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Hey guys! I finally was able to unpack enough to re-open my store for now :O
To celebrate and make up for my long absence please enjoy a big sale running through Dec 1st!!!


Many of the zines are last edition so if you’ve been waiting this is a good chance to grab them~ I’ve gotten some new limited pins and some other new stock AND restocked on almost all my items, get your holiday shopping done early >w<

NOTE: If you bought a FLAWED galaxy syringe or fossil and want the new one place an order & include your old invoice w/ the purchase and i’ll refund the $8!

Thank you for your support, if you’re still here. I know i don’t deserve any followers especially for leaving this blog fallow for so long so I appreciate each and everyone one of you who are still here <3

I admire Frank Castles skill to paint really nicely stylized skulls on his bullet-proof vests..

rey deserves to be happy HER WAY.

if she wants to be a hermit on an island (which i seriously doubt bc she’s spent her entire life vying for a family), she can.

if she wants to be w finn, she can!

if she wants to be w rose, yes she can!

if she wants to be w kylo? LET HER!

as long as she’s satisfied and no one is harming her, why be so actively against her happiness? this isn’t about you. it’s about her.

Goals vocab

An anon asked “ Since I’m slowly trying to incorporate French in my bullet journal, a ‘goals vocabulary’ would be very useful! Maybe the usual goals people have ( lose weight, get more friends, idk) with the appropriate verb that usually goes with the action?” 

Genial idee, anon! Here’s your goals vocab list!

About goals

but- goal

bonne résolution- New Year’s Resolution

engagement- commitment

réalisable- attainable

résistance- resilience 

encourageant- encouraging

Some Goals 

1. perdre du poids- to lose weight

2. se faire des amis- to make friends

3. bien faire un test- to do well on a test

4. gagner un match- to win a (sports) game

5. être diplômé- to graduate( college)

6. écrire un livre- to write a book

7. trouver le grand amour- to find true love

8. voyager autour du monde- travel around the world

9. avoir de bonnes notes- to get good grades

10. rejoindre un club- to join a club

11. jouer d'un instrument- to play an instrument

12. parachutisme- skydive

boom! trash babys!! XD