i only posted this bc i had it saved up


…you guys dont know what i went through just to post this. my computer died 5 times, my files got lost even though i saved them, i had to buy a new computer(at least i got one for cheap) bc this one is so crappy omfg but it ended up turning on again anyways so at least i didnt lose all these drawings-but i had to buy a new one for school anyways..m this computer hasnt been charging(i charged it for 3 days not using it andi turned it on and it was only at 3 percent????!) like this computer though… its so problematic….this has been the worst so far but it always blacks out or wont charge

-anyways, for outerds’ request about the hesitant kiss, I based it off the viral “First Kiss” video on youtube that has awkward strangers kiss

laurahhollis replied to your post: Me:  *applies for a part-time job* Me:  *ends up…

first time i got a job i worked a whole month on christmas season without any free days. welcome to adult life!

I DON’T LIKE IT.  No i’m jk, work seems cool and my coworkers seem chill~ I’m only miserable bc after work, I had even more plans.  Then when I got home, it was late so I just pass out.  As an introvert, I don’t like not having time for myself ;___;  But yeah, it should dwindle down to 20 hours since set up is done and I can read fanfic late nights again

attack-on-sarcasm replied to your post: “Me:  *applies for a part-time job* Me:  *ends up working 50 hours the…”

50 hours a week? Thats alot… Rip my dude. Like really try and get some rest when you can.

I don’t mind long hours (bc I want hella $$$$$ to spend on myself and people) but my feet and back are KILLING ME 😭  I really need to fix my sleeping schedule bc I get only 2-4 hours of sleep LMAO