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[Pikachu curb stomps a bunch of Team Skull grunts with one attack]

Kiawe:  “I don’t need your help.  I’ll finish this myself.  But I guess you are sort of strong.”

[Ash wants to use Z-moves]

Kiawe:  “Z-moves are special!  They’re a manifestation of a Trainer’s connection and love for their Pokemon.  They’re meant to only be used in the service of the world and the greater good.  You’re not ready to use this awesome power, Ash!”

Ash:  “I’m a 6-time League contender across the globe, have saved the world several times both canonically and non-canonically, and literally did the Fusion Dance with my Greninja so hard it crossed dimensions into the video games.  Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?

Naruto and his friends had to go to the North Pole to save Christmas. Sadly the only detail I still remember is that at one point, Orochimaru fought the pokemon Bewear and lost.


The Adventures of Bailey and Hector continue as they both meet Lillie and save Cosmog, and then are saved by Tapu Koko!

This one was a big background challenge for me. Not only did I have to reference in game cutscenes for angles and details, but I also had to experiment with color and lighting due to both scenes taking place at completely different times. 

Sun’s coloring was pretty simple, since the daylight let me get away with just using color references I had, but I had to mess with the hues and saturation of Moon, which is why those two pages look fairly different in lighting and color.

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A (Mostly) Solo Run with Pyukumuku

Backstory: My name is Xinitii. As soon as Pyukumuku was first revealed, I knew I wanted one. I wanted to add it to my team on my first round through Alola, although if I didn’t have an evolution, then I would save it for something special. After the demo was data mined and there was no evolution for this sea cucumber, the solo run was born. I wanted to play through Moon using nothing but Pyukumuku. I had done a solo run through Pokemon Emerald several times with Mudkip, Beldum (into Metagross), and Azumarill (2x actually. One of those is on my YouTube channel X I N I T I I) so I knew what I was doing. Kind of.

Problems: Pyukumuku doesn’t learn ANY OFFENSIVE MOVES. Only status moves. This makes it kind of hard to do anything at all. Luckily it can learn moves like Counter and Toxic. With these, Pyukumuku at least had some chance of doing this solo run. So I had to think of a moveset that allows it to deal some type of damage and tank hits.

Moveset, Nature, Hold Item: To start off I had a look at Pyukumuku’s move pool and base stats. With 55HP, 60Atk and SpAtk, and a WHOPPING 5Spd, this sea cucumber didn’t have a lot going for it, except one (two technically) things. It’s defense. With base 130Def and SpDef, nothing was going to easily take down this mucus ball. In the end, Pyukumuku was destined to be a slow moving, mostly passive, punching bag. So I designed her moveset around that. My favorite meta strategy is “toxic stalling” so naturally I threw Toxic and Protect on Pyukumuku so it could handle most situations. This way I could just chill and wait for Toxic to do INFINITE DAMAGE. Use Protect every other turn and your good! I had her Counter so she could try to be more aggressive in battles. Counter, if you didn’t know, does double the damage of the attack the user is hit by. Pyukumuku’s attack stat shouldn’t matter much here luckily. Lastly, the fourth move: Reflect, Light Screen, Taunt, Substitute, or Recover. So many to choose from. What could I possibly pick? After lots of consideration, I chose Recover for that sweet HP recovery during long toxic stall sessions. Originally, I had chosen Relaxed (Def+, Sp.-) for her ability, but it took too long to breed that, so I went with Impish (Def+, Sp.Atk-) instead. Pyukumuku won’t be using that SpAtk anyway. For hold item, it was between Leftovers or Rocky Helmet. Rocky Helmet required me to go to Battle Tree first and get 48BP while I could just steal Leftovers from a wild Munchlax. My choice was like stealing candy from a baby. Now with everything planned, I just had to do it. Starting with making my Pyukumuku.

Set Up: I caught a mother (Lady) and a father (Daddy), put them in the nursery and gave them some space. Half a box of babies later, a cute little Impish Pyukumuku was born. I named her Sushi. Cute and morbid! Sushi was born knowing Counter already. Using TMs, I taught her Toxic (found in Aether Paradise docks) and Protect (bough from TM shop in Heahea City). Then I went to the move tutor at the base of the Pokemon League and taught Sushi Recover, a move she shouldn’t be able to learn until lv37. Sun Moon move tutor = OP. I used Thief (TM from first trial) to steal a Leftover from a Munchlax and gave it to Sushi to nibble on. Then I fought a random Pokemon to bring Sushi to lv10 (since you can’t trade Pokemon until you’ve reached the first Pokemon Center). I did all of this on my copy of Sun. On Moon, I made a new character (named Xinitii) and got my butt to the first Pokemon center as quickly as possible. I traded Pokemon and Sushi was finally ready to start her very first solo run!

Update 1: At the time of making this post, I had just finished fighting the trainers at the Trainer School, I fought a few trainers on the routes around your home as well to get a feel for how Sushi fights. My census? Awful. The battles are terribly slow, most of the time you’re left waiting for the other Pokemon to use an attacking move so you can use Counter (they never do). Toxic works like a charm, unless the Pokemon is Poison or Steel, in which case you can’t touch it. I fought a Magnemite in the Trainer School. No physical moves. It used ThunderShock (special) on me so I couldn’t use Counter. Since it was steel, I couldn’t use Toxic. Sushi could not even touch it. So the only solution is to use another Pokemon. GASP! That’s why this is a //mostly// solo run. There are some Pokemon (other Pyukumuku included) that Sushi just cannot fight at all. So as far as a true Pyukumuku Solo Run goes, it’s impossible, unfortunately.

Run Status: Will I end the run? No. I want to get as far as I can. Sadly, I will have to rely on other Pokemon besides Pyukumuku to finish this run, but I plan to keep that minimal. Sushi will fight as many fights as she can. I will have back up Pokemon for those literally impossible fights though. I dropped the game after the Magnemite incident, but will pick it back up soon. I won’t let Sushi down!

End Word: My spirit may be dead, but the run isn’t. I’ll keep doing updates as the run continues. It will be a slow and difficult run, but I love Pyukumuku enough to keep going. Everyone wish me luck and I’ll be back with another update soon.

~~Also thank you @pokemon-i-choose-you for finding interest in my run!~~

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Save Your Pixelated World- A Video Game music mix

Basically a bunch of my favorite action-packed, high energy video game music to get me pumped up and inspired. Will likely be updated as I play more games

1. Spear of Justice| Undertale// 2. Phoenix Wright: Objection! 2016| Ace Attorney 6//3. Main Theme| Ghost Trick//4.Battle Against a True Hero (Slightly Extended)| Undertale//5. Athena Cykes: Courtroom Revolutionaire 2016| Ace Attorney 6//6.Saving the World (Jess’ Theme)| Read Only Memories//7. Battle! Xerneas/Yveltal| Pokemon X and Y//8. The Great Truth Burglar| Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth//9. Chaos and Chaos Ablaze (Combined)| Fire Emblem: Awakening/10. Megalovania (Slightly Extended)| Undertale//11. Trauma| Ghost Trick//12. Metal Gleamed in the Twilight| Child of Light//13. Assault| Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight//14. Objection! 2007| Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney//15. By Your Hand (Azami’s Theme)| Hatoful Boyfriend// 16. 4 Minutes Before Death| Ghost Trick//17.Ghost Fight| Undertale//18. Cornered (2001) (2004 Remix| Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations//19. Battle! Team Plasma| Pokeon Black and White//20.Jupiter’s Lightning| Child of Light// 21. Main Theme| Fire Emblem Awakening//22. Pursuit- Lying Coldly| Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth//23. The Last Desperate Struggle| Ghost Trick//24. Battle! Lysandre| Pokemon X & Y//25. SAVE the World| Undertale

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blackjackgabbiani  asked:

Who's your favorite Pokémon bad guy?

I don’t even have to think about this one. N is my gosh darn boy. I used to have an ask account for him back in my deviantart days. I drew a crude stick figure of him once on a paper plate that I still use as a bookmark.

My love for N stems from playing White, but it was solidified when  I read Black Adventures Comic by @artistblack. Let me use this as a quick plug for my favorite webcomic ever. Essentially, it’s all of Black and White, but instead of fighting gym leaders, Black and N go through magical girl transformations and save the gym leaders from rogue pokemon. It’s hilarious and so creative, and I love this comic so much. There’s also a really great romantic subplot. I highly recommend it.

I’m also quite partial to silver. He’s the only one I can still draw.

Lt. Surge Headcanons

(For galvonizedpatriot! Thanks for your patience!)

  • Although Surge frequently talks, both in and out of interviews, about how his pokémon saved him during the war, his old military companions are mostly forbidden from competing in official tournaments. Strict laws forbid ex-military pokémon from commercialised matches, for fear that they will fight with excessive force and permanently injure their opponents. Surge’s raichu is the only war companion that he is permitted to use, as it never underwent official military training and acted more as a personal ally than anything else. 
  • He doesn’t have an indoor voice. His laugh is terrifyingly loud.
  • He’s old-school in that he isn’t fond of TMs. He doesn’t completely object to their use, but he’s of the firm belief that move tutors will always be superior, despite there being little evidence for his viewpoint.
  • As a Gym Leader and thus a teacher, he is scarily strict with the professionals who come to him for guidance, stamping down on the first signs of arrogance and keeping them in line. With novices and kids, however, he’s incredibly gentle and encouraging.  
  • Lt. Surge most notably served in an America-based war that grew from conflicts between the north and south regions, but was posted to numerous other regions during the entirety of his military service. He has some grasp on French due to his time spent in Kalos, even though he isn’t quite fluent.
  • Although a proud military man and a poster boy for traditional masculinity, he adores pikachu to the point that he turns into a blubbering, cooing mess whenever he meets one. 
  • He uses his index finger to scroll on his smart phone. Needless to say, he’s not that great with technology.  
  • His spoken Japanese is passable, but his written leaves a lot to be desired. Living in an industrialised trading city like Vermilion, where rates of English speakers are above 90%, there is little need for him to perfect his Japanese - he knows what he knows through circumstance and courtesy to the culture. 


fucc…. the new ep killed me

-carey transforming and saving Killian, and then punching mag directly in the face


-merle referring to Angus as ango


-lucretia, my sweet and good moon mom, is not evil at all

-davenport (a tiny Pokemon boy) was the heckin CAPTAIN??? SCUSE?


-lucretia only being able to give davenport his name, and it’s all he says

-the distorted and genuinely concerning music at the end


Pokemon Rangers Headcanon

Pokemon rangers are only common on a small section of land in the world of Pokemon, and while are highly popular among the people living there and in some surrounding areas, they are relatively unknown everywhere else.

So when Rangers have to go on emergency missions across the continent or the world it can be really frustrating. I mean I’m picturing:

Civilian: Ahhhh! These wild Pokemon are attacking me!

Pkmn Ranger: Don’t worry I got this! *wips out stylus*

Civilian: Oh, I’m saved! Thank you Pokemon Trainer!

Ranger: No! I’m a-

Civilian: Pokemon Champion?

Ranger: No! A Pokemon Ranger!

Cilivilian: Oh… Where’s your cowboy hat? And boots? Or a whip?

Ranger: *groans*

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Gary Oak from pokemon, he becomes a professor I believe, trying to get his S/O confident about their pokemon skills

Been a while since I got a non-BoTW request! Nice to see you!
-Mod Pinks

Convincing s/o of their pokemon skills (Gary after he becomes a professor)

  • When he finds out they aren’t confident, he is in complete disbelief.
    • How do they not know???
  • Not only disagrees with them
    • Oh no
  • He full on debates them on this, pulling up facts going against their idea of them being a poor trainer/coordinator/other
    • Has all the reciepts
    • Remember that time they saved a pokemon? No? Well he does and here’s all the evidence
  • If it comes down to it, he’ll battle them just to show that even if they don’t win, they can hold their own.
  • Points out how much their pokemon care about them

I like to think about Lysandre possibly having tattoos. I believe he has a love for fine art. I mean why not, doesn’t he find such things to his standard of beauty?

If he was to have any tattoos, I can’t imagine him having many. Not because he has any repulsion to the idea, but simply because he takes much time and care in choosing a design to put onto his body. 

It must be something that is not only meaningful, but perfectly beautiful in its design. Any tattoo he would possess would be easy to hide given his choice of clothing. Hardly anyone, save perhaps a lover, would even know he had any.

I feel like he would get something to honor his Pyroar perhaps. Such a pokemon’s regal looks would work well stylized onto his body. The placement could be a number of places. I can see him getting such a piece swept across his back, maybe between his shoulder blades. That way it was somewhere center and not causing any imbalance by being on only one arm. (symmetry is key!)