i only now noticed the pattern on the shirt

I noticed an interesting pattern

So for the majority of his appearances on the show, Crowley’s attire has been such

The dress shirt with jacket, tie, and coat

But season 10….

we got to see him without the coat for most of his scenes, and now season 11…

he’s gone and unbuttoned the jacket

In conclusion he has been slowly leaving less and less to our imaginations…I for one impatiently await the season where he’s walking around with only the tie on

So, I rewatched the original Beauty and the Beast yesterday after maybe ten years or something and now I have Opinions™ so bear with me while I rant a tiny bit. 

  • Somebody needs to explain to me the logic of a giant marble balcony on the middle of a bloody roof like

The HECK?! That’s not where verandas are supposed to go?!

  • The (young adult) male villagers are totally smitten by Belle? I mean, they spy on her at the bookseller’s window, one worker even gets injured because he can’t keep his eyes off of her just before Gaston shoots the goose… 
  • Gaston wondering how can Belle read a book ‘with no pictures’, while three minutes before Belle shows a sheep a ONE PAGE WIDE picture on the same book like… inattentive at best, hon.
  • Adam in Beast form is the most expressive little shit I’ve ever seen - it’s adorable and hilarious watching him going from furious to flabbergasted to grumpy-baby-mode in 30 seconds straight. He’s such a dork. <3
  • Gaston is  SO EXTRA™. I mean. When he sings ‘I use antlers in all of my decorating’ he’s sitting on his chair with a leg stretched up with the foot en pointe like a fucking diva; and then, after telling LeFou his plan regarding Maurice, he crouches at LeFou’s level in a waltz pose, swirls him around the tavern and then prances like he’s on the red carpet with LeFou on his arm throwing kisses around and waving like THE BLOODY QUEEN OF ENGLAND BOI STAHP.
  • Philippe staring at the Beast with his mouth open after he’s saved Belle from the wolves cracked me up. That horse is amazing.
  • Also Belle and Philippe fell on the frozen lake at some point and she went underwater UP TO THE WAIST and still her NAKED LEGS (under the skirt) functioned perfectly after that?!
  • Oh, Belle rides astride while wearing a dress. How badass is that?
  • Maurice going on a quest to find his daughter in the woods, in winter, with snow on the ground, wearing only a gilet and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up at the elbow. No wonder he collapsed with a fever at some point!
  • I noticed only now that Beast/Adam and Belle’s outfits perfectly matched the ballroom’s colour pattern. Living on the aesthetic, you’re doing it right.
  • Ok but in the Italian version when Beast/Adam tells Belle that she has to go to her father his voice breaks and it hurt me. ç__ç
  • Also am I the only one who heard sounds of glass shattering and things breaking under the Beast’s roar of despair when Belle crosses the castle’s gates in a gallop?
  • Kudos on Chip for understanding how to make the wood-cutting machine work and finding coal and making it burn in such a short time. The boy was a teacup and fucking saved the day!
  • Adam looks like the Archangel Michael he’s so damn perfect and how can his chest be so WIDE even as a human? H O W
  • Belle has the most perfectly manicured nails I’m envious.
Punk!Luke - WILD ROSE (part 1)

A/N: Since Punk!Luke is messing with my feels lately I came up with this idea of a story. I’m planning to make more parts if you guys will like it! :) Please let me know if you do and enjoy reading! xx - N

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Word count: 4.900 +

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Taylor Imagine

You and Taylor just broke up and you’ve noticed, from a far of course, that he’s been acting strange lately. He’s been really reckless and it’s making you nervous because even though he broke up with you because of the distance you still cared for him. He has been getting really drunk and even trying to drive drunk. This was a major problem because with his newest toy, he could kill himself or somebody else so easily.It scared you to even think about.

Suddenly, your phone went off and you scrambled to get it. It was really late and all your friends know you usually went to sleep early so you knew it had to be urgent if someone was calling at this hour. You looked at the caller ID and almost cried out because it was Taylor and you hadn’t talked since last week when you broke up. You were missing him so badly already!

“Taylor?” You answered and heard a laugh!

“Heeey Baaaabe!” Taylor said loudly. He was drunk. That’s all that this was. It was all it would ever be from now on.

“What do you want Taylor?” You asked harshly. You were more upset about this then you were willing to let on.

“I’m drunk as hell. Pick me up!” He slurred badly.

“Taylor you’re in Nashville dumbass.” You said smartly, about to hang up on him. You were happy he didn’t want to drive drunk but you couldn’t pick him up.

“No I’m not. I came home yesterday to surrrrprrrise you. But THEN I heard this party was coming up and Lesley asked me to go with her and she’s got this hot bod any guy could drooool ove-”

“I’m hanging up now.” You said on the verge of tears.

“No wait! I need a ride! It’s at Tony’s babe,” He said as he hung up. You knew that even though he made you super upset that you couldn’t just leave him there, no matter how much you wanted to. Plus Tony lived like a block away so you it wouldn’t take long.

You grabbed your car keys and stepped out the door already hearing th loud music from the distance. The ride there was very short so you had to compose yourself quickly. Before you left you put on some shorts and a tee so you didn’t look totally a mess. Your hair was up in a bun and overall you just didn’t care. You were only going to pick up your ex and drive him home. Then you were out.

You walked up to the front door and the loud music thumped in your body. You just walked in the door immediately disliking the party. There were couples making out and alcohol on every flat surface. The house was a disaster and you knew that it would suck to be Tony in the morning. Hungover and probably in a lot of trouble with his family.

Taylor wasn’t hard to find because he kind of drew attention to himself everywhere he went. And he was loud. So loud, but you loved him anyway. When you saw him you almost wanted to puke. He had his shirt off and was grinding with a girl in a belly shirt and leggings. He saw you almost instantly pushing the girl away and pushing through the crowd of dancing teens.

“Y/N! You actually came! I looove youu!” He said trying to lean in for a kiss but you pushed him back.

“No. Come on Tay, I just want to get you home,” you told him as you started walking away with his arm in your hand pulling you with him. “Where’s your shirt? I refuse to take you anywhere shirtless.” You knew people would assume things if you walked out of the party with a shirtless Taylor. 

“Why baby? You know you love this!” He whispered to you and you rolld your eyes and started to walk away. You knew it would be mean to just leave him there but he was being so inconsiderate! Why would he act like this when he broke up with you! ‘Oh that’s right because he’s Taylor and that’s the way he always is.’ You though to yourself.

“Wait up Y/N! I still need that ride!” He laughed as you were about to get in your car. You noticed he was wearing a shirt now but it wasn’t any old shirt. This was the one you loved but he hated. He only kept that shirt because you convinced him to wear it every once and awhile. It made him look cute but he thought he looked like he had walked straight out of a tourist convention with the floral pattern and it’s collar.

“All I need is a sun visor and ten bottles of SPF 200 sunblock and I look like a tourist on the beach!” He always used to say to me. The corners of your mouth lifted slightly at the memory as I got in the car. You couldn’t imagine why he wore that shirt to the party when he hated it but in a way, you were glad he did. It was a reminder of the good times you two had of being a couple.

The ride to his house was short and Taylor was basically asleep in the passenger’s side so there wasn’t much conversation. We got to his house and he was dead asleep. You got out of the car and over to his side to help him up when you noticed his cars were the only ones in the driveway. He would be alone tonight. You felt bad but he knew what he was getting into when he went to that party.

“Tay,” You said pushing his shoulder to wake him up. He barely moved. “What the hell have you been eating! Taylor! Wake up!” His rolled to the side. You tried pulling him out of the car but that didn’t work. 

You walked back into the drivers side pf the car and sighed. “I hope god forgives me for this ,” you murmur as you turn on the radio which was connected to your phone. You knew Taylor hated the song “Happy” by Pharrel but you also knew he’d wake up, even if it was just long enough to wake him up. The music played softly at first which probably wouldn’t do anything so you turned it up all the way. The music bothered your ears but it would bother you even more to sit here the entire night waiting for him to wake up.

Suddenly, his head popped up in a burst. “Ah! What the hell! Turn this damn song off!” He was very much awake now.

“Get out of my car.” You say quickly and his head snaps over to you. He looks like he’s sobered up but that didn’t mean anything with Taylor.

“Do I have to? Take me to yours! I don’t wanna be home alone!” He whined rubbing his eyes.

“What are you? Five?” You asked him. He laughed bitterly.

“No Y/N I’m not five. I’ve just been having issues since we broke up. I miss you like hell.” He said looking directly in my eyes.

“I’m sorry Tay, I just can’t believe that. I walked in on you dancing on another girl at the party!” You said lightly looking anywhere but at him.

“Did you also notice she looked exactly like you? She even acted like you but way more slutty. It’s a shame she was annoying as fuck and the only girl I could think of when she was grinding on me was you.” He said softly.

“Why did you dump me then? I thought we were fine until you showed up my house, told me that we were over, and then left!” You questioned.

“I knew you were reading all of the hate the girls send you. I knew it had been upsetting you and I thought if I publicly broke up with you the hate would stop or you would at least stop reading it. I don’t ever want you to be sad.” He said and a tear fell down your cheek which he quickly wiped away.

“I love you, Taylor.”

“I love you more.”

This did not end the way I planned at all. What even.

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sorry if its bad like i said this is not how i planned it to be at all.

Sex Life 101 - Stiles

This was like the best thing to write, he’s so adorable! I can totally imagine Dylan doing this in real life :D 

Your POV

“So Y/N, is there something you would like to tell us?” Lydia suddenly spoke, making me look up from my Biology notes and flinch from her inquisitive gaze.

“Ummm… No?” I said unsurely, not entirely sure what she was getting at. I looked at Kira for help, the girl shrugging in response, completely unaware as to what Lydia wanted to know.

“You and Stiles. You’ve been together for what, 4 months now?” she asked, waiting for me to nod in response. “Where are the dirty details!”

“Wait, are you asking about her sex life?” Kira choked on her food, slightly flustered by the question.

“Yes I am. What so bad about that?” Lydia glanced between our blushing faces, clearly not sensing the discomfort we were feeling.

“Lydia, you can’t just go around asking people that,” I flushed a deeper red, dropping my head into my hands in embarrassment.

“Why not? I tell you both about my sex life, so why can’t you do the same?” she scoffed.

“That’s because you have a sex life to talk about,” I pointed out, stabbing a piece of lettuce angrily with my fork.

“Wait, so you and Stiles have never…” Kira made an inappropriate gesture with her hands, not believing what she was hearing.

“Whenever we come close to it, he freaks out and locks himself in the bathroom,” I frowned, recalling the most recent time that he had done it. “I’m not sure if he ever wants to do that with me.”

“Believe me, he adores you. He’s just never been in a relationship before so he probably has no idea what to do,” Lydia laughed, probably thinking about how awkward he could be.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend either,” I pointed out.

“Yeh but you’re not as awkward as he is,” Kira nudged me, giving me a comforting smile.

“How am I ever supposed to cure my raging teenager hormones when my own boyfriend won’t even touch me,” I threw my hands up in frustration, making my two bestfriends giggle. “Stop laughing at my pain.”

“Just lock him in Coach’s office and tell him he can’t leave till he fucks you,” Lydia shrugged, making me roll my eyes.

“I want it to be more romantic than that,” I sighed, thinking about just how many people have probably done it in Coach’s office.

“Well then,” Kira smiled, catching my attention. “Looks like we’re gonna have to help you.”

Stiles POV

“Look man, I know you’re freaking out about these deaths,” Scott said, throwing his bag in his locker.

“Sacrifices,” I cut in, making him give me a pointed look.

“Whatever they are. But we have to focus on school right now. We’ve got a game coming up and we need to have all our attention on this for the moment,” he finished, pulling his shirt over his head ad replacing it with his gym shirt.

“How can I focus when the killer is specifically targeting virgins. Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m a virgin!” I dramatically pointed to myself, stress evident in my tone.

“We can’t find a pattern only 2 deaths in Stiles,” Scott frowned, rolling his eyes at me.

“Well it’s something ok!” I sighed, picking nervously at my nail.

“You’ll be fine, don’t worry,” he gave me a reassuring smile.

“I’m going to worry!” I almost squealed, taking him by surprise. “Someone needs to sex me right now!” I slammed my locker closed.

“Geez ok, why don’t you go ask your girlfriend then,” Scott said, making me stare at him for a moment in silence.

“No, that’s not an option,” I finally said, shaking my head in disagreement.

“Oh so you want to cheat on your girlfriend then do you?” he asked, furrowing his brows in confusion.

“No, I just…” I sighed, scratching my head nervously. “I just don’t want to disappoint her.”

“What do you mean? Because if you’re trying to say what I think you’re trying to say, then we aren’t that close,” Scott’s eyes widened in alarm, holding up his hands.

“What? No! Not that! I just… She’s literally the perfect 10 and every guy here likes her but she chose me for some reason and I don’t want her to think of me as some awkward nerd,” I frowned.

“She already thinks your an awkward nerd,” Scott pointed out, making me glare at him. “But she likes that about you! Believe me, whenever we have class, she’s always talking about how cute you are and how she loves that you’re so smart and dorky!”

“She deserves the world and I just don’t want to disappoint her and bed terrible in bed,” I sighed, beginning to walk into the gym, Scott trailing beside me.

“Honestly, I don’t think she’s the kind of girl that would care about that,” Scott shrugged, making me turn to look at him. “Just don’t make it too cheesy, although she is into all those romance movies, so maybe that is the way to go. Don’t force her into everything and always make sure she’s ok with you doing something. She’s never had a boyfriend, so she’s pretty inexperienced as well.”

“Wait, she’s a virgin?” I asked.

“Yeh, can’t you tell?” he laughed.

“I always thought that she had like a million boyfriends back in New York. She always talks about all these guys she used to be close with,” I said, confused as hell.

“Nah, she had never been kissed before you came along,” he winked, taking a seat on the bench.

“Huh… So she has nothing to compare it to…” I thought out loud. “That makes me feel a lot better.”

“Well good because she just walked in,” Scott pointed to the girls locker room, spotting Y/N, Kira and Lydia emerge.

Your POV

“Remember, confident and sexy Y/N,” Lydia reminded me, slapping my butt for extra reassurance. “You’ve got to show him that you want it and you’re not going to take no for an answer.”

“But what if he doesn’t want to do it with me?” I asked, beginning to freak out over what I was about to do.

“He will, don’t worry,” Kira grinned, taking my hand and pulling me over to the boys. Scott was glancing between myself and Stiles smirking and Stiles was picking at his shirt, something he did when he was nervous. Lydia appeared behind me, nudging me forward slightly and giving me a look.

“Umm Stiles, can I talk to you for a moment?” I asked, smiling unsurely at my boyfriend. He glanced at Scott for a second, nodding unsurely and holding his hand out for me to take. I inwardly cooed at the action, knowing that whenever either one of us was nervous or scared of something, the other would always take their hand and just simply hold it till the problem went away. I took his waiting hand, letting him lead me to the top of the bleachers so we could have some privacy, not that it would do much good with werewolf hearing.

“What did you want to talk about?” he asked, taking both of my hands in his and rubbing his thumb over my knuckles softly. I let out a deep breath that I didn’t realise I was holding, mentally preparing myself for rejection.

“Look, Lydia basically told me that I needed to pretty much force you into having sex with me, but that’s not how I handle things,” I blurted out, hearing a loud laugh most likely from Scott and a strange look from Stiles. “It’s just been pointed out to me that teenagers that have been together as long as we have, usually ya know… Aren’t virgins anymore.”

“Ironically enough, I was having this exact conversation with Scott before,” Stiles chuckled, shaking his head.

“You just… You always run away whenever we start to make out and if you don’t want to be with me, I completely understand that, but you need to be honest,” I pursed my lips, preparing for the inevitable let down.

“I do want to be with you! You are the sun in my life. The one thing I look forward to each and everyday! I just… I didn’t want to disappoint you and now that I know you’re a virgin, whilst there’s no one to compare me to, it needs to be special and memorable and I didn’t want to fuck it up,” he frowned. “I don’t want you to feel pressured into anything just because we’re teenagers and that is what is expected of us.”

“I don’t feel forced at all!” I assured him. “I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now actually… I’ve always wanted to wait until I found the right person to be intimate with, and that person is you Stiles.”

“Really?” he said, his eyes lighting up.

“Yes really,” I giggled, cupping his cheeks with my hands and pulling his face towards mine, smashing my lips against his. He let out a muffled ‘oompf’, placing his hands on my hips and moving me onto his lap, our lips not once disconnecting. I tilted my head slightly, giggling when his tongue gently prodded at my closed lips, deciding to tease him. He let out a soft grunt, sliding his hands down so they were resting on my bum, squeezing and making me squeal slightly.

“Oi you two! Get down here right now!” Coach yelled, making me jump off my boyfriends lap and onto the seat beside him. We exchanged scared looks, sprinting down the stairs and standing in front of an annoyed Coach. “What on earth do you think you’re doing?”

“Uh we were just… Ya know… Whispering… With our lips…. Together?” Stiles mumbled, turning a bright red after he realised he had been caught.

“I’m going to give you two this one chance, because I know you’re the only ones that haven’t done it in my office,” he grumbled, turning away from us and marching over to where Greenberg was making a mess. I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding, leaning on Stiles for support.

“Oh my god, never again,” he laughed, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“I blame you,” I giggled, squealing when he pinched my side playfully.

“Excuse you, but you’re the one that kissed me!” he scoffed, turning so he was facing me, his arms wrapped loosely around my waist.

“You’re just too cute to resist,” I winked, tapping my fingers on his chest lightly, pressing a soft kiss on his jaw.

“Alright you two, sex is for the bedroom, not gym class,” Scott appeared, making us both jump.

“Fine then. My parents are out of town this weekend. Be at my house by 5,” I grinned, placing one final kiss on Stiles lips before skipping off towards the girls, chuckling to myself.

“Bro, do you have condoms?” I heard Stiles ask, making me laugh even harder.