i only remember a few summer rains in my life


I would steal the moon for you. I would make all the stars align just to have you in my arms again. To keep you happy, I would have done anything, but my bed is still cold without you tangling your legs with mine. I see your picture on my bedside table and remember how you laughed when I brushed our noses together before kissing you. I imagine your smile when it starts raining and making puddles for you to jump in on summer afternoons. How long has it been? It feels like ages though it’s only been a few weeks. Ticking days off the calendar since you left brings anxiety and excitement, since I’m also counting down until you come back from your trip home. I promise, when you get here, I’ll present you with an entire universe of stars to wear like jewels draped over your shimmering existence in my life.

- Admin J