i only made this cause i wanted to use that caption tbh

Recap time! A few things happened on social medias these past few days with some of the Camren story protagonists, which ends up being this big confusing hilarious mess that I tried to figure out 😂

Disclaimer : I’ve checked all the posts myself, they all happened. And any opinion or theory I share in this post is completely personal.

First stop we have Alexa! One of Lauren’s best friend who liked one of Camila’s pics a couple days ago - it already happened before, which suggest that even though it seems like Camila and Lauren aren’t in good terms, they actually are - or Alexa is not a very loyal friend.

Then enters Lucy! Supposedly Lauren’s ex girlfriend or at the very least Lauren’s ex best friend, who also liked one of Camila’s pictures. Now we all pretty much know that Lucy and Lauren aren’t on the best terms right now - Lucy made it pretty clear by liking a few comments concerning Lauren. So that could be your classic “I’m pissed at you so I’m gonna like your ex girlfriend’s picture” move. Lucy already liked a couple of Camila’s picture in the past couple of months.

Next we have Lauren! Who liked a somehow confusing tweet who could either reference Camila or her “relationship” with Ty. 

Next stop we have Camila! Who liked one of Ty’s ig post. The post in itself is really weird - it’s for his new music video and the first few shots are of a hot girl coming out of a car (not Lauren) and then it’s him shaking hands with other rappers, and his caption of the post is “❤️ 😍 😘” - not sure if those emojis are for the girl or the rappers but it’s weird 😂  Anyhoo, Camila liked, and I get that it can be confusing, I was confused, I was like “what are you doing mija?” but then I thought about it for a sec and it actually makes a lot of sense, but I’ll get back to that in the conclusion of the post.

And next is Ty posting a Tyren pic dun dun dun! Well we’ve been waiting on that one for a while. A real Tyren pic, where you can actually see their faces and in which they actually look like a couple.

I’ll give you my thoughts on that in a sec

Whoops, how did that Laucy pic get in there? Wasn’t me I swear! 

Coming up next is…. Captain Dinah Jane! Who liked and commented on the Tyren pic ! She also commented with seven black hearts, yes black hearts - seriously who comments on a happy couply pic with black hearts? I’m sure some will say that it’s because the pic is in black and white, but I’m not convinced by that.

Also some of you will tell me “Don’t call her Captain! She’s not captain anymore!” well, isn’t she though? 😏

And finally here comes out last act, which I only discovered this morning, Alessandro! Well technically not him directly, but the GUESS photographer who posted, I realize we don’t have a shit name for them, Camilandro? Camissandro? Alemila? pics, and captioning them “love birds” with also a black heart! What’s up with that?

Alright! Now I’m gonna give you my personal opinion, my theory, on what I think of all of this, and why it didn’t make my Camren heart waver for even a second.

Remember before anything else that 5H and Camila are still under the same label and that their p.r are very certainly working together.

As we all know, we are right now in quite a bit of a promotional time, with 5H announcing the release of their new album , Camila releasing Havana and OMG plus her GUESS and L’Oréal campaigns, and also Ty releasing a new music video. It’s the perfect time for their p.r teams to work their magic. 

Now, there’s nothing better than a little romance to attract the people! Making Tyren official at this particular moment assures them extra promotion. Because believe it or not, a lot of people are stupid enough to tell themselves “Oh Lauren is dating Ty! Wonder what is music is like? Maybe he’s gonna talk about Lauren in his new album! I gotta listen to that!” or “Oh Ty is dating Lauren! She’s hot, actually all the girls in 5H are hot! Oh they have an album coming out! Maybe Lauren wrote about Ty in it! I gotta listen to that!” - it’s idiotic but it’s true! And I’m no better tbh, even if Camila’s album was the worst album in the world (would never happen cause she’s a legend) I would still listen the shit out of it just for Camren, because “Maybe Camila wrote about Lauren in it! I gotta listen to that!” (she definitely did 🌚)

It’s a very simple strategy. Some of you will tell me “why haven’t they use it before for Down for example” - well Down wasn’t promoted at all and you don’t waste a p.r relationship on a unpromoted song. Making them official now will also earn them a few headlines, get them in the medias right before the album release. I’m betting that we’re gonna see more and more of Tyren in the next few weeks.

Now, how does Camila come into this? And why would she like a Ty pic?  Well just like always, you needs to shut those Camren shippers up! They pick up on everything don’t they?! Surely they’ll pick up on that! They just need one like, and that’s easily negotiated between p.r teams. The fact that the Tyren pic is in the exact position as the Laucy pic is just bonus for us, I mean sometimes I feel like they’re just giving us material 😂

Also having Dinah Jane, the captain, Camila’s best friend (yes, present time), like and comment on the pic is supposed to be the final nail in the Camren coffin. But we all remember that Dinah has already been an accessory in the p.r game back in Dorito Boy days, and I’m sure this time is no different. It’s also my very personal opinion that those black hearts aren’t a coincidence and that maybe Dinah is trying to slip us a little message, but that belongs in the higher delulu level.

And then we have Camilandro? Camissandro? Alemila? who couldn’t be more obvious if they wanted to. That’s your classic campaign promo p.r move - they’re in a hot photoshoot together, they’re close enough in it to make people fantasize about a possible relationship, which then will make people look closer at each of them, which will start speculations, then maybe the medias will get to it, which then will beneficiate the campaign and Camila’s career and straight image and blah blah blah…

So in conclusion, all of this happening at the same time during a very promotional period makes me strongly believe that most of it is bullshit. You may think that I’m trying to find excuses and what not, and that I’m just completely delulu, but tbh I don’t care. All of this is just too weird and well organized to be simply the work of fate. 

instalive with tom as his gf (warning: F L U F F)
  • ok can we talk about how nervous you’d be???
  • everybody knows you’re together (he made it pretty clear when he posted a picture of you while watching spider-man captioned “my spider-girl” with a heart emoji!!!!! so everyone went C R A Z Y)
  • but still you know he has a lot of fans who can be so jealous
  • “what are you talking about? everyone loves you!” he says trying to calm you down
  • you know it’s true but you’re still not used to being a star’s girlfriend
  • you’re on the couch in a cabin in the woods out of montreal, harrison on the other side of the couch laughing at you two bickering
  • the live starts and omg as soon as people see that you’re together 
  • a lot of “you’re so cute together” “kiss kiss kiss” “couple goals”
  • you’re both FLUSHING hard 
  • especially you, you’re so not used to all of this attention
  • and tom is laughing
  • “so yeah this is Y/N. you probably know her by now, she’s… my best friend” he says looking at you with an adoring light in his brown eyes
  • those eyes that you fucking love 
  • “omg you’re being so cheesy” you chuckle making fun of him 
  • you both laugh a lot (that’s how embarassed you are)
  • “hey everyone. i’m his girlfriend. tom is a dork, but you probably already know that” you say
  • harrison is laughing in the background (you’re his favorite couple, he wants a relationship just like yours but he’ll never admit it to your face)
  • “they wanna know how we met”
  • “to keep it short: we met through zendaya and then one day on set of SM she literally fell over me and from that day we’ve been inseparable and she fell madly in love with me”
  • you laughed so hard at his explanation “yeah right heart-throb, you wish. He’s the one who said i love you first, so!” you tried to tell while he was covering your mouth with his hand
  • “that’s a lie! don’t believe her guys!” 
  • “harrison back me up!” you try putting him into frame
  • “y/n is right! Tom is whipped, he never stopped talking about her it was kinda embarassing” haz admitted moking him
  • “DUDE!!!!!” 
  • everyone is commenting that tom has heart shaped eyes around you
  • (and it’s true can’t blame him though lol)
  • you kiss his cheek “you’re so cute baby” (the amount of gifs of this moment!!!!!!!)
  • “i don’t have heart shaped eyes around her, you guys are delusional! I don’t even like her I’m with her for the fame” he jokes making you lightly punch him on the shoulder
  • “true, i’m only with him ‘cause i’m trying to get to harrison” you joke as well getting near to haz and making tom jealous
  • “hey miss come here” (can you imagine him saying this in the bedroom?? FUCK ME B Y E)
  • you rest your head on his shoulder scrolling through the comments (most of them are about how good looking tom is with shorter hair)
  • (tbh his short hair is a huge turn on of yours although you can’t grip on them while he’s going down on you anyway)
  • “okay guys it was a lot of fun, let’s do it again soon”
  • “do you want me to help you end the live?” you say making fun of his inability to end a livestream
  • he flips you off laughing
  • “i don’t have heart shaped eyes” he mutters under his breath
  • “omg tom you’re such a baby” you smile kissing his perfect lips

So how is it? Did you enjoy? 

This is definitely more on the fluffy side but it was so much fun writing it! (there’s sex mention)

As always, lemme know if you enjoyed, any comment is very much appreciated!

Oh and also if you have any request send me a message darlings!


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What happened to nico and lewis? Plz explain i just got back into f1 after like 12 years like last time i watched it was with my dad when i was a child lol thanks 🙏

jesus christ, well i guess we best start from the very beginning. we’ll call this the story of brocedes, and you best get a drink and some snacks and settle yourself down, this is a long and bumpy ride (i should know as this has taken me 2 hours to make).

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Laucy Thoughts - start to finish

Knowing Lauren and Lucy has dated and now no longer does is like watching a great movie with a sad ending. It’s like being satisfied knowing how great it was, how special it was, even if it didn’t end as much as you hope for - because you know it happens to people. Some couples don’t last, but that doesn’t mean what they have wasn’t real.

It was real, romantic even. But It has ended. It’s tragically beautiful.

(rant - a long ass post)

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PART ONE (a.u)

or’: in which dumb7 like to think they’re the new local gang and should be considered badass just because they got a bunch of bikes off ebay that were on sale and now they pretend to take beatdown requests. careful though, hyung line doesn’t mess around,…or at least they hope so.

warnings: mentions of bars/paid violence, vulgar language, lots of crack, super brief mention of dead ppl but it’s indirect no worries, mentions of needles and tattoos? 

special thanks to @bangtanbrochachos​ once again for helping out w some of the ideas my angle and my devil 

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•  signature items: gold ring 
                            + 24k gold chain 

• never reveals his gold chain because he doesn’t want to be deemed as the richy rich half of the tryhards™
• the type to quietly whisper ‘ay’ in the background while someone’s getting dragged
•  is actually the one with the highest credibility because he doesn’t really talk he’s just tall there are ready to stare everyone down saying nothing for like an eternity 
•  and he’s just staring them down like ‘are you really gonna do anything about it? are you’ and the person either backs off or gets into an existential crisis
• but listen if he starts talking it’s all fkin gone his vocabulary is way too eloquent for like fake bar fights and places in where broke ass people are giving leaves as gifts and
•  please stop this boy he’s too polite and cares about morals over money and all the fake shit they’re trying to sell like you could honestly go to him, slap some bills right on the table and be like ‘yo beat me up’ and he’d just look at you like you told him apples grow on trees and be like ‘now why would i do such a thing?’
•  not the one for conflict like ever and if his mates are trying to start shit he just stares @ them too and it’s game over 
•  him and yugyeom can’t always stand in the same room as the rest of the group if they’re having some closed off confrontation bc they’ll block all the light and there’ll be just weird ass smoke and darkness in the room while jackson is trying to hype everyone up and get the goddamn smoking machine to turn off 
• he’s sometimes getting shit like ‘please stop you’re scaring me’ while he was just standing there when he’s a walking puppy question mark pls (((ay)))))
•  the one who lowkey makes the group bow full 90 degrees by nudging their knees before they actually punch someone in the face and told everyone it was jaebum’s idea 
•  was told once that the reason the group wears sunglasses at night is because he’s too bright for them and that they keep him around bc his beauty is their ticket to heaven and actually made ppl reconsider their terrible intentions rip
• cue jackson getting #BornForTheSky trending #1 on twitter after that  n nobody was the same  
• also he is the one who usually appears in bambam’s pictures for ig which consist of him lying against a window w jaebum’s studded leather jacket looking at the lamp in the kitchen w the caption ‘the moonlight shines beautifully’ 
• even though it’s 4pm and the hashtag next to the caption is #happywednesday


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• signature items: fake piercings 
                           + hair gelled to the gods above

•*sigh*, this bitch
the half which is not a half but more like 85% of the tryhards™ or whole group if you will 
i don’t really care about this whole biker thing, says im jaebum at 3am searching fake septums on amazon and printing a whole how to look tough without real tattoos cause needles are scary wikihow article 
used to have a pretty hard time with speaking w strangers like he has his shit together but got more comfortable over the time  especially bc they let him be the leader
 so now everytime he’s speaking to some dude and he gives a good comeback the rest of got7 clap and aggressively holler & headbang while youngjae is filming everything w his nokia and jinyoung whispers to him ‘you’re doing amazing sweetie’
 usually moves p quietly and makes slides instead of steps when he’s in that  mood he’s just feeling smooth bro and he’ll suddenly hear ‘sappunsappun georeoga~~’ slouch and die inside a little when will im jaebum live tbh 
•  got a discount for lace chokers from the ebay guy he got the motorcycles off and got the middle aged mom mentality like ‘wow this is 3% off maybe it will come in handy i must have it ‘
the reason everyone gets to go even to the grocery store down the block on the motorcycle bc girls literally pay him to take them two streets to college and take selfies with him
you might think he doesn’t care for how they appear on social media either but he’s the one who changes bambam’s ig descriptions to my chemical romance
got shook when he first accidentally punched someone and apologised & told them that they can punch him back if they wanted + had regretful thoughts for like a week after
•  doesn’t let the members to make deals after 10 bc sleep is more important than punching ppl in the face 
catch tsundere bum who totally doesn’t care about anything getting his jacket manually studded and adding silver chains to his jeans because he wants to be one step ahead of his enemies mhm we see you boi
• when they first formed their ‘gang’ and he got picked the leader bc he paid for everything jackson suggested the name ‘hell dogs’ and jb wanted to censor it bc it wasn’t appropriate so he wanted to call it infernal poodles and almost put that on a jacket w neon purple writing and flames around it at yj’s prayers 
• he changed his mind though when he got hospitalised bc he was accidentally almost hit 
• by his members
 multiple times
 with a car


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• signature items: abercrombie and fitch cologne
                            + the honda he drives

• the one ‘assigned’ to beat ppl up but wow listen violence is the only thing he hates more than clothes
•  has v strong morals and absolutely refuses to even attempt to touch badly someone who has a child or 
•  ‘the wild in wild and sexy man doesn’t mean acting like a fool that’s just wrong man’ like listen do not do that to jackson bc he’ll turn to jackdaddy and give u the scolding of ur lifetime +  gets offended if u give attitude after so one should rlly prepare themselves if they wanna fight with that
• otherwise he’s like ‘yeah man no worries i’ll take care of it - jackson like a puma!!!’ 
•  wears abercrombie cologne not because he is extremely aware that the members don’t like it, but because ‘only good looking people can wear abercrombie’
•  is known as the bad man to the kids around the neighbourhood he lives in even tho he literally loves them all and wants to protect everyone (’why is he bad again?’ ‘shh son he drives a honda’) basically no one lets him live bc of that but he likes it so it’s all a-ok 
• accuses the members of trying to sabotage him if they tell him to slow it down w the cologne and tells them how ‘the rich musk will attract all the attention they need to make this work you guys are just haters’ 
• a dress code was made for this whole thing believe it or not but he never follows it he just randomly shows up in coats and insists they have ‘a meeting’ to decide if this is a problem when all the members are standing there in their ripped denim and leather jackets like ffs
• pleads to the victim to just walk funnily out of the location or something bc he rlly doesn’t want to do this 
• if the person says ok let’s so this he’s all giddy like omg!!! thank you so much you just made my life so much easier i’d totally treat you to ice cream if we weren’t in some shady ass bar place
• but if they don’t agree he’s like well son do you see tHESE GUNS HMMM  and he gets in their face and aggressively flexes and you know what he can do with them HMMM 
• he prides himself on his honda and is the only one who drives one but listen,,, he doesn’t know anything about motorcycles 
• like he could honestly tell you about a quad core 16 inch motor and to the person it might totally sound fancy but lisTEN,,,,,,
• either the mood setter w his intimidatingly arched furrowed brows or the mood ruiner
• cue jackson saying ‘to defeat the huns’ immediately after jb says ‘let’s get down to business’ like all the time
•  yet jaebum and literally everyone ELSE never learn


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• signature items: pear chapstick 
                            +  hubba bubba bubble tape 

• he was the one who rlly came up with the dresscode like he literally pulled all  the members aside and was like ‘now listen here if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this the right way’ hence why there were seven pairs of jeans and leather jackets checked on jaebum’s card
• also he’s the one who takes the jackets and ripped jeans to the washer once a week and they’re not allowed to wear normal clothes while riding (it’s the dress code yugyeom shut the fk up)
• catch dumb7 riding their motorcycles to buy garlic sauce for jinyoung and his ma during that time
•  his street name used to be junior until the group got a group call from jinyoung’s parents and told them they won’t let jinny play gangsters w the boys unless they call him by his real name
• a straight up bitch and who knows whether that might be the only straight he is 
• the only violent thing about him is the death glare he has which can 100% box with the actual dead trust me on this this,,,is,, science 
• the real savage, the one you should really fear the most like 96% of the time and he doesn’t even try to fight he just smiles @ you and u suddenly have the desire to run to church and beg for forgiveness,,, that is ,, a thing
• never allows the members to go past the speeding limit so they always end up late to any ‘business’ they have, blames it on the red lights and no one dares to correct him 
• has a ‘seriously strawberry’ bubble tape pack which he takes out of his pocket and opens it like he’s about to throw a damn grenade and literally bites off the roll (jackson: that man is a savage) after he parks his yamaha sr500 to feel more badass 
• except that one time when he bit onto empty air bc youngjae ate all his bubblegum the day before and stuffed it back into jy’s pocket and tbh everyone should pray for whoever dared to anger him that day (yg: so should he run or should he run now)
• the one who makes all the deals, was supposed to meet with two dudes who requested their services in some bar in the middle of nowhere but only one arrived in time and jinyoung was discussing wtv was needed w the dude and when jinyoung makes deals boi does he get into it 
• and the other dude arrived some time later and opened the door and jinyoung’s head turned almost 180 degrees w the most bitter look and was like ‘that was really fkin rude was i speaking or was i speaking’ 
• sometimes mark or jaebum accompany hin to these kinda meetings and sit in the back to guard 
•  but they’re not guarding jinyoung. they are guarding said people. from jinyoung

hope you enjoyed reading and please look forward to the part II of this au which will highlight maknae line and will be posted as soon as possible!

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ugh i just want michaels head in lap so i can scratch his back and watch his face as he sleeps cause hes probs so cute shakdbsksdf

It’s like, after a long day of promo full of interviews and a three-hour long signing, Michael just kinda claims an entire row of seats for himself and you on the two-hour van ride back to the hotel (near the venue the boys would be playing at the next night) despite the others protests. However, with a huff and a determined middle finger shot towards the boys, Michael crawls into the seats next to you, your head leaning against your arm on the armrest by the window, and just plops himself down so that his head is resting in your lap. Only moving when you coax a pillow underneath his head so his head doesn’t bump around during the ride, Michael’s out like a light within in the first five minutes of the ride. As his breaths steady out and his body relaxes into the leather plush of the seats, you lightly sling your arm around his torso because yeah, okay, you didn’t really have anywhere else to put it, but you also knew within thirty seconds of it being there that Michael would wrap himself around it, using your arm to cuddle against. Little puffs of air from his mouth would leave a little trail of goosebumps on your arm but you wouldn’t really mind because your boyfriend was snuffling adorably into the pillow and his thumb was lightly tracing back and forth calmingly against your wrist. Lightly running your fingers through his hair, you slowly found yourself nodding off into a light sleep, waking only when the boys were carted off into the hotel and Ashton nudged you in the elevator as Michael heavily hung himself on you with a cheeky smile and a retort of, “Check your twitter when you get to your room.” Sleepily, you followed Ashton’s request as Michael curled around you in a spooning position once you made it to your shared room, already asleep again, and held back a squeal as you gazed at the picture the curly-haired boy had put up on twitter of you and your boyfriend; all cuddled up, sleeping on each other, with the caption “couldn’t resist taking a picture of these two sleepy heads”


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Umm please state everything that happened

I’m going to make a post explaining everything bc it’s a really long story but basically

I get to the venue kind of late like an hour before doors and I was freaking the heck out, I’m the person that’s always at shows hours early to be front row so this was causing me a ton of anxiety. I had to wait for my mom because she was dropping me off, we finally get there and she lets me out in the back of the venue because the front is like a pedestrian mall and I was just going to walk around to the front from there. So I get out of the car super fast because we were in traffic and like run into the sidewalk. There’s some weird shit happening next door like a wedding or something and I’m trying not to walk through it. So I’m kind of thinking about that and then how I’m going to snapchat Natalie a picture of the tour bus or something with a stupid caption as I walked by… idk I was like really distracted. So I’ve walked about four steps, I notice some crew members come out the back door, I don’t think anything of it, and then the door opens again and Julian Casablancas walks out. My brain didn’t really process it at first, I kind of just stopped in shock. He sees me and like mimics my expression of surprise. He’s standing there on the top of these steps laughing and it’s Julian Casablancas and I’m standing here all by myself and it’s just me and him and some crew members around and the first thing I can manage to say through my shock is “oh my god. Julian” and he says in the most-Julian like way he possibly could while still laughing and maintaining his mimicking shocked look, “oh my god. Hey.” He hands something to one of the crew guys and starts walking down the steps towards me. I’m just like “oh my god I’m so sorry” and he’s still laughing and he’s like “no no it’s okay” and I’m like “holy shit can I hug you” and he’s like “of course” and he hugged me and I was thinking like… what the hell is happening right now. We made small talk for a couple minutes about like Charlottesville and everything and I was telling him the check out the downtown mall if he had a chance (he probably didn’t want to so he didn’t get mobbed tbh) and he said he would and then he was like “what’s your name?” So I told him and he stuck out his hand and was like “it’s nice to meet you Kara” and I said “it’s nice to meet you too Julian” and he laughed some more and then we talked about some more stuff it would take me forever to type but at one point I was like “Julian…I have to tell you something kind of embarrassing. I promised my friends I would.” And he’s excited like “tell me!” And I’m like “ok..I was you for halloween last year” and he thought that was so funny oh my god he’s like “I’m told I look like a girl a lot so that makes sense” and I’m like “you don’t look like a girl wtf” and he’s like “you are so kind” lmao I forgot he was holding his soccer ball and I’m like are you going to play soccer and he smiles sadly and is like “no one will play with me” and I’m like “I would play with you” and he is like “thank you that means a lot” I told him I liked his jacket at one point wtf. Then he’s like gesturing to my phone and he says, I swear to god, “do you wanna selfie it out?” and I was like “of course” and he REACHED FOR MY PHONE before I even had my camera app open omfg and he was so excited he took my phone and held it as high up as he possibly could and it took him like a minute to get in just the right pose and he did like this myspace girl smirk. Then he got one of the crew guys to take a regular picture and I remembered I had my comedown machine with me and he signed it and we talked about some more stuff I’ll talk about later but then I asked if they were playing instant crush that night and he was like “I don’t think we are tonight…but do you want us to?” And I was like “YES” and he was like “I’ll see what I can do” and I was like “I would also die if you played you only live once” and he was like “oh!! We are playing that but it’s a really weird version haha” and I was so happy and then we talked for a few more minutes and he was finally like “well I’m sorry I have to go now, but it was really nice meeting you Kara” and I’m pretty sure we hugged again and then we both left. And I walked the wrong way, straight through that bridal party but I didn’t even look up because at that moment I was done with my life. And that is just how I met Julian, my later interactions with the rest of the Voidz is actually a way cooler story.

Hansol (for Izzy)


You wanted to know everything about Hansol, so I gathered some of my favorite things.  Starting from his old twitter:

He tweeted a picture of Maxxie from Skins and captioned it Astromint’s song You Can’t Love Him. (*)

Referring to Beyonce as Queen. (***)

Also look at him with his Mom~~  
I’m biased on Hansol’s Mom tbh

And related to that, his self-proclaimed reason for being cute:  “I’m not intentionally being cute; out of all my relatives, including my cousins, I’m the only boy. I think it’s also the influence of being surrounded by girls as I grew up [that I act cute].” (credit:  ToppDoggIntl)

Oh, and I quote:  “Vampires are attractive…..”  (credit: fuckyeahkimhansol)

More old twitter junk:  Flirting with Jiho aka Topp Dogg member Xero.  (Sidenote: Just look at them taking angsty, artsy shadow photos using stools I’m just…)

Part One  (credit: ToppDoggIntl)
[HANSOL] Why can’t I sleep.
[HANSOL] I was thinking about Jiho why am I like this….
[HANSOL] Jiro is mineeeee~~
[HANSOL] Why am I evaluating everythingㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠI can’t sleeeepㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
[JIHO TO HANSOL] You’re mine too

Part Two: (credit ToppDoggIntl)

[HANSOL] Last night Jiho evidently slept with his head on the side of the wall and I evidently slept on the side of the closet but….When I woke up in the morning….I was sleeping with my head on the side of the wall and Jiho was on the side of the closet. Even this alone doesn’t explain that I had my pants taken off… ….ㅡㅡ… What…What’s this..
[JIHO to HANSOL] This is really a mystery. What’s this? What could it be
[JIHO to HANSOL & SANGWON] It’s really not me. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s impossible, it’s really a mystery.
[JIHO] Hyu* After a short uproar ended, I’ll go to sleep with a calm heart. Today it’ll go right, won’t it? Hansol ahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t condemn me as the culprit^^Goodnight
(T/N: *sigh)

Also just this entire aesthetic: 

Additionally, a large part of Hansol’s personality is snacking.  He made a video dedicated to his love of Nutella.  And he’s pretty much obsessed with chocolate and has no shame about any of this.  In fact in this gifset  he’s eating cookies and the interviewer is like:  wow haven’t you had enough and he’s like no.  I need to eat to have energy to dance.  It’s good to eat.

Sidenote:  that Nutella video freaked us all out cause his voice never sounds like that, haha.  Here’s his laugh, which was described by B Joo as a “witch laugh” and here he is dancing to Truth or Dare for Gain because why the fuck not??

And while we’re on the topic of dancing:  channeling his inner Ayo Sato and Bambi.

And I could literally go on for a very substantial amount of time but basically: