i only saw the scene now haha

OH. MY GOSH. WOW. CAN I JUST SAT HOW MUCH I LOVE PRISON BREAK AND THIS NEW SEASON IS JUST SOMETHING ELSE. I think kellerman is Poseidon; but why? i mean, he turned good in season 4 as he exonerated the team. But then again, didn't the assassin say that Poseidon didn't want sara to die? i am so hyped for the Sara and t-bag scenes now they have teamed up. Mike and Whips friendship is the only pure thing in the show tbh haha love it. I am so glad Linc was able to save Sheba from that creep but what about SOFIA??? Come on lincoln, the woman who you also saved. ooh , they are caught, C-Notes face was so sad as he saw them being escorted into the prison. my theory is that whip and mike were working to capture Ramal but something went wrong and when they got to Ogygia the guards put them in solitary; the pope who they were working for didn’t hold up their end of the deal and so they need to escape of serve the entirety of their sentence. that would also explain why ramal seems to think mikes breaking him out of prison- cuz that's what he told him initially. Also, Jacob is definitely shady, he kissed her and coincidentally that’s when her phone was hacked, i dont think so. 
mike jr is going to be followed as they cant get to sara
linc and sheba are going to be cannon
kellerman is not really evil but is helping kaniel out
—  20/4/17 sabayyyyyy

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in the christmas kitchen scene where even's asking isak to meet his mum; have you noticed the really split-second weird look on even's face when he's looking at his phone? it's right after isak says nothing's awkward any more and the phone's still lighting up even's face; his smile drops really quickly and it almost looks like he's about to shake his head? i don't know if it's anything but i found it weird and just wanted your thoughts haha

hey hey! nope i didn’t bc I’’ve only watched that scene once because I was a wreck. So i probably missed out on some little stuff. BUT i just went back to watch the clip so I can see what you’re talking about. it’s this look right?? thanks for bringing this to my attention, now this is just another thing im adding to my 246 reasons even is likely to be the main for season 4.



SMILE GONE.+ he starts blinking a lot as if he saw something that made him surprised.

isak starts to talk, and even is still focused on his phone which is… interesting… bc they have isak looking all lovestruck at even, so i dont think we were supposed to notice even staring at his phone. and then when he decides to pull his eyes away - you hear the notification but he ignores it in favor of kissing isak. @skam give me answers. 

Boruto the movie experience

I listed down some of fun moments of Boruto- Naruto the movie.
All I can say is it is an action-packed film. I love it. 


Cute BoruHina scene:
(official english subs) 

Himawari: Brother, today is my birthday. Let’s go home!
Boruto: Yes! (and then, we saw a broad smile from Boruto, I must say, this scene melted my heart)
Then Sarada looked at Boruto, Himawari and Hinata.
Her eyes was like sparking. (shoujo eyes)
Then this happened. 

Boruto: Kaa-chan, I’ll carry those. (then he carried the groceries)
We will be having a feast, Himawari

Anndddd… Remember this pic? 

It is actually a picture of Hinata, Naruto and a young Boruto (toddler?). That’s what I saw. (maybe I’m wrong, but I’m 90% sure)

After Boruto lashed out to his mom, he went to Naruto’s study room. And I must say, there’s a lot of Uzumaki family photos. Boruto looked at those pictures carefully. There’s a new uzumaki family pic (Naruto carrying Himawa over his shoulders, while Hinata and Boruto walking). The second one, I forgot. The third one is this: 

Then… On Naruto’s table, I saw a NH picture (yes, only the two them.) Hope my eyes were not fooling me. Haha. 

Now let’s go to the chunin exams. 

This is the official sub of what Hinata said to Naruto “What’s wrong, dear?" 

And to clear things up, Boruto did not cheat in the first level of the exams (sai’s exam). 

After the second test, Boruto entered his house. Himawari congratulated him.
The Boruto said don’t worry about the dinner. Then, there’s a zoom in shot of Hinata looking worried. 

Nowww… Let’s go to the Momoshiki attack. 

The scene were Sakura crushed a roof or something…. It’s epic
After this scene: 

The camera zoomed in to Hinata and she said ”Naruto-Kun.“ (freaking worried face here). 

Andddd now after the attack, these are the exact dialogues. 

Himawari: Mama 

Boruto: Himawari and mom! (then he searched for them) 

Himawari: Can you recognize me? 

Sakura: Hinata! 

Hinata:*she finally woke up and looked at Hima and Boru* 

Sakura: She fought alongside Naruto. She tried to bring Naruto back. 

Boruto:*he ran* 

At the Hokage’s office: 

My favorite quote from Sauce. 

Sasuke: You made your sister cry, your mom was hurt, and you lose your dad….. Without your sister and mother, you are the same as Naruto before.


Sakura assisted Hinata to walk towards Boruto. Just like this: 

Yes, a SakuHina moment haha. 

Hinata said "Boruto,…. Boruto…. Boruto!" 

Then we saw Sarada looking at Hinata. (she knew that Hinata was worried)
Then these moments happened:
In the end, Hinata said "Please take care of your dad." 

In the Uzumaki family scene, here’s what happened: 

Himawari: Tou-chan, your lunch box
Naruto: Thank you Himawari
Hinata: Good grief. Boruto also forgot his!
Then they all laugh. (This is my fave scene)

In the credits.
Hinata’s name was below Naruto’s name.

Final verdict: 7.8/10

To tell you the truth, I’m hard to please. I always look at the story rather than the action. But I must admit, the final fight was amazing. The animation was superb.  

But I thought, the build up of the story was slow during the first part of the film. The movie also raised a lot of questions. You’ll crave for more. In my language, we call it "bitin." 

In terms of the story, I thought it was nice and heart-warming (esp. The scenes with the uzumaki family) 

And….. I must say… Himawari was very cute in this film. I demand a Himawari film now. 

For me, this film is the second best Naruto movie. The Last is still on top. I’m not biased because I’m NH shipper. I just felt that The Last is full of emotions. It will really give you a lot of feels. Don’t get me wrong, Boruto movie also gave me that feels, but it’s not the strong.

You can ask me if you want to

Note: Have to edit because of the pictures.