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do you know of a fanfic where they are a a party and phil is talking to one of their friends (i forget who) and the friend is saying something like "you can't tell me you never thought about it" and like dan walks over and a few hours later they end up making out in the hallway??? WHAT IS IT IM DYING?

i can’t believe it you just asked about my favourite fic this is the only fic i read ever and i recommend it to Everyone holy shit

it’s an experiment gone right by phansomedevil: http://phansomedevil.tumblr.com/post/72041874461/title-an-experiment-gone-right-pairing-phan

rcdart and trans fetishization

So, I’ve put off making this post for a while, just because i know that the artist in question has a large following. But I can’t ignore this any longer, so here goes. 

@rcdart is an agender artist attending Calarts. They have amassed somewhat of a following for their marvel art here on tumblr. This marvel art features a trans man Steve which seems, quite frankly, fetishing of trans men and the transmasculine experience. 


Their comment reads: “I actually hc steve to get top surgery pretty early on, but also, IF He Didn’t, I only think he’d wear a binder like 10% of the time he’s concious bc fuck dat shit he’s in the future and buff he doesnt need to hide his tits” 

This art of a trans steve showing off his “tits” is honestly pretty fetishizing of the trans experience. I’m not the only one who’s felt a rush of inexplicable dysphoria over having this post cross my dashboard: I’ve spoken to other trans men who share my opinion of rcdart’s trans steve. 

The fact that rcdart chooses to draw him as a pinup, in poses that emphasize his breasts and hips, only seem to add insult to injury. Their assertions that they don’t think he’d wear a binder specifically to show off his breasts is fetishistic. 

I realize that rcdart is agender, but being nonbinary doesnt give you free rein to fetishize trans men. 

I don’t intend this post as a callout, but a call to action. When you post art, consider who it impacts, and how your portrayal affects them. Thank you. 

Edit: please consider this post a friend alerted me to on their nsfw blog in light of this post. I think that this verifies that their art is fetishistic. Be aware that the blog is nsfw: http://rtitties.tumblr.com/post/149703761539/my-hc-that-steve-got-top-surgery-right-before-the

There are people on Tumblr right now arguing over the actual sexual orientation of the moon and…

…y’know, look. I’m not one to sneer at Tumblr. I think a lot of good has come out of the political discussion that occurs on this website, and I personally have learned a lot about gender, race, LGBTQ history, and myself as a direct result of reading posts on this website. I’ve learned so much, and grown so much as a person, thanks to this funny little website, and I will always be thankful and appreciative of that.

But - but! - when I see debates like this, when I see people shitting on each other over whether the actual, real moon that orbits our planet is a woman who experiences same-sex attraction and only same-sex attraction, I think… Christ, this is it, isn’t it? This is how the rest of the internet sees Tumblr.



Transparent background Dan and Phil picture thingys,, these literally took me forever so it’d be nice if you didn’t repost them and say they’re yours, thank youu :))) (although reblogging with that button thing is v nice) feel free to use them as your icon!! (you don’t need to give me credit for that)) yay bye

I’m sick of seeing these tumblr famous girls bending over and fake all these rolls that are just skin folds saying “I have rolls too” and being praised while the rest of us who actually have fat rolls when we sit or even when we’re standing up, on our arms, our stomachs, our backs, are given shit not only on our social media but also in every day life.

They’re not being “real” by posting these pictures. They’re selling a fake idea of body positivity by bending over to create “rolls” and calling themselves “thick” because they wouldn’t embrace a fat body if they had one (and I’ve never seen fat bodies on their blogs either).

They’re only positive about their skinny bodies.

He Is Not A Sub Bottom
  • He Is Not A Sub Bottom
  • TJ Lane
  • I Heard You've Been Saying Some Shit About Me On Your Blog

inspired by @asaproofie’s post (who tumblr won’t let me tag)

this horrendous creation is the only thing my sub-par editing skills have ever been good for

so yeah. if you’re talking shit about “bi tumblr” you’re probably biphobic. if you say shit like “mogai hell” … i literally hope to never interact with you or be within 10 miles of you. do i agree with everything every person in bi tumblr has ever said? fuck no. are there bi bloggers that post homophobic and/or lesbophic shit? yes. should they be called out? yeah.

but you know what, i am fucking here for bi people whose only social support system is the one they found on tumblr.

and anyone who is using the kind of language that radfems have been using for years to discredit our identities, tear down our communities, and literally promote sexual violence against us can fuck the fuck right off.

This is a reminder to vote for who you want and to make that decision on your own.

Whether you’re for Trump, Hillary, Stein or Johnson, you have the freedom to choose.

You can even abstain, that’s not anyone’s business.

Don’t let Tumblr, the media, your family, or anyone guilt you into voting for what they want.

I keep seeing these posts that are all about “if you don’t vote for who I want the world will end and here’s why” and man, if that ain’t some shady shit.

Educate yourself, make your own decision, and don’t feel like you need to answer to anyone for your decision.

The only wasted vote is for something you don’t believe in.


Lost your pen = No pen
No pen = No notes
No notes = No study
No study = Fail
Fail = No diploma
No diploma = No work
No work = No money
No money = No food
No food = Skinny
Skinny = Ugly
Ugly = No love
No love = No marriage
No marriage = No children
No children = Alone
Alone = Depression
Depression = Sickness
Sickness = Death
Lesson: Don’t lose your pen, you will die.

I’m not smiling and the picture is shit quality but I couldn’t help but notice some similarities and it made me happy bc eren is my favorite character ever 

IG @jaegerisms!!! 

what’s up knitters of tumblr? im new to the whole knitting thing and i dont know shit. this bog is basically a sideblog to @ nebblets or at least anything involving that bc the name changes every holiday… atm its @yulenebblets. the only thing i can make are weird fingerknit patches of ugliness but i intend to learn!

anyway i need some people to follow so yknow.. Reblog if:
- u post knitting in general
- references
- just crafts (sewing n stuff) in general bc thats what ill dump here too
- any other cool knitting stuff

I’ll check u out👌
yknow.. seeyall idk..

“Your bra is showing.”
Oh no!
No one can know that i, a teenage girl, is wearing a bra.
Someone call Victoria cause her secret’s out.
A word on Sherlock

As much as I love Johnlock, and I love reading Johnlock fan fiction, I have to admit I’m glad it didn’t happen in tfp for a number of reasons.

1. Mary only recently died, both Sherlock and John are still grieving her loss and anything between them would have to happen a long time after Mary’s death

2. Sherlock and John are still rebuilding their relationship after Mary’s death and everything that happened. At the start of the lying detective, and throughout the episode John blamed Sherlock for Mary’s death and was waking away from their friendship. They need time to rebuild their friendship before anything else happens.

3. The timing of it happening within that episode would have felt completely off. With everything that happened in the episode, Johnlock just wouldn’t have been well timed.

4. Mycroft and Eurus. After that episode I really think Sherlock needs to focus on his family and being their for his brother and sister, and John needs to find his feet with Rosie and life as a single parent (though the scenes of Sherlock, John and Rosie at the end were adorable af)

I don’t even know what this post was…I guess I was just fed up of seeing shit posts about he episode based on the fact Johnlock didn’t happen!

my favorite ((sarcasm)) tumblr discourse is that lesbians are non-progressive/old-fashioned whatever for only being same gender attracted… the concept of lesbianism is “restrictive” and is something that should be worked against…………like.. How do people not realize that this is BLATANT homophobia!!!!!!?????????? women loving only women is still progressive sorry homophobes

-this post is not for TERFS, trans women are valid and TERFS can choke-