my waist though and turned me to face him. Grabbing my face and kissing me again.

“you love it.” He smiled, squeezing my side.

“whatever.” I laughed, wiggling out of his grip, only to have him grab my hand, stopping me. He smiled at me as we headed back to the fire with everyone. We walked up laughing and headed over to Emily and Wes, talking to them.

Suddenly Jack was grabbed by his shoulder and yanked around.

“YOU FUCKED MY SISTER” my brother yelled at Johnson.

“what?” Johnson asked, looking so confused. “no man.”

“DON’T LIE TO ME” Jack yelled.

“yo chill G. I didn’t fuck your sister.” Jack replied, remaining so calm.

“bullshit. I told you not to make a fucking move on her.”

“G, bro, do you not get it. I fucking like your sister. So what.”

“I don’t care, that doesn’t give you the right to fuck her.”

“Jack, we didn’t have sex. Chill out.” I finally stepped in.

“(y/n) I don’t care. Whatever you did do, he’s just using you. All he wants is sex.”

“That’s a shit thing to say bro. Especially about your best friend. You know I’ve liked her for a while now, you know I’d never do that. I care about her a lot and the fact that you think all I want form her is sex hurts a lot dude.” Jack spoke.

G looked between us and just shook his head and turned and walked away. Johnson went to go after him, but I reached out and stopped him.

“let me.” I whispered, looking at him with sympathetic eyes.

I went after Jack, finding him down by the shore. Ankle deep in the water, just looking out at the moon.

“jack.” I spoke softly.


“look at me.” I sighed. I hated when he was mad at me. But regardless, he turned around.


“Look, I get it, you’re mad. But you really have no need to be. We didn’t have sex.”

“but I’m sure you guys will. (y/n), I know Johnson, and he’s crazy about you.”

“okay? And what’s so wrong with that Jack? Honestly. He’s your best friend, you’ve known him forever, and you think he would actually just want it to be all about sex?”

“no, I just. I don’t like the idea of something happening. (y/n) you could get all kinds of diseases, or pregnant. Do you really want a kid right now?”

“okay? But you and Madison have sex all the time? Aren’t you worried about her getting pregnant?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

“it’s different. We use protection an-“

“you don’t think I’d make whatever guy I have sex with wear one? And on top of that you know I’m on the pill.”

“Yeah, I guess, I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Jack sighed.

“I know you don’t.” I sighed. “but do you really think Johnson would hurt me? Wouldn’t you rather me be with him than some other random guy?”

“I see what you’re saying little sis.” Jack sighed. “You’re just my little sister and I really wanna watch out for you. You deserve the best.” Jack smiled, pulling me into a hug.

“thanks Jack.” I smiled, hugging him back. “so can you go talk to Johnson now?” I asked, looking up at him.

“yeah.” He smiled. “if that’s what you really want.” He said playfully.

“yeah, I’d love it. I don’t want you scaring him off. I like this one a lot.” I smiled, hugging Jack and kissing his cheek.

After a while, we all just sat around the fire and hung out. Jack and Jack talked things out, and Jack was totally okay with me and Johnson. I sat on his lap at the fire, and we started acting more coupley. Hand holding, random kisses, and everything in between. I’ve never been happier.