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i’ve made art for the mass effect fandom for some time and am now finding it really difficult to get into the dragon age fandom. i’ve noticed that here on tumblr, dragon age fans are a lot less likely to share smaller blog’s fanart, which leaves so much amazing art with only 1 or 2 notes, whereas the mass effect fandom generally is more supportive and shows more love, even to smaller blogs. i know firsthand how upsetting and discouraging it can be as an artist to spent several hours on a piece to have nobody care about it. to counteract this, i’ve started going through the dragon age tags are liking/reblogging (reblogging is especially important) the original content i see as a way to encourage the creators who may be feeling like their work isn’t good enough or appreciated. if anyone reading this feels this way: please keep making your art!

I’m Not Useless

Warning: slight angst, if there’s others please let me know

Pairing: eventually Thorin x reader, the company, Gandalf

A/n: I’ve been working on this since I think december. I finally finished it hahaha My first Thorin fic, hope you all like it. Plus the tag lists are still open

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              Before Thorin had said anything about stopping for the night, you wondered off into the woods. You were shorter than Balin and you were as small as Ori, if not smaller. You thought none of the company wanted you with them. Thinking the only reason Thorin had let you come with them was because you were born in the halls of Erebor and you told him you wouldn’t take no for an answer. You would have followed them if he had denied you coming.

               Armed with your bow and sword, you searched the woods for something better than a crappy rabbit. Slowly making your way through the trees, you hear a faint sound of a large beast. Pulling an arrow out of your quiver, readied your bow, and made your way towards the beast. The beast was grazing on some grass as you let loose an arrow. The arrow embedding itself into its back which only caused it to get angry. You quickly slipped your bow over your shoulder while drawing your sword. The boar charged at you. Just before the boar lunged at you, you swiftly leaped onto its back and drove your blade into the back of its neck. The beast fell to the ground which only caused you to go flying off but landed on your knee.

               You stood up and smirked to yourself. You walked back to the dead beast and pulled your arrow from its hide along with your sword.

               “Now let’s see if any of the others will speak poorly of me now.” You chuckled as you began to drag the beast towards where you thought the company would camp for the night.

*The Company*

               Everyone started doing what they were assigned to do like always. Thorin was doing a head count only to realize he came up short. He walked about the area only to come see that you were nowhere in sight.

               “Has anyone seen (Y/n)?” Thorin’s voice boomed over the area which caused everyone to look at him confused. Everyone except Bilbo.

               “I haven’t seen her since earlier, before we stopped for the night.” Kili said as he was carrying some wood for the fire followed by Fili.

               “I swear she is damn near as useless as Ori at times.” Thorin rubbed his forehead with his hand.

               “Well, um, maybe she heard you talking earlier. She did seem a bit off before she wondered off into the trees.” Bilbo had seen you wonder into the woods. None of the others knew that you had overheard them and the look on Thorin’s face was proof. “She’s not as useless as you all think.”

               Just then a loud sound echoed through the trees. It took a moment before most of them realized that the sound came from a boar, a pretty large one at that. Kili looked at Fili shocked.

               “You don’t think that could have been?” Fili looked back at his brother shocked as well and shrugged. Bilbo stood there with a look of pride on his face, knowing damn well who just killed the boar that everyone just heard.

               You saw the light of the fire through the trees and you heard some of the others talking. They had been talking about you, from the sounds of it.

               “Do any of you know what (Y/n) did before embarking on this journey with all of us?” You heard Bilbo ask the others, to which you never expected none of them to answer.

               “She was, um, she was.” Thorin tried to think of what you did. Truth be told, none of them truly knew of what you did. In all your years in Erebor, you never once set foot in the mines themselves. All you mainly did was smithing. You never made weapons like a lot of the other males, like Thorin, you mainly work with gold silver and copper along with some gems that were to be laid in the metals. You had known Thorin’s mother who you had made several pieces for at her request, knowing that the metal would be prefect just the way she wanted it and better.

               “I was what most would call a jeweler. I worked with precious metals like gold and silver.” You walked out of the trees, dragging the boar towards the group. “In fact, Thorin’s mother had requested that I make a few pieces for her. Which most were beaded clasps for her and her family.” You looked at Thorin, seeing one of the beads you had made before Smaug invaded and took your home. “After Smaug attacked and after many had settled into Ered Luin, I didn’t pick up my skill. Instead I took up hunting and trained myself to fight.”

               “You took down that beast yourself?” Bofur was shocked to see someone as small as you dragging a boar that was as big as you were, if not bigger.

               “Yes I did.” You looked at Thorin straight in the face. “I’m not as useless as I look.” You walked past everyone, leaving the boar to the others to take care of. Oin had followed you, worried about you.

               “Let me check to see if you were hurt, Lass.”

               “I’m fine, Oin. The beast didn’t even touch me, let alone scratch me.”

               “I want to make sure.” You held up your hands and looked at the Dwarf in eyes.

               “Oin, I’m sure I’m fine. Mahal couldn’t take me down, not without a fight.” He shook his head and walked away. You only had a few moments to yourself before Thorin stalked over.

               “What in the name of Mahal did you think that you could take down that boar by yourself?” Thorin looked pissed and it didn’t bother you.

               “I heard what you guys have said about me. How I’m just as or more useless than Ori. Ori is a scribe you thick headed horse’s backside. You knew damn well what I did before that blasted dragon took our home. Yet you still had the nerve to say I’m as useless as a scribe, a scribe. Ori has proved that he has courage that you thought he didn’t have.”

               “Ori is different.”

               “No, Thorin, Ori is not different. The only thing that is different between me and Ori while on this quest is the thing between his legs. Yet our own burglar was the one who saw that I was not as useless as you tried to pin me as.” You pushed past Thorin, stopping next to him. “Now if you don’t mind, your majesty, I’m leaving this conversation before I get the urge to do something that would be regretted.” You continued past him and past the others without even a second glance at any of them.

               The others just stared at you as you walked away from the camp site and into the woods. None of them said a single word to you as you walked past them all. Bilbo was the only one who tried to talk to you and even the wizard Gandalf spoke to you when he was around. Even Gandalf had tried to tell the other males that you weren’t useless like they thought you were.

               You walked through the trees, lucky that you were light enough that no leaf crunched under your feet and there was almost no sound from your heavy boots. The quiet was like home for you, ever since settling in Ered Luin you had settled into a quiet area of the mountain. You didn’t have to listen to others talk about you, despite everyone had lost someone due to Smaug but you lost everyone close to you. You had lost you mother, father, uncle, and aunts, you had even lost a few friends but you didn’t want to burden anyone with your pain. The trees gave way to a small clearing. As you look behind you, you could still see the glow from the fire.

               You walked into the center of the clearing and sat down in the grass. Looking up at the sky, you decided to let yourself relax. Sliding off your quiver and bow, you laid back and just watched the sky. Missing how the stars looked as you looked from above the gates of Erebor, missing the heat from the furnaces of the forges, missing how when you were a youngling and being friends with Thorin and not caring at the time of titles or of the dragon that would take over. The memories of your family flashed before your eyes and a single tear slipped from your eyes, sliding slowly into your long semi-matted hair.

               You heard a twig snap from where you came and quickly sat up, swiftly grabbing your bow and an arrow then aiming it at the intruder. You would have thought Bilbo would come to talk with you but instead you find yourself aiming your bow at Thorin. You undrew your bow and set it back on the ground where you had it then laying back down on the grass, not caring if Thorin came or went. When the stubborn Dwarf didn’t leave you sat back up and looked at him.

               “What do you want, Thorin?” Your eyes looking up at the sky above you.

               “I have come to talk.”

               “I do not feel there is a need to talk.” You gently slid a hand down your face before you sat up completely. You grabbed your bow and quiver before standing up. Turning to face the Dwarf that you had known your whole life. “You have already said enough so far on this journey. I doubt that there is anymore that you can say. You had already deemed me as useless and yet I killed something for your company to eat.” You started to make your way back towards the others when Thorin grabbed your arm and stopped you from walking further.

               “Will you hear me out for a moment before walking off again?”

               “Why shall I give you the honor of calling me useless to my face or even try to tell me just how foolish I was to take on that boar myself.”

               “I am the leader of this company and the rightful king under the mountain.” His voice low and stern which sent chills down your spine but you were able to hide it.

               “Good for you Thorin. I honestly lost all hope of caring what title you held decades ago. I do not care if you are the ruler of all Middle-Earth, I deny you of saying what you have on your mind. You have called me useless when you thought that I couldn’t hear.” You felt the familiar pain in your chest that you had been getting since this whole thing started. “You may be the leader of this company, Thorin, but have clearly forgotten that you weren’t the only one who lost people in the attack. You can stand here and say you didn’t lose your father and your sister while others have lost everyone. You have your family, Thorin. I have nothing to live for back in Ered Luin and I will not be able to lay to rest my family who had fallen trying to escape Erebor.” You pulled your arm from his grip and turned to look at him, trying not to think of the family you had lost. “Now that I see I can’t be left alone. I’m going to set up my bedroll and go to sleep. Good night, your majesty.” You started to walk away from Thorin.


               “I said good night.” You looked back at him, not realizing a single tear slipped past your lashes and streamed down your cheek. Turning around, you walked back to the camp and off to the far side away from everyone you set up your bedroll then readied yourself for bed. You faintly saw the expression on Bilbo’s face as you walked by everyone, you knew he would worry about you since he was the only one besides Gandalf who saw your worth. You grabbed your cloak and went to sleep.

               Bilbo looked from your now sleeping form to the others of the group. His mind was on how you made sure he was safe up until now. He released a sigh which didn’t go unnoticed by the others.

               “What’s troubling you, Bilbo?” Bofur looked at a concerned Bilbo.

               “(Y/n) has become like a sister to me. An older protective sister but a sister none the less. She had saved me many of times up till now.” He thought back to every time you fought fiercely when he became outnumbered or when he became slow.

               The others sat there as the boar cooked, not really knowing how to reply to what Bilbo said. He thought back to the conversation that the two of you had earlier that day.

               ~ “I’m leaving the company tomorrow before the sun rises in the sky.” Taking off the hood of your cloak. “I’m tired of being belittled by those who are supposed to have my back.”

               “You cannot leave the company, (Y/n). Who will keep me company and have an enjoying conversation with?”

               “I must leave, Bilbo.” You looked towards Thorin, not regretting the emotion that was showing in your eyes. “No one but you wants me here, you have heard them yourself.”

               “They are frustrated and this journey is getting to them.”

               “That does not give them any right to say what they have said. I have just as much right to be here, being born in those tunnels like Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, and a few of the others.”

               “How much younger that Thorin are you, if you don’t mind me questioning?”

               “Only a couple years.”

               “You look a lot younger than him, you look almost the same age as Fili.”

               “That is very kind of you, Bilbo.” You gave the Hobbit a small soft smile, one that hadn’t seen much light as of late. “It warms my heart that you think that. Mahal knows we all need a friend who sees our worth even when others don’t.”

               “Does that mean you will change your mind about leaving?” You shook your head at him.

               “No it doesn’t.” You started messing with the butt of your blade. “I can make it back to Rivendell in a few days, a week if that and I’ve heard that the forges there are descent but nothing like the forges of Erebor.” You smirked a little at the comment.

               “Whatever happens tonight, Bilbo, do not tell the others especially Thorin that I will make my way to Rivendell. Thorin holds a grudge with all Elven kin thanks to the Elven king Thranduil.” Bilbo nodded his head with a sad look on his face.

               “I will not tell them.”

               “Thank you, Bilbo.” ~

               With dawn a few hours away, you woke up. Looking around at the camp and seeing that everyone was asleep. Quietly you packed up your bags and was about to take your leave when a voice made you stop.

               “Where do you think you’re going?” The voice was not of one of the dwarves or even Bilbo but of Gandalf.

               “I’m heading back to Rivendell.”

               “You don’t have to lie to me, (Y/n). You’re going to head towards Erebor. You lied to Bilbo, telling him you were going somewhere safe.”

               “He has enough to worry about with being with this company and all. If he knew where my path would truly take me, he would most definitely worry and try to keep me here.” You looked at Bilbo as he slept.

               “Then why go? He sees you as a sister.”

               “I know he does but I must take my leave before things are said that will be regretted.” You looked at Thorin and felt your heart hurt. The two of you used to be best friends when you were young and now it’s as if reclaiming Erebor is more important. “May the wind always be at your back.”

               Without waiting for a retort or even a response, you turned away from the wizard and left the company. You knew you would see them all again, you just didn’t know when.

AN: So… it’s been almost two years since I last posted a prompt, I think. I doubt this will become regular again, But. I miss fandom, and I want to get back into writing FF a bit more. The video prompted is here :)

I included my OC James in this; for more info on him, check out my “oc James” tag. 

Sometimes, Steve couldn’t believe there were only five months between Peter and James. Not only was James so much smaller than Peter, but Peter was just… so much more grown up than James was. Steve got what all the books had been saying now; the difference between a year and eighteen months was staggering

Even knowing all that, however, he had never quite expected what he ended up finding in the lounge that morning. 

“Tony, honey,” he grinned, sticking his head into the kitchen to find his husband wrestling with Lily - their three year old - over plastic bowl of Cheerios. “You have to come see this.”

“Can’t it wait ‘til Gremlin One over here has been fed?” Tony asked, and then grimaced as Lily screeched at the top of her lungs and threw her bowl across the room. “I thought you were gonna dress the boys, anyway? Are they okay?”

“Peter’s being adorable,” Steve replied. “Just… come. Get in here - you’ll want to see this.”

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Any advice for first starting and art blog??

  1. Make art. So much art. The only way to get noticed and run a ‘successful’ art blog is to make content that people notice. This doesn’t mean that you have to post daily (however it is good to still practice art daily/as often as you can, for then you can truly improve!) but it’s important to try and post things several times a week, even if they’re smaller doodles. I’ve fallen into another fandom at the moment so I’m still posting art all the time, just on a different blog than this one, and let me tell you that I’ve grown much faster on that blog than I have on this one.
  2. Only the first five tags matter. I know a lot of people tag like 20 things, or they’ll ramble a bit at the beginning of their tags, but Tumblr only tracks the first five tags. So if you tag “spaghetti” as your seventh tag, and you search “spaghetti” on Tumblr, it won’t show up. So tag the most important and searchable tags first and then ramble later.
  3. Don’t use too many tags. I haven’t tested this but I read somewhere that if you have too many tags, Tumblr may mark it as potential spam and thus it won’t show up in the search that way either. So try not to make too many tags with you rambling. I know I do that a lot so I have to be very conscious on it when I post my original art.
  4. Have creative tags! People love good tags; or at least, I do. I’m not very creative since I have the simplest of simple art tags (#xaandiir art…..very clever). But having a clever doodle tag or other kind of tagging system is appealing. Having a clean and organized way for people to search through your art/blog is also extremely important! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to look through someone’s blog for a specific fandom or just through their art tag and they use 5 different tags that you have to search individually.
  5. Use a clean and appealing theme. Tumblr is about aesthetic and how things look. Using default themes can make you seem inexperienced and that might lose you some interest. It’s also good to keep an appealing mobile design since that’s how a lot of people will see your blog. Have a good avatar and keep your description short but sweet and easy to understand.
  6. Make a “brand” for yourself. When I started my art blog here, and essentially cleaned everything out, I decided I was never going to change my URL of xaandiir. You want people to know you. If you’re constantly changing your URL then it will be hard for people to properly find you. You need to settle on something and then stick with it, if you can. I didn’t know how well xaandiir would grow on me. It was just something that I came up with and decided to use, and it turned out that it fits me pretty well! It may take time for that brand to really fit, but then you should stick with it!

Now I’m by no means a professional or “successful” art blog, but these are things I’ve seen from people more popular than me and also have helped me grow faster than when I first started. It’s also a good idea to keep your art blog separate from your fandom blog, which is why I started a different personal blog for where I reblog my fandom stuff and keep this one as where I have my art tutorials and post my art content and writing and such!

Oh! And I nearly forgot the most important bit! Make artist friends!! It may be intimidating, but becoming friends with other artists can give you people to talk to and get opinions about your art (so you can grow) and then you can also promote one another on your blogs and grow together. Having an art community between you and your friends is really important and so it’s good to approach artists that you admire, even if it might be intimidating.

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Y'all act as though I don't try to interact. Like I don't try to be a part of things but my stuff is always ignored. I've been part of this fandom since the beginning and never got a foot in the door no matter how hard I tried. It's always the same people. Always tagging one another instead of reaching out to smaller blogs.

Here’s the thing here Anon. Nonnie. Anonymous person I can’t properly respond to because you’re, well, on anon.

I wasn’t here at the beginning of the fandom. I didn’t actively get into this fandom until early 2015, almost a full year after the film had come out.

I didn’t know anyone coming in. So you know what I did? I produced content. But not only did I produce content, I reached out. I reached out because no one knew who I was. I came in without a clue and I just started tagging blogs that I noticed or responding to their post so I could start a dialogue. 

How do you think I met the people I did? The people I tag all the the time in posts? For @secondarysushicorps @kingsmanposts and @getinthefuckingjaeger, I found out they were all from a region I have family in through one of their posts and butted into the conversation and now I’ve met Nina in real life and text Kallie and tweet Mira.

I basically made fan edits and commentary for the original @kingsmanhartwin‘s fics until we started talking more and then I fangirled the current owner of the account into being friends with me too when I found out about her original work.

I think I met @elletromil and @sententiousandbellicose around the same time and then that broke some kind of dam and suddenly I was knee deep in new people I hadn’t even noticed on tumblr before, both big and small blogs.

I made friends, and I still have those friends, the “same people” I tag over and over because guess what? I know what they like. I know what they’re interested in. Because we’re friends. And they do the same for me because they know what I like and am interested in.

And you know? I do reach out to smaller blogs, new blogs, whenever I see them on my dash or when I’m browsing the Kingsman tag.

But you can’t expect me or anyone else to constantly be looking.

We do what we can to be accepting, welcoming, and to open dialogue with others, but as I already said, you cannot expect me or anyone to constantly be reaching out.

It’s a two way street. You have to put in the effort to. You can be in a fandom for forever and no one can know who you are and it sucks. I know that. Kingsman was my fourth fandom and the first one that I actually made friends in. But it was also the one that I put the most effort into. 

But I don’t know what to tell you, Nonny. I can’t really say anything more than I’ve already said. On my part, I tag people I know. I reach out to smaller blogs when I see them. I reblog content that I like in the tags and on my dash. I’m sorry if that’s not enough.

A few kind words...

Okay I know it may seem like a lot of the fandom is against us Scalia shippers, but I really do need to point out that it’s not so much as a bunch of people as it is some people who are just really loud and annoying.

Scallison shippers are angry because of course they are. They treated Scira shippers like shit as well. They’re going to be mad at every ship involving Scott because they’re a bunch of bitter bitches.

Scira shippers are angry about how their ship and namely Arden was treated. Instead of pointing their anger at the people who are responsible for that, like the writers for example, they’ve decided that Scalia is the easier target. Why blame the people who are responsible when you can blame the people who had no part in the shit they’re angry about? And just for the record, a lot of people in the Scalia fandom agree that Arden was treated like shit. But it’s also NOT OUR FAULT!

Stalia shippers are angry because of how Stalia ended, and just like Scira shippers are blaming the group that had nothing to do with it because we’re the low hanging fruit.

Stydia shippers are angry because…actually I don’t see why they’re joining in on this. Our ship does not have anything to do with theirs in any way, shape or form. If anything, it actually makes sure that Malia won’t try to get Stiles back, which gives Stydia some security. Maybe it’s because of the trailers. I just assumed they’re showing so little Stydia so they can save those scenes for when they actually air. Either way, they’ve joined in for stupid reasons because, again, we have nothing to do with that.

Now let me try to explain something to you spiteful little babies. Scalia was a crackship! A lot of us wanted it to happen but we didn’t think it would. Before this announcement, the Scalia/Scolia tags were mostly silent. They got new posts every once in a while, but it was easily the most inactive shipping fandom in this show. Even less than Scallison, and Allison is DEAD.

Most of us didn’t push for this because we didn’t believe it was possible. To those of you calling this fanservice, go fuck yourselves. We didn’t push for this enough for the writers to do this purely for fanservice. What fans are they servicing?! The fans from one of the least active shipping fandoms on their show? How does that accomplish anything? Stydia is a FAR bigger fanservice than Scalia.

We didn’t do shit, you whiny little bitches. Most of us Scalia shippers are just as shocked as you are. But now that our crackship, our long shot ship is becoming a thing, we’re sure as hell going to be excited about it.

This is not us versus you. This is you being unreasonably pissed off at us while we’re just happy our ship is happening. I’m personally not the least bit interested in your childish little shipping war, and considering that there are only limited episodes left, I don’t NEED to worry about your temper tantrum for very long.

Keep your bitching in your own tag and stay out of ours. You want to be a big baby and throw a fit? Feel free. That’s your right. But right now, you’re just a bigger shipping fandom slinging shit at a smaller shipping fandom because you’re a bunch of bitter assholes who just want something to direct their anger at.

But I need to reiterate to everyone else, these are just a small section of those shipping fandoms. They’re loud, whiny, and annoying but they’re not large in number. It’s basically just the same people saying the same shit over and over again. Most of the people in those fandoms, I’m quite sure, do not give a damn about any of this.

But those few people are nonetheless, really annoying.

you know I have endless gripes with reaper76 but what I’m never gonna let go is the tiniest, smallest thing: that gabe is taller than jack. I see it everywhere. it was always in fics, gabe is always taller than jack in art, and it seems petty, but they’re the same height! they’re both tall fucks. anytime I see it, all I can think of is the assumption that gabe, a dark skinned man, has to be taller, larger, more masculine. im never not gonna be mad about art that makes jack smaller and gabriel larger. it wouldnt JUST be a headcanon if it wasnt EVERYWHERE. i feel like half of yall think its canon at this point. not to mention that 9/10 times, lucio is portrayed as taller than he actually is, too. the only character shorter than him is torbjorn but dva and tracer are always shown as smaller than him.

think about why you do that. think about why fandom insists on making dark skinned men larger than they really are. ponder on why you always want to “headcanon” them larger and then get back to me on how it’s just your harmless fun. the hyper-masculinazation of darkskinned men is never not gonna piss me off, sorry.

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do you have any writing tips? for someone who dares to post but doesn't have a lot of feedback? it's a bit demotivating :( I am asking you because your writing is amazing!

thank you nonny! I’m touched you like my work :) I’m going to split this reply into three parts: 1) fandom feedback, 2) writing growth, and 3) writing tips. maybe this is more than you wanted but it’s how I roll. under the cut because words, words, words!

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As much as I despise all the hate in tags I have to say all the debates that go on surrounding consent, and the role of fiction in establishing our own morals and beliefs is super interesting.
I always seem to ship the unhealthy/smaller ships as I view fiction as a way of exploring relationships that I’d never be part of in real life. So I’ve never really considered it as abnormal or strange until I started shipping cegan. I’ve never seen such a rise in people that hate on it, even when I was in the Snarry fandom which is so much more controversial than cegan. So it got me wondering why this ship in particular gets so much hate. Is it because of a immaturity in the haters who see things are very one dimensional and who themselves can’t distinguish between fiction and reality? Or is it because it’s a smaller ship so it’s easier to shout and be heard. I only ask because I don’t see half as much hate on ships like Aria/Ezra tags even though it’s 1000x more damaging. Also is there hate on the Enid/Carl tag? Are they all perverts for shipping two underage characters? Is it not weird to sit at home and be happy that two 16 (I’m saying 16 as I have no idea what the real age of the characters is supposed to be) are kissing? Is that not endorsing child pornography?

I feel like there’s a significant lack of appreciation that the age of consent changes depending on country. So for me someone older dating a 16 year old isn’t disgusting it’s just weird and unrealistic. My country believes that you can make educated decisions about sex at the age of 16 and that is in a world where there isn’t a zombie apocalypse happening (I feel like that would make a person mature a little bit)

I also don’t believe that it’s the responsibility of the media and fiction writers, whether they be fan-fiction or TV show writers, to uphold a certain moral standard. Surely more emphasis should be on informing people that these relationships in real life aren’t healthy rather than telling people not to write about them. It’s comparable to people that enjoy certain fantasies i.e lots of people enjoy rape fantasies but I sincerely doubt anyone would want to be raped in real life. So why isn’t it acceptable for people to fantasize and talk about these ships in a semi-private sphere?

Why hold writers accountable for ‘promoting unhealthy relationships’ when they are merely using writing as a creative outlet?

And this whole critique of aging up characters is super strange because arguably we’re all just waiting for people to be legal 😂 Why is it such a problem to age up characters? Sometimes characters have a super interesting dynamic (like Carl and negan) due to their personalities (not their physical appearance) which makes it more fun to ship them.

The whole reason I ship Carl and Negan is because I love the older/younger partner dynamic it’s something I like in my own private life and I enjoy seeing it in fanfiction. It’s also incredibly fucking hot that Carl is Negan’s enemy son, I find rough sex/hate sex a huge turn on (sorry for the tmi guys but I can’t shut up now) and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to read about it or enjoying that dynamic within any sort of pairing where the characters are of age. What doesn’t turn me on is an older person having sex with a underage person. To reiterate my earlier point 16, for me, is the age of consent (blame English law guys) so as long as the characters are above that then it’s OK in a sexual context. I do know that a lot of people complain because they see shipping Cegan with shipping Chandler with Jeff but that is a big assumption to make. Firstly it assumes that a person is using those images when reading fan fiction which isn’t always the case. Secondly Chandler is now 17 I believe which again makes him more than legal over here so why the hell not.

Moreover you’ve got all the general issues about the show like what kind of people are we that would enjoy a show that shows characters being beheaded or beaten to death? Or that would have a kid shoot his mom? Given the argument that fiction like cegan encourages abusive relationships would that mean that the show endorses killing people? How is that not worse?

Where is all the ranting on that? Another point to consider because my brain is clearly not done with this topic is the type of relationships these characters have. I know a lot of the antis like to say that shipping cegan romanticises abuses romantics relationships but can I just point out that a lot of the fiction out there isn’t about them being in a relationship? Most of the time it’s about sex. Any romantic fiction that exists (and trust me I’ve read all of them) places the characters as over 18 and in an alternative reality setting. All the fiction I’ve read has never appeared to suggest that their relationship is a healthy one. This ship thrives on the fact that it’s unhealthy and problematic, I don’t think a single shipper out there would ever say it’s a good example of a perfect relationship. It is however a good example of an interesting dynamic and I find it fascinating to see how people bring the couple to life.

OK I’m done ranting now 😂 feel free to reply to this post I’m not siding one way or another these are more my thoughts from several years of being in fandoms and shipping weird ships. I’m genuinely interested to hear what people say on the topic. Personally I’m a very liberal person. I don’t care who ships as long as long as you do it in the privacy of your own tag.

Oh and don’t bother replying if all you’re going to do is stick to one line hate or whatever. I’m actually looking to learn about more sides of this argument not just read shit.

Hi I’m gonna complain for a paragraph or two sorry ‘bout that but uh
Can we not put those generic “when someone says you can’t ship your otp” “when your otp does etc” “did you read any books? *thinks of all the fanfic I read*” “my parents would be disappointed if they knew I read gay smut” posts OUT OF ship tags???? It’s kinda annoying. I would screenshot and add one in this post but I don’t want to… start anything. (Not like they’d FIND me I’m irrelevant)
I mean, usually when you into a ship’s tag you want gifs/fan art/headcanons/fan fiction/screenshots/theories and AU’s…. right? Not… reaction gifs that aren’t from that fandom. Not posts tagged with sebaciel,klance,cielois, ereri, viktuuri, komahina, naegiri, Any other fucking ship. I don’t MIND these ships. Hell, I ship some of them and some of them are even canon. If i wanted those posts I’d probably go into the 'otp’ tag? It’s even kinda bled into the 'fanfic’ tag that I’m struggling to find ACTUAL FANFICTION.
And it’s (not to offend) usually in the lgbt ships. I… wonder…
I don’t care abut fujoshi/yuri fandom culture at all. It’s annoying and a little childish but… god damn it. It’s sort of the same general rule as 'hey don’t put the main tag on a ship post (unless it’s a romance genre/dating sim/canon usually)’. It’s been going on for a while now, and the posts usually have ten-twenty ships tagged and pleaseeeeeee
Just don’t. Don’t do that. Everyone seems to do it, and it floods the tag. Especially if it’s a smaller ship.

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I really hate these new kind of Theon Stan. You cant say anything bad about him or you hate him (I do love him but Jon is right. He is an ass at times). You cant ship him with who ever you want without their approval or you hate him (or are Hitler if you like Thramsay) Who do these people think they are? They don't love Theon anymore than the rest of us. If they want to act like that, OK! but stay in your own little space and don't bother other people by tagging this shit.

……… I wanted to soften the blow but….. I really got nothing to add I mean I don’t *hate* anyone and I want everyone to get along and the larger the fandom the better because theon is already underappreciated but goddamn it I’m not here for fandom police or fandom purity or social justice calvinism in a SMALLER subfandom of a character everyone in the main fandom hates when asoiaf is like the ONLY goddamn fandom in existence where the discourse isn’t everywhere.


our faves have flaws. it’s fine to admit it. and it’s fine to like them also because they have flaws, and honestly I’m tired of this attitude where OMG THE SHOW IS BETTER THAN THE BOOK AND VICEVERSA and you can’t say you like the book best before people come at you like ‘in the book he’s a horrible person’ *rolls eyes*, never mind the purity wank. like. we’ve been here for years. every time the thramsay discourse started it was like NO NOT AGAIN. let people like what the fuck they like. and yeah it’s not like it’s a contest for WHO LOVES HIM MORE or tbh i think I’d have good chances at it if only because idk who the hell was here since adwd came out but I still go on that tag and I haven’t given up on it yet

/joking no obviously I don’t love him more than anyone else are we serious XD let’s… just… not make it into a contest pls and yeah DON’T TAG

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pls rate your _current_ fandoms for me. but i mean it including stuff like hockey or cats oh whatever you are fandom-y fond of right now. (not historically, i really mean the _currently_ part) Thanks!

PMMM is definitely top 1 right now, and has actually been for some time. Of the little fanfic I come around to reading right now, all is at least a PMMM crossover. I watch PMMM music videos on youtube. I’ve read a fair number of PMMM doujinshi. Most of my translation work on danbooru is PMMM centric. It’s probably my second most common tag on tumblr (likely after the #cute #cats combination, but … those are like background noise, always there but not what I’d call a real fandom infatuation) in the last month. I only use pixiv kinda sparingly, but it’s my second most bookmarked tag after yagakimi … on tumblr the yagakimi fandom is much smaller, so there’s less source material to fawn over and tumblr is definitely the main time sink for me, fandom-wise.

This much PMMM is still kind of surprising actually, because I wasn’t as much of a fan after I first watched it. Anime/manga (especially everything Shaft) as a fandom category absolutely dominates what my mind thinks of as recreation right now. Whenever a new chapter of anything comes out, I’m briefly infatuated, and then it’s over again until the next chapter. In theory, there’s still a few HP fanfics I’m following, but I’d have to restart most from the beginning, because the same thing that’s true for new manga chapters isn’t currently true for new HP fanfic chapters.

But that’s mostly a rating by sheer volume, which, obviously, reveals preferences … but I’ve got a few more fandoms that are still going strong despite being overshadowed by whatever current fad I’m following.

#space is definitely one of them. And #transhumanism. It’s been summer, but #hockey and especially #go leafs go are about 15 minutes from making a big comeback. #atla and #tlok are still there, but 

Most anything else I’m fandom-y fond of is probably happening outside of tumblr. Like, I don’t really talk about it much, but security engineering and encryption are still special interests for me (and nowadays part of my job), mostly because I absolutely suck at explaining stuff. I’ve been doing a lot of nix and need to get into Rust much more. #stats has taken a beating recently, because of too much work and no time for brain-intensive pastimes. On the other hand, Japanese has been going especially strong since I’ve discovered wanikani.

So yeah … I guess that’s the gist of it for right now.

Prompts, please?

(I want to write, but idk what to write)

Honestly, I only have patience/time for drabbles or short fics at the moment… But thats better than nothing at all, right?

I’m going to write a few prompts for rare pairs or for pairs in smaller fandoms. If it’s not on my list, feel free to ask. I have no notps, so don’t worry :) I just ask no popular ships this round, I’d like to give some love to smaller ship tags.

  • Voltron (rair pairs only please)
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (any Frederick ship)
  • Young Justice (any ship, this fandom is on the slower side)

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I mean don't feel too bad about it, because it's not just you. It's definitely most people in the TF community--you 'big name blogs' are so locked-down on shit that it's ridiculous. It's impossible for anyone who's not well-known to break past your tight-knit walls and get some exposure, and a big part of that is b/c you all are so busy with circle-jerking each other that you don't have time to acknowledge anyone else, and all you put on people's dashes are each other's works. It's frustrating.

Alright, now you’re being rude and still off-topic, but I’m going to answer anyway because this attitude is not going to help anybody and I think you should know that.

How do you think “big name blogs” happen? Do you think any blog that gets a lot of traffic just got that one day out of nowhere? Every single artist who is considered big in this fandom worked hard to get where they are, they are still working hard every single day, and they all started out small. 

You’re accusing art blogs for only posting their own art - not only that, you’re ignoring that plenty of them do have separate blogs for reblogging etc, and they don’t only reblog their other “big name friends”’s work, they reblog what they see, and I don’t know a single one of these artists who ignores smaller blogs. And look, I  know that it’s hard to get noticed in fandom, it’s hard to get people to see what you do - but that has nothing to do with “big name blogs making a wall” and it’s incredibly unfair to be pissed off at those people for having accomplished something you haven’t yet. 

People don’t go into tags a lot, people have busy lifes and don’t have time to look through tumblr, they’re not familiar with every TF series to appreciate every bit of fan art enough, they don’t put likes on many things simply because it’s not for them - those are a couple reasons that spontaneously come to mind for why not everybody gets noticed right away, just to give a few examples. New and/or small blogs wouldn’t get more noticed if the “big blogs” weren’t around, that’s not how this website works. 

Since you’re accusing me, I assume you consider me a big name blog too? I got to where I am right now because people, by complete coincidence, found my things early on, that’s literally it, and what other way do you want to get attention? It’s always from people happening to come across your work, and sometimes you’re lucky like me and it happens early on, and sometimes it takes a while. I’m not part of some circle that only supports each other, I’ve gotten to know a couple artists over the years and none of them do that. I am very quick to see faults in myself, I am painfully self-aware of every tiny thing I’ve ever done or said that was even slightly wrong, but here, I have to put my foot down, because this is unfair. 
Looking down on people because they get attention, writing them off as snobs? That attitude is not going to help you or anyone else. You’re disrespecting people who work extremely hard, and is this really what artists should look forward to? Knowing that if their hard work gets attention, they’re going to get shit for it? 

You only get attention when you work for it and keep at it, not by telling fellow artists they’re assholes for being popular, which is exactly what you’re doing right now. It’s rude and contra-productive. You are not going to get anywhere in life if you only look down on people who happen to have something you don’t have yet, you are only making yourself bitter.
Look, you come from a place of frustration, and I understand how you feel. I’ve been there too, I’ve existed before this blog, I’ve been frustrated about myself and my lack of appreciation when I was younger, felt like I was too small, but at some point, you need to get over that, need to keep on doing your own thing. 

Shitting on fellow artists is always in bad taste, and accusing people who simply get more attention of being stuck up is unfair. This is exactly why I made those tweets, this was the original intent I had: Be nice, don’t be bitter over other people’s work so you can grow together. Kinda funny that we’re back here now, is it not? 
I wish every single artist out there that they get the appreciation they seek sooner than later and that they feel fulfilled in what they do. There’s a lot of luck involved in getting people’s attention and it’s unfair and immature to be angry at those who have achieved something earlier than you, because they worked for it, like you probably do, and this competitive thinking is toxic when taken too far. 

Treating others like they’re lesser than you, like you did just now, is distasteful and I don’t appreciate being looked down on for something I haven’t done. 

Have a pleasant day. 

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It's kinda sad you messaged all the big artists and invited people instead of leaving it open and allowing smaller, unknown and beginner artists a chance.... but I guess that's how this fandom works generally. Only the big blogs count

Not only do I find this incredibly rude, you also seem very miss informed about our project, so allow me to enlighten you. 

The way we picked the artists for this book was not to scroll through the pjo tag looking for who had the most notes, it was to ask people to volunteer to draw a piece. If someone wanted to be in the book, all they had to do was send us an ask, then they would be let in. We never once turned away an artist because of their level of skill or lack of followers, and I find that implication insulting. Further more, this project is not in fact for the artists creating it, but for the fandom as a whole. So it only made sense to ask people to suggest artists so we could invite them. That way, people would get to colour in their favorite artists drawings, which is a pretty awesome thing to some people.

This project is one of the most creative and unifying things I’ve ever seen in a fandom, please don’t bring your negativity here again. 

Ayo Steroline fandom, I’m not officially part of you or anything, but I know you guys are tirelessly voting and I wanted to let you know that from an outsider’s perspective, what you’re doing is impressive as hell and I’m super cheering you guys on. Bamon’s also a smaller TVD fandom and so much work had to go into planning twitter trends and tag parties and stuff, so I can only imagine how hard y’all have been working and how committed you guys are to have gotten as far as you have. I follow some steroline shippers and I’m seeing the morale waning a bit, but keep it up - you’re so close! Seriously, you’re killin’ it, and for what it’s worth, you have my vote.

I just need to make this post so if you disagree, well sorry. idc

I just want to call people out on some bullshit. This whole Klaroline/Klayley/Klamille ship war is absurd.



And I’m sorry if this is directed mostly at Klaroliners, but from what I’ve seen they are by far the most disrespectful. 

Klaroline are unhealthy. Klayley are unhealthy. Klamille are unhealthy.

All of these ships are unhealthy because they all involve Klaus. That’s just a fact. Klaus is bad, he is unhealthy. He is a bad person and don’t you dare justify his actions. But to say that Klamille are stupid and trying to copy Klaroline and that Klayley are pointless and stupid? That’s just downright rude, and WRONG.

Now I’m going to give some examples of why all of these relationships are fucked up in one way or another.

Klaus has been compelling Cami and making her do his bidding, he erased her memories and has been making her think she’s losing her mind.

Klaus treats Hayley as a walking incubator and although occasionally shows that he cares it is arguably solely due to her carrying his unborn child. He tried to have her family killed. Initially he did not care about her at all and told the witches they could kill her.

Klaus killed Caroline’s BEST FRIEND. He killed her best friend’s aunt. He made her boyfriend his slave and took his freewill. He forced her boyfriend to BITE her, so that he could swoop in and save the day. He tried to kill Caroline to get back at her boyfriend. (Yes I know that he didn’t but he still hurt her and used her as leverage.) When said boyfriend tried to regain his freedom and helped others do so, Klaus slaughtered the lot of them. Then he drowned her boyfriend’s mother, and drove him away forcing Caroline and him apart. Of course ultimately he let him return but not after taking everything from him.

ALL of the ships can be classed as abusive. ALL OF THEM.

It is never not wrong to ship someone with Klaus, it will always be to the detriment of the other half of the ship. Being with Klaus will never be healthy. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t ship him with anyone, of course you can, I do. (And I’m sure you can guess with who) But don’t downplay all the awful things he’s done because he shows a glimpse of humanity with someone. 

On to the next issue. Klaroline fandom, this is directed at you. It is utterly disrespectful to mock people for shipping something and talking shit about a ship simply because it’s smaller, because you feel like you are entitled to say whatever the hell you want. You can say what you like I can’t stop you, but keep it in the tags. But also ask yourself, why do you hate these ships? You can hate Klayley or Klamille because they are in some form or another unhealthy but that is HYPOCRITICAL. The only other reason you have for hating them is because they threaten your ship, and that is completely ridiculous and unbelievably immature. Please grow up.

Can I also just add, that your egos are huge because you are a vocal fandom, but I’m pretty sure Klayley and Klamille have a lot more supporters than you think, they’re just afraid to admit it because of the abuse they may receive for doing so. I’m pretty sure I’ll lose followers for this post. But I really don’t care this needs to be said.

I’m really loving this show, and most of you have seen what ship wars do to a show. Look at TVD. I don’t want the TO fandom to be reduced to a bunch of squabbling tweens who don’t give a shit about the amazing storylines and complex characters unless their OTP get to kiss. Can we all just be happy with how surprisingly good this show is and just be grateful that the cast are so talented. Just look at the people we have on this show. JoMo, Daniel, Charles, LEAH (YES she is amazing regardless of whether you hate her character) etc. Don’t force fan service onto the show because again, we know how that goes.

Just let the writers do their thing, and if you hate it so much, well, go read a fucking fan fiction.