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Dream Daddy art? YES? YES! Have I already sent you this ask? Anyway, I just saw your Robert art and screamed. I love it and your art and you ;_; <3

I think I only got it this once!! Yes though, I drew like two things of Dream Daddy art back when it had recently come out. Robert seems the kind of person to A) drop his phone on his face, B) never tell a soul, and C)LAY AROUND IN THE WOODS AT NIGHT

sobs you are too nice, thank you so much <33
(it’s about this one if anyone is curious!)

Underneath Your Clothes - Part 3

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Featuring: Hoseok, J-Hope (BTS)
Genre: Fluff? Just normal for this part. Overall….smut~
By: Admin S

So…this is going to be a series if you couldn’t tell by now. There will be at least 3 more parts. Hope you all enjoy it!

Read Parts 1 | 2

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Hey just a heads up to anybody considering buying sext time to anything from kittylatina. I sent her a $30 Amazon gift card and was promised 3 different sext session until I was finished but she only went through with one and left halfway through. I’ve been trying to contact her but she just ignores my dms and Snapchat even though it was she is active. Just a heads up to anyone looking to buy. She is super active with you until after you send her money. Don’t buy from her shes a scam and doesn’t know how to do business properly. Just don’t want anybody else to get fucked out of their money.

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It took me a long time to reply! I’m sorry! And no, I am not the 8th grade anon. I am the anon that has only ever sent you 3 messages, now 4, and they were/are all about Choi Minho. Hi! Nice to finally “meet” you! ❤️ I am a huge fan of your blog but I’ve never sent any messages. I hope we can be friends! -Choi Minho hater/lover ❤️

Ahh. I’m sorry I didn’t know! Thank you though!! And sure we can! 😚😚

Things have been crazy around here, as most of my followers likely know. I didn’t get to my brother’s and settled in with the cats until around 3 am. I then slept most of the day. I’m still exhausted. 

The cats are doing okay so far. Nebula isn’t taking it well at all, but it could be a lot worse. She’s just stressed out mostly, and she’s responded well to my attempts to comfort her. Horatio has been oddly mellow about the whole thing, only hiding when my brother and his girlfriend came home. We haven’t introduced them to their cats though. 

I do want to thank everyone who sent me kind and supportive messages. I’ve gotten so many, and I’m so grateful. It’s really helped me get through this. 

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I feel like the easy part is over and now I have to learn to live with other people again. I may go out tomorrow and get some air. 

Love you all. 


Commissions are open!!! 

I’ll have to save money because I’ll be really needing it next year and I also want to grow as an artist! Gaining a bit of experience, knowing how it must be done and finishing things, that’s why there won’t be sketch commissions (though if by any reason you want one, message me, I’m not gonna deny the thing, I’d just prefer to have finished works).

- 3 slots open! Prices are in dollars!!
-The commissions will be sent via email; you won’t be receiving a physical copy. And you can’t use the work for profit.
-Payment via paypal only! Must be sent first, before I start your commission!
-If by any reason I can’t do your commission, I will refund you, don’t worry.
-Include in your mail all you think would be necessary/helpful for me to draw your chara! Any specification,descriptions about personality and pics as reference of them are welcomed!!!

Will draw!: your ocs, fanart, portraits of real life ppl and similar things!
Won’t draw: furries, mecha, gore and nsfw things (lack of experience/not comfortable)

Send me an email at awe-chan@hotmail.com if interested! Please include what style you want, what chara you want, waist-up or full body and the info about them! Please tell me if you need the work due some close date so I can work on it faster or first. A don’t forget to specificy things!

Thank you for your attention! If you can, signal boosts would be greatly appreciated orz

Bread Wolf - Chapter 4

A silly Modern AU in which Solas owns a bakery. Read part 1 here. 

Chapter 4: History Lesson

Solas was still working his way through the morning rush when he heard the message arrive, the sound of his phone muffled by his pocket. He could not tend to it immediately. Too many customers. The first hours of business were always the busiest, customers coming in all at once to grab pastries to accompany their morning coffee. His assistant had not been moving fast enough and his patience was wearing thin. He heard his phone softly chirp twice more before he finished the last transaction, finally having a chance to slip the device out of his pocket, swiping to unlock the screen.

3 new messages: Lan’sila

The corner of his lips lifted as he curiously tapped to open them. His lan’sila, whatever her name truly was, had only sent him a few messages since that first night – though never this early in the day.

[Lan’sila]: On dhea, Baker.

[Lan’sila]: This might seem totally random, but bear with me-

[Lan’sila]: I assume you do not worship the Creators, correct? Andrastian?

He frowned, head tilted as he typed.

I do not worship any gods.

Might I inquire as to why this is of interest to you?

The response came a few moments later. This time he did not delay in checking his phone.

[Lan’sila]: What is the more common name of Lethanavir?

He grinned despite himself, his eyes narrowing.

Are you attempting to test my knowledge of ancient lore?

[Lan’sila]: Since you claim to be an expert, yes.

[Lan’sila]: Answer the question, baker. The longer you dally, the more I’ll be convinced you just Googled it.

He appreciated her desire to challenge him.


And I am at work – so my answers may be delayed from time to time if you persist.

[Lan’sila]: Who is the youngest of the Elven pantheon?

“Didn’t you say we weren’t supposed to have our phones out at work?”

“I make exception for business related matters, Sera,” he said flatly, disregarding his newest employee as he tapped the phone’s screen.


Do get a bit more creative with your questions. Lan’sila. A child could have answered that one.

He worried for a moment that perhaps his boasting came across as overly harsh as there was a delay in her response. He was considering a way to better communicate his tone when the next message appeared.

[Lan’sila]: Challenge accepted. ;)

The door opened. More customers arrived. Solas slipped the phone into his pocket, returning to work. Even as he tried to focus on the task at hand, he couldn’t deny feeling an anxious urge to check the device when he heard it beep once more. He would see the message soon enough. There were other matters to attend to.

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Prompt: Teen!lock. Sherlock asks Molly to go to the prom with him and she thinks that they're going just as friends ;)

Hello Nonny! Well this took time. Hahaha! I hope you like it though! If they’re a bit OOC and you don’t like that, I’m sorry haha! ENJOY! xx

“We’re just going as friends, Meena!” Molly said from inside of the dressing room. There were only 3 days left before Prom and she has yet to find a dress. She had no plans on going, partly because no one had asked her out. That changed, however, two days ago when Sherlock Holmes sent her a text message only consisting of the word; ‘Prom?’. At first she asked what about prom did he want to talk about, confused at what he’s trying to say until he had told her that he was asking her to go with him. It was a bit of a shock to Molly (knowing how tedious and asinine things like this are for him) that he asked her to go with him. She could’ve said no but that would seem ridiculous because even if she had no plans of going, that doesn’t mean she didn’t want to go. She called Meena the next day to help her find a gown, they’ve been looking for days with no such luck. Meena, being the ever supportive best friend, kept insisting on finding the perfect gown because Sherlock totally has the hots for her.

“You keep saying that. We all know it’s not true.” Meena said shrugging.

She rolled her eyes as she walk out of the dressing room. “Okay, how bout this?” She sighed as she showed her friend the seventh dress she tried on today. Meena’s jaw drop at how perfect the dress was for her best friend. “That’s totally it!”

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