i only see timon as white

u know what really pisses me off???? humanizations of disney animal characters that are CLEARLY coded as non-white. like… honestly.

NO ONE in the lion king is white. they are literally african royalty my guy. stop drawing them as white. yes, this includes zazu and timon and whoever else.

and then there’s zootopia (the movie’s entire point is an allegory about institutionalized racism and how specifically cops have been fucking up) and nick wilde is CLEARLY coded as non-white (probably black) and yet i only ever see humanizations of him as a pale ass ginger dude. please go watch the movie again, because i’m pretty sure that you slept through it the first time…

and no one ever really talks about this one, but lady from lady and the tramp is blatantly latina coded. she’s a cocker spaniel and when the tramp takes her to meet tony and joe, they literally say:

Tony: Hey, Joe! Look! Butch-a he’s got a new girlfriend.

Joe: Well, a-son of a gun! He’s a got a little Spanish-a girl.

Tony: Hey, she’s a pretty sweet kiddo, Butch. You take-a Tony’s advice and settle down with this-a one, eh?

and i’m not even gonna start on the “standard” for bill cipher

anyways please stop drawing all disney animal characters as the same white ass model over and over thanks