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Living Two Lives Chapter 1

Summary: Y/n Winchester is Sam’s and Dean’s younger half-sister who is an agent of NCIS. She hasn’t seen her brothers in three years; until one day when her brothers find her by the woods, on a case.  Will y/n be able to hide the truth about her past from her boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs; or will the lies catch up to her?

Warnings: language, mentions of abuse, some violence

No pairings in this Chapter

Word Count: 1,765

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Lonely (Grayson)

Requested ? yes- based off of the song Lonely by Demi Lovato ( @oohhfuuck gurl I hadn’t heard of this song before but god damn is it deep I love it) also my first try at a one shot/ writing based on a song so i’m sorry if it comes out really bad I tried ;/

word count: 1,379 

warning: swearing 

He felt just like you
His arms, his lips
His promises were just as smooth
His grip, it fit, though, I admit, that
Only you could make me feel the way you do
Though, you know love is blind
And he just caught my eye

There he was. Grayson Dolan. The most popular guy in school. Captain of the football team, co-captain of the lacrosse team, and overall the school’s best athlete and biggest “rebel”. 

“y/n. y/n. y/n!”

I turned to see Dalton, my best friend and probably honestly the gayest boy to walk these halls. I snapped my attention towards him, only to find him smirking.

“Dreaming about Mr. Dolan again hmm?”

“haha funny. I was looking at the… lunch menu”

“Yeah right sweetheart” he says turning his attention back to Grayson. It was lunchtime and despite popular belief, Grayson sat with his twin brother and their posse of “bad boys”. I had no doubt in my mind that Grayson was bad news. He’s probably slept with every girl in school more than once… besides me.

“y/n hes bad news, you know that” Dalton whispers in my ear, not breaking eye contact with one of Grayson’s friends. His name was Jack, and he is the only other person who is as much of a dick as Grayson. Dalton and him had been a thing for a while, but knowing Grayson would never approve, and having an “image” to keep up, they never told anyone. Except me obviously.

“Yeah I know it’s just, after Alex and I broke up, I’ve just I don’t know been…. lonely”

Alex was one of Grayson’s friends and him and I had been together for a few months before out of the blue he broke up with me and starting sleeping with the head cheerleader. Ironic I know. But I wasn’t too beat up about it. Alex was cute, but he wasn’t Grayson. Grayson and I were best friends when we were kids. Hell we were neighbors. Him, Ethan (his twin brother) and I would have sleepovers every weekend from the age of like 6 onward. We were best friends, until he went to one of those sports camps for football. He came back and was never the same. He didn’t speak to me, he didn’t even look at me. And soon Ethan stopped too. Here we are. Senior year. 4 years later. My feelings for Grayson had never subsided and I wanted nothing more than for him to realize what a douche he’s been and be my best friend again. Better yet the boyfriend I had yearned for since I had met him. 

You know me and honestly I’m better without ya
Don’t you got me checking on my phone by the hour
Baby, I’m hoping and praying
My knees weak, I’m shaking
‘Cause you know, that I always needed saving

Everyday, Dalton and I walked home. We only lived a few blocks from school and it being early September, the weather was still great. As we approach my house, I see Grayson walking out of my front door.

“Thank you so much honey, It means so much. All of us here are very short so it’s nice to have someone tall around haha” my mom says, walking Grayson out. He nods and gives her a small hug.

“Hey what are you and Ethan up to tonight? I’m making a pot roast, but I don’t think we’ll be able to finish it ourselves. Join us for dinner? We haven’t seen you here ” 

He again nods and gives her one last hug before turning back around. Facing me, he looks me up and down for a second with his jaw clenced tightly. 

“See you at 5 Mr. y/l/n” he says before walking away, never breaking eye contact with me.

Now I’m fucking lonely and you didn’t want me
Trying to show me, that you didn’t own me
But all you do is leave me fucking lonely
Knees on the concrete, cut up and bleeding
For no Goddamn reason
But all you do is leave me fucking lonely
Leave me fucking lonely
Leave me fucking lonely
Leave me fucking lonely

I run as fast as I can inside and jump right in the shower. I can’t believe my mom just invited that douchebag over. She knows we aren’t friends anymore and yet she thought it would be a good idea to invite him over the one night i’m actually home. He just up and left me. How could he?

Stepping out of the shower, I wrap a towel around my body and walk over to my vanity. After putting on some light makeup, I slip on some skinny jeans, a black shirt, and some sandals. As I make my way downstairs, the doorbell rings.

“Y/N WILL YOU GET THAT?” my mom shouts. I huff quietly and walk over to the door. Opening it, I see Grayson and Ethan. I don’t even open the door all the way, and I walk back to the dining room where my mom has the food set out at the table. Sitting down, my mom makes small talk with the boys.

“So Grayson!! I heard you got accepted to Berkley!! Your mom must be so proud”

I choke on the meat. He got accepted? We used to talk about us all going there as kids. It was his dream. But I just assumed with his bad boy rep and all, his grades had slipped as well. Apparently not.

The rest of dinner goes by fairly smoothly, when I hear something break. My mom shoots out of her seat and goes to the door, checking to see what it was.

“Oh shit, the window broke. God damn dog” she mumbles walking into the kitchen to sweep up the mess. Ethan jumps up as well 

“i’ll help!” he says, bolting into the kitchen. Leaving Grayson and I at the table. 

The month was June
The smoky sun, our fatal run
It ended too soon
With tears as proof, 'cause all the carpets stained with juice
Blood on my shoes and you know love is blind
I can see it in your eyes

“So, y/n have you looked at any colleges yet?” he asks. I immediately stand up and walk up the stairs, not wanting to deal with this bullshit.

“y/n wait!” He yells following me up the stairs.

“What Grayson? What could you possibly fucking want? Now you want to talk to me? When none of your little friends are around to see? Fuck you. I waited for you. I waited for you to come back and tell me about your trip. But you didn’t! You fucking left me! My dad died Grayson! He died! You couldn’t even fucking tell me you were sorry? You grew up with him and you fucking ignored me. All the time! and it fucking killed me! You don’t talk to me. You couldn’t fucking suck it up and talk to me! Did you not realize I was in love with you? I fucking waited. Or maybe you did and wanted nothing to do with me! But you didn’t fucking talk to me! Do you know how much that hurts Grayson? I fucking loved you. You were my best friend and you left me when I needed you the most. So no Grayson I will not wait. I waited 4 fucking years for you. No” I cried, tears spilling from my eyes. I turned to walk into the bedroom, when he grabbed my wrist. I tried pulling away but he happens to be much stronger than me. He spun me around and pressed my body against the wall of the bedroom.

“Grayson. Fuck. Off.” I spat. He looked me up and down for a minute before pressing his lips to mine. I tried pushing him off but he wouldn’t budge. He began to move his lips against mine, and I couldn’t help but kiss him back. No matter how much I hated him, no matter how mad I was he left me, no matter how toxic he was, I knew I had to have him. No matter the consequences.

I finally managed to snap a pic of Binkie + book that isn’t blurry; where Binkie isn’t eating my props and just looking like his happy derpy self 😽
A little BTS story: while I was taking photo’s, I first had 11.22.63 as the book and somehow I managed to open it on a page where there was one line with a HUGE FRICKING ASS SPOILER in it. I only laid eyes on ONE sentence and it was the biggest spoiler ever. Dammit. I really hope it was a joke or lie, but I just know it’ll really happen 😫 One of the downsides of being a bookstagrammer I guess? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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NCT 127 reacts: You like to kiss their jawline (ot9)

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Moon Taeil

 Taeil is a shy person. He opens up to your offers of physical offers only behind closed doors. He appreciates your kisses on his jawline the most. Maybe because of the soft character of that gesture. He can’t bring himself to tell you directly how much he loves it but his soft smile, closed eyes and quiet whimpers tell you enough.

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Johnny Seo

 I feel like Johnny really likes it but doesn’t want to tell you directly. He teases you because of it until you’re so annoyed that he regrets doing it. And so he has to apologize repeatedly. In the end Johnny is the one to almost beg for you to do so. He may say he agrees to it for you, but the truth is pretty different.

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hi keii!! I wanted to ask you how you stay positive with art. My motivation is non-existent, and everything I draw doesn’t seem to meet my expectations. I really don’t like most of my art, and I barely draw. Art is my only talent (in my eyes anyway) and I want to keep drawing, but can’t seem to do it. If you have any ideas, please answer.

Ah hello hello! Well I’m not always positive when it comes to my art, sometimes I would see my stuff and wonder “Why can’t I be like them?” “Why can’t I be like this?” ect. And even though it’s not a healthy mindset to have, I feel like that’s so typical to have where you can’t help, but compare yourself to others. What matters is that even with those thoughts, you’re able to realize that what really matters is what you want to see. 

The way that I stay positive with art is that whenever I see something inspiring, or if I have an idea, I would be like “God, it would be cool to do something like this… Could I possibly do it?” And then I experiment with my art and go through a bunch of trial and error. There’s always times where I’m upset and nothing works out, but I know that it’s only temporary and that I can’t be creative or satisfied ALL the time. Like the fact that WE, as artists, regardless if you’re drawing, singing, or writing, all of us have the ability to create and bring our ideas to life is SO fucking awesome! Don’t you think??? Like how crazy is that we could one day just have an idea and be like “HELL YA I CAN MAKE THIS IDEA REAL.” And even if we aren’t able to fully express ourselves in the way that we had originally wanted to, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to do it in the future! 

In my experience, I’ve been building my story with my OCs for YEARS, but the ideas never really formed up and connected the way I wanted it to, or my art skills weren’t up to par with how I wanted to portray it… But because I continued to draw and develop my style and story, I feel like my ideas are coming together in a way that I can fully be proud of! Even if you don’t see what you want to see now, just remember that we have the ability to improve and learn the more we keep at it! Just imagine the crazy and amazing shit that ONLY YOU can pull off in the future!! Isn’t that exciting?? Like I’m sure you have characters and ideas that only YOU can portray, and if not now, then soon! 

Art isn’t meant to be rushed! Like no art is truly perfect just like how we, as humans, aren’t meant to be perfect, so don’t sweat it or get your head wrapped with your expectations! It’s good to have goals, but remember that things that require YEARS of practice and patience is going to be hard work, but hopefully the payoff is well worth it. Take things slow and draw things that makes you happy even if it’s filled with mistakes! Be proud! 

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Why are you so into Josdolf? :3

It started with this gif:

That was the moment I started to ship these 2, I can actually remember it. It was in early August, around the time I first made this blog and really got into 3R stuff. The shipping feels only got stronger as I found all the other pictures of Joe smiling at Adi and looking at him with pure unadulterated adoration. 

i had to add that one

And then there’s the fact that Joe’s diary is full of him declaring his love for Adi on multiple occasions. Talking about his big blue eyes like stars. I have a whole folder of the gay shit he wrote about him, it’s great.

well then

They are legit my OTP I stfg

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25. 34.


25. In general, how curious is your character?

Cyril is naturally very curious, but he’s been schooled to keep his composure as well as a generally stoic appearance, so it’s not often visible. Perhaps if you’re particularly observant, you’ll be able to catch his eye dilating or his ears flicking a bit, but otherwise he keeps his interest well hidden. The only time it really shows through would likely be any time Magitek is mentioned. He perks up like a giddy little schoolboy then, especially if he’s going get to tinker with it himself.


34. If they could go back in time, would your character change anything in their past? If so, What?

Cyril would absolutely go back, if he had the choice. He would prefer he’d never been born at all. He still curses his existence for the undue pain injuries he caused his mother by being born. If not that… then, well, he’d wish he was never taken from her, that he was still there to care for her, to provide for her, to keep others from abusing her. If he’d never been taken away and set on the path he is now, well he certainly wouldn’t be as materialistically wealthy, but he’d be far happier, and so would his mother.

FFXIV DEITY ASKS || Thank you for the ask!

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

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*Epic!Sans comes by and snags a cookie* BRUH!!!!!


Epic!Sans belongs to @yugogeer12

I feel like we need to appreciate this scene from the credits a bit more because it is… so powerful. It’s beautiful for a variety of reasons because it shows them having a good time, playing around, comfortable enough to act so relaxed and close like this.

Yuuri smiles for Victor. 

We’ve seen Yuuri smiling in the show a few times, and I think it’s valid to remember that Kubo mentioned that sometimes Yuuri smiles, but his heart is not smiling.

I think Yuuri's smile here is definitely coming from his heart. It’s so earnest, so sincere, carefree. He seems like he’s laughing and we haven’t seen him laughing the whole show. He’s having such a wonderful time in this, eyes closed, vulnerable, laughing, playing with Victor.

And then you look at Victor, who’s also smiling - though this is hardly a surprise because we’ve seen him smiling many times throughout the show. Though this one, in particular, feels different? It’s intimate, almost flustered in a way like he’s wondering if this is how it feels like, how love is supposed to feel

His eyes look down as if he’s searching an answer in himself, maybe trying to think back if he’s ever been this close to someone, if he’s ever felt this happy in his life before. While Yuuri is giving himself freely and laughing with his eyes closed, it feels like Victor doesn’t want to miss a second of it.

I feel like Victor is sincerely happy in this picture. And I feel like it’s one of those moments where it’s such a meaningful moment for these two that we don’t get to see, only catch snippets of it. The blurry pictures at the beach with them playing with Makkachin have this same sort of energy - an intimacy so great and a love so powerful we can’t really see everything. 

(Also Victor’s nose in this picture is really cute.)

steve falling for you [headcanon]

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Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Summary: Steve finally meets you after dropping off Dustin after the Snow Ball.

  • Dustin talked about you
  • a lot
  • you were his role model to be honest.
  • Steve never believed anything Dustin says
  • you’ll like her dude! she’s amazing!”
  • how come I’ve never even seen this ‘so-called’ sister, dickwad?
  • I dunno.”
  • you know everything there is to know about the events involving Upside-Down.
  • (you were the kids’ home base)
  • So you’re a bit shaken up due to the events that have just happened (#season2)
  • (you were Hopper’s second-in-command this time)
  • but you feel okay letting Dustin go out because you know how Steve was involved and you know that he’ll protect that dipshit
  • anyways
  • you open the door, mouth full of mashed potatoes
  • in one hand is a fork
  • in the other, a bowl of KFC mashed potatoes d o u s e d in gravy.
  • Steve has a hand on Dustin’s shoulder
  • and that dork is hardcore staring at you
  • (like jaw dropped, wide-eyed staring)
  • and he leans down and whispers in Dustin’s ear: “damn”
  • Dustin’s all like: “dude, chill. that’s my sister.”
  • he then proceeds to thank Steve for all the help and the ride before walking inside
  • you ruffle his hair and smile
  • and Steve swears his heart does some weird jumpy thing.
  • you then turn back to the door, arching an eyebrow
  • “…yes?”
  • Steve stutters.
  • homeboy actually stutters.
  • u-u-uh I see you have KFC! I uh- I love KFC. best chicken ever right?”
  • you stare at him for a while, before…
  • yeah, I guess. I don’t know, I’m a vegetarian.”
  • and you promptly shut the door in his face.
  • Steve stands there for a few minutes
  • (more like ten)
  • he just can’t understand why he’s so awestruck by you
  • the next day at school, he notices you
  • and of course, you’re friends with Jonathan Byers
  • Steve quietly curses him out before approaching him
  • hey Byers!”
  • Uh, what’s up…steve?”
  • meanwhile, Steve is just staring at you
  • jonathan notices, obviously
  • Nancy notices too
  • and they hatch a plan
  • they start to subtly bring up Steve a lot
  • so does Dustin
  • Jonathan and Nancy have roped him in to their plan
  • (he’s all for it, I mean, his sister and his mentor??? yes!)
  • you ignore them at first
  • but then you begin to notice how soft Steve’s hair looks
  • and how his eyes really do seem to sparkle in the dull, unflattering cafeteria lights.
  • and have his lips always looked that soft???
  • you start to realize that you may have a tiny, miniscule crush on Steve Harrington.
  • so you do the only logical thing
  • you act completely indifferent towards him
  • there’s no way you’re going to change the way you act towards him
  • if he likes you, its gonna be for you.
  • soon enough, Mike, Lucas, and Will also join in
  • they always want the two of you to babysit during their campaigns
  • (mostly because you’ll join in)
  • and Steve will just watch bc
  • aw you’re such a dork and he can’t believe that he likes you this much
  • eventually the night winds down to a juvenile game of truth or dare
  • (you’re dared to mess up Steve’s hair)
  • so he has to lean in towards you in order for you to be able to reach
  • and the kids are in awe
  • like, he’s willingly letting you mess with his hair.
  • you and Steve are pretty close together
  • and you kind of stop running your hands through his hair
  • you both subconsciously start leaning in closer
  • Steve’s eyes are drawn to your lips
  • it about to happen
  • until
  • just kiss already, god!”
  • you spring apart
  • shut up dipshit!”
  • cue the kids all slapping Dustin for ruining the moment
  • it starts getting pretty late
  • so you and Dustin gots to go
  • the kids (except Mike) are getting their bikes
  • Steve comes up to you at the doorway and grabs your wrist gently
  • hey (Y/N)?”
  • “yeah?”
  • I just…I uh- well you see…I just wanted to-”
  • you’re kind of just standing there, waiting for him to get to the point.
  • well uh- its better if I just show you.”
  • so Steve pulls you in and captures your lips with his, kissing you slowly
  • (you waste no time in kissing back)
  • you pull away at the same time bc y’know…
  • air
  • y’all need air.
  • and you guys are just smiling at each other so dorkily
  • (awwwww)
  • Steve leans down for another kiss
  • you break apart because the kids start cheering too loudly
  • “finally!”
  • thank god you finally grew some balls!”
  • “at least we won’t have to hear him talk about her all the time anymore.”
  • hey Harrington! stop sucking face with my sister!”

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Y’all help me out pls. What should I post next: a Bill Denbrough story, a Beverly Marsh one, a Jonathan Byers one, or a Mike Wheeler fic???


               “No, you utter moron.” Draco snarled out in a whisper. “The instructions clearly read to add one bat spleen not two.”

               It took a lot of self-control for Harry to reign in the urge to commit murder. There were too many witnesses and Snape would probably enact revenge before he could even blink. He had thought that maybe after the war things would mellow down between the two of them, but it would seem that arguing was the only familiar action either of them could resort to.

               “If your ginormous head and ego wasn’t in the way, I might have been able to see that.”

               Draco narrowed his eyes dangerously as he wondered if Snape would look the other way if he just dunked Potter’s head in the cauldron. It would have to improve the Gryffindor’s stupidly handsome appearance. Part of him—a small part—didn’t want to fight with the brunette but the rest of him loved the normalcy to it. The simple but yet established argufy.

               “I will have you know that my ego could do with more inflation and my head is proportionate to my body.” The ‘unlike yours’ was left out but Draco felt as if his point had been met.

               That had Harry arching a lone brow. “If you inflate your ego any more than it already is, I fear what will happen to the rest of us. We will be collateral damage to your impending disaster.”

               “Salazar, I swear if you don’t start improving our potion instead of standing around like the gaping fool that you are, I will—”

               “You’ll what?” Harry interrupted, folding his arms across his chest and glaring angrily.

               “Potter, quit talking and actually participate in today’s potion.” Snape’s voice rang out, catching the rest of the class’ attention.

               Before Harry could point out that Malfoy had been talking too, the man continued with a smirk. “Ten points from Gryffindor.”

               For a brief—nearly minuscule—moment, Harry thought about telling the man exactly what he thought of his unfair treatment, but common sense kicked in and he wisely kept his mouth shut. He had also thought that the man would improve after nearly dying but of course that was just asking too much.

               It wasn’t until Snape turned around that Harry looked back to the potion. He pointedly ignored Malfoy’s smug smirk.

               “Karma; such a beautiful thing.” Draco whispered, loving the way the brunette clenched his jaw angrily. Merlin, he never felt more alive than when he was baiting Potter.

               “I fucking hate you.” Harry whispered back, shaking his head firmly when the smirk widened. He was too distracted by the Slytherin’s pretentious but perfect teeth that it wasn’t until the cauldron emitted a horrible smell that he knew a mistake had been made.

               “I deserve an Order of Merlin for having to deal with you.” Draco growled as he shoved the other boy to the side and began trying to fix whatever the idiot just did.



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Knight in Shining Armor (Steve Harrington x Female Reader)

Requested by: @cometoceantrenches ( Okie since you take requests, is it okay if you write smth with our boi Steve where the reader drops off their younger sister at the Snow Ball the same time Steve drops off Dustin but Steve offers to take the reader home but they end up at a cafe or smth and talk abt the crazy stuff that happened (fighting the demodogs and all that) and end up confessing to each other?? im sorry if its long af, you just write rlly well *ugly cries*)

Summary: While waiting for the Snow Ball to end, Steve and you catch up at a local cafe where they recount the events of the demo-dogs, and then conversation becomes personal.

Word Count: 3013

Warnings: fluffy af and some smooches. Also get’s a bit emotional towards the end. lets also assume he’s always ooc to me

Note: if there is another gif that kills me it’s also this one!  I kind of just a little went overboard and it’s pretty long but I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! Enjoy!!!

Minor Spoilers of Season 2!!

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“Do I look okay?” your sister Jen asked for the 100th time from the backseat of your mother’s car. You rolled your eyes, not even bothering to look at her.

“You look great, Jen,” you replied.

“You didn’t even look!” she cried.

For perhaps the third time you spun yourself around to take a look at your sister who was all dolled up and ready for the Snow ball.

“You look beautiful, now stop asking and stop touching your hair,” you slapped her hand away lightly, she flinched and grumbled. You knew she had a crush on one of the boys there, she just wouldn’t tell you who it was. But by how nervous she was, and how she was acting, you knew what was bothering her.

“Hey…whoever this boy you’re crushing over…he’s gonna think you’re the most beautiful girl in the room okay? And he’s going to ask you to dance,” you said, fixing her hair for her. Jen blushed.

“And if he doesn’t?”

You scoffed, “Then he’s a damn idiot, and you’re too good for him,” Jen let out a laugh. Your mother glanced at you two before pulling up in front of the school, behind another car who was dropping off their kid.

Unfortunately for you, your mother had wanted you to stick around the parking lot all night and wait for the Snow ball to end. Also, it was really, really cold out there. But, you didn’t want your mom to worry over Jen all night, so you agreed to stay. You would find something to do, even if that included freezing to death.

Death. Hah. That word honestly didn’t even faze you that much anymore, not after what had occurred in the past month. Images of alien like dog creatures Dustin had called ‘Demo-dogs’ flashed through your mind, especially of the one he called ‘Dart’ who nearly chewed your face off. And then there was that girl with the slicked back hair who everyone seemed to recognize except for you and Steve. Apparently, she had superpowers and helped close the gate and saved the world or something. You honestly didn’t know what to believe, or even do with all this newfound information.

You guessed life would just go on eventually, and somehow you’d manage to live past it.

You stood next to your sister, both of you waving good-bye to your mother, who yelled, “Have a good time and be safe!” before driving off and out of the drop-off zone. Jen sighed, flattening down her light pink dress.

“Are you really going to stay out here all night?” Jen asked as you both walked towards the entrance, you shrugged.

“It’ll be fun- staying out here all by myself in the freezing cold in order to avoid my past middle school teachers trying to catch up with me,” Jen laughed, stopping in front of the entrance and turning to face you.

“Are you sure I look okay, (y/n)?”

You glared slightly at her, pretty sure she’s just taking in the compliments, but you just smiled and held a thumbs up. Jen was about to speak before her eyes caught something behind you. Her cheeks suddenly turned the same color as her dress. You raised a brow, and turned around, seeing who had made her all flustered.

“Dustin?” you asked, the younger boy was surprised to see you here, but not as surprised as you when you saw how much his hair looked super familiar.

“What are you doing here, (y/n)?” he asked, you tore your eyes from his hair and pointed behind you.

“Just dropping off Jen-” but when you turned around, she was gone and already in the gym. You blinked, huffing slightly as you realized that Dustin was the boy she was so keen on. You laughed lightly, thinking that it was the cutest thing ever.

Your mind went back to Dustin’s hairstyle the moment you looked back at him.

“Okay- tell me right now…is Steve your role model or something?” You asked, jokingly. Dustin gave you an annoyed look before you chuckled, “You look great kiddo, now go in there and for the love of god find Jen and ask her to dance,” you winked. Dustin furrowed his eyebrows.

“Wait- what? really?”

You clicked your tongue before your eyes went to the car Dustin had gotten out of. Your jaw dropped when you instantly recognized it as Steve’s. Dustin noticed your excitement and gave a smug smile.

“He’s staying because he saw you and is hoping you’ll go over there to talk or something,” he said nonchalantly, you side-glanced Dustin, seeing him look at the car and wave. You can just feel Steve’s glare on the kid. You merely laughed it off.

“Don’t you have a ball to attend, kid?” you asked, Dustin cursed softly and walked into the entrance, muttering something about asking Jen to dance, a cheeky grin on his face. You shook your head, crossing your arms against your chest before turning and starting to walk over to Steve’s car.

You leaned down to his open window, a toothy grin and asked, “Is that you Steve? My knight in shining armor?” Steve smiled at the sight of you, and waved your comment off.

“Yeah, the one and only,” he responded, knowing you were referring to when he saved you from losing your face to some demo-dog, “Are you going to head home?”

You shook your head.

“Gotta stay here until it ends and make sure Jen is still alive after or something,” you shrugged, Steve laughed.

“Oh no- that’s not okay,” he said, “As your knight in shining armor, I’m going to save you from freezing to death…” he reached over and opened the car door, his other hand still resting on the wheel. You put your hand over your heart.

“Wow…what a gentlemen,” you commented as you climbed into his car, Steve shrugged, eyes still resting on you. You didn’t notice the way he stared at you, like Dustin had noticed when Steve pulled up and saw you.

“That’s what I am, didn’t you know?”

You just hummed, hugging your arms closer to you. Steve noticed, eying your shivering form before an idea popped in his mind.

“Wanna go get a warm drink or something?” he asked, you tilted your head in thought.

“Warm drink? You mean like coffee?” you asked, a playful glint in your eyes.Steve stared at you for a moment, before realizing how stupid he must sound.

“I said that…” he muttered. You snickered, but nodded.

“Yeah, I could go for a warm drink…” Steve cracked a smile, eyes still lingering on yours before starting his car. When he looked away as he began to drive out of the parking lot, you looked at the side of his face, thinking you saw a shade of pink on his cheeks…but it was too dark.

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cheritz: let’s make saeyoung say that v was like a father to him for more than 10 years

cheritz: even though v literally would have been like sixteen then

cheritz: also let’s make it so rika and v, teenagers who cant even legally drive yet probably let alone adopt children or know about secret hacker organisations, somehow manage to get them away from their mother and go through all these sketchy legal processes

also cheritz: also let’s make it so saeran is like 11 when he’s kidnapped by mint eye even tho that would mean rika literally somehow managed to start a cult at age thirteen

cheritz, yet again: even though that would make mint eye like 3837373729020 years older than the rfa

cheritz once more: but i mean if we make them cry hard enough during the secret endings they’ll probably be too emotionally distressed to notice this

more cheritz: hey v has a sister and both his parents are artists

cheritz to cheritz: actually no his dad is a buisnessman also what the hell is a sister lol

cheritz: also yoosungs shitty aunt and uncle went through the entire process of adopting a child only to immediately abuse her what is realism

cheritz, with a dying breath, a small but diligent company trying really hard to pull of a series of complicated plot points while staying consistent: also did we say yoosungs mother was a teacher? let’s make her a housewife in this route. maybe she should also make soap??

why ‘the punisher’ worked (no spoilers):
  • jon bernthal’s entire being. he plays frank so dynamically, really knocked it out of the park
  • i mean if you’ve ever felt there was a lack of violent content in the mcu… this one goes game of thrones with modern firepower—as it should, given the storyline
  • the violence teeters on being excessive, but i took it with a cinematic grain of salt (i.e. quentin tarantino movies). 
  • anyway props to the make-up/stunt departments
  • obviously centers around ptsd and trauma (particularly in veterans, but not limited to), and features a disabled character
  • a woman of color in a position of power in the government/being fed up with the patriarchy, while also shooting all the guns at bad guys
  • represents not only dangerously conservative views, but liberal ones, as well
  • even if many greater issues aren’t addressed to your liking, they aren’t ignored, either. there’s no good timing for a show like this to be released
  • karen page is there
  • ben barnes pulls off a pretty good new york accent (i think); his performance really shines. so does his hair. and his eyes. and
  • i mean the injuries and treatments are probably realistic but seeing as i have never been shot with an arrow 
  • ben barnes…… issa snacc
  • literally micro’s whole arc
  • seriously though ben barnes did an excellent job
  • frank castle + kiddos
  • this show asks those questions nobody wants to ask
  • frank castle was introduced in daredevil as the ultimate anti-hero. this solo show did its job: it expanded his story even further, and retained depth the whole way through.
I Thought You Were Already Married

So, no one asked for a part two butttt I decided to write it anyways. You don’t have to read part one to understand it. This can be read as a stand alone. If you would like to read part one, here you go.


               “Harry, you have to go in.” Sirius told his godson firmly. He tried to remain stern but the pleading green eyes of the three-year-old was hard to ignore.

                “What if they don’t like me.” The sniffle and wobbling lip was always his weakness. Merlin, where was Remus when he needed him? “What if no one wants to be my friend?”

                Sirius sighed heavily as he kneeled on the ground and cupped Harry’s cheeks. “You are going to make many friends. Probably too many to count.” He smiled softly at the wonder in those bright eyes. “Even if for some crazy reason, you don’t make a friend, I’ll always be your friend. Isn’t that enough?”

                “No.” Came the quick reply. It had Sirius rolling his eyes at his sassy godson. Harry must get that from Remus.

                “Why can’t Moony be here? He wouldn’t make me go in.”

                That had Sirius dropping his hands in defeat and adopting a pout. “I see how it is, Remus is your favorite.”

                When Harry nodded his head, Sirius let out a playful growl. “You aren’t supposed to agree!” He tickled Harry and relished the joyful squeals the boy released. He couldn’t fault Harry for preferring Remus over him. The werewolf was his favorite person too.

                “If you go in there, I promise that I’ll let you help me cheer up Remus when you get home.” Harry didn’t understand anything about the full moon or what was going on but he was smart enough at his age to know that the full moon makes Remus sad. The man was resting in bed recovering after yesterday’s transformation.

                By the way Harry’s eyes lit up and a soft gasp escaped, he knew that he had won. Despite this, he couldn’t help but pray to any higher power that Harry really would make a friend. Any friend would do.


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Alec awoke to soft gentle kisses pressed to his shoulder. He didn’t bother fighting the sleepy grin tugging at the corners of his mouth as his eyes flickered open.

“Happy 100th anniversary.” Magnus murmured against his skin, a tinge of excitement coloring his tone. His excitement, while minute, immediately seeped into Alec’s chest. One hundred years together and it hardly felt like it. He fondly recalled their first meeting before snaking an arm around his husband.

“Has it really only been one hundred years?” Alec teased, his fingers gently raking through Magnus’ surprisingly sleep-tousled hair.

“Afraid so. One hundred years of your adorable little snores.”

Alec rolled his eyes; he was still positive that he didn’t snore. But he decided to not completely ruin the moment. “One hundred years of your laugh.”

“One hundred years of your smile.”

Alec smiled. “One hundred years of love.”

Magnus beamed, leaning in for a kiss. “Not nearly enough in my opinion.”

“Good thing there’s no end in sight.” Alec pressed his lips to Magnus’, content to spend the morning in bed.


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Two requests in one. This is hot. Please enjoy, and try to keep yourself calm ;) Love you all. xx - L

You and Harry are friends with benefits.

Warnings: smut, smut, and smut

Word Count: 2,125

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