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The Treatment

Daryl Dixon Imagine


requested by a lovely Anon a while ago. I really hope you like it. That one was so much fun to write, but I just can’t seem to be able to make it short and simple. This is going to be in two parts…again… I don’t know whether I should apologize or just roll with it.. anyway, here we go. (I’m so sorry I didn’t include every aspect you requested. I just didn’t really know how to include it after the story already got this long… maybe at some point I could write a prequel of when they were in highschool including all those details)

Imagine you were secretly dating Daryl in High School but left him when you got the chance to go to Harvard to follow your dreams and study medicine. After the outbreak you find shelter in Alexandria and work as a Doctor. Then one day you two meet again.

word count:1431

„It’s just a little cut. Don’t make such a fuss about it.” I was cleaning my hands after I had just finished cleaning the wound. Spencer was still pulling faces at me touching his wound every now and then.
“You also need to stop touching it. Really, Spence, that’s not gonna make it any better.” I was grabbing the towel next to the sink to dry my hands and turned around to face him again.
“You think it’s gonna leave a scar?” He raised his hand to touch it again.
“No, probably not. But you really need to stop touching it. You’ll risk an infection otherwise and I’m not sure if I can treat that with what I got here. What reminds me…you guys need to get out there again and get me more medical supplies or soon I won’t even be able to treat a damn cold.”
“No scar!?” He almost looked disappointed.
“Why!? You want one?!” I raised my eyebrows.
“Yeah, Aiden’s got about half his body covered and I noticed the way you look at him, so-”

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