i only posted this bc i had it saved up

i need help

basically, my family has been in crisis for awhile, starting from when our apartment caught on fire in november and i lost everything i owned. i’m mentally ill and currently unemployed because my job ended unexpectedly, so are both my parents. on top of that, i found out i unexpectedly got pregnant. i should have the procedure next week, but i really need help paying for my medical expenses right now. the procedure alone is $470. 

(and that doesnt cover needing pads, pain meds, or anything else that might come with that.)

i’ve been sick for weeks on top of this, some sort of infection and i have a horrible UTI, i can’t even afford to buy cranberry juice or anything. i’ve been throwing up several times a day for over a week now. i barely have any energy. 

my paypal is maiakorman@gmail.com, and i also have chase. please contact me if you can help in anyway. i’m getting very desperate. i already owe money for my last check up and can barely afford the meds i need for other infections i have right now.

****UPDATE: SO FAR YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN MORE THAN AMAZING!!! ive made about 45 of the 250 i need and thats huge. i cant believe how blessed and hopeful i feel now.

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…you guys dont know what i went through just to post this. my computer died 5 times, my files got lost even though i saved them, i had to buy a new computer(at least i got one for cheap) bc this one is so crappy omfg but it ended up turning on again anyways so at least i didnt lose all these drawings-but i had to buy a new one for school anyways..m this computer hasnt been charging(i charged it for 3 days not using it andi turned it on and it was only at 3 percent????!) like this computer though… its so problematic….this has been the worst so far but it always blacks out or wont charge

-anyways, for outerds’ request about the hesitant kiss, I based it off the viral “First Kiss” video on youtube that has awkward strangers kiss

i spent ten minutes having an emotional breakdown bc i thought i had saved over the lastest comic page in gimp in one layer thus ruining the entire page bc clipping groups dont work in gimp therefore there’d be huge blobs all over this flattened image but no, the layers are all still there, in GIMP , but when I try to open up THE SAME FILE in Sai, its all just a flattened image. it’s not ruined but the only way i can fix this is if i export EVERY INDIVIDUAL LAYER as a transparent png file and then put them together again in sai….. which will take fuckin hourssss ugh

this is the last time i mess with gimp lmao all i wanted to do was put in the damn text


Additional info:
-I accept payment through paypal only
-Prices may vary depending on how complex your request is
-I only do simple backgrounds like in the examples
-Please have picture references ready, especially when it comes to oc’s
-If you’re interested please send an ask or email me at officialcuchulainn@gmail.com

My art tag is here if you need more examples of my work.