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Let’s talk about Killian Jones...

So, my first reaction to the end of 6x12 was totally, “Was that really necessary?” (Okay, actually it was “The fuck”, but that’s what was implied.) And then Writer Margaret took over and she thought back to some of her favorite redemption arcs and it actually made sense.

Disclaimer: You are well within your rights to disagree with me and I still love you if you do. You are also welcome to skip this if you like, if this frustrates you or makes you angry, ignore it. It’s only my opinion and I won’t be offended if you choose not to be upset further. No judgment. We all bring different life experiences to an episode, so we are all affected differently.

(I’m also not interested in comparing Killian’s arc to Regina, because as much as I love her, I think the writers sometimes forget that she’s still in the middle of hers. He’s gotten a much better, fully fleshed out redemption arc and that’s my final word on that subject.)

To me, as the audience, Killian has been through enough. He’s changed, he’s repented, but the thing is…it’s very clear that he’s not at peace with his past. 

And part of that is because he hasn’t truly made amends. (Bear with me a moment, I know you’re thinking about Belle.)

Think of the best redemption arcs you’ve ever seen. If you’re an ATLA fan, you might think of Zuko. If you’re an FMA fan, you might think of Scar. They both have one thing in common: at some point they face the victims of their crime. Every good redemption arc has that moment. The moment when a murderer stares down a gun held by the girl whose parents he killed and accepts the consequences of his actions.

Since so many of his crimes are centuries old, Killian has never has never been confronted by someone hurt irrevocably by his actions. And yes, he shot Belle, but Rumple wiped that injury away with a wave of his hand–in the end it altered her life very little. In the end, there was very little for her to forgive.

But David… David has a wound that hasn’t fully healed. David has lived under this shadow his whole life. He lost someone he loved. He spent years thinking his father had betrayed him. He and his mother scraped by every year to make up for his father’s loss.

Killian is going to have to confront that.

Now, I know someone out there is going, “What about Liam 2.0?″ And it’s true, Liam fulfills all the same criteria as David. But his story–and by all accounts we’re not fully finished with that story, so it might still tie in–fulfills a different purpose. Liam’s story was about breaking a cycle. 

David, though… When that moment comes, David will represent Killian’s dark, sordid past in it’s entirety.

And David is going to forgive him. It may take him an episode or two, but David is going to look him in the eye and tell him that he isn’t that man anymore. And when David forgives him, it will symbolize every horrible thing Killian has ever done being put truly and finally in the past.

Killian will finally have peace.

Killian will be able to move on.

(And he won’t have to die a fourth fucking time to do it.)

Which means when he finally (finally!) asks Emma to marry him, it will be with his past truly behind him. He’ll be going into his future with his redemption arc fully complete.

no but i don’t think you understand how much i love cinder? she was not only physically but also emotionally abused during her childhood, and still remained hopeful and kind??!!? she was so resilent and strong and beautiful, and so inherently good and afraid of hurting others!!! she! never! wanted! to! hurt! anyone! because of her being part cyborg, she was relentlessly discrimated against and faced horrible prejudice every single day of her life. she was made to feel worthless and disgusting and that she had no place in the world. her best friend was a robot that she loved for and cared for. she lost her parents at a very young age, and was put into the care of a woman who cared more about the color of her shoes than cinder’s wellbeing. and yet, your girl managed to stay cheerful and was literally grateful towards that piece of shit we call adri?? she thought she was unlovable and unworthy of kai. cinder is a fucking blessing to this earth. cinder is a literal goddess do not fight me on this.

this isn’t an actual “concert video” of a song or anything but this really meant a lot to me. the concert was only a few blocks away from where the pulse nightclub was and her saying that this was our safe space made me really emotional because the pulse nightclub shooting hit really close to home (literally and figuratively), living very close to where it happened and wondering if it could have been me. i love hayley so much and i felt the happiest i’ve ever felt in that room surrounded by hundreds of other lbpq girls and i felt so loved and happy and free and these words by hayley really meant a lot

I Love You

Hiccup may be the Pride of Berk, but what if not everyone sees him like that? When a visiting tribe with a nasty group of bullies show up on Berk, five very protective teens will teach them why you don’t mess with the dragon riders.

Written because I hit 300 followers! Thanks so much, guys!

(Yes, the title is I Love You. Don’t ask.)

“I’m nervous.”

“No, really?” Snotlout drawled sarcastically from the chair he was sitting in. Astrid made a motion at him to cut it out, and continued to braid Hiccup’s hair.

“Hiccup, it’s fine. It’s just one peace treaty. Your dad just wants you to be there,” she said soothingly, enjoying the hair between her fingers.

“I know. But the youths never like me. Every time they visit” He pulled away from her hands, only to bury his face in her neck. “Why would they like me now?”

Fishlegs smiled at the sight. “Why wouldn’t they? Come on, what was the worst they did to you, call you skinny?”

Astrid felt Hiccup’s hot breath as he murmured an assent, and she knew he was hiding his face because he didn’t really want to answer. Her neck just happened to be there, but she didn’t half mind. She turned to press a kiss to the top of his head and then looked to see the twins come in.

“Did you plant the paint bomb in Sven’s house?”

“Of course,” Ruff said smugly, “did you doubt us, Astrid?”

“No.” She started running her fingers through Hiccup’s hair as the twins sat. Tuffnut raised an eye at them, and he made a face.

“Do you guys have to do that here?” He stuck his tongue out. “I mean, I’m happy for you guys and all, but…” He stood up, and had that Tuffnut look that she had grown so accustomed to. “What about the magic of friendship?”

Fishlegs and Snotlout both laughed, and Ruffnut stood up and shook a fist at them, making them shut up immediately. She turned to Astrid again.

“He has to go, by the way. The ship is about to arrive, I saw it.”

“No,” Hiccup whined, pressing closer to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. Astrid rolled her eyes.

“Snotlout,” she said loudly, “take him there.”

“Why do I have to do it?”

Fishlegs sighed. “Because you have to be there too, Snotlout. Ergo, you’re the best one for the job.”

“Ugh, fine. Come on, princess.” He jumped up, grabbing Hiccup, who clung to Astrid childishly before she pried him off and he followed Snotlout, pouting.

Astrid smiled. The L word was on the tip of her tongue these days, but she could wait, and so could he. There was no way Hiccup L-worded her.

“So,” she said, turning back to the twins, “how exactly did you get into Sven’s house?”

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Day 5: Femininity + Her

Tho others are writing about her too, I have add my voice to the chorus of praise she’s already received (and rightly so!). 

Ra Bong Hee in Missing Nine is potentially my favorite kdrama heroine. Period. It’s amazing because she has a maternal side to her, but she isn’t made to only fit that role. She is: girly, silly, and clueless, brainy, creative, and a leader, tough, emotional, and loving. The fact that none of the characters make light of her because of her caring and nurturing behavior is already amazing, but the icing on the cake is that she has whole scenes dedicated to how badass she is: kicking Tae Ho’s car, swimming out to get the suitcases, fishing, beating the crap out of Tae Ho, etc, etc. I love her and her complexity so much. I honestly think she’s challenging, maybe even redefining, what kdrama female leads can be. You don’t have to fit on one end of the spectrum: motherly or tough; she OWNS that spectrum and has qualities all along it.


This is my little brother. He is not so little now as he used to be, but he is still mine, mine, mine.

If anyone hurts my little brother, I will make them  a f r a i d.

I’ve had a lot of comments on YUTS from people telling me how much they love Rei and that makes me SO HAPPY because I LOVE REI TOO AND I’M SO GLAD I MADE HER.

The reason why Rei calls Izuku “little brother” is that he was only about five or six when she first came across him, and physically Rei’s maybe around nine at most. They were both lonely little kids at the time, Izuku because he was “quirkless” and Rei because her nature makes her unsettling even to other ghosts, and it didn’t help that she’s apparently incapable of speech. Izuku, being inexperienced with ghosts at the time, didn’t realize there was anything wrong with her, and not only did he not run away screaming from her, he even gave her a name. So, of course, she latched on to this tiny little peanut and never ended up letting go. Even when he caught up and then passed her in age, she stayed by him, because little brothers need looking after no matter how big and strong they get.

So… needless to say, she’s been with Izuku every step of the way, and she’s probably going to stick around for a very, very long time.

After 5 years.. All he can think about to deal with the pain, is Camille….. I cried the whole episode… I cried since 4x01, with Vincent mentioning Cami the pain in the expression of klaus, hearing her name. How does Julie dare to do this to them? How she dare to do this to Narducci? To the story… All just for numbers and ratings, I’d prefer having only 4 GOOD seasons of the originals than having 6 like this… They deserved better. I miss Cami so much and it pisses me knowing she died for another ship.. That I won’t be able to watch Leah being this goddess, because man, everytime she’s on screen she’s just a fucking queen. It’s killing me, nobody knows klaus like Cami did.. There’s no other love story like this.. Cami made klaus a better person, she turned his rage and her pain into love, compassion, sacrifice…. Everything klaus is now, it’s because of Cami and I just miss her so much I can’t stop crying. I don’t know how this happened but I feel such a strong connection with this character. No matter what happens now in the story, at least I thank the writers for showing everyone… That Klamille was and always will be ENDGAME.

one of the most iconic things arin did for kestrel which i would never get over is he made her a dagger out of his father’s sword. a dagger which perfectly fits kestrel’s hand


cutie hwasa (。♥‿♥。)

Why do superc**p shippers think we all hate Lena? Take a look at my blog, I love her! and I love her friendship with Kara. I also really like Katie I started watching Merlin because of her.I even used to ship super*orp I made edits and text post memes about them but you guys drove me off ,so much hate and negativity, always attacking and harassing not only fans but actors,producers and writers, hijacking other people’s posts and editions,making anti blogs(wow I'm so jealous you have that much time).I’m happy for Katie she is amazing and incredibly talented,well deserved.Sad many of her stans are pretty nasty,aggresive and immature she deserves better fans.Anyway you should be celebrating instead of being here in our tag sending us hate messages,calling us names,racist,homophobic,assuming our sexualities or ethnicities based on what we ship.

Actually, I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it last night by wtf?

Rotten little me was just pleased that Gray wasn’t going to suddenly confess that he’d loved Juvia and just couldn’t admit it when she died, but now that I’m more awake and really thinking about it, this is so much worse. Especially if Mashima goes and advances the ship after bringing Juvia back. This is so much worse.

Like, first off, look at their reasons for attempting suicide. Juvia stabs herself because she can’t bear to hurt Gray, while Gray does it because he doesn’t want to hurt a comrade. I’ll give Juvia credit where credit is due and say she’s made sacrifices for comrades before, so it’s not like she would only do this out of love, but in this case her motivating factor was love. Juvia tried to kill herself out of her love for Gray, while Gray tried to kill himself out of a desire not to hurt his comrades. Does this already seem lopsided to you?

Then when Gray wakes up and finds her, he doesn’t realize upon holding her corpse that he loved her and should have told her sooner. His bargain plea to try and bring her back is that he’ll start taking her feelings seriously. Even when she’s gone and there’s no one else around, he doesn’t say he loved her. He says he’ll take the way she feels about him seriously.

Juvia’s suicide was motivated by love for Gray, and he didn’t even take her feelings seriously.




Ignoring everything else wrong with this relationship, this is messed up.

First off, the context that puts on every other moment where Juvia attaches herself to him. If Gray is treating her the way he would treat a comrade while Juvia is acting out of her version of love, literally every interaction they have is lopsided even before you get into the whole near worship issues.

But second, Juvia is willing to die for her love of a man who doesn’t even take her feelings seriously, and is only offering to actually consider her in exchange for her waking up.

The more I think about it, the more I hope she doesn’t wake up. Not just because i really wish we could get a major death to stick, but because if she wakes up Mashima is going to keep on pushing this ship, and there’s just no good way to move a ship forward from this. If Gray said he loved her in this chapter, I wouldn’t have been pleased, but I would have at least believed him. If their relationship is this lopsided at the point that she kills herself, I would never be able to earnestly believe Gray is sincere. Juvia has just died for him, and he still isn’t moved by this to the point of loving her. If she comes back and he actually enters a romantic relationship with her, it will always feel to me like something he’s only submitting to out of guilt over how this woman died for him. It’d be a step above staying with someone who threatens suicide if you leave them only because Juvia isn’t deliberately trying to be emotionally manipulative.

(She will wake up though. One way or another, Mashima will almost certainly bring her back.)

Parrish- Never Again

Request- I’m so happy you opened your requests as I love you writing so much, I was wondering if you could do a Parrish imagine where the reader died In his arms because the dread doctors made her into a chimera and she becomes another failure but is brought back by Theo and Parrish protects her with his life? Thank you xx 

A/N- Thank you so much! Enjoy!   

You walked slowly into the police station, your arms curled protectively around yourself. The station was chilly like it always was, and you were only wearing a t-shirt and jeans. There was something off about the situation you were in, but you couldn’t place what it was. All you knew was that you needed to find Jordan.
You were dazed and exhausted from the events that had occurred only a half hour before, and walking all the way from the edge of the woods had done nothing to help that. The ringing of phones and yelling voices hit your ears as you slowly made your way to the front desk. You tried to shake off your stupor as you glanced around, but it was evident that the station was in complete disarray.
The phones kept going off and there didn’t seem to be enough people to answer them, and a few seconds after you had walked in, an officer ran in from outside and nearly shoved you off your feet in her haste to get behind the front desk.
“Sorry, Ma’am!” she cried, but as she glanced back at you apologetically, her expression changed.
She froze in her tracks, her brown eyes going wide. “Y/n?”
“Clark,” you stated. “I-I don’t know what’s-”
“Parrish!” she suddenly yelled, glancing toward the back of the station. “Oh my god, Y/n, what happened? How are you even here?”
“I…I walked,” you told her. “From the woods.”
“The woods?” Deputy Clark repeated, walking closer to you. “God, you must be freezing.”
You nodded. “I don’t remember that much.”
Clark nodded and pulled off her station jacket, placing it around your shoulders. She placed a hand on your arm and led you toward the back of the station. She was looking around wildly, and as she brought you through, everyone stopped and froze. Clark gave them an exasperated look. “Where the hell is Parrish?”
“H-he’s out with-with Stilinski,” one of the other officers stuttered.
“Wait, Clark,” you said, grabbing her arm. “What’s going on? How long was I missing?”
“Y/n,” she said hesitantly, glancing at the other officers. “You weren’t missing. You were dead.”

“Dead?” you repeated, over and over as you sat in a chair in Stilinski’s office. “I was dead?”
“Yes,” Clark explained. “Whoever was killing people…it looked like you were their last victim. Parrish found you in the parking lot. He got there right before you…well, right before you died. And then when your body went missing, it destroyed him. He’s been working nonstop ever since. He’s out with Stilinski, investigating all these weird calls we’ve been getting.”
“Weird calls?” you asked. “Weirder than serial murders?”
“It’s some kind of animal,” she explained. “A big animal. But that’s nothing compared to what you must have been through. Do you remember anything?”
You pursed your lips. You remembered waking up with a gasp as Theo Raeken stood over you, holding a syringe with some chemical that must have brought you back from the depths of unconsciousness. You remembered rising from the ground with the rest of the chimeras as Theo explained that you worked for him. You didn’t know what he wanted with you, since you were so much older than the others, but you were guessing it must have had something to do with the fact that you were an emissary.
You had been filling in for Deaton before the Dread Doctors had taken you and turned you into this thing, and you knew the pack must have been feeling terrible that they couldn’t save you. So in answer to Clark’s question, yes you remembered, but if you told her the truth, you were certain it would earn you a one way ticket to Eichen House.
You shook your head. “Everything’s so blurry. You said I died? You’re sure?”
Clark nodded slowly. “You had no pulse, Y/n. And there was so much blood, but something somewhere must have gone right because…because this shouldn’t be possible.”
“I remember being in Jordan’s arms,” you said softly. “But it didn’t feel real…the whole thing felt like a nightmare.”
This wasn’t exactly a lie, but you had known you were going to die. You remembered Jordan’s broken green eyes all too vividly, and the way he had looked at your face like it was the last time he would see your eyes open again. Of course, you had both thought that, but thanks to whatever sick game Theo was playing, you now had a second chance.
“It felt like that to us too,” she admitted, grabbing your hand.
“Where is she?” a voice suddenly demanded from outside. “Where is she?”
“Stilinski’s office!” you heard a slightly scared voice cry, before the door burst open.
You jumped, and Clark rose to her feet in alarm, before she realized it was Parrish bursting in the room. His green eyes fell on you, and tears immediately started to spill from them as Stilinski slipped into the office as well.
“Oh, god, Y/n,” Jordan breathed, running forward and pulling you into his arms.
You wrapped your arms around him, attempting to comfort him, but you would never know what he had gone through those few days. For you, dying had simply felt like one of those times when you slept for much longer than you should have. For him, it had shattered his entire world like it was made of nothing more than glass.
“How?” he demanded, pulling away from you to place his hand on your cheek. “How are you here?”
You shook your head softly. “I don’t know.”
“God, you’re so cold,” he whispered. “We should get you to the hospital.”
“I’m fine,” you told him.
“No, Y/n-”
“No, really,” you said. “Ask Clark. Everything that should be there, the stab wound, the blood…it’s gone. Like it was never there.”
Jordan looked back at Clark, who nodded in agreement. Then he pursed his lips and looked down at you.
“We can talk more later,” you promised, and Parrish knew it was time to drop the subject.
“Clark, could you do me a favor and keep this between the four of us?” Sheriff Stilinski asked her.
She nodded dutifully. “Of course, Sir.”
The Sheriff sighed and looked back at you. “Parrish, you should probably take Y/n home. And, uh, you might wanna call the boys.”
Jordan nodded, but before he could tug you away, you pulled off Clark’s jacket and handed it to her. “Thank you.”
She smiled warmly at you and nodded. You hadn’t made many friends in Beacon Hills, but if there was anyone you trusted more than anything, Valerie Clark would be one of those people.
Jordan took off his own jacket and placed it over your shoulders, and you made your way out of Stilinski’s office. You avoided the curious eyes of the other officers on you, not really wanting to know what they were thinking. You must have been a terrible sight, with your dirty clothes and mussed up hair. Not to mention the fact that you had literally died in the parking lot a few days ago, and everyone had seen your body.
It was going to take a lot to explain away that one, but you figured that was a problem for another night.
“So, uh, do you mind if I ask what the hell is going on?” Jordan wondered as he led you to his car.
“I have no idea,” you told him. “But Theo Raeken brought me back to life.”
“Theo?” he questioned. “Scott and Stiles’ friend?”
“He’s not their friend,” you stated. “I’m pretty sure he’s trying to kill them, and he’s planning on using the kids he brought back to do it.”
“The kids?” he repeated.
“The other chimeras,” you told him. “Not all of them, but some of them. I think he wanted me because I know some of what Deaton knows.”
“Did he hurt you?” Jordan demanded, suddenly looking you up and down. “Did he threaten you?”
“No,” you swore. “He just gave us this whole speech about how we belonged to him now. It might work on the others, but it’s not going to work on me. They’re kids and they don’t know what they are or what they’re doing. I have an advantage, trust me.”
“And the Dread Doctors?”
“I have no idea,” you admitted. “They still scare me. But I get the feeling that he didn’t plan on working with them for much longer.”
Jordan suddenly reached out to grab your hand, squeezing it tightly. “You have no reason to be afraid. If they come anywhere near you, I’ll be right there, I promise. Y/n, I’d die before I let you die on me again.”
You nodded mutely as Jordan brought you into his arms once again. He was afraid to let you go, afraid that if he took his eyes off of you for one second, you would be gone again. You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in his shirt, feeling safe and warm for the first time that night.
You didn’t know what Theo or the Dread Doctors were planning, and you didn’t know if you could help those kids, but you were going to try. And you knew that Jordan was going to make sure all of you were safe. He wasn’t to let anything hurt you. Never again.

I go back and forth between hating my mom and myself. And everyone. I’m just not even sure what or who to believe anymore. How could I after years of being told I’m wrong and I’m the bad one? Then she’d sprinkle in these intense moments of “love” and say that I’m the only reason her life is worth anything, and that she would die if I left her? That she’s just doing all of this because she loves me so much? All after she told me what a terrible, awful, ugly child I was?

Years of being told I’m lying, everything’s my fault, telling me I’m hurting her when she was hurting me. Being made as a 6 year old to write elaborate letters and draw cards while I’m sitting in isolation for hours, apologizing for everything that she was doing to me. I just don’t understand. I can’t even trust myself. I feel like everything I say is wrong, which makes therapy that much harder. What if it was actually all normal? And Im being ungrateful and dramatic like she always said I was? I don’t even barely know what my emotions are, let alone how to let myself feel them. When I do, all I can think is that I’m wrong, I’m lying. I don’t actually hurt. My therapist wants me to find a big traumatic event so we can process it, but I don’t even know what’s bad and normal punishment. Maybe I was just sensitive. It all feels so normal. And I can’t remember anything. It’s all gone. Is it normal to not hardly any memories at home, especially from before you were 12? Is this just normal? Maybe nothing was important idk. I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do. I feel like a liar.

I’m sorry I just needed to get it all out. I know this isn’t a traumatic experience, so if you don’t post it, I understand


yes this is a really traumatic experience, traumatic life really! you’ve been thru such insane and intense emotional and psychological abuse, being overwhelmed by guilt and blame and then by insane fake love that just puts more pressure and responsibility on you rather than on your parent, this is emotionally destructive! Being told all this would make you overwhelmed and completely lost, and blaming yourself for everything. What she did to you is really disgusting and sadistic, being forced to apologized for things that are done to you goes against your very core, against your soul, and it forces such intense guilt and blame, you were literally forced to take responsibility for the abuse that was done TO you! it’s insanely hard to regain your mind after these kinds of things keep happening, and it’s not coincidental you can’t tell what’s normal and what’s normal anymore. She wanted you to feel just like this, so she could control and manipulate you easier, so she could get whatever she wanted from you. You’re not ungrateful or dramatic, what happened to you was insane and traumatic. All of the things you described are big and traumatic, being insulted and degraded and humiliated and blamed and forced to take responsibility for your abuser’s actions, all of these are completely crushing! It’s not normal to have that kinds of holes in memories either, trauma and abuse is what causes this. 

I’m really glad you got it all out, you’re not crazy at all, what you have to deal with is huge and insane, and you’re doing great to talk about it and question what you know and what happened to you.

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.

Ok so I’m watching their Okinawa concert rn, and I swear I’m constantly blown away by their guitarist. Like omg I’m so glad that she got to be a part of this tour. She’s fucking next level shit! I’m fangirling at her so much because she made their songs so much better.

Also, can I just say that 5h performs so much better now? They’re more natural and they look happy and ugh I love their interactions. They all look and sound so good now. I can only imagine how improved they will be on 5h3.

I’m now starting to regret I didn’t buy tickets for their Manila concert lol.

get-to-know-you-better meme

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Relationship status: single and happy to remain so

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

Last Song I Listened To: White Dress - Dia Frampton. Her new album is so good.

Last Movie I Watched: I actually can’t remember. I watch so much stuff that I lose track of everything and get things mixed up and I can never remember. The last tv show I watched was Fresh Meat tho. Which I remember because I made the mistake of rewatching the last ep on friday night and went to bed feeling very sad and nostalgic about my undergrad and how much I wasted it.

Top 3 Characters: This is really hard? Why only three?? There are so many I love. But okay, at the moment: Ahsoka, Obi-Wan and Sam Vimes.

Top Three Ships: Gawain/Ragnelle (with a side of Gawain/Lancelot because god knows I love misery), Christopher Chant/Millie, and Codywan. Literally only one of these ends happily, what is wrong with me.

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I love to play sym in capture the flag, just because its fun to do so much damage. one game, some dude was asking if I play sym in comp because my turret placement was amazing. made me want to try to play her in comp, but I've seen how a lot of people get treated, especially since I'm stuck in gold.

well people are going to flame and be shit to you whatever you play, don’t let that discourage from playing symmetra as she is a good hero and the only way you will get better is by playing her :)

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I watched "She and her cat" and I couldn't stop crying, I slept crying, woke up with my eyes red and SUPER huge. Also scared the shit out of my cat by hugging her and whispering "I love you so much". Srsly, I'm so weak.

Tbh I only watched 2 episodes
saw a short on facebook where they show THE ENDING
I’m also really weak duddy….

Desiderium (Jin, Angst)


Member: Kim SeokJin

Genre: Angst

Summary: Her death broke him in every way possible. She didn’t only broke his heart, but also wreaked his mind, tearing his sanity apart. Her death didn’t affect only Jin. She broke six hearts along with his, six hearts that saw how his older brother started to walk a path of self-destruction.

Length: 3.609 words

Music Recommendations: @cookies4kookie​ made an amazing playlist for this scenario! Make sure to check it out!


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“Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.”
― Lev Tolstoy

They were all with him that morning, supporting him like the family they had grown up to be after years of coexistence.

Namjoon and Yoongi’s hands were there to help him stand up when his legs failed him, but at some point he just leaned on them, unable to keep his balance by himself.

They were all there for him when her coffin was being lowered down to its final resting place. Their faces were congested with tears, their eyes averted from Jin’s face, distorted with his unbearable pain. They couldn’t withstand to watch him suffer like that.

It broke their hearts.

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