i only saw it on my twitter feed without any source

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You know the twitter account that screenshotted your stuff and posted without credit. Yeah she's like that. I legit got into a feud a couple of weeks ago about her screenshotting stuff from here and not giving credits. I blocked her on twitter. Don't need those people on my timeline feeding off other people's hard work

if i were to be very honest, their response gave me the feeling that they just brushed off their mistake by blaming it on ‘forgetting to credit’. i mean, how can you even forget to credit? .______. i don’t think they are aware of the fact that with that amount of followers, they’re no longer just a normal account, people will consider their account as a source of information and repost from them again. i don’t know if anyone knows how it feels when you just randomly scroll through weibo and you see your translation re-translated into chinese, but instead of your name in the credit, it’s the person who reposted. furthermore i don’t really like it when they screenshot and crop out my url, there are ways to keep the url of the original poster on screenshots and other people managed to do it before, but they just ;_; 

Anonymous said: I saw your tags on the vmin post, how tall are you? :D

i’m 165cm or 5′5′’ (•ㅅ•)

Anonymous said: So I’m learning Korean and I was wondering if you have any website , app or just any way to help me. Any tips ? If you do help me out thank you very much! No pressure!

i don’t use any app other than the naver dictionary app, but if you’re interested, i answered an ask about how i learned korean somewhere in the /reg tag!

Anonymous said: Did you learn all the languages on your own? Did you learn just for fun?

for chinese and english, they were compulsory subjects at my school so i had no choice but to learn it, just the basics tho haha. for korean (and japanese, i’m taking baby steps towards japanese ;;), i learned for fun and also because i want to realize my goal of knowing at least 7 languages before i turn 30. for all of the languages i learn except japanese, i learn the basics with some kind of guidance (like teachers at school or a tutor) but improve later on by myself.

Anonymous said: I’m still too awkward to send you anything publicly lol but my english has improved a lot after reading Oscar Wilde’s essays, fairy tales, plays etc. His english is old but descriptive, a little bit poetic and sometimes, or well quite often, he uses words that I have never heard of. It still was worth of reading ! Now writing english feels easier and I even think that my level is good enough compared to the fact I have only studied english nine years haha :’-)

noted! i’m currently reading oscar wilde’s prose collection hehe

Anonymous said: Are you satisfied with the subs of bon voyage season 2? I really can’t understand a single hangul so asking an expert about it make me feel secured? I mean even though i pay for 800 coins in vlive if the subs are not to its fullest i will still watch an uploaded video with eng sub of the uploader just to know the full story ofwhat are they talking and laughing about. I really trust you and if you say you don’t, i will really watch it though it quite aches to see anuploaded one coz i paid for it.

i don’t watch engsubs, especially vlive’s engsubs haha. i feel like vlive’s subs make the gist and the fun of their dialogues, sometimes even incorrect ;_; like with joon’s ynwa behind story live, i turned on the engsubs the other day to get some inspiration on how to translate but eventually had to turn off after 5 mins because of how much mistranslations there were. vlive’s subs are quite full tho, if you’re not too strict about the quality of the subs it should be enough to understand what they’re talking about. by the way, the reuploaded ones have vlive’s subs too. no one does separate engsubs for bon voyage

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I'm a larrie and I don't really get this 'big larries lies!!', you are always so good to discuss things with and I'm always up for different opinions on things, so... I follow a lot of larry/larrie blogs obviously and some do post about "recipes" but 90% it's from an anon and the OP almost always say that they can't say if the story/information it's false or not. I never believe those things... I'm not sure if you understand that most people don't? If it's a story people mostly think it's cute.

im really glad u asked anon…seriously. bc antis can go on about “big larries lie!!!” all the time w/o elaborating so ur question is valid. and it gives me the opportunity to lay it all out as best as i can! thanks to @thelarrative for tagging stuff properly so i could find all of these posts! otherwise my undocumented ass would’ve been searching for years! 

okay let’s get started (we’ll go larrie by larrie):

vansandburberry: lied about danielle leaving during the x factor taping. someone who was actually there said that was a lie, that danielle stayed the whole time and left with louis.

lapelosa: hoo boy. perhaps the biggest liar of them all. claimed she knew briana did not give birth by saying “Yes I know the whole story is fake” but failing to give any sources. when asked if she knew “for a fact” if larry was still together, she simply said “yes i do”. no sources, no elaboration. just a yes bc DUH. who needs evidence or proof when you have lapelosa’s word. said she knows for “a fact” that azoff signed the whole band, that larry are definitely engaged to be married (from a reliable mysterious he/she-who-cannot-be-named-but-most-definitely-exists-of-course), that there “is no baby” in this lovely post that compiles her lies together.  a continuation on that whole azoff thing she claims to know in this post. on top of all of this…an anonymous entity submitted this story to lapelosa about meeting the tattoo artist at bondi ink who’d done louis’ dagger for him…it reads like a poorly, cheesily written fanfic, the most notable quote becoming larrie jargon: “the rose has already been taken care of”. to lapelosa’s credit she simply posts it and thanks the submitter for the story however the post gains almost 10k notes and as an anti blog at the time, i was FLOODED with anons quoting this bullshit at me and saying i’d lost. when lo and behold…the tattoo artist debunked the entire thing thru an instagram post that has now been deleted. but was the original submission updated with this debunk? nope! it was not! allowing it to conitnue on into internet eternity where unsupposing larries who’ve never heard the story to consider it as #fact (the debunk photo was posted by another larrie on this list however it only received 22 notes vs the 9k+ ppl who saw the original).

worshippedlove: has this document where she supposedly compiles all of the things she’s been told by “people” over the years about louis and harry being spotted together. source for the specific story in this post is ambiguous, story is exaggerated and details that actually place louis and harry together have been filled in (i.e. tattooed guy immediately became louis, no questions asked even though it could’ve been anybody with tattoos). 

conscious-ramblings: told a complete lie about Joe McElderry’s coming out under the guise of her supposedly “working in music” 

srslycris: talked complete nonsense about simon being “a wreck” over “a lawsuit” being waged by the entire band that aligned with the larries’ “it’ll be march soon” mantra. when march came and went without event, cris here had to do some improvising which proves to make absolutely no fucking sense.

aaronbutterfield: a “journalist” (i use that term oh so lightly) pretended to be “brand new” to the larrie culture when he wrote a heavily biased article on larry and why “things were shady”. turns out that was a big lie! @britishsoldierharry carried out the difficult task of exposing aaron for his larrie twitter likes and discovered that he actually wasn’t that new to the whole larry conspiracy after all! and to make matters even more sketchy…he then proceeded to unlike all larry-centric tweets sometime after britishsoldierharry created the original post! huh! fancy that. on top of this, he also said “no other celebrity child has ever had their birth certificate leaked” when that was a blatant lie. he also made this fucking ridiculous post that still makes my blood boil to this day about briana either “profiting off of someone’s closet” or “[sleeping] with a boybander all to become pregnant”, which he bases off of when he has interpreted she would have her first period (which ?????). uh huh. all the while not giving any sources as to how he KNOWS FOR A FACT all of that is true.

saracha33: misled her followers into believing that louis and harry were ALWAYS seen at the same time on the same day which….was proven to be very much not true.

lesbianslovelouis: the doll lady. convinced a very substantial portion of the larrie fandom that freddie was a doll (2 links there). was hailed for finding “the right doll” that was “obviously freddie”. was clearly wrong about freddie being a doll as he is very real and very lovely. a nice big fat lie that she never had to take responsibility for.

BONUS POST: @got-stars-in-your-eyes compiled this post a long time ago, which includes even more big larrie lies! rather than retyping them all out again, you can check out the post which includes other big larries like droppingtheveilofmaya, tellmethisisnotlove, zenlikejen, larryappreciation and more.

a bonus tidbit: this happened just before i ever ventured into the larrie tumblr world so i am not the expert as to what the entire situation involved or who exactly was involved…but it’s evidence that big larries purposely lied to their followers and manipulated what they were posting in order to keep the conversation “on track” to their liking. the post exposing it all is an interesting read.

finally, i am super glad to hear you don’t believe everything you read. but unfortunately others do not operate this way. u will just have to trust me when i say that larries do buy into this stuff and often do bring it up when they talk to me. i’ve had this blog for a year and had to constantly debunk stuff that i’ve debunked time and time again bc multiple larries buy into what the big larries are feeding them. it’s not good, seriously. and some larries will consider them facts until they’re called out on the bullshit and then retreat back into “it was just a headcanon it’s not that deep!!!!!!” which can be frustrating.

anyways, that doesn’t really even begin to scratch the surface with these larries but it’s enough to get a rough idea of the way these people behave! let me know if u have any questions at all :)